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What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything?
To Deep Thought it is 42.
But for an Inner Alchemists its,
‘’Don’t feed the churn, just ride the wave!’’

Which can be explained as follows:
The human world, and all the creations of this humanity that we are a part of, is far more complex than most would imagine.
In the simplest of terms, we could see humanity, each individual person, as a particle floating within a fluid. We can then further imagine that each one of these particles has the random possibility of creating an external churn, a kind of external paddling effect.
Now, if we take 8 billion such particles and imagine them to be in a relatively large fluidic container, to which we further add this random ability by each individual particle to have the potential to create a random amount of a churn ( turbulence or agitation) then we can see how these particles within this fluidic medium create over time different currents and waves that seem to create over time, an almost conscious or stable current. That is, even in this chaotic environment, this highly complex system, there will be a time when a kind of order is achieved; a current.
Humanity believes that this order (this current) is reality, and for each individual particle, no matter where it is positioned within this fluidic medium, it will (if we assume that this particle has a possibility of being somewhat conscious) believe that its position within the fluidic medium is the center of the universe and that this point within the medium also represents the actuality of reality (true reality). Each particle therefore experiences its own reality but is nonetheless affected by the current created by the entire fluidic mass. There are orders that look down on this mass. The current is of no consequence. The order is illusion (it is just a random event in time created in a complex system, and this order will change, IS constantly changing). All that matters to those higher orders is the churn and the strength of that churn.
As to where the inner alchemist fits in all this, they are like little surfers particles that ride those currents instead of feeding the churn. They spend lifetimes learning to master their surfing skills so that one day they may have the chance to fly right out of that fluidic medium that now traps them.

Upon such dramatic departures some inner alchemists may (or may not) quote luminaries like Douglas Adams by exclaiming, ‘’So long, and thanks for all the fish.’’


  1. Hello, in your book the way of the death defier.. you mention helping entries after death- what are those?

    1. Hi Relick, I am going to move this question to the Q & A that I posted at the end of The Way of the Death Defier, as I think this is a question that many will be interested in.
      Those helping entities are made up of several sources:
      They can be aspects of that one person’s unconscious; so that an aspect of the unconscious becomes a personality(like a wise old man or woman) that can help a person understand their new environment.
      They may also be aspects of the oversoul, parallel incarnations as discussed in the book; that may show up to help. To these other incarnations this may seem like a dream experience, but it is in actuality a real event that is of great help to a departed person. A strong incarnation, or a wise and nurturing one can help to understand and even find solace in what can sometimes seem like crazy alien places to the departed.
      They can be non-organic entities that may purpose themselves or be tasked with helping in this regard, which in turn may help them with aspects of their own growth. Such beings are not biologically alive, may never have been, but they may know a great deal about energy manipulation or attention control, which they can teach or help the departed with.
      They may even be physically alive human beings, that in sleep may (sometimes even unconsciously) help transitioning spirits; in this case such physically alive helpers are usually people that have a great deal of natural or developed ability and in helping others they help themselves. Such people may even be helping other parallel incarnations as menstioned above.
      There is a great deal of unity and a balanced kind of ecology in all of this.
      There is help in other words and it can come from several sources.

  2. Hi John, studying the way of the Death Defier book. How is genetic part fits into this? Our ancestry, genetic make up and even memories? Also, how this would fit with the idea of human cloning if and when eventually available in the future?

    1. Well, in relation to alternate incarnations, genetics would be strong energetic connections that might be established between different incarnations that may be tasked, wish to, participate in different kinds of experiences.
      There is indeed a genetic memory that can be passed on with great fidelity, especially if the genetic offspring let us say, is an exact duplicate of the original. But, this would mean that such an individual has access to such genetic information, which most people do not for the most part.
      Just like two identical twins might have very similar lives, even when they have become separated at birth, there is still a difference. There is a strong energetic bond in other words, but each individuality has the possibility of creating a pretty different outcome depending on many factors, not the least of which the possibility of being able to consciously decide a certain general intent in their lives.

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