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In my writings on projecting as part of the art of inner alchemy, I have mentioned that it is possible to live for days, perhaps years, in another world, another dimension while projecting, and that even though these projections might seem like days to you as a projectionist, these projections may only have taken minutes, in accordance with physical clock time.

Some readers might wonder how this is possible, how can someone live out a lifetime in a dream, in a projection, while only having used up hours of physical clock time? How is this intensity possible in projections?

Well, I think that most people have, or know about someone that has had the experience of taking a light nap, and even though they were sleeping for what could have been minutes in clock time, it actually felt to the sleeper like this quick nap was much longer. In other words, many people have had an experience where internal time, dream time, seems to happen at a much different rate than external physical clock time.

Such experiences can help in understanding how a projectionist can defy the laws of rational clock time. Just like a regular person can access a seemingly extended dream-time, an inner alchemist can do the same, but for much longer and in a far more lucid manner. What is happening here, is that inner alchemists, through their ability to increase the power of their attention, can take full advantage of that flexibility of inner time. By becoming powerful projectionists, that is people that can project inwardly and then outwardly, which some may refer to as astral travel, these practitioners can move farther and farther away from what could be referred to as the objective physical and three dimensional world. In doing so they can in that fashion move into different dimensional, or psychological (inner psyche) locations, where there can be a great alteration, a great difference, between that internal time in that dimensional location, and outer physical clock time.

Through their ability to focus their attention to an incredible degree, and their growing prowess as projectionists, inner alchemists can go to places that seem like far away dream places, but that are actually out there places, other dimensional places, other locations, other very real worlds, where on occasion time works differently, it moves slower or better yet faster, than physical time. Projectionist have learnt to take advantage of the fact that in other dimensions, time can have different intensities.

When such a projectionist becomes powerful and experienced enough, they can map out new territories in locations that are nowhere in the realm of physical and rational human reality, and they can then move into these locations for extended periods of time in a fully awake manner. Once this is possible, such a trans-dimensional traveler can in those other locations live out entire existences, the equivalent of entire lifetimes sometimes, in other dimensions, partaking in what may even be great adventures, that only take up hours of physical clock world time. Such an individual then can be said to be incredibly old, even though from a physical point of view, in accordance with clock time, they do not seem to be that old at all, because such individuals have lived out many lifetimes of adventure in regions of high intensity. In other words, an entire lucid, that is conscious and remembered experience that may seem to be months or years long, can be lived out in one night of physical time. And upon waking, after such an intensity, such a traveler may wake up as a wholly different person. An increasingly alien person.


What is very difficult for the average person to comprehend is that all of us, all humans, at least those that can believe enough to at least take a chance and learn these skills, can access other dimensions as projectionists, and those other dimensions are not bound to the same rules, the same gravity, that binds this dimension. That being the case, depending on where you go, and what maps you may have been able to make, you can live out experiences that truly defy all rational ideas about life and the nature of existence.

When a projectionist has accumulated enough energy, using the containment techniques of inner alchemy, such an augmented person (such a person that has extra energy) can use that energy to increase their focus of attention, so that what they focus their attention on becomes unwavering, stable. With such unwavering focus, they can then use that extra power to become stable and lucid master inner travelers (projectionists), that can travel to particular places for extended periods. Such experienced inner travelers, after developing relentless focus and experience, can hit a kind of threshold in their capabilities, they can reach an incredible point in their perceptive power. This means that such an individual, with such power and experience does at a certain point, cross a type of energetic line, where those inner projections become so vivid, so life like, that these new places that they project to become true energetic other realities, other worlds. At that point it can be said that they have really, energetically, moved, become a part of, new locations, other dimensions, other oh so real worlds. Let me repeat that, other real worlds.

It is at this point, when these inner travels become so real through the augmentation of focus and the development of prowess as a projectionist that physical clock time is transcended. When this happens, a projectionist is unbound and breaks free to a great degree from the three dimensional cage that corrals most of humanity, and they can begin to explore worlds that are not just as real as the physical waking one, but are also other times, complete other lives, other dimensions, that allow such a traveler to transcend the average human notion of life experience.

Such people may be a certain age physically, but internally, energetically, experientially, they may be hundreds of years old, and may have experienced such wonders, such unbelievable adventure and living experience, that the average human world becomes almost boring and common place to them, and in the end this human, physical, three dimensional place becomes what it was always meant to be, just one stop in an infinitude of possible places available for us to explore.

At such a point, life changes for the projectionist, and at that point they will know as an energetic fact, as a lived and experienced fact, that those other dimensional realities are as real and stable as anything possible in the physical world.

But those that do not have this experience of knowing may wonder, how do you know that those worlds are stable? That they are as stable as the physical world? Could it be that every time that you project you are just going to dreamland or an infinity of parallel worlds, that are different each time?

That is a good question, and as a projectionist with a little bit of experience at seeing this supposedly absolute three dimensional reality from a position outside of it, I might ask such a person, how do you know that where you go to over and over again in the physical world, is the same place that you were the day before?

In other words, how do you know the locations of the places where you live? How do you know that they are not new places (new worlds) each time you wake up from sleep? How do you know that your physical world is stable? That it is an unchanging world? That it is not, at each instance, a new parallel world?


A growing number of modern scientists are saying that this world may be a persistent kind of illusion, a simulation. Is this not the developing theology of the times? And if the physical world is a simulation, how do we know that the world that we wake up to each morning is the exact same world as yesterday? How do we know anything is real, or stable?

Maybe the world is all fake in a way, a parallel world each time we wake up in the morning, what a nightmare perhaps, such a thought. But, to answer this question, the fundamental answer is I suppose, that there is no real way to know for sure that you do not wake up to a different world every day.

But I can tell you what a projectionist knows, and about the techniques that they use to map out territory and in that way find stability in alien dimensions, which can then help in understanding this dimension, simulation or not.

For them there are different ways to know, or create stability, whether you are in this physical world that may be a simulation, or another dream world, another projection location beyond this dimension, and it is something that most people, average people, do quite unconsciously, like a type of unconscious survival heuristic.

First, they internally measure how real things seem, in accordance to how real their senses say something is, they trust their senses and then they further make things more real and stable by following the consensus, the opinion of other people existing in this world. If it feels, looks, tastes, smells, and sounds real to you, and it is as real to another supposedly) as it is to you, and yet to another, and another, and another still, then such consensus in time means that for all of you this one thing, and eventually this one place, is real. The mob rules in a way. This is how we differentiate the sane from the insane, the relatively smart from the idiotic.


A map of the physical world is therefore created by your intellect, by you, through your perceptions and by the consensus of the people that you see in this world. In this physical dimension for example, you remember, memory is very important, and you trust in the consistency of your perceptions and in the consistency of all those around you, this, and those perceptions of perceptions, you remember. When this consistency is established, the memory of this consistency is your map. A map is a repeatable memory.

The fundamental difference between sanity and insanity, between a physical thing and an illusion or delusion, for an inner alchemist, for a projectionist, is dimensional stability (meaning crossing that threshold that I mentioned earlier where things become truly real for you no matter where you are as a lucid being) and the consensus by the mass of those aware entities (in this case the people) participating and focusing their unrelenting attention, on that dimensional location. Projectionists use those sanity rules to create consistency, stability, that they then turn into maps through memory.

Some say that only physical things can hurt or kill you, and yet as any experienced psychologists knows all too well, supposedly mental delusions are as real to the supposedly deluded as anything real to the sane, and those illusions from those supposedly deluded people can hurt them, and if they are believed with the fervor of the deluded, then illusions can hurt others as well.

If I tell you to think of a juicy sour lemon in your mouth, of the dripping sour juice falling into your mouth, stinging your lips, and your mouth waters because of these phrases, these idea words, then basically that illusion of an illusory lemon, is real to you in a way. These words, and this image is making your mouth water, something that is supposed to be an autonomic reaction, a reaction that you can’t supposedly control consciously, and yet you are, you are changing the supposed rationally impossible through a kind of short and shallow projection of attention.

If this is possible with a simple image, idea, held by a person with average power to focus, then what can the relentless focus of a master projectionist do? What can the delusion of a powerful inner alchemist do? And if such a delusion is held by a number of people, then is there a point when that delusion becomes real?

Inner alchemists believe that the world is a kind of highly persistent delusion where both dimensionality (a particular dimensional location bound by certain energetic laws) and group consensus; living beings either bound or freely focusing with unrelenting power on particular dimensional location perceptions, create a stability referred to as a world.

The difference between average people and inner alchemists is that people believe that this is the only real world. They believe this because they are stuck in this one dimension, but projectionist through their direct experience know, have experienced directly, that this is just one in a multitude of other worlds that they can travel to, that there are infinite persistent other worlds, out there, not just this one. And in that sense, this world is a simulation.


And just like the incredibly consistent map (through perceptive focus and consensus) that we have created for this physical world, this same thing can be done in worlds beyond the one that we call physical reality. In those other worlds, there are different things to remember and different consistency rules, but maps can be created just like the very stable and consistent one that has been created for this one.


Fundamentally, just like there is no real way to find out whether you wake up to a new world every day, there is no way to find out if you are projecting into a world that is very similar but with tiny differences. In the end all that we can do is trust in our map and our consistencies, or perhaps it is better to say that we should not trust any of our maps or consistencies to the point that we think they are all truth, all reality, but use them nonetheless while in this world or any world, because after all is said and done, that is all that we have these memories, these maps, to keep us somewhat sane, because after all (at least to an inner alchemist) the only real difference between sane and insane, is consensus.


In modern times we say that dreaming (projecting or astral travel) are a replica of the real world. Dreams are just so much unconscious noise and repression. Dreams can’t harm you; you just wake up. And yet, for those that can remember them better than most, and for those that seriously study them (and academia is not seriously studying them in my opinion), dreams can kill, they can heal, they are as real as anything could be, and yet they exist in a seeming no place, a dream-scape, that to the average person does not seem real, certainly not as real as waking life, the waking world.

But to a projectionist dream locations are real. Indeed, those worlds can be in many ways even more real than this physical place, and some practitioners have mapped out those other places with such precision that for them, this human waking world is in no way more real than those other alien places.

In the end illusion, simulation, reality, is a far more relative measure than most could ever imagine, at least for the inner alchemist, and thanks to such (from the average perspective) delusions, an inner alchemist can experience marvels.

To free yourself in such a manner, if you wish to experience lifetimes and unbounded realities like projectionists do, what you must begin to come to terms with is not whether something is real or not, a simulation or not, but that multiple things can be real at a certain dimensional, psychological, awareness, position and not real at others, and that we humans do have the possibility of existing in multiple positions, multiple dimensions. We humans can break the three dimensional cube, and when we do, when we can know directly that there are so many other real places out there, the reality of the real or the illusion of the mob consensus, becomes inconsequential.

The horror, the real horror is not that this objective world might not be real, a simulation, as some like to believe in this modern period. It is instead  that we humans (most of us) are stuck, being corralled, being kept like prisoners, in only one position, one dimension, even though we have the potential to experience so much more.

We are in a simulation, but not the kind of simulation that most people believe. Instead, the simulation is the clouding of the energetic fact that this supposed only real world, is just one possible stop for us humans.



  1. Hi, I was wondering if there was an entity that you could recommend that we could evoke to help us with these skills and alchemy in general? I know you don’t mention any specific pantheons and that we have access to all of them, but you also said they have their own agendas.

    But it would still be cool to meet up with a few that maybe could help a little bit or at least not sabotage us.
    Like an archangel or a deity over alchemy like Rasasatra or Hermes.
    Or maybe you created a servitor for the overall mission to help all of us out who I could mentally connect to/evoke and a sigil or other method of contact?

    I told a friend I would experiment with evocations with them for the experience and am just looking for a deity/ies that might be worth my time or any other of your other readers time?

    1. I am not sure if you have read my article on non-organic beings here, I think that gives a pretty good idea on my thoughts on contact with such beings.
      Don’t get me wrong, I do think that on certain occasions, when the contact possible becomes more equal in footing (powerful alchemist/magician) such contact can be good for all parties involved, but I still do feel that no matter how powerful the practitioner is, there are possibilities for things to go wrong that can side-step or halt further exploration of the voyager if they are not careful.
      Sorry I do not have any such entities that I would recommend, instead I tend to advocate the slow projection outward until such contact becomes just a matter of fact action as the projectionist travels far enough and acquires enough skill in energy manipulation.
      Perhaps you have a great deal of experience in containment fields for contacting such beings, in which case you may find much reward in such interactions. I fear the tricks and the long term contracts, so I personally just rather walk alone.
      You may find this video interesting in that I discuss a little of my feelings on all of this.

  2. Hello John; very much enjoying your books, knowledge and practices. I consider myself fairly energetically adept (merely compared to the average human at this time) – but your knowledge has and is helping to take it to a higher level; and I am very grateful!

    I was wondering your take on an energy phenomena I’ve encountered recently.

    After reading Vampire’s Way – I began soaking in energy as much as I can – to my great benefit. My own flares, the flares of others, energy from the environment, energy from the sun….

    At some point a few days ago though – I felt extremely drained; as if my energy was at 20% of normal. This lasted a few days… (Of course the rational mind supplies a plethora of possible explanations and variables, dietary factors, grieving a recent loss in the family, possible illness, etc etc) When I sat with myself and felt into it energetically however; I felt dark, dense spots within my energy body. Using my inner energetic “hands” – I removed them and sent them into the Earth (technique learned from chi kung) or into a black hole for recycling, whichever seemed most fitting for the nature of the energy. After this “psychic surgery”, (and a few more rounds until I stopped sensing as much dense darkness) – my energy lifted progressively and I am nearing 100% again.

    I had the intuitive understanding that – while this dense form of energy might be ultimately digestible to an inner alchemist further along the path – for a novice, some energy might cause a sort of “indigestion” and may be better discarded.

    Much like how food which may nourish and enhance your energy – might cause stomach upset and diminish another persons energy who has difficulty digesting it…

    All is energy – but it is not all the same density or vibration…

    I wonder your perspective and the approach you’d take with more difficult to digest energy… I hope this makes some sense to you.

    Thank you again for your great work!

    1. Hi Chris, thank you for your kind words.
      I certainly feel that each person needs to be able to move in their particular direction and you seem to be doing wonderfully. As you say, some of us may enjoy a hearty meal while others might like something lighter and it is indeed the case that the body needs to develop over time, and you seem to be doing everything perfectly.
      From my limited point of view in accordance to what you have written, it seems to me that you have successfully been able to acquire a great deal of energy. For that reason there will be times when some of this energy will pool because of the great intensity and amount that you have been able to acquire, which again is quite good on your part.
      If you feel overwhelmed, then what you have done is perfect for you, the only thing that I would say is that as time progresses you should learn to be able to allow this energy to flow through you as opposed to pool in certain areas which may have to do with certain constraints within the energetic body that might have to do with individual issues.
      In time the idea is to allow these larger amounts of energy do not pool but to allow them to flow freely through the system. When they pool they seem to take on different flavors in accordance to their particular intent at the time or a person’s particular dispositions.
      In accordance to the way of inner alchemy anyway, and again this is only the way of inner alchemy, the ideal outcome is to allow these energies to flow as opposed pooling and when this is possible all such problems will fade and new energy levels will be accessible.

      1. Very helpful and generous of you to reply.

        I was so taken in by the ideas of vampires way (I still am) – I was sucking in as much as I could; but not focusing much at all on “toning” the energy (via intent/affirmation) or circulation. Makes sense I had pools forming as I hadn’t done the work of opening the channels to handle increased energy flow.
        I was simply a vacuum sucking everything I could into my lower dantian and packing it down as tight as I could.

        Exciting to hear about a possible upcoming membership offer!

        Thanks again for your great work.

  3. Hi John

    This may not be the best section to ask you these questions but I wasn’t sure where to ask.

    Do you believe that when we have tension in our body or we are tight in an area that we are leaking energy out? Is it important to try and keep the body as relaxed and loose as possible?

    Also, do PNOB’s try to get us to masturbate, have sex just so they can consume the energy we release?

    Would appreciate your thoughts on this.


    1. Yes, keeping the body loose is very important. If you will note from the comment above and my response, the pooling of energy mentioned is usually the result of some kind of tension. Indeed, there is a difficulty in trying to identify the causal nature of such things being that you might say energy was there and the pooling happened or the pooling of energy was there so the tension happened. But generally speaking, from the human point of view, it is best to say that the body should be maintained in a relaxed fashion so that this pooling does not occur, because if such pooling continues it can cause a leakage as you say.
      Yes to this one as well. The PNOBs will do anything in their power to try and drain you of energy so it is very important that you begin to pay attention to your own thoughts and feelings, so that you can identify the onset of weird moods and feelings and in that way identify when these happen and then hopefully begin to see the difference between something that seems to be you and something that seems to be an external effect.

      1. Hi John

        So it’s fair to say that stretching or doing a yoga routine would be very beneficial for retaining our energy? Also reducing the amount of sex we have with our partner, or even practicing retention (as some call it, where one doesn’t climax) would go a long way in preserving g our energy?

        Appreciate your comments, thanks John.

        1. yes on all counts, but there is nuance to the latter which I will try to address in the future as I intend to create a more separate (members) Q&A section where I can talk about difficult topics more freely. For now I would say, use the material mentioned on the Magnum Opus course book to make sure the energy meridians are flowing freely and correctly, this is most important.

  4. I understand that you believe it to be possible to stay in other worlds for extended periods of time, but how far do you think this concept goes?
    For example, there has been a trend going around on “Tik Tok” regarding the idea of “shifting”. The idea being that, in line with some interpretations of quantum theory, that with each change in a fundamental particle a separate universe is created for each possible state of the particle. Therefore an infinite number of universes would exist containing every possible reality, possibly including universes which don’t abide by our conception of physics at all. The “shifting” part comes in when the participant essentially astral projects and then “shifts” their consciousness to their desired reality, in the case of the trend this tends to be some kind of fantasy world inspired by books or movies. A wide variety of methods have been proposed.
    Personally I don’t use Tik Tok, but heard of the trend on a forum and thought it was interesting that so many young people knew about astral projection and while I personally have never been in another world for any length of time I have astral projected and think some aspects of it reflect ancient methods I have read of. While I understand that many people want to live in a fantasy book or movie and it might make it seem silly at first, I’m interested to hear what you think about the viability of it. Something in my heart tells me that there is truth to it. You say that experiencing life in other realms is possible, but how far does this go? Maybe it’s just a child-like hope, to live in a perfect world, but if one could “shift” their consciousness with infinite granularity like that, the idea of a demiurge or archon becomes laughable. One would become truly free. You could theoretically shift into a world in which you have a pocket dimension where time is frozen on the outside and you could do as you please at your leisure. You could even create your own worlds! I”m very curious as to what you think about this phenomenon since it seems like such an easy out. I’m no expert at all, but have enough experience to know, with certainty, that there is more to existence than the material world and something pulls at my heart when I think about this. I apologize if you have already addressed this at some point, it isn’t my intention to waste your time. Thank you.

    1. A really great comment and question Nathaniel.
      I have indeed discussed some of this in my books and in certain videos, and it would be wonderful to think that some of these people are using such resources to their advantage.
      But the nuance of some of the questions that you ask are indeed compelling and your comment is so intriguing that if you do not mind, I would like to create a video about this, a video on my reply to this. In particular I want to deal with the idea of the Archon as you mention, and how such force is not easily overcome, even by such ‘shifters’. In the video I will try to equate all of this to a type of entropy, so I do hope that you see it when it comes out. I will link it here when I am done.

      1. I just watched your new video, thank you for such an in depth response. I chuckled when I saw the Ong’s Hat reference, some trends just come back around don’t they? I’m glad that you gave a serious response, since many in this circle don’t take it seriously on account of the ‘childishness’ of it (even if it does have some much older roots). I really believe however that the best way to do something well is to enjoy it and if this trend gets people thinking about and practicing astral projection and other techniques, then it can’t be a bad thing, even if they tend to oversimplify things. Hopefully your video will draw in some of these people and help them to achieve their goals.

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