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My belief and the belief of the many others in a similar reality tunnel as my own, has always been that the biggest problem facing humanity is its inability to realize that we can be, that is we have access to, the possibility of being far more perceptually flexible.


And moreover, that such understanding and the use of this perceptual flexibility would solve a great deal of the current crisis that face humanity, because our perceptual perspective is HIGHLY limited.


This is so because the true problem for us as a species, lies in the fact that we are headed towards a great apocalyptic change, and that such a change, because of the rapidity of this change, which is implied then by the term apocalyptic, will continue to cause a great deal of human suffering, and will expand such suffering into areas that had hitherto been exempt from the massive and quick change that is now going on in most of the world; in other words the current global crises will increase and move into more and more stable areas.


But this fight against the coming tides is not a physical fight, it is not even an environmental one; what this fight is all about, whether some realize it or not, is a massive dogmatic fight of sorts, it is a fight between perceptive angles, that is perceptive reality points, angles; it is a Psychic War!


But this perceptive change, this apocalyptic divergence in perspective points of view, has been and will continue to be hijacked by an external power that pits human against human, creating battles between extremes of stupidity, instead of the balanced commingling of perceptively stable, that is logically accurate, points of order and contention that are meant to move the race forward in a positive way through time.


Make no mistake, this current war, and indeed it is a war, is a war that is really fought in the inner realms, in the collective subjective mass conscious of every human being on the planet. And it is here that we must engage it and struggle with it, not only for the mass of the world but for our own individual salvation.


In the immortal words of Blue Oyster Cult:

‘’you’re seeing now a veteran of a thousand psychic wars,

I’ve been living on the edge so long, where the winds of limbo roar.

And I’m young enough to look at, and far too old to see,

all the scars are on the inside.

I’m not sure that there’s anything left to me.’’


  1. Hey John I have a question but I just wanted to say I have truly and deeply enjoyed your books that I have read so far they have empowered me and touched me deeply and I appreciate your work. I want to say thank you for providing this knowledge and life altering information to us and helping to bring guidance to us Alchemists. I have been on this journey to freedom, fulfillment, transcendence, alchemical transformation, love, home, how ever someone may like to call it, for at least a few years now. I have come to a point now on my journey where I feel like I have found a real turning point open to a whole new world for myself making real progress a true beginning but I can’t help to feel scared I can’t help to feel this fear of flying even though I have always wanted to so much. I can’t help but feel this crushing responsibility that comes with obtaining freedom and fulfillment. I cant help this underlying fear of going out into the unknown with my awareness exposed to vastness of this infinite energetic sea yet feeling wonder and excitement and a need to move forward at the same time. I fear what this freedom may cost. I fear what I may find on the other side. I know that these feelings of fear are not the truth and are influenced by the Archon but just being a human I can’t help it. I have always felt certain that obtaining this freedom is something that I have always wanted but I have come to doubt that now because the certainty, the payoff I thought I would get from it I’m not sure will really be there. I truly believe it’s all worth it I truly believe that this is what I want and I will break free but ask you what is someone to do when they fear of leaving the cage? What is really there for us once we obtain the highest order of achievement on the path of alchemy beyond just fulfillment or the magnum opus what can someone find and do and really be once they obtain this freedom, mastery and power and have all of these crazy experiences? Is there anything beyond just our own fulfillment? What is really on the other side why is this worth it beyond immortality and what not? How can I overcome this phase this resistance? I really only ask you this because this morning I was using one of your techniques in bed feeling the waves of that drowsy energy and the feeling became so strong I started to feel like I was lifting out of my body but I resisted it I resisted doing it I hesitated I was scared. I’m not sure if you can answer this question I tried the best I could to put this into words I hope it makes sense.
    Thank you and peace

    1. Hi Sam,
      thank you very much for your kind words they truly are appreciated.
      I would start by saying that what you feel is the most natural thing possible, the most sane thing possible, and certainly there would be more questions on my part if you did not feel at least in some way in this fashion. What it truly means is that you can really, as some use to say back in the day, ‘grok’ what is really happening to you and what you are truly facing when confronting the infinity that is all around us.
      Honestly, there is no getting over this fear, not totally. A fighter never gets over the fear, the awe, they are in a constant state of this, it just happens that after a while they get used to it, they get so many scars that after a while, facing eternity, while not ever becoming a simple routine, it at least becomes something that you know you can withstand.
      We are all afraid of heights, it’s part of our monkey nature. That’s how apes keep from falling from trees, they are afraid of heights and therefore they know that they must hold on or else they will fall, no matter how good they become at moving through those heights. Such a fear, is therefore not a negative thing but it does allow us to take stock and be prepared for what we will face, for what we will face in eternity for an eternity.
      There are only two things possible for the sane that are going insane, for the walking crazy. And that is to first start out slow. Being that we are all lone practitioners, we will not be pushed into places where we may need to be rescued from, indeed there will be no one to rescue us. For that reason it is best that we start slow, and as such I would advise you to do the same, and to realize that you are sitting your own pace and that you will go slowly, that you will not push yourself into anything that will put you in any danger; it is good to realize this, this will help.
      For example, if you’re afraid to fly as these waves of energy take you and you feel yourself leaving behind the three dimensional cube that has held you in cozy comfort, then there is no need to fly at first, at first you can just walk. I mean quite literally that instead of allowing your astral body to move above you, you can instead roll over to the side and stand. Your fear of heights will always keep you grounded, fear in general will always keep you trapped within the walls. The first way to overcome this is to start out slowly and to not necessarily fly at all at first.
      Rollover therefore, and allow that part of you that wants to fly to just move to the side instead, and to walk across the earth instead of fly over it. In this way you move as in real life, until you become more used to the idea that you can be outside of the physical body and outside of the physical limitations imposed by three dimensionality. In time this will become easier and easier, and as this happens then you can begin to take short flights, and slowly over time, step over step, fly higher and higher into the heights.
      Secondly, it is most important that an inner alchemist become a master of energetic containment. It is only through this ability to maintain energetic containment, that they are able to face the incredible maw of infinity itself without losing power and going insane due to such loss.
      It is imperative that you are able to maintain energetic containment in all instances where you find yourself losing control due to fear or just sheer awe of the infinite space before you, of all of the possibilities before you, of all of the loneliness of infinity before you.

      1. Sam Staropoli

        Thank you John I needed this and I really appreciate you responding and yes your right over time acceptance will come and the more fights a warrior faces the stronger he will get this energetic ocean is truly remarkable thank you once again for the tips and putting everything in perspective for me

  2. Hi John how are you? when are you going to publish a new book this year? also I am interested in knowing if in any of your books you teach how to make the physical philosopher’s stone? thanks john for your work.

    1. Hi Marcelin,
      I have been a bit delayed on this on as I had some issues to take care of and it is the case that this book is a lot more difficult for me to put out, as some of the concepts and techniques are quite intricate for me personally to put together. But I do feel that I will most likely have this book done before the fall of this year. I really appreciate you asking.
      Your question about the creation of a physical philosopher’s stone is actually a very intricate one I feel, and I think it is also a good title for a future video so I will try to work on this as well, and try to get that out as soon as possible and hopefully you be able to see it and get a more extended answer from it.
      In the most basic sense though, I can say that ‘no’ I do not work towards creating what might be called a physical stone, in that I do not engage in creating a stone by using a physical cauldron for example and combining different chemicals in order to create a new substance, instead my cauldron is inside and all action is referred to as inner action, but then again this is a simplistic answer on my part and for that reason I will endeavor to try and put it video together, to answer the subtleties of this for you. But for now the best answer I suppose would be no. I hope that helps.

  3. I’m watching a series called The Haunting of Bly Manor, which starts like a very innocent, commercial run of the mill ghost story drama, but contains a lot of spot on elements about the nature of the spyche and the afterlife. In my informed, even if just a little, opinion.

    This happens a lot. A lot of media contains esoteric truths, but they are too well placed to be intentional. I’ve come to believe they are unintentionally channeled, which makes me think there are parties “out there” who want to try and teach us the way out, the lay of the land, as it were. Are there such benevolent parties? Is it some sort of “higher” aspect of ourselves (if that even exists) that drops these breadcrumbs?

    It’s a mess of paradigms out there, and how can we be sure if we can’t experience things directly? I’m also under the impression there is a lot of “spiritual psyops” mis-informing us.

    Am I paranoid? How do you confirm gnosis when there doesn’t seem to be a defined truth about something?

    1. Well it really depends on how you would define paranoid.
      And here you have perhaps another thing to potentially be paranoid about, and that is the fact that most of our reality as I have pointed out on numerous occasions in my books, relates directly to the kind of words we use and the kind of definitions that we give to them. Two people could be on the same side and still want to throttle each other over some dogmatic point of view, without ever using enough logical and causa-logical back stepping to realize that they are both actually saying the same thing, but only from different dogmatic points of view; being that they are both using the same word but have different definitions for it, or use different definitions that in the end mean the same thing using one simple word that would unite them both.
      There are some people that tend to use the word paranoid in a negative way therefore, and there are those that have used such a word in the past to mean someone who is far more aware. If we use the latter as a defining terminology for the word then, I would say that the ability to be paranoid and to see the interrelations and connections, the metadata, beneath the creation, the functioning, and the sustainment of the world, is quite simply greater awareness, and from my point of view as an inner alchemist, expansion of a awareness is critical in breaking free from the three dimensional cube.
      As to how you confirm, I refer to this as energetic truth, and if you have read my books then you will know that energetic truth is not something that you can confirm, it is not dogma, it is not some play on words and the many different possible definitions for those words, instead it is knowingness at is most fundamental level. To understand this you must experience this, there are no words for this.

  4. Hey John, there is an issue on my mind that I hope you can elaborate on and help me to find a solution. It’s about the importance of celibacy and semen retention when on the spiritual journey. It can be found in tons of spiritual doctrines that a man should become a monk and abtain from sex and masturbation and that no progress can be made without this. It’s also said that you harm your health and lose a lot of energy by wasting it with sexual activities. At first this makes sense, I’d rather conserve this energy and use it to fuel my abilities…but at the same time your true self, your innermost being, the real mind, is not made from matter energy and doesn’t really need it. In fact your antimatter-core (the I am, or the nothing) will transform the rest of your being and make it antimatter too at the point of enlightenment so there is no need to go out of your way and conserve matter energy that is Chi/Loosh. I also think that becoming celibate and abstaining and not releasing semen at all will eventually kill the fire inside you and make you too passive without any drive for further spiritual progress. Some say you can do what you want and it doesn’t matter. But then again some say only through celibacy and not releasing the energy and semen will you become complete and find your other “second half”.
    I don’t know what I should do and where my efforts should go. I have read tons of oppinions but I can’t find a solution. Is it really important to become celibate? Do I need to conserve this energy or doesn’t it matter in the long run as long as I work on my mind and my I am? I want to do the right thing and whatever necessary to break through the veil and realize myself, even if that means abstaining forever. I’m asking here because I think you are very advanced in the spiritual field and your oppinion would be of great help for me to decide, so thanks in advance.

    1. From the point of view that you’re asking this question, this is actually a very difficult question to answer. What I mean by this is that if we think of the world and what we should do within it just through what we have read, what we have understood from the endless amount of dogma to be found out there, then there are many options possible, and as you make it quite evidently clear in your comment, you will find endless reasons why you should do something and endless reasons why you should not.
      From my point of view though the answer is quite simple but it does involve doing instead of reading.
      Before I get into this I think it is most important that you ask yourself what you mean by spiritual journey? If you can answer that question for yourself then you might be able to pinpoint the reasons why you should or should not become celibate or practice semen retention.
      From my point of view as an inner alchemists, dogma plays absolutely no role in this or any other question whatsoever. I am not sure if you have read any of my books? But if you have, then you will know that I try to focus most of my efforts on trying to teach others technique as opposed to the dogmatic principles that these techniques might be based on.
      For example in my latest book, the way of the projectionist, I discuss the movement across the first five rooms of the projectionist. I describe in a step-by-step manner what is needed in order to cross these five rooms, and why it is so important that an inner alchemists, as a projectionist, cross these rooms. You could say that they are quite simply the Alpha and the Omega of the spiritual journey for the inner alchemist.
      In trying to cross these five rooms, you may find for example that there is a great deal of difficulty in performing some of the techniques involved in this inner motion. If there is great difficulty here, then I explain that for an inner alchemists such difficulty comes from a lack of energy. In order to fix this lack of energy, that is in order to gain more energy, you need to learn how to work with energy directly yourself, most importantly we have to learn how to perceive the flow of energy as it moves in, around, and out of our bodies. Working with energy, being able to sense energy, and being able to perceive energy as it flows in and around you is most important therefore.
      When you can do this, you will know directly, that is through direct experience, where and how it is that you are losing energy. There are those that may find certain actions incredibly invigorating, especially if they have been able to master certain techniques, while there are others that might find that they are weakened no matter what they do if they have sex; everybody is different , there are no absolutes.
      My point being that I cannot answer this question for you, I can only teach you how to perceive energy directly in your body, and then give you a task that will allow you to become spiritually awakened from the inner alchemists point of view. In the performing of these tasks, and this inner action, you will face the need to develop, keep, and store energy. It is only at this time, when you can work with this energy directly yourself, and perceive either the gains or the losses of sex and other such actions, that you will know if this is what you need to do in order for you to advance spiritually.
      I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. It is not that I’m trying to be difficult, so please forgive me if you were looking for a quick answer. I’m actually trying to give you the only answer that matters, the only answer that is truly possible; and that is the answer that does not come from books, other people, but through your own direct action and perception.
      There are no absolutes, there are no black and whites, each person is an individuality and each person is free. That means that what works for one person might not work for another, and what may work for me may not work for you. It is therefore imperative to act beyond dogma and find your own way, a balanced way that settles both your mind and your energetic body. I hope you understand what I mean.

  5. Hey John,

    Do the archonic forces recruit people as agents to be used for their agenda? I suspect this to be the case although I wonder if sometimes this influence is either unknown to the person, or interpreted as coming from another source. I understand that we are all influenced by the archons to a great degree and that a large part of what we identify with is in fact archonic in nature. I suppose a better way to phrase my question would be: are there certain individuals who are either predisposed or groomed/selected to be vessels of the archonic agenda. And if so, are you aware of any methods or markers to confirm such.
    You have mentioned before that the archonic agenda is in fact greater than good or evil, so could this imply benefits and/or a way to take advantage of such a connection to the archons?
    Hopefully some of what I wrote makes sense, I know it gets difficult with semantics.


    1. In the same way that one can get lost in trying to voice such questions, it is just as easy to get lost in semantics trying to answer this question.
      The best way to conceptualize this, if you are not able to directly perceive these events yourself, is to think of the archonic influence as sort of like a cloud or a mind that had/has been deposited on top of the original mind of humanity.
      As such, the archon does not go about recruiting per se, but there are those that are indeed more naturally predisposed to the same kind of action that the archon and the archonic mind projects.
      Such beings are usually people that are most interested in those very same bends of character that the archonic cloud instigates. Generally speaking, it is also the case that usually people that are most successful in this regard tend to be highly ruthless people, and that tends to shield them to some extent to the great energetic loss that might rob them of all of ‘their’ energy.
      But such a alignment with the archonic cloud will never get these people anything more than the materialistic things that they have come to love so much for example. It is sort of like having a really good view in hell as opposed to knowing how to exit hell completely and leaving the gravity of this place behind forever.

  6. John so your saying that our mind (The ego) is not a mind of our own but more similarly to the mind of an archon. What i fail to understand is why does the archon need to feed on humanity. It is inorganic so why does it have biological desires of consumption. I would think that there is more effective means to get their energy source to sustain themselves since i believe its harder to manipulate organic then inorganic. Why does it go through all the trouble to enslaved us I fail to understand its objective just as i fail to understand the point of existence. Aren’t we all just form of awarness we came from the deep sea but yet its biological wire for survival yet its inorganic. According to the heart Sutra of Mahayana Buddhism form is emptiness and emptiness is form. I feel stuck i dont know how to proceed knowing that we are being prey upon. The observer does not want to experience anymore how does he turn this mechanism off or transport his awarness to a whole new realm where he does not have to experience such .

    1. Thank you for your comment Ainsoph.
      I will start by saying I think something that is most relevant in this case, and that is that it is my hope that whatever I discuss in my books, articles or videos, is something that you will try to verify yourself directly. What I mean by this is that it is my hope that you try to develop the ‘inner feeling sense’, that is the ability to ‘perceive energy directly’ and in that way verify what I have to say for yourself.
      In doing so, you can see if this is indeed reality for you as an individual and in that sense also you can prove me right prove me wrong, using your own energy and impetus to try to figure out the truth of the situation for yourself. If you have any of my books, then you will find material related to the inner feeling sense in them, or you can check out this article if you like.
      Now, as far as the non-organic being that is the Archon, it does indeed feed on human awareness in accordance to what I can perceive directly and in accordance to what inner alchemists have been able to see themselves. All life, whether organic or non-organic needs to feed on energy in order to sustain itself, without this consumption it will begin to fade and die.
      Just like in organic nature, non-organic beings can become very specialized. While there are certain non-organic beings that can feed on other aspects of reality, which in a sense one could think of them as being sort of like plants, there are others that have specialized themselves and have become consumers of aware energy. The Archon is such an entity.
      It enslaves us because without the consumption that it engages in, humanity being that it is far more powerful than most would realize, would become aware of the machinations of the Archon and would throw off this predatory entity.
      I can certainly empathize with your feelings stuck but the core of what inner alchemy has to say is that we humans are far more powerful than we realize. We have hit a temporary, and let me stress temporary, ripple within the current of the dark sea. But we can overcome this challenge and the best way to do so, again in accordance to inner alchemy, is through energetic containment and the ability to work with energy.
      If this is something that in accordance to your own perceptions seems correct, and you would like to discover the techniques that inner alchemy uses to overcome the archon, then I would recommend either: overcoming the archon through alchemy, or the magnum opus.
      I hope that this helps with some of the trepidations that you might feel. Please understand that this is exactly what it is; it is a challenge, it is an adventure, it is the greatest adventure and the greatest gift possible because it pushes us far beyond anything that we might have become if we were not tested by the universe in this way.

      1. Thank you John it was a pleasure to read your well thought out response. It certainly does ease my troubled mind. I have own both of the books in your recommendation and will surely read them at the pace of my energy level of my physical body along with my developing concentration to increase my awareness that will far extend my physical body. Moving on to the concept of the immortal body. Correct me if I am wrong I’m going off what i feel is truth based on my experience living here and the predispose knowledge i learn along the way. So the Immortal body is originally ours unaffected by time. Change indicate time and that mean everything we are trying to attain in this world is for naught as we are already pure in a sense that we cannot be manipulated and energy that is self sufficient but tricked or of our own willing into a 3d existence which brought the human condition. Maybe we are just here to cultivate empathy as our original body does not entail the suffering so we cannot relate to such pain.

        1. Just as with my last comment, I must start this one by saying that I can’t give you the truth of the thing, I can only give you an answer that is in accordance with inner alchemy and with what I have been able to see myself as I look into the dark sea.
          What I mean by this is that I do appreciate that you say that this is something that you feel to be true and it is perhaps the case that in accordance to your personal seeing, it is the case that for you there is an immortal body that existed forever and is not affected by anything physical.
          In accordance to what inner alchemist believe though, it is the case that what you might refer to as the immortal body, is in essence an accidental creation that did not exist before we were born into the physical dimension. As I mentioned in the course book, the way of the projectionist, what you might refer to as the immortal body is something that I might in turn call ‘the ghost in the machine’. If it is the case that what you mean by the immortal body is what I mean by the ghost in the machine, then I can say that from the inner alchemist point of view the ghost in the machine is something that needs to be developed and that only became a thing at the moment of physical birth. As such, the ghost in the machine is something that needs to be worked on, something that needs to be evolved as it were. The only way to do this is to learn how to work with energy, and while cultivating empathy could be considered certain aspects of working with energy, there are more aspects still to learn and practice, such as the ability to absorb and refine energy and then use that energy to move across the rooms of the projectionist. This is something that as I mentioned I cover in the course books: the magnum opus (absorbing and refining energy), and the way of the projectionist (travel across the rooms of the projectionist).
          Sorry I wish I could be more specific than that but I do believe that the two books that I do mention cover this topic far better than anything that I could do in a small comment response. In essence then, inner alchemists believe that the immortal body is not immortal, it has to be made immortal. I do hope that this answer some of your questions anyway.

  7. Hi John, how are you? I am very pleased that you have released your new book for sale, I remember I asked you many times when it was going to go on sale, I will certainly buy it, I remember you told me that before releasing this last book of the trilogy you were going to publish another one before with more advanced techniques of manifestation, what happened with that book? thank you very much John for your work of transmitting knowledge.

  8. Hi John, how are you? I haven’t read that book yet, I am going to read it.I asked you about that book of advanced manifestation that you were going to do before the third book of the trilogy just out of curiosity, I thought you had published it and I did not know, according to you you had told me that book was going to make me understand better the concepts before moving on to the third book of the trilogy, greetings friend.

    1. I did reply to you on your last comment, I said that I would recommend that you get the book, Manifest Wealth and Prosperity with Thought Forms and Servitors, as this explains all manifestational things, especially in relation to synchronicity and omens. I can also tell you that after thinking about it, I decided to combine the material that I had originally wanted to separate into two books, so the book that I said I would do first, I combined with the other. So, you can find all of the material that I commented to you in the book, The Way of the Death Defier. I hope this clarifies it, sorry for the confusion.

  9. Thank you very much John for the clarification, I am glad you included everything in this book, greetings my friend and continue with your great work.

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