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We are all energy.

All that we see about us is energy.

We are not the hard unyielding things that we perceive ourselves to be. Ancient mysticism has known this for a very long time, and science has been able to confirm the fundamental energetic essence of things, for many many decades.

Our eyes though tell us a different story, they impose a visual perspective that would have us believe that we are surrounded by objects, hard blocky things that bruise our skin, and generally have a bad habit of getting in our way…sometimes with fatal consequences.

We could take such a visual distortion as a given and just go on with our lives. Certainly most of us seldom consider the fact that we are all vibrating energy, and many of us live entire lives without ever needing to, or having to in any way, contemplate our energetic reality.

But such a lack of perceptive scrutiny, of our true energetic reality, can have some unfortunate repercussions. One such consequence becomes apparent when we find ourselves alone, contemplating the greater meaning of life and our place in it.

Without such understanding of the energetic essence of reality, we tend to easily fall into nihilistic thought patterns, that would have us believe that we are just one more object, a mechanical thing, another gear in a giant machine that seems to have no real purpose.

While this perspective, which can be termed the rational perspective, might at first seem the best policy for any intelligent person, in actuality, such a rigid mental stance would have the average person believe that we are all just matter; meat machines that have acquired a semblance of possible sentience, due to favorable environmental conditions and unchangeable causational laws, often referred to as evolution. Indeed if you have been keeping up with the current thought on the matter, many scientists suspect that human consciousness and what we term free will, are really an illusion.

Quite depressing on the one hand, and quite stifling on the other, since questioning these rational beliefs is considered a type of blasphemy, that is thought to be caused by a lack of intelligence, education, or both.

The pious option is not much better. While religion, due to its possible belief in the spiritual nature of humanity, might provide some psychological appeasement, on those late nights when we are alone, and contemplating our own mortality, it is no real help for those with a curious and questioning mind. This is so because questioning religious beliefs, just like questioning rational ones, can be a sin. Just like the rational view, true personal introspection is closed off to the religious seeker of truth, because anything that does not agree, or in any way questions, the faith based ideology of that particular religion, is blasphemy.

So in the end, the only people that seem to willingly and openly, that is without dogma, accept our energetic essence, and freely explore the potential consequences of what all of this might mean, are some theoretical physicists, some paranormal investigators, some in the energy worker and meditator community, and finally perhaps; a lunatic or two.

Please note that I say some because many physicists, paranormal investigators, meditators, energy workers, and lunatics, tend to also be bogged down in a lesser or greater degree of dogmatic belief.


This is rather too bad I think, because it is my belief, perhaps because I am one of those lunatics of which I speak, that it is only through the deep exploration of this fundamental energetic essence of things, that we will truly evolve as a species, and eventually be able to move beyond this planet.


And I should also point out that, the exploration of such an energetic reality, while somewhat difficult (as a result of the fact that we are so lost in our external sensual perceptions and dogmatic beliefs) is an incredibly rewarding experience. This exploration can in time bring us face to face with our own personal reality, and can allow us to personally and directly, answer the many questions that we might have about who we are, who made us, and why we are here.

Such explorations take time, the conscious focus of attention, and the ability to control our energetic essence, which as I mentioned earlier, requires that we begin to come to terms with our true reality.


An interesting way to begin such perceptions and contemplations, is through the exploration of inner space using hypnagogic or hypnopompic techniques.

In the throes of such exercises, many people report for example, their ability to see incredibly vivid and colorful geometric patterns in their mind’s eye. These patterns of seemingly swirling energy can be explored in great detail by the capable meditator, and do provide a wealth of information, if a person is willing to patiently observe the kaleidoscopic patterns, that they may perceive.


There seems for example, to be a strong relation between these images and atomic structures, as these patterns tend to follow a general swirling motion that reminds one of many of the spirals found in nature, such as shells, galaxies, swirling water, etc.

Indeed, there seems to be a direct relation between the colorful energetic movement; seen in this half asleep threshold consciousness state, and the Fibonacci numbers, which are a sequence of integers that form a most geometrically stable order, that can be found throughout the natural world.

And this type of exploration, if done in a consistent and sober manner, might begin to provide clues into the underlying structure of the world, the mind, and the basic building blocks of thought.

Whatever these colors and patterns may represent, this vivid kaleidoscope begins to flood the mind as one travels deeper and deeper into, what I personally like to refer to as, inner space.

And as you go deeper and deeper, these images, combine into feelings and sounds of such intense richness, that it becomes hard, perhaps impossible, to describe them in any realistic way using mere words.

I sometimes indulge in the thought that perhaps someday humanity may begin to study these inner scapes, in an organized and logical fashion. I indulge in the possibility of a new science, a new worldwide discipline that, through the use of rigorous scientific principle, begins to study this inner world with the same intensity that some scientists now explore outer space.



If you would like to know more about expanding your perceptions and intellect, expanding and controlling your energetic essence, so that you can learn to see and work with energy directly, I recommend the book:

The Magnum Opus, a step by step course,

And if you would like to know more about inner space, and the mental techniques needed to dive deeply into this inner realm, I recommend the book:

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