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In past videos and articles I have discussed the idea of love, and how inner alchemists engage in the act of loving in a different way than most people. To try and explain the nature of how an inner alchemist loves, I have tried to say that for them, this world is not a material place. What I mean by this is that for them the world is not a thing full of objects, where they are just one more object in this object filled world. For them the world is energy, whether it is an object like a rock or a potato, or whether it is a feeling like sadness or love, for them all is energy.

And while it could be said that the average world does not consider love, and feelings as such, to be objects, the fact that the rational world insist that objects are the only things that truly exist or matter, means that when it comes to tricky things like emotions and feelings, rationality has a very difficult time defining, explaining, or giving reason for the validity, the usefulness, the deployment let us say, of such things.

As such, when discussing emotions, and even discussing love or how love is given and received, often such ethereal things, even though they are not objects in and of themselves, they can take on a kind of give-and-take connotation, where a certain thing is given, and another thing is expected in return, like a barter item in a consumer society.

Inner alchemists do not believe in the love that demands something in return, in the love of the materialists. For them, as I described in great detail in the book, The Way of the Death Defier, the only thing that truly matters is freedom, less gravity, escaping this material cube world. So, for them the only love possible is a love I term, using older definitions and understandings, agape.

Such love, agape, does not demand anything in return. It is given freely and equally to all, and as such, some might wonder how it is possible to love all equally, none more than others let us say, like a bland soup, and as such they imagine that such a love would mean a loss of identity, a loss of an individual’s right to desire or love one person more than another. They imagine this love as no individuality at all.

These are very legitimate questions, and the only way I can answer them is thus:

If you truly love someone, what is the greatest thing that you can give? According to the average world, the best thing they could do is help them, give them a hand up. And even though there are many people that have altruistic intentions, there can be in most of those cases this kind of barter system, where what is given should be returned in some way; pass it along as they say.

Now, I am not saying that everyone should do this free and freedom type of love thing, I am saying that inner alchemists do this, and I say that they do this because they aspire to lightness, less gravity, freedom, and as such they wish to let go of the entanglements of this earth. And so, soberly they may see, directly perceive through the inner senses, that the best thing that you could actually do for anyone, anyone that you truly love, is to give them freedom, to give them the kind of lightness that you want for yourself. Giving of that freedom without demanding anything in return is true agape.

Certainly, the ability to desire, like the desire to love and be loved, is a good way to define individuality, but that does not mean that every desire is good. Now, I am not here to give anyone lessons as to what is bad or what is good, because in the end all things are equal once one is able to use the inner senses and see. But for each individual, they must understand their own true self and through that understanding, know the nature of their desires and their intention and carry forward soberly, consciously, free of folly and self-delusion.

When you love, who do you love? Is it that you love yourself or the other? Do you love and demand love in return only to relieve your loneliness? If you love the other and you can truly see that this is a school, this earth, then how much are you helping them by helping them? How much are you loving them by helping them? How much are you helping them by demanding that on top of all the weight they now carry, they must now love you too?

The inner alchemist chooses freedom, and when they love then they try to help, and being able to see the savage little garden for what it truly is, this earth, this school, then they give the only thing possible, freedom. And this love, this love of freedom given freely, has an intensity that is without equal in the rational and material world.


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