Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

I will try to answer these questions then by starting with what a really smart guy once said, which was; ‘the only real difference between people is the size of their cages’, to which I would add, ‘and most people’s cages are very small indeed’.

Now, a cage is made up of three things: your intent(which is for most people their beliefs [and for the most part unconscious beliefs]), the intent of others (which is what others believe [for the most part unconsciously] about you and the human world), and the intent of the world at large (which in the end is immeasurable and controlled by forces beyond belief).

As an alchemist, I follow methodology that allows me to expand my cage, not shrink it, and part of that methodology involves becoming more ethereal to the real. My picture, my age, what I eat, what I personally believe and share with others, beyond my alchemical knowledge, is a limiter, a boundary that binds me to a limited version of me, either by my own intent or the intent of the people around me. As such, those questions about me personally, are in the end, inconsequential.


Now, alchemists do believe in cause and effect, since they are quite simply master logicians that do understand and manipulate within the realm of classical mechanics as well as other more dynamic (beyond three dimensions) forms of logic. For example, the term karma, as it is practiced by many people, is a type of logic switch; if you do this, that will happen, or if you think that way, this will happen, and it is of course a great cage because it acts like a limiter. Electric jolt if the mouse does this [or] a little cheese if the mouse does that.

But it is only a limiter in this way because simple switch logic is not how the world works according to alchemy; which believes that the more energy you gain, the more your intellect grows, which then changes the simple on [or] off, Black [or] white switch to a prism of infinite multiplicity, where in the end you have more and more shades of grey, and indeed a multiplicity of such an extent that it breaks the boundaries of the limited dimensional ranges available to the human species. Karma therefore is not what most believe it to be, and what I directly perceive as karma is part of that multiplicity beyond boundaries, beyond the on/off switch.


Why did the archon choose us? Well, why not?

As I mentioned in my books, we desired, and our desire was granted, and for all alchemists, or anyone practicing the techniques that I teach in my books; the great project we are in is a marvel, and adventure, a fantastic thrill ride that we can either hide from or face directly and win!

There are no blacks or whites, just points in space and time, each with their own perspective, and even these points are an illusion in the end because space and time, though not an illusion, are nevertheless relative to the intensities possible to any particular individual and aware entity, which again is relative to that entity’s energetic level.


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