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Imagine a world where everything is a joke, a never-ending circus of clowns trying to outdo each other with their antics. The air is thick with the smell of popcorn and greasepaint, and the sound of laughter and screams of delight fill the air. But beneath the surface of this seemingly carefree world, there’s a sense of unease, a feeling that nothing is quite as it seems. The clowns are constantly juggling balls, spinning plates, and making silly faces, but their actions are mere distractions from the true nature of reality.

You’re not a clown, though. You’re the audience, sitting in the front row, watching the show unfold with a mixture of wonder and skepticism. You’re not a part of the act, but you’re drawn in by the spectacle, mesmerized by the colorful costumes and the bright lights. But as you watch, you start to feel like you’re trapped in a never-ending loop, with the clowns repeating the same antics over and over again. You begin to wonder if there’s more to life than this endless parade of pranks and tricks.

That’s when you realize that there are those who believe they hold all the power, the ones pulling the strings behind the scenes. They think they can control the show, the audience, and even you. They’re the ones who claim to have the secrets, the ones who think they can manipulate reality to suit their own purposes. But do you really want to be a part of their circus? Do you want to be a pawn in their game of control, a mere spectator in their grand scheme?

No, you don’t. You’re here to create your own show, your own reality. You have the power to shape it, to make it magical, and to make it yours. It’s like being an artist, painting your own masterpiece with each stroke of the brush. You’re the creator, the director, and the star of your own show. You’re the one who gets to decide what happens next, who gets to choose the colors, the music, and the characters.

So, don’t let the clowns distract you. Don’t let them steal your focus or your power. Stay true to yourself, and create your own reality. The world is your canvas, and you’re the artist. You’re the one who gets to choose what kind of brushstrokes you use, what kind of colors you mix, and what kind of masterpiece you create.

Imagine a world where you’re not just a spectator, but the main attraction. Imagine a world where you’re not limited by the rules of the circus, but are free to create your own rules. Imagine a world where you’re not just a part of the show, but the show itself. That’s the world you can create, the world you deserve. So, take a deep breath, step out of the spotlight, and start painting your masterpiece. The world is waiting for you.

Crafting Your Masterpiece

Creating your reality in the present moment is like crafting a mosaic, a delicate dance of individual pieces coming together to form a breathtaking work of art. Each decision you make, each thought you think, and each action you take is like adding a single tile to the mosaic, contributing to the overall image. It’s a puzzle, with each piece fitting together to form a complete picture, a masterpiece that is uniquely yours.

Imagine you’re standing in front of a blank canvas, ready to start painting. The first brushstroke sets the tone for the entire piece. It’s the same with your reality. The first thought, the first decision, the first choice you make sets the tone for the entire canvas of your life. It’s like casting the first stone in a pond, creating ripples that spread out and shape the water around it.

As you begin to add more strokes to the canvas, the picture starts to take shape. Each brushstroke is like a decision, each choice a piece of the puzzle. You can choose to add vibrant colors, bold and bright, or subtle hues, soft and gentle. You can choose to add intricate details or bold strokes. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination and creativity.

So, be mindful of your focus. Each decision you make is like adding a piece to your mosaic. Choose your thoughts and beliefs wisely, and your reality will be a masterpiece. Choose carelessly, and it might turn into a hot mess. Don’t let the clowns in the circus dictate your choices. They might try to steer you in their direction, but remember, you’re the artist. You’re in control of your canvas.

As you continue to create, the mosaic begins to take shape. You start to see the outline of your reality, the contours of your life. You can see the beauty, the beauty of the colors, the beauty of the shapes, the beauty of the patterns. You can see the flaws, the imperfections, the rough edges. But you can also see the potential, the potential for growth, the potential for change.

And that’s the beauty of it. You’re not just creating a masterpiece, you’re creating a living, breathing, dynamic work of art. You’re creating a reality that is constantly evolving, constantly changing, constantly unfolding. You’re creating a reality that is uniquely yours, a reflection of your soul, your heart, and your spirit.

Therefore, take your time, take your brush, and start painting. Add a stroke, add a thought, add a decision. See what emerges, see what unfolds. See the masterpiece take shape, see the beauty, see the potential. And remember, you’re the artist, you’re the creator, you’re the one in control of your canvas.

Staying True to Your Vision

Don’t be fooled by the clowns in the world who think they hold all the power. They may try to distract you with their antics, to make you believe that their reality is the only one that matters. But remember, you’re the artist of your reality, the one who shapes your world with every subtle tone of your intention. Focus on the present moment and choose your thoughts and beliefs wisely. Create your reality, make it magical, and don’t let anyone steal your power.

Just as an artist must first see the vision in their mind before they can bring it to life on the canvas, you must first see the reality you wish to create before you can bring it into existence. This is the power of visualization, the ability to see your desires and dreams take shape in your mind’s eye. It’s the spark that ignites the creative process, the catalyst that sets the wheels in motion.

And just as an artist must have the courage to take the first brushstroke, you must have the courage to take the first step towards your desired reality. It’s the moment when you commit to your vision, when you decide to take control of your life and shape it into the masterpiece you’ve always wanted.

Just as an artist must stay focused on their vision, you must stay focused on your desired reality. Don’t let the clowns in the world sidetrack you with their pranks and noise. They may try to steal your attention with their loud voices and flashy tricks, but you must stay true to your vision.

Think of it like a painter staying focused on their canvas. They don’t let the noise of the studio or the chatter of the people around them distract them from their art. They stay focused on the brushstrokes, the colors, and the overall vision they have for their masterpiece.

In the same way, you must stay focused on your vision, your reality, and your desires. Don’t let the clowns distract you with their opinions. Don’t let fear and doubt creep in and steal your power.

Remember, the power is within you. You are the artist, the creator, and the master of your reality. You can shape your world with every decision, every thought, and every action. Don’t let anyone or anything take that away from you. So, stay true to your vision. See the reality you wish to create in your mind, and then bring it into existence. Take the first step, take the next step, and keep moving forward. Don’t let fear or doubt hold you back. You are stronger than that.

Just as an artist must trust their instincts and trust their vision, you must trust yourself and your inner guidance. You must trust that you can create the reality you desire. And just as an artist must be patient and persistent, you must be patient and persistent in your journey towards your desired reality.

Just as an artist must first see the vision in their mind before they can bring it to life on the canvas, you must first see the reality you wish to create before you can bring it into existence. Take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and imagine the reality you desire. See yourself living in a world that is aligned with your values, your passions, and your dreams. See yourself surrounded by people who support and uplift you, who celebrate your unique gifts and talents.

Just as an artist must have a clear vision of the masterpiece they wish to create, you must have a clear vision of the reality you wish to create. See the colors, the textures, the shapes, and the forms that make up your desired reality. See the beauty, the wonder, and the magic that you wish to bring into the world.

Just as an artist must have the courage to take the first brushstroke, you must have the courage to take the first step towards your desired reality. It may be scary, it may be uncertain, but it is necessary. For it is in taking that first step that you begin to bring your vision into being.

Just as an artist must be patient and allow the painting to unfold, you must be patient and allow your reality to unfold. It may take time, it may take effort, but the results will be worth it.

And just as an artist must continually refine and edit their work, you must continually refine and edit your thoughts and beliefs. You must be willing to let go of what no longer serves you and replace it with something that aligns with your vision.

Remember, the power is yours, and yours alone. Don’t let anyone else dictate what you can and cannot do. You are the artist of your reality, and you are the one who gets to decide what kind of masterpiece you create.

Taking the First Step: The Power of Creation

In this moment, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Allow yourself to let go of any doubts, fears, or worries that may be holding you back. Imagine yourself standing at the threshold of your greatest desires, with the reality you’ve always dreamed of unfolding before you like a canvas awaiting a masterpiece.

See yourself living in that reality, feeling the emotions that come with it. Feel the joy that radiates from within, the freedom that comes with living authentically, and the peace that settles in knowing you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. Allow yourself to fully immerse in this vision, to taste the sweetness of success, and to bask in the warmth of happiness.

Now, take the first step towards that reality. It may seem small, almost imperceptible, but it’s a step in the right direction. It’s the spark that sets the fire of creation ablaze. And as you take more steps, your reality will begin to take shape, like a painter adding brushstroke after brushstroke to a masterpiece.

But beware, for the world is full of distractions, like clowns juggling balls and making a ruckus. They may try to steal your attention, to make you doubt your vision, to make you question your power. Don’t let them.

Remember, your reality is not something that happens to you; it’s something you create. You are the architect, the painter, the conductor of your own life. You have the power to shape your destiny, to mold your reality, to bring your wildest dreams to life.

So, take the first step. Take the second, the third, and the fourth. Keep taking steps, no matter how small they may seem. Keep creating, keep shaping, keep molding. And as you do, your reality will begin to unfold, like a flower blooming in the garden of your mind.

Claim your power and master your universe. You hold the brush, paint, and canvas to create a reality that’s breathtakingly beautiful and awe-inspiring. Don’t let anything or anyone steal your magic. You are the architect of your destiny, crafting a masterpiece that reflects your soul’s essence. Take charge, wield your creative might, and bring your vision to life – a reality that will leave a lasting positive legacy.

Are you ready to peel back the curtain and reveal the mesmerizing show behind the spectacle of the clown world? Do you sense that there’s more to life than the surface-level distractions that surround you? If you’ve caught glimpses of a hidden reality, but yearn to know the secrets of the game, then I highly recommend the book, “Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy“, it’s your ticket to unlock the mysteries of the universe and shatter the chains of limitation.

Within its pages, you’ll discover the true nature of the game, and more importantly, the ancient wisdom to break free from the cycle of chaos and create your own reality as the true artist that you are. Imagine being able to shape the world around you, to manifest your deepest desires, and to live a life that’s authentic and fulfilling. This book is your key to unlocking that potential, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.


  1. This is very motivational, thank you.
    Learning and trying to realize what you have written about here, inner alchemy, takes a lot of energy, time, concentration for me.
    Sometimes it seems like everything is stacked against you, even yourself, or at least from time to time it really feels like it, like smart waves crashing against your reality bubble trying to drown you back in every way, even succeeding occasionally. At least so far, I’ve always managed to get back up again and learn a bit.
    I think deep down that the intent to learn and realize this has been with me for almost my whole lifetime, but it has gotten serious and concrete when I finally got my hands on your books.
    Which is why I really suggest every person who has reached this far to pick them up and give them a couple of reads because it might be the chance to a chance to make a dream come true.

    1. Thank you, your words are DEEPLY appreciated. The going can get hard sometimes but that’s only because the traveller is a master looking for a true challenge …they just forgot how powerful they truly are some way along the voyage.

      Here is fun a little back and forth that I thought I would add here that I had on Youtube comments for one of my videos (“Is your phone listening to you“). Just another fun random event in this odd little world that I thought somehow fit in here perfectly.

      –John. I was having a perfectly normal day, minding my own business, perhaps dealing with the intensity of this latest X class solar flare which was the strongest yet, but otherwise managing. And then I have to go and listen to this video here, and suddenly yet again I am facing a Kreiter induced head explosion as I now start to contemplate more deeply the fact that my smartphone is actually a quantum resonator of Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle particlewavecreationness. And I think to myself, there he goes, he’s done it again. Kreiter!! Spooky quantum algorithms at a distance embodied in a rectangle of knowledge. I can’t even. Thanks, as always, for opening my mind to new possibilities and finding ever interesting ways to crack open the structures of that archonic hold.

      –Weird World isn’t it. Always something crazy just around the corner…The solar flare was a hoot. Quantum events and photon mutations galore. And now some supposedly ‘random’ lunatic, says that random events are not so random at all…at least when it comes to the quantum level screen, aka the Stanley Kubrick “monolith”, in your pocket. Its sort of like saying that the “Syco-Slate” (the magic 8 ball) is actually telling you what you believe it should say, as opposed to foretelling the future. If this keeps up, we may just end up waking up to something 🙂

  2. Sebastian

    Hello John, wonderful post as always. I’ve recently been musing around with everything related to servitors and thoughtforms, and I’ve read the three primary books you have related to them and am excited to read the upcoming book related to them that you’ve hinted at. But regardless, in particular I’ve been thinking about servitors that have more subjective purposes/goals. And it has led me to some questions I’d like to hear your thoughts on.

    1. I’ll start with a base idea: Servitors being used to enhance the development of skills. Like creating one to help learn an instrument or another language. It feels a bit trickier because there is no definitive end result for the servitor to help achieve, since almost every skill can always be taken further indefinitely. Another tricky bit is that I don’t know what type of servitor it would really be, as I think it could be done in the companion style or the typical style. And another thing is that servitors are usually sent off and away to complete their objectives, but skill development requires them to stay directly with you. Finally, I don’t know if the servitor should be utilized as a teacher or a pure efficiency booster. While they realistically could be either or both, I don’t know which would be more effective. Having one that directly ‘teaches’ the skill, or one that radiates some type of aura that enhances learning efficiency. If I had to pose it all as a question, then I’m asking how would you recommend creating and utilizing a servitor for skill-enhancement?

    2. My second question kind of builds off the first: What if you made a servitor directed towards inner alchemy skills/work? This has been an idea that’s always intrigued me as it seems strange to do inner alchemy to enhance more inner alchemy work. One idea/purpose in particular I’d like to hear your thoughts on would be a motivational servitor. The clown world is indeed a very distracting and flashy place, and I often struggle to turn my attention to inner alchemy. So I’ve considered the idea of having a servitor that pushes me to do inner alchemy by having some type of motivational aura or something similar.

    3. And my final question is really just a continuation of the second, as I’d like to consider some other areas where a servitor could potentially be applied in inner alchemy. The first consideration is for absorption work: Could you have sort of hunter animal assist in absorption practices? The second consideration is for projection work: Can a servitor be made that helps you dive into yourself? I question it because projection involves the balancing of the tria prima, and it sort of feels like servitors are made from “out” energy. So I’d like to hear your thoughts on these two ideas.


    1. Thank you very much for reading my books, Sebastian.
      In answering your first question I would say that the best way to proceed in my opinion would be to create a type of companion servitor called a servitor advisor, which I cover in the second book in the series. What you could do is choose a particular individual even (alive or dead), perhaps a great musical artist or linguist, and using them as an inspiration you could create your own advisor, an expert in their field, to teach you this craft. And while putting together this advisor, you could even make a part of its power something like a radiating glow that enhances learning efficiency.

      As to your second question, you could do the same thing as I mentioned above. This is a wonderful idea to get you motivated and to even provide invaluable information from the deepest aspects of your inner self, depending on how well you have created your servitor. In this case you might want to use something like an old alchemist, or even the shadowed man from my latest book, The Art of Transmutation.

      I do not recommend creating a servitor to go out and hunt for energy, as this might turn into a malignant thought form over time, that you might have trouble controlling. While such a servitor would be difficult to create in the first place, one that goes out and absorbs energy by itself, if you were successful, it may become a great nuisance over time as it will be very difficult to control.
      As to the second part of this question, I find this to be a great idea. You can definitely create a servitor companion of some kind to help you dive into yourself as you say. You could create or assign a meeting place that you could try and find once you go into your meditations, and then once you have found each other, it could take you by the hand as it were and lead you deeper into the recesses of your inner self.

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