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  1. Greetings John, I’m glad to see that you are very active on this blog! Is the 3rd book arriving?? I really hope so….

    I would like to know your opinion regarding a fact: when I project my consciousness in some specific worlds, it is like I am another person. I am different, and I speak and understand another language….. This appens even when I travel with other people in a “common projection”. We all see each other different than we are in the ordinary world. And we see each other always in the same form.

    I jumped to a conclusion that our true self dreams different versions of itself, so we exist as different projections of the consciousness of our true self.
    Am I right?

    Thanks for your amazing work, all my best

    1. Yes I would say that in many ways we are different beings and can attain all sorts of different ‘projectional’ existences when we dream, and yet it is far more complex than this.
      Honestly, I would recommend that you read my book, the way of the projectionist. In that book I really go over the advanced techniques that do explain all of this, including that part of you which is projecting in the situations, which I refer to as the ghost in the machine.
      Answering the question, what is the ghost in the machine(?) will answer I think all of the questions that you might have in this regard.

      1. Thanks John, I have read your book, finding there a lot of answers…. It is really a great work, and I can’t wait for the third book.

        You’re right it’s a very complex topic, and I feel that it is connected to the kind of energy that “compose” our true self… For example, entering in an ancestral lineage after an initiation in some esoteric tradition, that change and “enhance” your awareness and energetic asset…. So we develope new existecnes in new forms and in other worlds….

        Do you think this is a possibility?
        Many thanks

        1. Thank you for your kind words Tony.
          Yes I think I understand what you mean, and I would agree that such an unfoldment into a greater expansion of your true self is of great importance and a way to gain personal power.
          I only worry about the legitimacy of some of those groups (those initiators), and being the paranoid that I am, I therefore always feel that the best that one can do is to learn to fly free and alone, and most importantly learn to ‘see’, to perceive directly, so that a person in this way, and in time as their abilities grow, may know their own truth, their own path, through direct knowing.

          1. Absolutely agree with you… And I have to say that the most important steps I did in the way of the projectionist, was thanks to the path I walked by myself. And in this path, your books have been a great help!

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