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The world is weird.

Even those that follow the modern religion of rational skepticism will admit to themselves, on those lonely nights when they cannot sleep and are forced to think about the nature of existence, that the world is weird.

The alignment of recent events appears almost preordained. Observe the seemingly intricate and clandestine patterns that have emerged, as if each element were precisely arranged to achieve a specific outcome. The pieces of this grand chessboard are meticulously positioned, orchestrating a result that is both predictable and morbidly captivating.

This contemporary era, marked by distinctive terminology and theological perspectives, has embraced materialism as its dominant belief. It now favors the new term simulation, the matrix. And as we look at how the world runs and things turn in almost perfect sequence, it is easy to imagine, on those dark and lonely nights when there is nothing else to do except question the self and existence, that perhaps we do indeed live in some kind of simulated world, an orchestrated one.

From the point of view of the average person in the world, what I am about to say will seem preposterous, but from the point of view of those that can see, those that can truly see beyond the three dimensional material cage, my revelations are quite simply, logical.

I will begin by stating that there are covert organizations, composed of highly advanced and meticulously organized beings, who dedicate themselves to the pursuit of what appears, to the typical rational individual, to be irrational goals. These clandestine groups, known as cabals or houses, have existed since antiquity and have concurrently evolved alongside the perceived mundane and common human world.

Although these clandestine societies are not large in terms of membership, their influence is immense. While the core members of such organizations are a small group, they have amassed significant power through their auxiliary members and hierarchical structures that adhere to their teachings. Consequently, one could categorize the larger organizations created by these small but highly powerful societies as a form of Parallel Civilization that follows the dictates and the advice of these secret orders, cabals, or houses.

To be clear, there is an occult and secret community, made up of a select few, that through their power, which I refer to as a kind of mind science, run the world. These societies, along with those that follow their dictates and advice, which is a large parallel civilization made up of the super wealthy and the leaders of the Earth, wield almost total influence over what is now referred to as the great simulation.

I feel that it is now easier than ever before to see this parallel civilization, by the average person. The web, and the great interconnection that we all have through cyberspace, can now enable those that are willing to look, to see the great tide of controlled change in real time.

At every present moment point you will see an endless stream of what could be described as narrative control. The populace of the world, is constantly being pushed, you are being pushed now, to follow a certain narrative, to believe certain things and to not believe others.

For the rational skeptic who follows the science, by which I mean the accepted truth of the times in accordance to whatever authority figure rules the land, the world makes complete sense from that highly materialistic and controlled perspective.

This kind of narrative push, which is quite simply a kind of psychic control, has existed and has gone on since recorded history. And interestingly, the general scope of it is quite easily explained rationally and therefore ignored, by the secular skepticism, of the modern age; it all makes sense to the average person, the now common and highly skeptical modern individual, and all of it, all of the narrative push and evidence pointing to this elite organization and control is easily explained as just game theory, statistics, politics, and how the world works.

Today, more than ever before, the average person has the possibility of seeing this parallel civilization. The internet and our interconnectedness through cyberspace provides a window into real-time, controlled change. At every moment, you are being influenced by narrative control, subtly urging you to accept certain beliefs and disregard others. For the rational observer who adheres to what they may feel are scientific principles, the science, the world functions predictably within this highly controlled materialistic framework.

This form of narrative push, which is at its core psychic control, has existed throughout history and is, as I have said, easily rationalized by the secular skepticism of our modern age.

Perhaps the best way to begin, is to define what I refer to as rational skepticism. But let me make this point clear right from the start, this article is not about the modern theology of the times, but wholly and completely about secret orders, secret groups that now control the entire planet to one degree or another.

There is an entire reality, a kind of hidden civilization if you will, beyond average thought. And it hides itself in plain sight, using technologies, a kind of mind science, beyond average credible belief.

This hidden or fringe civilization, which to be more precise is made up of a number of different factions or secret orders, cabal -like organizations, is responsible for those tides of change that are now more easily identifiable in this age of mass media and global connectivity.

In order to understand how these hidden orders can exist in plain sight, and how it is that they control society, it is best to understand the term rational skepticism.

So, defining this crucial term, rational skepticism, is an appropriate starting point. However, other terms such as “secular skepticism,” “being realistic,” or “common sense” could also be used to convey the same concept. These words help to establish and define what the typical individual perceives as reality during a specific historical era. Rationality therefore is the pooling of accepted facts that shape what is considered normal and common sense for that particular moment in time. And rational skepticism is the act, the devotional act of zealously believing only the accepted facts of the time, while completely denying and sometimes even vilifying any other possible belief.

Can you see how this is a kind of religion? The average human population that is controlled by this parallel civilization, that is in turn controlled by the secret orders I have mentioned, is conditioned to become a religious zealot at any and every age. This guarantees that the average person will never even contemplate the indoctrinated narrative of the times, and will moreover, squash any dissenting voices crazy enough, to even contemplate something beyond the rationality, the new theology, of the times.

In that sense then, you could say that the average world, the large mass of humanity living at any one particular time, always strives to maintain a status quo with a kind of religious fervor. This common sanity, is sort of like the parameters by which everyone strives to come together and comply with a certain general reality tunnel of existence. The greater the ability of any one group to comply and to wholly believe in the truth of this status quo, the easier it is for that particular society to work together towards particular goals. In that sense then, this kind of coming together of minds can be quite a positive thing, but it also has its very negative aspects.

This status quo, this common beliefs framework, is as I have said the coming together of accepted and sanctioned truths. In its simplest sense it is the ability of everyone to believe the same thing as much as possible. If everyone can believe together, if everyone can agree on the facts, then the ability to maintain a cohesive and orderly society becomes consequential, natural. To control a population then, you must control its beliefs. And in that sense then you could say that rationality, rational skepticism, is not a new thing. Every age has its own version of rationality and common sense. The name for that kind of rationality might be slightly different in other times or in other places. Patriotism and religious faith are well known terms, and I will repeat, these are not bad things. When it becomes bad is when such belief structures are subtly changed to suit certain negative agendas.

Whatever the case, and by whatever name you want to call it, there is a status quo in the world. This status quo says that certain beliefs are true while others are not. For that reason, a great deal of power and effort is made by those that are part of the parallel civilization, to control the nature of that belief reality tunnel, and to turn that tunnel not only into a status quo, but really into the theology, the religion, of the times. And as you may have noticed, regardless of size, societies generally possess an institutional framework designed to regulate and shape the collective experience. These are in that sense the holders of the rationality of the era, the keepers of the theology of the times. These individuals are appointed, nurtured into existence by the secret orders that I am now describing.

This is very important in understanding the secret power that runs this world, because such hidden cabals understand and use the nature of such secular skepticism, to hide in the midst of the common person.

How is this modern version of rationality or common sense being used in the modern age?

Well, generally speaking, people are becoming more and more materially focused. What this means is that they have or are in the process of losing their ability to see the gods and all of the magical creatures all around them. Cyberspace is taking over for dreams, imagination, and the ability to just let go and believe in a reality beyond the physical and the three dimensional. Whether you are a person living a 9-to-5 life in a thriving metropolis or whether you are a person staking out a life in a natural and isolated corner of the world, the smart phone, a million satellites in space, and the World Wide Web, are uniting us all in a common reality.

The world wide web is a good thing. One of the good things is that it allows us to see a broader perspective if we use it properly. And if we are willing to look, we can use it to see how the narrative of the world is shaped through the push of beliefs, endless and repetitive dictates, commandments, as to what is truth, and what is falsehood.

Understanding the nature of the narrative push, as site after site on your smart phone doles out the same insistent message, as certain key phrases and key concepts are repeated over and over again across news and by whatever trusted authority figure, you can begin to see, if you look, the push to control the narrative of the world. Understanding this, you begin to understand the nature of control.

But what is physically perceivable on the internet for example is just the outer surface; this is quite literally the tip of the iceberg that hides within the depths of dark waters a kind of mind science that is quite literally impossible to contemplate by those that are completely bound within the rationality of the times. And this clouding, this binding of people to only accept the meager measure of their physical senses in just a certain controlled way, is done with purpose. It is all designed to blind the average person so that they cannot see the deeper truth.

Whether it is the person living the 9-to-5 life or the person in the outskirts of what some might refer to as the civilized world, the ability to see around the three dimensional materialistic bend is becoming harder, for most I would say it is now almost impossible.

But there are others in the world that are different, and some of those others have become the true rulers of the world. Either through what some might refer to as fate, or through quite deliberate selection, there are elite groups out there that have never believed in the rationality of any time. Those groups, those secret orders, are far more organized than those that even might suspect their existence would believe. And the span of the existence of these orders means that they have dedicated immense lengths of time to exploring alternate ways of looking at and manipulating reality, and this is a true discipline, a power, which on occasion I have termed mind science.

Across the span of eons these secret orders have dedicated themselves to look for cracks in the reality wall that cages the rest of humanity. And once these walls are found, a great deal of focus and effort is made to expand those cracks in order to access technologies, entities, and worlds beyond description.

As I have said, those that are part, that are true members, of these secret societies is few, a highly organized few. And yet their numbers is larger than most would suspect. There are a number of such elite societies or houses, not just one. And there are, generally, two distinct ways of looking at and understanding the power that they seek.

-Some houses believe in power through freedom, through focus on the intangible, and these houses are not interested in material power or in controlling humanity. This is one branch you might say.

-But there are other houses that interest themselves in power through complete control of the material world, and it is these secret houses that have created a vast parallel civilization made up of the elite and the extremely wealthy. It is these houses that are interested in material power, and that now rule the Earth by ruling over and advising the parallel civilization that they have helped to establish.

The average human world is aware of the penchant of great leaders to rely on what the secular skeptics of the world refer to as pseudo psychics and charlatans. Whether it is Reagan or Bonaparte, the mundane world explains these eccentricities as fringe weirdness that the elites sometimes seem to fall prey to. And it is easy to explain from the rational perspective, and it is there plain to see in all of our sanctioned history books, that the reliance on weird psychics and oracles by some elite leaders is just a kind of eccentricity that seems to befall a few of the upper-class.

But hidden beneath the charlatans, the weird oracles, and the seemingly ludicrous rituals that the powerful of the world seem to so delight in taking part in, there exists a hidden science that is no joke, no eccentricity, but is instead calculated power. The keepers of this hidden science are the secret orders, the secret cabal’s, that the secular skeptic and mundane human world will never see. You can think of these secret orders like a kind of hidden priesthood, dedicated to the pursuit of power by other than common rational human means. And their influence can be felt in all major happenings, being that this priesthood will most often advise and on occasion even help to direct, certain key events and social movements. Their numbers are few but there organizations are highly complex, and their form of communication and structure is deliberately designed to be beyond rational linear pattern.

Of these varied hidden secret orders or houses, I will mention three general branches that exist within them that tend to be the most common and can be better understood by the average world.

The first branch is by far, in my opinion at least, the most important. This is the branch of what I would refer to as the seers. These are beings that either as individuals or sometimes working in tandem, task themselves with perceiving far beyond the physical three dimensional world. Their sole task is to not only identify the cracks in the world as it were, but also see into these cracks, sometimes even step deeply into them and then report and organize, in a myriad of different ways, all that they can see beyond the collective matrix, the cage, of humanity.

These seers are the true advisors, to the true elite, that run the world. Their power comes from their ability to see the great energetic tides that assault this planet, and to then advise the leaders of the earth on how best to use such energy currents to truly change the human world in the only way possible, which is to change the collective human perceptive point, their cognition, and in essence their entire belief structure.

Another identifiable branch within these secret orders are what could be referred to as channelers. This branch is not responsible for objective and detached seeing, but for moving into those cracks in reality and making direct contact with forces and entities of sometimes incredible power that exist beyond the mundane human reality. And using such contact, they can then instruct on the development of new technologies if you will, and give dynamic energy to social movements that at times have the potential to change vast stretches of the world.

Finally and for simplicity sake, there are also branches within those secret societies that focus on the mastery of energy manipulation. Such branches focus on controlling the nature and the direction of those unseen forces and powers that assault this world in order to bring about change in accordance to the varied will of these clandestine organizations.

There are orders within orders, and factions within those orders. The complexity and the schemes are, as I have said beyond rationality.

The crazy over-the-top psychics and the sometimes gaudy or silly rituals that are reported on, are most often bad attempts at copying powers and techniques that are far beyond the wanabees and the fashionable nouveau riche of the times. This is just outer theater. The true craft is performed in secrecy, and the power of such true practitioners can at times be staggering.

The world is indeed controlled by an elite few. But the nature of that control, and the true organizational structure of the world will never be known by the average person until they are able to let go of the theology, the religion, the rational skepticism, of the times.

If you would like to delve a little deeper into the true nature of societal change and control, and how to overcome this control, I recommend the book, Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy.


  1. Joseph Curwen

    This is a great post. A few comments/questions –

    It seems to me that there must be limits to the power of the cabals, since they use indirect methods of control instead of ruling openly.

    I guess the Illuminati would be one of the cabals, that is sometimes wrongly thought to control them all?

    Related to the above, something like the “New World Order” so popular with conspiracy theorists would seem to be impossible at least because of factionalism and lack of unity among the cabals? And if they were ever to establish such a system, it would probably quickly be destroyed by infighting?

    When you refer to these secret orders as controlling the world, you mean on the scale of millennia? Surely, on a grand scale, nothing can compare to the “Great Year” of the Yuga cycles in terms of influencing the overall direction of humanity?

    1. 1. Yes and no to the first question. If you think of it like a priesthood then you get a better idea of their OUTward kind of influence (the priests of the priests). I would say that it would also be better to think of it this way:
      People believe that they evolve, and they have technology in this age as proof (look at all our gadgets), which they think is like some kind of great Savior (the new Christ). Certainly we are better than some person in medieval Europe who was controlled by the clergy…I mean we have smartphones for “christ sakes!”…
      But the reality is that technology is just the latest fashion and we have in that sense not evolved much since medieval Europe at all. The only difference is that the priests of the priests are no longer entrenched in the church. Their new places are more varied now, they too have evolved to fit into the new fad theology of the times.

      2. Names are problematic. They are terms and boundaries created by regular people to give shape to far more complex things. There is the very very few, and then there are those that must follow; their energetic level demands it. And within those elite orders, to call them all Illuminati or to break them up into a a dozen names is in the end inconsequential. But yes, there are different waves or currents, in the same way that there are different currents in a sea (sorry don’t want to sound like some silly inscrutable type, its all hard to explain for me. Think energy as opposed to things) but the sea is one thing and the land is another. In this case (as opposed to our planet) the sea is really small and the land (the heavy land) is everywhere. The sea is worshipped and changes the land because it controls the skies.

      3. Time again is an illusion in greater terms, so millennia or years is really a matter of intensities. A few years can change a lot (one wave that may be worked on) and a millennia can change little seemingly, but it can cause actual evolutionary change of a physical kind that is much easier to see from the average person’s point of view. Sorry I don’t want to seem crude, but I try to find the best metaphors you can understand. A race of dogs can be turned from giant hounds to chihuahuas in long term ( or vice versa) and in short terms all can change quickly (think world world). Its all intensity waves, not physical time. So simply, physical time does not matter, only intensity. And different intensities can be responsible for different kinds of transmutation.
      I hope you get what I mean.
      And the Yuga in that sense is a wave; one long intensity wave creating a certain kind of motion that may have many other small motions within it.

  2. So as a muslim
    There is concept we have that in islam about non organic life form
    And there is a class of life form non organic
    Made of energy that’s hostile to humans
    We say it made from smokeless flame
    And there is the idea that they interact with powerful people these energetic being for mutual benefit
    In Marcus aurelius book meditation there is this mention of interaction with life forms not human
    So when you talked about these group of people I was not surprised at all
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom
    I consider myself your student

  3. Dear John,

    Your recent post was truly insightful! I also had the chance to view the video on YouTube. I wanted to inquire about the necessity of a company on a spiritual or occult journey. Is there indeed a need for such companionship, and if so, what purpose does it serve? In my cultural circles, the concept of Purification is often discussed, highlighting the importance of a companion in this process. It is believed that a teacher imparts their knowledge and wisdom to the student, enabling them to continually gain new insights, much like refreshing the water in a pool. While I have delved into your written works, I have not come across any mention of this aspect. Your emphasis on solitude and being a lone wolf contrasts with the idea of a spiritual companion. Could you please elaborate on this for me?

    Looking forward to your guidance and insights.

    Warm regards, Ali

    1. This is a great question. It is something that is of deep importance to anyone following this path because finding the right teacher or companion can be very difficult.
      I actually do go into this in what I hope is enough detail in my trilogy of books: The Magnum Opus, The Way of the Projectionist, and The Way of the Death Defier.
      I mentioned there that there are ways and ways to follow this path, and that one of the most difficult things, especially in this modern age with its huge populations, is to find a good teacher or companions.
      It is even the case, I point out in those books, that for an inner alchemist the group path can even be a dangerous one, because no matter the period in history, this alchemical path is usually frowned upon by the mundane and status quo world, so large group activities can get the attention of others and this can sometimes be dangerous.
      For that reason, the way of the inner alchemist is usually the loners way. We tend to be people that do things on our own, study and verify data on our own, and as such we must follow a slightly different path from those that might be taught by a teacher.
      Our path as loners and as individuals must be a step-by-step venture where our forward motion must be done with incredible sobriety because in the end there is nobody to save us, we just have ourselves. That is why in that trilogy of books I provide a step-by-step procedural system that can allow the lone practitioner to make the incremental steps necessary to eventually learn to fly on their own.

      1. Dear John,

        I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your thorough response.

        Several years ago, I encountered a teacher who, initially resistant to taking on new students, had a prior unpleasant experience with one. The disruptive behavior of that student led the teacher to lose interest in accepting new pupils. Despite this, I held profound respect and admiration for the teacher, dedicating approximately three years of my life to deciphering his written and recorded materials.

        In the beginning, the teacher was pleased to find someone capable of understanding his teachings, a stark contrast to his previous student. As he tested my abilities in various ways, I consistently succeeded. However, my proficiency reached a point where the teacher doubted that I could have acquired such knowledge and information independently. He speculated that I was under the influence of a powerful entity using me to harm him.

        This misconception arose from his reluctance to acknowledge that his tests posed no challenge to me. I could discern his intentions, thoughts, and even his past memories. Consequently, he decided to sever our connection, an unfortunate event that has left a profound impact on my soul. I was expelled by my cherished teacher solely due to my unconventional level of success.

        Hence, I believe you are absolutely correct regarding the benefits of embracing a solitary approach in practice.

        Thank you once again for your thoughtful response.


  4. Hi John!

    This is a bit off topic, but I want to ask you wich energy absorption technique do you recommend? In some of your books, you recommend the reverse breathing technique, clenching the abs and chest, but in your Overcoming the archon through alchemy book, there is no ab and chest clenching in the energy absorption technique.

    So wich is more effective long term?

    1. Ultimately, I recommend the technique that works best for you, and you might find that as you progress in personal mastery you may switch from one technique to the other. My personal opinion is that the best technique is the technique That uses the least amount of musculature possible.
      In a few of my books, and specifically in the book The Magnum Opus (chapter 5), I discuss the use of what I refer to as the psychic pumps (Pulling in specifically in this case). Such a technique does not employ any kind of musculature or breathing technique at all per se, but instead relies completely on the practitioner’s ability to just pull energy into themselves using the manipulation of their own energetic centres. This has many advantages, not the least of which is the ability to use this energy absorption method when you do not have a body at all; when you are deep in the dreaming state for example, when you are in a crowd, or when the air is noxious for some reason and you do not want to breathe in too deeply.
      If you can, learn about the energy pumps and try to begin to use this technique if he can, when you can.

  5. Hello John,

    I have some inquiries about utilizing psychic pumps. Firstly, I find myself feeling frustrated when attempting to draw energy into my being using them. It’s challenging to articulate, but it’s akin to the sensation of using a smartphone keyboard with haptic feedback – imagine that you’ve grown accustomed to the tactile response, and suddenly, it’s absent. The absence leaves a sense of dissatisfaction, almost like working with a virtual extension of my body. Consequently, this process appears to sap my physical energy; I hesitate to label it as “annoying,” but it does feel somewhat burdensome.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    1. It seems to me, and I can only go off of what you are saying, that you are having issues with using a muscle that you have seldom used before. I sometimes used to make the comparison of using the psychic pumps to moving your small toe, or some other part of you that you seldom move. I think that your explanation seem to fit quite nicely into this kind of idea.
      First off, I would say that it should not get to the point where it is frustrating. So, if you are feeling like you are just getting that total frustration feeling, then switch it up and use whatever method you are used to. But when you can, to the degree that you can, try to develop that psychic muscle because in the end our physical body is temporary, it must adhere to many physical limitations, and the inner senses and psychic movements having no limitations per se, can become far more powerful.
      So, do not get to the point that you are frustrated, but do continue to exercise this muscle. Just like any muscle, in time it will become easier and easier.

  6. Hello John,

    In your observation of these occult orders are you able to determine their nature based on their occult symbology? I think the group that puts on the Cremation of Care ceremony at Bohemian Grove with the Owl 🦉 may be the same Secret Society that has influence in Hollywood. I believe on the East Coast of the USA there is another branch that has influence in the Ivy League Fraternities like Skull and Bones and the CIA / Deep state. From looking at the symbolism they use, they seem very Egyptian and Masonic and Satanist at times in respect to the California group. Which would be in keeping with the Bavarian Illuminati if I am not mistaken. Nothing overtly Thelemic or Golden Dawn or Wiccan. Almost like it’s a whole alternate system that we outsiders are unaware of.

    1. These are very interesting observations, and I would encourage you to pursue your studies as this can reveal some secrets about the underlying current that is behind all of this ritual and symbolism.
      but I think it is also a good idea, something I am sure you probably already begun to do, to begin to differentiate between outer glamour as it were and the true practising elite behind the curtains. I do not like to get to specific in any one area because this is where trouble lies, meaning that I don’t want too much scrutiny, nor is it my place really to talk about such things.
      But what I can say is that the outer pomp and the symbols can sometimes be a little misleading. Think of it like this, there are outer fraternities, outer supposed secret groups. There are these people that you might consider the elite, because they have a bunch of money and power, and they engage in all of this weird fraternity and masonic ritual. But this is what I refer to as outer theatre because it is just the final result, the final physical manifestation, of a far more powerful inner association that is tiny in number; a true secret order that holds the only true power there is in the world. And this power has nothing to do in many respects with money or position, again these are just the final outer manifestations of something much greater you might say.
      While the secret orders that you mention could be considered secret in the sense that some people don’t know about them, and only a certain few may join, that kind of thing. The reality is though that there are still a great deal of people that know about these supposed secret orders, that know great deal about their symbolism and some of their practices.
      The people that really run the show, well there is very very little known about them (aside from what maybe Blavatsky and a few others have written about them). The outer symbolism and the fraternities therefore might make it seem like there are distinct groups, and if you focus solely on the physical outer form (the final form of something that has an internal source) then there might seem to be all sorts of different groups in one end of the country or the other. But if we are talking about the true secret societies, then you might find that behind all of the outer difference between let us say the skull and Bones and the people behind the Bohemian Grove, there is an underlying current that unites them all. It is those that see, feel, and sometimes even manipulate that current that matter. And in that sense then, the difference between one group and another can sometimes just be outer conscious or unconscious differentiation.
      I hope you get what I mean.

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