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This article is actually based on a question that was posed to me by a fellow paranormal researcher.


We’ve read your book Servitors and the other one on “psychic energy self-defence” (the “vampire way”); very interesting. The former (1st) one, in particular, has answered most of our questions on the case of Johnny Doe, who inadvertently created some “servitors” in his sleep while repressing some wishes. We recommended Johnny to practice the reverse breathing + all the visualization in your latter (2nd) book, along with some dissolution meditations.

We got a question, since we are also into psychic research. Have you heard the term “Guardian of the Threshold”? We understand this as a set of false creations within the psyche with 3 main aspects: emotional (astral), intellectual (mental) and volitional (will, causal).

Would it be the case that the “Guardian of the Threshold” (in its 2nd aspect) is prompting the creation of a “servitor” in the first place?

[We have more than 36 years of experience in psychic research.]

Please let know what you think on this “Guardian of the Threshold”

Thank you.


A. K.


Thank you very much for purchasing my books and I do hope that they continue to be a source of help for you.

Yes I do indeed believe in the ‘Guardian of the Threshold’ and my interpretations are similar to yours as stated above.

If you will allow me though, I will give you some of my thoughts and personal experience on this entity. I personally do not like the word ‘Guardian of the Threshold’ very much. While this is a very good and descriptive phrase that can help us to understand certain aspects of this force, this nomenclature also binds this force within certain parameters that make it difficult to understand what one is going through when one begins to encounter it.

By calling it the Guardian of the threshold I think that a certain implication is made which is not accurate in my opinion, because this guardian force is actually a many headed Hydra. While it is the case, that many who fight to overcome this force will eventually have one large battle, a battle where they feel that they are finally confronting this one Guardian, in actuality to get to this point they have already fought innumerable smaller battles.

The naming of this force in such a way therefore can make one think that this guardian force exists in a certain place in space/time as a single entity perhaps, guarding a particular door. In my opinion this can be an erroneous assumption since the Guardian is active now in every place. It would be better to think of the Guardian in the form of a wave function (that is, it is non local, existing in all places at once as a type of force) as opposed to a particle(or entity) which occupies a single measurable place in space and time.

It has been observed (by Jung in particular) that this force loves to act upon the human psyche through synchronicity. Using synchronicity this force confronts a person’s psyche directly and makes that person question his/her sanity. Experiencing wave upon wave of seemingly impossible coincidences, the neophyte begins to question consensual reality until they are confronted with the possibility that they are either going insane or there is an outside force that is acting very directly upon their life. Some who have faced this force have gone insane, most though simply walk away from the path of knowledge because they have been defeated by the very fear of it all.

Synchronicity is a funny thing, let me give you an example;
In one of my books “The Occult Experience”, I refer to this force (which some call ‘The Guardian of the Threshold’) as Chapel Perilous. I call it Chapel Perilous in a small tribute to Robert Anton Wilson who first coined the phrase for use in a supernatural sense and because using this name is more descriptive in my opinion of what this force is really like.I had been contemplating the use of this term in my book and hoped that the term was not too fanciful. I was hoping, and still hope that the reader is able to get what this amazing force is all about. Then I receive a comment by an investigator like myself by the name of Arthur King who tells me that he has read two of my books and is wondering about my opinion on The Guardian of the Threshold.

Synchronistically: I must inform you that this topic has been much on my mind as of late. That of the books mentioned, you have perhaps not read the one book that is basically dedicated to the seeking and the overcoming of The Guardian of the Threshold (The Occult Experience). That a person by the name of Arthur King (You) asks me about a subject I refer to as ‘Chapel Perilous’ which was coined by Sir Thomas Malory as a setting to write stories about King Arthur!

You must realize that it is most fortuitous (as in highly synchronistic) for me to see this comment now on the page dedicated to answering questions about the topic that I had been contemplating, and that in answering this question I am assured and re-enlightened about my thoughts on the matter. Perhaps, if you have not read the book “The Occult Experience”, then it is a highly synchronistic and fortuitous for you to comment here and to find out that some of the questions that you have, can be answered by reading my one book that you have not read yet, but on whose page you are commenting. And that my term for this force that we were both contemplating is derived from stories about your namesake King Arthur.

What caused these synchronicities? Was it the power of the mind to manifest reality? Was it simple coincidence and the mind’s ability to create patterns within random events? Or was it an outside force that is literally slapping us in the face and screaming, “There is so much more here than you realize.”?

Certainly simple coincidences like these can be easily handled by the mind, and the average skeptic, but as the seeker goes deeper and deeper into his/her inner psyche, these synchronicities become more and more powerful and life changing. Coupled with a greater ability to see into the spiritual realm, there finally comes a point when this seeker truly comes face to face with an entity that holds the keys to the other side. An entity dredged up from the deep inner psyche that goes far beyond synchronicity, but that is still a part of that underlying force. That is the final test of Chapel Perilous.

In regard to your question then;
No I don’t personally believe that this force can create anything on its own per se. But a person’s psyche, affected by the great pressure that this force can bring to bear, could create powerful thought forms that could seem to be coming from an external source, but that in reality are being created by the individual.
How do you overcome all this? Well you could run away as most people do, you could become an agnostic as Mr. Wilson proposed (but in my opinion this is almost the same as running away), or you could go insane and get sent to an asylum like some have. In my book I propose another method.

Hope this helps, Good luck in your research!


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