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These are questions that were asked about the techniques employed in my three servitor books. I hope that my reply helps to answer questions that some of you might be having.

Original questions in white and my reply in blue:


Hello John,

I have read the first two books and am nearing the end of the third book on servitors. You’re books are very well said with simple language and easy to understand concepts. Your examples had me laughing at myself a few times. It was like you were speaking to me directly. You’ve helped me to see the laws of manifestation in a different way. Like many of your examples, I was finding frustration and beginning to think “The Secret” was BS. I could not maintain a positive mind set 24/7 as much as I tried. I will re-approach it now with a slightly different perspective now. I also greatly appreciate the fact that your eBooks are very reasonably priced. I get the feeling that you are more interested in helping than turning a profit and it’s why I decided to buy three of your books. I usually do not do such things at all with “internet gurus”. I’ve grown weary of people making money off peoples need for spiritual answers. Thank you for sharing your personal wisdom with the world. I hope to pay it forward one day.

I wanted to read all your books before attempting servitor creation. As I near the end of the third book, I find I have many questions and need some clarification. Here’s my list of questions:

1) Does distance matter?
(i.e. if I live in Florida and someone I wish to help with a servitor is in Australia, does it take time for the servitor to travel there or is it instant? Will distance affect the power or effectiveness of the servitor to do it’s job? Will the distance affect my ability to charge it?)
Yes and no. Now right off the bat we start off with a rather dubious answer and I’m sorry for that. The thing that you must understand though is that from a mental perspective, and from a greater reality perspective, there is no such thing as space (or time).

For the sake of brevity and more concise and to the point answers, I will keep it simple. Generally a person’s servitor is affected by distance in that the farther that they have to go, the more that energy has to be expended in order to have a more cohesive (powerful). This then answers the question simply by stating that farther means more effort, so yes distance matters.

But this effort that you output in order to have your servitor affect someone else who is far away is not expended because of physical distance, because space is a psychological construct that we impose on ourselves and something that servitors are not affected by unless we believe that they should be affected.  When it comes to servitors then, try to think of space as a psychological construct, as opposed to a physical phenomenon because from a mental perspective, and from a greater reality perspective, there is no such thing as space or time (sorry to repeat myself but that is an important point). As such, there is no difference between a servitor affecting someone next to you in Florida or affecting someone halfway across the world in Australia; the barriers imposed on it are imposed by you.

Since it should be the case that we should do our best at whatever we engage in, creating the best servitor that you can fixes distance problems. In creating a servitor to affect something or someone close or far away, what is most important is your focus; that is, how clearly you can see your servitor as a real entity, how cohesive it is and how well you have commanded it to do its job.
The short answer is, and remember this because it will apply to other questions that you have asked, how much do you believe in the power of your servitor.

Belief seems like an etheric thing that could not be powerful enough to affect solid reality. And yet if you believe that your servitor is before you then you will see it, if you believe that your servitor bumped into you then you feel it, and if you believe that your servitor has the power to go to Australia to help someone you love then it will; in direct relation to how much you believe that it can.
The fact that a belief is a psychological/internal ACTION, does not make it any less a ‘real’ in what we consider to be the objective world. What we call belief is in really a highly focused and concentrated burst of attention and psychic energy that manifests (for lack of better words) a  physical event or object over what we consider time (which is as much an illusion as is space remember). A belief can and does rewire your very physical brain. A belief is a psychic act. A belief is real. Beliefs create objective reality.

Make a strong and detailed servitor using the charging techniques I have outlined through the manipulation of your belief and attention. If you do this as best you can then distance and time become irrelevant.  Explore your feelings,; do you believe in the power of your servitor? If no then change it to yes using the techniques outlined.
2) Does time matter?
(Can one send a servitor to a past event and diminish its impact on the present/future?)
(Can one send a servitor to a possible future event and bring back information/advice/guidance on how best to achieve that event or avoid it?)
Yes and Yes. I hope my reply to question one answers this question generally. Use your creativity here; a type of servitor advisor would be good for the latter problem.

3) Can a servitor be used to assist in lucid dreams?
(Such as setting a trigger, “When I am dreaming you will let me know I am dreaming.”)
Yes. Ask your servitor to meet you in your dreams, when you see him, his presence will wake you inside your dream. Patience is key in any kind of dream-work.

4) Can one give additional functionality to an existing servitor?
(Such as creating a servitor for home protection, but later adding invisibility or guarding to it, such as walking to the car and wanting to not be noticed.)
You can if you want; your creativity is your only limit. But remember what I have said about schizophrenia in your servitor, if you add to it try to keep the in line with what its original function has been.

5) On the same line of thought as the above, can one combine existing servitors into one after they have been charged and working successfully for a time?
(…Because I could think of a dozen or more different kinds of servitors to create and it seems like it would be drain upon me to keep them all charged. But I also recall in your books that servitor workers must be made simple to work effectively. How far could this line be pushed?)
I personally believe that it is better to have many different but specialized servitors. Complexity is not always an advantage and the drain is minimal unless you are sending more than one servitor at a time to do work for you. I tend to stick to one task, do it right, then move on.

6) Can a servitor be created to modify personal behavior? (i.e. instead of having a nervous reaction to a crowd of people, you feel calm, clearheaded, and graceful.)
Yes, but it can’t change you per se; it can only help you to help yourself. Don’t create one to try and change your feelings but instead create one to remind you to change your feelings or to help change the energy of the environment around you (through the projection of love or happiness for example).

A good idea would be to create one to run a little movie in your head, like an inspiring event that really inspires you with confidence, or gives you a step by step procedure that you are studying on how to handle yourself in large crowds.

Use your creativity.

7a) Can a servitors actions be triggered by thoughts or actions? (i.e. Everytime I think/do ‘X’, my servitor does ‘Y’.)
This is not a good idea. Your servitors should always be under your conscious control (verbal commands work best I think). Can you honestly say that you are aware and in control of everything that runs through your head? Complications can arise because of the huge complexity of our subjective reality. Keep it simple.

7b) If the answer to the above is yes, would this work on others? (i.e. Every time person ‘A’ thinks or does ‘X’, my servitor does ‘Y’ to/at/for them, or me.)
Again no. Send servitors to do one specific thing at one specific time. This involves more work on your part but control should always be a priority.

8) Can one create a servitor to heal the emotional scars of ones self or another?
Yes. Each case is different, so use your creativity here and design a servitor that you think would do the job best.

9) With regard to obtainablity mentioned in your third book, what if what you need to achieve a goal really does require an ‘unbelievable’ amount of money/resources and there’s no baby steps to get there? How does one overcome this obstacle?
Obtainability, like time and space, is in greater terms a psychological distance. As you know from the third servitor book, our psychology is built upon the scaffolding of our beliefs. When you say ‘an unbelievable sum’ you reveal a belief that you have or a belief of people in general within your sphere. If beliefs are essentially an incredibly intense form of psychic energy projection and attention then what you need to do is to work using servitors or thought forms until your idea of what is obtainable changes; you’re essentially working on your beliefs through direct thought constructs. Everything is thought construct.

Remember to use the techniques that I mentioned in the third servitor book, especially Detached Expectancy as outlined in the third book; my personal experience is that this is one of the best ways to do this.

One additional question to the above…

10) When writing out the statement of intent, description, powers, and so forth, must it be handwritten? Does it need to be hand-drawn as well?

I find it easier to get my thoughts out on my keyboard. I can edit more efficiently. If I wrote it all out, it would take up about 3 pages. I thought perhaps I could type it out on my computer, print out the text, and leave the areas blank for where I need to draw the pictures, or perhaps insert a graphic image for the detailed drawing part. I’d probably leave the name and logo handwritten/drawn since I won’t think of a name or logo until after I have printed out the page and thought on it for a while.
No, you can write or type as you wish. My ‘belief’ is that ritual is for the most part a mental crutch [like space and time 🙂 ]. I therefore try to keep it as simple as possible in that regard. The framework I use, as far as creating the sheet for fleshing out your servitor, etc. is there to help you to focus more easily, it is not a ceremonial procedure.

Do what works best for you. The really important part is: the focus, belief manipulation, the persistence.

Thank you!

I hope that this answers your questions. I know that there is some vagueness there but that vagueness is there because it is impossible for me to provide a step-by-step procedure for you personally. It is my desire that you explore your subjective self and discover what works best for you. We are all different and unique in that our internal symbology and the psychological hurdles that we face are uniquely personal.

Your work is your own. Good Luck!


  1. You know what I like most about my servitors? They follow my psychotic personality (this is a good thing for me) and they keep on changing, transforming all the time. I do not believe them to be just the figments of our imagination – this is love, this is creation responding to creation. I know you recommend to be as distant as possible, to understand they are only our servitors, but I think this is like taking elfs in harry potter and saying they are wizard slaves while in truth they will serve any wizard if there is a special connection between them. And if they have to go, move on…what’s so wrong about that? Everything in universe grows, expands and moves on. I can understand your warning as a sort-of disclaimer, but you first have to love to understand magic (and I don’t mean just whishy-whishy love here but any kind of love which in the end succubus to a simple power of silence because all is love) and I love my children so much that I will never cry if they leave nor will they really have problems if I forget them (the same way the animal will simply move on…after all, many animals want to develop their consciousness to a degree of human ). I may have given my servitors life and they may stay by my side for a long time, but to say that I own them would make my heart sink. Does god own us? No, god creates, gives life, gives purpose. We do the same because we are all figments of god’s imagination ad infinitum.

    Thank you for giving me the chance to practice this, contemplate it and respond. You are one of those teachers I can’t help but remember a bit more lucidly that the others. Thank you for using your talents in this territory of dark sea – you have taught me a lot. Thank you!

  2. John, what do you think about this?

    When Castaneda talks about gathering a nagual party, he always uses real humans to describe members, but come on…to search for a dreamer? a stalker? To have the leader (nagual) and the party? It’s too simple except maybe as an exercise in controlled folly. Each sorcerer is a complete being, each sorcerer is a nagual so this can only be a game of sorcerers – not a party made to really survive anything except boredom in this house of infinity. But as with anything having to do with knowledge, there are levels – so I would never assume I actually know the complete story but I can for sure know that this beckons to be contemplated

    I remember part of the quote from one of his books:
    “…or they are peerless seers who have begun their movement toward the unknown.”

    I have a gut feeling that this story (about a nagual party) also talks about a sorcerer collecting his party of servitors to keep him company and help him guide the dark sea. It is a deal – you help them have a center in your heart and they help you in their own ways. Time is an illusion, saying we create them may as well be said that they are created so we can be created etc…so the natural conclusion can be that it is neither. Again more food for thought – chicken or the egg? Or both? Or none? I bet it’s none, but lets not rush things here

    However, as we do not take any chances – I did follow the (nagual) rule as best as I could – but still, I can’t help but wonder if the old Indian Don Juan just played another stalk on his student to make him learn yet another part of this sacred knowlege.

    Just trying to level this conversation to another abstract level. Care to share something in this regard? I hope my post makes sense to you – I’m conserving my energy and hopefully I have made my self clear enough – which is never a possibility in these parts of the knowledge, but hopefully may prove for a fine food for thought (ugh, this sounds like food for archon).

    1. A very interesting proposition indeed M,
      I very much like your food for thought and I also very much like your ideas on servitors. As you mention, to those that can contain such independent beings within the totality of who they are, there can be nothing but admiration for all that they represent and can become to us…now, and after physical death.
      Certainly if we have created them in this world, they have also created us in another. In which case we are the evolving dreams that have been sprouted by their independent and powerful individuality as well. In that sense then our servitors are us and we are them, and together we are a gestalt of far greater power.

      But distance matters, and this distance makes our existence in their world different than our existence here, and their existence in that far away dimension is different than their existence here. Due to these distances, the intensity of servitor individuality, whether here or there, is not and could never be as strong as is needed for certain energetic actions.

      1. Thank you for your answer John!

        It never occurred to me to think in terms of distance. I will definitely contemplate around this idea. Thank you once more for all your work (this will probably never get old)!

  3. Dear John, thank you for the eye opening and practical information you provide on your books. I am in the process of constructing a wealth servitor. I travel much so I would like it anchored around me always. Is it possible by dictating the specifications of it or it should be anchored at a specific place to be more effective?
    Thank you.

    1. It does not need to be anchored anywhere Stavros, unless you want this wealth to go to a certain place as opposed to you. If this servitor is there to serve you then it will quite naturally follow you wherever you go. If you want this wealth to manifest in a certain place then anchoring it might be helpful.

  4. I fairly new here. I purchased my first book not to long ago and then I found this site. I wrote and asked a question but because I was / am so new I don’t recall where I wrote the question, I have never found a response. As of today I own all of your books. Today I finally purchased the one on comedy because I’m too serous and needed a change. My question…

    1. Thank you very much for your purchase of my books and your dedication to the work olg. I am glad that you got the comedy book, which is in my opinion a highly underrated book being that it is in essence a small course on not just personal happiness, but in the ability to deal with the people of the world through the use of charisma/charm.
      Let me start then by saying that I am not able to answer questions that relate in any way to to health, psychology, finance, or family issues, as I am not a trained professional in such things.
      The techniques of the inner alchemist are here to expand your psyche and help you break the three dimensional cube that binds us all as human beings on this planet. I try my very best to present these techniques as best I can and I leave it up to the reader to find the best way to incorporate those techniques in their own lives.
      Sorry I could not be of any more help than that in these matters.

  5. I understand. Reading some of the questions have helped. I love your writing style because you come right to the point. Thank you for what you have done for us.

    1. I am deeply honored by the dignity of your response olg, especially in the face of all that you have suffered. I know therefore that the answers that you seek are before you. In time, through your own work on the techniques that are now yours, you will ‘see’ and such revelations will be yours alone, because you alone will have made them possible.

    1. This is a great question and I think that I would really like to make a video about it. At the moment though I am deeply focused on finishing my last book in trilogy, so this video might take a while to do.
      For now though, just remember that the servitor’s room is sort of like a self constructed cube, a white room if you like, where you allow yourself to focus solely on your servitor. In this way you are accomplishing two major goals:
      -The first is that you are allowing yourself to have complete and utter focus on the servitor that you are creating or have created, this narrowing of focus can allow for great development of the servitor.
      -The second is that by creating this kind of virtual space for the servitor, a space that is free from many of the constraints that you or anyone might feel within the physical dimension, it can communicate and interact with you in ways that can be quite sensually realistic from the physical senses point of view.
      The servitor’s room is a place of focus and meeting ground that can both augment the servitor and can allow it to interact with you in powerful and sensual ways.

    1. No, but if you are having trouble with visualization and feeling it as being a physical thing in the world, then you can. I don’t like ritual and pomp because they just make things heavy, but you can see what works best for you.

      1. I’ve read in various places that you shouldn’t let anyone read your written text about your servitor.
        What happens if you have an existing servitor and you then think this may have happened?

        1. A power drain can happen. There will also be a counter to your intent with your servitor. If a mind of another person can pin down the nature of your doing, then you will have to contend with their counter intent, in the form of negative beliefs, skepticism, etc. So avoid sharing your inner work doings with others.
          If your servitor has become powerful enough it may withstand this to some degree, but it is always best to just keep your intent and the nature of your inner work private.

  6. Hey there john !
    I’ve been trying to create constructs for ages, but it seems i just cannot program the energies with my intent from all my experiences, i can project energy, tested it rigorously but it just doesnt get programmed with an intent for me, could you kindly advise on what i can do to solve this problem, any prerequisites i maybe lacking. Thanks

    1. I would say that the best thing to do in such a situation is to become a better Visualizer. By learning to hold certain visualizations, to the point that you can even see them when your eyes are open, you should be able to develop the kind of skill required.
      In the book The Magnum Opus, in chapter 3, I talk about an exercise which I refer to as ‘the door of destiny’. I would highly recommend that you if it is within your means as I go into great detail on how to create these kinds of hyper-real visualizations needed to master such intention work.

  7. Is there much of a difference between servitors and talismans/amulets? Seems like the same thing except one is anchored to a physical object…

  8. Hello John,

    I have some questions regarding the creation of servitors. I’ve consumed a bunch of literature on how to go about creating these beings but the techniques mostly involve some form of physically jotting down a description and name of the servitor you want to bring to life like with ink and paper. I find this to be quite boring and honestly I want to get to creating inside my mind right away so I thought I could do this whole set up process inside my mind like imagining I’m constructing the psyche of the servitor symbolically. I’m a person that spends a lot of time on a computer or playing videogames so I thought it would be fun imagining I can access a sort of interface on my servitor that collapses if I focus on it that shows me their code (intent) and I can make changes to it easily.

    I guess my question is, is the whole preliminary creative process prior the charging of the servitor just an arbitrary tried and true thing sorcerers do or is there actually a deeper reason for it?

    Funnily enough, as I was writing this it felt as if I came upon my own answers by myself, so now this feels kinda pointless but it did help me understand better, so thanks!

    1. I’m glad I could help 🙂
      If your realization had to do with the clarity of thought that you gained as you wrote out and structured your question, then you have hit the nail on the head. All complex thought needs structure and for some that structure is best attained through writing and diagrams. But it is not the only way.
      I personally really like your idea of an interface.

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