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vampire2smallThe world is an extremely mysterious place, it is like a giant dark ocean that hides many secrets within its depths. Within those depths for example, there is an infinite variety of life, most of which, contrary to what science would tell us, exists completely outside of humanities purview. Besides being an infinitely mysterious place, this world is also a predatory world, it is generally the case that one life form will need to consume, some or all of another life form, in order to survive.

In our modern society, vampires have become a very powerful archetype, for the hidden predatory life that exists outside the purview of man. I find this very fitting, because it is my opinion that no other creature bridges the gap, between man and that predatory darkness better than the vampire.

One large reason why I believe that a vampire, is the perfect archetype of that vast darkness all around us, is because the vampire is considered a fictional creature by mainstream society. It is the case then, that when we see a vampire in the movies, we dismiss such creatures as pure fantasy, which allows us to enjoy our books and movies without distress. And when we see or hear about people that like to dress up and act like real vampires, most people tell themselves that all of this is the result of delusion and too much free time.

Similarly, when authors or occult practitioners speak about the epic forces that surround humanity, about the sentience of these great forces, and about the fact that such forces are predatory, most people dismiss such talk as fantasy, which makes life far more enjoyable and easier to tolerate.

But the truth is, that we humans are mere specks floating around a mere speck of a planet, that circles the outer edge of a tiny galaxy, in a dark cosmos that is so big that we can’t even begin to ponder its volume. And within that unfathomable space, there are things that are so vast and indifferent to us, that humanity, and the science that it practices, cannot begin to deal with it in any other way than to ignore it, and call it the stuff of over active imaginations.

Perhaps the best that we have done, the best that we can do, within the mainstream of our shared human society, is to create a small little window into that outer darkness, one that allows us to take a quick peek every once in a while, but one that is not too large, so that we are able to easily restrain our collective fears of the dark unknown. A wonderful representative of that window, which most dismiss as fantasy and pseudo-science, is the vampire.

If for a moment, we are able to look into the vampire myth with an open mind, and ponder the possibility that within this vast and unknown universe, it might be possible that the vampire could be real, what might we find?

We could begin with a general definition of the vampire mythos, because it provides a wonderful encapsulation, of the greater reality that faces all humans on this planet, and it hints at the potential within us all, if we are willing to embrace the reality, of this darkness that surrounds us.

silhouette-66683_1920smallThe vampire mythos tells us that the vampire protagonist, or antagonist, is generally born a regular human, and that through some dark necromantic alchemy, this human is turned into an undead creature of great power, that needs to feed on the living.

A vampire then is a human being that has embraced, or has been impelled to embrace the darkness. As a result of this dark embrace, he or she gains great power, which he or she usually uses for rather mundane human affairs. But as we, along with this tragic vampiric hero or villain, contemplate the immortality that this creature now possesses, we begin to contemplate the possibilities available to a being that in many ways has left the human world far behind.

Indeed this enduring myth of the tragic vampire, has overtaken popular western culture like a slow storm. There are many books and movies written about vampires, both fiction and non-fiction, and as a result, social media and our social spheres, are full of vampire references and even vampire clubs and groups.

These vampire groups have actually become incredibly popular in the last few decades, with many people joining vampire houses, or covens, because they are either interested in the vampire mythos, or because they truly believe that they are vampires themselves.

As the subculture has expanded, those people that believe that they are vampires, tend to have many different beliefs about what a vampire is, and how he or she should go about exercising his or her vampire persona.

Generally speaking, these modern groups believe that a vampire is a human being who for one reason or another, has the need to feed on other people, in order to acquire a vital energetic substance that he or she is not able to produce naturally. Such practicing vampires believe that there are three basic methods to acquire this energy;

  • The first is through the ingestion of a small bit of blood,
  • the second method is through the ingestion of psychic life force,
  • and the third method is the ingestion of psychic energy, through the sexual act

As a result of this incredible growth in all things vampire, and because of all of the individuals that are now coming out of the coffin as it were, proclaiming or discovering that they are vampires, there have been a number of great alterations in the vampire mythos, in essence altering what a vampire is, or can be.

Interestingly, at least to me, this taking over of the vampire mythos by self-proclaimed human vampires, has actually enhanced our understanding of what the real truth behind the vampire legend is. I imagine that there are two major reasons for this,

The first is that we are now using modern language and ideas, to explain realities that were once only being expressed, using archaic and mediaeval language and conceptions. Instead of blind fear and superstition, we are now quite openly looking at, and talking about something that defies easy explanation. Instead of using simplistic and prejudiced terms and concepts, to try and explain something that was once considered offensive or off-limits, we are now developing clearer, more complex, and open-minded concepts in order to answer occult questions.

The second reason that I believe that this new vampiric blossoming, has helped us to understand the true reality of what the vampire really is, is that human beings are far more intuitive and capable than most would imagine. When a large collective of human minds is focused in one direction, it can mean that a certain energetic wave has been activated, and such a collective pooling of human attention, can uncover hidden truths. It can also allow some to begin to develop new talents and abilities.

I am grateful for this energetic wave and for this continually developing vampire culture, within their ranks I see many kindred spirits.

Now, I cannot speak about the many beliefs, that the vampires within these groups might have about the reality of vampires. All I can do, is share what I have been able to discover about the vampire, through my own investigations and travels.

full-moon-1372783_1920smallTo start off, from what I have been able to discover, the biological human vampire does not seem to exist. What I mean by this is that, aside from vampire bats and a few other biological lifeforms that do indeed ingest blood in order to sustain life, the biological human vampire does not seem to exist. There are to my knowledge, no sentient flesh and blood creatures out there, with some special gland or organ, that allows them to ingest blood in order to live forever. Certainly there are human beings out there that do like to wear fangs, and that do like to drink blood because they believe that this will prolong their lives, or because it is necessary for them in some way, but actual flesh and blood vampires, like in The Strain novels for example, don’t seem to exist. I at least have never run across a true biological vampire in any of my investigations or travels on this earth, and I suspect that if such creatures are real, they must be very good at staying hidden, or must be very few in number.

That being said, I have discovered that vampires do in fact exist, and some of them are indeed flesh and blood creatures.

In order for what I have said to make sense, I must make the distinction that the real vampires of which I speak, do not need blood in order to sustain life, and to escape deaths final trap and become immortal.

This again does not mean that the spilling of blood, and the token ingestion of some of this blood, does not exist within the true vampires customs and rituals, it just means that blood, biological plasma, is not a critical aspect of vampirism.

All real vampires then, as far as I have been able to discover through my personal investigations, are psychic vampires. Even those that find it absolutely necessary to ingest blood, are in actuality psychic vampires, that are predominantly only able to ingest this energetic life- force, through the blood ritual.

What I am saying, is that all real vampires, that is, all vampires that truly exist within this realm, or that can travel in and out of it, are in essence creatures that survive by ingesting the psychic life force of other creatures. These creatures can be said to be predatory in that they consume the life of others in order to survive.

Many living beings on this earth can be said to be predatory, humans for example are predatory beings, because they too need to ingest other living things in order to survive. Vampires though are creatures that have been able to finely hone their digestive processes, so that they are able to consume the true essence of all life. Within the human spectrum, these psychic vampires vary in their need for actual material food. Most of the human vampires that you see in the popular clubs, and in covens, are people that need to eat as much as anyone, but that use that extra energy that they get from vampiric feeding, to overcome an energetic lack in themselves.

If such vampires are able to enhance their abilities over time, they can sometimes change, and become beings that end up requiring less and less actual food to stay alive. These enhanced human vampires, like certain Indian Yogis, are able to survive without the need for so much physical food,, Until there comes a time when such vampires require little, or no food at all. Once this stage in development is achieved, I find that it is better to refer to such creatures as alchemists, instead of vampires, because they have developed the ability to transmute certain life energies within their own beings.
And like all true alchemists, the final challenge left for such beings, is to develop a continuous self-awareness, that is able to endure physical death.

illussion-53369_1920smallWhile the existence of such vampires and alchemists might seem astounding, in my opinion the truly astounding thing is that, within the realm of the psychic life force ingesting vampire, there are two fundamental varieties. The first is the Flesh and blood human vampire or alchemist.. The second, is a truly astounding creature, a creature that is non-organic in its composition!
Firstly, as I have mentioned, there truly are on this planet, human beings that have the ability to drain the psychic life force from another person, and can use that force in order to enhance their own life. And there are even those that can further refine this life force that they have ingested, so that they are able to greatly prolong their earthly existence, and that can, through great struggle, eventually even cheat death altogether.

And if that is not amazing enough, there is a far older vampire life form that has been on this planet for millennia. What is really incredible about this older and far more powerful vampiric life form, is that it is not flesh and blood.

The best name, in my opinion, for these creatures is non-organic predatory beings. I call them this because they are creatures that do not have flesh and blood bodies, and yet they are nevertheless alive and aware beings. Besides being inorganic,, these creatures are predatory in nature. What I mean by this, is that they survive by consuming the life force of other creatures, most often biological creatures, that is creatures that are made up of flesh and blood, like you and me.

My research has shown me, that it was the non-organic predatory beings that were the first vampires on this Earth, and that they were the catalyst that created human vampires. The first human vampires, who could more accurately be called priests, witch-doctors, sorcerers or alchemists, either through direct interaction with, or through meticulous observation of, non-organic predatory beings, found out how to consume psychic life force, and how to use this life force to increase health, awareness, and longevity. Eventually these practices by human alchemists, allowed them to cheat death.

It is the case then, that the entirety of the vampire mythos, originates from either these non-organic predatory beings interacting with the human population, or as a result of regular people interacting with these ancient human alchemists, who stole the secrets of immortality from non-organic beings.

mask-1441592_1920smallHow these inorganic creatures, interacted with humanity in the past, and how it was that certain human beings could learn to consume life force as these creatures did, and do, can be explained in a general mythic pattern, that is consistent throughout the whole of the planet.

Generally, non-organic beings, either predatory in nature or not, were worshiped by ancient people as Gods. This is a complex topic that would require its own video to explain in any decent detail.

Suffice it to say that many of the ancient gods, and many of the effects attributed to modern gods, are the result of non-organic beings interacting with people. Simply, the old gods are not dead, they move among us still. They have not changed, it is man that has changed. It is modern man that can no longer see them, and it is modern man, through his rational stance, that can no longer even see the very real effects that these non-organic beings can create.

Proof of the power of these non-organics can still be found on this planet, if you are willing to look far enough. The proof of inorganic interaction with humans can be seen in voodoo ceremonies, in spirit possessions, in shamanic rites, in some poltergeist activity, in some spirit channeling, and even in some of the extra-terrestrial encounters that people report with such frequency.

When these non-organic beings, that were worshiped as gods, were of a predatory nature, these entities would often demand sacrifice of one kind or another. This sacrifice most often involved the killing of organic life, that is, the blood of a living creature would be spilled over sacred altars, in order to please the many deities that were worshiped.

In our modern times, most people believe, and rightly so, that blood is the liquid that keeps us all alive, basically, when we are drained of it, we perish. These are modern rational ideas based on scientific understanding.

But no matter how hard some of us try, we still seem to know that when this blood is not just randomly spilled, but actually given to another being or entity, this blood takes on a sacred quality. Then an instinctual component of man screams at him, telling him that the blood of life is sacred, that it is part of the life-giving force that holds the energy of the human soul itself. Perhaps this instinctual knowledge is present, because our ancient forefathers spilled so much blood to these ancient gods, or perhaps it is still with us, because the average man is able to somehow intuit the true significance of these blood rites.

Nevertheless, the average person, even in those far gone days, saw these sacrifices as an act of allegiance to the gods, but the priests often knew better, they knew that this was quite literally food for the gods. Whether it was seen as devotion or food for the gods, all hoped, that through these sacrifices, the gods would grant their wishes and provide general prosperity.
What a very select group of priest uncovered however, through untold years of meticulous study, was that what these gods were really after was not the blood itself, but the life force that was projected by those that were partaking in these rituals, and the great torrents of life force, that was projected by those dying on the altars.

What this means, is that these non-organic predatory beings were interested in the life force that came from these sacrificial events, they were not interested in the blood. The blood was just a symbol or representation of this life force, and to the average person, seeing the blood on the sacred stone was the perfect symbol for the gods desires being satisfied. In reality, what the gods really wanted was psychic life force.

thailand-1309527_1920smallAfter that monumental discovery, it was only a matter of time, albeit a very long time of meticulous research, until these priest were able to replicate the vampiric techniques of these non-organic predatory life forms. Such priest then devoted their entire lives in the pursuit of this life force, they created great ruling houses, and working in tandem, were eventually able to manipulate their own awareness in infinite ways. During this quest for power that lasted for thousands of years, they were to face great upheaval, as one civilization came and others left.

Eventually these ancient alchemist, all but died out, as their own arrogance allowed them to fall at the hands of the many new human empires that grew around them. There are tales that some of these ancient alchemists are still around, living seemingly immortal lives in the fringes of human awareness. These ancient alchemists, like their non organic predatory masters, have become a type of non-organic life form themselves, and consume, when they can get it, a very special form of life force that has allowed them to live for thousands of years.

So yes, according to my investigations, vampires are very real. Thanks to a very large energetic wave and a confluence of human attention, certain human beings are awakening to the once hidden power of the vampire. Their dabbling is still for the most part at a fledgling level, but who knows what the future holds for them.

And yes, The most powerful vampires are still among us. These are those ancient non organic beings, who were and still are, worshiped as gods. And  within their ranks, one can now also find those ancient alchemist that have managed to cheat death and become non organic beings themselves.

Of these non organic creatures, one could say, that their power is growing at a geometric rate, as the human population increases more and more.

But what if all of this, sounds too much like the many fiction vampire stories, that have become so popular at this time? How can you, discover the proof of the existence of vampires yourself?
Well, you could go to one of the places were human vampires gather, one of their covens, or perhaps to a vampire ball, and see for yourself what you might discover there. If you are able to look with an open mind, at the many startling exploits that are being performed there, hidden beneath all the fake fangs and Victorian dress, I think that you will be greatly surprised by your discoveries.

But, what about non organic vampires? How do you find the proof of their existence for yourself?

Well, in some ways this is actually an easier thing to investigate, as long as you are willing to look at the world in a truly detached way. To find them, you need to look deeply into human history, and ask yourself why there is so much struggle, suffering, and war, in a world that is able to easily provide everything that a human being needs.

You must use this detached vision to try and discover why, even though we humans have now advanced technologically by leaps and bounds, we still can’t seem to grow at all spiritually. You must try and discover why, even though we now possess enough technological prowess, to create anything that we could ever want, people still struggle, and suffer all over the world.

If you are really courageous, you could also try and take part in a voodoo ceremony, or find and listen to those that have reported being abducted by extraterrestrials. I don’t mean watch videos, I mean actually go and do these things yourself, and see what you can discover .

Finally you could wait until the sun goes down, turn off all the lights in your house, and with an open mind, try to feel the darkness all around you.

And as you feel the dark embrace, ask the inner part of you what it feels. If you are lucky, you will see the shadows out of the corners of your eyes. And a part deep inside you will know, that you are not alone in this darkness.


  1. Dear Mr Kreiter,

    I found this article and your book Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense extremely interesting. By reading your book, I greatly appreciated your ability to put the reader in the correct mindset necessary to allow him to achieve the predatory stance required to perform the kind of energy work you describe. Strangely, I found myself more able to suck energy by using the normal breathing technique (as described in your book Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy) than by using the reverse breathing technique. It feels like with a normal breathing my energy pumps are working stronger. I hope it’s fine I’m using a normal breathing. I still have some fears regarding sucking negative energy. I fear that if I don’t manage to completely strip that energy of its intent I could damage my body. I hope that fear is unfounded and I guess I just need more time to improve my tecnical abilities. I brought up this point as I guess other people may have the same issue.
    In your book Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense you wrote that some Angels normally invoked for psychic protection are predatory beings thenselves. I wanted to ask if you could expand on that. I would like to know if there are only some particular Angels that you found out to be predatory or if you suggest to avoid all kinds of angelic workings. I ask as I personally found some Angels to be of great help in the case of sustained and repeated attacks. Those were mainly human-based attacks though. Could you maybe provide a list of Angels you found out to be predatory and your thoughts regarding the role of Angels in the great scheme of things and in relation to the Archon? I hope I’m not asking too much as I guess a complete explanation could be very long and I thank you very very much for the great books you published.

    1. Hi Wave,
      I am glad that you have found what works best for you as far as energy pumps and breathing goes. It means that you are actually practicing and discovering your own personal power which is nice to read about. There are no mistakes in this, your only concern at that stage of practice should be your personal feelings as you work with this energy.
      Which brings us to the fear that you have concerning negative energy absorption. What I would recommend is that you use this trepidation as your ally; it is telling you to be careful, to take your time and pay attention to what you are doing. Make sure that you really engage that predatory stance, because as you do so you will really feel that you are eating all of this energy, that you are making it all yours. If you feel weird about it still, then take more time and really feel comfortable that this energy is now yours; then absorb it naturally.

      Non-organic beings are a very tricky affair. The biggest problem comes from the fact that the more capable ones, the ones that we would consider intelligent and aware like ourselves, can make us see and experience just about anything. As such there is no way to define who is what or who is who.
      This does not mean that angels do not exist, it just means that what you may think is an angel, or even a particular angel, may not be the being that you think it is. I therefore recommend that you study your own energetic being and that you stay most vigilant in any encounter with any being that may seem alien to you in any way. This may include anything from odd people, angels, bigfoot, sprites, etc.
      If you feel that this encounter is a really emotionally driven encounter, where you are just awash in either great fright, love, or anything else, without a real positive intellectual and truly loving connection, then watch out, because that yonder being, no matter who it says it is or what it looks like, may be a non-organic predator that is just feasting on your emotional output. Don’t be paranoid, when its alien, you will know it, then just watch your energy and emotions.

      1. Dear Mister Kreiter,
        I am reading and practicing your book
        I am aware that knowing the history
        of this beings or giving these energy predators
        names does not help in general – nonetheless
        I am much interested in the history of these
        As you are teaching the practice (what I
        really appreciate and what is the reason
        I will read all your books) could you maybe
        suggest me a book which explains the history
        of the archons ?
        I want to thank you for what you are doing
        as we are in times where it seems that we
        lost the battle and only a chosen few have
        the awareness and try to withstand.
        I am not exaggerating naming you a Guru,
        someone who puts a light in the darkness.
        We would need more of you or we would
        need you to teach more of us and awake
        the last lights before it is too late.

        Thank you very much, Mr. Kreiter,

        1. Thank you very much for your kind words.
          I think that finding information on all of these subjects is really hard and it is the case that if are looking for information on this you will have to do a great deal of careful investigation.
          I personally don’t know of anything to recommend as far as books and other sources, but honestly and more importantly I have always taken the stance that all such information in the end becomes a kind of dogma that can obscure the truth. What I mean is that I think it is better for a person to learn techniques to ‘see’ for themselves, to perceive directly, and then to use that ability to find their own truths, their own information on what is and what is not true, and how all of these things came to be, etc.
          To that end I have written about a number of different techniques, such as the inner feeling sense and the art of becoming a projectionist so that you may travel and see for yourself. Here is an article on my site explaining a bit about how the inner feeling sense is achieved. I would honestly also recommend my course book, ‘The Way of the Projectionist‘ as I describe the most apt techniques there. Finally you may want to check out some of my videos on many different topics that you can find here.
          There are a number of great researchers that you may want to study in this regard as well, but I personally would rather that you learn to perceive directly yourself and discover your own answers that way.

  2. Lightning

    Hello John,

    I have read your Vampire (and other Alchemy-relates books), and found them to offer a compelling and coherent magic paradigm. Is it possible to buy them outside of amazon? I would like to support your work, but I have reservations about that platform/publisher.

    The main reason I am writing, however, concerns that vital matter of self-defense. I have been contending with some very nasty inorganic aggression for some months now. I will spare the grisly details of exactly what has happened in that time, and skip to what concerns me now: It seems to have given up on directly inducing negative energy release via distressing stimuli, in favor of trying to possess/overshadow me/reprogram my identity. I cannot seem to fight back against this with the ‘vampires way’: trying to absorb it’s energy seems to just let it in to control and effect me more strongly than before.

    Have you ever encountered possession yourself? How did you deal with it?

    Thank you

    1. Well, all I can say is that through my personal knowing which I have acquired through my direct perception, all such aggression requires energy, and that energy can be stopped, and therefore the attack can be stopped.
      To do this from the point of view of possession, and the best way to explain this from the point of view of the defender, is to say that it will be stopped when perfect Energetic Containment is achieved. For the best explanation that I have given of what Energetic Containment is according to my work, I think that you would have to look into my book, Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy.

      But that being said, the energy absorption techniques described in the Vampire’s Way book are still all applicable and are the best way in my opinion to fight off all such attack, because through perfect absorption you attain perfect Energetic Containment.
      Perhaps the problem here is that you are absorbing energy in the same way that you would absorb energy from the neutral environment like the Sun or the Earth. But in the case of attack, this is not the right way, because you need to have a Predatory Stance with this kind of self defense absorption technique. You need to eat the energy and make it yours through this intent, otherwise the energy you absorb is not freed from the aggressive intent that projected it at you in the first place. The Predatory Stance is most important in order to neutralize the intent of the attack.

      Sorry, my books are only available on kindle at the moment.

      1. Lightning

        Would you offer any advice regarding attaining the predatory stance? I am having quite a lot of trouble making it work.

        Thanks again

        1. Honestly, I would recommend watching some nature channels where you can see some animals hunting and protecting their territory or their young. This is a natural action in the animal kingdom, and these videos are perhaps the best way to understand what the predatory stance is and what natural aggression is.

  3. This is a question that I was asked and I feel that some might enjoy and benefit from my answer:
    I have one question: Is reading literature( or books in general) a type of energy absorption ( IN polarity) or it just operate shifts in attention?

    It is a shift in attention, but whether it is absorption or not is dependent on who is doing the reading. Generally it is a projection (OUT) not absorption. It is just like like watching tv or playing video games for example; any time that you identify deeply with the story (lets say) and you have a strong emotional reaction, you are projecting energy.
    But someone who can use the written word to allow their mind to access different times or places in a deep fashion, could theoretically then absorb energy from that time or place, if that time or place had a rich enough accumulated energy reservoir. An example would be reading old history (where the reading of it transports the reader to that past time in a deep and powerful way) or reading a really famous novel (that many others have read and have poured out a great deal of emotional energy while doing so).

  4. Dear John

    I have just read your wonderful book of vampiric psychic selfdefense. It really rings true to me. I mean, I live in a very dangerous and negative environment because I have two blogs concerning politics (politics is a legalized blood sport) I do all the usual angel protection rituals everyday. So your method really does save me a lot of time. Thank you for that, very much.

    Anyway. I have encountered the description of vampires before, they are supposed to be a part of Eastern European magical tradition. What you write about their methods really rings true, at least to me.

    You have really vetted my appetite on the subject. So my question is, would you share a way to get closer to your sources? I know what you have found maybe is secret knowledge. So perhaps this is not possible. But if possible, I for one would really love to delve deeper into the subject. Fascinating magic.

    Again thank you for your wonderful work.


  5. Dear John

    After having read your wonderful book about vampires, that really inspired me, I have had some further experience with you method, that you may want to hear about.

    First of all, it works in some areas of conflict, and it does not work in other areas of conflict.

    I talk from personal experience, I am a blogger and a journalist and I fight with the system and other religious or esoteric parts of Danish society that I am a part of. I am right now in a long fight with the Asatru, that started fighting me over a book I wrote about Asatru. So I really need the protection.

    Anyway, I work a lot with angels. I do an extensive LBPR that is banishing ritual every day and pray a lot to the angels via talismans.

    So I do my best to get protection from the angels.

    In practice this works with a lot of the esoteric and governmental fights I have. It keeps them at bay. Right now for instance, there is a coven of Volver or witches that seem to try and fight me down, it stops them actually.

    But on the personal front, that is in my family, one of them are extremely negative all the time. It has nothing to do with Magick, it is just the way she is. I have really tried for at long time to stop her with the angels, and that did not work very well. Then I did the normal shielding, but shielding just bounces the energy back at the negative person, so a lot of conflict arises.

    This is where your method really comes in handy.

    In this situation it really works. So close combat it is really good, while as in the more secret and esoteric combat it doesn’t really work. Here the angel protection is much better.

    So, my conclusion is, that the two systems actually work very well in collaboration.

    This is not to criticize your method, I really like it, and it has helped me a lot. I just thought, that maybe you would like some feedback.


    1. Thank you for your kind words Asger,
      I can see how in your situation you may want to stick to something that you know from experience works for you. My thoughts are that over time, in order to just use the vampire techniques, you need to develop a whole new way of reacting to the world, a more sensitive and for a lack of better words, more predatory or primal stance to reality. What I mean is that for these techniques to be effective in a long distance, even while you sleep, scenario of constant attack, you need to be aware of your energy level at all times, even while asleep, and you need to naturally consume the attacking force as I mention in my books.
      So the use of both is great, and I am glad that you have a good grasp of both. But hopefully in time your sensitivity and skill will allow you to counter any attacking force using the, in my opinion, more powerful Vampire techniques, throughout your day, in an almost instinctive way.
      The benefits of this become quite apparent in answering your second question: my sources.

      I personally feel that nothing should be hidden and I try very hard to provide my readers with all that they will need to find their own answers; as I say in some of my books, I hate dogma. I believe in direct perception by the individual through techniques such as the inner feeling sense that I describe in the books Overcoming the Archon and The Magnum Opus.
      As such these skills, which I am going into great detail in the book that I am currently working on by the way, requires the ability to move beyond the ordinary and access other levels of direct perception. Such movement does also require a certain amount of self defense skill, and it is much easier and far more profitable to use the Vampire techniques, I think, as opposed to the banishing and the warding that is used in this dimensional realm. These other realms are too fluid, too powerful for the usual methods.

      1. Dear John

        Well, thank you very much for your reply. It is very much appreciated. As I wrote, I live in an environment with a lot of conflict, so every little arrow in the quiver is another way for me to survive and prosper.

        Your method is, as I have experienced extremely positive. That was what really struck me. It is called vampire method, which in many ears is a negative thing. But the way you present it makes the method extremely positive. In dialogue I use this to transform a negative debate into a positive one. That is extremely helpful. Just take my family, here it has helped a lot, and that is so nice.

        Now, since I have not worked with the method very long, and I have worked with angles intensely for five six years, of cause what I do with angles will be much more effective. That is a good point.

        Perhaps as you say, through practice the vampire method will be more effective.

        Just as another reflection on the difference between the vampire method and the angel methods. My experience is, that if you work a lot with angles, you tend to align with them. Angels are not peaceful, they can be extremely violent. It essentially comes down to the understanding of good and bad with the angels. They are warriors of light. If they experience something they see as evil, they will fight. And the wrath of angels is extremely violent.

        The case with the left hand witches I described earlier is an example of that. The wrath I and the angels unleashed on them was a true show of force.

        My point is, when you do all the LPBR and ask angels for other kinds of protection, what you do is to ask a violent warrior for justice to help you.

        99,99999 times, the mere presence of a band of guardian angels is enough to scare most negative entities away. That is how LBPR work. It is a preventive measure.

        But in rare occasions you are actually attacked by evil witches, and then you cause a violent reaction.

        Your method on the other hand is much more peaceful.

        So that is actually another point that talks for your method. I like to fight however, so for me, having a chorus of stalwart companions on my journalistic work works fine me.

        Again, this is just an element of nuance, that is in the discussion between the two methods.

        Sorry for the prolonged answer, but this is really an area that interests me a lot, and you have a good method. 😉


        1. I am glad that you have access to the big guns when you need it. I can definitely understand the power from others intent and how destructive it can be at times.
          I hope that you stay safe out there and that you always have all the power that you need to be free, to be yourself, and to speak.
          From one speaker to another, cheers!

  6. Dear John,
    I am reading and practicing your book
    May I ask you if you could tell me
    something about the different types
    of non-organic beings ?
    I would be interested why they have
    been called “greys”, “blues”, “reptilians”,
    “dracos” and so on. Is there some taxonomy
    or does everyone who “sees” them give them
    a name he feels is appropriate ?

    Thank you very much for your great work,
    kindest regards

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words.
      I think that finding information on all of these subjects is really hard and it is the case that if are looking for information on this you will have to do a great deal of careful investigation. I will consider writing an article like this one on some of the subjects you mention, and honestly I wrote this one because so few people talk about this particular topic.
      When it comes to the ones you mention, I do believe that there are some good researchers out there that you might want to check out, personally don’t know of anything to recommend as far as books and other sources, but honestly and more importantly I have always taken the stance that all such information in the end becomes a kind of dogma that can obscure the truth. What I mean is that I think it is better for a person to learn techniques to ‘see’ for themselves, to perceive directly, and then to use that ability to find their own truths, their own information on what is and what is not true, and how all of these things came to be, etc.
      To that end I have written about a number of different techniques, such as the inner feeling sense and the art of becoming a projectionist so that you may travel and see for yourself. Here is an article on my site explaining a bit about how the inner feeling sense is achieved. I would honestly also recommend my course book, ‘The Way of the Projectionist‘ as I describe the most apt techniques there. Finally you may want to check out some of my videos on many different topics that you can find here.
      There are a number of great researchers that you may want to study in this regard as I said, but I personally would rather that you learn to perceive directly yourself and discover your own answers that way.

  7. Michael Crawford

    Hey John, I’d like to start off by saying this is a genuine question and maybe it’s a funny one…but what is your take on werewolves? Is there an alchemical perspective on the werewolf archetype? I know historically both vampires and werewolves were somewhat related in myth. And obviously there is a connection in modern culture. So is there a difference between the two? Is it possible to practice techniques that would fall into the werewolf archetype? I know there are communities claiming to be werewolves just as there are communities claiming to be vampires. And while you go into great depth on vampires in your books, articles, and videos, I was hoping to get your perspective on werewolves.
    Again sorry if it’s a silly question!

    1. No, this is not a silly question at all Michael. I have contemplated discussing this topic, and it is possible that I might even do a video on it in the future. My only concern in discussing this topic is that it is one that is full of much nuance.
      Quite simply, when you say werewolf what is really going on if we think about that term more precisely, is shape shifting. Now the question would be, is shape shifting possible from the inner alchemists perspective?
      Well, the simple answer again would be yes.
      For the inner alchemist, especially as they cross the many rooms of the projectionist, in particular the third room of the projectionist which concerns itself with the many desires as it were, of the inner alchemists, the possibility of shape shifting becomes very real.
      From their point of view what is required is the ability to manipulate the ‘ghost in the machine’ to such an extent that it can be turned into something else, and at the same time be developed enough (given enough mass) that it becomes perceivable by a witness, by another person.
      I do discuss this in my last book, the way of the death defier, in chapter 4, exercise 2, if you are interested.
      Generally though, yes shape shifting is possible, and the nature of that shape shifting has everything to do with the personality of the projectionist, meaning that what this projectionist shifts into and what they do during those shifts, has everything to do with their personality type.

      1. Michael Crawford

        Thank you for taking the time to respond. Shapeshifting is making much more sense now and I’ll be practicing those techniques. I really look forward to reading the rest of your book and I’m always watching for new videos from you. Thank you for what you do!

  8. Hi John, I like your Vampire way book a lot. My question would be is it possible to feed on energy of disease? For example, if one has a virus, cold, etc. can one also feed on its energy disease? What would be a technique then?

    1. It is possible to feed on the dis-ease, and the accumulated sum of that dis-ease-of-ness as it settles on different parts of the body meridians (see Magnum Opus book), and this would be done using the techniques mentioned in the Vampire book or my Magnum Opus book.

  9. Hi John,

    The predatory stance was available to me quite easily due to years of practicing the art of stalking before finding your material, but also due to a spontaneous shamanic experience I had with Jaguars in a natural thee park while travelling in Mexico, which caused a comedic incident where I “became” a jaguar and sensed my girl friend nearby as food as if I was a jaguar, and I pounced towards her going for her throat. I luckily stopped a couple feet shy, and she is still with me today, but man did I get a lot of strange looks from her and other tourists that day, lol.

    The problem I am having, as I re-focus on this aspect of my all day practices, is when I am at work and absorbing either negativity or archonic intent directly from co-workers, my predatory stance has a very physical presence despite trying to hide it that shows up in my eyes and my posture, and it causes issues I can’t afford at work. If I am am absorbing these energies during interactions with people, how long can the foreign intent stay inside me without causing issues? And if enough time passes before I have enough time to try a digest it, I find myself unaware of how exactly to focus internally to do the work on removing the foreign intent as I am no longer directly in touch with the location of the energy in question like I am when dong this during the IN phase.

    I am really looking forward to your new book on servitors.

    In response to your email, I wonder if your secrecy around your identity and the way you’ve discussed it on the web page in different places engenders in your readers an unwillingness to draw attention to you through reviews or other types of promotions and referrals. I can recall once myself self centeredly thinking “I don’t want John to be focused on, what if he had to stop sharing with us?” I know you have said too that you are to small to catch much notice, but perhaps your audience mimics the idea of staying low regardless and it causes some of this. Just a couple cents on the subject. I’ve started to review all of your books, since I only had done a couple, and if my web page gets off the ground

    In Gratitude for what I’ve gained for having access to you and your material.


    1. The manipulation and the working of energy is a complex topic, but instead of being akin to some kind of complex mathematical problem, it instead involves an incredible nuance of feeling and personal internal manipulation.
      While it is difficult for me to be able to tell you right off what certain issues might be just from our comments back and forth here, my opinion is that you might want to begin to trust your own inherent ability to sense energy. What I mean by this is that while it is the case that there is a great deal of negativity out there, most of that low level negativity is not some kind of dire situation where you need to take on such an intense predatory stance.
      It’s my hope that as you become better and better at working with energy yourself, you begin to trust in your own feelings and in that way realize that there are different gradations in everything. What I am trying to say is that you do not need to handle every energetic situation like it is a life or death struggle, like someone has cursed you or is trying to deeply hurt you in some way. For the most part, people in any situation tend to be outputting energy but never an intense burst of positivity or negativity, honestly most people just do not have enough energy to do that. People tend to just, as an analogy, glow like a 40 watt light bulb, as supposed to let say a thousand watts.
      This means that you do not have to be at a thousand watts yourself. Oftentimes the best thing that you can do is just to relax and allow your body to flow with the energy all around you, as it pushes and pulls at you from different directions. So that would be my first piece of advice, relax. Through relaxation our body becomes supple and the energies that crash against us move past and around us. In that way we can then redirect that energy as opposed to trying to confront all of it by creating some kind of wall around ourselves. In a sense you could say, that by taking that endless predatory stance, you are creating a kind of wall, so you are resisting, and the whole point of the techniques that I try to describe have to do with flowing, absorbing, and redirecting.
      Secondly, as you start to become better at identifying energy, instead of just confronting it and trying to consume it without any personal awareness of it except for a surface level, you can begin to develop your own ways to absorb and redirect your energy. For example, instead of that intense predatory stance that should only be used in the face of very deep dark energy, you could instead lightly tell yourself something like, “I absorb this energy and I turn it into my power”.
      In that way, you are working with your own inner psychology, and such a statement, said to yourself, won’t have you looking all intense and fierce around other people. Like I said working with energy is all about feeling an internal change. So through that affirmation that you give yourself, you can absorb most of the negativity around you, and also begin to more easily tell the difference between just the regular resonance of people all around you, and true dark and powerful intent.
      I hope you understand what I mean. Think more along the lines of the Yin and Yang that I described in the book, “Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy”, instead of intense fighting back against evil that I describe in “The Vampires way to psychic self-defense”.
      You want to flow for the most part and only use that strong predatory stance when it is something truly directly hurtful and evil that is coming at you.

      Thank you very much Derek for your thoughts on my inherent anonymity. The curse of the Vampire I suppose 🙂
      I think that you are right, and it is something that I will have to work on myself, through my own complex work with my inner landscape and energy. I do not want to become part of the 40 watt world, some quick fashionable trend, but instead only want to work with people that are truly interested in their inner reality for the long haul, like yourself.

      I am also incredibly grateful for you taking the time to review my books. But do not worry about such things, and I know that you will only do what is natural within you, following your honest feelings.
      Take care of yourself, and learn to flow.

  10. Thanks John

    Your comments here and the reply to Sam on the Earth Day post make me realize I should try to read some things differently to catch subtleties, I’m pretty sure I read intensely too, lol. I’ve built a conditioned reflex into deep relaxation so I just need to remember to trigger it at appropriate times if I’m around low wattage energy output. I have memories of noticing the difference when really negative things are focused on my, but I think changing how I apply “The way you doing anything is the way you do everything” is in order, as of recently I’m no longer living in survival mode. The martial analogy in OTATA is great for me, but the internal marital art I practice focuses on Yin/Yang actions simultaneously so I’ll have to let this go if it’s in the way, and allow a new art form based on the ones you mention to evolve in me. Without the need to put it on the mat so to speak, I think it’s an easy undertaking with my current understanding. I’ve always wanted a unity between my physical and non-physical practices, but I’m excited about maybe creating something new for myself, because I’ve always loved Aikido and it’s samurai roots, but have had physical barriers to rolling around on the ground stopping me from pursuing it.



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