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When the average person looks out into the world, it is most natural that they see everything as being a linear sequence, if by most natural you mean that which is the accepted rational view of the times.

But, there have been other ways to look at the world, other ways to perceive and to navigate within the depths of it.


It is so difficult to look back and understand other perspectives, other views, that it is now all too easy to assume that the only sane perceptive view possible is the modern (supposedly) rational view.

But there have been other ways to see the world, and indeed, it is the case that every general age, which can be separated even by a few decades, certainly centuries, sees the world in a slightly different way. What I mean by this is that, there is a different consistency to the world, a different feeling, depending on which point in space-time you consider the present. What I am trying to say is that each point in history has a different feeling, a different way of looking at it from those that are there experiencing that time, and that feeling varies greatly from time to time, from place to place. And the power of this difference, and the power of personal feelings, should never be underestimated because feelings can make us see some things very clearly, while at the same time also completely blind us to other things!

The intensity of time changes us, our point in space-time changes how we feel and therefore how we perceive things, and that change is referred to as a new cognitive position. A new cognitive position means a wholly different world!

Due to our current technological direction, the last few decades seem to be quite uniform. And the reason for this standardization has a lot to do with the pervasive and increasing influence of technology in our collective human world. The constant and ever increasing voice of the media, a world full of screens wherever you look, and from those screens repeated over and over again, an increasingly narrow view of reality.

But I think people would be greatly surprised, at how different the general perception of time was even four or five decades ago. In the 80s, and definitely in the 70s, life was different, it felt different, time and the general flow of things was different, far more different than some might suspect. Time and the conception of time, the feeling of how time flowed, had a slightly different quality that is very difficult to explain in nuance.

The reason for this difficulty in description, has to do with our inability to explain subjective realities very well using just words. And this is why we may sometimes say, you needed to have been there to know what I mean, to know what I am talking about. And even for those that lived through those decades, the great gravity of this earth, as I have mentioned in other videos, makes us forget far more than we realize. We easily forget. Especially those nuanced details of what it is at a deep feeling level to be in one point in space-time, and then to be in another. Even people that have lived through those times, now forget what it was really and fundamentally like to be there back then, we forget that slight alteration in cognitive position. It is sort of like trying to remember what a dream felt like, what that dream location was truly, fully like after we wake up.

We may remember for a while, the actual feeling of it, of being there, but soon we forget. And once we forget that feeling, it seems like we begin to forget so much more, like things seem to be fading somehow.

For the average person, as I have said, the world, time in general, and the movement of time and therefore our movement through space, tends to have a linear quality. Most people would even classify any inability to not see this most obvious linear quality to existence, of time, to be a kind of insanity. The assumption being, if you don’t see that time is obviously linear, with a past and a future, then you are insane!

From that point of view then, you could say that inner alchemists are insane, because for them time is not a linear event at all. For them, time does not stretch out into some unknown future, and past times are not left behind sort of like you are on some train moving forward, leaving a station behind to be forgotten to a great degree by the mind. Instead, for them time is a feeling, and from that point of view one could say that they have nurtured within themselves the ability to change their feelings about time, and in that way move across the length and breadth of it.

This gives the inner alchemist a far greater flexibility than the average person. A master alchemist can, not just remember a pastime, but live it, feel it completely, feel another time again and in that way go back in time, be fully at that time. And in doing so, in using their ability to not just remember but to move back to another feeling place, they can see, that the world is far different than what some might suppose. When you are truly able to go back and truly feel what it is to be there, then you realize that there has been a great deal of change even in the last few decades. The perception of things was different in the 70s. At that time there was a more expansive quality to time, there was a greater uncertainty to what reality was, and one place, one geographical location, was more isolated from other places.

All of this was a feeling, a feeling that is almost impossible to describe, in the same way that it is almost impossible to describe a half forgotten dream. But in fully realizing that feeling you might say, an inner alchemist can go back to something that is supposedly no more!

From this present time, the past, even that recent past, seems somehow unclear, vague, inferior. Since time for the average person is linear, the past is a memory soon forgotten, while the future hides within the shadows of probability, and as such, the past is to the back, inferior, while the future is new, exciting, better, shiny.

So, the mass of the world believes that we are moving forward only, and in that forward motion we are evolving, getting better, moving higher. But from the inner alchemist’s perspective this evolutionary movement forward, while it is happening to some degree in a sense, is an illusion.

What I mean by this is that even though humanity is becoming more complex in some ways, and therefore evolving in those particular certain ways, this growth is not happening at the speed that some people might think it is. It is easy for the average person to look back at medieval history for example, and feel that they have evolved so much from that time. And yet, if they could go back to that time and feel what it was like to be there, actually feel being there, they would see that even though time and space, the reason of the times, the phenomenology of the times, has changed dramatically in some ways from that time to this time, the idea that modern humanity is more evolved now is generally an illusion.

People think of themselves as moving higher and higher, evolving as the train of time carries them supposedly forward, but from the inner alchemist’s point of view people are not moving up and up, instead they are moving across. Instead of climbing some evolutionary ladder, demonstrated by the evolving technology of the times and the greater knowledge possible thanks to quote unquote the science, people are instead changing their configuration, their shape, and no real movement has happened at all. People are not moving up, that is an illusion to some extent. Instead, humanity is changing configuration, shape. This change makes it seem like things are changing, but in reality the only thing that really changes is how those people of one time or another time perceive the world, how they apprehend the world. Cognitive positions change, but the overall energetic configuration of people mostly stays the same.

Awareness changes, cognitive position changes, and those changes make for different feelings about existence, about reality, about what is possible. And those feelings are incredibly important, because it is feeling, that change in awareness, that is the only difference between that time and this one. Feeling therefore is awareness, or a better way to say this would be to say that a change in awareness changes the feeling of things, the way things are perceived, how they are apprehended to be. Feeling is so important that it not only changes how we perceive the world, but also what is possible for us in the world!

In the medieval period we had a certain feeling about the world, we had a certain awareness of the world, that was different than this modern one. At that time, that cognitive position made possible certain things, while it made other things impossible. Now, in this modern cognitive position certain new things are possible for us, while other things have become impossible. But that other supposed past kind of life was not, I repeat was not, less evolved or lesser than this modern life!  In this quote unquote modern time, our type of awareness, our cognitive position, has made it possible for us to access a range of possibilities that we might refer to as reason and rationality, and that very orderly reality has also allowed us to develop something we can call science and technology. To us this seems like a kind of evolution. But if we could go back to that time, really go back to it, which would mean a change in awareness, a change in cognitive position, then we would see (if we could maintain our sobriety) that that other medieval time was no better or no worse than this time.

A sober movement across time would reveal to us that there is balance in all things. While this present time might give us a cognitive configuration where longer physical lifespans and modern technologies are possible, that past cognitive position made available an intensity of existence and the social gregariousness that would make our modern lives pale and boring in comparison! There is equal exchange that must be adhered to being that humanity, as I have said, is not really becoming more, it is just changing configuration.

But what is the true nature of evolution then? What is the true nature of transmutation of the human species? Are we not evolving?

Yes, from the alchemical point of view humanity is evolving, in the sense that there is a movement towards a transmutation of essence, but that transmutation is a far slower process than some might suppose. There are also many obstacles that are not being effectively overcome by the majority of the population, having to do with a titanic force that I have referred to as the great Archon. This force has a vested interest in maintaining relative stasis on this earth, in order to guarantee that its greatest resource (humanity) is not able to successfully escape the prison that it has set up for us.

From the inner alchemist’s point of view, most of us are not evolving, at least were not evolving at the rate that we think we are, instead we are changing energetic shapes in accordance with slight alterations in our cognitive position. And these alterations in awareness are not brought about through a conscious human evolution, but through differing changes in the environment. In other words, we are not evolving consciously as a species, instead we are being moved by the world around us. And as long as we are not able to wake up to ourselves, and start consciously intending true evolutionary change, instead of just going along with the flow of the times, then our refinement will be slow, and the only things that will benefit will be those forces that are trapping us now within a very limited awareness bubble.

Perhaps after enough change, enough cognitive positional change that causes different shapes within us, we may eventually be able to break free of the cage as a species. But until we are able to understand the power of the cognitive position, and our ability to change shape, to change feeling, to change the way we see the world, to change our awareness in accordance to a slight energetic movement, we will always be stuck inside the cube created by the Archon.

While in this cube, we might imagine ourselves as evolving, but from the cognitive position of the person that can see, what we are really doing is just altering our cognitive position within a very limited range of possibilities. This limited range guarantees that we will continue a cycle of limited growth and expansion only to meet a great cataclysm, and then repeat that cycle over and over again. Such cycles from a certain perspective, from a certain cognitive position, will seem like we are going from a small population to a greater one over time, and as the population grows our abundance seems to grow, until a certain point is reached and the great cataclysm stops that seeming upward motion, and then the whole process is repeated once again. This planet has gone through many such cycles, and it will continue in such a circular fashion until humanity as a complete species wakes up to the true nature of its energetic reality.

We are now living through one particular cycle in what to us seems to be a forward motion into greater abundance and possibility. But this cycle will come to an end, and it is up to us to wake up to our true nature as individuals and as a species within the time frames that we are given!

If you would like to learn how to escape the cycle of creation and destruction, if you would like to know more about the Archon and how to escape it, and what true evolution really means, then I would recommend the books:

Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy, and The Magnum Opus, A step-by-step Course.


  1. Hello John, I hope the writing of your next book is going well.
    I cannot wait for your patreon project since I do face cognitive and belief-related problems that I cannot comfortably discuss in the comment section.

    I have a question regarding the Great Archon, within the hierarchy of this titanic force, where do the Ascended Masters lie? since they’re former humans who rose up to such seemingly powerful position outside the physical world, are there reptilian rulers with even more authority than these masters? cause from many sources it seems that the reptilian race is using mankind and the fact that they allow some humans to not just rule the earth as humans but also join them in their higher plane is quite interesting.
    I know things aren’t so black and white, but I’m just trying to understand if the primary enemies are humans or aliens, is this titanic force mostly alien or human?

    1. As you say, things are not black-and-white, and in trying to understand what we stand against, sometimes we may lose ourselves in our need to find some supposed truth that we think we cannot live without. And yet, I understand the nature of your questions because often times by knowing the full extent of all that is against us, we can gain the power needed to face our foes.
      From the point of view of inner alchemy, and this is from their point of view only, so I am not here trying to speak of others or their way, but from that point of view, the world is generally a predatory place. What this means unfortunately is that you cannot rely on either ascended masters or any other group or individual. The best that we can do is to learn to discover our own truth and play a strategic game. This quite literally means that we must strengthen our position in the here and now by first and foremost learning to see and work with energy. Once we can do that, we can then begin to let go of all of the dogma of the world, all of the things that the people of the world and whatever other creatures of the world say are so. This is why I always say that I want to stay away from dogma as much as possible, but only discussed technique. My hope is that you learn to see and then that way discover your own truth, a truth that may be different from my own. It is my hope that you become independent, even from me.
      Once we can perceive energy directly, we can ‘see’ that there is no sanctuary for us except whatever sanctuary we create for ourselves. From a certain cognitive position that is the general position of people of this time, one could say that there are indeed ascended masters and there are beings that one could consider to be reptilian like. There are also light beings and a host of other things that might fit those parameter within a great gestalt of reality that we must work with depending on our individual fate/intent.
      Simply, the Archonic force affects mostly humans, and it would not affect those beings you might call ascended masters or reptilians, and yet, to say that they do not function or could not function in a way that is as predatory as the Archon itself, or more so, would be wrong. Ascended masters want something, reptilians want something. In time it is up to you to decide whether you want to participate in any kind of transaction with those beings or if you feel comfortable going your own way.
      I am trying very hard to stay away from dogma and creating some kind of huge universe where certain forces are pitted against others and occupy certain hierarchical orders. I am avoiding this because in the end all that you really need is unrelenting focus on perfecting your own individual position within space and time, this is the strategic way.
      I hope this can answer some of your questions. If there is enough desire by many people to want to know about some of this ‘great gestalt of reality’ as I have called it, then I will see what I can do about giving the inner alchemist point of view on all this.

      1. John I’m making this comment again because I’m not really sure if I submitted it or not, while I’m at it I’ll add another question with it haha.

        Are you still considering making your patreon project a real thing?

        Another dogmatic question, If the Great Archon manipulates human progress then completely crushes it, am I to assume its hold on mankind while great is still not 100% complete? otherwise there would be no need for it to cause cataclysms in the first place? or is it simply a matter of balance for its energetic needs? I’m basically asking if mankind still have a fighting chance as a race or its already far too late for such thing.

        1. I agree with the notion that one should never say never. But from a more general point of view, if you are to include the whole of the human race, meaning everyone on the planet right now, then yes, there is very little possibility that the whole of humanity will ever escape this particular cycle. But this of course does not mean that there are many individuals that are escaping. Such individuals might escape certain levels of the trap and then be stuck in others, while there might be a select few that escape the human trap completely. There are more forces at work here than just the Archon, and the universe at large, All That Is, is always interested in giving every opportunity for growth in all directions. Our little corner of the cosmos is a very prosperous garden that provides for many different competing and yet symbiotic forces. It is so prosperous that there is even the possibility for some to leave the complete garden behind forever, and this is happening all the time. Some escape, most do not. And of those that escape even fewer still leave the garden forever behind. This is a difficult topic to explain simply, and I do my best in trying to explain it in the book, The Way of the Death Defier.

          1. I see, so The Great Archon is that powerful.

            Forgive me for asking yet again about the whole patreon thing, I know you never made a video or an article about it, but I did see you mentioning it in some comments, that’s what got me curious.

          2. Oops, forgot, sorry.
            I have been looking for ways to try to answer more questions but there are number of issues that I have that are difficult to overcome and personal. In the future I would like to try to create content only available for subscribers, and in that way answer questions and use language that is really difficult to use on YouTube and even on my personal website.
            But honestly there is a lot to consider at the moment, and my workload is also intense at this period in time. If I do come up with anything, I will let people know through the email contact list.
            Thanks very much for asking Jayce. As my material keeps evolving, I am always looking for new ways to improve. As you know, there are certain rules that I adhere to, one of the big ones being that I do not like to show my face or my voice for that matter. If I can figure out something in the future, as I said I will let you know. For now, I can let you know that I am currently working on a book that I am very excited about, from a new perspective that hopefully will make the way of inner alchemy more accessible. I am, not to get too melodramatic, a creature that is best in darkness. But I really do appreciate your concern my friend.

  2. Hi, first of all, sorry for my english, I´m from Spain and despite I´ve readed some of your spanish articles… I thought maybe in english you could feel more comfortable.
    I don´t have much to say about this article, in general, I don´t have much to say with all the information you share here, in YT or your books.
    I can´t even say that I agree beacuse all this is new for me, and I´m still opening my eyes, integrating all this information, and there are so many things that I need to experience by myself, but when I read you there´s something inside of me that resonates… I don´t what it is, but I can say that I´ve never experienced that feeling with all the supposed truths that I´ve been told until now.
    So I just wanted to thank you… I´m 20, and I feel kinda lucky to through people like you have the opportunity to realize, to take conciousness and stop living in that linear way (apart from other many things), and I even feel more lucky beacuse I think that I´m still being almost at the begining of the path (according to life expectancy stadistics).
    Again, thank you.

    The other reason to write you is that I currently start reading “Overcoming the Archon throught alchemy” and I have a question…
    About the memes. There´s a pharagraph that literally says:
    “The great desire to try and change another person belief structure is just a symptom of viral infection”.
    And I would say that I totally agree, but … while I read the book or find some other content about all this, I also have a feeling of wanting to share it with at least with some of my beloved ones…
    Does it mean, that I´m kinda infected..?.

    1. Thank you Ana for your kind words, I think that your English is wonderful.
      The thing about all of us is that we are far more complicated, far more nuanced, far more magical, then the average meme(s) of the times tell us.
      Part of that complexity means that there are aspects of us that are in touch with our own individual truth, which is the energetic truth from the inner alchemist perspective. And yet part of that complexity means that there are aspects of us that are entangled within the everyday world, the rational, objective, and physical world. We are creatures that have a foothold in many dimensions, in many locations across the length and breadth of reality. This means that we are not just physical like some people might advocate, and we are not just spiritual like some other people might advocate, but that in fact we are a multidimensional beings that has access to a rich and varied potential of perception and awareness.
      In the simplest of terms this means that a part of you is aware of what is going on, that ‘infection’ that I tried to describe in the book you mention. And there are other parts of us that want desperately to participate in that world, and fight for not just what we believe in but fight to make others believe what we believe in.
      As you begin to see yourself as this more complicated being, you can begin to understand that a part of you is quite literally compelled to hold certain belief structures and to battle against others with differing structures. And that there are other parts of you that understand the nefarious nature of this incessant battle and want to go beyond it. Understanding more of your parts, you can then decide in a conscious way what you believe and why, and why you wish to share or not with another. If through your own individual consciousness, having plumbed the deaths of yourself to some degree, feel that the belief that you hold now is an empowering one, then you can offer it to another if they ask the reason for your empowerment.
      It is hard to begin to move consciously that way, to try to control aspects of yourself that at one time were unconscious. And as you consciously strive forward in that fashion, defending nothing but at the same time living your own individual truth without regret or fear, you will then note that you can begin to express your knowing instead of your beliefs. When you do this in such a fashion, you do it without ever expecting others to turn to your side, to get on your bandwagon, and instead you just present aspects of yourself to those that are interested. If they wish to explore those beliefs, then they can. Freedom means being free to be yourself, and allowing others to be free as well to ask or not ask, to believe or not believe, to be or not to be as they choose in accordance to their individual place in space and time.
      Sorry, I hope that is not too complicated but I do believe that you will be able to understand it.

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