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When we speak about an entity such as ghosts or poltergeist, what kinds of creatures are these really? Even when we speak about creatures that we considered to be quite flesh and blood, like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster, could we sometimes be misidentifying what we see?

When I talk about inorganic beings, please do not believe that I am negating the existence of flesh and blood creatures like Bigfoot or the existence of life beyond the grave like ghosts. What I am doing is presenting a seldom researched type of life form that exists on planet Earth, this is a sentient awareness without biological corporealness. Sentience and awareness that has the possibility of focused attention and is encased in an energetic structure that is not biological.

Some practitioners of the occult realized long ago that we share the Earth with a type of life that modern science believes to be completely impossible. These inorganic beings share this Earth with us and are far more aware of us than we are of them. While there seems to be a large chasm between us, that is they do seem to exist within their own separate universe as it were, they can nevertheless come through this thin membrane that separates our two worlds and interact with us.

These aware beings without physical clothing often get a bad rap. The reason for this is that their sustenance can sometimes make them rather dangerous company. They need to consume just like we do but while we consume our energy through other biological life-forms for the most part, they consume their energy directly; that is they consume their energy in raw form.

While they can survive quite easily on the energetic food supplied by the Earth itself, they do covet the extra power that they can consume from living organic entities. Specifically they crave emotional energy. All higher life forms generate emotional energy and this emotional energy is highly coveted by them because unlike us they cannot create this emotional energy themselves. While they seem almost inert energetically, we organic beings shine like bright lights compared to them.

Human beings are of course a great source of this energy. Fear and terror are what attract these creatures the most but any large emotional output is sufficient to attract their attention. While most of these creatures go about their business without much desire to interact with humanity at all, there are some that specialize in feeding off of the emotional energy that they can get from human beings. They can’t, to my knowledge,  hurt a human being directly but they can nevertheless scare one to death through the manipulation of his or her awareness.

I believe that many of the reports of paranormal phenomena are actually these inorganic beings interacting either accidentally or purposefully with human beings. As I said, I do not mean to deny the existence of ghosts for example but I do believe that SOME of these ghost reports are actually inorganic beings that witnesses confuse with departed spirits.

The interesting thing about these high-level inorganic beings, is that given the presence of intense emotional energy, they can take on the form of just about anything that suits their needs. While some Bigfoot reports for example might be quite legitimate, some of these reports could actually be inorganic beings taking on this form in order to create a huge terror response from the human that is witnessing the phenomena. They seem to have the ability to look within the minds of people and create the form of something that the person expects to see.

If we expect to see horned demons when we enter a certain place or make our way through a dark forest, then this is what we will see when we run into such an inorganic being. If we expect to see a big hairy creature, a wood-sprite, or a gray alien, this is what we will see and they will manipulate our awareness to get as much emotional energy from this encounter as possible.

As I said, this does not mean that all sightings of Bigfoot are inorganic beings. What it means is that there is another wrinkle that we must consider whenever we are hunting for the unknown. These inorganic creatures have been around seemingly long before we got to this Earth and will most likely be around far longer than we will be. Some occult practitioners have learnt to work with these creatures and there have been and there still are certain groups that worship these creatures as well.

Their existence is not a secret but modern man with his rational contemplations finds the existence of these beings to be utterly impossible. As such you will be hard-pressed to find knowledge of them anywhere except perhaps as reference where they are mislabeled as gods, demigods, criptids of all kinds, ghosts, poltergeist, etc.

The best way to identify such a creature as opposed to perhaps a paranormal encounters of a different kind, is to see how much this encounter seems to rely on an emotional response from you. If for example you encounter a criptid that seems to be more interested in terrorizing you or torturing you in some way as opposed to just getting the heck out of the way, you are most likely dealing with an inorganic being. If you could manage it, see what happens when you completely turn off all emotional response. An inorganic being would essentially fade away, turn into a vapor like substance or perhaps even an orb.

It’s a big wrinkle I know, with many overlaps into other phenomenon that could be quite legitimate paranormal phenomenon of another kind. Researching the paranormal is not an easy thing but anyone trying to understand this field should be aware of these creatures or else it will be impossible for this person to make any headway without finding incredible contradictions in their recorded data.


If you are interested in finding out more about inorganic beings, then may I suggest this book. In it I have given more detail about inorganic beings in general; for example the fact that they come in different shapes and sizes, the fact that while some can actually be intellectually superior to us, there are many that can be quite simplistic and animal like in nature. I dedicate a chapter to specifically talk about Predatory Non Organic Beings (PNOBs) and how to defend against and overcome them.




  1. great article… i have had inorganic beings in dreams after doing lucid dream practicing…. i now see them in waking life as two of my bedposts on my bed…. they don’t seem harmful and i’ve studied enough to know not to react emotionally… i was wondering what the positives of encountering such beings in waking life may be…? know of anyway to proceed so both sides can receive benefits?

    1. Good for you, it is very rare to have such a relationship with these creatures.
      The only reward from human interaction that organic being are after is emotional energy. It could be that they are curious and that is why many come close to people but if they stick around, then what they crave is human emotion; to them it’s sort of like heat from a flame…and food.

      For people, inorganic beings are best used as guides; their presence also provides people with a lift that makes inner travel much easier. Whether this is because they finally open up our beliefs to our possibilities or whether they actually give off a type of energy, I’m not sure, but this co-relation can be very beneficial to inner exploration; like you might do in lucid dreaming for example.

      I would suggest that you try and find your friends in your lucid dreams and then try to follow them there. When you see them in the dream, go to where they are, when you get there they might move or appear somewhere else, keep following. If you follow them like this, you will find that you will go from one inner scape to another very quickly. DO BE VERY CAREFUL THOUGH HERE. Do not over extend yourself.
      Inorganic beings will take you out of regular dreams and into actual other realms so don’t go too far until you get lots of experience! Also be careful and notice if these creatures feel like they know what they are doing or if it seems like they are just randomly leading you all over the place.

      If you go to amazing places, then your reward to them will be your emotional state and your sense of awe and purpose. If they lead you to dark places where there is much emotion but not much discovery, like a weird nightmare, then they could just be into taking your energy through emotional release like fright or despair. Its best to cut off these types as soon as possible or else you could have them start treating you like a food bowl.

  2. I’ve been terrorized, how can I cut myself with those?

    How to ignore them & not get frightened, theyappear in my mind & hunt me down?

  3. Forgot to mention

    Im clairvoyant, what appear in my mind can be projected to appear on plain background

    So they are driving me crazy

    1. Inorganic beings or rouge thought forms can be pesky things, and a sensitive person can be overwhelmed by their intrusion.
      I am sorry that you are having troubles with these beings but please do realize that you are not helpless, you just need to have the right methodology of how to deal with them and strong intent.
      I recommend that you get this book. The book will show you how to fight off any psychic attack that you might encounter, which is critical knowledge for any sensitive person.
      In chapter 7 you will be shown how to beat inorganic beings at their own game.

  4. Hi John, I bought your book last year and read it, and although I have a short memory I remember it was very refreshingly counterintuitive to what I’ve been lead to believe should be a strategy for dealing with inorganic beings, the parasitic ones. I remember you wrote basically to not avoid the negative emotion but to confront it.
    Now, I have a long history of dealing with them, mostly for being victimize by them since I was very young, maybe since I was born. And still today. 15 years ago was the time when all hell broke lose for me when I joined a monastery and was dedicated to meditation and tensegrity (some recapitulation, but I havent been able to comit to this, unfortunately, Im not disciplined). I was assaulted for a month on while awake also, head like an engine and also painful vibration all over my bosy, especially head and back, couldnt feel my feet and coudlnt breath. To the point I had to leave the monastery and all of that ended. Fast forward 15 years later, I had become a heavy partier but just quit a year ago, and I realize that I was being assaulted daily in my dreams by these beings when I used to drink often, especially while hangover and also when Im week as while I have depleted to much of my sexual energy or lack of proper sleep. My dreams became really intense, of a gang of people beating me up and I running away, and of being trapped in a house trying to escape. Also very often (Im a “semi-lucid” dreamer) I find myself in a dream trying to have sex (I know, shame on me) and although I know this to be extremely stupid and dangerous, at that moment my emotions rule me. When I do that, these beings at first seem like a cute woman but then transforms into a horrible hairy man or an ugly creature. I managed to reduce about 90% of all that after I quit drinking a year ago. Now I can be more in control. I drink sometimes, when I slip, like a couple days ago and the weird dreams came back. Also even the day after I was feeling extremely gloomy and could feel and see the “shadow people” around me (something normally only people on meth accomplish, I dont do anyh drugs).
    Now for the last part of this, this tends to happen after I meditate before going to bed.
    I’ve been derailed from my original purpose for 15 years, and just slowly recovering from my lack of discipline, but mainly I want to share that I think definitely if you cut out a few things from your life you’ll be happier, like quit drugs, alcohol and be moderate about sex, also trying to not indulge in negative emotions (like the 4th way teachings).
    If you have any insights for me that would be very appreciated, as I really I wish I could go back to “dreaming” (lucid) without being attacked so ruthlessly. I might have to re-read your book, and thanks!!

    1. Hi,
      I am sorry that you are having such a tough time of it. When you say that you got my book, I will assume that you mean “Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense“. If so then I think that you will find a good deal of information there on how to deal with those parasitic beings that love to feast on us sometimes.
      I will tell you one thing though, if you are having such problems with them, you can be assured that you have done some good work with your meditation and recapitulation because they only tend to bother people that have enough energy build up to be tasty to them. So please realize that you have done some good work.
      Yes emotional control is very important and I am glad that you are trying to control your excesses in the partying department. I do believe that the only way to deal with the baggage that we carry emotionally is to confront it, experience it, and see where it leads us. The understanding that we can get from such experiences can sometimes be amazing.
      You can then use reabsorb lost energy using the techniques described in the book mentioned above. This would be my advice to you. You can recapitulate lost energy from the past using these techniques and you can literally fight back against any aggressive inorganic beings using these techniques as well; reabsorb your negative energy (past or present) and eat the inorganics when they try to eat you. In this way you attack instead of just defend, and this makes all the difference in the world.
      Good luck fellow traveler.

      1. I wish i had found this 10 years ago when i qould gemerally get attacked at night with a similar occurence as Emuluano. It was in sophomore year of college that I had enough after 5 years of seepless nights and fear that i was going insane. I didnt know who to speak to abput my night terrors of waking up paralized feelimg and overwhelmimg feeling of fear and hearimg a laughter wgisper in my ear as this thing sat on my chest suckingg the life out me. I too would experience them more when i would drink or was stressed. One night I decoded I was going to fight back even if O was crazy to think THERE WAS ANOTHER ENTITY. in the room with me. I envoked the angels for the fist time in my life in a moment of desperation… Began to pray to any and all of Gods hands if they were there. I felt a rush from behind my back come through me like a beam of light..and my protection voice said laughing sternly and frightingly powerfully at this creature “You think you you can come here! Into MY TEMPLE!!! The laugh was so powerful i jolted into the air coming out of the paralyzed state.. My heart pumping amd body sweating. I had beat the son of a bitch and never again have been attacked. They try every once in a while when im stressed or not paying attention to my thoughts. But i know the creepy feeling to well to ever allow them to fill me with fear again. I want to share that regardless of your lifestyle.. These things feed on insecurities and self judgement as much as fear. They prey on higher spiritually connected people that tend to be more sensitive but of you think about it. Its because we have so much powerful energy that they dont want us to ever gain enough awareness so they can keep leeching. They have no power save for the one we grant them.

          1. Hi John,

            I have read a good lot of Carlos Castanedas books and have, throughout the years drifted and come back towards this subject. Intuitively I do not beleive there is such thing as evil or good, rather prefer to see consciousness and energy as an unavoidable collision of levels of frequencies and vibrations. With every dimmension following the physical rules of its frequencies, and with conscious awareness being the tool to travel between these frequencies (dimmensions), however we may preceive them. Throughout the years I have to come to realize that one must attain much energy: mentally, spiritually and physically and be able to control that energy for any successful convergence of conscious communication with such creatures that are inorganic. I am still very much a novice, however have had enough experiences astral projecting and lucid dreaming to know I have the ability to conjur this energy with strict observation of thoughts and careful behavior in the day to day life in order to clear the mind of distractions and emotional weights that do not allow us to acheive such states.
            I am currently practicing the art of communicating with and trading energy with the inorganic beings, as I have for the past few years. Two years ago I was exchanging information with one that served as a muse for my music and art. I wrote many songs during this time and was able to develop musically like never before. I realized that the exchange had to end because it was draining me of my other energy to interact with humans and I was using substances to facilitate the interaction thus it was taking a toll on my own body. I know I cheated in this sense and that this is not the advised way to do so, however I am an impatient person and often find shortcuts to attain short goals. The exchange was successful, but when it was time to say goodbye, I let the creature know I could no longer continue the exchange. For lack of better words, I believe it let me know that once I told it to leave, it could not return. It took me a week to finally agree that this was the end of our interaction. There were times that I felt it would try to latch on to particular people around me and felt it would ask me to take energy from them (in a sense), or almost as a permission to take it from them. I found myself pondering the idea of trading energy that was not even mine to give. I had never felt this vampire like sensation before and it was one of the determining factors that I took to end the exchange. I meditated and sternly told it to leave and let it known I had no use for it any longer and that I no longer would agree to exchange. When it was finally gone, I felt an overwhelming feeling of loneliness and emptiness that I had not experienced before.Does this sound familiar at all, or could this be a complete fabrication of my own imagination?

          2. Thanks you for sharing your story Victoria, it is both fascinating and moving.
            I can say that it is indeed a familiar tale, in that this is how many true inorganic interactions work.

            I think that you are very lucky in that you seem to know a good deal about the energetic configurations of consciousness thanks to your work and studies. Usually such interactions happen when these beings identify a person as a potential source of energy exchange. They look for people with more conscious power than average which they judge by this person’s ability to project astrally, or by being able to manipulate their consciousness in a certain way.
            The part where your prior work helped you greatly is in identifying this being as a separate non (and never was) human awareness. Usually these being make contact in disguise, as it were, and present themselves as a departed soul, as a mystic master, or in the modern era as an alien beings from another planet. This is not to say that such contact with such beings is not possible, it is just the case that most often these inorganic alien beings disguise themselves in this way in order to get what they want more easily.

            And yes, after they have used up most of your energy they ask, and sometimes even show you, how to take more energy from others in order to help them. Their sales pitch is simple and practical, ‘we provide knowledge, true company, inspiration, and power, and all that we ask in return is some of the energy that most people would not even miss. Unfortunately this exchange becomes more and more costly over time so I commend you on your ability to call it quits.
            One small bit of advice in parting. It will not call again but it will wait, if it is energetically feasible, for you to plead (beg) for a return to the old arrangement, so stay aware, and again thank you for sharing!

  5. Hi John Kreiter,

    First of all, thank you so much for sharing this information. Your clarity and straightforward explanations of how the world really works have been extremely helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I have a couple of questions and wasn’t sure where to post them, so I hope here is ok. In your Vampire and Archon book, you talk about the PNOBs – which I have encountered many times. I remember one morning seeing one eating my residual foot energy out of my shoes (ever since then I don’t leave much of anything on the floor because these banana slug looking ones seem to ply their trade on the ground and even though they seem more harmless than other ones I have encountered …. just ewwww). But anyway, I was thinking to myself that there must be a pretty close relationship between these types of energetic parasites and organic, physical ones, such as the ones people have in their bodies. And so my question to you is — how can one use energetic tools to assist with eradicating these organic, physical, 3d parasites? Would the same methods outlined in your books work? What is the relationship or connection between PNOBs and, well, POBs?

    My second question is more Archon related. I was wondering what the relationship is between demons and fallen angels and the Archon? Do they work together at all or is it more opportunistic?

    Ok now I’m on a roll and one more question popped into my head. I was wondering when would be the best time to use the reverse breathing technique you write about in the Vampire book versus the Energy Absorption Technique you write about in the Archon book. Both are excellent techniques by the way, although I seem to find it a little easier to do the Energy Absorption one. Are there times and circumstances where one would be more appropriate or effective than the other? Is the Reverse best for fighting PNOBs and the other one better for general floating around energy?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Alison,

      -Your first question is a difficult one to answer, it would certainly deserve its own book in order to try and answer it properly.
      Yes you could use modified versions of the techniques mentioned in my books, including the ones on Servitors, to fight off such physical parasitic attacks. And this is related to the connection between these beings, which is the relation between what we would consider the manifest and the un-manifest from the perspective of our physical natures and physical senses.
      Some things are not manifest to us because vibrationally they are different from us. And that is the relation between ‘some’ non-organic parasites and their physical counterparts.
      But there are also other non-organic parasites that can never become physically manifest from our physical perspective because they are a completely different order of life, separate from us. They live in a different plane of existence that allows for a limited type of interaction with us as physical creatures; they can drain our energy but they can’t drive cars for example.
      Both of these different types of non-organic parasites are connected to the organic ones through a similarity in energetic need and intent.
      Sorry, this is a hard topic.

      -Another hard one 🙂
      And yet…the relation to the above question is almost the same. There is the manifest, the un-manifest, and the different order of life. The Archon, along with some of what is referred to as demons and the fallen are a different order of life, they exist in a different plane of reality but can affect this one to some degree. While some of them are the un-manifest which sometimes moves into this physical realm through physical manifestation (like sickness, famine, storms etc.) and what may be ‘poorly’ referred to as spirit possession.
      Do they work together? Yes, to the extent that they share similar intent. Opportunity is just the satisfaction of intent by different means, but it is still the same intent.

      -I find that reverse breathing is good for absorption of attacking energy (martial energy) while, general IN Polarity ingestion as mentioned in the ‘Archon’ book is better for all around negative energy. So yes, even though such differentiation is subjective, I would totally agree with you on what works best for what.
      Hope that helps to some degree 🙂

  6. Dear JK,

    Thank you a thousand times over for taking the time to answer my questions. I’m sure you are very busy and I consider it a great kindness for you to do this.

    Your answers were extremely helpful, and much like when I am reading your books, I have to keep going over and over the material, sometimes multiple times, because every single sentence is important and also requires a shift from the old ways of thinking that I sometimes get bogged down in to understand the mind-blowing significance of what you are saying,.

    Do I have a hundred more questions? Yes indeedy I do! But I don’t want to inundate you and I am going to exercise Herculean restraint here and mull a bunch of things over and try to prioritize a bit so I can be a bit more circumspect with further questions.Although I am dying to know why spirit possession is a poorly used term! OK that question just leaked out but I really mean it this time — holding off on questions. Mmmph,

    Thank you again so very much!

  7. John i have a question. When i do tarot card readings or i ching readings and they are amazingly accurate, even on an app, what is doing the readings? Is it a good entity or bad entity? Your higher self, guardian angel, or demons as Christians claim? Any idea? Can you write an article about this sometime? Thanks.

    1. Hi Winston,
      An article sounds like a wonderful idea. If I am able yo get this done, I will link it here.
      The short answer for now is really a difficult one because there really is no short answer, and indeed these are questions that I am still grappling with because the answers are so overwhelmingly big.

      As I understand it thus far, the forces at work here are the same forces that literally create personal reality. One can see the power of these forces at work most clearly, I think, in the dream dimension.
      In dreams for example, if we are able to become far more aware of the dreams we have every night, we often see and experience a great deal of symbological content that most often has divinatory properties; that is, it tells us the future through symbological means.
      For example, in Genesis 41 the Pharaoh’s dream, synbologically represented by the seven fat cows and then seven gaunt ones is a dream of the future tidings of Egypt.

      Moreover, these divinatory forces seem to somehow be able to transcend the dream state, that is they can not only change our dreams into symbolic things that spell out the future for us, they seem to be also able to change the physical world for this same purpose (arranging a Tarot card deck for example, controlling the fall of a coin(s), or the order of yarrow sticks).

      The inherent power of the I Ching or the Tarot seems to be showing us that these forces, this inner awareness in man has a great deal of influence over the material world therefore, just as it has over the dream one. That is, this reality seems to be far more fluid and magical than most of us would care to suspect.

      It is possible I suppose that some may be under dark and dangerous influences and this may account for some of their divinatory skill, but to say that these dark forces are the true source of this power is not, in my opinion, accurate at all!
      I think that this ability is inherent in all of humanity, it is part of our greater being, and things such as the Tarot and the I Ching are tools that we use to allow ourselves to access this greater reality that we have access to.
      Divinatory systems like the Tarot or the I-Ching seem to be able to allow the mind to tap into this underlying subconscious force in man by allowing man to let his guard down and accept the fact that randomness is an illusion.
      No evil entities needed I think, just greater sensitivity and the ability to let go and trust the world and your greater self.

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