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In our relentless pursuit to grasp our surroundings, we often depend on our rational self to provide explanations and make sense of everything. But as we delve deeper into this quest, we come face-to-face with a peculiar glitch in our minds that leaves us questioning the very essence of reality. This bizarre anomaly, this inherent absurdity, is what makes us ponder if there’s more to life than meets the eye.

At first glance, rationality may appear as the ultimate tool for understanding the world around us. It allows us to express our thoughts coherently and form conclusions based on evidence. Yet, it also acts as a barrier that hinders us from truly appreciating the whimsical and nonsensical aspects of reality. The more we scrutinize this glitch, the clearer it becomes that there’s always a reason to question everything.

Paranoia, in this context, could be seen as an essential mindset for those who yearn to uncover the true nature of reality. If we are paranoid enough to examine every aspect of our existence and defy societal norms, maybe then – and only then – will we begin to untangle the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of the world around us.

As we navigate these complex concepts and embrace our personal madness, we gain invaluable insights into the true nature of reality. This first step towards enlightenment is crucial in helping us break free from the unfortunate and ultimately lethal Catch-22 loop that has been holding us back from realizing our full potential. In this journey, we will delve into how embracing personal madness can lead to a deeper understanding of reality and help us escape the chains of the Catch-22 loop that has long dictated our perception of the world.


Exploring Reality’s Twists and Turns – Unravelling The ‘Glitch in the Matrix’

Our reliance on rationality helps us make sense of the world, but it can also limit our understanding of reality’s true nature. We often depend on established frameworks and preconceived notions, something I have termed ‘Dogmatic Thinking’, to interpret new information, creating blind spots that keep us from acknowledging the ‘glitch in our minds.’

The limitations of dogma and the average thinking of the world become apparent when we encounter seemingly contradictory or puzzling situations in life. These “glitches” force us to question our understanding of reality, leading to an existential crisis that challenges who we are and how we perceive the world. The paradoxical nature of human existence – caught between average rationality and supposed madness – highlights the importance of embracing both perspectives for a more comprehensive grasp of reality.

To embrace personal madness means acknowledging that life doesn’t always make sense, and it is okay to question everything around us. By doing so, we can develop a healthier skepticism and questioning mindset that allows us to explore new perspectives and challenge societal norms. This mindset empowers us to see the world through different lenses and ultimately leads to a deeper understanding of the ‘glitch in the matrix’ – an essential step in gaining insights into reality itself.

Understanding this glitch can help us comprehend how it shapes our perception of reality, enabling us to break free from the Catch-22 loop that has held us captive for so long. As we navigate this complex terrain, we must remain open-minded and willing to challenge our preconceived notions about the world around us; we must strive to go beyond average rationality. In doing so, we may discover a more authentic and enlightened existence that transcends the limitations of our zombie life.


The Catch-22 Loop – A Contradictory Trap in Our Perception of Reality

The term “Catch-22” comes from Joseph Heller’s novel, where a character faces two unfavorable options with no escape. In the context of our sense of reality, the Catch-22 loop arises when we confront the ‘glitch in our minds’ and must choose between embracing what the zombie world calls personal madness, or adhering to societal norms that restrict our understanding and freedom.

One example of this paradoxical trap can be seen in the case of whistleblowers who expose corruption within their organizations. They are often faced with a Catch-22 situation – if they follow established procedures, they may not be taken seriously, but if they break rules to expose the truth, they risk losing their jobs or facing legal consequences.

The Catch-22 loop is a dangerous trap that hinders our growth and limits our potential as individuals. It creates a paradoxical situation where questioning reality can lead to further confusion, while blindly accepting established norms prevents us from gaining deeper insights into the true nature of existence. The loop reinforces itself, making it difficult for those trapped within it to break free and escape the confines of their limited awareness.

Breaking free from the Catch-22 loop requires self-awareness and a willingness to question everything around us. It involves recognizing the paradoxical nature of our existence and embracing personal madness as a steppingstone towards a more comprehensive understanding of reality. By doing so, we can transcend the limitations of our rational minds and gain insights that were previously hidden from view.

The potential dangers of being stuck in the Catch-22 loop cannot be overstated. It can lead to a stagnant existence devoid of growth and creativity, as well as hinder our ability to connect with others who have also broken free from this pervasive mental trap. Ultimately, breaking free from the loop is essential for personal development and truly contributing positively to society at large.


Unlocking the Hidden Potential Within – A Journey Towards Expanded Consciousness

The human mind is a vast and intricate landscape, filled with unexplored territories that hold the key to our untapped potential. Escaping the Catch-22 loop and embracing personal lunacy is the first step towards unlocking these hidden depths and expanding our consciousness. By doing so, we open up new worlds of possibility in our minds and unleash a torrent of creative energy that can transform our lives and the world around us.

One real-world example of this transformation can be seen in the lives of individuals who have embraced alternative spiritual practices, such as meditation, the art of the projectionist, or servitor creation. These practices enable them to expand their consciousness by tapping into their inner reality and gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. As a result, they experience increased creativity, better mental health, and improved relationships with others.

The benefits of expanding our consciousness extend far beyond personal development. When we open up new worlds of possibility in our minds, we also contribute to the collective evolution of humanity by promoting innovation, creativity, and empathy. By challenging established norms and embracing unconventional perspectives, we pave the way for a more enlightened society that values critical thinking, our INNER REALITY, personal growth, and connection with others.

To embark on this journey towards expanded consciousness, we must first break free from the Catch-22 loop by being a little paranoid and every established idea that we have inherited from the average human world. This involves developing a mindset of curiosity and openness, which allows us to explore new personal ideas, perspectives, and ways of being in the world. By doing so, we can unlock the hidden potential within and create a life that is richer, more fulfilling, and more meaningful than ever before.

So, unlocking the hidden potential within is a crucial step in our personal and collective evolution. By expanding our consciousness, developing a questioning mindset, and exploring new perspectives, we can break free from the mental trap that has long held us captive and embark on a journey towards expanded awareness and unlimited possibilities.”


Embracing (our supposed) Personal Lunacy – The Path to Freedom, Expanded Awareness, and Deepened Self-Discovery

Throughout this exploration of the glitch in the matrix that we all feel to one degree or another, we have briefly looked into the intricate landscape of human perception and the challenges it presents for understanding the world around us. We have examined how breaking free from the confines of societal norms can lead to a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and ultimately, freedom.

One powerful real-world example of this journey is the story of individuals who have found liberation through the practice of inner alchemy and the way of the projectionist (astral travel). By embracing personal lunacy and questioning their supposed real world perceptions, these individuals have unlocked hidden potential within themselves, leading to a profound expansion of self-awareness. As they have developed a more expansive understanding of reality, they have gained ease and contentment in their lives, transcending the mental traps that once held them captive.

This journey towards enlightenment is not without its challenges, but it offers a roadmap for personal growth and self-discovery that leads to a greater sense of freedom and expanded awareness. In embracing personal lunacy and delving into uncharted territories, we can transcend societal norms and gain profound insights that enrich our inner world. This journey allows us to connect with kindred spirits who have also ventured beyond the familiar, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose in our quest for self-discovery and enlightenment.

As we continue on this journey, it is essential to remain open-minded and receptive to new perspectives. In embracing an expanded awareness of reality, we must come to terms with the fact that the world just doesn’t make sense, and so, we must embrace this and question everything! We cannot turn away; we must face this tide. It is through this acceptance that we can transcend the limits of our rational minds and gain insights into a reality that was previously hidden from view.


  1. Trimorphos

    Hi John,

    In my situation, Catch-22 feels like a day job in my third world country, a job you want to leave but cannot do so for you need the money to support yourself and your family.

    Anyway, in my journey to embracing my personal lunacy, I got your book “The Art of Transmutation”. I’m in the part where Jason is learning how to pray and I feel like I hit a road block, I find myself not able to continue coz it feels like I missed a lot, it feels like Janos progressed a lot compared to me and I can’t get myself to continue without grasping the previous lessons. Aside from that I’m confused, is the sleeping giant equal to the god self in other discipline? Or is the god self equal to the secret king?.. how do you distinguish the sleeping giant from the secret king?.

    Also what is your view about sol niger/ the black sun. In one of my meditations, I saw an orb as I imagined my higher self but instead of light, it is dark/black and my inner knowing recognized it as the black sun.

    Thank you for your time.

    To freedom.

    1. Thank you for getting my book, Trimorphos.
      I am glad that you are trying hard even in difficult conditions. I know how hard that can be sometimes, trying to focus on something while the rest of the world is just hammering at you.
      I really feel that you should not get discouraged, thinking that you are not making progress. Remember that Janos has a dedicated teacher, and he is in a position where he must overcome or die. Quite literally the shadowed man has put him in such a position and there is no escape for him. Under such circumstances, his progress cannot be yours. You must face your own challenges and part of that challenge, is the fact that you do not have a teacher, in-your-face, putting you in one crazy situation after another.
      The last thing that I want to do is to try to get you to buy even more of my books, but honestly a great deal of what you are asking about, and a detailed response to each one of those questions, can be found in the Magnum Opus Ttrilogy. This trilogy is made up of: The Magnum Opus, The Way of the Projectionist, and The Way of the Death Defier. In them you will find all the answers that you brought up here, including my stance on the Black Sun, which by the way plays in incredibly important role in the kind of inner alchemy that I follow. I dare say that it is all important in some ways, and I think you will know exactly what I mean if you read the book, The Way of the Death Defier.
      But let me try to answer some of your questions here. The sleeping giant and the Secret King are the same thing. I try to use different terms in my writings because I hate the binding force that each term applies; elucidating on certain things but also blocking out other things that are just as important and are also part of a certain idea configuration let us say. I always use multiple terms and try to use all sorts of different metaphors in trying to describe certain idea configurations, so that a more dynamic and well-rounded understanding can hopefully be achieved.
      Anyway, all of these terms apply to something that I think is best termed the unconscious self. This is the great Genie within us, and part of the process and the struggles of an inner alchemist, is trying to make direct contact with that hidden inner force. To begin to make contact with that giant within, I recommend following the techniques of inner alchemy, and these techniques can be referred to as The Rooms of the Projectionist, which again I describe in detail in the book, The Way of the Projectionist.
      As you can see, there is a lot that is not being said in some of the interactions that have occurred between Janos and the shadowed man. In the future it is my hope to be able to elucidate further on this in future books. But for now remember, Janos has a teacher that has advised him in ways that are, at least as of the first book in the series, beyond his ‘conscious’ understanding. I hope you get what I mean.
      For those of us who do not have a teacher, we must do our own investigating, and our own individual doing by ourselves. As such, we look for certain keys; tomes of secret knowledge that we can use for ourselves, that we can apply in our own lives as individuals.
      The Magnum Opus trilogy holds within it numerous keys and provides a breakdown of the way of inner alchemy.
      In the book, The Art of transmutation, Janos uses his inner temple to begin to make contact with that Secret King. Use the information that Janos provides on how he begins to enter that inner world;you can start that journey yourself with just that information. If you do that, you will need nothing else. In time you will begin to see the borders of your mind, and you will also begin to see ways to go further.
      Sorry, I hope that my long-winded response has not put you to sleep.

      1. Trimorphos

        Thank you for your response John. In a sense I got a feeling that the Sleeping Giant and the Secret King are one (like the feeling that Janos and the shadowed man are….I don’t know) but my dogma riddled mind kind of want to seek validation from outside sources to be completely convinced – one of the many things I know I have to change.
        I will definitely strive to get your other books. I have no prior knowledge of the Black Sun until the vision in my meditation and now I’m intrigued. Thank you for your input on that, especially that not all information in the internet are trust worthy.
        If you may accommodate another question, how do you deal with excess energy or feeling of being overcharged from meditations, energy work? I don’t know the proper term to use for this but in my experience when I do consecutive days of meditation I will feel excess of energy to a point that I have to stop my meditation routine for a few days, otherwise, I will feel easily irritated and at times my irritation/aggression would feel like it’s manifesting bad luck or negative events. I don’t know if that makes sense. One way I do to balance the energy is to release it through sexual activity, staying up late at night and other things that put myself to exhaustion.
        I will continue on this path no matter the odds, it is either this or a life of mediocre robotic existence always at the mercy of things outside my control.

        Thanks again John.

        I am seeking freedom and I found your work.

        To freedom.

        1. Yes, definitely Energy Work. The first book in the series that I mentioned is called The Magnum Opus and in that book you could say that it is all about Energy Work. When you get that kind of energy buildup, the thing to do is to move energy around your major meridian, as described in the book, and then learn to store it properly at the centre of the body, which again is described in detail in the book mentioned.
          I think you describe it well by saying it is a kind of sense of irritation/aggression; hot energy must be sublimated therefore been used properly in order to take advantage of it. The trick going forward then is not waste it or release it as you say, but instead to refocus that energy into more, dare I say it, constructive ends. And that I suppose depending on what you term constructive.
          We are energy, how we manage it defines who we are.

          1. Trimorphos

            Thanks again for your response John. I appreciate the time and insights you shared. I will be embedding in my habits all I can learn from your book The Art of Transmutation and move on to your other works. For now I will be using my energy buildup in my “praying”. It is my hope that the energy will help me connect or even get a glimpse of the Secret King.

            Through your work, you’re somehow like the shadowed man to clueless people like me.

            Thank you again. 😊

  2. Joseph Curwen

    One thing that I have found greatly helps me in terms of being able to progress during day-to-day activities is to bring the same kind of awareness to the waking world as in a lucid dream you’re trying to wake up from. After a certain point, I found that it became quite easy to maintain this awareness without interfering with whatever I’m doing. Obviously, what works for people is highly specific to the individual, but I think this might help some people.

    1. Trimorphos

      I also see the importance of integrating these experiences in our daily life. I’m not much of a lucid dreamer but what I do is using my inner feeling sense in my day to day dealings. It made me more focused and at times I feel like I can sense the intention of others although I have no way of confirming the validity/accuracy of the impressions I sensed.
      Goodluck on the journey brother. It feels nice to interact with others in this path.

  3. Hi John,

    Thank you for your books – your technique of drawing energy has helped me tremendously.
    However as an Empath I face the problem, that I tense up when I’m outside of my home and social.
    I even tend to tense up with family and friends (there are looming thoughts that individuals think badly of me) sometimes.
    I can also feel the negative feelings of others and their moods but as I said above, thanks to your techniques in your books, I can deal with them better.
    Could you give me some advice on these problems in social situations.
    Other than that I feel pretty good and healthy and I love having family and friends around me – though I need plenty of alone time to charge up my energy (Astrologicaly I have Saturn in the 12th house in opposition to the moon).

    1. Thanks Keanu,
      I know exactly what you mean about tensing up in social situations, as I did not have the same problem.
      Such issues can be complex and ultimately they have to do with our beliefs, because it is these that control our attention and therefore the flow of the energy that flows through us. One of the best ways to deal with such issues is to deal with such beliefs, but ultimately, what it really comes down to is learning to relax consciously, which I admit is quite a difficult task.
      There are cheats and workarounds though, and a good one that I would recommend is something I discuss in this article. By learning to control the focus of your attention, you can make it easier for yourself during those early crippling moments. Give this a try and see how works for you.

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