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This is an answer to two comments that were made on the ‘Create a Servitor to do your Bidding’ page. I have decided to post this as a separate article since it is a rather long answer and it does deviate somewhat from the servitor paradigm.

The first comments are as follows:

I’d be much obliged to hear your insights. I want to make a servitor to get information for me. For example, it might be interesting to find out how Hatfield made it rain, or how Orffyreus made a perpetual motion machine that convinced learned men that it was genuine. I could send the servitor to get the information for me.

My question is, “How would the servitor give me the information?” How would it communicate to me what it has learned?

Thank you kindly for your consideration.



 I did give George a short answer:

I must say that I love your project, a wonderful adventure indeed.

My personal opinion is that you should not use a servitor for this purpose. The reason is that it is difficult to get a detailed description of things from a servitor. Even a ‘servitor advisor’ (which I discuss in this book) would have trouble with such a task I think.

I would actually recommend that you use this method to get the information that you seek. I think that you will be surprised by what is possible using this methodology. What you can do then is to create a servitor for protection or to help navigate.
I certainly would recommend a little protection if you are planning on visiting certain places in space and time; the dark side of the moon for example is place where I would like servitor protection with me.

But when Peter asked a similar question, I wanted to make sure that I gave a proper response to both:

Hi John, I have a question. Please enlighten me on this: can you create a servitor with specific task of retrieving information from the Akashic Records? Thanks



This is a very similar question to the one that George made above.

Theoretically you should be able to create a servitor to suit this purpose but my position has always been that it would probably be better for you to learn to tune into this field instead of creating a servitor to do this.

The Akashic records are like Morphogenic fields or it might be better to say that the whole sum of all morphogenic fields existing (or that will ever exist) make up the Akashic records. This information, like all information, is non local, meaning that it exists in all space and time like a wave or a force.

The power of this force is variant depending on frequency and not on space/time. That is there is no space out there as we understand it, there is only vibrational frequency. We think of space (and time) as defining the length and breadth of our physical existence, and we can see this space variance mathematically by how a certain force or object tends to affect another. We say that the stronger that a certain thing is affected by a certain thing, the closer that it is to it, but this is only a concept that we have developed because we have senses that perceive frequency in this way.

There is no physical movement therefore, there is only frequency modulation.

So if you create a servitor to tap into the Akashic records, or George creates a servitor to go back in time, you are both basically doing a similar thing. You are both creating a servitor capable of modulating its frequency in order to pick up certain information from these non-local fields.

Now you could get very clever and create a servitor similar to a television or a radio that would be able to pick up this information by modulating its frequency to the frequency that you desire. The trick would then be to be able to have the servitor complex enough to modulate to just the right frequency that you want, this is difficult but not impossible.

But the bigger trick would actually be to be able to receive and understand the information that this servitor picks up. The reason for this is that information is not stored in video format as it were; it’s not going to be a simple transmission in other words. It will actually be this gigantic jumble of information that will resemble a dream. You will not see a filtered message, but the whole sum of all possible potentials within that one frequency (that one point in space/time or one particular band in the Akashic records). When your radio servitor picks up this information, it will most likely be overwhelmed by all this information and you would then not be able to receive anything coherent from it. A servitor is a simple being after all and no matter how complex you try to make it, it won’t be able to store or directly transmit huge sums of data. This data is non-linear and highly complex and is more akin to an energy surge than to an event in space/time as we understand it.

But your mind could pick up this information and modulate it with some experience. In other words, your mind is capable of discerning the giant sum of information at our disposal through these non-local fields, just like a trained mind can make sense of dream data, but a simple servitor would be overwhelmed and would most likely just give you convoluted static, as it were.

So the final answer is yes, a servitor could be used for this purpose but I personally think that it would be more trouble than it is worth.
I would recommend this method to you as well, just as I did with George. With this method you will have to get out there into those fields just like George would have to go to the past himself instead of sending a created servitor, since this is the only way to really understand the highly complex information that you gather.

Sorry for the long worded professorial like dissertation but it’s the only way that I could think to answer these questions properly. I didn’t want to give you a simple answer that would leave you with more questions than answers.

I hope this helps. Good luck in your travels, or should I say frequency modulations.


  1. Thank you, John, for taking time to answer my question. Much appreciated. I was in the middle of creating a servitor for the
    purpose of accessing the Akashic Records when I thought about asking you this. I had second thoughts about how
    my servitor would relay the information to me after retrieving the information. I guess the only way to access the Akashic
    Records is to do it the Edgar Cayce’s way through an OBE.

    1. Your welcome 🙂
      The information available here is quite complex and I think it is only through personal contact that you could make sense of what you perceive.
      Just make sure that you do not lose yourself in the thought that you need to enter some deep somnambulistic trance to access the information that you desire.
      And don’t underestimate the power of a good servitor by your side when you are in a deep dark area of that infinite sea.

  2. Hello John,

    You’ve piqued my curiosity as I’ve always had the desire for space travel in astral form. What will be found on the dark side of the moon?

    Do you recommend a defense based servitor? Like a bubble or a lamp like you mention in The Vampires Guide to Psychic Self Defense? Diving deeper, have you created servitors that help you ensnare inorganic beings for energy consumption while projecting? I understand that good and bad are arbitrary, but I’ve had thoughts about “lighting myself up” through emotional projection to attract predatory inorganic beings to me and consequentially consuming their energy, I want to ensure that I’m not feeding off of benevolent forces. Would that be a time to employ my inner feeling sense? Because if I remember correctly you’ve said that in-organic beings can take deceiving forms. Final question, and thank you immensely, I have some friends who are also learning to astral project, would we be able to team up and feed on some of these larger inorganic beings who I presume are more abundant in energy? Not the God-like beings, but a level above small thought forms. Although I think we’ll sort of work our way up gradually to ensure we’re not in over our heads, I’m incredibly curious to hear your perspective on the matter.

    Thanks again, best of wishes.

  3. One final question that’s been nagging me and I meant to include in my last comment- how is it that you dilate time when projecting? Is this a topic covered in your new book? I know we are bound by words and to be weary, but you mentioned in your book on OBE’s quickly and naturally that time is experienced out there in ‘intensity?’ Is it a practice of tuning our dial of awareness? If so, how would you tune it? What sensations would you describe? I’m very in tune with energy and can manipulate it quite easily so feel free to expand how you see fit. The only experience I’ve had which is familiar in this sense is that I once had a dream where I had a family and a child. When I awoke I had a heavy sensation of loss, because of just how much time I had experienced in that dream, although the more I reflected upon it, it seemed that I had experienced many snapshots in a sense, that created the illusion of a “long time” passing. Is this what you mean when you speak of experiencing more time when projecting? Or can you quite literally experience full days, months, and years in single projections.

    Much love and appreciation.

    1. Hi Riley,
      To start I must say that there has been a great deal of change in that dark side of the moon since the last time that I posted that comment. Generally, I do not like to go into specifics as to what I have seen and try to focus on techniques. I do this for two main reasons:
      First, it is my hope that you will participate in these journeys yourself, and that the curiosity and desire that you feel will be the propellant force to have you work harder towards improving your personal techniques.
      Secondly, and as you may find out for yourself once you engage in your own journeys into these places, talking about these journeys and what you witness can cause some people to doubt your sanity. And it can instigate repercussions from a very very select few that are not interested in having you spread information that is too specific, too important, and all too secret.
      I will leave it with, our world is far far stranger than most people imagine.

      As far as using a servitor for self-defense, I do cover this in the latest book, the way of the projectionist, that you purchased, thank you by the way(!), so I won’t discuss that here as you will find information on this in appendix B of that book.

      As far as trying to ensnare or absorbing inorganic beings, my personal recommendations are that you become very good at self-defense techniques as I mentioned in the Vampire’s Way before you try anything like this. Let me give you an example, what you are doing is sort of like dangling bait from a hook, and sometimes you get small fish by doing this but every once in a while you may pique the interest of something far bigger. Those bigger things have a way of twisting human perceptions and it therefore behooves anyone who participates in these types of actions to make sure that they are fully capable in any and all defense techniques. As far small inorganic beings, all I can tell you is that they are everywhere and there is no need to attract them really because our environment is full of them at all times, especially in places where large numbers of people congregate. My perspective therefore would be that instead of trying to attract anything, that you just try to expand your perceptions so that you can perceive the beings that are already around you and then work with those. You might even want to go to a place that is crowded and see what you can find there as they congregate in crowded places. Another option would be that as you engage in travels as a projectionist, that you see what you can find in those other dimensions and absorb that energy.

      Time intensification, that is the slowing down of time, happens quite naturally to every person. Often times intensification happens when we are experiencing what is referred to as ‘peak experience’. This peak experience, or the slowing down of time can be done in a conscious manner by as you say working with turning the dial and focusing intently on the Here and Now moment.
      Your dream event seems very interesting and it is most likely that you did, as you suspect, experience a great deal of time. It is most likely that this dream experience of yours lasted a very long time in that dimension (it was quite intense), so long in fact that once you woke up, you could only see the totality of it as snapshots of all that happened. But in fact each snapshot was connected to the next by experiences, so that you most likely did go through a great deal of life and living in your dreams. Upon waking, the conscious mind was not able to process or put those experiences in a coherent linear order, so it was only able to give you snapshots of the totality of all that you went through in that one dream.
      The best way to experience this stretching out of time, is to practice all of the techniques that I mentioned in the book, the way of the projectionist. And as you become familiar with those techniques, and you project more and more, you will note over time that there will be intensity variations from one dimensional location to another, and in a more natural way you will see that yes indeed it is the case that you can experience full-days, months, and even years while protecting to certain locations.

      Thank you very much for your kind words Riley, and I hope that this was of some help to you!

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