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There are many people who would like to be psychic. The interesting thing is that we are all psychic really, what tends to hold us back is our disbelief in our abilities and therefore our inability to tune into our perceptions. Perceptions which are usually called psychic or extrasensory, tend to be perceptions that are at the very edge of our attention; that is they exist at the very edge of our conscious attention.

Being psychic therefore involves the ability to access nearly subconscious data. The better that a person is able to access this subtle perception, the more capable that they are as a psychic. Sometimes all we have to go on with these nearly imperceptible perceptions, is a gut feeling or image that has been projected into our minds when we weren’t so focused on daily affairs.

It is possible though to find out if you have any psychic inclinations at all. Here is a simple questionnaire that you can ask yourself to get a basic idea as to how susceptible you are to very subtle perceptions. As I said we are all psychic, but this test should tell you how good you are picking up subtle nearly, subconscious perceptions.

Ask yourself the following questions:

– Have you ever wanted to write something or perhaps draw a picture, which when you look at it in retrospect, seems completely alien to the way that you usually think?

– Do you ever have certain patterns, like the patterns on the ceiling or the patterns in a really busy curtain, change into the faces or into other images?

– Have you ever had a gut feeling that a close friend or relative has been in some kind of trouble or an accident?

– Have you ever smelled something that no one else seems to be able to smell but that somehow invokes an image or a feeling within you that is almost overwhelming?

– Have you ever had a negative feeling about someone who everyone else seems to think is so good?

– When you encounter someone who is feeling ill, do have a natural inclination to touch them or to send them positive energy?

– Have you ever had a strong feeling not to go down a certain alley or perhaps not go to a certain place, but you have no logical reason for this feeling?

– Have you ever handled some kind of item and have noticed that this item invokes certain images in your mind or certain feelings?

– When you’re drifting off to sleep have you ever heard voices, perhaps even a voice talking to you directly?

– Do you see flashes of light out of the corner of your eye or perhaps even around other people?

– Do you ever get a sense that the phone is about to ring just before it rings?

– Do you ever get a strong gut feeling that something’s going to happen, and it does?

– Do you sometimes know what another person is going to say for no particular reason?

– Have you ever dreamt something that later came true?

– Have you ever had a feeling or impulse to turn around only to find out that someone was staring at you?

– Have you ever had the feeling, while alone in a lonely place, that someone is there with you or someone is watching you when in fact you are all alone?

– After stepping into a house or a building for the first time, have you ever had an intense impression from the place, a feeling of sadness or happiness perhaps?

– Have you ever met someone for the first time and yet you know you’ve met them somewhere before?

– Do you see things out of the corner of your eye, perhaps shadows?

– Have you ever seen colored mists? Around people, animals, or objects?

These are simple questions but they can lead to further questioning on your part. This questioning can show you how sensitive you are to those subtle perceptive details that other people tend to overlook. If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then you should realize that you do have psychic potential.

In the future, try to pay more attention to those subtle feelings, those gut feelings, those random images that pop into your head from nowhere. It is through this awareness that you will discover your psychic self.


  1. This is very interesting, I remember when my father died, before my mother and I received the news, we both felt odd.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story Wilhelm!
      You are proof that the bond to those we love can indeed transcend known human limits.

  2. While this was actually happening, I did not observe it as phenomenal…

    Decades ago, when I was a “lass” of 21, I was walking down a country road and had a sudden strong thought that was nearly audible. It was simply this: “Forgive your father!” I hadn’t seen him since I was 4, the year our mother divorced him. We knew he was bipolar and alcoholic and that his parents contributed to “hiding him”. He was their only child. He’d never called, sent a birthday card or, perhaps needless to say, paid any child support, either. Although I didn’t fancy myself angry with him, the ache of his absence – his abandonment – was a deeper part of me than I’d acknowledged until that clarion moment.

    I stopped on a dime as these words pretty much reverberated in my head and I can’t recall if my response was audible, but it was immediate and surprisingly impassioned, and to this effect: “I DO forgive him!” (Again, my memory is dim as to whether I addressed my father or the Source of the voice.) I said that I knew he was ill and that he loved me and my two younger sisters very much. I said that I knew he did the best he could and that he’d probably give anything if the last 17 years could’ve been different. It was as pure a moment of forgiveness as I’ve ever known.

    The entire event couldn’t have lasted much more than a minute, but made quite an impact on me. Approximately two weeks later, we discovered that our father had passed on at the young age of 46. Upon investigation, I was and was not shocked to learn that his actual death occurred within a few hours of my “road to Damascus” incident.

    There is so much more. At five, during two separate crises, I met both Jesus and an angel – with real wings! Of course when you’re that age, everything is a miracle and yet nothing is. It took years for me to realize how defined both experiences were…

    The Jesus meeting was “only” audible and occurred as I was absent-mindedly staring at a picture of Him, arms outstretched to gather children in them. The message was simple, personal and completely powerful.

    The angel episode happened amid a medical emergency and was utterly comforting and reassuring, as well. (I supposedly had a fatal illness – spinal meningitis – and she informed me that a spinal tap that I had to have the next day would be painless: It was.) Two weeks later, I left the hospital after the attending physician wrote the words “miraculous cure” across my chart. Despite becoming an alcoholic/addict myself, I’ve been able to achieve sobriety in subsequent years even if I may be dealing with interlopers who gained access via a tear in my body etheric when I was “out there”, both prior to getting sober and then, in a big way during a later relapse that was more like a death match. It’s truly stunning that I’ve lived to tell this tale. Maybe that’s why I feel this sudden and surprising need to write here, of all places. Funny, too, considering that I’ve thought about calling a crisis hotline for days now…

    A decade ago I discovered the gift of mediumship for which I’m most grateful, but about which I have mixed feelings. Let’s just say it happened out of the blue after a quarter century career that was very different and, by any standard, extremely successful. Now? Or hurt and isolation characterize my position. And, let’s not forget shame, that toxic bear gobbling everything in sight, so to speak, but mostly hope. Here’s the deal, as Letterman used to say…

    I think I’ve allowed myself to be unprotected for too long or too often and that certain less than savory elements occupy my life that have fundamentally altered my usefulness. (That is maybe the biggest understatement I’ve ever communicated.)

    I am declaring this intention: I am calling to my Source, the power of the benevolent angels and those beloved departed who root for me in heaven to vanquish anything within that wants less than my highest purpose achieved for the rest of my time on this planet to help restore me to a life in which I function, period. I miss loving myself and feeling good about what I accomplished – and, in that, I’m including loving others and being of service.

    Mr. Kreiter, thank you for the thoughtful, wise and generous insights you’ve posted here. Reading your words give me hope that I can enlist spiritual and human help to claim my intention – without getting a darn exorcism.

    The fact that I know that our consciousness survives the death of our physical body is the only reason I have not exited early from the frightening quagmire I’ve co-created over the last several years. I could have said that more directly, but assume you know exactly what I mean. In that vein, if you’d be kind enough to send a good thought my way, I’d be, as the saying goes, eternally grateful. That’s from the heart.

    Incidentally, to abet this hope/intention, I have a session scheduled with Alba Weinman in a couple of weeks. I think her work in QHHT – although branded with her own imprimatur – is very important. Considering that I find it as cosmically revolutionary as it gets, she herself is devoid of new age drama queen traits. (I am one of the most reluctant, skeptical psychics I know, btw, in that I fervently desire consistency that, just maybe, can finally transpire when my belief in myself has been restored.)

    Gosh, I certainly didn’t mean to write an autobiography here. Thank you for your forbearance in allowing me to post this. I’ve been reading what others have shared here and think there’s a good chance my experiences aren’t as rare as I felt even just an hour ago!

    Pax et lux,


    1. All my good thoughts are with you. Sometimes when we are very smart and very sensitive we open ourselves to external forces that remind us just how frail we humans are. When this happens, its a reminder that we have the potential to be more, that we all have the potential to be warriors. Look into something like this Brett, or something else that sharpens your claws and helps you build your moats and high walls.
      The battles you face, the things you see and experience, help us all> You are us we are you.

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