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I have been asked on numerous occasions to discuss the reasons for, and the nature of the servitor room.

If you are not familiar with my work, then I can simply describe a servitor as being a mental creation, a thought that is given form through the intense focus of attention. This intense focus, propels a kind of psychic energy essence into this form, until this form attains a relative physicality within three dimensional space. This is true transmutation of energy and allows for the creation of specific life like entities with varied functionality.

The creation of a servitor requires a great deal of focus, which I have said is something that a practitioner needs to develop over time. An inner alchemist for example, is someone who is totally focused, on containing, absorbing, saving, and redeploying energy that is normally lost by the average person, and then using that energy to increase their focus and their power. Interestingly, like all things within the doings of inner alchemy, what an inner alchemist does is a kind of incongruent congruency, a Lewis Carroll kind of wit, a catch 22. What they do is to focus on focusing, until they can focus themselves beyond this dimension.

One way that this energy that inner alchemists seek can be redeployed once it is acquired, is through the creation of servitors. The redeployment of energy in this fashion is incredibly useful because, servitors can become great allies in the overcoming of obstacles that a practitioner might face in this world, and the creation of servitors can also further enhance the ability of the inner alchemist to manipulate and transmute energy, which then helps them to free themselves from this dimension even more. All things are connected and whole for such practitioners, energy begets more energy, more power, and it all leads to lightness, to freedom. For example, this transmutation of energy which is servitor creation can be used for several purposes, including physical and psychic protection, the acquisition of things, and in relation to the servitor room in particular, as companions that can allow an inner alchemist to better face the loneliness of infinity. And in the creation of such entities, an inner alchemist learns to control and manipulate energy, that then allows them to defy all boundaries in this dimension and all the others that become available to them over time.

A servitor room then, can be a great aid in the creation and the development of a companion servitor, being that while in it, it becomes easier to focus on and interact with your developing companion, and the ‘interconnectedness’ of inner alchemy means that the development of this room can greatly enhance the ability to understand the nature of physical reality from a certain perspective. This is so because you could say that the servitor room mirrors physical reality, in that as I have said in some of my writing, people imagine the earth to be, in accordance to the many pictures provided, a floating sphere in the middle of space. But according to inner alchemists on an energetic level, this world is not a geometrically perfect sphere, but it is to inner alchemists that can see, a hyper cube, a floating servitor room of sorts, that has been created by a power, a set of powers, beyond all rational calculation.

But to begin in trying to explain all this, I must start with the nature of a servitor room, and about that, I can say that a servitor room is not something that exists within physical reality at first, it is in the beginning a place created in the mind first off, and used to interact with the servitor companion.

For those that are familiar with my work, you will note that I introduced the idea of servitors, the servitor companion, and the creation of the servitor room quite early in my work, and later, in the trilogy of inner alchemy course books, specifically in the way of the projectionist, I did introduce the concept and the techniques of the projectionist, specifically the crossing of the seven rooms of the projectionist. This order that I have used is important. First, I talked about the room in relatively simple energy manipulation to create a servitor, and then in a far more complex set of techniques, which is the way of the projectionist. The order is from relatively easy, to more difficult feats of energy manipulation, and as such the nature of the room that I am discussing here goes from relatively simple, to far more complex.

As my work progressed for example, within the schema of the later introduced projectionist methodology then, I said that a beginning step was the creation of the projectionist room, the room without walls. I want you at this time to notice the connection between the servitor room, and the projectionist room that you are creating when you are trying to cross the first and second room of the projectionist.

Both the servitor room and the projectionist room are the same thing really, in that it is a mentally created room without walls, created to be able to allow an inner alchemist to defy the laws of space and time, within the boundaries of the three dimensions of this physical world. Both rooms are the same thing, and if you contemplate their probable position in space in time, and even though they are in a non rationally definable way rooms without walls, they can be described as being (in either case) a cube that begins to attain a kind of gravity, a mass,

This connection between both of these techniques is very important, but I want you to now consider yet another connection that I have discussed in my work, and that is that these inner rooms or cubes relate to, that is they (this inner room without walls) is similar to, the cubes that I keep mentioning in relation to what are commonly referred to as UFOs, or what I have described as being non-organic traps, where certain very powerful non-organic entities are able to create a kind of travel vehicle, or at times even portal, where travelers from other dimensions can cross the boundary from one dimension (their dimension) to our dimension through the use of such a room. As such these rooms are then a type of vessel, a three dimensional capsule bound by six walls, a cube, and it is used by trans dimensional travelers at times to enter and manipulate within our space.

The cube is a puzzle made up of odd angles that can quite literally move these beings across dimensions. For them the cube can be a bridge and that bridge can also be a trap for the unsuspecting. I do wish this information would be taken more seriously by certain people studying this phenomenon, but it is the nature of inner alchemy that this information will (I suppose) always be a kind of open secret, being that it is out there for all to see, but only a few can really see it clearly.

The very important point of this article then, is not to just explain the nature of the servitor room, but to try to connect all of the material that I have written about this room without walls thus far, so as to have you notice that there is a connection to all of it, that there is a consistency, and that it all relates to the manipulation of energy by the inner alchemist. Beyond this even, I want you to notice and remember (how easily we all forget but you must remember) how in my material (and in the material discussed by certain others) it is described that this manipulation of energy is not something that is just done by the inner alchemist, but it is also a way to manipulate energy across many dimensions, by beings and forces that are trans-dimensional in nature. What inner alchemists do is that they have the power to directly witness a methodology that has its roots beyond this earthly dimension, they can see, see energy directly, see these trans dimensional energetic motions directly, and then replicate them. As they project their inner senses into infinity, and see the way of other lifeforms, and see these alien lifeforms and larger titans manipulate energy in this fashion, they are/were able to develop their own techniques to be able to manipulate energy in a similar fashion, and it was this direct perception of energy, which at times has been referred to as seeing, that gave inner alchemist the ability to do, to transmute energy, work and manipulate energy, in ways that seem perhaps magical to the average person. And of course it is not just inner alchemists that do this, other groups practice such techniques as well, and these groups can be either good or very bad, depending on your personal beliefs.

It is now important, that you understand that there is that direct connection between all of the techniques that I have discussed and written about thus far, and it is my hope that you begin to see the connections, and that you begin to put these connections together, because they add up to revelations that, in this particular case for example, I hope are transformative moments for your expanding psyche, and can add new dimensions to the quest to find your own energetic truth.

So, in order to make this clear, let us start from the beginning yet again. I have said that the servitor room is created to interact with your companion servitor. This room is sort of like a blank screen in your mind where you are able to see your servitor companion, and as you see the image of your servitor in this blank room, you are charging your servitor because you are giving attention to it, and you are also creating a space where you are able to interact with this servitor at the same time. This inner space, this inner cube, this room, begins to develop and as it does so, through the power of focused attention, Just like the servitor, this is important, just like attention transmutes the servitor, it also begins to give the cube gravity, mass, substance. This gravity develops this space, that is akin to a cube, a cube that seems to be inside but that eventually (through increasing mass) becomes something that affects what you refer to as outside. Inside and outside your head, is there a difference? what a conundrum. The conundrum of inner alchemy.

Anyhow, by engaging in this supposed inner action then, you are also able to interact with this servitor and in a way you are creating a new world, a physicality like place where two beings from different dimensions can meet, this being you who are a physically bound creature supposedly, and a servitor which is a personal creation that is bound to a different dimension, but that you are trying to move in a way, into this dimension.


A projectionist then, is doing the same thing in a way as someone creating a servitor companion, except that they are not trying to move a servitor into this dimension, instead they are learning to move aspects of themselves beyond physicality into other dimensions, and they use that inner room, that created cube, to find gaps, to find the strange angles in this dimension, so that they are able to project deeply into others, other worlds. The cube is not only a room in and of itself, but it is also a place to find odd angles that lead to other dimensions. This is also very important.

When trans dimensional lifeforms want to move from their dimension into our dimension, or any other dimension that is not their own, they create similar cubes of great intensity. These are inner rooms, capsules in a way, that allow them to move beyond their particular dimension, and cross into other dimensions. The difference between the cubes created by beginner inner alchemists and the cubes created by such trans dimensional lifeforms, lifeforms which can be of a non organic nature, is that such creations by these usually far more powerful other lifeforms, can be of an intensity of such magnitude that for all intents and purposes, to the average human being, the difference between the walls that make up those capsules, those encapsulations, those cubes, and the walls of regular physical reality are nonexistent. What this means is that these created rooms, that are cubes, that move across space in a way that you might see a UFO move across space, or that are placed upon different geographies on earth, become so real (are so real) that for all intents and purposes they are real rooms, mobile spaceships or stationary ones in a way, and they can be used to connect one dimension to another.

The power of these inner rooms, the power of these white rooms, these rooms without walls, that take the shape of a cube, on occasion hyper cubes if you like being that they defy dimensional existence and probability, is that they allow for an incredible intensity of focus. That is once they are created which is an act of focus in and of itself, they also allow the creator to focus completely and utterly on that which is inside that white room. In doing so this white room allows the creator and the manipulator of this cube, to be able to not only give life to those things that were not life before, and this is quite simply one of the greatest forms of energy transmutation possible, which is the basis of alchemy, it also allows for those new life creations to move dimensionally. So, these rooms can create a kind of life and, they can, as I can now point out, allow the creator of such a room to move themselves or others, either aspects or wholly themselves, into other dimensions.

In time these rooms and such practitioners can gain so much power, that they are able to completely leave a place, a space time location, leave a dimensional position, and move wholly or partially to others. This means that from a witnessed point of view, from the point of view of someone who is stationary within one dimension, as these travellers move from that dimension where the witness is to another dimension, such a traveller, if they have attained enough power, will completely disappear to the witness. So, from that witnessed point of view it would be like that person is whisked away by a wind or a power, in a sense it would be like a kind of instant teleportation.

This kind of thing is possible for some highly complex trans dimensional life, specifically of a non-organic nature, but it is something that an inner alchemist works for a lifetime to accomplish, and having physical death at their heels, an alchemist races across the intensity of physical three-dimensional time trying to beat that physical death so that they are able to, with enough power, create such a cube or a capsule themselves to escape this binding dimension. Once this becomes a possibility, they can move far enough away from this dimension, that at a certain point they may look back at the great distance that they have travelled, and see that they have left not only humanity and the many boundaries of physicality far behind, but that they have even left physical death in their wake.



  1. Hi John, I have been meaning to ask you some questions for quite awhile now. No other channel seems to be available to directly contact you, so please forgive my comment here for being off-topic to the post here.

    I would like to hear your thoughts on certain forms of magic as an inner-alchemist. What do you make of tarot reads and vedic astrological science?

    I have delved deeply into both, but I find that as I have engaged recently in inner alchemy, new dimensions in my engagements of those two things have expanded immensely. Its clear to me now that the planets themselves do emit energies that do affect the consciousness of all things, and thus reality. I have also recently discovered the particular presence of a certain planet in my birth chart having a strong influence over my life, more so than the others, according to Vedic astrology this would be a prominent placement, hence its influence. What’s peculiar as of recent however is…at the suggestion of a fellow practitioner, I contacted this planet as the source of all historic deities associated with it through my tarot, and it has clearly responded. My luck in general over many endeavors have since been much, much greater and auspicious.

    Despite that, I am cautious. I have searched all of your work for additional perspectives on this matter, and in one of your videos regarding dark pacts and dark alchemy, my caution has been raised further. Could it be that I have actually contacted a PNOB, or some such similar entity? What do you think about all this?

    Eagerly awaiting your response, thank you.

    1. My personal work on divination is not large and while I do have some experience with the Tarot, that is as far as it goes. My personal opinion would then be that you are just giving your own interpretation of what seems to be your seeing, that is your ability to see these energies as they flow through your life and across the space The Dark Sea) before you. I think this is a wonderful method if it works for you to give some hierarchy and relevance to the energies that you are perceiving, but you must always pay attention to the fact that this outer symbology might help in certain respects but it also hinders, in that the true nature of energy as it flows and affects you, whether you perceive this to be as planetary or otherwise (and of course this is not me doubting this at all but just saying that there is a greater energetic reality to all of this beyond even such planetary symbology) can give you perspective and allow your mind to perceive what is going on in the familiar spatial order, but it can also limit greatly what you can eventually see and know, and keep you away from deeper perceptions that might be possible if you just let go of that symbology.
      Understanding that greater truth that goes beyond symbolism, you can then begin to see directly and rely less on ideas and ideals having to do with certain deities or the like. Once you can see energy directly and go beyond symbolism, then the fear of contacting something or making a pact with something that you do not want to be a part of fully, is much easier to understand and deal with. Let go of symbolism and see directly and once you do so you can just see, you do not have to be a part of or in a pact with anything.

      1. Thank you so much for the response John, this means alot to me personally. Auspciously, I actually began reading your book, The Magnum Opus, just recently before you responded. I have begun practicing on seeing auras, and sooner or later I will be able to put these dogmatic thoughts to the test to see if they hold up or not, in true inner alchemist fashion. Again, thank you for your clarification, your thoughts on the matter have given me stronger direction on the matter. Much love.

  2. Hi John,
    Off topic, but I’ve been reading your book Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy. Since I cannot find FAQs on the said book, I figured I’ll just comment here. Thing is, I just want to ask for clarification. In my understanding on the tri-force, in the IN breath/polarity, I accumulate energy near my navel area, transmute the energy before spreading it to my body. In the VOID polarity, do I breath my own energy towards my third eye area as shown in the diagram or do I still use the area near my navel with the intent of pulling in my energy back and sealing my energy in?
    BTW, your work resonates with me and I have noticed difference/improvement since using the IN polarity technique, so thank you for sharing this knowledge.

    Beau D.

    1. Thanks for getting my book Beau.
      Basically all absorption is done from a polarity perspective through the IN polarity point. It then travels around the meridians and does collect naturally in the naval area, but this collection and the refinement that can happen there can also be improved on through the techniques mentioned in that book about the navel collection point. By doing the mentioned techniques, there is a natural increase of power in the body and the collection and the refinement of it in the navel area naturally allows for any energetic flow to happen naturally, so that there is no need for you to direct energy into the third eye or anywhere else, until you grow in experience through practice. In this way the body naturally progresses into a more energetically powerful level without the need to work with the flow of energy in an unnatural manner that might cause problems for you in the long run if you are not experienced enough in working with energy at that point.
      Honestly, I would highly suggest that you supplement the techniques that you are learning by getting the first book in the course book trilogy, which is called the magnum opus. There you will find more advanced technique and you might find it easier to understand how all of this works together and allows the inner alchemist to progress in power, as they later become master projectionists for example.

  3. Fractal grin

    Hi John,
    Thank you very much for your articles and books, it´s been a discovery.
    Something definetely clicked when reading about your take on this hypercubes.
    I had some experience with lucid dreaming or astral projection, I can´t seem to control it everytime, I am still a noob.

    Question: Something that seems to happen very often is, while dreaming, to wake up in another room… in another dream (still inside a dream, not in my regular bedroom). Sometimes it feels like there are more beds or people sleeping there… like a hospital (or a lab… I didn´t want to use that word).

    Also: A few days ago I finished reading your book on Vampire´s way on Phychic self-defense, I practice the techniques after getting mad or arguing on the phone… basic stuff.
    Two days later, I performed the technique in a dream, when attacked by some entity (not a big one or scary…) the effect was surprising to say the least, I felt an energy surge and woke up in another room… still in a dream
    Yesterday I had another one, I used the reverse breathing and woke up in a place with other entities… I heard voices saying “take it to this other place or room”, like I was making too much noise and might wake up the others… They sounded bored, like this was a tedious routine for them. I looked back and saw one entity, ugly face (one eye, no mouth or noose, had kind of a bag or tissue over most of the face). I ask one question… “do we have free speech?” (I think free will makes more sense…) they answered “there´s some speech we can´t move” (or maybe “we can´t change”… I think I was talking about free will, not free speech…).
    Then a voice kind of greeted me musically, “bye”. My phone sounded in “real” life and woke me up…

    Question: is there something we can do to scape this hypercubes or labs where they have us locked in beds inducing dreams?
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Mat, thank you for your question.
      Please note that you only need to post once being that the comment has to go through review before it is posted on the site and answered.

      I will do my best to try and answer your questions:
      Your experiences are very interesting and they seem to show that you have control over your dream body or ghost in the machine as I call it in my trilogy of course books.
      I think your basic question is; is there a way that we can escape any particular cube or cage?
      The answer is yes, and the way to do it is to become a powerful projectionist. I think that you are doing incredibly well being that you are lucid enough and know enough to use the techniques that I described in the vampire’s way. It is that lucidity that must become more potent, through the techniques that I described in the book, the way of the projectionist, which is the second book in the trilogy that I mentioned above.
      As your lucidity increases and your ability to work with energy increases as well, you will be able to manipulate to a far greater degree and be able to work on a one-on-one basis with those entities that you might find in such places, rejecting them even. It is all about learning to manipulate in new dimensions beyond physicality, and as your experience and your power grows, your ability to move in and out of cubes and rooms will make you more powerful than those entities that you might find in such rooms, and in time depending on how powerful such entities might be, you can be the one to tell them to take it somewhere else.

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