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In a number of my books, I have mentioned the force that rules this world, the world of humanity.
I have said that secret societies have known about this force for a very long time and have either worked with this outer world titan or have fought against this dark cloud over humanity since the dawn of recorded history.
This controlling entity has gone by many names and its attributes have been known to a lesser or greater degree depending on the power of the factions or the individuals that try to directly perceive this Titan.
In my writing I have refer to it as the archon and have described it and its influence in accordance to the current of inner alchemy.
This archonic power is a colossal and multidimensional sentience with what could be described as vampiric abilities and predispositions. It essentially feeds on the light of relatively evolved biological sentience it drains the energetic power the magical essence of humanity turning it into a slave race, a domesticated animal to be used in the same way that we domesticate and use and consume certain animals ourselves.
While it is the case that the great mass of humanity is under the spell of the archon, there are those that fight this predation. One such group may be termed inner alchemists, and as a writer and an inner alchemist myself, I have written about the techniques and the methodologies used by inner alchemy.
And after having access to this information, which has in the past, at least in my opinion, been kept secret from the mass of humanity, those that are now beginning to awaken to the power of these techniques, through mine and other peoples writing or through their own direct perceptions, may ask, have asked,
is it possible to escape the dark power of the archon permanently? Can a person escape the archon forever?

The simple answer to this question, the quick answer, is yes, an individual human being can escape the archonic force forever this is fundamentally the ultimate quest of inner alchemy. But the nature of this escape has a great deal of nuance and detail because as an uninitiated individual becomes an adept, their journey their quest to escape the archon takes them across an expanded and multifaceted road that intricately defies all ideas and rules about the nature of three dimensional space, time, and being.

To begin, as I have said, the current of inner alchemy, through their ability to see energy directly, to perceive beyond the veil of three dimensional physicality and the illusion of the new religion of the times which is referred to as rationality and common sense, knows, perceives, in a direct way that in the most fundamental sense, energetic containment which is an underlying methodology of inner alchemy, can allow an individual to break free of the bonds of the archon forever.
Through energetic containment, that is containing the energy that is given freely and innocently by the average person to the great predator, an inner alchemist can escape the archon permanently.
Such a beginning and continual act of energetic containment, which is an unrelenting focus that leads to a new individual energetic configuration, might seem like a relatively simple affair. One might think, just contain energy, that is all that is needed. But it is the case that such an unrelenting focus on energetic containment brings with it nuances and journeys that have far-reaching implications and do require in the end and increase in the complexity of inner action by the practitioner.
For example, as an inner alchemist begins this journey, they must be introduced to this powerful and all-encompassing methodology of energetic containment in a step-by-step manner, because using one of the many terms that have both obscured and revealed some of the nature of this dark titanic force, the devil as they say is in the details.
In the simplest of terms for the sake of this video, one can say that as an individual discovers the power of inner alchemy and they begin to implement the multifaceted rubric, the puzzle, of energetic containment within their lives, they begin to discover that the external world, the world that we refer to as reality, the world of the average human being, begins to affect them, matter to them, less and less.
As this unrelenting focus on the containment of energy, in order to not give up this magical essence that this vampiric force desires and feeds on, becomes more concrete in a way, becomes a life modality, becomes a new kind of configuration in the energetic body of the developing practitioner, this configuration not only changes their psychology, their internal mental and intellectual structure, it also changes their personal energetic essence and therefore there physicality as well to an ever-growing degree. We are energy, and as our energetic configuration changes, due to this ever expanding rubric of energetic containment, practitioners of inner alchemy begin to change both physically and mentally.
One could say that such an inner alchemist becomes more and more ethereal, that is freer from the three-dimensional world more and more, as the intricacy that is inner alchemy which is expressed through energetic containment and the many fold modalities and techniques of this way, become a true power in the practitioner’s life.
Such a practicing inner alchemist then begins to acquire a surplus of energy, which must I repeat must be used, redeployed, in such a way that it can allow for the greater development of such an individual as they journey away from humanity and what it is to be a three-dimensional object within the bounding walls and the many many limitations of classical mechanical space.
Again, for brevity’s sake in this particular video, such redeployment of energy by a configuration that is becoming less and less a three dimensional object through the intensity (the passing) of time, is important and perhaps the most important of these methodologies is, the art of projecting, which is the ability of the true essence of the individual, which is referred to as the ghost in the machine, to move aspects of that ghost self beyond the physical world and into new dimensions, new scapes, that allows such an individual to see directly, perceive directly, experience directly, that they are far more, that there is far more, than just the routinary reality of the average human being.
Such unrelenting focus and reconfiguration continues, and as it continues in relentless fashion the practitioner, the individual, changes and there is a point, that is very hard to define and pin down where both an external observer might ask, Is that person human?
is that person now an object, like I am an object, a body in space, or is that person a spirit, an inorganic entity?
The practitioner might even ask, am I alive? Am I a ghost?
If such an inner alchemist is no longer bound by three dimensional space and time to an increasing degree, is there a point when such an ability to defy these basic principles of what it is to be human means that this particular individual is no longer of this space? If they are no longer bound to the prison of three dimensions, are they human? Are they alive in a classical sense?
When this odd line in the sand that is nowhere in three dimensional space is crossed, in this practitioners journey down the current of inner alchemy, is there a point where this inner alchemist being no longer an object like all the other objects that surround us can be said to be no longer here, now?
If a being is free from time and free from space, in a way that sets them crucially beyond a certain demarcation point that we refer to as physicality, is this individual really here, now?
The answer, at least from an inner alchemy point of view is that they are (have become) no longer a thing and in doing so they have attained the coveted goal of inner alchemy which is the ability to break free of the three dimensionality corral that all humanity is bound to, they have broken free from the cage of the archon.
And in doing so, in breaking free, this individual no longer becomes something that can be pinned down even by such seemingly all-encompassing objective, object like, definitions and laws such as life and death.
The question as to whether a person, an individual human being, can escape the archon forever is yes, but this intricate journey that is beyond inner and outer space takes such a person so far beyond the normalcy and the routine of what it is to be human, that in breaking away from the archon they also break away from the rules that bind all of us to living and dying.
When an inner alchemist is able to break from the archon forever, they have also ripped themselves away from the ocean of humanity) and as I mention in my writings, they have gone so far and for an intensity of time that seems so long, that eventually they may stop and look back and realize that they have even left death far behind.
The intricacies of the journey of perfect and unrelenting energetic containment can be a complex one at times, and for that reason inner alchemy has often used a number of metaphors and a kind of symbolic language that has helped such practitioners in the past. But as this world moves into new phases, this old symbolism that help the inner alchemist in their journey and that also maintained the secrecy of the development of this new energetic configuration, in a time of life and death, is in my opinion at least, no longer needed at least to such a mind numbing degree.
In my writing I have therefore let go of this hidden cypher, but have kept some of the symbolism because in many ways it is still required, in order to have a way of understanding the inner map the inverted map that can take you to places where few have ever gone. In such a map for example, that leads the practitioner away from the prison of the archon there is this attempt to try to establish a line in the sand in a place beyond three dimensions, where the object like human becomes an unbound entity free from space, time, and even death. This line is referred to as crossing the seventh room of the projectionist, which as you might imagine is no easy feat, and sometimes a symbolic map can be truly helpful.
So yes, one can overcome the archon forever, and in doing so, one does not overcome just the archon but even greater forces, forces that immeasurably dwarf the simplicity of the Titan known as the archon, and allows such an intrepid adventurer and traveler to not only leave the archon far behind but to leave humanity and the life and death cycle behind as well.


  1. Excellent post!

    I just found you a few days ago, and everything you say lines up with my own experiences and remembering.

    True unification of your True Self. Which means stripping away all the falsities and conditioning we’ve been subjected to our entire lives.

    Continue spreading the message. It will help spark remembering in many of our “brothers and sisters.”

  2. Joseph Curwen

    Hi John,

    Thanks for all the great information in your books. I find them very profound and thought-provoking, hence I have many questions!

    You often talk about how what most people perceive as universal physical laws are illusory, or at the very least, apply only to this dimension and not to the many other dimensions which are just as real as this one. Could you talk about which principles, if any, are real universal constants as far as can be perceived? If I remember correctly, for example, you have said that it seems that life in all dimensions needs to feed on other life to sustain itself?

    Is anything known about the Archon’s origins and its life before coming to Earth? Does it have anything like a family or relatives? Also, is anything known about what life is like for it? In other words, how does it experience its environment and itself, and does it have any goals or purpose other than survival?

    How would human life change if the Archon left Earth (like say it found another species on another planet which was a more nutritious food source) assuming no other equivalent predator came to fill the niche? Have you found out anything about the origins of humanity, the species itself as opposed to Archonic consciousness? Is there any prospect that the Archon could be expelled or killed?

    1. Hi Joseph,
      Thank you for your kind words.

      As far as constants; the law of attention is one. That is, attention is power, it is an action. And if there is a consciousness in that dimension (whatever dimension that might be) then the act of giving attention is like a gravity that transmutes that which is getting the attention into something else. But what may happen as a result of that attention (what kind of transmutation happens) is completely dependant on the particular dimension, being that all dimensions have their own laws.
      So the power of attention is a constant.

      Your second question is a very complex one, and hard to answer. The biggest problem is to presuppose that what we may refer to as ‘being’ is the same for it; in other words, the idea of family, a past, future aspirations as it were, are the same for it as it is for us.
      It is legion, it is one and yet it is many. It is a cloud, a current, a conscious force of nature and it is being used in a way, in the same manner that we humans are being used (it is as much a slave as we are). Its aspiration is expansion and growth I suppose, as ours should be, as is the way of all conscious becoming and growth/transmutation, and it is also as much a predator as we are (it is us and we are it in a way that is hard to explain).
      As to where it came from and where its going exactly? Well, that is a hard thing to perceive I think. It is a Titan and even a seer can find it hard to see in such huge dimensions.

      As to this last question, I do try to discuss some of this in the book The Magnum Opus. In short, humanity is what it is because of the archon. If there is no archon then at this point in human evolution, there is no humanity as well, at least not in any understandable way. As I have discussed in the book mentioned, the archon is our reason for reason, it is the coscnious-self, and without that we are a dream, quite literally.
      Killing again presupposes life in a way known through reason and that is a limiting thing when we speak of a Titan. Can the moon be killed? Can it be expelled?
      Those are the proportions that must be understood when we speak of a force like the archon.
      I hope you get what I mean, these are very good but tough questions.
      As to what we could become if we leave the archon or cleave it (break it apart) lets say…well, lets do it, lets start taking Elon Musk at his word and lets spread ourselves far and away across the cosmos to other planets and eventually other galaxies. We can do that (or) learn to leave this dimension through projecting. While projecting we are free, and there you can begin to not only understand the nature on humanity and the archon, but also what we might/could be, without its influence.

      1. Joseph Curwen

        Hello again John, Happy New Year!

        I hope you don’t mind, some more questions occurred to me recently.

        How did the Archon deal with the various catastrophes, such as the Toba supervolcano eruption or the Younger Dryas, which wiped out most of the human population? Usually a predator goes extinct when such a large portion of its food supply dies.

        Could sociopathy be considered an evolutionary adaptation to the Archon’s dominance? Sociopaths lack the vast majority of normal emotions. Most of the time, they feel bored, which although it is a negative emotion, is probably less energetically draining than the emotional states most people normally experience. Even when they are engaged, they usually feel no more than what most people feel when playing a casual game, so it seems to me they potentially have a natural advantage when it comes to resisting the Archon’s predation.

        Some of the beings mentioned in grimoires of ceremonial magick are said to be former humans. Would they be examples of the immortals mentioned in your Death Defier book?

        Why is it inevitable that non-alchemists will be sucked into the black hole when usually whether or not a given thing will fall into it depends on its location in space? On a related note, does spatial location matter when it comes to how long someone has before falling into it? Like if someone in a spaceship traveling through the deepest void in intergalactic space died, would they have longer than they would if they died on Earth?

        When people talk about the immortal soul and reincarnation, do I understand correctly that they are referring to what you call the unconscious, or at least those parts of it which (from a linear time perspective) pass out from the black hole again into a new body?

        Also, I know you were speaking metaphorically, but for what it’s worth, the Moon could be expelled. As shown in places such as the Isaac Arthur YouTube channel, relatively simple ways have been worked out to use the gravitational pull of asteroids to move whole planets.

        1. Happy new year Joseph!

          These are very good questions that honestly may require chapters in and of themselves, but I will try to be as the succinct possible.

          – When we think of the archon it is easy to give it physical qualities and rational ideals that seem to fit quite easily within our particular space time dimensional zone. The archon though exists in a different dimensional state and its size, its dimensions, are such that they defy all understanding within a rational perspective. With that being said, what might be millions of years and cycles of time for the planet, and from the human perspective, the human idea of what time is, are indeed nothing to the archon. In the same way that we may have times when we are most active and times we are resting from that activity, in the same way that a certain intensity of wakefulness might create an intense need to sleep, the archon follows such cycles as well… In a way.
          Being that there are so many humans in the planet at the moment, this is definitely an intense moment for the archon, but there have been other moments where it projects and moves beyond in the same way that we may project and move beyond when we sleep. This is a simple explanation in some ways as there is a great deal of energetic motion involved in what we may refer to as rest, in the same way that there is a great deal of motion when we sleep, but you hopefully get the idea.

          – This is an interesting question and one that would require more research done by a seer in order to study people like this, but being that such people usually tend not to be energetically powerful enough to escape this dimension, so it seems, it is most likely that there are many flaws within that sociopathy on an energetic level. On a personal note, from my own personal seeing, I have noted that such people tend to make up (in a way) for saving energy in a certain area by expelling a great deal of energy in other directions. For example, sociopaths tend to be incredibly self focused and self-important which means that whatever energy they are saving in one direction, they are using up far more intently through their staggering self-importance.

          – It may be the case that you are right in suspecting such things, again it would have to involve a great deal of research by seers, being that nonorganic beings can be quite tricky, so whether such beings were once human or whether they are just lying for one reason or another, is something that would need to be verified through seeing.

          – Well, this actually is a very complex question and it as to do with spatial physics if we were to talk about it from a human and more rational point of view. What this means in the most basic sense is that the pull from a black hole is constant no matter where you are in any location in space time, this is something that they(physicists) will most likely discover over time. In other words, there is sort of like two gravitational constants; one seems to explain the generally rationally contemplated one where the closer you get a black hole the stronger the gravitational pull seems, while the other defies rational space time and means that no matter where you are in space-time within a particular dimensional zone, you are getting a constant pull from the singularity, and this all has to do with what is now referred to as dark matter and the extra mass in the universe that physicists have not been able to completely understand just yet.
          But generally speaking, why I have said that certain individuals may not ever escape the black sun is because that second constant will always pull at them, and no matter how long it takes, no matter how long they may live relatively speaking, there will come a time when they will be pulled into the black sun unless they are able to let go of certain preconceived notions about energy and learn to work with energy beyond the constraints of what they may perhaps refer to as certain aspects of individuality. In some ways you could say that this question relates to your question on sociopaths.

          – The answer to this question would have to be no, and yes. While it is the case that the unconscious has direct access to the information from all reincarnations, these reincarnations do not go through the black sun to be one to the other but are instead created by the oversoul simultaneously. If you think of each incarnation as being a finger of a hand of the oversoul, then you can see how information (let us say) can go from the tip of the finger to the hand and into another finger without having to go through the black sun. Each reincarnation is simultaneous and therefore they are all existing now, there is no death to reincarnation, that is an illusion of rational space-time. All is now, and even though each incarnation will face the black sun in time, that will become an individual journey and in some ways you could say it will have no real relation to the other incarnations, that again are simultaneous.

          – Well, certainly the moon could be expelled, and in time we may develop a civilization powerful enough to encapsulate the entire sun and manage to use all of its energy, this is also theoretically possible I believe. But all I would have to say about that is, I will see it when I see it, if you know what I mean.

          1. Joseph Curwen

            I wonder if the pull from the black hole is what entropy is? In that sense, perhaps physicists already have discovered it without realizing its cause.

            Are immortals themselves new oversouls, or have the potential to become them? Because, the way you described it in the book, the process of separation sort of reminded me of cells dividing.

            I have become increasingly convinced of the reality of time as an eternal present, both because of the research which increasingly indicates such, and because recently I have been having a lot of very vivid lucid dreams. Ironically, the more awake I become in my dreams, the more dreamlike this world is, until my waking life has come to have some of the timeless feel of the dream state. However, many people do consistently remember moving through other dimensions after past physical deaths, to eventually returning to their soul group, where they plan, largely based on prior lives, a return to this dimension in a new body, in a more or less linear manner. Even the Buddha spoke of remembering past lives sequentially. So I wonder if time could be seen as sort of like a book, all of which already exists, but which our minds read linearly, one word at a time so to speak, with alchemical adepts the equivalent of savants who can read whole pages at once?

            On a related note, in Buddhism it is said that while many other dimensions are more pleasant than this one, only or virtually only in the human realm is escape from the cycle of reincarnation possible. Is this a reference to the self-aware quality of life under the Archon?

            The question of encapsulating the sun is interesting. The absence of dark stars in the visible universe is often used in discussions among futurists as an argument against the existence of advanced extraterrestrials, who, it is said, if they existed would have encircled many stars, resulting in galaxies that looked riddled with holes, like Swiss cheese. In my opinion, what this line of reasoning fails to take into account, though, is the factor of yet-to-be-discovered technology. If someone had asked Archimedes to design a powerplant with the capacity of those in the present day, he probably would have designed something like a mile-high waterwheel spanning the Nile. In other words, we likely won’t encapsulate the sun, because by the time we have the ability to do it, we won’t need to.

          2. Yes, but remember that black-holes don’t just absorb, they also expel like geysers. and they don’t just return the absorbed, they also bring in new material on occasion from other dimensions, so entropy (like time and space) is in a sense (in a sense) an illusion of the mechanical brain.
            Your idea about new oversouls is of course a very good on point one, and if you maintain your focus on this conception, this idea gestalt, you will in time verify these conclusions (your early seeing) through your ever increasing perceptive powers. Extend your mind (your ghost) and the answers will follow.
            As to time, well this is certainly a key to what seeing is in a way, being that our minds, or more precisely our brains, are designed in some respects to perceive time and space from the physical dimension point of view, being that they are a physical expression of something that defies just this one physical dimension.
            Again you have it, and through contemplation of this understanding, you will in time see how suffering, desire, and the buddha nature that seems to both fight but also sublimate desire, are not meant to obliterate that self that the archon has helped to create, but to ascend it to a point beyond life, death, and suffering. Another way to say this would be to say that at least for the inner alchemist point of view, that its not about stopping desire, but conquering it, mastering and then using it to fly beyond the gravity of this earth and this dimension through the ever increasing intensity that we perceive as time.
            I would agree with you on this last point as well. People tend to be very bad a seeing the future because the only way that they can see it is through the filter of the brain, which is really designed to only perceive in classical mechanical dimensions. But it is evolving, evolution (transmutation) is never still, it never stops, and it is that evolution that may just make it (as it has before) able to perceive and work with new internal dimensions where energy will be tapped into in more and more direct and balanced ways.

  3. Hi John, studying all ( really all) your books! The question I have in the quest to break away from archon how to avoid its traps? How to differentiate my projections are real vs the ones could be implanted by archon And same question goes for thoughts. Thank you

    1. Hi Relick,
      For inner alchemists the only way in the end to know the ‘true’ as it were from the illusion comes down to two methods:
      -learning to see; to use the inner senses, to perceive energy directly. Which I talk about in books like The Occult experience and better yet The Magnum Opus
      -learning to project which I discuss in way of The Way of the Projectionist or Out of Body Experiences, Quickly and Naturally. The only way to find the true self, the true psyche beyond the archon is to project far enough away from this dimension that you are able to see/feel the separations between the conscious-self, the ghost, and the unconscious. For that reason (among many others) projecting is critical to the inner alchemist.

      For someone still learning the above techniques, until you can see or project well yourself, it becomes a game of personal introspection as you try to separate your dreams (unconscious) from the part of you that is awake to itself (the ghost) with that reactionary part of yourself that does in mob like fashion (the conscious-self). It is not an easy task to find where you are and where the archon is, but the only thing we can do, once we wake up to the awake part of us, the part that says that we are here/now, is to try to find that boundary, as nebulous as it is. So, keep trying to differentiate in a psychological way, until you can see better or project a little deeper.

  4. Hi John, you mentioned secret societies worked with archon. Can you describe how? Also, what other names of archon ? At least in written texts. Thank you

    1. This is actually a very difficult question to answer simply, and I will see about trying to make a video about this in the future.
      Generally speaking, to work with the archon basically means to just follow the general nature of the ‘human collective’. It basically means to work with the laziness in humanity, the fearfulness in it, the narrow-minded and herd-like qualities and use all of those in the same way that some sailor might work with the wind.
      As to other names; I have generally tried to stay away from this as in my opinion it tends to be dogmatic opinion and adjective, and you know how I feel about that. Again generally speaking though, you could reference many of the other names used by ancient Gnostics such as demiurge, archons, watchers, etc. I would though stay away from more recent interpretations which can include even names like ‘the devil’, because these in the end tend to be already quite polarized meaning that they are descriptors that have been separated dogmatically by what ‘modern world’ defines as either good or bad, which can in essence be polarities created by the archon itself.

  5. Hi John, thank you very much! Maybe easier to ask what deities/gods/entities are not Archon and helpful to human kind? Any examples are appreciated at least to have an idea.

    1. Use the techniques in my books to learn to see directly yourself, so that you may know directly yourself what is what. This in the end is all that matters; the dogma doesn’t matter. And it is my hope that you will find all the information to see and project yourself in my books, which I have tried to keep as dogma free as possible.

        1. This is a very difficult question to answer simply, but generally speaking, from the point of view of our perception of these non-organic entities, PNOBs are for the most part separate from the Archon.
          While it is the case that the host of the Archon are legion and they are spread across this human world with such density that they are like cloud encompassing everything, those beings who were usually identify as individual predatory non-organic lifeforms, are usually other life existing alongside the Archon and competing for similar resources on occasion, while in others these more individual and separate PNOBs tend to covet and seek a more refined energetic food that for the most part the host of the Archon are not interested in.
          I will do a video on this in order to try to explain a little bit of the complexity that an answer to this question requires. But I hope that this helps to some degree for now.

  6. Joseph Curwen

    Does the Archon affect those who live outside the normal human world, like feral children who live their whole lives in the wild or the inner earth civilizations?

    1. The Archon has the ability to affect all awareness that is able to contain to one degree or another its conscious-self. How much it is able to affect that awareness depends on many factors; in the case of a feral child let us say, that conscious self might not be as deeply rooted in some ways being that the child is not part of what we would call civilization, but it might have a far greater conscious-self focus in other areas of its psychology.

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