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This is an article created in order to help a reader with a question that came up while reading my book; “The Occult Experience”. The Question is in blue and my answer follows.


Regarding the belief exercise in your book, why the long break after only a week of the exercise?

Also, While I’m doing the above exercise, am I saying to myself that I believe with all my heart? This one is kind of confusing to me. When I look back at all the things I believe, the beliefs were established over time–sometimes many years. I don’t know how to sit and believe something with all my heart. I guess you could say the process of belief in my life was a slow, passive process. If you’d be so kind to help me understand I’d really appreciate it.


You are correct, beliefs generally are created over a long period of time. In the first three chapters of the book, this is the kind of belief creation that I am talking about. Generally speaking such beliefs take a long time and a lot of repetition. This type of belief creation relies on authority figures (your mom and dad, your teachers, the intelligentsia, society at large) repeating things over and over until your awareness matches what they believe and what they are also experiencing themselves. Repetition and time create new neuronal pathways within your brain that you then learn to accept and call reality. This process can take decades, your entire life perhaps.

But there’s also another way that beliefs are created. This method involves a highly powerful emotional experience. While most beliefs are created through the long repetitive method, this second method can completely alter a person’s belief structure in a very short period of time. An example of this would be a highly traumatic event in a person’s life where after experiencing a grave situation, one that creates a huge emotional moment, they no longer see the world in the same way anymore. What has happened here is that this dramatic event has stamped a whole new neuronal pattern in their brains, one that alters what they believe and therefore what they experience through their senses. It doesn’t have to be a negative emotion of course, it can also be a very intensely happy one.

The exercises that I mentioned in the book rely on breaking neuronal patterns first and foremost and then using the deep belief exercises that you mention to create whole new neural pathways that should allow you to begin to perceive things in a completely different manner over time. You see those old schools that I talk about in the book, realized that they did not have decades to re- train a person’s psyche. Certainly the younger that you could start training the better, but generally speaking they needed a faster way to create new belief structures and therefore needed to use the latter method. This latter method took on all sorts of ‘Weird’ and ritualistic aspects depending on what school you are talking about but the fundamental methods, the technique without the glam, is the exercise that I provide in the chapter called “The Power of Beliefs”.

When doing this exercise, it is perhaps better that you begin approaching it as a game. Think about when you were a child, if you remember back I’m certain that you will remember a time when you would pretend something. Children find it incredibly easy to pretend to do or be the most incredible things; they could pretend that they are zombies, that they are astronauts, that they are in the middle of an ocean while sitting on top of their bed in their cozy bedroom. While they play these games, they are masters in the art of pretending.
Essentially believing something in the way that I mentioned in the book, involves pretending. Instead of believing with all your heart, which can sound a little cryptic or perhaps intense, try instead to just pretend for that allotted time. As you play this game, you will find that your mind will wander, and as a result you will need to make an effort to refocus, and this effort will cause a tension. This tension will move energy through your system and this energy movement is essentially the same thing as a mild emotion.

When you get comfortable treating this exercise as a game of pretend, you will also be able to read certain physiological changes within yourself and perhaps certain psychological intensities that you will have to endure in order to pretend for the time that you have allotted for your game. With these discoveries you will be able to understand what I mean by believing with your whole heart, or perhaps a better way of saying it would be to believe something with every fiber of your being.
Let me know if this helps in understanding how this exercise should go.

As far as taking a break, this is essential because your brain needs a break. When these exercises are done properly, what you are essentially doing is rewiring your brain. In order for this to happen you need to give your brain a rest, just like when you exercise you can’t exercise every day or else you will end up damaging your body and losing muscle tone as opposed to gaining it. The brain needs time to adjust to these new imprints that you are getting. During this break time, do keep an eye on yourself as it were; study yourself and see if you have certain changes emotionally or if you have certain desires that you did not have before. Follow your impulses if they tell you to go somewhere or do something. There will be a great desire to ignore certain impulses because your original beliefs will be telling you, perhaps screaming at you, that what you are doing is silly. Ignore those desires but keep an eye out for others that are more in line with what you wish to accomplish, and then follow those.

With a slow and repetitive way of creating new beliefs, it could take decades to change your belief structures. With the latter method it could take months or less but you need to follow the rules as I set them down in the book. You need to do these exercises only within certain time frames, and then forgetting about these exercises afterwards. You also need to give your brain a break every once in a while so that these new emotional stamps as it were can begin to take hold within your psyche.
But if you do feel like you need to push yourself a little, then do so. Trust your intuitions on this as this is fundamentally a personal matter. What I write down in the book are the basic guidelines, it is up to you to study your own personal psyche and to follow your own intuitions.

I do hope that this helps you. Please comment at the bottom of this article if you need any more help and I will be very happy to offer whatever help that I can.


  1. Arthur King


    We’ve read your book Servitors and the other one on “psychic energy self-defence” (the “vampire way”); very interesting. The former (1st) one, in particular, has answered most of our questions on the case of Johnny Doe, who inadvertently created some “servitors” in his sleep while repressing some wishes. We recommended Johnny to practice the reverse breathing + all the visualization in your latter (2nd) book, along with some dissolution meditations.

    We got a question, since we are also into psychic research. Have you heard the term “Guardian of the Threshold”? We understand this as a set of false creations within the psyche with 3 main aspects: emotional (astral), intellectual (mental) and volitional (will, causal).

    Would it be the case that the “Guardian of the Threshold” (in its 2nd aspect) is prompting the creation of a “servitor” in the first place?

    [We have more than 36 years of experience in psychic research.]

    Please let know what you think on this “Guardian of the Threshold”

    Thank you.


    A. K.

  2. Eric Summers

    I have A question about the In Polarity
    From your latest book and the Reverse Breathing from your vampire book. These exercises appear to be different . Can you clarify their differences and their purposes.

    I own both books . I’m just having issues getting jumped started with a routine or a program. Some type of goal of sorts . The latest book is very complete perhaps I’ll keep going with that one

  3. Eric Summers

    Also with the IN Polarity technique do I breath air into the stomach as well or should the air only be breathed into the lungs ?

    1. Hi Eric,
      They are both quite similar in that they are two different types of energy pumps that tend to complement each other, and they do both rely of course on the IN polarity to function.
      As to which to use, I left that up to the reader really; in that I feel that you should explore both energy pumps and choose the one that feels best for you, taking into account that under certain conditions you may prefer one energy pump to the other.
      And yes breathing in using the energy pump mentioned in the, “Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy“, book is an expansion on the technique that you should experiment with. I personally always breath in when I use it but certain circumstances can prevent you from breathing in, so experiment with this as well.

      Sorry for the delay in answering questions, I have been very busy as of late working on a new video and other projects. In the video course project I do plan to present an energetic routine that will be very powerful, along with new techniques that will expand on the energy absorption material so far presented.

  4. Hey John, I have all your books except for “The Occult Experience”. You see I’m a bit old school in that I like to read from an actual book. I can’t stand reading from a computer. Will you ever release The Occult Experience in book form?

    I have a few books on the occult (Western and Eastern- chi gong, energy work, meditation, etc.) that I put to the side that I was planning to reread and work with. After reading your books I am putting those in my book case and rereading your books and taking notes so that I can apply the information. I love your books. Many books talk about putting energy into candles, tools, sigils, herbs etc. But from reading your books the way I see it, is that doing that, are just extra steps that are not are not required. When you can work with the energy directly. Also not crazy about contacting or making pacts with spirits, demons or any entity. And I see you feel the same way. So your books with thought forms and servitor are great.

    BTW. I have posted before and you have answered my question. Just wanted to say thanx

    1. Hi Juan,
      It is great to hear from you, and I totally understand; I too have a love for a good old fashioned book, and I do love my personal library. I am very honored to know that my books have become a part of yours.

      I seldom mention this but I have an incredible partner in crime as it were. If it weren’t for her, I would not have the kind of quality books and other material that I have as she is my editor and publisher; in that sense she is definitely the Harley to my Joker I suppose 🙂
      After she saw this post, and noted that others have also asked for this book in print, she spent the weekend making sure that this book gets done as soon as possible. It should therefore be available in the kindle store within the next few days (Actually here is the link to the book, The Occult Experience in print).

      P.S. I think that yes, you nailed it on the head by saying that demons and candles are just unnecessary steps when you are able to work with energy directly. The true goal is freedom after all, and freedom is impossible when you owe anything or need things outside of yourself to function.

  5. Hey John,

    Brother you and your partner in crime do not play. I just read this post and decided to click on the link and there it is. Already in book form. I just ordered it. Thank you so much.

  6. Happy New Year! John,

    It’s been a while. Hope this note finds you doing well. I just noticed you have a new book out. Will you have a printed book version of this book? You might remeber me. I am the one that once posted that I am old school. I rather read an old fashion book than read from the pc. Pc actually dries my eyeballs. I don’t know how people do it. Would there be anyway possible that this could be offered in printed book version. I have all your books and would really like this one. Anything you can do I would really appreciate…. Thanx in advance……

    1. Hi Juan, its nice to hear from you again.
      You know, I do enjoy a lovely library and I am very much old school in that way myself.I think that this new book release is right up your alley because I created it to specifically make a complete course available as a print book, that is also available as an eBook for extra convenience.

      In the book description I wrote the following which I think you may appreciate,
      “Some have asked why present this course as a book? Why not make a video course or some other digital format that is more popular in these times? And the reason for this is quite simply: time.
      I have been around long enough to see many things come and go, and my senses have become keen enough to see some of the intricacies of this world. Through such experience and perceptions, I have seen things peak and wane, and I have seen many things lost within the medium of time.
      Videos and digital formats require a complex system to work and be maintained, and such complex systems are usually the first to fall or change when exposed to the brutal torrents and extreme pressures of time. But a print book (as well as an eBook for your convenience), that is something that you can keep in your personal library for a lifetime with only moderate care. And history has shown us that a simple book can outlast even whole civilizations.”

      So this is a book course, a textbook, with many COLOR illustrations, workout routines and recommended schedules. It is basically a full course that I decided to provide in text book format as opposed to video, and I have provided a really good color eBook version for convenience for those that don’t have the space or the desire for a print book.
      The price is higher than my usual book price, but this is so because I specifically designed to be text-book like FULL course, with a dedicated Q&A webpage, and because the information in this course is so powerful in my opinion. I am literally describing the process of the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone in accordance with Inner Alchemy.

      I tried to have the eBook and the print book come out together but the print book is not connecting to the eBook yet. You can though get it now by following this link:

      I hope that it answers many of the questions that you may have about complete energy re-absorption (which is directly related to Toltec Recapitulation if you know about this technique), the Philosopher’s Stone, and about the creation of the immortal body in accordance with Alchemy! If you have time, let me know what you thought of it.

  7. Hey John, thanx for responding so fast and thanx for the link as well. I just placed my order. I did see that the kindle version was more expensive than the other kindle books you have, so I thought the book was going to be alot more expensive. But I see the price is alot less than what I thought it would be. Based on your other books I new I wanted this one too, so I didn’t even look threw all the preview. Just hit the order button. Fan for life. Sadly I have had a few issues in my life that I have not been able to apply your technique’s but this year I will be changing that.

    I agree with the book description comments you posted. After I purchased the book I scrolled the pages and do love the fact that like you said it is a book course/textbook. This will make it alot easier for me to actually start applying your technique’s.

    I have never heard of Toltec Recapitulation, gonna have to look this up. Toltec as in native american/meso amercan? I know that the North and Southern Indians are very spiritual, and energy is something they really believe in. But I have never heard of the concept or technique Toltec Recapitulation.

    Anyways thank you so much…

    1. Thank you Juan!
      The recapitulation I mention was something that Carlos Castaneda mentioned in his writing, it is though a technique that is used by other schools of thought like Tantra in the East as well as certain Western traditions like Alchemy.
      I hope the book makes it easier for you to start applying these techniques, just remember what I mention on the intro about effortless action, this is a key principle.

  8. Hi! I came here from the Magnum Opus book with a somewhat similar but different question:
    I can’t wrap my head around what “believe in smth. with all my heart” means and how it can be done physically. Since belief (or equally, disbelief) in something is not a process, but more like a state, I can’t figure out how to make it take longer than a millisecond or apply intensity 🙂 Like a lightbulb changing state from off to on with a flip of a switch — instantaneous act without any parameters to control. I can pretend I believe just about anything to be true (or false, or irrelevant) and even rationalize just about anything, but it feels very fake and brings no results.

    Me: I believe I can [see ghosts]! True, correct and for real!
    Monkey Mind: That’s certainly possible because . Okay. Fine. You can see ghosts. So what?
    … and nothing happens …

    1. If you are able to pretend relatively easily then I suggest that you take time in your day to do this for a few weeks in a relaxed manner. Instead of giving yourself a break like a I suggest in the book, instead try to pretend for 5 minutes every day for 2 to 3 weeks. By pretend I mean do as you say and allow both your conscious you and your monkey brain you to agree to believe that you can [] for that period of time, ‘as if’ you can’t even remember (for those 5 minutes) ever knowing anything else but the fact that you can [].
      You may notice that your attention may wonder and doing this for 5 minutes, as in truly focused on this idea that you can [] for this 5 minutes, a bit of a challenge at first. But anyway, persist by re-focusing your attention on just knowing that this is true and nothing else, and do this for 5 minutes every day for 2 weeks lets say.
      record your results, and let the condescending monkey brain do what it wants for now, its not even half as smart as it thinks it is.

  9. Hey John, been a while I hope you doing well. I read your latest book twice. Was even taking notes but there is no need to. The book like you stated a few times is a manual. I haven’t done the exercise yet. One been busy the other hate to say, been lazy. But definitely looking forward to doing them.

    Below are a few question regarding you latest book and things that came to mind.

    1) In the Re-absorbing past trauma / experience technique. Will this also affect anyone who was part of that experience with you?

    2) In most of your books at the end of each chapter you have a symbol a cross with a circle around it. But the cross sticks out a bit out of the circle. I have seen the symbol before and the different name it has. But yours is a bit different in that, like said the cross sticks out a bit more. In terms of your work, what is the meaning to this symbol? Because in you latest book (The Magnum Opus) you have more of them. Especially in page 125 of the printed book there are 3.

    3) I know you don’t mention this in you books. But many people who cultivate energy, claim to
    gain some type of superpowers. Especially Chi Gung master and Yoga masters. What are your thoughts on that? Because they may not be using the same technique but they do believe they are absorbing energy. Which I don’t doubt. There is a guy called John Chang who can do some incredible things. Like make things move, light things on fire by holding his hands over it, send electricity threw his body etc etc. Their are clips on youtube.

    4) Could the above master think they are absorbing energy from the environment and actually be absorbing from the same things mentioned in you books? I know there are a few exceptions. Because I know some will absorb from people, animals, tree etc.

    5) What are you thoughts on divination?. If you use any of them could you tell us which method your prefer? Is their a Alchemist method of divination?

    6) What are you thoughts on offerings? I was thinking that people who offer foods to demons, angels or any other entity are actually having these things feed off the energy of the food that is in the altar.

    I’m sorry for all the question. I actually had more but I lost the sheet of paper, LOL. As you might remember from my earliest post. I read all of the post on this sight before asking questions. Many where answered. But I believe that these question have not been asked. So thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Juan its nice to hear from you. I am going to re-post your comment and mine here, so that others might find these more easily.
      I’ll get right to it then:
      1. Yes, if that person is more sensitive, they will notice a lightness in your relationship, like old baggage has been forgotten, cleaned up. Mostly this will usually just feel like there is less negative ties between you.
      2. There is indeed a meaning here, but I will give you the basic as in the end, this is all that counts: the cross is the Here and Now, and the circle is infinite space, three is a sacred number among Alchemists, and that order represents a celestial place, which in the west is referred to as Orion’s belt. Now, I am giving you a bunch there and I do hope that this does not start some kind of conspiracy theory 🙂
      3. Well, I suppose that power is in a way what it is all about. But I personally feel that such power should be used to maintain good health and to help with the only real challange that matters; mortality.
      4. My books are geared towards the modern human, which is a being that is surrounded by an increasingly negative (I hate that term, but lets justs say a human increasingly surrounded by a certain type of energy) energy as the human population increases at a faster and faster rate. I therefore present techniques to thrive in that environment, but such techniques could be used to absorb energy from the sun, the moon, the tides, the wind, the Earth itself.
      5. Divination is a tricky subject. From an Alchemical perspective there is only probability based on accumulation and direction of energy. Very complex business, that also involves itself with higher dimensional geometry to some extent. One could say quite correctly that projection of attention is divination.
      6. I feel that these are rituals, the real food is in the energetic action that a person performs as they engage in this work.

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