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In many of my writings I often refer to something I call the dark sea. One of my readers asked me to talk a little more about the dark sea, and to define exactly what it means within the context of my writing.

I have given a general definition that I add to my books) so that the reader can understand what I’m talking about, but I would like to make a video in order to explain the meaning of this enigmatic term in a more comprehensive or perhaps more descriptive fashion.

So you may ask, what is the dark sea?


Now, the term itself, comes from the writings of Carlos Castaneda, and I have used it because I think it’s so eloquently describes my direct perceptions of the infinity that surrounds us.


Imagine that you are a fish swimming within an ocean. Due to the fact that you are a fish, you may not even realize that your home is a dark and infinite ocean, a dark sea. Due to your general physiology, you live within a certain patch or band of the dark sea that is your home.

If you go too high your physiology will not allow you to withstand the lighter pressure of this ocean, and your eyes may not be able to withstand the brighter light. Conversely, if you dive deeper than your physiology will allow, then you will not be able to breathe, and you may not be able to see in those deep dark waters.


Due to the general structure of your being, you are bound to only a certain region of a large ocean. From your point of view as a fish within this ocean, the world is only so large and as far as you can tell the only kind of life forms that exist are the ones that either exist alongside you in this particular band of the ocean, or the odd life that sometimes makes its way across your tiny section of the dark sea.

It is the case actually, that your fish eyes can only see a certain range of things, they are after all designed to only be able to exist and thrive in the most symbiotic way possible, only in that certain height within the dark sea that you call home. And therefore, the reality is that across this entire sea there is a great variety of life forms, and most of this life, even though it may be right beside you at this moment, is invisible to you, because your fishy senses cannot perceive them.


Now, let’s say, that you are able to learn to move beyond your little band of the ocean, that somehow you are able to learn techniques that allow you to travel far beyond your particular home within this infinity, and due to this skill you begin to travel and see the many wonders to be found within the ocean.

Through these travels, thanks to the techniques that you have been able to develop, you begin to see that the place that is your home, is very small. That there is infinity any which way you look, and that you can go forever in any one direction without ever discovering and end to this ocean. Indeed, unlike a regular ocean, this ocean that is your home has no bottom, the depths go on forever. And there is also no surface to this ocean, you could always go higher and higher but you will never find an end to the infinity all around you.

The techniques that you have developed, have allowed you to see that you are indeed inside an ocean, that there is therefore a medium that you exist within, that this medium propels you, and that it gives you life; without it you would not be able to live so well and so free as a fish or as any other kind of life form for that matter.


Thanks to your travels you also find that this ocean in which you live is actually quite dark, that is there are certain patches where light congregates, and within these patches or clusters as it were, there is a great deal of life and activity. But, of the totality that you have been able to witness thus far in your travels, most of the ocean seems to be quite dark, indeed there are certain parts within it that are so dark that they seem to be black pools of nothing.

Having become a traveler of this mostly dark ocean, this dark sea, you are at times stunned by the sheer size and the darkness that you may witness. The variety of life and the infinity that you feel sometimes weighs upon you, just like the pressures of an infinite ocean can weigh upon a small fish swimming within the dark pools of an infinite sea.


This is the dark sea, the great dark sea. There is no boundary to it. It is an infinity that stretches all around us every moment of every day. We are beings, like the fish, that are designed to live within certain bands of this infinity. From our point of view it seems that life and reality is only so, but for those that are able to learn ways to travel beyond the band that is their natural home, they soon discover that they indeed live in an infinite cosmos. A vastness so large and so overwhelming, so full of more things than could possibly be imagined, so dark and so fierce, so large and so full of Titanic life far beyond anything that could be imagined or measured, that in the end words fail, rationality or any type of generally used mental syntax, hits a wall that it cannot pass.


The traveler then is faced with only one possibility in trying to describe that darkness to others of its kind, always knowing that they will fail in the end. The best that such a traveller can do is to use a metaphor and refer to the great infinity of all that is, as something akin to an incredibly dark sea.


If you would like to know more about the great dark sea, my descriptions of it and the techniques that I teach others so that they may learn to travel across the great dark see for themselves, then I recommend the book,

The Way of the Projectionist


  1. Hey John I got 3 of your books. Overcoming the archon through alchemy, the magnum opus and the way of the projectionist. I’ve had a really sudden urge to diverge myself into alchemy. Which book should I start with first?

    1. Thank you Rikki! I tend to say use your intuition on such things, even to the point of jumping from one book to the other and then back again until you finish all three. But in order of sequence I would say that starting with Overcoming the Archon is a good beginning because it gives you a general outline of the Alchemical process. You could then move onto the Magnum Opus, and the Way of the Projectionist last as it may be the toughest book of the three.

  2. Hi John, I’m writing you from Latin America, it’s a pleasure to greet you, I’m glad I discovered you some time ago, I would like to ask you if the last book of the trilogy comes out in 2021? Greetings my friend.

    1. It is very nice to hear from you as well Erica! I am honestly not sure when the third book in the trilogy will be available. I am though going to do my best to try and finish this trilogy as soon as I can, but I might need to tackle a few other areas of energy manipulation before I can finish the third one. This means that I might need to do smaller book explaining certain more advanced manifestational techniques before I put an end cap on the trilogy.

      1. Thank you very much for responding John, I’m glad you’re going to write more books, they’re very good. Apart from that I would like to ask you a question about astral travel, I never had that experience and I know that everyone has different versions, but I would like to know if it is possible to download information to the mind so to speak, for example to learn things which are not taught anywhere, even to learn academic information, I have heard from people who do research or simulations of the physical world in a spiritual or astral world, also that in the astral you can train other skills, sorry I asked you this, but you are an experienced person in the subject and you can give me a better view of what can be achieved, a greeting again

        1. Thank you for your kind words Erica. It is possible to do this but the practitioner would need to have a pretty high level of skill. In reference to my book, the Way of the Projectionist, a person would need to be able to have entered the third room and be very comfortable manipulating within the second world.
          The reason for this, as you may note when you have tried to remember regular dreams or daydreams, is that it is very difficult sometimes to remember exact detail or the nuances of such internal events. I practitioner therefore would need to be able to remember these internal events quite clearly and be able to manipulate in a very orderly (from their point of view) manner, or what they might know and experience in such states would not come through into their conscious in the kind of vivid vitality needed for it to make any difference.
          But once this level of ability is achieved, a person can indeed, and often does receive huge amounts of knowledge that can sometimes take years to put together in a linear fashion.
          The simple answer then is yes, but the complexity and nuances of the second world means that bringing information from one dimension to another can often times require a great deal of translation, being that the rules governing one dimension may not be present in the other. But again, the answer is yes you can learn incredible amounts of information when you become an adept as a projectionist, and I would further say that once such proficiency has been achieved; all true knowing really begins.

          1. What a great explanation John, I am very clear, thank you for your answers and kindness, a big greeting and I will read your coming books eagerly, a greeting.

  3. Greetings sir. After having bought your last book, the way of the projectionist, I decided to bought all the other books, because I think they’re great.

    So I have read vampire’s way and now I am reading the magnum opus.

    I have just 2 questions, one about the reverse breathing technique in the vampire’s way: when you talk about contracting abdomen and chest you mean at “muscular level”? So I have to contract muscles of chest and abdomen?

    The other question is about the inner feeling sens inside plants etc. In the magnum opus book: when you talk about gazing slightly to the plant, eyes have to be half closed?

    Thanks for your patience, all my best.

    1. Hi Tony, I am so glad you were able to find me here and I am very thankful to you for getting my books!
      When it comes to reverse breathing, the basic idea is to do the opposite of what you do you when you’re breathing regularly. So as you breathe in, imagine instead that you are breathing out; try to completely reverse what you do, one for the other. To get a good idea of how to do this, just breathe out in a natural regular way, breathe out every single bit of breath that you can from your lungs, squeeze out every last bit of air, and notice what your chest does in order to allow you to breathe all of that air out.
      You will most likely notice that your chest will cave in, squeeze, the entire cavity will concave or close down if you will, meaning that the muscles will squeeze tight like a bellows trying to get all the air out of your lungs.
      Now, repeat that same motion of the chest as you breathe in. I hope you get what I mean; yes, you will have to contract your muscles in a very physical way and this might seem a bit hard, but it is that tension, that extra effort, that allows you to suck in more life energy and to absorb the negativity around you.

      As to whether to have your eyes half closed or not is really up to you. I personally have found that by half closing the eyes, you are able to see inner images, images that pop into your mind as you are doing this technique, more clearly, that may transpose themselves over the thing that you are gazing at. Sometimes, even the effort of projecting a part of yourself and using your inner senses to perceive that other, can quite naturally make your eyes take on a half closed posture. But in the end what you choose to do is up to you, so essentially you need to do whatever works best.
      I would say that half closed eyes are better for interpreting feelings or perceptions that may develop images that can help you to ‘SEE’ better, and for that reason there is benefit in it, but the most important thing to focus on, is your ability to project a part of yourself outwardly and to make a direct connection with the thing that you’re trying to perceive directly.

      I hope that this helps:)

  4. Hey John!
    I first came across your material a couple years ago and find myself coming back to it again and again.
    Overtime my own experiences and existential crisis forced me to challenge what I could even imagine possible.
    You have provided the most clear and (frankly) comforting modality of thinking.
    My question for you is regarding an issue I’ve been faced with.
    Is there such a thing as a soul contract, in which you are bound to a specific force through a period of multiple lifetimes?
    I know you’ve stated individuality doesn’t typically survive the death process, yet some element of us (ghost in the machine?) is recycled correct?
    In this case what could/would transition into another incarnation?

    Forgive me if you’ve already answered a similar question elsewhere!

    Much appreciated,


    1. Hi Michael, you know I have not covered anything like this yet but it will certainly be part of the third book in the course book series.
      This is an incredibly complex topic I think and in order to explain it properly, and how it is that we may work within it, I will need to write a great deal and introduce a number of new concepts and techniques. The idea of time for example; the idea that this life is before the next, and that this happened because of this, is far more complex and is not a linear thing at all. But I can discuss the idea of a soul contract, if I understand this term properly.
      A person is indeed born into a certain situation and they must always face a force, a current, that drives them (pushes them) in a certain generally specified direction. The intensity/the age (multiple lifetimes) of this force is dependent on a much larger order (entity) that decides (resolves might be better term here) that this and this should happen in a lifetime, that these personality and body traits should manifest, and why. The person that you wake up to being (at birth) and the obstacles that you face (the cycle of your life) are all a result of that higher orders resolve, and to some extent the choice of the person that you are, that it (this larger order) has molded into being in order to face these currents.
      But you are not stuck where you are, there is a great deal that you can change and a great deal to learn depending on how your individuality will face the current (the force) acting on its life. Some decide to go with the flow, while others swim hard against the current to find new places and new currents. Neither is right or wrong from the higher orders perspective, there is no disappointment, there can’t be, there is only exultation (love/freedom), and it will always learn and expand from the cycle of your life.
      As an individual, you have the power to change a great deal or to just go with the flow of the current (intense or otherwise). To you, doing either has deep consequence, and you must therefore use your own personal values and ideas to decide what you are going to do and why. You are never stuck to what could be called an intense current (a soul contract), and moving beyond it, swimming against this current, may be most difficult and/or most rewarding. OR it may be the case that you learn to flow within the current of your present life and find incredible power and reward that way.
      We are given the power to rule our fate, it is called attention.
      I hope this helps.

      1. Thank you John for taking the time to write a meaningful response!
        You’ve given me much to think about and your words are certainly comforting.
        Are you familiar with the concept of embodying an archetype or “avatar” and would you recommend such a technique?
        I look forward to the next course book and all following material.


        1. If what you are describing is the use of a type of invocation where a person assumes traits, essentially is seemingly processed, by an external entity or personality, then generally speaking I would be very careful about the practice of such techniques myself. Such techniques always require a very distinct and definitive ‘on point’, and, perhaps far more importantly, require a very distinctive ‘off point’. If such fundamentals of that technique are not mastered then my personal opinion is that such a person should not engage in such activity. But again this is only my personal opinion as I am not an expert, and I would recommend that you contact an expert or professional in such matters.

  5. Greetings John, I have a question about an experiment I did about your “Out of body experiences” book. I did the exercise of creating my double, togheter with another person. We were in the same room, at the same time, doing the same exercise. I’ve been able to see myself in another part of the room, in the new here and now point, and I have been able to float around and even out of the door. The other person did it as well, and she also has been able to do the same. But we did not see each other. Maybe just for a moment. Later I saw my companion, doing something, but when we confronted our experiences, she was doing other things, instead what I saw. Why? I don’t want to fall into the belief that it was only in my mind, but I tought that I should have seen my companion

    Also, when i looked at my phisical body, it was slightly different in position and clothing (I had a cover, but when I was in my double, there was any cover, just me on the sofa). Is it possible that we see our body, and the enviroment in a different way?

    Thanks for your patience, all my best

    1. Hi Tony,
      I am happy that you are doing the exercises, and please do not become discouraged or start to believe that it is ‘all in your head’ as it were; this is a way that the world at large stops us from fighting the system that tells us that we are 3D things stuck in a 3D world.
      It will be frustrating at first to figure this new world of possibilities out, and figuring out the new perceptive mechanisms that you are now using.

      When you are out of body, as I mention in the book (chapter 7 and 8 for example), phantom images are a difficult thing to overcome. Indeed, you could say that in the beginning, just about everything that you will see or experience will be a phantom or partially a phantom.
      Now, these images are the result of memory and expectations caused by a part of us, a self, that is stuck to the physical. It creates and superimposes remembered things, expected things (in other words beliefs) of what is. These phantoms are not bad and the idea is not to banish them but to go past them; to understand the many levels of the self and what they add to the totality of your entire selfhood.
      In your particular case, you are seeing what you think is (what s being thought as being; beliefs/expectation), what your partner believed, what she was actually doing, what the place where you were is, was, could be, and a type of blanketing (Archonic) or morphogenic if you like structure created by what the whole of the human world thinks is or should be.

      As you can imagine, all of this layer upon layer of reality is accessible to the non physical traveler and it can take a while to put all of these things in their place. The only way to move forward is to keep doing, keep practicing, and in that way begin to find your own structure to things, their place (their dimensional feeling point), and to learn to navigate through it all, accepting that they all have their place and they all mean something that is important. That is why I say that you should not take what you see in the out of body condition too seriously at first, but just go with it and find your own way.
      As far as seeing the other person’s travelling form, this can also be hard at first. To get a real good idea of this, it is a good thing to study servitors and their creation since that other travelling form that you are creating (the double) is very much like a servitor that you are creating. For you to see your partner or for your partner to see your out of body form, you must have a pretty strongly charged and focused double just like creating a powerful servitor. Again this form’s creation takes time and the focus of your attention so you need to keep going, and in time, with enough focus on it, being it, travelling as it, on charging it into existence therefore, it will become easier and easier to be seen by someone else.
      I hope this helps, please keep up the very good work.

  6. Hi, John. How are you? It’s a pleasure to greet you, I saw above that someone asked about downloading information to the mind, the truth is that I am interested to know if it is possible, for example learn a language in a short time by downloading a language pack to the mind and speak it as a native of the language, or for example learn a computer program, somehow the knowledge is also energy that is stored in some way and perhaps there are other ways to access knowledge without transporting with the senses of the physical body, and I don’t mean spiritual knowledge, for example if I wanted to be a film director, but I don’t have any knowledge in the subject I can access some place where I can learn everything about the subject without using my fiscal senses like eyes, ears etc, I read some time ago that there are teachers who have instant knowledge about any subject, I would find it interesting to hear your opinion, a greeting john, that you are well.

    1. Hi Santiago, I am fine thank you, I hope you are good in these fast times as well. This direct transference as it were, is indeed a very powerful and interesting way to absorb knowledge and one that is possible from my perspective but one that does follow certain principles that cannot be ignored. For example, I do believe that some of the teaching techniques that try to tap into this force, use a kind of personality invocation where through the ability to become someone else, they are able to tap into the great amount of information available to that personality in one direct swoop.
      This of course, has been something that has been used by the magicians for eons, and if you’re familiar with such techniques you know that there are both benefits and drawbacks.
      There’s also the idea of tapping into what are referred to as Akashic knowledge and I feel that this type of activity can greatly help in the understanding that you might be seeking, I would personally recommend that you check out this article and the comments below as they do go into this knowledge transference in more detail:

      P.S. To simplify this Santiago, so that you don’t have to follow the weave of this, even though you might find this quite interesting, is to say that this information is very similar to the information that you have available to you when you dream. In other words, this information to us is a dream.
      So how do you remember these dreams? How do you access this inner reality? And then how do you take that incredible lump sum of information, which at times could be huge, years’ worth as it were in human linear terms, and turn it into something that is accessible to you and this dimension, with its dimensional laws?
      What I suggest in the end to the two people that ask these questions is to try to develop their abilities using similar techniques to the ones I mention in this article:

      1. Thank you very much for your answer john, and what would be the disadvantages of this? in your books you teach how to do some of this? it would be very useful to learn this as a person would save years of study with the 5 senses.

        1. You are quite right Santiago and as you say this is truly what I do teach and some of my books, especially in the latest book, the way of the projectionist.
          That book in particular, brings up one of two major disadvantages that we could discuss. Now, this is not a major disadvantage per say, but it is something worth considering. And this is that, there is no easy answer, there is no instant knowledge, at least not in the sense that you need to do just one thing and then instantly you will have infinite knowledge at the press of a button.
          In that book for example, I do discussed the fact that all such skill requires time and the focus of attention. One could say then, that learning to become a master projectionist, a skill that you would need to have in order to access the kind of information we’re discussing, you need to put in as much effort as it would take to become a PHD for example. In other words, accessing this kind of knowledge, at least in a safe way from an alchemist’s perspective, means that you have to become a great projectionist; someone who is very good, a PHD, at tuning into different dimensional frequencies and then, most importantly, moving those huge chunks of data from that one dimensional space and into this one. A task which is quite challenging and requires a strong and very well developed intellect. All such ability takes time, so there is that.
          The second disadvantage, and this is of course related to the first, is that there is no Rolodex out there, meaning that there’s no wonderful filing system that you can read through and find exactly what you need, press a couple of buttons, and presto. Part of that PHD, means that you must learn ways to manipulate and move within these other dimensions, and that you are familiar enough with them so that if it comes to it, you can find what you want when you want it.
          And while this might not seem like a disadvantage, and truly it is not at least for an avid projectionist for example, the mere act of projecting and becoming a PHD in the skill does mean that by the time that you become such an adept, most people change a great deal and the interests and the desires of this (Earthly three dimensional) dimension become less and less important. Meaning that instead of learning a language for example, you are much more interested in spending all your time, at least the time that you are projecting, exploring marvels beyond description.
          But having said all that, yes this is quite possible and there are many PHD projectionists that do indeed use such skill in such a manner. Usually such Ph.D.s are referred to as wizards or magicians of all sorts that seem to be able to perform miracles, which in the end just means that they have been able to master the ability to bring knowledge or other things from another dimensional reality to this one. Once you have your PHD, it is up to you to decide what you want to do with it.

  7. Thanks for responding John, the truth is a little disappointing because maybe these people or yourself come to a master’s degree in astral travel because they already have an innate predisposition to do so, but a normal person can work for years and never achieve it, I know that all people have potential and this is in human nature, but for example in the physical world there are differences that can be marked by genetics, Not all people can be a master of speed like Usain Bolt even if they spend their whole life training, I don’t know if in the spiritual, mental, astral world etc. the same concepts apply as in the physical world, I would like to think not, as it would be a clear disadvantage if there is no spiritual genetics so to speak, but it would be great to be able to achieve it, a greeting friend.

    1. Your conclusions are only applicable if you believe that something like astral travel for example is an oddity. And here we come to a most important point, and that is what you believe.
      Belief is an incredibly powerful thing and I think that if you look, you’ll find that people that have been able to believe something, can do what is seemingly impossible, while at the same time those that believe that they cannot, find an obstacle at every turn.
      I do not like to use this old adage about belief, but it is very much an important reference here. I too am a bit disappointed then in the fact that you have already decided that such a skill is an impossibility or a highly difficult one. I will tell you why something is difficult or not difficult, and it is quite basically how much attention you are able to give it; how much focus of attention you have.
      You can quite literally do anything in this world that you want, as long as you can focus your attention long enough on that one outcome. The techniques that I discuss in my books and in some of my articles are all possible if only you are willing to dedicate the time and effort (by which I mean the prolonged focus of attention). Yes, it is possible that for some people these techniques will take longer than others, this is a fact. There are also others that will run into beliefs as they focus their attention, in the same way that you have run into this belief that such skills are outliers, that they’re difficult and that they are for the few. And faced with those negative or counter beliefs, many will give up. But some will continue and will face those beliefs, change them, and continue with their focus on what they want. That is the only difference between those that get something done and those that are willing to believe what the world at large is telling them instead of what they can do.
      I have faith that you can do this, or I would not write these books for people just like you. I hope your faith in yourself grows over time as well.

  8. Thank you very much for your answer John, it leaves me more calm knowing that maybe I can achieve it, I know that belief is a great power and influences a lot in everything that is done, maybe it has nothing to do with the subject, but I have heard that the secret government has technology that can tune in to the Akashic records and from there know many things without having to project themselves, I also heard from an author of the Life Physics Group that is a secret research group that there is technology to make a person wake up in days abilities like instantaneous materialization, Astral travel etc, may not be true, but it may be very possible, but it leads me to think that these people synthesize the normal hidden powers of the human being in technology that somehow connects energetically with our systems and activates abilities externally to our own will or intention, I am surprised what many people out there can do and what is hidden, I do not know what you think of all that, anyway it is very good to have someone of your level to ask some questions and have the humility to answer, I thank you for that. A big greeting, my friend.

  9. Hello John! I have taken it upon myself to study your material thoroughly and have read all of your material except for your comedy book. I found myself going down this path after going through some emotional turmoil a year ago, a relationship built on attachment gone wrong which left quite an energetic impact on me. Through the use of energy pumps and reverse breathing, I have been able to absorb a lot of this energy and I thank you for sharing that information.

    One question for you, in one of your books (Overcoming the Archon with Alchemy) you go through the 3 polarities. The in, out, and void. My question for you is that I sense an energetic hole or leak in the middle of my chest or the heart chakra (mid-chest area). How is it possible for me to use the ‘IN’ polarity to help mend this leak and “complete” the energetic circuit.

    Why is it that I only feel this leak in my chest area? Could there be an energetic center here that needs more focus and attention? In your experience, have you noticed energy flowing out of specific spots of your body? and did you use vampiric methods to deal with them?

    I am glad that I have found benefit from your material, and eagerly wait for any new works.

    I am a young man, just turned 20, and I am fascinated with inner alchemy. I truly admire your work and look forward to hearing your thoughts.


    1. Thank you very much for you kind words Luka. My personal opinion, is that whenever there is an energetic void as it were, it is most likely the case that this area was poorly used, or overused, and that it needs to heal itself, to replenish itself with energy. I would concentrate on just moving energy around your energetic orbit as I discuss in my books, and you may want to use the energy pumps to send even more energy to this one specific area (visualize as well) for a while. But don’t over do it with this pumping action, try to spend most of your time on the movement of energy around the orbit. In this way, allow this energy to come back naturally on its own as you absorb more energy from past and present negative situations.
      Think of it like a wound that needs some time to heal itself, but it should not be overstimulated.

  10. Greetings John, I have bought and read your books and I have noticed that your teachings have a lot in common with toltec wisdom, expecially with Castaneda’s writings. So I have a question about Dreaming, if you know about Toltec wisdom.

    For what you know, for Toltecs, Dreaming is only when you’re sleeping or is also like a deep altered state of consciousness that you obtain when you’re deeply relaxed while still awake? for example when you don’t feel your body, but you’re not properly sleeping? In other words, is Dreaming for Toltecs the same of your “projectionist” view?

    Thank you very much for your patience. All my best

    1. Thank you for getting my books Tony. Your description of a state of consciousness that you obtain while you are relaxed while still awake state is the one most in line with the projectionist views. In optimal conditions, while in that state, the projectionist would though be aware of both their sleeping body and their traveling essence. I go into great detail as to why this particular technique is (in the procedural opinion of the Inner Alchemists) far better for the lone practitioner in the book, the way of the projectionist. I am not completely familiar with Toltec dreaming practices so I am not sure what other differences there might be, I hope that helps to some extent.
      In general, it is of opinion (knowing), that the techniques employed by the projectionist are meant for lone practitioners without teachers; for the individual working alone that does not have the great fortune of finding a HIGHLY qualified dreaming teacher.

      1. Thank you John, you have clarified me a lot of things. I’m training actually with the techniques of your OBE book, in particular turning the dial. I have been able to do projections more vivid than before, while still awake (but deeply relaxed) on the sofa. I’m not so able to do lucid dreaming while sleeping, but in this other type of travel I’m exploring a lot of strange realms.

        Another thing that I have noticed, and that you describe in the book, is that when I project in the “ordinary world” there is almost no life…. I was expecting to see a lot of inorganic life forms, but it is quite rare

        1. I am so glad that you are moving along with this set of techniques and that through your success you are showing others that it can be done.
          Yes, an intriguing mystery as to why our little dimensional slice is so…normal. There is so much mystery, and so much to explore, even in this one supposedly ‘ordinary world.’

          1. Absolutely agree…. Thanks John, can’t wait for the third book of the trilogy

  11. Hello John!

    I took your recommendation with the Carlos Castaneda books and I absolutely love them! Thank you for that! Anyways, I had a few questions to ask you in regards to some experiences that I have been having, I am not sure why they have been happening or what they mean but hopefully, you have some ideas.

    Firstly, ever since I have started with inner alchemy and noticing the energy within my body and environment, I have noticed that whenever I go to crowded places (grocery stores etc…) I start to feel HORRIBLE. Previously, I could spend hours in crowded places with no issues at all, could this be because of the change I made in terms of my perception of energy? I do reverse breathing and use my pumps but especially nowadays (coronavirus) whenever I am around so many people, I seem to be completely washed by the NEGPs that seem to settle in that area. Is this a matter of focusing a little more on the “IN” polarity in order to increase my personal energy (help with a stronger energy containment apparatus), or merely the fact that this is a new perception to me and will take some time for me to get used to?

    Secondly, I have followed your instructions in terms of the projection of my attention in my meditative (trance state). I usually mess around, but the other day, I had given the intention to meet a god, or I guess a thought form in other respects. I have met a few other entities and they have all been quite helpful even though their stay was prompt and they would shortly leave after a short dialogue. My question is if the entities that I requested parlay with are a manifestation of thought-forms? In the case of that specific god, I know people pray to them and that thought gestalt is quite powerful but the other entities were very unique. The other entities had incredibly special names, and they took a form that was very unique. Nothing I have ever experienced before, they seem to have been able to link with my mind or my psyche as the conversation was incredibly fluid, and it did not feel like I was talking to myself. This was a conversation. What are your thoughts about this experience?

    Thirdly, whilst practicing my attention after a meditation session, I normally like staring at a point on the wall for as long as I can. Curiously, the last time that I have attempted this exercise, something very interesting occurred and I would like to share it with you. While I was deeply in trance, I started to notice an aberration with my vision or something I could not explain. I began to see a bright white shape shift along the wall or possibly the space between myself and the wall. Behind this object, it almost seemed like there was a projector displaying an image of a wormhole that was shifting and spinning. This image was translucent and didn’t have any strong colors but some slight hues of purple. All around this “image on the wall” I could see something that I could only describe as energy flowing and moving. I moved closer and possibly left trance at that point but they disappeared. I was sitting in a dimly lit room, with the blinds on my window shut. What exactly did I see or do here?

    Thank you for taking the time to read, and sharing what you think about these experiences.


    1. Hi Luka, I am very excited to see that you’re doing so well and making so much progress in your individual study. All of the experiences that you are having are due to your hard work so I commend you in your efforts.
      With the first issue, this is due to the fact that you are far more aware now of the energy around you than you were before. The unfortunate fact is that for sensitives, as you are now through your personal work, you pick up the general frequency of humanity, which unfortunately again is not for the most part pleasant, especially during these difficult times for everyone.
      As you have already deduced, the only way to deal with this issue is to become stronger at energy absorption and energetic containment. There are many that advocate the concept of ignoring, of not focusing on this supposed negativity, but this is of course putting blinders on to the reality of life and by that token forsake your ability to work with energy directly. In order to overcome these issues, you’ll need to balance your ability to absorb energy with your ability to contain it. Think of it like Jonah entering the Lions’ den; you’re serenity (your energetic ability) must be flawless. This is a very difficult project and one that can and usually does take a lifetime.

      As to the second issue, whether you are meeting a god or thought form, it is honestly quite difficult to tell at times whether this is an actual individual inorganic being or whether it is a very complex thought form. The only way to tell in time, is to be able to master the ability to see energy directly, which will allow you to discern the fact that these entities have differences. The most striking of which, is perhaps the fact that non organic life forms tend to feel like they have alien energy (like static, cold) and that this energy seems to be self generated as opposed to a thought form, even a complex one, which seems to be more nebulous and static in energetic consistency. Sorry these are hard things to define, but it does become easier and easier to personally perceive as you keep working with energetic perception. For now, I would honestly say that one way or the other it doesn’t really matter what these entities are in the beginning since their power in honestly lower level types like the ones found close to this dimension, is about equal. You should though be careful as they always seem to want something in return in either case, everything in this life works in a balanced way, meaning there is always a give and take of some kind.

      Thirdly, just from what you have written here, I would guess that what you are perceiving is either an energetic nexus or flux within the environment, within your room, or you are perceiving what I refer to as dimensional portals in the last book that I have written, the way of the projectionist. In either case, such dimensional doorways, can be take off points as it were, and can move you into different dimensional planes, but I would suggest that you become quite good at manipulating as a projectionist, meaning that you are very good that traversing through rooms two and three as stated in the book mentioned earlier, before you go jumping into one of these dimensional points.

      You are then, through your own efforts seeing the cleft in the world’s, and clearly defining and passing through the walls of the three dimensional cage. It is most important at this moment to become as proficient as possible in all of the basic techniques that I have discussed thus far; this includes energetic containment, absorption, manipulation as a projectionist, and the ability to see energy directly. When you master these skills, you will be able to traverse deeper and deeper past the walls that had previously imprisoned you. Congratulations!

      1. Thank you for the words of encouragement, they really help me stay excited about these changes.

        I had a different type of question, and I was hoping to get some of your personal insight into the matter. I have been considering the role our identities play into alchemical and projectionist activities. For example, the identity that I have been developing since birth was one where I had very little choice in terms of what I wanted to embody. When you mention the indoctrination that society, our parents, and the school system have imposed upon us this leaves me with a large “?” in my mind.

        I am realizing that in order to better practice inner alchemy and inner work, it would be beneficial to have an identity that allows these things to happen. To get to the point frankly, I feel like this old identity that I harbor is no longer of use to me and where I want to go, it makes little sense to have to keep up with my “personal history” and continue to play that role to such a large extent. I have already started developing my alchemical persona and belief system, but frankly, I am shooting in the dark.

        I would love to invite you to discuss how it may be possible to disconnect from these old identities and the process of restructuring them in a way that becomes beneficial to our studies in the projectionist ways.

        Is this a matter of building a new “CUBE” as you mention in your books? More specifically, finding a new logical structure in which it makes absolute sense to be able to drop identities and build new ones?

        Is this purely a matter of fully renovating and installing a new belief system? or is there still an argument to be made that this current identity holds significant alchemical value and can still be worked with?

        Best of luck with your new books, and I hope that these questions bring some intrigue and excitement to your day.


        1. This is a good question Luka, and I do want to explore it and give you a concise but also workable and precise answer. Let me think on it, what I’m thinking right now is that I may do a video on my response to this question. I will let you know when the video is done, or I will get back to you with a more precise answer that at the very least might turn into an article post.

          1. I just watched the video, and I just want to say thank you. I guess I have been compartmentalizing all my life and not really seeing the true power of the self.

            I truly appreciate the time and effort put into this video and answering my questions,

            made my day!

  12. Hi John, I don’t know if this has been asked before but I’m curious as to what your take with regards to a person’s higher self/divine self/god self, does one need to be in synch/harmony with his/her higher self in order to successfully attain the skills described in your books or is personal will enough?Does one need to be one with the higher self or is it part of the collective we want to be free from?
    Another question is, whenever I absorb people’s energy (negativity) I tend to feel on edge, anxious, irritable, not at peace, any advice or troubleshooting you can provide?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Very good questions Jason. In regards to the higher self, if my definitions of it is the same or similar to yours, then it is the case that the movement through the rooms of the projectionist, as I describe in the book ‘The Way of the Projectionist’, is the movement towards this higher self.
      As to whether this higher self is part of the Archonic force (part of the collective) or not is a very hard thing to say because it directly relates to how any one person defines this term; higher self, god self, etc. If, as I describe it, it is a move across the rooms from the projectionist then it is a movement away from the collective of the Archon.
      But due to problems in definition, I have given up trying to define this term as it can so easily fall under one or another dogmatic idea or ideal about reality. Instead I have provided a map for how to truly attain a much broader perspective and power that some may term attain the god-head or being the higher self, and I have left the defining up to the practitioner. In other words, those that can and have attained the ability to get to the fifth room (or beyond) of the projectionist, know. And those that know, often do not tell. So for you to know you must do, and forget definition and boundary if you can.
      I hope you understand what I mean.
      As to your emotional problems when absorbing, I believe that what you need to do is to make sure that you take the time, as often as it is needed for you, to complete the absorbing process; that is to move this energy all the way into your Cauldron. This should stop any residue emotional energy that you are feeling. The predatory intent that I discuss in the book, The Vampires Way to Psychic Self-Defense, is also important in regard to this problem.

      1. Thank you for your response John. I’m still taking my time enjoying observing the subjective realm as describe in your book before going further. Still have plenty of confusion to deal with due to dogmas absorbed while growing up but I hope I’ll get clearer in due time. If I may bother you again with another question, what do think of the “Ascended masters”? Are they here to help? Or do they have their own agendas? Asking this because I read elsewhere that ascended masters are ancient alchemists, but the more I think about it it feels like they are part of another collective, maybe different from the archon or maybe just another face of the archon.. And the deeper I think about it more confusion sets in, making me feel distrust and question everything just to end up with a big headache. Again thank you for your time and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

        1. This is an interesting question Jason, and I may try to do a video on this to try and answer this question in best detail. But my quick answer to you is to use your inner feeling sense to explore this subject on your own. As you may know from your study of dogma, whatever I say will be dogma after all, and the best way to know is to know directly and that is only possible through direct perception, which is best described in my work I feel, through the technique of inner feeling sense. If I do make a video, I will post the link as a comment response here.

    1. You know I had not heard of him before you mentioned the name. I will look into him thank you.

  13. Damn you, John Kreiter, you continue to make way too much sense!

    And now I’ve gone and purchased as paperback “The Way of The Projectionist”. There is just so much I want and need to wake up and remember to.

    You are an oasis in desert of insanity taken to be ‘normal’.

    Someday, you and I are going to have a chat whilst we savor a bottle of your favorite spirits…

    1. Thank you very much for you kind words Marie!
      Yes a good chat among the spirits sounds wonderful, the only problem is that there are so many great ones to choose from.

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