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Alchemy is a term that encompasses a variety of practices and beliefs that aim to transform matter, energy, and consciousness. Alchemy has been practiced in various forms and cultures throughout history, from ancient Egypt and China to medieval Europe and the Islamic world. Alchemy is often associated with the quest for the philosopher’s stone, a mythical substance that can turn base metals into gold and grant immortality. However, alchemy is much more than that. It is also a spiritual discipline that seeks to purify the soul and achieve union with the divine.

One of the main principles of alchemy is the correspondence between the macrocosm (the universe) and the microcosm (the human being). Alchemists believe that everything in nature is composed of four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. These elements are also present in the human body and psyche, and can be manipulated by alchemical processes. Alchemists use symbols, diagrams, formulas, and experiments to represent and perform these processes, which involve three stages: nigredo (blackening), albedo (whitening), and rubedo (reddening). These stages correspond to the phases of death, rebirth, and perfection.

Another principle of alchemy is the concept of transmutation, which means changing the nature or quality of something. Alchemists seek to transmute not only metals, but also themselves. They believe that by refining their physical and mental substances, they can attain a higher state of being. Alchemists also aspire to transmute the world around them, by creating medicines, elixirs, and other wonders. Alchemy is thus a holistic art that encompasses science, philosophy, religion, and magic.


Alchemy is not a static or monolithic tradition. It has evolved and diversified over time and across cultures. Different alchemists have different goals, methods, and views on the nature of reality. Some alchemists are more interested in practical applications, while others are more focused on spiritual enlightenment. Some alchemists are secretive and esoteric, while others are open and public. Some alchemists are influenced by other disciplines, such as astrology, numerology, kabbalah, or hermeticism. Alchemy is therefore a rich and complex field of study that offers many insights into the human condition and the mysteries of existence.

But in every tradition, especially one as widespread as alchemy, there will always be differing opinions and practices. Some of these deviations in practice can be small while others can be huge, especially as these deviations in basic practice and assumption continue over time. One such subset within the practice of alchemy are practitioners that have become known as puffers by more traditional practitioners. The great importance of puffers within the tradition of alchemy and in the history of humanity cannot be overestimated.


What are puffers in alchemy?


Puffers is a term used to describe alchemists who are only interested in the material aspect of alchemy, namely the purely material and mechanical transmutation of base metals into gold and silver. They neglect the spiritual or philosophical dimension of alchemy, which aims at the purification of the soul and the attainment of wisdom. Puffers are so called because they use bellows and forges to heat up their substances, hoping to produce a physical version of the elusive philosopher’s stone.


Puffers are often considered pseudo-alchemists, impostors, or charlatans by the true adepts of alchemy, who regard them as sometimes ignorant, sometimes greedy, and often misguided. Puffers usually lack the proper knowledge, training, and initiation into the true secrets of alchemy, and rely on false or incomplete books and recipes. They also tend to waste their time and resources on futile experiments that often cause inconclusive results or accidents.


Puffers have existed throughout the history of alchemy, from ancient times to the Renaissance and beyond. Secretly and openly on occasion, they have been ridiculed, mocked, and criticized by many practitioners of alchemy. But no matter how well-known the folly of puffers is to more holistic alchemical practitioners, it is the puffers that in the end attained a kind of immortality being that it was their practices that eventually gave rise to the rational and extremely materialistic science of this modern era.

Perhaps it was because true alchemy has always been very secretive; perhaps it is their own insistence on secrecy, symbolism, and a form of elitism. Whatever the case, true alchemy has become completely forgotten by the mainstream world and true inner alchemists now exist in the handful. The only alchemy that people really know about now, is the kind of alchemy that puffers engage in with their bellows and cauldrons, their completely physical potions, and their insistence on believing that the only thing that is responsible for transmutation, is physical, mechanics, and chemical manipulation.


Even though the folly of the Puffer’s has been around for a very long time, it was not until the Renaissance that this subset of alchemy made a mark in society. The puffer’s alchemy can quite rightly be said to be responsible for helping to change the course of our human history.

Contrary to popular notions, we are still evolving as a species and this evolution is usually felt most potently on a consciousness level, meaning that our consciousness is changing, and the nature of this change has greatly altered our reality when this change happens.

Most imagine that this change is slow and steady, like supposedly all evolution happens, slow and steady over thousands or perhaps millions of years. But the reality is that transmutation is often quite quick and sudden, and it happens due to external forces that are invisible to the modern material world.


Alchemy existed as a holistic practice since before recorded history. During that time there have been many changes to these practices as different human cognitive structures have come and gone. Most of what was, the great and powerful houses and dark kingdoms of magic, have disappeared with very few offshoots still existing for the most part in relative secrecy. One of the final nails in the coffin of what once was a tradition that might have had the potential to change human history happened during the renaissance, and this change would mean that the species was now bound to a particular line of causal structure (a very specific and linear rational stance).

Could the world have been different?

Well, the destruction of the old knowledge that could have changed the world cannot fall completely upon external and unconscious forces. The elitism, the incessant need for material power in many of these secret orders, and the nonstop need to hide everything from the general public using selective symbolism and hidden cypher, meant that the days of these old theologies and their power were numbered.


But there were outside forces at work here as well, and change did happen, and it happen far quicker than linear order and general evolutionary principles would assume. Transmutation can happen quickly, and the quickness of this cognitive transmutation can actually be seen and studied within the framework of recorded history. We can in this case examine historical art, in particular how during the European renaissance art changed drastically in a matter of a few hundred years. The quickness of this change can be seen in Renaissance art, where in the matter of a few hundred years art and architectural representation went from fixed and static two dimensional images, to dynamic three dimensional imaginings. And in the case of art the depth and feeling of these images geometrically increased, turning flat things into what now might be considered living and stylized descriptions, more akin to artistic photography than a representation of a more holistic and equal reality between man and nature.

There was a change there, a transmutation of conscious essence in humanity and it happened relatively quickly. This change was an outward manifestation of an inner cognitive change that would greatly alter how the human species saw itself and its connection to the environment. Before this change in consciousness, and deeply embedded within the mental framework of medieval people, there was a sense of interconnection between the self and the other, and this could be seen in the flatness of the images of that time. The distinction between the self and the other was not so pronounced before this artistic change during the renaissance. Before this, humanity did not feel the separation between the self and the environment with such keen distinction, and the world for that earlier humanity was more holistic. Transmutation (the manipulation of essence) happened in accordance with a combination of things that involved not just outer material things, but subjective things as well. Quite simply, magic was a true source of change and power before this change in human awareness.

Although the beliefs, the feelings and the symbolism used in medieval Europe is now construed as being utter superstition, at the time this supposed superstition was in many ways a greater understanding of the complexity of intermingling things, both real and ethereal, in the creation of all reality. The dragon, the unicorn, and the gargoyle were not imaginary superstitious beliefs by inept uneducated people. These magical beings instead were quite real things for those people, perceived things. They were energies, potentials, forces of nature and change that were very real to a very different humanity that was far more connected to the world in ways that the modern ego consciousness could not understand.


During this time, magic was real and at that time even though it was indeed heavily accentuated by fear and superstition in the masses, there were also large conclaves of what now would be termed practicing sorcerer orders that did understand and helped to stabilize the nature of life and change both in a community and in entire nations.

But humanity as a collective chose a certain track, in the same way that it is now choosing yet another track to follow. And in accordance with that desired change and the powerful intervention of external forces that I have described in other articles, this continual evolution by the human species took us all down a particular line of thought…which effectively erased those old traditions from the human collective. This means a new cognitive structure and that new form of cognition allowed for the perception and the use of a very limited form of what was to be mostly external, physical, and material manipulation. This new form of manipulation focused much more heavily on purely physically quantifiable reality, and as this new norm became more established, the only true alchemists became the puffers.


This cognitive change as I have said becomes very prominent during the Renaissance. While it is the case that there was some attempt at three dimensional art before this time, especially in carved reliefs and statues (of course) from far earlier periods, the true epicenter of the three dimensional movement in art happened arguably during the Renaissance in between the 14th and the 17th century, as architects and engineers such as ‘Filipo Brunelleschi’ began to use a vanishing point to give depth and true detail to their creations.

From a purely material perspective it is hard to explain what happened here exactly that changed the technology of the times. Some could argue from a purely modern rational point of view that there was a slow evolution that suddenly just hits some kind of critical mass and a tumbler finally turned, but this is just a superficial attempt at describing an internal event from a purely external point of view. But from another point of view, one that takes into account subtle and unseen energies, such an individual with this particular cognitive ability could learn to directly perceive that the awareness of humanity shifted; a slightly different energetic configuration started to become the norm for humanity at this time.

And as this leap in technology happened, which as I have said is really a change in cognitive awareness, this new way of looking at the world predisposed the people of that era to look at the world in a different way. From that new perspective certain things became clearer while other things were no longer as visible. Certain things faded into nonexistence, while other things grew in prominence and seemed from that general time forward, more rational, more common sense.


The world of the holistic alchemist, the world of magical newts, unicorns, Aether, and quintessence disappeared, they were forgotten and ignored because they no longer seemed as rational from a certain perspective. But other things became more real, and it is at this time that the work of puffers turned into the future science of chemistry, metallurgy, and the flowering and the flourishing of the empirical process.

This new cognitive position that established a whole new kind of rationality could now identify a slightly different causal paradigm that primarily focused on material manipulation. From that new position, puffer alchemists had many failures, but they also had successes, and thanks to those successes a new science would emerge! Some of the successes were the discovery of phosphorus, acids and bases, the production of gunpowder, refining of ores, and several other important discoveries.

This was useful knowledge, it was not knowledge hidden by certain elitist groups, it was a discovery and a wisdom amongst the common people for the most part. It was a science that could be clearly perceived and fully grasped by an evolving human consciousness that was beginning to be able to perceive a far clearer distinction between the self and the other. A human consciousness that was beginning to be able to perceive a clear three dimensionality in everything, a consciousness that was beginning to separate completely from the other and become a far more individually distinct self-identity.


There is good and bad in all evolution and being that more holistic alchemists strive for spiritual evolution and freedom, there is no denying that this new development in consciousness has many positive traits. The separation of the individual from the environment and from other individuals, was an evolving gift that in many ways mirrored the kind of evolution that traditional alchemists sought. But since this evolution was reactionary and unconscious, caused by external forces and a sleeping mob minded humanity that reacted to things in the same way that a stumbling zombie shuffles across a graveyard, this new cognitive evolution was not something that was attained through personal work and sobriety…it was instead a reaction to greater forces that in the end led to different kinds of problems, as the race moved forward in time.

In the end all things must find balance, and unconscious evolution means that this kind of change for the majority of humanity was not really development, but just a change from one perspective to another where we lost as much, or more, than what we gained. In many ways humanity is no better off than it was before, it still plods on in an unconscious way. This kind of reactionary change (as opposed to conscious evolution) is slow, it may lead nowhere, and it has cut us off from powers and abilities that could have greatly benefited humanity as a whole had we had the foresight to understand the powers that we were giving up, by choosing such a drastic separation from the magic inherent in a slightly less separated ego. In this case it means that we have turned our backs on certain possibilities, we have given up the possibility of exploring a far more powerful transmutational causal order, one that does not just rely on rules and rulers of the material space, but one that could also incorporate aspects of the ethereal.


What could this more holistic science have accomplished?


Well, all transmutation could have gone down a different road, meaning that a different science, a different way to manipulate ourselves and our environment, could have evolved. This older but extremely powerful causal structure (something that might even be termed mind science) would have the possibility of incorporating substances and forces that are still considered fanciful superstition and bogus magic in this modern age. Currently, the rationality of the times and the new science that props up this new cognitive position like a true theology, is just barely beginning to understand some of these forces, but these new disciplines such as quantum mechanics and string theory are still distrusted by many. Theoretical physics is still in essence just that, theory. For the most part, modern science is still stuck in a very mechanistic view of reality. It will therefore be a very long time before we begin to seriously use the subtle forces and energies described by these more fringe disciplines in a major way…at least in the common world.


The puffers created the new sciences, they were the first to create the rule and measure that would be a constant in the sciences until this modern era. And even now the science of the puffers controls all scientific endeavor and transmutation. The manipulation of energy and matter are deemed to only be possible in accordance with those highly material and mechanistic codes of conduct and action referred to as the empirical system.

Had we gone down a different road, perhaps our entire reality might now be different. Our locomotion for example might be completely different. Instead of relying on purely physical and mechanical machines and machinery, instead of relying on combustion and explosion to propel mechanical contraptions forward, we could have created different forms of locomotion that relied on more subtle forms of energy.

There are many conspiracies around UFOs, their form of locomotion, and the possibility that we might now understand that propulsion to some degree. Some say that this kind of propulsion can combine things that are still highly etheric from the mechanical and the puffer’s point of view. Some say that recovered UFOs have been able to show humanity a new form of locomotion that uses gravity control and a kind of light tunneling to be able to propel these objects from one point in space to another.

Could a more holistic human consciousness have developed that kind of locomotion?

Was this mechanistic modern era the only possibility for us as our consciousness changed?

Whatever the case, this new world is the world of the puffers and from here we must decide how we will continue forward as a species. I see hope in the changing technologies of the time. In the same way that outer technology and art in the past reflected a far deeper inner transmutation in the cognitive perspective of humanity, new technologies are being incorporated now. Technology is changing, and it is changing very quickly at this time, this means that changes to the cognitive configuration of the race are happening right now as well!

We can only wonder what this new cognitive position will mean for us going forward.


  1. Hello John, I’ve got a question/problem relating to inner alchemy that I don’t know if you have ever quite given a definitive way to deal with it. I certainly could be wrong and may just misinterpret some things, but regardless I’m left to ask about it here. How can one deal with personality aspects that could really only be called archonic and negative? I’ll give an example that has somewhat similarities to what I’ve been facing. Let’s say I was a kleptomaniac who repeatedly stole things from everyone. Despite parts of me disagreeing with the wrongness and negativity of the action, I can’t help but feed that dark aspect and act on it since it gives me a twisted satisfying pleasure. This goes beyond what I’ve learned about negative self beliefs, because it would be more than just a matter of changing my belief of my self since I have hard physical proof of the negative/archonic action. It’s unlike a negative self belief that says I am not good enough or don’t deserve happiness. And if my negative actions were discovered there would be dire consequences for me. Again, I’ll emphasize the above is just a correlatable example. What inner alchemical actions can be taken to deal with an aspect of the self like this? I know projection work offers the capability of dealing with it via fulfillment and by experiencing the desire to extremes it is satisfied and lost. But I am far far away from being able to do such an advanced projection that could deal with it. So what other steps might I be able to take? Would memory/energy absorption techniques be able to deal with this aspect? If so, how do I direct those things to such an abstract thing as that personality aspect? I would greatly appreciate your advice and guidance on this topic as I would like to be rid of this aspect before it causes something extremely negative to happen to me.

    1. Let me start by first stating that I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or any kind of professional, and I would ask anyone suffering from troubles like this to consult with a doctor. I am not a professional and this is just my opinion which is meant for entertainment purposes only.
      With the above in mind, I can say that there are some important points here, and it is the case that a great deal of this does have to do with belief systems, so it is always important to follow that line of emotion and intuition to discover the core beliefs behind such a disposition let us say.
      But there are things to consider beyond beliefs such as ‘energetic crystallization moments’, these are basically moments when, through some kind of experience, a person begins to equate this particular act with a quickening within themselves.
      So, from an inner alchemist’s point of view, this is a quickening of energy, a crystallization moment. All action is energy, energy is action…so to stop this action we must work with the energy that is crystalizing (pooling) at this moment. This would involve the use the energy pumps to pull the energy away from the areas that are experiencing the quickening and the redistributing that energy across the energetic body by allowing it to flow up and around the main meridian that I describe in the Magnum Opus.
      At the moment of feeling-desire…this is the quickening. At this precise moment the energy pumps need to be engaged and one would need to pull that energy away from the area that is experiencing the quickening, then with the push pump this energy could then be moved up and around the main body meridian.
      Doing this stops the quickening. Stopping the quickening means taking away the energy. When the energy is gone (redistributed), the need and therefore the action, cannot happen if this is done properly. But all of this would require personal self-control and the ability to stay in the moment and be ready to move energy in a conscious manner whenever this quickening began.

  2. Hi John, love your books. I have most of them.
    I have some questions about my practice:
    1. Recently, when I practice desire without compromises (been practicing since 10 months with the same desire), I find myself unable to breath out long breath. When I try to use my inner feeling sense, I think it’s saturated or something, or I just don’t want the thing anymore. What do you think?
    2. The same also happens when I try to create thought form to get what I want. I can pour much energy the first few days. After that, I have so much resistance when pouring energy to new thought form (with the same desire).
    3. When projecting in the third room. I also feel like it’s not real like a dream. It’ more real than a visualization but the sequence is clunky. For example, when I train sword with a master in the third room, I feel my swinging is so awkward and laughable. Sometimes, the scene also stops because I’m thinking what should be the next sequences of the story. Does it mean I need to work more on forgetting?
    4. Whenever I try to do projectionisf session while feeling sleepy, I normally cross the second world without problem. But the sleepiness gradually takes hold of me and I can not control the projection anymore. I thought sleepiness makes forgetting easier but I miss something. Maybe I should train hypnogogic thingy more?
    5. Also, when projecting or staring at the dot. My brain gets a little hurt on the sides because I force too much. I understand staring at the dot, but if it happens in projectionist session, what does it mean? I think I’m dictating the story in the second world rather than let it happen naturally.
    6.I’ve trained staring at the dot for 10 months but my thought still drifts a lot. But if my mind does not wander, my head hurts. Pretending to play a child game does not help much either.

    Don’t get me wrong, I feel my body parameters are better than before. But my life also become harder that I want to escape it as soon as possible. I know I’m being impatient but it’s painful to go through my day (for me who has low tolerance). I try my best to contain energy but sometimes I really want to bust.

    Using my inner feeling sense, I feel that it’s everything is fine but my inner feeling sense is not very reliable and it was wrong many times before.

    Last thing, my inner feeling sense tells me that I have a lot of energy in my cauldron (comparing to the me before training) but as the same time, I can not see a use for it. All my alchemist session barely costs any energy to me. I hope I’m wrong but it’s frustrating to think that I have a lot of energy but my day still feels painful and I can not doing anything.

    What do you think about all of this? I know all of this takes a lifetime but maybe this me just has the wrong expectation for life and wants to rant.

    1. Thank you Thong, I will try to answer your questions as best I can:

      1. I think that generally speaking the theme of my responses to you will be the you need to take a more natural approach, meaning that you just need to allow yourself to follow your natural tendencies.
      For example, when it comes to desire as action, I think that once you feel that you are saturated, then the best thing to do is to stop that fervent desire, that kind of intent, and then just focus your attention on a feeling that you have done everything perfectly, and now what your desired is coming to you. If in the future you feel desire again, then at that time desire some more until you feel saturated again and then stop and continue with that feeling of satisfaction at having done your work perfectly so now all you have to do is wait for what is inevitable. This is a more natural way to work with your energy, instead of pushing yourself past your own intuitions. So its not that your inner feeling sense is wrong, but that you are not trusting it and therefore you feel a conflict; FOLLOW YOUR OWN INTUITION–your own inner feeling sense and stop trying to do everything just like how I say 🙂
      2. The same thing applies here. Once you feel that you have pushed as much energy into this thought form as you can, you need to project that thought form outwardly so that it goes to do what you wanted to do. If in the future you feel that you have not gotten what you desired just yet, and you once again feel the need to create and push energy into a new thought form, then you can do this again until you feel that your energy is satisfied, saturated, and then you can send your thought form out again. This is more natural approach. Trust your instinct!
      3. As you will know from the book, The way of the Projectionist, all projection and movement is a fine mixture of the alchemical formula described therein and in particular the use of the sleeping energy and forgetting. In this case what you need to do is to not try so hard, when you try ‘to will’ something to happen it can become very difficult to move or to get anything done in the inner world, instead you must learn to allow things to develop. This is a difficult process I know, but it shows you how to learn to move within the first and the second room and then when you have mastered this letting go and the art of moving things through intent as opposed to trying super hard to will them, you can flow and do anything you want in the third. Moving within the inner dimensions is not the same as moving physically, and this is what you need to learn, to progress here. My advice would be to just not try so hard, try to make it more of a game as opposed to some kind of important task.
      4. The projectionist formula applies here as well, and you are right in thinking that working on hypnogogic techniques can help. I would recommend that you do not lie down when you are performing these exercises, that instead you try to find a comfortable chair. lying down can quickly make you want to go to sleep, so sitting up or using some other ‘stay awake’ techniques will help here. It is all a matter of knowing yourself, knowing when you are starting to fall asleep, and using that energy when it comes up in a conscious matter as opposed to just letting go into sleep. This is a difficult task I know, but it is part of the process. It means you have to learn to work with your own awareness, your own energy, and use that wisely and consciously. If you are falling asleep, then learn how to wake yourself up without having to open your eyes and wake up, you need to learn how to move your energy through your system, even when you are in the inner world.
      5. Yes, I think basically here you are just trying too hard. You have to allow your mind and body to relax and work with your energy not by tensing your body but by moving energy with your energy pumps. Relax, turn it into a game as opposed to some crazy routine where you have to do hundred push-ups a day or something like that. Think of it as a child with as opposed to an uptight adult.
      6. This means you are focusing too hard, and you are using your eyes, your eye muscles, as opposed to your focus of attention. Instead of trying to do that dot exercise, try to just be in the first room and looking at that blank wall. No more dot for you. It will always be impossible to keep thoughts out completely, forever. But by the understanding the nature of your consciousness as these thoughts move about, and as you watch them change, you will learn how to be present as they develop themselves, as they basically do things without you having to tell them to do anything at all. Learn to watch that flow of thoughts and practice staying conscious as these thoughts just flow and change without your intention at all. I think this is how you will advance moving forward; by letting go of the intense focus of the dot and instead allowing yourself to flow freely while at the same time maintaining that sense of being present and aware of this as it is happening. (From now on, no more dot, instead in the first room watch your thoughts flow and develop like you are watching a tv show.)
      From my point of view all of these issues have to do with you trying too hard and maintaining too much tension, meaning that you are taking this and your life way too seriously. Dissociation is the key and the way to do this is to let go of the dot and instead focus on that blank wall and allowing yourself to naturally let that menagerie of images that pop up flow by. At that time the only thing that you should be focusing on, and not so hard, is on just allowing those images to flow by. Pay attention to that monologue as it flows across that blank wall in the first room, learn to allow a part of yourself to just watch it flow and not lose itself in the flow of it to the point that you fall asleep.
      Dissociate and relax. I think you are already very far along, you just need to allow yourself to use the power that you have already gained. To do this you just need to focus not so much on trying to control everything, but in allowing everything to just flow as you stay centred and focused and watch it all flow by. In that way, and in time, you can then begin to see how you can change those floating thoughts, again this is not hardness and horror, it is instead the ability to allow yourself to just flow. Dissociate and flow.
      If you are falling asleep, focus on that energy in your cauldron, this should help. But in all things, relax and allow.

      1. Thank you John. It’s so simple yet not something I would do on my own volition. It could’ve taken years for me to realize this, especially when my lust for result is becoming bigger and bigger. I really wanted to get result asap to have more time, in order to live as I want and cross more advanced rooms.

        I found your book when I was at a low point in my life . I genuinely think that my life could’ve been much worse if I didn’t find overcoming the archon and magnum opus trilogy. I’m really grateful for the knowledges.

        As a child, I was always dreaming about going to the worlds of magic and sword like in manga, about retaining my ego forever and I’ve never let those dreams go. Your books show me hope.

        Thank you very much, John. Your answer might help me speed up my training a lot.

  3. Joseph Curwen

    I find this a very intriguing, thought-provoking post. My guess is the avenues the puffers opened up were inevitable at some level. It is becoming increasingly obvious that there are artifacts predating recorded history that could only have been made with machinery as advanced as that of today and potentially more so, and also bear unmistakable machining marks. There is also strong evidence of atomic explosions in the distant past. Fulcanelli is recorded as having remarked, when the research that would lead to the atomic bomb was first being undertaken, “Your scientists will soon discover the secret of nuclear power, as has happened many times in the past.” (This is a close paraphrase, I don’t remember the exact quote.)

    Materialist fundamentalism is a tricky subject for me to comment on since as I have admitted I was once in thrall to it and undoubtedly haven’t yet wholly escaped its influence. That said… I’ll go out on something of a limb and ironically propose a materialist aspect to its own origins. The reason I think this is necessary is because, chronologically, the “occult sciences” were to a large extent considered legitimate knowledge until the 1700s, even in western Europe. The period between 1300-1700 witnessed, for example, the writing of several grimoires and the discovery of the Enochian system. Even in the 1700s, the picture is not as one-sided as it has sometimes appeared. While materialism was definitely beginning to rise, Isaac Newton was so interested in esoteric topics that he has been described as “the last of the magicians.” This century also saw the writings of Swedenborg and Mesmer among others. Napoleon was highly superstitious and loved ghost stories, which he wholeheartedly believed in. He claimed to converse with a “little red man” who foretold his destiny, and after his defeat at Leipzig in 1813, an enemy officer discovered an oraculum book he had left behind (it is said that he had been failing to follow the advice from both quarters). It has also been suggested that there was an esoteric aspect to his expedition to Egypt.

    The question then becomes what happened, relatively suddenly in the grand scheme of things, to cause interest in multidimensionality to fall in the 1700s, and then drop off a cliff in the next century? I cannot think that there was some great increase in the number of inorganic predators, or that the Earth’s shift relative to the center of the galaxy would have been enough to affect human consciousness to such a great degree, in such a short amount of time. What follows is also a guess, and I admit I don’t have evidence for this although it feels right to me, the air pollution associated with mechanized, urban society, not the 3D perspective as such, had the side-effect of “dumbing down” its population and largely cutting it off from the ability to perceive anything beyond the mundane, in a way analogous to how this same pollution has made it largely impossible to see the stars in urban environments at night with normal vision. This kind of society began in recorded history in the 1700s with the invention of the steam engine in western Europe at the exact same time and place the dismissal of anything multidimensional began.

    Along these lines, it is interesting to note that those who live outside such areas tend to be much less likely to hold such views, hence the “men of science” versus “primitive superstitious natives” trope one finds for example in movies. Another interesting possible connection is that belief in the US in New Age topics such as the paranormal, UFOs, Atlantis etc. have become quite widespread in the last few decades, at the same time as air quality has significantly improved due to much high-polluting manufacturing being offshored to China and other countries.

    1. A wonderful and highly intriguing comment as usual Joseph. I personally very much like your ideas and they make a great deal of sense.
      It also highlights the obstacles that we must face as we, human beings, try to understand the mysteries of the infinity out there from any one particular cognitive position.
      From the cognitive position of reason and rationality we follow a linear cause and effect that makes us consider a certain knock-on effect that is perceivable and accepted within the cognitive structure that we use to look out upon the world. A cognitive position is sort of like the boundaries on a sandbox, what goes in and what goes out, depending on your position in and around the sandbox, depends wholly and completely upon an individual’s cognitive position.
      From within the sandbox of reason, a causality structure that favors a certain linear quality to time, meaning one thing (one cause) before the other, makes sense. And from that position, just like the puffers I write about, a certain cause (in this case the lowering of air quality) seems to line up perfectly with another kind of effect. But from a different cognitive position, there are things that are perceivable outside of the sandbox of reason, and from that position it might be possible to be able to perceive a tidal wave of different forces that are also at play and forces that are not bound by the regimented rules of time that are found within reason. I hope you can understand what I mean.
      So from that more expanded sandbox beyond reason, if you will allow me to call it expanded and beyond for the sake of this argument. Well, from that more expanded sandbox that can see beyond the confines of reason and linear time and constricted space, there is not one particular cause and from that point of view the future affects reality with as much consistent power as does the past. And within the more expanded view of that cognitive position, the creation of any particular event or wave of events is more chaotic in a mathematical sense, meaning that it does not have just one particular cause but a multitude of them all interacting in space-time in what could be considered local and nonlocal positions.
      What all this means is that humanities movement from one cognitive position, from the cognitive position of a more multidimensional reality to a cognitive position of strict mechanical rationality, has come about as a result of many factors both seen and unseen from the physical perspective.
      The people that I refer to as strictly puffers cannot see the multi dimensional qualities of the true philosopher’s stone, being that its creation involves factors both seen and unseen from the sandbox that contains them. The movement of humanity into the cognitive position of reason is not just about the smoke coming from the furnaces of the puffers creations. Cause and effect are intertwined and there is no linear quality in a very real and practical sense. Humanity gave up multidimensionality for a new path due to a multitude of forces that participated in nonlinear dynamics, which in the end means that there was indeed an increase in inorganic predators and there was also a shift in the Earth’s position that did help in this transformation. But to say that one cause affects more than the other would be false, being that all is aspects, and in that sense turbulence from a mathematical sense. And that turbulence comes from the past and the future simultaneously. In this case the will of humanity and the influence of the Archon cannot be overestimated.
      And within everything there is infinite complexity and fractal behavior that creates a certain kind of turbulence or wave that cannot be measured by linear dynamics alone. We have become what we are due to forces beyond reason and as we continue to evolve, or devolve depending on your particular point of view, the nature of that reconfiguration is due to a turbulence, a wave, which is coming at us from both the past and the future simultaneously.
      Humanity truly is a cork floating on a tempestuous sea, and in trying to understand that sea and plumb the depths of it, we can go mad. But we have more power than we imagine, and the first step in realizing our true power is understanding the boundaries and limitations of our current cognitive position.

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