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There are many people who believe that they have psychic abilities, and many who defy rational understanding by displaying amazing feats of perception, such as; telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psychometric, etc. It is perhaps the case that there are inherent gifts within all of us and it is therefore inevitable that many of us experience things that make us question the extent of our own perceptual potentials.

Personally I know that most of the people in my life experience strange occurrences all the time, to the point that what we call sanity seems to actually be our ability to rationalize or forget the many strange events that are a constant part of our lives. The current rational approach to reality leaves much to be desired when it comes to understanding and dealing with human awareness. The rational approach to reality after all is just based on one-dimensional mechanistic concepts that tend to constrict human awareness within a very small box. Essentially anything that cannot be re-created in the laboratory is considered bogus and suspect.

Unfortunately it is not possible to contain human awareness and perception within the bounds of existing laboratory methodology, because this methodology is based on a belief system that has no room for anything that cannot be measured with a ruler. This current rational reality, current because it has not always been a part of human beliefs, tends to bind the entirety of our human perceptions within laws that bind our psyche, and make us question the natural flow of our minds.

Perhaps this ultra-rational approach to reality is a kind of boomerang effect that happened as a result of the overly superstitious world view that we maintained during the dark ages. One can only hope that we will eventually even ourselves out here in the West, so that hopefully someday we can develop and incorporate a logic that can deal with both our physical objectivity and the magical intuitiveness of the subjective self.


Some of our most constricting rational laws are those that we apply to space and time. While mathematics and physics make leaps and bounds into the incredibly complex nature of space and time, human beliefs still operate within the framework of old mechanical systems. These old belief systems posit that our senses work in a rather mechanistic fashion, very much like the mechanical or electronic gadgets that surround our lives. Rational beliefs do not allow for any proof that contradicts the laws that these beliefs create, and we are then stuck within a world view that denies any evidence of psychic ability.

For example, we currently insist that time happens in a linear fashion; to contradict this belief is akin to denying the existence of God during The Dark Ages. Current rational laws make it very clear that time happens in a sequential fashion and that there is no possibility of interacting with or perceiving future time. This current all-encompassing belief does not allow for the possibility of precognition of any kind and any evidence found to contradict this view is considered to be deceit or dementia.

Physics though has finally discovered something that was taken as a given by many ancient civilizations, and that is the fact that time does not exist in a linear fashion, but that it is actually existing all at once. In other words, physics has discovered that there is no past or future; time could actually be best described as a spacious present. Human perception of time may well be more of a psychological construct, or perhaps even a physiological one since it ‘seems’ that it is quite difficult for the conscious mind to deal with a large amount of information all at once.

Our rational ideas about space have also greatly restricted what we believe to be normal human awareness. Again modern science and ancient civilizations know/knew that space does not exist in the way we believe it does. We tend to believe that space is separated, one thing apart from another, by time, so that in order to get from one point in space to another we need to traverse (or is it perhaps better to say engage) through the medium of time. While not as restricting as our ideas of time, these rational laws about space still do limit what we believe we can perceive.

Rationally speaking therefore, we can only perceive through our five senses and these senses cannot deviate from the mechanical laws that have been established. We are not able to hear a song being sung in the future or see what is on the other side of a wall. Just like a microphone, our ears are supposedly designed to only hear within a certain very limited range, and our eyes, just like a video camera, could not possibly see beyond what we currently believe to be optically possible. Any evidence to the contrary is either deceit or dementia.


1)      The first step then in developing your psychic abilities has to be your willingness to question current rational laws; especially those that have to do with space and time. Questioning an established belief and deciding to believe in something completely different can be very difficult, some might even say dangerous. Unfortunately, the only way that you will be able to develop your psychic abilities and increase your potential, is to question all those supposed laws that would hold you back. Fortunately even realistically considering the possibility of something that is considered an impossibility can have amazing results upon the psyche; so question, question, question!

2)      The second step in developing your psychic powers is the ability to focus on your subjective reality.  Our subjective reality is the internal reality of our minds; our thoughts, internal feeling, impulses, and desires.  All psychic perception happens in the subjective realm, so it is infinitely important that you begin to pay close attention to your internal universe. Once you have spent some time exploring your subjective reality, you will realize that this internal universe is incredibly complex and in many ways it is far more sensual than physical/objective reality. It is the case that without the subjective experience, the physical realm would be lifeless and tragically static; it would indeed become that mechanical horror that science loves to promote as the modern rational world.

Developing your psychic powers means focusing more and more on your subjective world, and you do this by simply paying extra attention to your thoughts and feelings. We tend to ramble on all day in our minds and most of us are used to paying little attention to this background subjective noise. Therefore you will then need to retrain yourself so that you pay more attention to this internal reality, until you are able to go the whole day paying attention to the physical (or objective) world and to the subjective one with equal measure.

As you pay more attention to the subjective realm you will begin to find instance after instance where you might know things and experience things that should be beyond rational possibility. For example you might know when you are going to see someone randomly that you have not seen in a long time, or you might realize that you had a feeling that the phone would ring before it rang.

3)      The third thing that you need to do in order to develop your psychic powers is to start a journal. The journal will be used to write down pertinent subjective thoughts and feelings so that you can correlate these with the objective world. Writing some of your subjective experiences in a journal will allow you to remember these experiences, and this is a very good thing because you will soon discover that remembering the subjective is almost as hard as remembering your dreams.
And as you write down all of the instances where you felt something subjectively before you experienced something objectively, you will realize that there are way too many such instances to assign to coincidence, and that coincidence couldn’t apply to some of these weird experiences at all.

Here is a fun exercise that you can try with your journal:
First thing after you wake up in the morning, write down the first 5 things that pop into your mind. For example you might write down:

  • I am remembering the time me and my friend Anna had coffee
  • fluffy bunnies
  • a wrist watch
  • I wish I had bacon and eggs
  • the bus

Then at the end of the day, see if any of these thoughts or feelings add up to any kind of precognitive reference. Did you see your friend Anna? On the Bus? Did you see anything that made you think of fluffy bunnies? Did you go to a pet store? Etc. Do this for a week.

The next week do the same exercise above but this time try to actively predict 5 things about your day.


Since you can’t seem to be able to have a clairvoyant episode without some skeptic telling you that you are deluded and just don’t understand the science of reality, I challenge you to become a skeptic as well; a skeptic of that very rational world that would tell you that you are deluded or stupid because you don’t agree with the priests of science!


  1. tom fairfoot

    Hi John, what a brilliant article. I think there is so much chat on the internet as regards science and spirit , clearly there is some kind of awakening or evolution in our comprehension of the ourselves and the universe. A great deal of the chatter is a little weird and cult led and then pseudo scientific.
    I like the clarity of how you perceive all this with clear description.

    1. Thanks Tom!
      I do believe that science will one day be able to figure some of this amazing mystery out, and work with it. It is unfortunate that most of the people that talk about this subject tend to throw out logic along with rationality. Logic can shows us the way to a new and more encompassing science if we are only willing to realize that the small and limited branch of logic we call rationality, is just that; a limited model for reality the puts great limits on our possible perceptions.

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