Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

All growth is a blossoming.

In the objective world we can look and see how a seed might grow over time to become a towering tree. We can see a child grow in age, size, experience, and hopefully wisdom.


Those that believe that it is the inner dimension that creates the outer world, as I do, believe that this amazing growth and development that all beings go through, is the consequence of an internal source. That the exterior world is the result of complexity so vast and multidimensional that those inner forms that are the source of all physical existence, could never possibly be manifested completely in an external form at any one moment in time.


Even though such multidimensional complexity cannot fully manifest itself completely at any one moment in the physical form that it has become, it seeks to express itself as much as possible nonetheless. It is this constant and evolving expression of an inner essence, of the totality of itself which exists in an inner dimension of vast proportions, that can be seen physically as the aging and growth of any form that manifests itself or is manifested in the physical world.


In other words, in the physical dimension this multidimensional vastness can’t, for example, be both a child in a fully grown man. It can’t be sad and happy, weak and strong, a magician and a fool.

This inner essence overcomes the limitations of the physical dimension then by spreading the totality of itself through the medium of time. It seeks to literally push and project itself in all possible ways, in all possible realities, and it is this unfolding of inner dimension into outer physical form, that we identify as growth, change, and therefore time.


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