Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

You are born into this world, and from the very beginning, there’s somebody trying to tell you what to do. If you are lucky, they are trying to be helpful, caring, adoring. And most of it is highly useful. Whether it is parenting, mentoring, or teaching, most people are trying to help others by passing on their acquired knowledge of the world.

Many of them will tell you right off, “we have been around longer than you, we are older than you, we have gone through all this trauma or through all of this education, and that gives us our right, a concerned right, to do the right thing, and to tell you how it is.”

But the world changes, is changing, so quickly. It is changing so quickly in fact that it is starting to reveal an interesting dilemma with increasing speed. That dilemma is the fact that some of that experience, some of those supposed laws of being, of reality, are proving themselves wrong and ineffective. The world is moving so fast, and things are changing so quickly, that things that may have been considered unalterable law just a few decades ago, have now been turned on their head. Recent past experience, anyway, seems to have been overturned by new laws, new ideas, a new science, and a speeding-up world that seems beyond the recent pasts normal.

Some might say, “oh, the world seems like this now because you modern people have gotten so soft, because the world is so much different. But just see what happens when all this changes, all of this will collapse, and you will be back in the Stone Age. And then, well that is when all this experience that I’m telling you about, have been telling you about all your life, well, then all of that will make sense and you will be sorry.”

There are many of us that could say that we have heard such a message, perhaps not stated so plainly, but hidden there in the meaning, in the turn of the phrase. It used to be the typical hidden or overt message that you might hear a grandparent say perhaps, an older person in their senior years blurt out in one way or another as they spoke to the younger generation. And deep within their hearts perhaps, there was this desire for the world to go back to how it used to be, so things would start to make sense to them once again.

But such a message is no longer just something that a person in their senior years might say, it is also something that younger and younger people are starting to say and feel about the world, that the world is changing, that from one year to the next things seem to be moving so quickly. Whether it is fashion trends, ways of thinking, even the science itself, it all seems to be changing from one moment to the next, and as world events and perhaps what might be termed disasters of all sorts move and shake the entire planet, change it over and over again, an increasing minority has begun to lose faith in the unflappable stability and institutions of the past.

Now, depending on your point of view, depending on where you stand on all this change or in the questioning of authority, none of us are safe, young or old, from the need, at an ever-increasing rate, to have to change our world view, to change the way we see the world, and what we believe in. To the average person, such a constant turning and such a constant need to question beliefs and reality might be a bad thing, an unwanted thing. But for an inner alchemist such a thing is par for the course, run-of-the-mill, a kind of routine of breaking routines.

And here we go, yet another handsome perhaps, but wizened type trying to tell others what to do. I may just be lost in the same folly of those codgery types I mentioned. But perhaps some of this advice from an old devil like me might be useful. Heck, it might even be useful for the relatively younger souls, being that as the world speeds up more and more, as the populations grow ever larger, and as those collective minds throw more and more random chaos into the mix of this world, perhaps, even the relatively young might find some of this information useful, being that the world will continue to speed up, more and more, it’s definitely not slowing down any time soon.


The world is getting quicker, it’s changing faster, and what we used to believe to be so stable and so true, no matter what it is, is now on shaky ground. From the point of view of an inner alchemist, this doubling and then doubling again of information and change is natural, inevitable, and expected.

The world is quickening, it is going through a quickening. It is an inevitable upcycle, an increasing crescendo that brings with it a chaotic environment of increasing complexity. That’s what it really is: the world is becoming more complex. The world is indeed becoming more interconnected, interdependent, more elaborate, more complicated, and quicker.

What does this mean?

It means that more and more things are being added to the pot. Think of it just like that – think of it like some giant pot of stew, where the whole planet is one big stew pot. The pot used to have not that much in it; it was a pretty simple stew. But now there is more in there – more people, more knowledge, more stuff. The stew is now thick and complex, with a lot of things churning in the mix.

We humans are just one part of that big stew, that’s true, but we shine like gold. I hate to say it, I don’t want anyone to get a big head, but we are special – our intent is strong, highly creative, and meant to be free and individual, no matter what the world might plan for us.

That makes us, as ingredients in this great stew of reality, very special ingredients indeed. And as our population grows, and as more and more of us turn and churn as a great big soup spoon mixes the stew, as we move across continents and as our environment shifts, we humans have the possibility to change the entire flavor and the entire consistency of the world we live in.

We shine like gold, and we create our own reality. Our thoughts sprout from us constantly, flowing out from us and also within. Each thought is a living thing in its own right, and it intermingles with thought after thought created by others. The world is growing; therefore, it is expanding, the noise increasing, and the vibrations are just a hint of how much bigger we are becoming.


The old world tries to tell everyone that nothing has changed, that it’s all in your head. Sure, there are more people, but that’s all, isn’t that the underlying message we hear now? So, in the end, the old world says to us, that’s all it is: just more people on smart phones recording and talking about their lives, that’s where all the modern weirdness comes from.

But we all know that is not all there is to it. We can feel it – there is a change, an ever-growing change that feels like a quickening. People can feel the strength of thoughts, even if they may not be able to directly perceive them, they can sense that increasing vibration somehow. However, the bureaucracies and established authority figures of the times keep repeating, nothing’s changed, everything is the same. It’s just that now everybody has a smart phone that can videotape the silliest things they see. But we all know that there is increasing weirdness all around us now. All you have to do is look at the sky for any period of time, and you will see some strange thing that you have never seen before. And if it’s not you who sees it, then it’s a hundred, a thousand other people recording, indeed recording, on those amazing little smart phones – those monoliths, as Stanley Kubrick called them, those incredible little screens that can both record and project. There, for all to see and for all to share, the weirdness of the world seems to be growing. It’s as if something is cracking at the seams, perhaps the very fabric of reality itself, and from all those small cracks, weirdness seems to be flowing out. And what that means is that an ever-growing number of people are in a mess, that an inner alchemist considers to be a step forward, a step towards transmutation, evolution, positive change. Because to truly begin to question your reality, to truly question it for the first time in a serious way, well, that’s the first step towards a bigger and greater you.

But what do you do about it? How do you move forward when the world appears to be cracking at the seams? How do you integrate the ever-increasing weirdness of the world in a positive and safe way?

If you can’t trust the authority figures of the past. If you can’t trust the once predictable stability of the world. Who can you trust?


Well, you must begin, perhaps for the very first time, to truly trust yourself.

Now, let me know if I overstep and sound like one of those know-it-all types trying to tell you what to do. And it might even sound like I’m invoking some kind of wise-from-experience or authority badge. And if it sounds like that, I apologize.

My way, and what I’m trying to describe to you as a kind of new doing, or rather, as a kind of undoing to be more precise, is not a dogma that you’re supposed to follow blindly and unquestioningly. Instead, I want you to question, to question everything, even me and what I say.

I’m not trying to tell you what to do; instead, I’m trying to show you how to discover yourself, your true self, if that’s what you want to do and you’re looking for a way to start such a journey.

I’m not saying that from now on you must believe this in order to move forward. I’m instead trying to say that you may want to try this way of looking beyond the cages of today. And if it resonates with you, if you get some of the results you seek, then maybe, you may be interested in the way of, no way.

And I am working up to telling you that my way of no way is not a recent way; it’s not a recent fad or a current, accepted scientific law. It’s not even something fully known or understood within the bounds of recorded history, spanning the last two or three thousand years or so. It is instead an ancient tradition. It is a system of expansion, transcendence, evolution, and transmutation that was and has been around even before the last human quickening, the last upcycle, and the last great speeding up of humanity. This house has “seen” it all come and go.

It’s an older, more encompassing way, but not an authority, not any kind of authority. In essence, the whole point of this form of being that I like to term inner alchemy is so beyond any cage that, to the average person, an inner alchemist seems to be nothing, nobody. But this is just an illusion of the outer physical senses, because inside, if you could perceive such a nobody with inner senses, then you could “see” that such a person is far from ordinary, that they are, in fact, quite extraordinary and powerful in a hard-to-define way.

And at best, inner alchemy can, hopefully, be a beacon to some, a kind of herald or light in a dark sea. And those heralds are, as I said, part of a house, a structure of sorts beyond physical structuring, that I have termed inner alchemy, and that light has been around for longer than recorded history and has been witness to even a cycle of growth and change as big as the one that we are now partaking in.


So, how does an alchemist handle such change, such a crescendo of increasing complexity? How do they survive the coming singularity?

Well, what they do is this: they stop looking outside of themselves for answers and instead begin to look within. As they do so, they create in themselves and of themselves a highly organized edifice. By ‘organized’, I don’t mean a typical building, like a castle. A better way to say it would be that not every castle looks the same; not every palace of the mind is some cookie-cutter stamp, identical to every other. Instead, each structure, each palace of the mind, is highly unique and different – either a finely crafted garden or chaotic jungle. Each an individual thing, a personal creation.

So, instead of looking without, instead of trying to find answers in the next economic theory, fashion trend, scientific breakthrough, or the latest theology, an inner alchemist turns his back on all such dogma and established bureaucracy, and begins to look within themselves for all the answers to all the questions they’ve ever had.

They take it for granted from the start that they are bigger, far bigger, on the inside than they could ever be on the outside. They take it for granted that they are graceful beings, with access to all the information they could ever really need within themselves. They take it for granted that there are greater aspects of themselves – unsuspected aspects, unsuspected dimensions of existence within themselves – which, if looked at properly, can answer all their real questions.

This turning point may be a bit odd to your old self at first. For that reason, it’s best to take it slow, allowing yourself to naturally transition away from authority figures outside and towards the greater knowing within. And as always, the world is there to help us, if only we understand how its helping hand works.

This is the simplest thing, this helping hand from the world, its natural and far less complex than some would have you believe. By that I mean that as the world becomes shaky all around you, as you begin to see the cracks of weirdness yourself, instead of trying to find answers from authority figures without – even me – you instead close your eyes, and for a while in your day, use inner senses to look within. So, just allow the world to reveal your own reality to you, through your personal life and what you find odd, what you feel needs a bit of personal answers, and progress from there, slowly, following your own pace and your own personal desires.

This is not a difficult thing. It just takes patience and a desire to find answers. And aren’t you looking for answers?

Well, that’s a good start. As a codgery inner alchemist, let me tell you this: the only thing you can really learn from without is how to begin your journey as you travel within. Once you know the basics and have a beacon or herald giving you the slightest inkling of which direction to go, then all the answers are really within you.

And once within, you must secure that knowledge that’s yours. This means learning to create that strong new edifice within yourself so that you can withstand the great tide of change all around you. Because such a tide is just that – like a wave of water or a wind that strikes against you and tries to push you in different directions. If you let it, that tide will turn your focus away from your inner knowing and push you out of your personal edifice, and before you know it, you’ll be at the mercy of some external trend or outside authority. But with that inner castle you’ve built for yourself – that ever-growing palace within your mind – you can use that structure as a shelter from the great tide and from the great, ever-increasing weirdness that will not stop, must grow, and will continue to grow as the years progress until finally we all hit a crescendo.

However, no matter where you are in time or space, that palace will serve you well because eventually you will realize that you have always been within an infinite sea – infinitely dark, but also marvelously beautiful. You will eventually understand that you are surrounded by infinity.

In the past, I’ve referred to this looking within as a kind of projection, the art of the projectionist. And I’ve referred to that inner edifice as the Logos. Another term for this might be called a mind palace, and you can think of it as creating your own world beyond the definitions and constricted laws and ideas of the average human world.

Another way to describe this might be to say that the logos is the development of a true logic beyond the simplistic rationality that tends to be defined by a poor implementation of Occam’s razor: “keep it simple, silly, because anything else is not true, so trust the sanctioned authority figures of the world and in that way assure yourself of an easy life, an easy path.”

But as your cage begins to expand, as your cage is forced to expand due to the great quickening of the world, and you begin to see things beyond the narrow reality tunnel of the past, you must begin to structure that reality by creating your own personal idea map of the world. This personal idea map must be flexible, extremely logical (based on the fine art of causality and personal perceptions), and strong enough to withstand the expanded perceptions to come.

We’ve already created a personal logos for the average world, the past world. We had a lot of help in creating this logos from our parents and all the other authority figures that we had as children. But that old logos is becoming obsolete in these modern and chaotic times, and as we delve deeper into the expanded world beyond the mundane and object-driven reality of the past’s rational skeptic, we must begin to develop an expanded worldview – one that can withstand the complexity of this ever-churning stew of gold and glitter.

It’s not an easy task in the sense that it takes your individual personal choice and desire to engage in this new way of doing things. You must focus your attention on the desire for true answers and personal stability. You must focus on that desire until the impetus comes from within yourself to act, and then you must do by acting in a way that not many sanctioned bureaucracies would recommend, which is to close your eyes and look within.

In a way, this new kind of doing is an undoing, and it’s easy to learn the preliminary steps. You may be surprised just how easy it is for you – almost like an old instinct. If you’d like to learn more about this way of finding answers and about how to create your own highly individual logos, then I recommend the book ‘The Way of the Projectionist.’ In that book, I will show you how we must systematically cube everything in our lives. This involves systematically looking at everything with a detached perspective, using causality and logic as our personal tools as we look deeper and deeper within ourselves, until we find our own answers and begin to create a map of our own personal world – far beyond, the static and ever more constricting worldview that the bureaucracies of the Earth would have us believe is the only real thing.


  1. Mustafa a haroon

    Is not the three ways of contemplation
    Linked with finding the answers of everything within?
    Meaning we start finding the answers within by the three contemplation ways you have taught

    1. Yes definitely. Thank you Mustafa, this is the answer to WHERE to start to look.

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