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Cats are incredibly intriguing creatures. They have been worshipped throughout history, especially in ancient cultures, and one might wonder, why is it that the cat has been so revered and so loved throughout the ages?

The ancient Egyptians worshipped cats. There were special festivals just for the adoration of cats, and it was said that when the family cat died, special ceremonies were performed, where people shaved their eyebrows to mourn the passing of them.

The Egyptian goddess Bast is depicted in cat form, and by looking into the worship and the characteristics of this goddess, much can be discovered about the true power of cats.

In Norse mythology the goddess Freya was associated with cats. In Japan cats have also been worshipped and often attributed with supernatural abilities.

Indeed, cats have been revered and feared to some extent throughout history, and there has always been this mystical quality about them that has been recognized by many. In the best of cases, cats were considered to be protective spirits, especially of crops and the land.

But why is this? The fact that they are considered protectors of crops and land may be easily understood rationally, being that they are prodigious killers of mice and other vermin. But why were they given mystical attributions? Why were they considered to be enlightened beings?

Well, from the inner alchemist’s point of view, they are strange and mystical creatures to be sure.

In order to understand the mystical nature of cats, we do not have to look much further than perhaps there most compelling feature, which is their eyes. Cats have an incredibly powerful stare, incredibly powerful vision. To look into a cat’s eyes, is to be lost in a different world. When they look at you they seem to look right through you.

But this is just the relatively simple perception of the outer senses. The average person is captivated by those beautiful big eyes, by their unflinching and yet completely relaxed gaze. But for those that can see, for those that can use their inner senses, it becomes instantly obvious that that gaze is far more powerful than some may suspect.

The cat has always been given mystical abilities, because those that can see, and those that can intuit such things, have always known that the cat can look in between worlds, past the ordinary and mundane reality.

Cats can see past the material essence of things, and due to that ability, they can quite literally be used as a kind of catalyst, like a tiny key, in order to be able to see beyond this three-dimensional cube.

Even without the ability to see yourself, if you own a cat, you can try this now. Lightly gaze into your cats’ eyes as it gazes in any direction. Use your intuition and the feelings that you get, and see if you can note that such a gaze by the cat, seems to be able to pierce some kind of membrane, like it is able to somehow extend beyond the linear scope of that gaze, into another angle, another dimension, another place. As you lightly gaze into your cats gazing, you may feel the reflection of other worlds.

Ancient seers, especially in temples where cat worship was engaged in, would use that power to be able to see beyond the veil of the material. By focusing their seeing on the gaze of the cat, they could use such a gaze sort of like a magical mirror, that would reflect back to them, other deeper realities. As such, cats are a conduit to the spirit.

But there is greater power to them beyond this, and this relates to why H.P. Lovecraft love them so. He in his own words said that, he had a particular respect and affection for them since his infancy. For him cats were a fount of great imagination and the deepest perception. In other words, he knew of the ability of the cat to be able to take you beyond this dimension, and far into materially unperceived of places. Cats played a large and compelling role in some of his stories, and seemed to be native in the dream dimensions, the dreamland, that he sometimes wrote about. And it is in those stories that we are given the final clue as to the power of the cat, and this power is the power of the dreamer. Quite simply, cats are dreamers, they are master projectionists.

How they see, where they see, their gaze, is a gaze that can see across dimensions. It can see into those places where they dream. The cycles of their awake and dreaming states, while annoying to the average person that is so stuck in the routines of the nine-to-five, tells us of a more natural cycle, the cycle of the dreamer, that engages in inner projections of attention in a much more fluid manner throughout the day and night.

Just like there gaze can take you beyond the material, such gaze can also take you into dream realities, dream lands, worlds and cities beyond imagining by the rational mind. H.P. Lovecraft loved cats because they are quite literally a kind of key, the kind of key that I usually speak of when I speak of the power of the projectionist, the power of the inner alchemists and conscious dreamer to go beyond the three-dimensional trap, and into dream dimensions far beyond this material containment that traps the modern human. Perhaps this is why, cats have become so popular in this age of pure materialism.

The cat is a kind of dual creature, one that can exist in places beyond this place. And those that may not be able to see, can still intuit such truth by looking at them, and by trying to follow their gaze, as it somehow tries to take them beyond the material and into the magical, the spiritual other dimensions.

Their eyes are just like the eyes of a seasoned projectionist. Cats have the eyes of a kind of alien creature, a creature that does not seem to be wholly materially focused. A creature that seems to have the possibility to go far, and having returned from its journeys, seems to have brought something back, something alien, something that some consider dark, cold, a darkness, a sliver from that dark sea that I often talk about in my books.


“…the robust pagan with the blood of Nordic twilights in his veins there is no beast like the cat; intrepid steed of Freya, who can boldly look even Thor and Odin full in the face and stare contemplatively with great round eyes of undimmed yellow or green.”

H.P. Lovecraft


  1. Greetings, John.
    Well i’ve only recently checked out your website despite having read your books for quite a while.
    And i have to say they’re great books and have a lot of rereadability. Each time i feel like i realized something new i can go back and read it again. The words can remain unchanged but my mental image of the things has changed indeed.
    Or even read to just motivate myself. The worlds and powers to be found that you keep describing are quite a big motivation.
    Unfortunately, although i’ve read quite a number of books i haven’t made any real progress in the practical side of things due to a number of reasons both internal and external.
    Anyway, i don’t have much experience about the topic of this article but where i grew up it, you could hear people saying to not mess with cats, particularly at night, specially if they’re black, as they might be Djinns. And of course, if you do mess with one that happens to be a Djinn, you’re gonna have an unexpected visitor that night.

    They say my grandfather had one such visits one time and heard two beings talking above his head. But at the time he would sleep with two blades under his pillow, so he took them out and chased them out of his house.
    Or when my brother was a kid and our mother was out, the cabinets of the kitchen started opening and slamming shut over and and over again.

    Anyways, i had a few questions if you don’t mind me asking. Sorry for bombarding you with questions first time meeting…

    1_ Although i have not read all of them, my favorite article of yours so far is What is Eternal Recurrence, as it had the most impact on me. Anyway here’s the thing. Since all the other probabilities are also you and the inner alchemist also does try and merge all these selves, then is it not possible to avoid physical death by ‘switching’ to an alternate self-body so that you can continue to try and achieve freedom? And also, can you explain the difference between intentionality and probability? You might have mentioned something about this in your latest book but unfortunately i can’t get my hands on it.

    2_ How much can you interact with these alternate selves through time and space? For example, i’ve seen your unwilingness to work with other entities. Could you ask for help from a future/alternate self that does have enough power to help you? The same way that yoy can ask another inorganic being for help?

    3_ What do you think of using sleep deprivation as a way to break some limitations? I’ve only recently found out that shamans used it as a way to enter trance etc… before this i had know a few people that did not sleep for 2/3 days and were able to see energy and other invisible beings with their physical eye clearly. Though one of them now advices against doing it and says it’ll do damage to your neurons.

    4_ In your article about who you are you mention how your methodology involves becoming more ethereal and invisible to be free from the influences of other people’s intent.
    Does everyone reach a point where they have to do that?

    5_ In your article about the concious and unconcious you describe the difference between them and the way each one acts. Then how does the Total Self act and think? How does the way of conciousness and that of the unconciousness fit in it? I understand that it might be difficult to put to words.

    6_ Now that you have finished the trilogy, what will the topic of your next book be, if you’re going to write one?(Which i defenitely hope you will)

    I might’ve have other questions but i tend to forget them easily…

    Also, another thing i really appreciate about the way you teach is how you keep emphasizing that the answers you give are your opinions or that of inner alchemists only. I think it’s a great way to teach, one that benefits both the teacher and student.

    Anyways, that’s it i suppose.
    Thank you for spreading all these valuable knowledge.
    Hopefully i’ll see you around.

    1. Hello, and thank you for your kind words. I also really appreciate you sharing information here with us about your own history. I will start right off:

      1.The difference between probability and intentionality is what I have referred to as ‘lucid motion’. Basically this means that there is a big difference between conscious and directed action, and unconscious potentiality. If someone can attain lucid motion so that in any one of their extended timelines they are able to become conscious and intend probabilities instead of just letting the probability unfold by itself unconsciously, then they will begin to gain energy and ‘potentially’ have the ‘possibility’ to go beyond a typical life and death cycle, where they are able to go past such a circular motion and continue into a more expanded one. That is, there conscious lucidity, is then given and has the power to continue beyond unconscious probability which is only (for the average person) the life and death cycle. I hope you get what I mean.
      As to a person moving to another timeline, well, this would suppose that they have lucid motion, and they have been participating in lucid motion long enough to have the energy, the power, to be able to do this. In a way this is sort of like a Catch-22: you need to have the energy to do it, so if you can do it, you may not need to do it…You will most likely not need to do it. But it is indeed possible to learn and to work with such other probable selves so as to gain a great deal of experience, which is something that a projectionist does indeed learn to do as they move through the rooms of the projectionist.
      Sorry these are complicated responses because rational syntax is quite limiting.
      2.Yes you can definitely work with and learn from alternate realities, and in time you can even work with alternate incarnations. Just in case I do go into such alternate incarnations in the book, The Way of the Death Defier. As I mentioned above, this would mean that you have attained a great deal of lucid motion, and in such lucid motion as a master projectionist, you have been able to move across different portals until you access to other dimensions, other dream locations, where such a meeting between you and other probable selves and even other incarnations is possible. This again would take a great deal of lucid motion, but once it is achieved the amount of experience and learning are vast.
      3.An inner alchemist may use a number of different techniques in order to facilitate the increase of what I have referred to as “the spice”. But for practitioners just starting out, I would instead recommend a light lucid motion towards breaking the eight hour sleep cycle as opposed to depriving yourself of sleep which can be dangerous. I think that from the questions that you have asked thus far, you may learn a great deal of information in the book,The Way of the Projectionist. Sorry, I do not mean to push another book on you if you do not have it, but there I go into such methodology, the use of the spice, and what moving across such alternate dimensions in a lucid manner means for the inner alchemist. And more importantly I suppose, how to do this in a safe manner as opposed to such harsh shamanic deprivation.
      4.It is very difficult to say with complete conviction that every single person will become a certain thing in time if they continue with lucid motion. But in some ways I suppose you could say that lucid motion in and of itself means the ability to let go of the mob, and once you are able to do this long enough, to (leave behind) that mob that is stuck the throws of the material world so intently, to them, you do indeed become ethereal, being that you are no longer bound to the same rules that they are.
      The only way to truly describe how the total self would act would be to try to describe the doings of someone who is not bound by time and space in the same ways that the average person is. In many ways this question relates to the fourth question: once the conscious and the unconscious unite then for all intents and purposes you are no longer bound to the rules of the mob and the material world, to them you become magical, ethereal, sort of like a cartoon character in a away suppose. Once such a unification happens, which I do described in the book,The Way of the Projectionist, just in case you are reading up on that as well, the world no longer becomes the constricting place that it is for the average person.
      6.Well, I just finished one that is called, The Book of Remembering, and there you will find a collection of all of the material the you are now starting to discover on this website, plus a great deal more information, where I try to introduce a really difficult topic for more advanced practitioners which is best termed I suppose, the point of assembly.
      In the future, I am going to focus more on this point of assembly and most likely my next project after that will be the use of lucid motion, the way of the natural person, in order to get and do whatever it is that the individual wants to get and do. In other words, this next project will most likely be about the use of intent to transmute the desired into existence.
      Thanks again, and I am sure we will meet somewhere sometime, indeed, we may have already met in other places.

  2. Joseph Curwen

    Do you see any similar multidimensional aspect to the fascination dinosaurs evoke in many?

  3. John I have read your trilogy of books, they’re challenging and very well written, However I did not finish the Way of the Death Defier, after reaching the logos chapter.

    That chapter and the belief/happiness/power chapter from the Magnum Opus, were unfortunately difficult for me and they have made me think that a fourth book, an optional one, that offers an inspiring alchemist the logos and beliefs that they can use until they’re powerful enough to let go of them.

    I hesitated to write this comment for a long while now, being familiar with your videos and articles I know very well your stance on dogma, however I decided to write it anyway for 2 reasons:

    1- Writing such book wouldn’t require sharing more dogmatic history about our world, after all the logos are the cogwheels that an alchemist use to personally feed and grow without convincing people with them in the memetic war.

    2- For some people, technique alone might not be enough.
    For an example you can’t expect some women to read about alchemy and implement its techniques with great precision. Such women might need to emotionally connect with an “Alpha” alchemist, know his story his essence then use his techniques.
    Ofc there are women of technique out there but not every woman is lucky to have enough positive masculine energy in her life either consciously or unconsciously to be like that. The point is the story matters as much as the technique.

    The book could cover an archetype, a personality that the reader can become or at least imitate, with beliefs and logos to use, ones fitting to our heavy world. It could be based on an earlier version of yourself or completely made up. Or it could be written in an entirely different way. This is something only a veteran such as yourself can make.

    It would help some readers to balance between their personal lives and the pursuit of alchemy, they could always rely on the story to never hesitate to learn the technique, there’s no shame in that trust, it is human and it is powerful.
    I’m really sorry if I seem to be asking too much and if this comment seems ridiculous. I just feel like such book would compliment your amazing trilogy so well. I’m interested in your opinion. Thank you for all your work!

    1. First, I must apologize for the late reply, my site’s comments section was having some issue.
      I really do appreciate your candor here and I think that this are really good ideas on an upcoming book. I do think your little jab (alpha—more like omega 🙂 ) at me is funny and I appreciate that as well.
      I suppose I have never been too interested in the limelight, and there is a problem with what is best termed ‘personal history’ and what I practice (inner alchemy) that makes me strive to be less known, not more so. In many ways you could say that I would in a sense give up my shot at ultimate freedom (as nebulous as that might be) by giving up my history to others.
      But the idea of a book on what this is all about and how someone like myself might fit into the picture in that context is definitely something that I will consider doing in the future after I am done my latest project.
      As to your personal work, it is always my hope that you examine your own psyche, as you seem to be and that you are honest, so on all of this kudos!
      My take is that, as one nutter once said, “every man and every woman is a star”. And my desire is not to add more ego on the ego pile that might skew some people’s legitimate road, but to allow them to be who they are freely.
      Knowing this need for a dominant personality figure in the psyche of many people, do be careful that you do not fall under the shadow of anyone yourself. There is fear and some difficulty in striking on your own, but freedom and the power that you gain from this effort is priceless.

      1. Thank you for your reply John.
        It was never my intention for you to reveal more about your personal history to a point where it would affect your anonymity in any way hence the phrase “or completely made up”, in case of an archetype that has nothing to do with you.

        But the point of my comment, is that your amazing works are rich with techniques and ideas that I’ve yet to see anywhere but overall lack models to follow (whether they be logos, personalities, a narrative or even a holodeck xD).

        And for some humans, its easier to follow an already existing model, than to create one on their own, so such book would be like an Inner Alchemist Starter Pack.

        I’m glad that you found the idea to be interesting, I’m looking forward to your current project for the time being, thank you!

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