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We look in any direction and we see walls.
We look into the horizon and our eyes see a finite kind of termination to what is supposed to be infinite space; sort of like being stuck inside a snow globe.
We are told that this is the end of us,
that our eyes, our senses, can perceive only so far; that we have a limit and that this is it.
In our fiction we are told that something may be taking from us; that our power is being sucked from us… But what if we are the ones trapping ourselves?
What is the power the traps us within walls, within the cube of rationality? Who is the master, as the Zen koan goes, the makes the grass green?
It is us says the fighter. It is the secret King in us… Corrupted by the darkest cloud.
The fight is not with something Out There, it is in us!
The inner alchemist fights this fight,
it is a fight for the only thing worthy of us… Individuality and total freedom.


The fight is not Out There somewhere, it is inside of us. As I have told you over and over again in many of my books, the out there is not really Out There, it is only an illusion of perception, an illusion based on the rational conception of reality. The Out There is really inside of us, this is why the wave that I belong to is referred to as INNER alchemy, it is not the way of the Puffer, it is not the way of rationality and the illusion that endlessly traps us within a cage of external walls and hard objects.
To go within is to go without, this is the great secret.


    1. A very good point Risha. I am constantly telling people the same thing or most often I’m saying that to go within is to go without, as there is no real border between one or the other, and that they are ‘both’ an illusion.
      But, there is a time to understand the metaphysical aspects of reality and how it is that we create a kind of illusion through our own reliance on external senses and the rational point of view, and then there is a time to act, a time for ‘inner’ action.
      There is therefore a time for poetry and the beauty that this poetry is able to bring forth, and the ability of this poetry to allow the constricted mind to go beyond its limits…and a time to do and act in the world.
      In order to act, at least in order for me to define techniques that will allow someone to act, to partake in action of any kind (whether you wish to define it as inner or outer), I must define and refine the possibilities available to human beings, and how it to best to use those abilities to move beyond, to actually be able to ‘see’ in a direct manner and in that way for them to perceive for themselves how it is that the inner and the outer are an illusion. In other words a way for an individual to see these realities (such us the illusion of the inner and the outer) not just as dogma, not just words on a webpage, but as actual things, real things for them to know directly as individuals, not just as intellectuals quoting what they read in some book.
      And the only way to be able to do that is to work and define technique, and the only way to do that is to at times, and I agree only at times, use logical and to some extent somewhat rational definitions that can then allow the attention of the individual to move forward, which is actually a movement in all directions simultaneously, and those directions are not within or without, because even that is in and of itself is an illusion. So motion therefore requires action, and action which is the true doing, the only actual free willed ‘motioning’ of a Lucid individuality, can only start with definition of techniques towards action, which by the way is not either inner or outer but motion, and motion is in all definitions a property of energetics first and a property of dimensional physics second, and that only in certain dimensional fields.
      As to there not being a fight, well that’s your individual right to believe one way or the other. If you feel that the world is perfect for you and it is moving forward in the direction that you think is best, then there is nothing for you to do, you can just float along and be who you are.
      I do not believe as you do, I follow the way of inner alchemy which is the main focus of this site, and I seek a certain outcome, a Lucid outcome, a consciously willed choice, as such there is action for me and such a task for us fighters is best seen as a strategic endeavor, as a consciously decided step by step move towards a consciously desired goal. The way of inner alchemy is Lucid motion.

  1. Thanks for your reply about celibacy back then John. I think I figured it out. As for this topic…It’s a fight alright, everyone who has been seriously at it knows that a fight is a very fitting metaphor. A fight against your very own self and sometimes you feel like you are a kindergarden kid armwrestling a muscle-bound giant. And yet you know you cannot give up until you are strong enough to defeat your enemy with one single punch. If you want to…would really want to? Lately it has been dawning upon me more and more that it’s gonna be a lonely existence in eternity…after you have attained the singularity of consciousness, real individuation and “Gnosis”, realizing your “I am”. It seems like it is then that you won’t be able to have any rest of sleep anymore and you also won’t be able to get any illusion of there being something external, no comfort of forgetting yourself and just enjoying the illusory game. What will you do when you realize nothing is real an you have to artificially give sense to existence, and all the love and beauty, inspiration and motivation you experience is only a reflection of yourself coming from within yourself and not actually found in some being or thing externally. After an eternity of immortal existence, will you end up like Nosferatu, tormented and alone longing for the sweet release of death?
    Sometimes after I exit a creative visualization I feel like the “physical” world I return to feels less real than my fantasy, and I wonder why I even stopped meditating and got up. I never want to wake up here ever again, I want to stay in my own reality forever, being a god as the eternal “I am”. But when I realize what I have written above, I sometimes lose all my will to live because I see that I’m a zombie between worlds, unable to go back to the Matrix and not yet completely in the realm of immortals, not knowing if I even want to go there. Sometimes when meditating or thinking too much about this I get an extreme tingling in my stomach and a sense of anxiety and shortage of breath and I just feel like screaming out, or sometimes crying. But I’m just talking to myself, words to the wind. And that’s how it is, eventually you find out there is absolutely nobody to talk to, and nobody who will listen except yourself. I know all the answers to all my questions are already there, and still I wish for somebody to tell me how to be strong and how to carry on.

    1. Thank you for your words Mercy.
      Yes, it is the belief of inner alchemists anyway that true individual awareness begins and ends with conscious movement, Lucid motion. Without lucid motion you are just a cork floating in a tempestuous sea, and while some might find such a fate quite appealing, which they have all the right to have by choosing to not choose, this is not the way of the inner alchemist.
      When one engages in such lucid motion, such inner action can in time allow them to see infinity as you have, and the sight of this infinity is both incalculably lonely and somehow deeply sad. It has taken me a long time to realize that this sadness does not come from loneliness, but it comes from the overwhelming power of glimpsing such unbelievable beauty; infinity is the most beautiful thing that a human being can witness!!
      It is this beauty, this inability to ‘handle’ the beauty of this infinity, that we humans experiences as loneliness, and that odd pang in the center of our being like a melancholy beyond reason and hope.
      When the utter beauty of eternity becomes too much for the fighter, what they must do is do something I refer to as using their personal logos. They do this by creating for themselves in that infinity a room, a structure of their own making, a structure that is good and wholesome to them, and put themselves in there and exist in that place for a time until the sheer power and beauty of infinity feels not so overwhelming to them anymore.
      In such a wholesome room, a fighter for example might examine a rose or some kind of beautiful flower and in that inner structural creation, engaging in that inner action, discover their individuality and their power again. And if such a fighter is still bound to the physical dimension, such a fighter may also wish to open their eyes and go outside, and see a ‘real’ flower after this exercise is over, and contemplate (truly feel deep within themselves) the difference between that inner flower and the outer one.
      Such an exercise can allow a fighter to gain their strength and go on.

  2. Hey John I felt as if a lot of your techniques you provided in your books had a lot to do with the cultivation and of the 3 treasures in Taoism and have some relation to them. I understand that in Taoism these three treasures are all different types of energy that come in different forms but energy all in the same. I wanted to ask about your point of view and thoughts on this. Since energy can come in different forms according to the Taoist way how would you explain the cultivation and absorption of these different types of energies in relation to the techniques you provided? I know that this can all be about some dogmatic belief system but I found this to true for me for me in my subjective experience. I experienced at least that using your techniques have felt to me to have the greatest impact on my Chi levels but I’m not sure about Shen and especially Jing which is thought to be inherited to you and developed after birth. I can’t say I have really had enough experience to develop my own understanding and skills as an alchemist enough to know the answer or explanation to this if there is one but I hope I’m making sense here. I am mainly asking because I really desire to cultivate and have more Jing as well as have a good balance of all 3 of these energies in my life and am contemplating how I can do this in relation to Alchemy. I don’t know if you can answer this question for me but I really appreciate your responses to some of the other people on this forum and your participation and it has been really interesting for me to read and I would love to know what you think about this if that’s possible. Thank you

    1. You know, I have been asked this question before and I can definitely see everyone’s point of view in that there are many similarities between what I am talking about and Taoism. What I have said though is that these similarities are only as you point out, dogmatic in nature. This is so in that I could use other systems, for example I could use the yogic system with their seven chakras to try to explain the kind of energetic work that inner alchemists engage in.
      I have found that it is much easier to relate this material to a Taoist point of view because of its very practical nature and because of the fact that I naturally tend to have a bend in that direction, even though I am most definitely a Western practitioner. I feel that the point in the end is that this work is certainly not bound by any kind of geographic location but it is work that you might say existed before such boundaries were established, or perhaps an even better answer would be to say that those that established these principles did not reside in the geographic locations that have now come to be known as, East, West, etc.
      As to the three energies and how you may use your personal experience in Taoism, I would say that if these demarcation points in energy help you in the beginning, that is if you are most comfortable separating these energies into Chi, Shen, Jing, then do continue to do so as this might be of help to you, as well as the exercises that you are used to. My feeling is that as you engage in more internal work, especially of the inner alchemist variety, and this work will include movement through the rooms of the projectionist as I point out in the book, the way of the projectionist, you will see that these demarcation points have little meaning and that you will be exercising different energetic properties that will intermingle, so that these demarcation points will become meaningless to you in time. Further, you will find that the work with these internal energies may have little to do with what you might understand to be one or the other type of energy, being that as you progress through the rooms of the projectionist for example and engage in all sorts of movements into other dimensional zones, these energies will be used at the appropriate time in the appropriate manner and may even take on properties that are completely new to you. I hope you get what I mean.

      1. Thank you for your response and yes that very much makes sense I can definitely see that as I further my practices the terms will practically be meaningless. I have not read your book the Way of the Projectionist so my understanding is certainly limited for now but I’m excited to do so. Thank you once again 🙂

  3. Greetings John, I hope you are more than well. I write to you to have a feedback on a couple of topics that I believe are very important…

    Always thanks for your patience John. Really. All my best

    1. I would agree with most of what you have said Tony.
      I think that if you have had a chance to read some of my books, specifically Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy, you will note that I would agree with you on all of the points that you have mentioned.
      Quite simply, the archon takes natural order and natural hierarchies and uses them and twist them in order to create for itself the greatest amount of emotional chaos and horror possible, that it then feeds on quite ruthlessly.
      It is the case that in this time and in past times, one can see quite simply that there are those that are trying to help and beyond that there are those that are trying to profit from everything.
      The archonic cloud twists certain quite valid energetic channels within humanity and turns them into something that could quite simply be called greed, stupidity, and fear.

  4. Thanks for your reply John… Of course I have your book, but I admit that I still have to read it. I have read Magnum Opus, the way of the projectionis and the one about out of body experiences… The next will be overcoming the Archon. In these times we need to achieve all the awareness possible….

    Your reply is very important to me…these last days I’ ve been overwhelmed by a lot of rumors… And I felt a clear Archonic web all around this topic….

    Thanks to the great work with the rooms of the projectionist I understood that the next big thing about Archonic mass distraction is probably some confusion around extraterrestrial beings. The Archon is preparing the table….

  5. Hi John
    I’m loving your work. Do you think the rune work of Edred Thorsson is useful at all? I wondering if the runes are worth the energy.

    1. Sorry Matt but I am not at all familiar with the work of the person that you mention.
      As far as working with Runes, I think that you will find that throughout my books, I always tried to stay as far away from ritual work as possible. Even when it comes to creating servitors and working with such entities and others like them, I tried to break down the techniques required so that there is no need for ritual activity per se.
      I do this because I feel that ritual activity tends to have a dogmatic quality that can blind the practitioner from the greater energies that are truly required to do the work. While it might be helpful at the beginning to have such symbolic and ritualistic material, in the long run this material will always cause issues if the practitioner is not able to see past the metaphor.
      I would say that as you work with the runes or the kind of techniques that you are working with, try to see the underlying energetic movement that you are doing in order to try to make this work successful. As you do so, begin to realize that you can do that work without the symbology and when you can do this you will find that you will not need an external device (as it were) of any kind. The ability to go beyond this dogmatic work will greatly increase your power, not limit it.

  6. Hello John, I hope you’re well. I have a question about perception and seeing during our projections. You say that when we have a scene before us, we have to absorb it to reveal the true form of what we are seeing, in a similar way we do with energy absorbing techniques learned in magnum opus. Do you intend that during our projections we have to breathe in with phisical body too or just “imaging” doing it with our double? There are other methods to unveil the true form or nature of those dreams scenes?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Johnny,
      when you perform this technique you are doing it with your double or your ghost and as such this ghost does not in essence need to breathe. What can happen though is that the physical body that you left behind in a way might breathe in in an unconscious way when you performed this energetic technique, if it does so then this is okay. Generally speaking now, if you remember back to the techniques when I discuss psychic energy pumps, you will remember that this pulling can be done without breathing in and this is the way to best do this while projecting.
      Another way to get very similar results like this is to maintain perfect energetic containment. This will also greatly help and revealing the true form of things.

  7. Very clear John, thank you! Looking forward for your third book of the trilogy

  8. The issue with there is no fight out there.. i remember doing energy absorption as your books say i opened my eyes and the darkness i was seeing i saw it around me there was nothing out there and as i closed my eyes i saw the outside inside me for a moment the outside seemed to be inside and the inside outside, and as i was trying to see what is this i was everything i thought was out there was just a reflection of what is in me, in my mind

    1. It is very easy to get lost in terms. Our phenomenology, our intentionality, and the way we speak, is all a result of our perceptions and how it is that we order those perceptions.
      I totally understand what you are trying to say, and I have said this many times in my books; there is no out there or in here, these are just ways to try to describe perceptions that are happening in dimensions beyond understanding using a language that is bound within the phenomenology of rationality.
      …but communicate we must, at least for now using language until something better comes along for us. As such, the above is a poem of sorts, a rallying cry using the rational phenomenology of the times to give a kind of workable substance to an action that we must engage in in the intensity of time that we refer to as biological existence.
      In accordance with inner alchemy there is no outside or inside, these are illusions, but we must communicate, and such communication will always involve a compartmentalization that will create illusions.
      In the simplest of terms, from the inner alchemist’s point of view, the fight is outside and inside us simultaneously.

  9. Hey John. I reflected on what you said to me in the youtube comments and what you have written in your book in regards to aligning your believes and turning death into power. I think I can finally accept and do the first excercise in your latest book as I have come to understand what you mean. I also managed to find insde of myself what you have described, namely the conflicting beliefs which rob me of energy and let me waste my lifetime until it’s too late. I had doubts of giving death a solid place in my logos and had a fear that such a thing might be detrimental to me, but that was only me still being in ignorance. I wanted to engage in a futile attempt to deny death out of my logos, but I can now see how that is something that would only rob me of energy and in the end death would find me anyway because what it comes down to is me half-assing my development and half-assing my logos too. It is better to accept the fact that biological death WILL happen, and your time is running out. With the logos a little bit more lucid and the beliefs aligned I can already feel having some more energy and being able to turn death into power. Strangely, it gives me confidence too because since I have chosen to fully accept biological death, I can work harder to surive it and make the best of my development until then. I think I got a first hand experience of what it’s like to find your conflicting beliefs and solve them too to empower yourself.

    1. Yes that is the odd nature of the human condition, we must accept but fight…without ever hoping to win, but still fight with everything that we have because in the end such a fight, at least in accordance to inner alchemists, is the only thing that counts.

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