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The double is you not bound by space and time. The double is the you that exists beyond the confines of the physical reality that you may feel is the only reality that exists now, here in this place.

But in this life you are the double and the double is you; you are two, you are Janus.

You may find that double in your dreams, and when you find this double it is not some stranger that you will find; what you will actually find is YOU.

The double is not a Stargate (it is not a dimensional portal) because the double is by its very nature everywhere and nowhere. The double is not a vessel for the immortal self because you are now immortal, you are part of that immortal self. What it is, is the vessel for your individuality; this is most important!

There is no time as we mostly understand time, there is only an infinite now.

There is no space as we mostly understand space, there is only an infinite here.

Since this is the case, since this is so, whatever you are now you will be forever; this is both the blessing and the curse of the immortality that is now yours now.


But how can you say this, are we not all going to die?

You speak of dissipation of the self, of the end of individuality when the bubble bursts.

Yes my darling dear this is what I said, the confusion lies in the fact that words are such liars and when we think with them too much they deceive us.


In the world of an infinite here, in an infinite now, there is no dissipation of you now, here, as you would understand that action, that term.

This is not what we are fighting for, this need to live forever like some bored vampire and some novel, this is not what the battle is about; in many ways, believe it or not, we are already this so there is no need to fight for that.

The battle is about expansion, it’s about growth, about the development of the individual ‘you’ through a medium of action that cannot be measured using a ruler or a ticking clock.


Some have asked me, ‘do you believe in reincarnation?’

Yes of course I do is my answer, but to explain what reincarnation means to me, I would have to point out all of the ways in which what I refer to as reincarnation, may not be what reincarnation is to you.


Think about it:

if we truly live, as science seems to be discovering, in an infinite now time-space, then our current understanding of reality is but an illusion of the senses. If that is the case then how could reincarnation be possible?

Are you bound to some karmic law were one time you may be a king or queen and at other times a worm writhing in the ground because you did something we call bad?

The answer is bound to be yes, you are a prisoner of karmic law in a sense, and also no, you are the infinite now, bound by nothing at all.

This has to be the answer because in an infinite no-place now, karmic progression cannot be what you think it is. And the immortal self beckons, but it beckons in a way that certainly is beyond physical sensual awareness.

If the double is you without the physical sensual parts that bind you to this reality now, then how can explanations of the double’s existence be simply explained using typical physical sensual terms, like words.


When I speak of the quest of the mortal self, when I talk about the inner alchemical formula in order to find the immortal within you, in order to find the double within you, I am forced to use those despicable words I mentioned.

Why do I hate these words that I so love to write?

Words must deceive you see, they don’t mean to really but by their very nature, like scorpions riding on a frogs back, this is what they do…they were created after all by the physically bound self, an aspect of the Total Self that sleeps through life as a slave, and dreams every night of a double, never suspecting that it is that double; that then never realizes what it is and what it could be, what a part of it already has to be!

Outside of these boundaries of space and time that are the illusion of three dimensional physicality, the double laughs and cries as it looks nowhere in order to find an aspect of itself the challenges itself, that is being challenged by, the limitation of the physical world.


Listen to me then fellow travelers, let us all agree to listen to our words, to all these words, because they are the only things we have to communicate within this clouded crowded place. But let us put these words under the greatest scrutiny possible because if we do not, these words will send us astray and trap us within the prisons of our own delusion.


So with these words, knowing how they may trick us, using simple terms, from my personal alchemical perspective; reincarnation is real and not real, just in case you may be interested in this one individuality’s opinion…and the double is not some kind of multidimensional portal, a Stargate. This is so because the double is everywhere and it is everyone, nothing else is possible.

The quest is not for immortality as you might imagine immortality to be, because if what you are looking for is an endless you doing some endless human thing, then you do not need to worry because in this  here and now place you already have it, and you will have it forever. That is part of the curse of physical limitation within the vastness of nowhere and every time; it is the curse of Eternal Recurrence as one lunatic ones called it.

The quest is for evolution, but not evolution in terms of a linear progressive order through time as you watch space floating around; it is instead evolution through expansion in a way that cannot be measured with your eyes, your ears, your hands, or any other physical aspect of your limited self in this place now, here. It is evolution beyond humanity.

This evolution, this projection beyond the immortal that you are now, takes you into the infinity Out There…into the very heart of what you may call Chaos.

To look upon the face of the Back Sun, to look upon the face of the singularity at the centre of this universe, to shake and quiver and lose whatever you define as mind now, to shatter into immeasurable pieces and to wake up to a world beyond your comprehension, to rules beyond belief…this is the quest of the inner alchemist, this is the true quest of the true immortal self; of the double.

How do you get there, how do you break the shackles of time and space?

Oh, I have such endless tales to tell!


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