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Throughout history, solar eclipses have been shrouded in mystery and intrigue, capturing the imaginations of countless cultures around the world. From dragons swooping down to swallow the sun whole in ancient tales, to mystical rituals believed to ward off dark omens, these celestial events have played a significant role in shaping our understanding of the universe.


In many civilizations, solar eclipses were seen as divine messages from the gods, calling for reverence and respect. Ancient Egyptians thought the sun god Ra was being devoured by the serpent Apophis, while Native American tribes believed their ancestors’ spirits were particularly close during these events. As our ancestors looked to make sense of the cosmos, they wove together stories and symbols that reflected their deepest fears and desires.


Even today, remnants of these ancient beliefs can be found in various cultures. For instance, during a solar eclipse in China in 2009, people performed age-old rituals like lighting fires and banging gongs to scare off the evil spirits blamed for the celestial phenomenon.


As we continue to marvel at these rare and fascinating manifestations, it’s enthralling to reflect on how our perception of solar eclipses has evolved over time – from fearsome creatures swallowing the sun to scientific explanations involving the moon’s orbit and Earth’s rotation. While we no longer attribute eclipses to divine intervention or mystical rituals, their captivating allure continues to inspire us to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos.


Solar eclipses have always been fascinating events, capturing our ancestors’ imaginations with their mysterious aura. As we dive deeper into paranormal teachings and try to better understand our world, we may wonder if there’s something more to these celestial phenomena than just human craziness or ancient superstitions.


Perhaps, our old beliefs, deeply concealed within the symbolism of mythology, contain a hidden truth that we have overlooked. Although they might seem rooted in fear and desire, could they prove our profound connection to nature? Many serious researchers into ancient history have repeatedly highlighted that beyond the external mythology, there are indeed great truths hidden within those metaphorical plays. Like the profound symbolism found in dreams, the narratives, and mythologies of the past hold within them secrets yet to be revealed. It might be time for us humans to reassess our skepticism towards ancient knowledge and trust in the intrusions of the natural world, especially when it comes to celestial phenomena such as solar eclipses.


By embracing these mysteries and seeking to unravel their secrets, we can gain new insights into our universe, and our wholistic connection to all things. As we marvel at these events, let’s not dismiss them outright but instead explore them with an open mind. It’s possible that there’s more to these cosmic wonders than we currently know, and by unlocking this knowledge, we may gain a greater understanding of our place in the universe.


The connection between solar flares and paranormal activity

There’s a captivating interplay between cosmic events and paranormal occurrences. Solar flares – intense bursts of energy from our sun – are believed to impact the supernatural in various ways, offering intriguing insights into the world of ghostly and spiritual encounters.


Solar flares emit powerful energy, like solar X-rays and cosmic radiation, which can energize the Earth’s atmosphere. This surge of energy is thought to provide spirits with an added boost, potentially making them more visible as apparitions. The heightened electromagnetic fields resulting from solar storms are believed to offer spirits a chance to interact more easily with our physical world, leading to an increase in paranormal experiences.


Furthermore, geomagnetic storms caused by solar flares can disrupt the Earth’s magnetic field, creating an environment that might encourage ghostly and spiritual activity. The fluctuations in geomagnetic fields during these events are thought to empower astral beings, allowing them to draw on this energy and become more active and visible.


The alignment of solar activity with paranormal experiences suggests a fascinating connection between cosmic phenomena and the spiritual realm. Solar flares, with their potential influence on Earth’s electromagnetic fields and atmospheric energy levels, may play a role in amplifying paranormal manifestations and interactions. This intriguing link highlights the complex relationship between nature’s forces and the mysteries of the supernatural world, demanding further exploration into the fascinating connection between solar phenomena and paranormal occurrences.


So, solar flares, bursts of intense energy from our sun, can have far-reaching consequences on our planet and its inhabitants. These powerful emissions could impact the magnetic field and atmosphere, potentially leading to dramatic transformations in geological formations and societal structures. When we consider the additional influence of an eclipse – a rare alignment of celestial bodies that momentarily refracts solar radiation – it is not unreasonable to ponder if these cosmic events could lead to significant changes in specific regions.


Could there be a hidden connection between solar flares, the celestial phenomenon of eclipses, and the potential for significant geological and societal changes brought about by the refraction of solar radiation in a particular region?

This is where the mystery of the Black Sun begins. And this intriguing question invites us to explore the fascinating world where cosmic events and human experiences intertwine.


The possibility of such a connection invites us to delve deeper into the mysteries of the universe, seeking answers to how our planet and its inhabitants have been shaped by these celestial forces, these outer titans. As we continue our exploration of the paranormal realm, we may uncover hidden truths that reveal the intricate relationship between cosmic phenomena and the transformative power they hold over our world. In doing so, we can better understand the impact of solar flares, eclipses, and their potential role in driving geological and societal changes, ultimately broadening our knowledge of the interconnected web of forces that shape our lives.


Alien Encounters and Interdimensional Beings

Solar eclipses have long been shrouded in mystery and intrigue, with many believing that they offer a rare glimpse into the supernatural realm. For centuries, people have reported sightings of bizarre creatures and unexplained phenomena during these celestial events, leading some to speculate that the thinning veil between our world and others allows for encounters with beings from other dimensions.


Among these elusive creatures said to emerge during solar eclipses are the enigmatic Lizard Man and Moth Man – reptilian like humanoids that have captivated the imaginations of countless individuals across generations. Some even believe that these cosmic occurrences may open portals to other realms, allowing these mysterious beings to step into our world for a brief moment before returning to the shadows from whence they came.


The Lizard Man

As the sun disappeared behind the moon during the highly anticipated 2017 solar eclipse, the people of South Carolina found themselves on high alert for sightings of a most unusual creature – the fabled Lizard Man. This mysterious reptilian humanoid cryptid has been whispered to roam the swamps and marshlands of Sumter and Lee counties, with many locals claiming to have glimpsed its scaly form in the shadowy depths of these murky waters.


Legend has it that this half-man, half-lizard being is particularly active during celestial events, such as eclipses or meteor showers, when the veil between our world and the supernatural realm seems to grow thin. As a result, many residents in the area found themselves both fascinated and slightly unnerved by the thought of this otherworldly creature potentially emerging from the darkness.


Alien Encounters

But it’s not just legends and folklore that suggest a connection between eclipses and interdimensional encounters – there are also well-documented historical events that support this intriguing theory. One such example is the Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter in Kentucky, which took place during an eclipse back in 1955.


During this bizarre event, a group of partygoers reportedly found themselves locked in a fierce battle with extraterrestrial beings that bore a striking resemblance to creatures from outer space. The harrowing ordeal has since become one of the most famous alien encounter stories in history, fueling theories that these otherworldly visitors make their presence known during solar eclipses – a phenomenon that continues to captivate and mystify us to this day.


As we continue to explore the mysteries of our universe, it’s impossible not to wonder what secrets lie hidden behind the veil of a solar eclipse. Whether you believe in interdimensional creatures or extraterrestrial visitations, there’s no denying that these rare and awe-inspiring occurrences have the power to transport us to realms beyond our wildest imaginations – reminding us just how vast and mysterious the cosmos truly is.


Spiritual Activity and Hauntings

Eclipses have long held a special place in the hearts and minds of those who dare to venture into the realms of the occult – an enchanting world where shadows dance, energy shifts are felt on a cellular level, and psychic abilities are said to blossom like flowers in springtime.


For many practitioners of the arcane arts, lunar eclipses are seen as divine moments when the veil between our world and the ethereal plane is at its thinnest, allowing for heightened psychic abilities to emerge and flourish. It’s said that during these celestial events, one’s intuition becomes sharper, their clairvoyance more pronounced, and their ability to communicate with spirits beyond the veil more profound than ever before.


Conversely, solar eclipses are believed by some to offer a unique opportunity for cleansing one’s life from negative influences – a chance to cast spells that will wash away the darkness and usher in new beginnings. These events are seen as potent times when the energy of the universe aligns in such a way as to amplify the power of any magical workings performed during their brief duration.


Whether you’re an experienced occultist or merely intrigued by the mysteries that lie hidden within these ancient practices, there’s no denying the allure of eclipses – those rare moments when the cosmos seems to conspire in a symphony of light and shadow. As we stand awestruck beneath their mesmerizing glow, it’s easy to imagine ourselves as part of something much larger than ourselves – a tapestry woven from the threads of time, energy, and mystery that span the very fabric of existence itself.


The Black Sun is Upon Us

During a solar eclipse, particularly when witnessing the full coronal ring, there arises an intriguing notion that a door or portal opens up in space and time. This idea becomes all the more captivating if one aligns directly with the eclipse. Such an occurrence holds significant meaning within the realm of inner alchemy and mirrors the direct relationship between us and what is referred to as the Black Sun. In essence, a perfect coronal ring during a solar eclipse represents seeing a Black Sun.


This portal, therefore, is believed to be a direct conduit between the Black Sun in space and the particular point on earth where such complete coronal rings are perfectly visible during a solar eclipse. This connection between the Black Sun and the earth signifies a direct tunnel or bridge being formed between the cosmic creator/destroyer force of the universe and us. Such a link implies great change as a vast amount of cosmic energy is both sent and received from that great outer titan.


This incredibly focused outflow of energy directly from the Black Sun is highly transformative, serving as a portent of coming change. This energy is simultaneously pulling towards it the old while creating fertile ground for the new. Such a cleaving by the Black Sun across the face of the earth signifies a beginning of a great deal of mutation and evolution.


The upcoming solar eclipse appears to have a profound impact on North America and the American continents as a whole. As we await its unfolding events, one thing is certain – great change is imminent.

If you would like to know more about the secrets of the Black Sun, the true nature of our multidimensional reality, and the process of creation and destruction across the cosmos, then I highly recommend the book, The Way of the Death Defier.


  1. This for sure has to be about AGI, right? Or disclosure, or as you said in a previous article it could be both.

    Also I know you generally stray away from giving overcontrolling guidance to your readers and I greatly respect that about you, however, I’m sure you’ve heard about the implantable device that’s making waves in the technological world right now, and that in time devices like these will become part and parcel of our lives as humans. As a budding projectionist I feel curious about these marvels of technology but also wary since my interest in this prison world-cube is fading.

    I’m just along for the ride at this point, but I’m also wondering if such a device will make it harder for humans to use their ‘hidden’ faculties. Or even if the device itself is relatively harmless for a projectionist, it might make your average person even more entranced by this world now that their cage has seemingly expanded, with all these new toys. What’s your take on it? Should a projectionist bother with these devices? And thank you for all the amazing articles lately.

    1. Thanks Zyries. I have been taking a more serious approach lately to some of this knowledge, and it is only because time is speeding up. It is time to stand up or shut up as they say, and I am trying to do the only thing available to little nobody like myself, and that is just impart a little bit of knowledge in order to give those that desire to do so, at least one more road that they can follow.

      Mental implants are indeed a big deal, and they are coming as well. There is already a great deal of intrusion into the individual system, having to do with electromagnetic radiation, foreign and unnatural things in food, and a host of other things. For the most part the body is incredibly dynamic and can take care of most of this as long as proper mental commands are followed. But there is a critical point when individual physical decisions must play a role in the life that a person may follow. And all such action of course stems from inner motions that will always be the beginning to everything, which then means that proper knowledge and understanding must at least be accessible in some form.

      When it comes to these implants, they do truly represent an intrusion and while there are human alternative probabilities where we follow such a path (the machine person), my personal current believes that such a path is a truncation and a narrowing of true human possibility. What this means, is that in accordance with the inner discipline that I follow, it is believed that the human body already possesses and far surpasses anything that might be possible through the physical implantation of such external contraptions. We only need to understand our possibilities and let go of the great limits, the cages, that have been imposed upon us by society and by the great Archon.
      Artists are at times prophets being that they are often able to access currents of energy that can give us glimpses into probable realities. In this case we are certainly heading down the road where intelligent machines may begin to control our world. There is always the possibility for fine balance, and the ability to use such machines in order to further expand possibilities. But that balance also means that there is the possibility of falling prey to the great laziness possible through such machines. Like anything else, we can either profit or perish under such power.
      But there is also the possibility of forced participation or being fooled into participating. You do not need to look further than the cell phone and the many nefarious things being done with this contraption. There is great power and freedom here, but this power and freedom have also been abused by those in power. You can look into that yourself, there is much there to be discovered.
      Perhaps our future may mirror in small ways a Butlerian Jihad. Roads are set, possibilities are laid out, and unconscious evolution (which is the way of humanity, even though it does not have to be) means that ‘either’ fighting or acquiescing to the coming Smart Machine revolution will only enrich the Archon; it always wins when unconscious evolution is at play.
      We can use the machine and through its help we can master our world in many ways. But most people will fall prey to the road set for them without any real conscious examination of their own instincts and beliefs. Then faced with a complete acquiescence through the complete trust in higher authority, they will then be faced with two negatives (fight or flight) instead of what could really be a positive. I hope you understand what I mean.
      If you would like to look into this a little further, I highly recommend the article, “Individuality, Implants, and a new Mind Science”.

  2. First of all, hello, Mr. John, I had 2 different dreams a year ago, in both dreams the sky was red and there was a black planet and a black star, I called this star Sirius and I was praying to the Sirius star, it seemed very strange to me because I didn’t know about this star, after I woke up I researched it and I found out that you are a real star, does that mean anything? Sorry if the question is stupid.

    1. There is no such thing as a stupid question as they say. I think it is very interesting that you dreamt about something you did not know about consciously, and perhaps that is one of the most interesting things that you should get from your dream. Perhaps you can begin to record your dreams and see what you get. It could open up a whole new world for you.
      As far as your discoveries on Sirius, what you might find interesting is the Dogon tribe and how they were able to supposedly discover this star without having any mechanical way of knowing about.

  3. Hello John, I’ve been a long-time reader and fan of yours and have read nearly every book you’ve put out. Today I’ve come to ask a couple of questions that may not necessarily correlate to the above article but are sort of related to the email you recently sent out.

    1. A lot of your works on thought forms and servitors seek to bring about general material gain. This is all well and good, but it’s led me to a question: Can thought forms be used to manipulate others to fulfill our desires? I’d like to enter a romantic relationship with someone, and I’d like to use thought forms to help bring about this outcome. Thought forms are meant to be able to shape reality to our desires, so I would think they could help it happen.

    2. But with the above in mind, it has led me to a greater and broader question: How come obsession doesn’t usually end in manifestation? Attention and emotions are the catalysts to bring about manifestations, and people who are unhealthily obsessed with another person are usually constantly thinking about them and feeling things about them. I would think this time and energy would gestalt and lead to their desires being fulfilled based on the principles of alchemy, but it almost never does. Why is this?

    3. And a final even broader question, how does our personal creation of reality intersect with others? In some books, it is alluded that all of physical reality is manifested by the unconscious and oversoul. But I think about us as individuals and how much we are self-creating. It’s hard to put into words, but there seems to be a sort of confliction between everyone working together and creating the end result that is physical reality, but also all of physical reality being self-created.

    1. Hi Sam,
      thank you very much for reading my books!

      1. It would be very easy for me to expound the typical New Age narrative and hide behind the notion that it is impossible to manipulate others through powerful intent. The reality is the that strong intent can indeed manipulate others. And this kind of manipulation happens all the time, in the same way that a strong personality might overpower a weaker one, or how you might hear a fiction character like Obi-Wan Kenobi say that the force has power over weaker minds.
      But what you must understand is that in manipulating others we must in a sense manipulate ourselves. In the simplest sense, if you strongly intend that someone falls in love with you, then you will fall in love with them as well. Perhaps sooner than them and in a desperate way, and obsessive way, which means that you are putting yourself in a box, a cage. And in that sense you are quite literally creating a prison for yourself that in the future you might regret. A cage that in the end an obsessive almost always regrets.
      Servitors can help you to find a partner, the perfect partner, but to do it right I would suggest that you create a servitor to bring you the perfect partner as opposed to creating a servitor to make that one individual person fall in love with you. I hope you get what I mean. Cages are, or can become anyway, true hell on earth.
      2. Well, I can only speak from my personal experience, but I have found that many obsessive people tend to be quite successful in many ways. Whether this obsession is healthy, whether it creates cages that eventually become a nightmare, well, that is another story. But generally speaking, a kind of obsessive quality of focus is the true mark of any successful person, but with that we must be really careful how we define a term, in this case obsession.
      In cases where such obsession never bears fruit or when it bears more horror than success let us say, when that is the case, it is often because of two major points.
      – The first is that just because the obsessive is highly focused, does not mean that the other person is not highly focused as well. It is the case that people have natural defences, and these defences can be quite strong if it is a healthy individual. While such a person might feel the intent of such an obsessive personality, perhaps in dreams or other such conscious and unconscious ways, it does not mean that a healthy personality will just turn over. In other words, that obsessive would need to have a very strong personality, a very strong intent. And often such obsessive personalities tend to have low energy (no matter how vigorous the obsession might seem) because of all of the obsession that they do which tends to require a great expenditure of energy.
      – The other point and one that is seldom covered I feel, is that just because someone is obsessing on something, it does not mean that they are having clear thoughts about what they want and that these thoughts are positive, even for them. For example, an obsessive might obsess on an individual, if they are crazy enough they might even SEEMINGLY begin to believe that they are somehow in a relationship with that other individual, at least outwardly, that is in a conscious way. But deep down, within the depths and the many cycles of such obsessive thoughts, there is always a fundamental or core belief that puts them in a position where they are unworthy of such love, either from the source of their obsession or anyone else. The emotions created by such obsession can only persist if the obsession cannot be realized somehow within their minds, meaning that there is most likely some kind of contradiction within them.
      3. This is a very good question, and in some ways it is at the root of that initial lie that I told you about, that belief that the intent of others, according to the New Age narrative, cannot affect people. We are constantly being assaulted by different intent, either as individuals or as a collective. As I said, a healthy individual has protection from this naturally to some degree, and they are always given a conscious choice at one point if they are willing to truly pay attention to themselves.
      But this is a difficult situation for some. The world is hard and demands a great deal of attention, and while focused on the worries of daily life and existence, sometimes it is not difficult to move like a fish in a school of fish, instead of as a person, as an individual with individual rights.
      In the most fundamental sense, you could say that each individual is creating their own reality, and what I see with my eyes or experience with any of my senses, is not quite the same thing as what you experience with yours. We are each an individual living in our own world. But at the same time we are indeed being affected by others, and we affect them in the same way that one particle affects another in a churning sea. You have probably read my book, overcoming the archon through alchemy. There I discussed the nature of this overwhelming intent and how to overcome it.

      If we dwell on this too much, this manipulation by the many particles all around you through the sheer force of tides of thought and intent, we can feel like we are trapped, in a cage. I say that being that paranoid is a healthy thing, as long as you are willing to take responsibility using that impetus,and this is a kind of obsession in a way if you think about it. But a healthy obsession, one where you see yourself as worthy, and therefore capable of not just living some limited dream but one individual where you attract only those other individuals and those other life situations that are truly worthy of what you are or could be. Then such an obsession can turn into a healthy thing. The world is complicated, and there are difficulties, especially if you follow the New Age narrative that the only emotions worth any kind of thought or scrutiny are positive ones. By facing negativity and negative obsession, we can create a healthier drive, something we might call positive obsession. That is why I focus on trying to tell people about the cage BUT also how to get past it, how to break the walls. And I also try to turn that negative obsession into healthy one, by truthfully pointing out that we are all individuals, and that we are all worthy, that we are all individual stars in the sky, worthy of the greatest and the best life, period.

      In the best way possible, and the true way, you can say that we are in a kind of school, a very hard school. We must fight with all manner of difficulty and gravity in order to finally understand that we create our own reality, and once having discovered this to whatever degree, we must then work even harder to truly begin to make a change in our lives, under the constant sway of so much external intent.
      You can use servitors, or any of the other techniques that I have written about, to find a worthy partner, someone that will make you feel more alive and free, instead of binding you down into a cage and make you feel unworthy. The trick to that is to create a servitor to help you find a partner, instead of focusing obsessively on one particular person. Make the servitor scatter its intent and use what it knows to be able to find someone good for you, whoever that might be, wherever that person might be, instead of obsessively focusing on one person which in the end really says, whether you are most likely willing to admit it consciously or not, that deep down you feel that you are unworthy of this other person.
      That is oftentimes the true nature of unhealthy obsession. And please do realize that obsession is a term, and like any term it must be well defined or else mistakes can be made.
      Anyway, I hope that helps.

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