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We are all energy.

All that we see about us is energy.

We are not the hard unyielding things that we perceive ourselves to be. Ancient mysticism has known this for a very long time, and science has been able to confirm the fundamental energetic essence of things, for many many decades.

Our eyes though tell us a different story, they impose a visual perspective that would have us believe that we are surrounded by objects, hard blocky things that bruise our skin, and generally have a bad habit of getting in our way…sometimes with fatal consequences.

We could take such a visual distortion as a given and just go on with our lives. Certainly most of us seldom consider the fact that we are all vibrating energy, and many of us live entire lives without ever needing to, or having to in any way, contemplate our energetic reality.

But such a lack of perceptive scrutiny, of our true energetic reality, can have some unfortunate repercussions. One such consequence becomes apparent when we find ourselves alone, contemplating the greater meaning of life and our place in it.

Without such understanding of the energetic essence of reality, we tend to easily fall into nihilistic thought patterns, that would have us believe that we are just one more object, a mechanical thing, another gear in a giant machine that seems to have no real purpose.

While this perspective, which can be termed the rational perspective, might at first seem the best policy for any intelligent person, in actuality, such a rigid mental stance would have the average person believe that we are all just matter; meat machines that have acquired a semblance of possible sentience, due to favorable environmental conditions and unchangeable causational laws, often referred to as evolution. Indeed if you have been keeping up with the current thought on the matter, many scientists suspect that human consciousness and what we term free will, are really an illusion.

Quite depressing on the one hand, and quite stifling on the other, since questioning these rational beliefs is considered a type of blasphemy, that is thought to be caused by a lack of intelligence, education, or both.

The pious option is not much better. While religion, due to its possible belief in the spiritual nature of humanity, might provide some psychological appeasement, on those late nights when we are alone, and contemplating our own mortality, it is no real help for those with a curious and questioning mind. This is so because questioning religious beliefs, just like questioning rational ones, can be a sin. Just like the rational view, true personal introspection is closed off to the religious seeker of truth, because anything that does not agree, or in any way questions, the faith based ideology of that particular religion, is blasphemy.

So in the end, the only people that seem to willingly and openly, that is without dogma, accept our energetic essence, and freely explore the potential consequences of what all of this might mean, are some theoretical physicists, some paranormal investigators, some in the energy worker and meditator community, and finally perhaps; a lunatic or two.

Please note that I say some because many physicists, paranormal investigators, meditators, energy workers, and lunatics, tend to also be bogged down in a lesser or greater degree of dogmatic belief.


This is rather too bad I think, because it is my belief, perhaps because I am one of those lunatics of which I speak, that it is only through the deep exploration of this fundamental energetic essence of things, that we will truly evolve as a species, and eventually be able to move beyond this planet.


And I should also point out that, the exploration of such an energetic reality, while somewhat difficult (as a result of the fact that we are so lost in our external sensual perceptions and dogmatic beliefs) is an incredibly rewarding experience. This exploration can in time bring us face to face with our own personal reality, and can allow us to personally and directly, answer the many questions that we might have about who we are, who made us, and why we are here.

Such explorations take time, the conscious focus of attention, and the ability to control our energetic essence, which as I mentioned earlier, requires that we begin to come to terms with our true reality.


An interesting way to begin such perceptions and contemplations, is through the exploration of inner space using hypnagogic or hypnopompic techniques.

In the throes of such exercises, many people report for example, their ability to see incredibly vivid and colorful geometric patterns in their mind’s eye. These patterns of seemingly swirling energy can be explored in great detail by the capable meditator, and do provide a wealth of information, if a person is willing to patiently observe the kaleidoscopic patterns, that they may perceive.


There seems for example, to be a strong relation between these images and atomic structures, as these patterns tend to follow a general swirling motion that reminds one of many of the spirals found in nature, such as shells, galaxies, swirling water, etc.

Indeed, there seems to be a direct relation between the colorful energetic movement; seen in this half asleep threshold consciousness state, and the Fibonacci numbers, which are a sequence of integers that form a most geometrically stable order, that can be found throughout the natural world.

And this type of exploration, if done in a consistent and sober manner, might begin to provide clues into the underlying structure of the world, the mind, and the basic building blocks of thought.

Whatever these colors and patterns may represent, this vivid kaleidoscope begins to flood the mind as one travels deeper and deeper into, what I personally like to refer to as, inner space.

And as you go deeper and deeper, these images, combine into feelings and sounds of such intense richness, that it becomes hard, perhaps impossible, to describe them in any realistic way using mere words.

I sometimes indulge in the thought that perhaps someday humanity may begin to study these inner scapes, in an organized and logical fashion. I indulge in the possibility of a new science, a new worldwide discipline that, through the use of rigorous scientific principle, begins to study this inner world with the same intensity that some scientists now explore outer space.



If you would like to know more about expanding your perceptions and intellect, expanding and controlling your energetic essence, so that you can learn to see and work with energy directly, I recommend the book:

The Magnum Opus, a step by step course,

And if you would like to know more about inner space, and the mental techniques needed to dive deeply into this inner realm, I recommend the book:

Out of Body Experiences, quickly and naturally.


  1. Dear Mr. Kreiter. The subject that everything in this world including humans are an energetic vibration is something that can be proved by scientific methods. But one thing that always occupies my mind is that if humans have anything inside them called a “Spirit” as some believed throughout history which continues to exist even after that person dies. But when you want to think rationally you see that you have never existed in any sense before getting form and shape inside your mother’s womb and being born into this world? Then how can you exist after you die?? and What about animals? Why should we believe that they don’t have anything called spirit and only we have this thing? Isn’t this some kind of arrogance that we kill and eat animals and then believe that they don’t have spirits and only we have?

    1. Let me start responding to you by saying that in my books I always tell people to do their best to go beyond dogma. By dogma I mean that people should not believe something to be true just because someone that they consider to be of authority said that this something is so. All things should be thought of as a possibility (not truth) until they can be perceived directly by you (this is my personal opinion only).
      As such, I try to stay away from dispensing dogma myself, and instead focus on teaching others how to work and perceive energy directly so that they can discover their own truth, over and over again through time and the unfolding of their lives.

      I will here, since you are asking me directly, tell you what I perceive in accordance with my personal awareness through my inner work, but I would highly encourage you to learn to work with energy and perception yourself so that you can prove or disprove what I am saying through your own direct perception and knowing.

      Now, the thing about modern perception is that people are taught from the minute that they are born to perceive in a very limited way, and to only examine cause, effect, and inference from a limited form of understanding which at this point in history is referred to as ‘rationality’ and ‘common sense’.
      But I must tell you that there are other ways to perceive and understand causality, and in that sense, it is only the rational perceptive point that believes that we are flesh only, and it demands that you perceive in only a certain way, a way that makes it seem like before you were flesh you were nothing, and it therefore demands that you come to the supposed ‘sane’ conclusion that after the flesh is gone you will be no more; that flesh and fleshy perceptions (the physical senses) is all there is.
      Other perceptive points, like the direct perceptions available to the Inner Alchemist for example, can allow the possibility of perceiving that: you were something before you were born into flesh, and that you will be something after you physically die as well. One could say then that an Alchemist can perceive that there such a thing as spirit, or other essence, and that this essence defies time, space, rationality, and the ways of the flesh as it is currently understood.
      That same modern dogma (rationality) also demands that you believe that there is a hierarchy between all creatures on this planet, and that humanity should be seen as its apex creation, top dog on the planet’s totem pole. It therefore demands that you conclude that if there were such a silly thing as a spirit, then certainly ‘lesser creatures’ like animals would not have one; only humans should be ‘evolved’ enough to have one of these special things…if such things as a silly spirit were actually possible that is.
      But again from my personal perceptions and my personal direct knowing, I know that from the standpoint of these observations, we have as part of the totality of who we are, portions of us, that you could refer to as spirit, that these parts exist before we are born and that they will exist after the flesh is dead, and further that we are all equal (to each other and to all other life forms on this planet) in the face of the Great Dark Sea, the All That Is.
      There is much complexity to all of this though, and I do not like the term spirit because of all the connotations and therefore assumptions that it creates in the mind. The inner portions of us, the parts that are responsible for all personal reality, being that it is these inner portions that create the outer flesh and not the other way around, are beyond time and space as it is commonly conceived and understood at the moment, even by most of the scientific establishment, and in that sense it is something that is hard to describe using a language developed and refined with the rational perceptive point in mind. I do the best that I can, but I would recommend that you practice inner perception techniques and try to do your best to find this inner reality yourself as this will avoid any dogmatic understanding and confusion. If you do not make this effort then all I have said will either just be more dogma for your dogma pile, or the ravings of a deluded fool. Either thing is possible, as it should be, until you can perceive it and know your personal truth for yourself in a direct manner.

      1. I’m so grateful for your help. Dear Mr. Kreiter, Is there any other way than the comments to communicate with you directly in order to ask questions around the teachings of your books ?

        1. Sorry at the moment this comment and answer section on my website is the only way to contact me.

  2. Dear Mr. Kreiter. As you may probably have already heard, the entire world governments since the beginning of the year 2019 are rolling out a new technology called 5G, the 5th generation of Microwave Frequencies and this process of installing 5G masts will continue until the end of the year 2021 when the Entire Countries of the world are quipped with this technology as the Chairman of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), Tom Wheeler has openly stated. And as the already researches done by Private, State-Independent scientists conclude: this new Microwave Frequency also called the “Millimeter Waves” would cause a very serious and Horrible harm to both humans and animals. And at the end this frequency will bring death for both humans and animals in vast numbers until the time the Entire World Governments decide to lower its power a little bit to reduce its role in killing vast numbers of humans! And as some people have already seen and reported, this new frequency caused the death of vast numbers of birds in the places and areas that the 5G masts are installed!! Now the question is what are the techniques in the alchemy that you may probably be aware of and would share with us please that first, by using this technique we can protect ourselves from the death it causes and second, as you yourself are fully aware of, these Microwave Frequencies Disrupt the human Pineal Gland and so make it unable for humans to connect to the higher levels of consciousness and spiritual world, and so what are the ways we can also use in order to Disrupt the already emitting Microwave Frequencies that are all around us and this new 5G Frequency and to connect to the higher levels of consciousness and spiritual awareness?

    1. Hi, this is a very powerful question and indeed a very important one in these hard times. As you know I am not an expert in this field and I can’t make any recommendations as an expert, this is only my opinion and my ideas on the subject.
      I must start by saying that I personally know that humanity has changed a great deal from the times of what could be referred to as the hunter gatherer era. In that time we have been increasingly expose to all sorts of radiation and it is the case that the amount of radiation that we are able to withstand, would have killed our ancestors. Humanity changes, we are all changing and there is a great cost with any change, especially when that change is very rapid.
      I think when it comes to a great many of these modern changes, the most important alchemical technique has to do with the ability to expand awareness on all levels. By developing the inner feeling sense and the ability to move in between dimensional ranges for example, a human can greatly increase their level of awareness which can exhibit itself even in its earliest stages as an intuitive sense; as an ability or a kind of demand to follow your heart.
      These intuitions for example, are telling many people to move away from large cities and to find life in simpler and more rural environments. There is a great movement now towards a minimalist and simpler style of life, and a desire to get closer to nature and away from large urban areas. Such an intuitive sense I think personally is a most valid one and while it is impossible to escape all of the coming changes by just moving away to more energetically favorable areas, this, along with the ability to just relax and allow your body to not tense up and therefore not absorb all of the negativity all around it, will be of great help during these coming times of faster and faster reality change.

      1. People like David Icke that have knowledge of these say that opening the consciousness will allow you to stop the “Microwaves” and the new “5G Millimeter Waves” to harm you. But How can we open our consciousness to higher levels? I know that obtaining such thing is not a matter of days or months but the “How” is sth that is important in order to be effective and not to cost much of your energy for years and years without any result and at last a way that could let you achieve this sooner than just practicing for years?

        1. I can’t comment on anything dealing with the work of David Icke as I am not familiar enough with it, but I get what you mean. What I can tell you though is that these techniques do not need to take years to master, there is time, there is always time, indeed intensity is such that if you focus a great deal of attention on anything, you can do what would seem to take years in a far shorter period of time.
          My personal recommendation to you in trying to discover ways to deal with this Archonic force, is to read and practice the techniques that I mentioned in the book Overcoming the Archon with Alchemy. I think that many of the answers you seek will be found in that book.

  3. Mr. Kreiter. What is your opinion about the famous Human Sacrifice Ritual so called “Cremation of Care” that is held each year on 15th of July at the Bohemian Grove, Northern California? Could you please explain what you know and understand about this ritual and the purpose of those who participate in it by doing human sacrifice?

  4. Mr. Kreiter. What is your opinion about the famous Human Sacrifice Ritual so called “Cremation of Care” that is held each year on 15th of July at the Bohemian Grove, Northern California? Could you please explain what you know and understand about this ritual and the purpose of those who participate in it by doing human sacrifice?

    1. My personal opinion in all such matters, is not that I sit here and tell you what I might know or think about any particular thing, but that instead you learn techniques that allow you to answer all the questions that you have.
      This in the end is the only way, because everything else aside from this, is dogma.
      Dogma is an interesting thing because in accordance to how I define it anyway, it is basically a kind of tome, a scripture, a set of accepted laws created by the ruling class, that tells us what is and what is not so.
      For me to tell what is happening here would be to relate dogma because whatever I say you would have to believe to whatever degree based on the kind of ‘faith’ that you have in me.
      If you do have many questions that seem to be impossible to get from the world at large, about the true state of the world, about whom and for what reason the world is the way it is, why it is that people are doing certain things, who it is that really controls this world, about the many powers that are being used to do this, then my suggestion is that you find a way to answer those questions for yourself, ‘and that is possible’ using skills and techniques like the ones that I discuss in this book here.
      I would really, and with all kindness with only the hope to try and help, say that that is the only answer that I could possibly give that has any chance of actually helping you as opposed to just having you fall ever deeper into the pit of reason and the rulership over this world which is propagated by those that you are now investigating.
      My answer then is this, I feel that you should discover the truth of this yourself, and that you can do this. You can do it using the techniques that I describe in detail in the book I have linked above, and using such skills you can not only see for yourself, but also develop the skills and power needed to overcome any and all obstacles that these truths may reveal.

  5. Hello Mr. Kreiter, John, I hope you are doing well my friend. Mr. Kreiter, in your book the “Out of Body Experiences” you talk about and explain some techniques that we can use in order to have Out of Body Experiences. Currently I could have a read until the page 50 of this book. But a thing that was always an important question for me in relation to the Consciousness and its Various Forms, is : ((Is it REALLY Possible for us to Open Our Consciousness and have Out of Body Experiences, While We are Exposed on a Daily Basis to An Ocean of “Microwave Radiation” that is emitted by the Cell Towers Which Calcifies the “Pineal Gland” and Too Many Kinds of Toxic Materials (Majorly Toxic materials in Our Food and Other Types of Toxicants like the “Dish Washing Liquid, Shampoo, Detergents, Hand Washing Liquid and etc) that Penetrate our Blood and Also Calcify the “Pineal Gland” Which is the The Only Portal to Opening the Consciousness in order to Have Out of Body Experiences???)) Is it really possible despite all this ?? (By the way my friend, I could luckily buy your books via one of my relatives who lives in abroad)

    1. Hi Shahin, I am so glad that you were able to get my book and thank you very much for getting it.
      This is a good question, and a basic question, a question that should have an answer, and the answer is simply this: there is no other time but this present moment.
      Now what this means, is that there has been, and there will always be something that will be in your way, something that will stand as an obstacle towards you doing anything. It is quite arguable I suppose to think that our current problems are far greater than anything that our ancestors experienced in the past, but the reality is that our ancestors had much to deal with as well, and it has always been difficult for anyone trying to escape this three dimensional reality. While we could say that in our modern world we have to deal with ‘a kind of bad water’ or electromagnetic radiation, it was the case, that our ancestors also had to deal with bad water that had its own difficulties and they also had to deal with many life situations that were just as difficult in some ways as electromagnetic radiation, such as, getting enough nutrition even to perform strong mental tasks, or overcome impossible enemies that could either kill them or judge them and send them to some supposed hell, some terrible afterlife, for even contemplating the idea of doing something like having an out of body experience.
      There are many obstacles and the greatest of these, believe it or not, is the focus of our attention; the power of the focus of our prolonged and sustained attention. The world at large will always fight and create new ways to rob us of this ability to ‘sustain’ our attentions in certain areas. All that we can do is to do the best that we can to improve the power of that focus of attention, and then to take that focus and use it to get what we desire, which in this case is the ability to break the three dimensional boundaries that imprison us.
      There is only the present moment.

  6. John, my dear honorable friend I am posting this question for you the second time, This Would Be the Last Question of This Kind That I Would Ask and Demand Your Respected Answers on. (Please this is Really Important for me.)

    Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian Mystic, He Predicted that : ((Towards the End of the 19th Century and in the Beginning of the 20th Century, There Will Be Movement Driven by Big Corporations to Take the Soul Away from People, TO DISCONNECT PEOPLE FROM THE HIGHER WORLD, And in Order to Do That They Have to Destroy the “Pineal Gland” in People!)). Following the research on this, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and his team discovered that the “Pineal Gland” is the most sensitive part of our central nervous system and it is Highly, Highly, Highly Sensitive to Four Things: “Aluminum, Glyphosate, Fluoride and WIFI (This also applies for other types of chemicals that I mentioned in my last comment, which are from the same compound of toxic chemicals that Dietrich Klinghardt says can destroy the Pineal Gland)”. And the Result is that all These Toxic Chemicals Severely Calcify the Pineal Gland! And thus the Pineal Gland which is the only way to opening the consciousness to higher realms would be destroyed by this calcification and would not function if we repeat the Techniques that you teach us for 1,000 times ! (The questions is what would be the solution you Know for this problem as a Major obstacle for us in the way of practicing and achieving the purpose of your Techniques??)
    All Your Previous Answers are Forever Respected my Honorable friend. But what I ask for is a direct answer for my direct question that I have here… and I really would appreciate and forever remember your helps. Unless I am wrong and you yourself consume all these Toxic Chemicals Like Most People Do, and despite this you can connect to the higher world?? (Forgive me if this last sentence feels somehow to be Rude, But I really didn’t know any other way to express what I exactly mean.)

    1. A fundamental precept of all that I teach and discuss in my books is the idea that dogma is a four letter word, that is dogma is something that should be studied very carefully and generally speaking, it should not be trusted.
      By dogma, I mean all of the things that you believe to be true without any proof for this aside from the fact that some person who you consider to be an authority figure said so. The only things that should, could, be, must be, trusted, truly trusted, as being an actual thing, a true energetic truth, are those things that you have perceived directly. Moreover, only those things that you have perceived directly at that moment point, in the present.
      For example, you are telling me that this one individual said that this was so and so; that in accordance to what he believes to be true it is now impossible for anyone to have an out of body experience or anything the requires higher functioning mental (neural) units. In accordance to inner alchemy, this is the Alpha and omega of mass control.
      All the things that you read in that book that you now have (my book), I have done to one degree or another. And just like Rudolf Steiner, I say as a much lesser authority figure to be sure, that he is wrong and that indeed out of body experiences are still possible for us. But, unlike this other authority figure and just saying something and expecting utter belief from those that read my work, I provide techniques that my readers can engage in, that they can do, and I assert no fact, I only ask my readers to try the techniques and prove me right or prove me wrong. Indeed, I do not ask you to believe me, and if you must it is best if you just try to prove me wrong, but please, try the techniques!
      Or, give up and just believe that person you mention. The choice is yours, with my book in your hands, you have a choice; try or do not try. All that you need is time and patience and the ability to just take a chance and DO SOMETHING.
      Simply then, I can do what I write about. I have never had my peneal gland tested for calcification, but I do try to stay healthy and to not expose myself to things that I think would harm my body. Until you try, you will never know what you can do, period.

  7. Hello John,

    For starters I wanted to thank you for the great content you’ve written here on your site and on your books! Your perspective on alchemy is fascinating and very valuable.

    I recently read three of your books and you mention Tai Chi in some parts. I was wondering if there are some books on Tai Chi you can recommend to learn more about the relation between this martial art and alchemy.

    Thank you

    1. You know Daniel, I thought long and hard about this and I must honestly say that I can’t think of any. If push comes to shove, I would maybe say (even though these are not directly related to Tai Chi per se), for movement something by Peter Raulston, for energy the early stuff by Mantak Chia, and for mind the way of Chuang-Tzu (but only the version translated by Thomas Merton).

  8. Hey John when doing the IN polarity where you are absorbing energy from everything around you. Do you have to take long inhales and pause for 5 seconds every time or can we just use the power of our psychic pumps to suck in the energy? After about 5 energy pumps I get a by nauseous or am I just overdoing it?

    1. You can get that nauseous feeling if you are trying too hard, especially if you start from scratch after perhaps having been relatively physically inactive.
      I personally prefer using the energy pumps because they are much more versatile, especially if you find yourself in a place where the air is really not that clean. I would say do what feels best but just take it easy whatever you do. Think of it this way; it is much better to work on the focus of attention than on any kind of physical force. In other words, focus on the idea of bringing in the energy and using the energy pumps in that way, instead of straining yourself. It might take a little longer but you will develop new skills.

  9. Hello John,

    could i push the absorbed energy into the cauldron associating the intention with the physical movement of exhalation?

    1. This could be done but it may seem foreign to the body and to the energetic process, it is far more natural let’s say, to do this during an inhalation.
      Such an exercise would actually be a very good test of the psychic energy pumps and may prove useful in certain situations, but generally speaking I would recommend either not breathing at all or breathing in when you’re trying to do something like this.
      I hope I understood your question properly.

  10. Thank you very much for your answers.

    One way for me to express myself better is perhaps to consider that one step absorbs energy. In another step, I send energy to be stored in me. What I wanted to ask is, can I pump choose the energy already absorbed in a combined act of metal intention with physical expiration?

    1. If I understand you correctly this time, then the answer is yes. You can absorb energy and move it into your cauldron in one action and this can be done during the expiration phase of breathing.

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