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Sometimes we seek an answer to a question but we are never able to find the answer that we need. It is possible that the answer was correct but because words can be so subjective, sometimes these words are not enough to give us the answers that we are looking for.

I saw this video of a man posing a question to Abraham Hicks a little while back. I found this man to be incredibly articulate and his question to be one of the most powerful and interesting questions that was ever asked of Abraham. I also liked his question because I believe that there are many people, more and more every day, that are finding themselves in his shoes. He is a highly sensitive man that has had to deal with the onslaught of human thought and intention. Because of his sensitivity, he feels directly the ugliness and the bad intention that many of the people around him exude.

He asks Abraham about this and is trying to find a method or reason that will allow him to cope with the negativity that he sees and feels. Here is a link to that video and I would hope that you have the time to watch it and to listen to this question and to Abraham’s answers before you continue with the rest of this article:

Unfortunately I do not believe that Abraham provided an answer that was adequate to this man’s question. I believe that he truly expresses his need when he tells Abraham that there has to be more to it than just the pleasantries that Abraham seems to present as part of his philosophy. This is why I’m writing this article and presenting it here. I don’t expect that this man will ever read this article but perhaps others that have similar questions will, and hopefully will find the answers that they need as a result. I do this because indeed there are better answers to those questions that this man asked and I believe that we are all capable now of understanding them. That we have grown and now we are intellectually capable of understanding a greater truth without having to satisfy ourselves with simple answers that usually involve a black and white contrast.

The problem that I have always had with Abraham’s message, is that as a species we will never be able to understand the greater truths of our existence until we are able to get away from a simplistic and dualistic nature. Things are far more complicated and even though we are not capable now of understanding all of these great complications, there is still the possibility of understanding far more than we already do.

This person begins his questioning by talking about how a character in a novel destroys a fine piece of porcelain for seemingly no reason at all, aside from perhaps a natural human need to destroy the beauty in life. In order to truly understand the answers that he seeks, he must begin to realize that there is no such thing as destruction. We live in what we consider to be a dualistic world; we believe that things are either black or white, good or bad, joyful or sad, creative or destructive. The reality though is that nothing is ever destroyed and there are no absolutes because there is no end to this reality. It is very difficult to understand this on the material level and this understanding will always escape you if you focus all your attention there.

Nothing is ever destroyed, and destruction is just another form of creation. The problem here comes because we have a very limited focus of time, we believe time to be a linear and sequential event. Our senses tell us this every day and our limited sensual awareness finds it generally impossible to see the world in any other way. Time is not linear however, time exists all at once simultaneously and there is so much information that it is impossible for our senses actually experience it all. Our sense therefore help us by filtering out most data, creating a sequential time sequence, so that we literally don’t go mad through the sheer volume of information that could be available to us.

Our egos believe that once this beautiful porcelain figure is destroyed, that it is gone forever. Just like we believe that once we die we to are gone forever. In an infinite universe where time and space are one and all things happen simultaneously, this porcelain figure exists forever and is only but one shade or aspect of the infinity of all the possible consequences that this porcelain figure can be. Mathematically there is no possibility of infinite space time without the possibility of multiple dimensions. Now without getting too far into any kind of mathematical explanation of what I’m trying to say, you must begin to realize that our scientists have proven long ago that space and time exist in an infinite present and that there are most likely many dimensions outside of our own. This is something that Mystics have known and proven to their satisfaction long ago.

In this infinite space-time, destruction is not possible and it is the answer to an old question; “if God is all-powerful, what happens if he makes a rock so heavy that he cannot lift it? If he makes a rock this heavy and proves his power, will he not disprove his power if he can’t lift this rock afterwards?”

One could say that God is all-powerful and did the one thing that many did not expect when they asked this question; he created a universe where this rock could not be lifted and experienced that event fully with all its ramifications. He also created the universe where he could lift this rock and experienced that with all its ramifications. Within these two polarities there are infinite variations that are born from the possibility and the non-possibility of God creating this rock, not lifting, or lifting this rock. That porcelain figure is still alive and there is a world out there were it is real and has gone on to fulfill many other aspects of its mutual reality with the things around it. There are also probabilities were that figure never existed at all. All variances exist and they exist simultaneously and in this infinite universe, destruction is not possible; it is only variance in an infinitely creative multi-dynamic verse.

It’s difficult to understand I know, but I believe that we are all intellectually capable of understanding these things now and that we don’t need to have childish answers to very difficult questions. I don’t believe that, just like this man, we will any longer be satisfied with answers that do not fundamentally answer our greater questions in a grown up fashion.

Unlike what Abraham says, I do believe that belief is incredibly important. Beliefs are incredibly important to me because I know that it is beliefs that create thoughts and it is those thoughts that create emotion. If you try to change your thoughts or your emotions without first understanding and changing your beliefs, you will never be able to create the reality that you want. More important, in my opinion, is the fact that if you try to change those thoughts and emotions without tackling and understanding your beliefs, you will damage your body. Many try to think positive thoughts while they are flooded by negative ones, they are fighting an uphill battle against thoughts and emotions instead of directly working with their beliefs. In this scenario, a hernia would be a mild complication to what can happen.

My second point of contention with Abraham and perhaps the one that saddens me the most is the fact that his philosophy seems to despise any kind of negativity. Now despise might be a strong word, perhaps it would be a better idea to say he ignores any kind of negativity. By Abraham’s own words, he will never focus on something that takes them out of their vortex and those things that take them out of their vortex are supposedly negative thoughts and emotions. To think that some emotions are good, and others are bad, is a great recipe for emotional frustration. One could easily say that half of our personal experience is completely inaccessible to us because these thoughts and emotions are supposedly something that will not allow us to have our material reward. Essentially we are told that negative emotions create bad things and it is only through maintaining positive emotions that we will get good things. Unfortunately this is very similar to the belief that if you do good you shall go to heaven and if you do bad you will go to hell; hell on earth this time I suppose.

My advice to our friend would be to experience those negative emotions even more than he seems to be at the moment that he is asking his questions. Indeed the reason why I believe he is not finding true answers to his questions is because he is denying his supposedly negative emotions. The worst thing that you could ever do is to suppress parts of yourself because you think they are evil or will cause evil. In order to understand the world around you, you must understand yourself; because you are creating it. In order to understand yourself you must begin to trust yourself and your nature, and not think that parts of you are somehow evil or destructive.

You will begin to find the answers to those most difficult questions when you allow yourself to express those thoughts and emotions that are within you, all your thoughts and emotions! There is no such thing as a negative thought, and you will not be hurled into some kind of earthly hell because you experience a negative emotion freely. By experiencing those supposedly negative emotions, by experiencing them completely and contemplating them, you will understand the beliefs that are causing these emotions and thoughts. If you deny your emotions and suppress them, there will be a time when these emotions will explode. Those massive outbursts of evil that our friend is so saddened about are not caused by people that explore their emotions but they are caused by people that deny these emotions and finally explode in frustrated action because of their beliefs that they are powerless.

If our friend were to experience his emotions truly, and ask himself the simple question of ‘why’ he is feeling what he is feeling, he would begin to discover the beliefs that cause him to have these emotions. There is no need to scream at others or to rant and rave or cry in front of anyone. But you can take any time that you have to yourself and beat a pillow or roar in anger and truly experience the joy that is your ability to feel and to be truly alive. Through this release you will find great comfort and through this ‘emotional action’ you will be in a position to discover those beliefs that cause your current misery.

Our friend is in a particular situation. He finds himself in this situation because of the fact that he is a sensitive. What many of these gurus forget to talk about when they speak of creating your own reality or the law of attraction, is the fact that you must not only work on your thoughts and emotions but that you must also work on all the thoughts and emotions of the people around you as well. Depending on the kind of sensitivity that you have, it is quite likely that you pick up much of the emotion and thoughts of the people around you. Indeed subconsciously you pick up on all of it, and depending on your beliefs you become aware or affected by some or perhaps even all of it. Our friend is a sensitive and most likely picks up consciously most of this intent that he feels around.

Like he says, it can be a curse to be a sensitive. Try driving in heavy traffic when you’re a sensitive, I can tell you personally that is a very taxing affair. If it is difficult for the average person, imagine what it must be like for a person that can feel the malevolent intent of every single person around him. If you follow your own thoughts and feelings the next time you’re on the road, you might notice that there are many thoughts of aggression and hatred within you. We are all programmed to fight for space and hierarchy and as a result will do just about anything to get ahead of the competition. These aggressive impulses can sometimes be quite destructive in their nature and can be very very negative to a person who must feel their onslaught.

In an earlier article I have shown you how you can begin to master these negative intentions. I basically give you ideas about how to discover your beliefs and how to understand your personal thoughts and feelings. By understanding who you are, you begin to separate your thoughts and intentions from the thoughts and intentions of others. In this way you can begin to tune them out when you want to or perhaps begin to conceptualize a greater understanding of human interaction, understanding that what we consider negative emotions and thoughts are not necessarily wrong but that they are a human way to cope and create in this world.

Now finally in my opinion no answers were forthcoming here at all. There is the essential requirements of ‘try to focus on that which you want instead of what you don’t want’ and then there was a break. So what is our friend supposed to do? What should he begin to do in order to answer his questions and to get the kind of life that he wants?

He needs to first and foremost begin by express his emotions. He seems to be doing a good job of this and his emotions seem to have given him the impulse to take action and question Abraham on these very important topics. He must continue in this personal exploration and truly expresses emotions instead of trying to intellectually deconstruct them. Through true expression, if you’re having trouble think of a child and how they express their emotions, he will begin to truly understand why it is that he is having them.

In my opinion, if he is so interested, I would ask him to begin to question himself. Discover for himself and by himself what it is that he truly wants in his life, discover the answers that he quests after and the kind of life that he would love to have. Once he is able to do this, I would suggest that he begin to question his beliefs. He can simply do this by asking himself why he is feeling the way he is feeling. He can do this by asking himself ‘why’ he’s thinking the thoughts that he’s thinking. Through this progressive inner questioning, he will finally get down to beliefs. He will discover for himself that it is a belief that causes him to focus on one thing or another and therefore experience one thing or another. Perhaps at first he will not be satisfied and believe that beliefs can never be so powerful. But I would suggest that he change at least one belief that he finds negative or would like to change in one way or another. Again you could look at one of my other articles where I have mentioned ways to change a belief.

As he changes this belief, and continues with his internal quest, he might discover that changing this belief will not be enough. He will most likely discover that by changing a certain belief, he will come into conflict with other beliefs that he has. In this way he will be presented with other parts of his being and realize that he is made up of a gigantic network of personal beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that create his reality now. Hopefully he will continue to change all the beliefs in line that do not match something that he wishes to experience at the moment. As he does so I am certain that he will find that his reality will be greatly changed and that indeed he will begin to attract and focus on those things that he now believes instead of the beliefs that he used to have. At the end of all this our friend will discover that he is indeed not powerless but is capable of true personal change.

All change begins from within and then moves eventually without. We live in the physical universe and it is a very dense universe. What this means is that this universe is thick and whatever it is that we wish to create takes time to build. In order to have the riches you want or the freedom you crave, you must intend them for a very long time. You will never see change instantly because instant change in this universe is incredibly hard. Intention, or thoughts of a certain order, must be maintained for a while in order to create true physical change in our world. The only way to change these thoughts and this intention on a long term basis is to change your beliefs and maintain those beliefs until you attain that which you desire. You can create just about anything that you desire in this universe, as long as you maintain your intent long enough.


  1. Thank you for this, John. I had always felt that there was “something missing” regarding the Abraham thing.
    Your words remind me of the Work by Katie Byron. She may be on a similar wavelength as you – especially regarding beliefs.

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