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Once we know the truth about this world and our place in it, we can do two things: we can either look away and hope that such fearsome knowledge dissolves within the many twists and turns of our nebulous mind like a long forgotten dream, or we can face these revelations head on and plan our escape.

The Magnum Opus, A Step by Step Course, is for those who for one reason or another cannot turn away and are therefore left with only one survivable conclusion; and that is to plan their escape.

We human beings are not the feeble helpless creatures that the ruling caste would have us believe. But we are not born into power; we must fight tooth and nail for every bit of it. That fight begins with knowledge, but not just any kind of knowledge, it must be knowledge that leads us to discover our own personal energetic facts. And this knowledge in combination with our ever growing compendium of personally verifiable truth, must lead us to a source of true power. A power potent enough to overcome all of the limitations levied on us by this world.

This objective can be a difficult process, and it is definitely a marathon not a sprint, so give yourself time and learn to be patient but determined. Learn to develop your unbending intent.

And as you go through this process, in accordance with the knowledge and techniques present in the Magnum Opus course, you may have some unanswered questions. It is my hope that on this web page I may be able to help you answer some of the questions.

Please note that I reserve the right to not answer any questions that I feel are not pertinent or that violate common standards for a public page.  Also, as this is a public page do not post any information that you do not want made public. While I do try to answer questions as quickly as I am able, other commitments can get in the way so thank you for your patience.

The information contained on this Website is solely for educational and entertainment purposes on the given subjects. It should not be considered medical advice nor financial advice and should NOT be used as a substitute for medical advice or financial advice by trained professionals. The author makes no warranty or assumes any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information given. Moreover, the author accepts no responsibility for the decisions made by the reader.
Before you engage in any of the practices mentioned on this site or in my books, please contact a qualified medical professional, especially if you are at risk of aneurysms, or if you have issues with your heart.
Thank You


  1. This is a great question that Miro asked and I thought that it needed to be added here so that others could benefit from it.
    The question is, “i baught your new book/course and i wanted to ask if it’s neccecary to do all the excersises chronologically (first the Alien one, then tha Aura excersise etc) or we can pick the ones that we resonate the most at the time…like i already can see auras if i concentrate enough so i don’t have to much of an urge to do it.”

    my reply:
    I think that it would be best to do the exercises in order. They have been arranged so that they can begin to open up the intellect to new possibilities, and then slowly introduce your body and being to more and more powerful energetic actions.
    BUT if you are already quite capable with any of the techniques described in the course, then move on to the next section exercise if you feel that you can. In this way you slowly prepare yourself for the powerful techniques at the end of the course without diminishing their potential power.

  2. Hi John, thank you so much for bringing this much needed information to the world! And thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions here. The course, I felt, was very clear and well laid out and my questions I think are more along the lines of wanting to dig a little deeper into this extremely fascinating subject.

    On that note, I find myself struggling a bit and would like to understand better some of the mechanics of how this giant megalithic blob of an Archon fits into and interacts with what we consider to be our physical world as well as what most consider I think to be the unseen world, the energetic sea or perhaps the astral realm? Argh, nomenclature. Maybe it’s better to say “behind the scenes”. Particularly I am wondering what is the relationship between the Archon (and it’s host) and other predatory non organic beings? Is it a symbiotic, hand in glove type of relationship? Does it control PNOBs or is it more a case of its (the Archon’s, that is) powerful intent harnessing the flow from the inner realms to create situations where PNOBs or thoughtforms, even, are drawn to a person or locale to set up circumstances that the Archon desires? Sort of like an anti-synchronicity causing being? I realize there may not even be a difference between these two questions. How do PNOBs feel about the Archon?

    Does the Archon and its host have anything to do with what is referred to as demonic possession? Or possession of a person by other predatory non organic beings? What techniques would you recommend to someone to help a person who was dealing with demonic possession? Or possession by another kind of predatory non organic being where something else periodically takes over another person’s body?

    I was also interested in the book when you mentioned that women are able to use their womb when packing energy into the cauldron. What, if any, is the relationship between the womb and the pearl or philospher’s stone? Is there anything else to know about the womb specifically that would be of help in storing or refining energy, either in the cauldron or the stone?

    I also was wondering about the tongue a little bit. You gave an excellent diagram in the book showing where it should be put on the roof of the mouth when we are circulating energy. This has been very helpful. My question is, does this mean that having your tongue touching the roof of your mouth directly behind the front teeth (so the tip is not perpendicular and pointing directly up into your cranium) is *not* a good placement for this work? It’s a much more comfortable and natural placement, but if it is ineffective for preventing chi sickness that would be good to know.

    Sorry for the onslaught of questions! And again, thank you for your generosity in sharing your time and expertise with us. It is very much appreciated!

    1. Hi Elena,
      First off, thank you very much.
      -I can understand your frustration when it comes to the subject of the Archon as it is an incredibly complex subject, for the simple reason that we need to discuss this topic using words, which as I have mentioned on other occasions, is not the best method, being that words are for dealing with three dimensional space, and the Archonic forces exist in a dimension outside this one.
      But as someone mentioned a while back, it behooves us to try and develop this language to try and explain these things because in the end, this is all we have, so I will do my best here.
      Now, the relationship between the Archon and PBOBs is sort of like the relationship between a giant shark and a remora. The PNOBs benefit from the Archon but are not related to it, they ride the world that this Archonic force has created, but they are their own distinct species, and many of them have been here on earth far longer than the Archon, or humanity for that matter.
      This is very complex mind you, as there are a great deal of non-organic predatory beings existing alongside each other. And as far as I am aware, there is no fighting between this megalithic Archonic being and the ‘smaller’ PNOBs, because they tend to hunt for different gradations of conscious (awareness) energy.
      Many human thought-forms, on the other hand, can be said to be the work of the Archon, because it is the Archonic intent that is responsible for what we consider to be ‘me/myself/I’ conscious awareness, and the cloud of thought forms, of human origin, that inhabit this planet, are for the most part, the result of the Archonic intervention therefore.
      Ok, in the most basic sense, the conscious mind, the conscious human mind, as we understand that term, is the Archon. IT gave us this mind, IT made us conscious, this is IT’s mind. And most creation by that human mind, in this world, is the result therefore, of the Archon. This includes the good and the bad. Most people don’t want to hear this though.

      -Demonic possession can be the result of the Archonic host, which is the Archon itself, the result of powerful and aggressive Though-forms, or PNOBs. The best way to deal with these possessing entities is to use the techniques that I outline in the book, Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-defense. Once these possessing entities are drained of energy enough times, they will leave the invading host. But there is a problem here in that you don’t want to drain the host body of energy, as this could cause other problems, so it is probably best that such work be left to someone that knows a good deal about energy work. Another option would be to teach the possessed person, during moments of clarity, to use these techniques themselves to attack these forces from within as it were. This is a hard call and I would say that it is best to, ‘leave it to a professional’, as some say.

      -A woman, because of here energetic make-up, can use the entire womb area to store energy, while a man’s energetic field allows for a more concentrated Cauldron storage area only. The big difference being that women can ‘generally’ ingest energy much more easily, but they also have a far harder time ‘containing’ this energy.
      Since the Philosopher’s Stone requires both energy absorption and containment, men and women are equal in the end, they just have different hurdles to overcome.

      -As far as the placement of the tongue, I prefer a bit farther back into the palate which naturally angles the tongue up into the cranium. BUT, I highly recommend that you use the Inner Feeling Sense, described in the course book (Chapter 4), to find where the tongue should be placed for you personally, in accordance to your personal energetic structure.
      This Inner Feeling Sense, when developed, will allow you to feel the flow of energy in your body. You may feel this flow of energy as a good feeling, or tension, a sense of rightness, or even an electric like feeling. We are all different when using this sense. Use this sense to find all of your energetic truths, this sense is most invaluable.

      1. John, thank you so much for such eloquent and clear answers to my rather snarled up mess of questions above. I have to say that what you wrote above about the level of involvement of the Archon in our minds gave me great pause. This is an extremely bitter pill to swallow, though I am glad to know the truth and I’m very grateful to you for sharing it. When I read what you wrote, it felt like it locked up my mind to where I have a hard time even formulating questions about this. Perhaps this is my perceptual cage being rattled? I feel confused and overwhelmed and like I should be able to understand this but I can’t. And these feelings feel a little artificial.

        It reminds me very much of the book A Wrinkle In Time, where the giant brain that controls everyone called “IT” is described. Methinks maybe Madeline L’Engle knew a thing or two about a thing or two. So in the spirit of the book I would like to ask, is the Archon capable of love? I’m pretty sure it understands the concept, but am wondering to what degree?

        It makes sense to me that it could and would also create good thoughts in us as well as bad through its method of pushing its intent into is. Is this just a means to an end? That is, does it create good thoughts simply as an additional means to facilitate its harvesting of our energy?

        Speaking of which, I was intrigued by your mention of the Archon and the PNOBs preferring different flavors of energy. I know I’m asking a massively huge and general question here, but I was wondering if you could maybe describe a little bit about what types of energy these two camps preferred. These flavors.

        What are the biggest threats to the Archon’s survival and/or its ability to nom on everyone? What does it dislike the most?

        Thank you for your further description of the inner feeling sense. I am struggling a little bit with being able to feel the energy flow through the meridians you described in the book. I will keep working on that but it feels very blocked. But one of my biggest problems is that when I am doing some of the energy work you have described, sometimes my entire body temperature feels like it plummets very quickly and I get so cold nothing can warm me up for awhile except standing in a very hot shower for a long time. What is happening here? Is there something I can do to correct this?

        Thank you again!

        1. We must all be very careful here Elena. Remember that in this course book I mention that dogma of all sorts is a dangerous game because it is indeed a cage, and a cage created by others but endorsed by ourselves, when we are not willing to discover our own truths. I would recommend that you work on your personal techniques and expand your perceptions using the Inner Feeling Sense and the other techniques that I have mentioned in this course and in other books.
          Remember too that the order of the day when it comes to all of this is Energetic Containment, which is a difficult thing to accomplish when you are worrying and giving too much attention to the Archon and what that dogma may or may not mean for you. Save your energy, work on the techniques mentioned in the course, and prove or disprove their validity to yourself. And if you can and do gain enough energy as time progresses, you will be able to answer more and more personal questions, and you may wish to follow your own path in accordance to what you have discovered.

          The PNOBs tend to seek either more refined energy that comes from people that have naturally, or have squired through personal discipline, more and more refined personal energy (that have more energy basically than the average person for one reason or another). Or they tend to seek extremes like utter terror or sublime love for example.

          The Archon dislikes nothing because it is not a person. Do not anthropomorphize it or you will make a great miss, like those people that turn their pets into little people. But I understand what you mean, and what is best to counter IT is orderliness, sobriety, Energetic Containment, and the many techniques that I mention in this course and in the book; Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy.

          As far as the more advanced energetic techniques mentioned in this course, I do recommend that you not try too hard; that you take it easy and work up to it. You don’t want to run a marathon if you have just learnt to run for example. I also recommend that you talk to a qualified medical professional, especially if you are at risk of aneurysms, or if you have any issues with your heart.

          Aside from that; DO make sure that you keep your tongue in its proper place, you take it easy and start slow, and make sure that at the end of any energy movement, you redirect this energy back to your Cauldron area at the end of your exercises. Make sure to bring your energy back to your Cauldron when you are done.

  3. Hi John,
    Love all your writings, extremely helpful! Could you also speak on re-absorption, retention, control, and alchemization of sexual energy? As well as how best to deal with lustful obsessive sexual throughtforms? As well as parasitic entities oriented towards this? It seems this is very important regarding personal energy. And the Taoists consider it important with Cauldron work. (I have FB messaged and emailed you some Taoist info to consider for this.)
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Zack,
      Yes you are quite correct, this is very important, indeed for the simple reason that sexuality is a very important and necessary part of most people’s lives. You know, I have been asked this question a couple of times in the recent past so I will re-write here one response…
      ”This is a question that I have tried to stay away from I must admit. As you note, this is a difficult topic, and for me it is so as well because the climate of the times, as is per-usual for us humans, which makes this topic a difficult one to discuss and teach.
      I will try to address this topic in more detail in the future, but for now I would say that balance is indeed a good word. If saving energy is important, which you know that I think it is, then the great expulsion of energy during the sexual act is something that one should take very very seriously.
      I know that some great teachers teach, have taught, a great deal on how to transmute this energy, and you could look into these teachings if you are interested as they can be helpful. But I must say with great humbleness on my part I assure you, that from my perspective these practices are not complete from the point of view of Alchemy as I understand and practice it.
      This is so because working with such powerful energy is very tough and there is the possibility of creating mental aberrations due to the powerful movement of energy that these practices engender, and because this is such a powerful and hard to control physical need within us.
      But I would not recommend abstinence either, as this can lead to its own problems; instead a balance is needed. Sexual intercourse is very energetically draining, but it is a physical need, one that can be as strong to some as eating or breathing. So instead of complete abstinence and perhaps worry, a much more energetically sound alternative is to try to take responsibility for this need and engage in it, or not, with keen discernment and sobriety, knowing full well that you do this with the knowledge that a great deal of energy will be used, but that you have decided to use this energy in this way at this time.”.

      I do plan to write about this in the future, but I should add more detail here to help you understand why I find flaws in these sexual practices.
      Now please allow me this very crude analogy: If we examine most of the techniques used in sexual alchemy, you could think of it sort of like a light-bulb in a way. In this case, the filament of the light-bulb is the microscopic orbit, and so this set of meridian channels must be linked and made strong so that the bulb may glow brightly and not explode when it is turned on (I hope you can appreciate my puns there :).
      No matter what though, no matter how well aligned or secured the meridian system is, and no matter how strong the Cauldron, the filaments (the meridians), will always glow when they are turned on. And it is this glowing, this often times highly charged emotional expenditure, that creates great waste, can cause uncontrollable lust, can create some negative thought forms and can attract negative entities, if left unattended; which is something that I do my best to address in my book Magnum Opus, by showing the circuitry and also showing how to manage the glowing, that has occurred and is occurring both in the present and in the past.
      Without this extra agent added to the techniques, in my opinion as an Alchemist, these sexual techniques are not complete.

  4. In some of you books you mention that Thee Main Entry for Energy is just above the Mid Back the forhead is the Void and the Stomach is the Out for Energy flow.
    Would placing magnets on these points with the proper polarity be of benefit. If so..what may be the correct polarity placement of the magnets.


    1. Hi Salomon,
      I have not experimented with magnets so I could not tell you much about this. What I do know is that electromagnetic energy does have an effect on these polarities and I would therefore suppose that creating this kind of fluctuation of energy using magnets would be beneficial in keeping these energy centers active and in moving energy through them with greater efficiency. But this would most likely involve rotating the magnets so that they fluctuate between the magnets polarities. A better approach in my opinion is regulating sleeping positions since the Earth’s natural magnetic Polarities greatly affect these centers; a person born in the Northern hemisphere should try to sleep head North feet South, and those born on the other side of the equator should do the opposite, but experimentation is always the best. Sleeping this way should help with sleep, relaxation, and dreaming.
      Please note that I am NOT a medical professional and this is personal opinion and speculation on my part only, please make sure to talk to a trained medical professional on all medical matters.

  5. A few questions please,
    (1) If it is possible to reabsorb energy lost in past experiences, is it not also possible to reabsorb energy from current indulgences?
    (2) While the Archon came here from somewhere, is it not possible that groups of humans also came here as well, and can seek help from more benevolent higher beings who wish them success?
    (3) If humans are extinguished at death, how do we explain the phenomena of ancestor spirits, or ghosts of deceased humans?
    (4) Do human individuals have fate or destiny or individual missions or purposes in this world? Or, are all humans simply food for consumption unless as individuals they choose the Magnum Opus?
    Thank you for your comments in advance.

    1. Great questions, I would like to say right off though that, as I point out in the book, dogma can be dangerous and questions 2, 3, and 4 have this bend to them. I do not mind answering these questions at all certainly, and in a future book I am planning on writing far more extensively on many of these questions that I have not touched upon here.
      Just remember that my admonition is to not just take this as dogma, but instead that you use this information to help motivate you, and to give you a very basic direction in your own studies. I do hope that you use the techniques in this course book and in my Out of Body Experiences book to discover your own perceptions and truths on this matter:

      1. Yes. In the course book I describe this type of present moment absorption of potentially wasteful energy in chapter 5. So chapter 6 deals with past energy waste and chapter 5 deals with present loss. Also the book Vampires Way to Psychic Self-Defense, deals with this kind of absorption more extensively.

      2. yes there are benevolent beings out there I suppose to the extent that we may term the Archon bad. But this involves a great deal of anthropomorphizing on our part. To call the Archon bad or another type of greater awareness good, involves a great deal of projecting human ideals on entities that often times are far beyond our ideas about good and evil, especially when these entities are far smarter and more powerful than us, and have intents and purposes that are almost impossible for us to understand if we are still bound to liner time.
      Perhaps your question is; Can you contact good to help with evil? Or; is there some good out there or is it all evil?
      The answer is that there is as much goodness, again from a human perspective only, as there is evil out there. And certain magicians and even Alchemists find it profitable to work or use such entities if possible. Others feel that it is best to deal with the world on your own, that there are no real allies in the dark sea because in the end there is a price for everything.

      3. This is a good question and I am afraid that I cannot answer it here fully, but I do plan to write on this in the future. What I can say here though is that from an Alchemists perspective, these spirits are seldom actual individual people that have died and are ghosts for example. They are almost always either thought forms that have enough power to cause material changes, or are non-organic entities that mimic past human personalities.

      4. No, humans are not just food, just like carrots and cows are not just food. All awareness is here to grow, evolve, or what I term Transmute. We are are here to become more, to beat the odds and grow in awareness. If people are able to use knowledge such as the energetic facts contained in a sequence of action like the Magnum Opus, then this growth is accelerated and they can grow a great deal in one lifetime. Indeed it is the aim of the Magnum Opus to transcend physical form and that transmutational step is for Alchemists anyway, the real reason for life and all this striving.

  6. Hello,

    I was reading your work and wondered how much contact you had with Rosicrucian teachings and other forms of Gnostic Christianity and how much their view of Alchemy and Transmutation has influenced your writing.

    As far as I have researched in this lifetime, the Golden Rosycross seems to be the closest to a “safe” path to transmutation in the west and would like to know your opinion on the matter.


    1. I must admit that I don’t know a great deal about these groups. My focus, especially now, is on the basic energetic work itself, on the inner movement of energy and on the projection of attention. I have learned that for me, the best way to grow is to focus on the techniques that focus on energy directly, those techniques that relate to what I term energetic facts in the Magnum Opus book.
      But as I do look into these groups now, and as I look back on material that I have researched in the past on Hermetics and Gnosticism, I find it really fascinating to see just how much they all relate to each other, and to the work that I also practice, such as OBEs and Servitor creation for example. I feel that this is further confirmation that it is all related and that it is just the outer most dogma that is often different, which is just a slight difference often times, in order to align with the cultural norms of the time and place where these teachings and techniques are practiced.

  7. This was posted in another section and I brought it over because it deals with the Magnum Opus:

    Hey John, been a while I hope you doing well. I read your latest book twice. Was even taking notes but there is no need to. The book like you stated a few times is a manual. I haven’t done the exercise yet. One been busy the other hate to say, been lazy. But definitely looking forward to doing them.

    Below are a few question regarding you latest book and things that came to mind.

    1) In the Re-absorbing past trauma / experience technique. Will this also affect anyone who was part of that experience with you?

    2) In most of your books at the end of each chapter you have a symbol a cross with a circle around it. But the cross sticks out a bit out of the circle. I have seen the symbol before and the different name it has. But yours is a bit different in that, like said the cross sticks out a bit more. In terms of your work, what is the meaning to this symbol? Because in you latest book (The Magnum Opus) you have more of them. Especially in page 125 of the printed book there are 3.

    3) I know you don’t mention this in you books. But many people who cultivate energy, claim to
    gain some type of superpowers. Especially Chi Gung master and Yoga masters. What are your thoughts on that? Because they may not be using the same technique but they do believe they are absorbing energy. Which I don’t doubt. There is a guy called John Chang who can do some incredible things. Like make things move, light things on fire by holding his hands over it, send electricity threw his body etc etc. Their are clips on youtube.

    4) Could the above master think they are absorbing energy from the environment and actually be absorbing from the same things mentioned in you books? I know there are a few exceptions. Because I know some will absorb from people, animals, tree etc.

    5) What are you thoughts on divination?. If you use any of them could you tell us which method your prefer? Is their a Alchemist method of divination?

    6) What are you thoughts on offerings? I was thinking that people who offer foods to demons, angels or any other entity are actually having these things feed off the energy of the food that is in the altar.

    I’m sorry for all the question. I actually had more but I lost the sheet of paper, LOL. As you might remember from my earliest post. I read all of the post on this sight before asking questions. Many where answered. But I believe that these question have not been asked. So thank you in advance.

    Hi Juan its nice to hear from you. I am going to re-post your comment and mine here, so that others might find these more easily.
    I’ll get right to it then:

    1. Yes, if that person is more sensitive, they will notice a lightness in your relationship, like old baggage has been forgotten, cleaned up. Mostly this will usually just feel like there is less negative ties between you.
    2. There is indeed a meaning here, but I will give you the basic as in the end, this is all that counts: the cross is the Here and Now, and the circle is infinite space, three is a sacred number for Alchemists, and that order represents a celestial place, which in the west is referred to as Orion’s belt. Now, I am giving you a bunch there and I do hope that this does not start some kind of conspiracy theory 🙂

    3. Well, I suppose that power is in a way what it is all about. But I personally feel that such power should be used to maintain good health and to help with the only real challenge that matters; mortality.
    4. My books are geared towards the modern human, which is a being that is surrounded by an increasingly negative (I hate that term, but lets just say a human increasingly surrounded by a certain type of energy) energy as the human population increases at a faster and faster rate. I therefore present techniques to thrive in that environment, but such techniques could be used to absorb energy from the sun, the moon, the tides, the wind, the Earth itself.
    5. Divination is a tricky subject. From an Alchemical perspective there is only probability based on accululation and direction of energy. Very complex business, that also involves itself with higher dimensional geometry to some extent. One could say quite correctly that projection of attention is divination.
    6. I feel that these are rituals, the real food is in the energetic action that a person performs as they engage in this work.

  8. Transurfing uses the analogy of the world as a mirror, where thoughts and expectations are reflected in material form. Controlling thought is the method to change the reality. Energy plays a role also, but the model is slightly different, where energy travelling down and up is redirected toward front and back. Could you please give your opinion on how this may or may not complement the reality model of the Magnum Opus? thank you

    1. I am not that familiar with the transurfing material so correct me if I am wrong here please. Energy traveling down and up I think refers to energy ingestion and accumulation and redirected front and back means to move this energy to change the now, the future, and the past?
      I would imagine then that this fits quite well with the material covered in the Magnum Opus in that stored energy can be used to alter personal reality. In the Magnum Opus, a particular form of energy accumulation, storage, and containment is presented. This energy, once refined becomes very potent and concentrated to such a degree that it becomes the Philosopher’s Stone; a semi-material sphere of pure concentrated force. An Alchemist can then use the power in this stone to change their version of the material world, either through the use of Intent or highly powerful thought forms as discussed in that course book and this book here.
      I would imagine then that the fundamentals are very similar but the techniques are most likely somewhat different.
      The only caveat would be that for the Alchemist, the work done through the Magnum Opus is usually more about maintaining individual immortality after physical death and less about changing material reality. Alchemists are usually in love with the Out There and only change the material to the extent that they may require physical comfort to continue their work.

  9. TW Masterson

    Hi John,

    I read your books Overcoming the Archon through alchemy, Vampire’s way to Psychic Self-Defense and am reading/applying the Magnus Opus right now. I have been doing the exercises for the absorption of energy (IN polarity) for a few weeks. The strangest thing happened to me, I felt like I was pissing off some very serious beings that don’t want me to have this knowledge and apply it. In fact, I went to get some drinks last weekend and I lost consciousness. I completely lost consciousness. Have you heard of this happening before? In addition, I’m guessing that these techniques for energy absorption and transmutation are difficult to do under the influence of alcohol. For example, if I’m at a bar trying to absorb energy, what are the odds of success if I’ve been drinking?

    Appreciate your response.


    1. Definitely part of this has to do with that Archonic mind/intent that is invading our awareness. It does quite literally throw the book at you when you start to have real positive results from these techniques. Which means that it usually starts out as guilt or fear that you are doing something dangerous or something that you shouldn’t (taboo). These feeling are really individual and are dependent on your beliefs; whether you might be religious or ultra-rational for example. A religious person may feel that they are going against God(s), a person that believes in aliens may feel that they are trespassing against otherworldly forces, while an ultra-rationalist may believe that it is all a waste and a mental delusion that could become dangerous in time. The trick at this point is just to slow down, take it easy and slowly work up, not giving up, but making slow progress so that your increasing energy level slowly phases these feelings out.
      I would recommend personally that you stay away from alcohol while doing these techniques, and also that you start slow and take it easy. In a way it’s sort of like doing weights while drinking; the lack of sensitivity can have you strain your body as you lift too much, and the alcohol in your system becomes even more potent because blood and your energy channels are flowing more powerfully. You also don’t want to lift too heavy a weight at first, you need to increase the power of your system; increase bone mass, muscle mass, and tendon strength for example.

  10. TW Masterson

    Thanks John. Thankfully I’m not religious and after reading your books now “know” what we’re dealing with as energetic food. I now am fully committed to continuing my path as an Alchemist and have you to thank for making this knowledge easy to access, understand and apply.

    Regarding my latest attack: I identified that I was under severe psychic attack from a sixth-dimensional being who sent over 20 servitors to attack me in the physical plane. Now with my predator approach, I charged up my tentacles and attacked the servitors sucking them dry. One of them actually disappeared so not sure what happened there as I thought they remain a shell after losing energy. I also sucked the 6th-dimensional being of all its energy and life force- I felt it’s energy which was very “electrical,” (if that makes sense) go into my cauldron. A very delicious energetic treat for sure. As soon as I was done, I felt a “thrill” within me and actually laughed out loud!

    When I first started your exercises I felt a strange sense of “loneliness”/aloneness I think partly because this is a solitary path and on another level, I do sense that the Archon was enhancing this feeling to get me to quit and go back to being a sheep and join the rest of humanity.

    Everything is becoming clear now to me and nothing is either good or evil… it’s all about energy and power and executing one’s own will. That seems to be so clear to me now.


  11. Hi John,

    (1) When pulling/pushing, or absorbing/reabsorbing, energy into one’s cauldron… you state the cauldron is essentially located (with some minor personal deviations) at the exact center of our physical body. Women can use their entire womb as storage, also. Within the illustrations in the book, you show the cauldron as extending from the center of the person almost down to their feet. Therefore, is the actual cauldron potentially closer to the size of the illustration with the cauldron entry point simply being at the center of the body, or is the entire cauldron (compacted) located at the center of the body?

    (2) Do you know of or have contact with anyone who has mastered the energetic body and been able to transmute into the energetic living body straight out of the physical body, and achieve immortality that way?

    (3) Regarding seeing Aura’s. I have been able to see Aura’s for many years. However, one of the side effects I have experienced in the past is I get energized when seeing them, but then energetically crash afterwards or am depleted for a day or so. Do you think this is because I not reabsorbing my energy after seeing the Aura’s and therefore, not storing it properly? Or, because of some other possible cause?

    (4) On a personal note… are you able to astral travel around and see what abilities people have, or do not have, in essence, to find mentors (or people who could help you) who are more suited to your specific desires?

    Kindly, Thank You for this book!!! It is a very refreshing take on self development and empowerment. Even just the reabsorbing of energy, on a consistent basis, is extremely valuable. This alone, I very much like!! Look forward to eventually getting to the point of exploring and delving into all this deeper, reabsorbing/absorbing entire situations, etc.

    Thank You…

    1. 1. Sorry for any confusion. The Cauldron is, with some minor deviations, located at the center of the body. Energy though can scatter itself around the body through the meridians and it must be brought back to this area using the techniques described in the book, but the Cauldron itself is at the center of the body. The image that I used of the giant Cauldron was to give the idea/feeling of how we are sort of like a big Cauldron ourselves in how we ingest energy, but the Cauldron proper is at the center of the body only.

      3. Changing the way we see things, is like going from a normal state of consciousness to a heightened one, and this movement of energy in the body can be stressful if you are tensing in order to maintain it, so that when you go back to ‘normal’, you can feel drained, and also a bit out of sorts since you have changed the way you see the world.
      To get over this, pay attention to the tensions in your body, and see if you can get yourself to see auras without any tension at all. Do not strain, but keep practicing seeing auras, and in time, just like building muscle, it should get easier and less draining for you.

      2 & 4. I think that these questions relate in a way so I will answer them together.
      I am aware of many things, but there are many things that I can’t discuss or do; you can think of it as a type of agreement, or as a type of operating procedure that guarantees my success in my personal quest to disentangle myself from the three dimensional cage.
      I can though write about how I can project my consciousness or perceive what I can perceive, so that others may join my quest and discover their own way and their own truths, and that is what my books are all about.

      Thank you very much for your kind words MJH.

  12. I was asked to define what I call energy and energy fields, being that I often times talk about emotional energy, attention energy and so on.
    This definition applies to my work only, and it should not be applied to what other people might be writing about, with similar topics to mine, since any general statement on my part as to what they are trying very hard to express, would be an assumption, and therefore most likely incorrect.

    Further, please note that any difficulties in describing energy or anything else that I might perceive, arises out of the fact that I am trying to use a language designed for objective reality, to try and define something that is most often far beyond three dimensional existence and classical mechanics… sort of like trying to measure a dream, a thought, or even a strong emotion.
    You could try, and perhaps succeed to your personal satisfaction in describing such a subjective experience, as it relates to the physically bound senses that we now operate with, but what you have really done is to bind, and therefore greatly limit, a spontaneous event, that is not bound by three dimensional space and time. Such insistence on a measured sum therefore, can become an obstacle to greater perception and ability, not an asset, unless of course you are at the moment not ready to believe in anything beyond the objective present, because by trying to bind a thing by ruling over it , by rulering it, by using established rules to measure, you are simply saying this is my world, my cube, and if your stuff can’t be ruled here then it’s not real, and I am not willing to look at it or think about it in the most abstract way. But this is your right so no worries, we all have to decide on the content of our personal cube.

    It is understandable that many of us would like cut and dried definitions, that must always involve well defined measured demarcations, and agreed upon (that is sanctioned) by at least the ruling majority. But such demarcations, no matter how cosmopolitan, demand limitations that must be bound to either the perceptional range of the physical senses, or the measuring instruments used by the current ‘ruling’ (as in measure) class. And such instruments and perceptual demarcations are of course based on beliefs by a ruling group, that may have very insistent ideas as to what is and is not sanity and reality.
    But energy for example, in accordance to some people’s beliefs (including my own), is not bound by such strict measurement or demarcations, because our physical senses and the instruments that we have developed to measure any type of energy so far, cannot measure its full range of action, since, in accordance to some people’s beliefs and my own, all energy, in whatever form, is beyond three dimensional space and time.
    Now, getting to it then, I define energy (as it is used in my books, articles, and videos) as a force (a fury) that is the source of all existence. Another way to say this is to say that I define energy as action, and all action has its origins and a dimensional presence, in areas that are beyond the physical plane.
    Action is all, all is action, therefore energy is everything (in accordance with my work and my beliefs, that I have verified myself for myself, through my own direct perceptions) . Awareness is energy, and so is the act of directing that awareness (which can be called the focus of attention) is energy as well. Moreover, cumulative action, that is action that has come together in any area, has the potential of creating gestalts that assume varied intensities and frequencies that then transform themselves into new experiences, such as emotion for example. And emotion therefore is a type of energy (that is a type of action) that has attained a certain threshold of intensity thanks to its build-up. And solid matter (from the human sensual perspective) is energy that has attained an even denser cumulative threshold than emotion.
    Each of these intensities, which are not good demarcation points for energy by the way, because changes in intensity and frequency can happen so fast that they defy our understanding of time, have within them a potential that can be tapped into in order to increase perception and create structure; which again is action acting on itself, or if you prefer, energy energizing itself.
    Therefore attention energy is action. Emotional energy is action, and action is everything.

    A field of energy then, using such terminology, is a boundary point that separates two or more simultaneously perceivable vibrational (or intensity) energy (action) states. As such a field is only perceptively possible when two vibrational states are simultaneously perceivable by an instrument or by whatever senses are available to the particular entity doing the perceiving…or measuring.

  13. Hi John, I have a question about your bone breathing exercise. I have read and reread it over and over and can’t figure out how to do it. I’m sure this isn’t your fault. I have a learning disability that makes instructions sometimes difficult for me.

    1. You said to breath the light into your hand, up your arm, and into your spinal column, into the central energy point there in the middle of your spine. This is the first time I have heard you mention that point and am not sure what/where it is. Is it adjacent to the cauldron? ..but behind it, in the spine?

    2. I have a really difficult time focusing both on feeling the energy enter my hands, then bringing it up my arms and into my spine, at the same time as trying to focus on Full Glass of Water breathing …feeling my lungs filling from bottom to top. Is it necessary that I focus on both at the same time and/or should I simply do my best and will I get better at splitting my focus, in time?

    3. When you do the breathing through the bones of your legs, do you bring the energy to the same point in the spinal column as you did when breathing through your arms?

    4. What do you do with the energy after you have brought it to this point in the spinal column? …move it to the cauldron? …or will it go there by itself?

    1. Sorry for any confusion, what I meant by this is that as you bring energy up your arms, you will most likely feel that this energy meets at the middle of the body, at the same height as your arms, sort of in the same area as where the IN Polarity point is. From there you should move the energy into your Cauldron. Always move your energy into the Cauldron so that you get used to collecting energy there. It will move on its own, around the body meridians, after you have stopped focusing on it, but that’s ok.
      If you do have a difficult time doing both drawing in and full glass breathing, then don’t worry. As you said, do one thing at a time and in time your ability to focus on the energy in and around your body will get better and better.
      Your legs are the same as your arms; as you bring energy up both at the same time, it will feel like they meet in the center of the body (most likely the crotch area). Take that pooling of energy and move it to the Cauldron.

      Why I gave relatively vague details here is that I do not like the whole chakra or energy point thing too much, which in my opinion is very much like dogma. Instead I want you to discover your own body channels, your own collection points where energy may feel this way or that. Don’t over think it or focus too much on following my instructions word for word. Instead, feel, see, or even hear energy move up your limbs. Try to feel, see or hear where this energy ends up in the body, and then move that energy to where you have judged your central Cauldron area is after you have explored your body’s energy movements using the Inner Feeling Sense discussed in the course book.
      The only energy point that really matters in accordance with this energy work technique, is the Cauldron area, which you should try to discover through feeling as opposed to where I say it should be. Feel your way to your own power, and use the techniques that work best for you to get the job done; which is to absorb power and centralize that power in the Cauldron so that you start developing your Philosopher’s Stone (which again is something that you will begin to feel as it grows in power)…it will feel like a conglomeration of good feeling’ness (in one place at the center of your body) that seems to almost gain mass over time.

  14. Hi John,

    I was wondering if it is possible to drain energy from your dreams (i don’t know what’s your opinion about that topic generally, are they just brained based or there’s something more to it, like portals to another dimensions etc). I allways kind of had lucid dreams but recently, probably because of “deeper” meditations and energy absorptions, sometimes “those” worlds seem so energeticly rich and therefore more colorfull and real than this reality.
    So, if you can draine energy from some grey, dull experience in the past, would’t it be logical that you could also do that with events from your dreams that still have effect on you?

    Thanks John as allways

  15. I forgot to say,
    because of my energy work (i asume ), i started to remember dreams from years before, and they don’t feel like dreams, more like another dimensional lif with events that have same freqency based energy, i don’t know how else would i desribed it…

    1. Well it is possible to absorb energy from a dream location but its not the same as the absorption of a memory like I describe in the Magnum Opus. The reason for this is that the dream location is an actual place and the dream event can’t be erased from that timeline (world). But yes you can absorb energy from there. This though presupposes the ability to be Lucid enough to be able to do this absorption technique in a dream. If you can be this Lucid in your dreams then dreams can be a great place to acquire all the energy you could ever need.

      So yes there are two things here: the first is a memory which is dependent upon a certain frequency of consciousness (that being the physical plane, it is a place in the physical plane) and the other is a dream location (a frequency away from this physical world), so your explanation of these worlds you are seeing in your dreams is very accurate.

      I am currently working on what to me is a very complex work book, like the Magnum Opus, on dreaming and trance projection, which will include information on frequencies and other matters. It is going to be a big intricate one so as to when I am done, sorry I don’t know. But yes do keep up the good work here and I definitely recommend trying to absorb energy from these locations. Interestingly though, even being lucid in certain dream locations is enough to allow you to absorb energy there.

  16. Hello again, John. One well-known teacher in this field, insists that if we practice dreaming, we leave parts of our photonic energy in the worlds that we visit, and that not only do the inorganic beings who live there blend with that energy we left behind, making us part alien, but also that leaving this energy behind deprives us of the energy we need to make “the crossing”.

    I’m not sure that becoming part alien is an undesirable thing from my personal human standpoint since I really don’t know what it would be like, or what the price would be if any. If this is true, I would appreciate any input you have there.

    I have read where don Juan told Carlos that all sorcerers must obtain dark energy through dreaming in the inorganic’s realm. By obtaining dark energy, does he mean becoming part alien or does he mean by absorbing PNOB energy as you have taught?…. But if that’s what he means, you don’t have to go into dreaming to do it….unless you are actually dreaming awake when you imagine grabbing the PNOB with your claws and sucking them dry.

    This teacher also claims that no one has ever been able to save up enough energy to make themselves immortal…yet he isn’t teaching energy absorption techniques, as you do, either – aside from a form of recapitulation. But he insists that all physical things die.

    It has been my understanding that when we fully fuse with the Double, this literally transforms the mortal body into an immortal one which is able to step in and out of this and that world, at will. Can you clarify this?

    Lastly, he claims that you don’t have to create the Double, but that it already exists. He claims that creating other doubles also deprives us of the photonic energy we need to fully fuse with the Double which he claims is already, naturally a part of us.

    So now, after getting all excited about dreaming and forming my Double, I’m thinking….great, if this is true, I will end up a greenish corpse with tentacles sticking out of the top of my head. Kidding, but you get my point.

    Thank again, in advance. Oh, and also I want to say that I’ve had good and encouraging results with the bone breathing technique. It really works!

    1. I would personally recommend that you focus on your personal knowing and desiring and that you do not let me or anyone else tell you what to do or what you feel you should do. Follow your path to personal value fulfilment and do not get distracted if you can.

      The simplest answer to this overall question about dreaming, would be what I always say to do, which is to try to figure the answer to these questions that you may have yourself, by using the inner feeling sense techniques that I have described in my books; Overcoming the Archon, and The Magnum Opus. I say this because as you know I do not like dogma, and my answer to any such question as this, is fundamentally dogma:
      It is a thing that you must take on faith and accept in accordance to how much you may or may not consider me (or another person) to be an authority figure in these matters.

      I will re-state what I said before, that is all I can do, but I must point out that this not some kind of dogma competition, at least not for me:
      Immortality is an impossible thing to define, and as I have stated before, you are immortal now in that you will repeat this life and the many instances of it over and over again forever. In that sense then you are as dead now as you will ever be, and the body that you feel to be so physical is not what you think it is.
      My quest, and what I write about, is the quest of the Inner Alchemist; it is a journey towards personal evolution and TRUE FREEDOM. This is a freedom from death and the endless cycles of life and death. It is about finding a different kind of immortality beyond eternal recurrence; it is the ability to grow and move beyond this eddy in the Dark Sea that we are currently trapped in as a species.
      Since you are as dead as you will ever be, there is no body like you think there is, so what body are you trying to save? There is no body, there is only the breaking of cages!!
      If you begin to do, instead of just pondering dogma, just like how you found that reverse breathing works for you, there is no problem at all. Do it, follow your desire. If on that road to personal fulfillment, something works for you, then keep at it; whether it is that persons work, mine, another’s, or a combination of all.

  17. Hello dear John!

    First and foremost, I would like to thank you for your very inspiring and valuable books, in which you give us insights and revelations. I have them all and I translated them into German for myself so that I understand them a lot better, I’m from Vienna / Austria.

    At the same time, these are also quite liberating but also frightening and scary, especially regarding this Archon and the PNOBs.

    For me, all dogmatic things have always been very suspicious and extremely distrustful, especially the dogmatic and narrow-minded major religions. I have been dealing with spiritual and occult things for many decades and have searched everywhere for the common thread, every now and then I thought I found it, but then again I became very suspicious because I also felt in some New (C ) age circles we are also fooled, in the truest sense of the word.

    But actually my essential questions

    Can one assume that many of these gods (including the major religions and pagan ones) and spiritual leaders and spirits are some kind of PNOBs? Somehow, I’m assuming because they “feed” through worship, devotion and dedication our energies?

    So far, I’ve been a reincarnation supporter, but now it seems to me that reincarnation does not go the way it is commonly thought, as people lose their individuality and dissipate their energy after death, and thus into tens of thousands of particles dissolve into the “dark sea” and these energies then incarnate again into many different newborns. If I see that correctly, then the concept of karma, or the “improvement” in the next life, is also a great deception, since there was not your individuality that “did” that in the previous life.

    And all religions tell us to be pretty good and kind, then there is the reward for an eternal life after death in paradise, so it’s a tactic so to speak, so we do not try anything to maintain our individuality and break out of this energy farm, And, apparently, those who can remember a “past” life, what’s up with that, are these the fragments of others who have joined together in this new individual?

    Thus one can question then the concept higher self probably also.

    I apologize for this long text and these more conceptual questions, but I would be glad if you could comment on that a bit.

    Best regards and wishes

    Your´s Manny from Austria, 😉

    1. Hi Manny,

      Thank you for you kind words.

      I have honestly tried to stay away from talking about the gods question as they are a touchy subject. I would say though that there is a combination of many things happening when we are talking about higher order beings like these, not just PNOBs. I would for example have you read this article as it adds another twist, namely the thought form angle:

      Reincarnation is something that I will be addressing in more depth in future books where I will try to go deeper into after death experiences. Here I do plan on addressing the inner self and the psyche and what happens to them when the physical vessel is gone.
      For now I would recommend you look into these post that I have made on my Facebook page. You will not that many reincarnation problems do stem from our inability to see time as something other than a linear event.
      The posts are as follows:

      1. Thank you very very much for your answer, John, yeah I think I can get the point about gkdforms etcetera, , in the reincarnation one I must look deeper, about our time view, thanks again, sorry for the double posting, sometimes it seems my comments was disappeared, so I made another one, 🙂

        Your Manny

  18. Hey John, brother I hope you doing good. It’s been a while. If you were in front of me you kick my butt. Between my laziness and too many family issues I have not even started working with your books. But I really do want to and I will. Anyways I have a few questions.

    1) I read in one of the post that you are working on a book. As a fan of your work any updates on it’s release and what will the book be about.

    2) Have you ever heard of ORMUS? If you have what are your thought on it? I had heard of it a few years back on youtube. I bought a book explaining the different ways of making it. But decided to buy a bottle on amazon. They call in the philosopher stone, the great work. They say that it has minerals that have yet to be discovered. That are not only good for health but also assist in spiritual journey, open up the brain to help manifest. Alchemy is a word they use alot. Actually my explanation is not doing it justice from what I saw in these youtube and the written material.

    Like always thanx in advance.

    1. Hi Juan, yes I am working on a new book but I am really not sure when it will be done. I find writing difficult in that I have to take things form Out There and then find words and physical structures for them in order to make them understandable/logical. This is great fun but slow work, and there are certain subjects that are more difficult for me than others; the subject of this future book quite difficult for me.
      This next book will be part two of what i eventually want to be a a three part course workbook series. This second part of the Magnum Opus series has to do with the ability to move the attention away from the physical time/space location, and into other more expansive dimensions. One could call it something like Lucid Dreaming and Out of Body Experiences, but it is far more and represents in a most important way the next step needed in order to uncover true immortality, which after all is the singular quest of the Inner Alchemist.

      Sorry I had not heard of ORMUS, it looks very interesting.

  19. Hello dear John!

    Firstly I wanted to thank you for your very in testing valuable and very informative books, and let me say, I have them all, I like them very much and I am very excited about all of this revelations.

    It’s both very exciting but also very scary, especially about the Archon and the PNOBs, but importantly the most scaring that after our death humans lost their individuality, what about than happen with the so called higher or inner slef, the psyche, or do I misunderstand it all?

    Thanks for your answer

    Your Manny

  20. Hello John!
    A couple of questions please?
    1. I have a question regarding the tongue to the roof of the mouth. I wear an upper denture, so it is between my tongue and palate. Is it blocking my flow? I have wondered before but had no one to ask, I can’t (or won’t) go through my day without it, but could remove it if necessary during energy work.
    2. Regarding the womb, I have gone through menopause so am wondering if my womb is still a viable cauldron.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful books, I have been waiting for this content and clarity. In searching for my personal feelings in this life I had come up with the word impotent, when I saw you use that exact word I knew I had found the path I have long been looking for, it really is all about energy and personal power.
    At 60 it’s now or never…

    1. Hi Sandra, thank you very much for getting my books.
      Your best bet with the denture would be to remove it for your energy work session ‘if that is possible’. Another option would be to work with this denture so that you can move energy around it or even through it in time. I had someone with a prosthetic ask me a similar question and I told him that the concentrated attention can overcome such things, by allowing you to make that prosthetic an energetic part of your body through the focused direction of energy; you focus on this area until you can eventually feel energy moving into it and through it (when you can do this, you have made that prosthetic a part of your body). This article might help you in that regard, in it I explain how the focus of attention is responsible for energy flow and certain energy centers, and not some arbitrary map of the energy body that some like to follow, but that may not directly apply to each individual.

      The womb as a central point is applicable to you as a woman no matter what. What I would suggest in finding a solution to both these questions, is that you use your ‘inner feeling sense’ to feel energy as it flows through your body. In this way you will see if the denture is getting in the way of your energy flow and you may then use it to create a new flow around it or you may incorporate it into your body as I mention above. You can also use it to see how your womb feels, and where most your power seems to collect (cauldron). You may find that your womb area, energetically speaking, is smaller or bigger than others, or that you may have a more male energetic core, in that it may be a smaller more concentrated area an inch or two below your navel.
      Things change over time, you change, the flow of your energy changes. So the inner feeling sense, that ability to feel/perceive energy as it flows around your body is always best. We are all unique in all ways.

  21. Hi John,

    I’m really appreciating your material, and have just started working with the Magnum Opus. I have studied another system of Alchemy for 20 years, and deeply explored Taoist and Yogic techniques and perspectives, and accomplished quite a bit of development of myself towards full freedom in spite of my biggest issue, which is dealing with self-discipline. I came by your work a recently right when I had a breakthrough with understanding the real battle to find effortless discipline, and was shocked in a good way to know that in spite of all my research and practice over the years, a new perspective could have so much impact. I find your simple presentation brilliant, and while I valued the way more complex approaches made me work in a way that I know has benefits, I learned from all your other books so far how much I missed, or still obscured by not quite applying what was taught accurately. I had a major breakthrough in 2017 that resulted in 3 months of sustained energy containment and many powerful experiences, but due to remaining issues I hadn’t finished recapitulating, when life through circumstances at me that made those issues impossible to ignore, I fell hard and have been fighting my way back ever since.

    My question deals with the Cauldron, but I would like to share a bit of context.

    Before 2017, I understood this idea somewhat and worked with it as best as I could to some success, but in 2017, a spontaneous rebirth experience while working with a woman at a public healing session using the modality of channeling help via the ideas of Angels, activated my energy body fully(major energy re-absorption happened in this session) and I suddenly realized how none of the teachings on this subject are metaphoric. Overnight, I had a complete transformation of my psychical body. I lost all excess body fat overnight( i wasn’t obese but my spare tire was moderate), and felt a whole body connectivity I’d read about but must have misinterpreted.

    I practice both Vinyasa yoga methods and a combination of Yiquan/Baguazhang and had powerful experiences instantly when I practiced both over the next few days. At a yoga class the next day, the first time I was in downward dog, I experienced the awakening of my pelvic floor, and then during lead Kriya techniques at the end of class, when instructed to do breath retention with a focus on the third eye, which I hadn’t actually tried before, I was at a new studio a friend had started teaching at, I was amazed that when I stopped breathing as instructed, the desire to inhaled didn’t return. I stayed suspended like this while everyone else continued to do multiple cycles of the exercise, probably 3-4 minutes total, and due to not even knowing this was possible, eventually inhaled again, though I had no real need so, and was amazed that an effortless inhale happened rather than a force inhale that usually accompanied holding my breath, I’m aware in hindsight I had commanded the diaphragm to not move rather than resist the out breath directly. The next day, I was practicing circle walking techniques, and spontaneously started expressing what my current level of knowledge still feels comfortable calling the full expression of the dragon body particular to Baguazhang.

    In terms of the cauldron, I was aware of the general location from Taoist work, but also resisted the notion sometimes because the teacher of Alchemy that guided me via online interaction a few years earlier before he died had warned that placing the attention on the typical location of the lower dantien had a side effect of over stimulating the sacral chakra, which he felt doesn’t help in lite of the out of control level of sexual obsession going on in our current Archonic state. While expressing the dragon body, I noticed that an live active energy had come alive in my lower belly and all the promise of internal martial arts seemed to open up in front of me. But I was surprised to notice that it wasn’t in the location that Taoist literature typically indicated. Instead, it was like a small ball of plasma feeling energy that was resting right against my perineum and no higher due to it’s size than the bottom of the pubic bone, so a few inches lower than the typical location near the belly button that is so commonly taught. It interacted directly with the Mula Bhanda point used in Vinyasa and moving that ball in my stomach made by body move and respond so powerfully that I started experimenting with connecting it to energy expression, and seeing the results of moving it around in different patterns. Even after I fell from my continuous state, this activated expression of the lower dantien idea was to some degree available to me and in spite of months sometimes living on fast food, I only gained the smallest amount of weight on my torso.

    I recall that my first move in yoga in the energetic state was downward dog where you engage Mula Bhanda with intensity on the inhale, and reading your work has me aware that I was full of power/energy. I had learned a good degree of focus and intent from my years of training up to that point, though never saw huge benefits from it because I never managed to store energy effectively based on misunderstanding re-absorption and how to use my inner sensing. So I had a lot of energy, and decent focus on the mula point(perenium) and it seemed to make the lower dantien show up there, because the way I use that ball of energy matches everything I was taught or read about how the lower dantien applies to internal martial arts techniques.

    From this, I now wonder if the lower dantien and the idea of the lower cauldron are two different things. 90% of Taoist literature and teachers I’ve talked to insist they are the same thing, but perhaps the lower dantien, or any dantien, is a magically activated internal body form used to manipulate and influence the body or other areas for a specific or multiple purposes, and the cauldron is a separate thing for the storing of energy. The Sea of Chi is above the belly button usually and seems to mimic the idea of a place Chi is stored. Just from reading your other books and applying the IN polarity, which Baguazhang and Vinyasa can enhance heavily in my experience, I’ve launched back into about 80% of the energy levels I experienced back in 2017, and have access to this effect above my pelvic floor in a way that mirrors the power of that time.

    Based on all this, I wonder if I should be storing energy through abosrption/re-absoption in this location, or in a higher location more in line withe center point of the body. Also, any thoughts about the concerns around over stimulating the sacral chakra when the Archonic forces seem to rely so heavily on unhealthy sexuality as part of keeping the tonal of times so effective at generating negative emotions?

    Sending you good vibes as I type, I’m honored to make your acquaintance.


    1. Your knowledge and experience in energy work is undeniable, and I greatly appreciate you sharing your experiences combining my work with your abilities in Yoga and Taoism.
      I think that in answering your questions, I am happy that you have a good previous knowledge of the inner feeling sense and can perceive the flow of your energy quite clearly.
      In following the flow and movement of your own energy, you seem to have run across the biggest issue with practicing any type of doctrine or school on energy work (or magick for that matter), and that is that it is in the end impossible to follow a previously created map, for energy centers or meridians and expect it to align perfectly with yourself. Even the techniques employed by one group can vary greatly and some things, certain techniques, just don’t work for some people.
      In general I have tried to avoid these dogmatic ideas by always insisting that at the end of the day, all that matters is Energetic Truth, which is an individual and oftentimes incredibly hard to verbalize and define truth, that is nevertheless a repeatable actuality for you alone.
      What I mean by saying all this is that you need to find your own answers in these matters, and I do believe that you are and have done this already. Indeed even though you are a bit hard on yourself to some degree, it is quite obvious that you are a very dedicated and advanced practitioner.
      My personal opinion is this and I hope that it does help in you finding your own final conclusion:
      The cauldron point will ultimately be at the center of the individual. To find this center in a physical way you can measure the body or use an ancient diagram of the energy centers. But this is not always optimal. For example, the physical body is one particular dimensional representation, an external expression you might say, for the totality of who we are; which is ultimately a far larger energetic entity. As such, what we are in totality is far bigger than the physical body, and this totality is unique. One person’s cauldron point can be in a very similar location to most other people because of the fact that we are all so similar as a species, but even with all the similarities we are not all the same, our energetic totality varies (sometimes greatly) from person to person. For example, the pattern of our thoughts can vary greatly from person to person and therefore the pattern of our energy as it flows through the totality of us is unique because our thoughts can alter and create new patterns of flow.
      The center of who you are is not the center of I am, and a map, created by other energy workers thousands of years ago will not always align with the modern realty, and the individual person. What you feel as your true center, though lower than what is prescribed and described by ancient text, seems to be your particular and individual center, and an optimal place for your storage point. Study the masters and the worthy schools but always follow your own energetic truth ultimately in all things.

      As far as the use and abuse of reproductive energy by the Archon, well you are quite right and since this energy is so powerful we must make all effort to use and channel this energy with great care. But the power of this energy is our power, not the Archons, so we must not let it deprive us of it. This is a tough question really, I would say personally I feel that it is infinitely important to make this power our power because if we don’t we have lost it. But trying to work with it without the necessary control can be very dangerous.
      My personal approach is the approach of Inner Alchemy, and for that reason I approach and master this powerful energy by moving away from the Archon and he flesh when I do so. I use the way of the projectionist in order to understand the nature of this power and how to use it to allow me to master inter-dimensional movement and the power to act in these other places.
      I have found that once I learn to work with this energy in the ‘Second World’, as I call it in the book that I link above, the nature of this energy changes for me and I can plainly perceive that it is ultimately projectionist energy, this sacral energy, and that instead of wasting it as the Archon commands, I can instead use t to fly free across the cosmos. Once this is realized, the Archons command to waste and abuse this energy is nulled.

      1. Thanks John, this makes a lot of sense, and I agree with it being personal, my recent advances make to sense to me from the perspective of learning to trust in myself lot more from the non-dogmatic expression you’ve shared here and in the books. The way of the projectionist sounds really interesting, I will check that out for sure. And I love your message about owning the sacral energy to deny it’s use from the Archon.

        Things are moving fast for me today, I found a way to express the IN and OUT polarity through combining your techniques from the course with the full expression of spiral body patterns that comes from mastering the inward and outward rotation of the joints from yoga and bagua. Breathing with this pattern in a standing posture lead to the pearl in my stomach jumping up to the area between my pecs and it is now dancing around there happily even without direct attention. When the pearl danced near the lower cauldron the last couple days, it helped me move dynamically and could generate heat, as well as seem to influence other peoples bodies if I focused on them while teaching. With the move to the chest, I’ve been experiencing heart opening/getting in touch with higher parts of the psyche, and have some ideas about my future and ways I can share and contribute from my perspective and experience. I’m feeling creative.

        Thanks again


  22. John Blatt

    Hi John. I am in a magickal group on FB and someone shared your book about Psychic Vampires so I immediately looked at it and got it, but then something told me to look into you further and I see you have written some seemingly amazing books.

    Your mention this Archon and on your TShirt you sell you have the outline of an octopus. I am dumbfounded. You see I did a powerful Shamanic journey several years ago and during this journey the medicine introduced me to a being that was responsible for all the terrible shit that had occurred on this planet. It immediately attacked me and tried to enter my body, to push my soul out of my body. It was the single most horrifying experience of my life. In wrestling with this being it revealed a lot to me. It had to expose itself and what it really looked like in order to attack me at this level. It looked like a giant octopus completely filled with eyeballs. It gave up secrets. It called itself The Beast and when it came somehow I knew it came out of the high tension powerlines that were several hundred yards away. It uses electricity to interact with this world. There is a lot more to this but I cannot share it all here.

    I have spent the last five years trying to wrap my head around this thing and that it somehow traps the souls of humans. This was a terrifying revelation. None of all the conspiracy shit even comes close to the truth. I see the marks of this Beast in films and tv shows, hear it in the modern popular music. But I haven’t had anyone to talk to about this. No one understands. Maybe you do.

    I don’t know what book of yours to get first. I already ordered the psychic vampire book, but you have many others and have no idea which I should get first. Is there an order to which to read them?

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience, it does indeed sound terrifying and I can truly empathize as I have come across similar entities.
      You know, I completely agree with you on the fact that many of the conspiracy theories that are talked about by people tend to not come close to revealing the power and the magnitude of what is going on. My thoughts though are that some of these people are just not able to put into words the incredible things that they might have witnessed or might have been able to discover through their research.
      How is it that you describe such a titanic and powerful entity and the things that it is doing in the world? And even in the simplest of terms, how is it that you even describe what this entity looks like in any coherent way?
      I have for example, witnessed creatures of a similar nature, or should I say of a similar look, and yet I have noticed that their shape, their general appearance and how they look to any one particular person, or how they may look at any one particular time, can change. That is, we are bound to our physical senses in trying to describe what we might see in realms beyond the physical senses, and as such we are often trying to say things that are far bigger than anything we could ever fit into the scope of understanding, that might allow us to share our visions with the people around us.

      You might find this interesting, but in many ways the only person that I have ever found has come close to describing the kinds of things that I have seen, is a writer that is considered to be a fiction writer, but that I feel is most likely a dreamer who was only able to write about what he saw in terms of fiction, this writer is H.P. Lovecraft.

      I do make an attempt at trying to describe this force, and how it is that it influences humanity. But my descriptions often fall short because again, I have to try and describe what this thing is doing using linear terms and three-dimensional rules that are so limiting.

      My personal recommendation if you’re trying to find the first book to read on the subject of this titan, is the book titled; overcoming the archon through alchemy. In this book I go into more detail as to what it is that I have been able to perceive and I also describe techniques on how to deal with this force. If you like the general descriptions that I use and you think that the techniques that I described are applicable to you, then you might want to move into the course books that I have created which are; the magnum opus, and the way of the protectionist, as these are more advanced versions of all that is described in overcoming the Archon.

      1. John Blatt

        Hi John, Is it recommended to read any of your other books first before going into Magnum Opus?

        1. No I don’t think so. I think you would benefit greatly if you read The Vampire’s Way to Self-defense, and Overcoming the Archon, but I tried to make the Magnum Opus as much stand alone as possible.
          What you may note actually is that all my books until now have had a progressive order, each book, beginning with The Occult Experience to now have had an interrelation and a progressive order of difficulty, where techniques are added and expanded on from the previous book.
          But budget wise, I think that if you already have a background in occult and energetics theory, the Magnum Opus will stand alone just fine. I do recommend re-reading it though as much as is needed, since some of the methodologies are complex and they do require a complete re-think (at times) of what is possible.

  23. John,

    I want to thank you immensely. You do such amazing work and have impacted my life beyond measure. I’m incredibly grateful for you as an individual. I have a few questions I was hoping to seek clarity on.

    The first being, how crucial is energetic re-absorption in the process of The Great Work? I fully recognize it’s power and utilize it often. I’ve found that once I began using it heavily, I began having “flashbacks,” to very subtle and inconsequential memories that I had all but forgotten about, and I have greatly enjoyed the feast of energy those provide. My question is- in the creation of The Philosophers Stone and eventual immortality/transcendence of this physical plane, is there something “special” about energetic re-absorption in comparison to simply absorbing energy from our environment? I hope I am making sense. What I mean is that I can absorb a great deal of energy from my environment as is, from conglomerations of people, to inorganic beings, etc. Is the re-absorption of all past energy loss a significant step to The Magnum Opus? My current, for lack of a better word, assumptions in the matter are that the answer lies partially in the non-linear aspect of time, and that in some sense of the word my awareness/soul/energy will be tied to this plane without total re-absorption?

    The second question being about the void polarity. At the end of your book “Overcoming The Archon Through Alchemy,” you recommend a certain amount of time each day to spend in the specific polarities, with of course room for individual customization. My question is, would it not be beneficial to remain in the void polarity practically always? And is it possible to absorb energy when we have either level of energetic containment active? Or would the adept Alchemist “switch,” and instantly move from energetic containment to absorption, and then back to containment?

    Thank you again, I look forward to the continued release and study of your work.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words Riley,
      Energetic re-absorption is very important to the great work and the creation of the philosopher stone. As you have pointed out, it indeed has a great deal to do with the nonlinear aspects of time and existence. The best way to get a handle on this is to imagine yourself as not just being the person that you are here and now, but as being a very large conglomerate cloud essence that transcends many times; that exists across many time periods.
      The many energetic wounds you have suffered throughout your life can be seen at any one particular time in your life. That is a future energetic wounds could be seen by someone that could see energy, and conversely a past energetic wound would be there as well, for them to see; all energy is now. So in essence you are like a giant cloud with many energetic leaks, that have and will happen. If you do not address those leaks, those wounds that are leaking energy, they will make it very difficult for you to keep and therefore refine the energy that you have been able to either contain, absorb, or reabsorb. This is so because this leaking of energy is constant. By addressing those many wounds and sealing them through the art of re-absorption, you are quite literally healing yourself on an energetic level.
      Another more material way to say this, is as you say that if you do not address these issues, you will be tied to this plane of existence. You can think of an energetic wound then as an anchor that keeps you, keeps a part of your attention, tied to this dimension and does not allow you to fly free.

      I think that in my latest book, the way of the projectionist, you get a much bigger feel for what and why it is the case that a person can’t just maintain their focus on the void polarity alone. The IN and the OUT are incredibly important, especially when it comes to maintaining individuality as one moves away from this three dimensional plane. Without any understanding or ability in either of these two polarities, maintaining safe individuality beyond this three-dimensional plane becomes impossible. As I mention on a number of occasions, especially in my latest book, those that would like to just VOID themselves will not find freedom, they will just find a different form of death.
      Your thoughts, on absorption and containment are quite valid, in that and adept will and does move in between containment and absorption, between the different polarities, as is needed in accordance with their awareness and inner senses.

      1. Hello once again John,

        I’ve been meditating on what you’ve said and I want to thank you once again for the clarity. There is a slight misunderstanding that I may be having. What is the difference between an energetic wound and that of using the OUT polarity? In other words, the seemingly contradictory nature of using the OUT polarity to attain comfort in this material world as well as re-absorbing all past energy loss. Is it that once we fully transmute something into existence we should travel back and re-absorb the energy it took to create? As well as in the third room of the projectionist for example, I can imagine that my cavorting will entail much energy loss due to the emotions fulfilling all of my desires will bring me. Is that not too important per say because it is not this physical world where I am expending the energy? And is there any tips you would give me to prevent an non-organic being from coming and “spoiling my party” regarding that same situation with cavorting? Or would it be possible to practice energetic containment while still experiencing joy etc?

        1. There is a cost to everything which is a key and fundamental Alchemical principle. The joy of existence, that is the cost of true individuality, has a price and we must be willing to pay that price…or we can try to duplicate the way of the VOID’ists. The way of Alchemy then is the way of balance, and the need to save/absorb AND redeployed energy is so that the alchemist can break the three dimensional prison forever, so that they become more, not less.
          The crossing of the third room will allow the projectionist to truly live as an individual and fly free, it will also allow that person to be able to find ways to deal with, and even exceed the inorganic life that may interfere with that freedom. All of this costs energy but this is energy that must be used, because in the end what’s the point of being a free individual in that great infinity Out There, if you’re going to be just some mummified pickle in a jar.
          The adept must always find the balance between energetic containment and the use of that energy that they have so impeccably stored.
          In doing so, it is easy for such an Alchemist to note that there’s a great deal of waste in everything that a person does, and that if they were to just save a little bit of that waste, they could redeploy that energy loss and turn it into anything that they could ever want, especially in other dimensions where the Archon is not all powerful, and still have more than enough to break the boundaries of this most rational and constricting cube.
          Use your inner feeling sense and try and discover the boundaries between your true self, your true individuality, and that which has been projected upon you by the Archon (Use the way of the projectionist to leave the Archon behind and discover your true self). If you can do this then you will know where you need to contain and where your true joy begins.

          1. Ahhhhh I see, thanks you very much. I love the out polarity, I don’t want to void myself by any means, I simply want to ensure I’m properly completing the great work. We don’t get 2 shots at this per say. So I appreciate you and your continued guidance more than you know. Final question, can you confirm what I’m picking up on this subject? As you say, it’s difficult to describe the subjective with our language, so I want to ensure I’m hearing you correctly, and I will do my best to articulate my thoughts.

            As you said previously in this thread, if I imagine myself as a cloud with many energetic leaks, those leaks make it difficult to store and refine energy; and in a more material sense, if the energetic leaks aren’t sealed, my awareness will be tied to this 3D cube and I won’t be able to fly free. In your previous comment you noted something I too have noticed, which is the great deal of energy waste in everything we do. You observed that by saving even a small portion of that, we would have enough to both create anything we desire and break free of this 3d cube. Is it that the energetic wounds keeps us anchored to this plane because of the fact that they make it difficult to store and refine energy? Or is it that I need to seal every single one to “un-anchor” myself from this cube? Or is it that I simply need to seal enough to accumulate/refine a certain threshold of energy? (Of course I intend to seal as many as “humanly” possible) My inner feeling sense tells me that when I project energy out whether for manifestation or just because I’m enjoying myself, it’s different from a wound in the sense that I’m not so attached to it per say. Like when I re-absorb wounds I can feel the energy draining and I re-absorb until its healed. But when I project energy out either for manifestation or when I’m enjoying myself, when I reflect I don’t feel that same drain. Of course all energy is just energy so the drain is there sometimes even with “positive” emotions, and in that case I re-absorb. If my intuitions are correct -also based off of your previous comment- would it be that the wounds are tainted with archonic intent, and that which isn’t a wound is an aspect/reflection of my true self? It seems when I am acting from the extension of the mind (ghost), and not the consciousness, I am not creating wounds even when I am projecting energy.

            I want to thank you again. I’m realizing more and more that almost any question I have can be answered on my own through the techniques you have provided and for that I am ever grateful. And that truly what matters is the energetic action. The discovering of the energetic truths for ones self. I am progressing more and more, but it’s baby steps as they say. I’m finding a fine line between cubing and not getting lost in dogma. After years of research into manifestation/transmutation I have an impeccable grasp of the how to, and even a mostly complete model of the why, yet I still often sit around dumbfounded trying to connect all the pieces of the puzzle. Today was one of those mornings.

            As I said, this will be the final question for the foreseeable future. You’ve been such a huge inspiration and guide. This is just one that really has me scratching my head. I simply want to ensure I am responsibly manifesting and enjoying myself in a manner that isn’t going to hinder the great work. Thank you again John. I have much preparing to do for your next book. Although in all likelihood I will still be in the third room, no doubt it will make an enlightening read. Maybe I’ll time travel and read it early 😉

          2. I am so glad that you can see the nature of your progress, this after all is what is happening here; you are noticing your own expansion, noting the extent of your own hard won growth, and surprising yourself over and over again as you note how easily you forget what you already know directly. We are all thick, and the nature of our consciousness is such that due to the fact that we hardly ever consciously do anything, hardly ever engage our ghost consciously in doing anything, that conscious consciousness of ours is quite frail.
            In the most fundamental way, this means that we forget a lot and as such we need to be able to verify over and over the things that we seem to have known so well just a moment before. For that reason, as you are finding out for yourself through your own direct experience, you need to rediscover over and over again the truth of things through your own direct perceptions.
            Your reality, even though we can be said to be so similar being that we are brother humans together in a very similar journey, is still different from mine. I too have defined boundary point that divides my life between what is the inprisonment of the Archon over me, and the true joy of my personal existence as a free individual.
            In order to progress in a perfect manner, learn to develop that ability to perceive the essence of who you are, no matter where you find yourself (whether in this dimension or any other), from a detached third person perspective as well as through your perceptions using your inner feelings sense. This is the only way to progress because you will forget over and over, until one day you will note that you have forgotten less, that your power of attention is far keener than before, that you can see farther (more expansively) and that you have changed in a fundamental way that is impossible to really pinpoint.

            My personal opinion, is that you should try to seal every wound that feels to you like a wound. Whether you need a threshold of energy or whether you need to heal all wounds is in the end a personal thing; this is a question that you must answer through doing. As far as how much power you need, well it is a simple as noting how much you can do: how unbending is your attention? How good are you as a projectionist? How far can you see? Have you been able to cross all the five rooms thus far? Etc.
            The answer to all of this is time and the unrelenting focus of attention on your part. I am very happy for you!

  24. Hi John,
    Firstly thank you for sharing the depth of your insight and knowledge with us and thank you for taking your time to answer our questions.

    When I first read the alien exercise, I got really excited about doing it because it resonated so deeply with how I feel about the world. But precisely this has become my obstacle as I started doing it. Because most of the human activities and interests are completely alien to me anyway ( e.g sports politics business scientific approach, organisation and even to great extent many human emotional reactions and interactions, art being the only way which actually deeply resonates with me) I struggle to get the fresh perspective and look at things like this alien not just myself.

    Would you have any advice on that?

    Best wishes


    1. Hi Anna, thank you for your kind words.
      I can completely understand what you are saying as I tend to have a similar feelings about the world around me. With this exercise, it is good to approach these subjects from that alien perspective and as you do so, explore your own feelings and emotions that may not be in line with that of an alien. One possible feeling for example might be that since you are a human being who is stuck in this world, as opposed to an alien who is or can be completely detached, you have more emotional baggage than you might realize even when it comes to things that are not of direct interest to you.
      An alien, at least from the perspective of this particular exercise, would most likely have a completely detached perspective. That is to it there is no baggage at all, and it might have as much interest or attachment to any of it, as would a field researcher looking down on the small ant colony.

      If you feel that you have that kind of detachment already then just try to force yourself to look at these things anyway from that totally detached perspective, so that you may discover both the beauty and unfortunately, the many tentacles that bind humanity.

      And finally, once you are more comfortable with that detached and analytical approach to the observation of human behavior, try to use that same observational perspective in art and the art world. You may explore for example, what is and what is not considered art, what is and what is not considered appealing or beautiful, and what are the limitations to human art; do the things that bind humanity bind their interpretation and execution of art?

      1. Dear John,
        thank you so much for such in depth reply. That’s a very helpful advice because yes, my personal detachment still has an underlying emotional element to it (mainly a dislike of someone stuck in in this or that way in all these “human “ structures 🙂) so this is exactly what I needed to put “new glasses” on.
        Great advice with regards to perceiving art as well through a bit scary as I guess deep down I don’t want to break my last tie with humanity and this world 😊

        I have discovered your books only recently and have nearly all of them but starting with IN polarity and absorbing/accumulating energy first then will move on. So much great work to do!
        Thank you again John for making it accessible for us.


        1. Thank you Anna. I hope you don’t mind, but I did follow the link to your art and found it to be wonderful! So I am glad as well that you still have this connection with humanity.

          1. Anna Anderton

            Dear John, so happy you visited my website , thank you for your kind words. And all your great work.

            All the best


  25. Hi John,
    I’m on chapter 3 of The Magnum Opus. This is some very intense and in-depth material that I look forward to practicing. I have had some emotional setbacks with family members and I think this is exactly what I have been seeking to get past this negativity. I have a couple of other books of yours too. My questions are: How did you personally acquire all this knowledge? Where are you in this journey of refining the “Philosopher’s Stone”? Is there continued learning past the Magnum Oupus?

    1. Thank you for getting my books Sage! The answers to your first and last questions are the same; the way of the protectionist. I have always had a very deep interest in what most people nowadays would call the occult or the paranormal. That natural interest focused my attention and that focus of attention eventually allowed me to develop until I could focus that attention with extreme precision in a sustained manner. Eventually I was able, using the techniques I write about, to perceive energy directly. Such focus of attention allows the individual to break past the three dimensional cage that binds human perception and ability.
      While I would not say that it is continued, there is parallel learning that has to happen for us to discover our true selves and in order to expand our power. That further expansion which is also responsible for my direct knowing, is explained in the book mentioned above.
      As to how far I am on this Alchemical road? I must say that talking about myself is hard for me sorry. I will say that I hold no emotionally draining hope of ever reaching a final goal or of winning this war, I just focus my attention as best I can, and make known the level of my proficiency through the extent of my knowing, and in sharing that knowledge in the most precise and unblemished manner possible for me.

  26. Hi John,

    I recently (2 days ago) purchased your Magnum Opus book on an absolute whim. I was searching for something else when it came up in the list of recommendations and I have to say that I am incredibly happy that I took a chance. It turned out to be exactly what I was looking for—I’ve already read the entire thing and recommended it to my magickal partner as a must read and one other person I know interested in this topic. Basically, I’ve known about the Archon and its farming game for some time. I know that I’m locked down, for lack of a better world, into this physical reality and my supreme goal is to escape. I was actually searching for help on getting out of body.

    Also, I don’t know that I have a question (aside from the one I’ll ask below). This is more of a reaching out to share my thanks and appreciation, as well as my own experiences.

    I was highly impressed by your insistence on not taking anything on dogma and the need to find your own energetic truth. This is how my friend and I approach magick in general. We try to ensure our beliefs are informed by our direct experience, and our experiences teach us that Creation is a far stranger place than even most adepts would believe.

    That said, we are not Alchemists, per se, so while I was able to understand everything you wrote (same concepts, but different terminologies), the one that eluded me is the the Dark Sea. Could you explain to me what this means? Otherwise, I find it so encouraging that much of what we experience is a near match to what you describe—we simply use different words for the same thing.

    Our experience tells us that there is an Outside beyond Creation (or the multiverse) and its various planes. And beyond the Outside is an even more vast place (I’ve only experienced this Outside of the Outside a precious few times; even the Outside requires a certain level of elevated awareness to be able to perceive the structures there and not just see a black void of nothingness). The creatures that inhabit these places are neither good nor evil; they simply are what they are. Their way of thinking is vastly different from humans, and is in many ways unintelligible to humans. Their every breath is an act of creation and they do nothing on whim. Everything is done with purpose. Now, in my experience, they are different from Archons, which seem to exist within Creation (the Inside) or potentially the In-Between. They take little interest in human affairs (or really in any affairs relating to the Inside, with a few exceptions).

    Reading through the comments, I see others have experienced the tentacled beasts from the In-Between spaces, those we perceive as not being of the Inside or the Outside. We tend to borrow Lovecraft’s word and simply call them Old Ones for lack of a better term. We’ve fought and devoured our share, that’s for certain.

    Anyway, I suppose that’s it. Anything else I would say should not be shared in a public forum. I’m just very glad to have found your book.

  27. Just thought I should mention that, while we’re not Alchemists per se, we share the exact same goal—immortality and freedom from the prison of this world.

    1. Thank you for sharing this information here Sylvaris. I am also glad to know that there are other magick practitioners that are participating in goals similar to mine.
      As far as my term for the dark sea, I would say that your descriptions of it is as good as mine and that as you’ve already mentioned, words in the end are just attempts at describing perceptions that are often times beyond them. I actually did write an article on my description of the dark sea here, but again I think you sum it up as well as I; as to the infinity that surrounds all of us.

  28. Hi John,
    Regarding seeing auras… I tried your method, but I have an impression that it is not aura what I see, but some kind of an imprint of darker parts of what I see. For example I can put a hand in front of me in the dark and it gets some kind of a haze around it, but when I move my hand, the light haze stays there. Or I can do it with any object, like with a glove for example.
    It could be that it could just be explained as a scientific thing that happens with your eyes, but it could just be that maybe everything has an “aura”? Even the inanimate objects?
    Now, I could include my imagination there and start seeing anything that I wish, colors or shapes, but how can I be sure that it is not just my imagination?
    I see a lot (a lot) of other noise in the dark and it’s really interesting. Reminds me of videos shot with low light and high ISO.
    Please help 🙂
    P.S. Where did the paypal donate button dissapear?

    1. I think that you have made more progress than you imagine Stefan. I find that the biggest obstacle in learning these techniques is the ability to see that initial auric haze that you describe. So what is happening here as you know from the material covered in the book, is that you are using your night vision during the day or during lowlight situations, and as such the auric field that you see can be not only energy radiation given off by living and non-living things, but also the minuscule amount of light reflected off of the surfaces of these things. Your description of videos shot at high ISO is very apt because that is just you are doing, in that you are greatly increasing the amount of light that you are able to perceive, indeed to such a degree that you’re beginning to pick up both infrared and ultraviolet spectrums as well as reflect light within the human spectrum.
      As your skills improve, this increase in light sensitivity can create all sorts of odd effects, one very important one that you should consider going forward, is the ability of the consciously directed mind to play and to change some of those visual phenomena that you are beginning to pick up. In other words, you are finding the boundary between externally created light and the light that is created in a subjective manner by you; you are finding the boundary between internal and external reality and the ability to mix and intermingle actual and created light. Something which I must point out, as I do in my book, is a great secret of nocturnal cultures that used those abilities to manipulate and create whole realities, cultures by the way that have come and gone, and that have been forgotten by history.

      But getting back to the main issue, what you need to do going forward is to keep practicing these techniques so that you eventually begin to;
      One; note the great extent to which you are able to amplify your vision and how this vision is quite similar in many ways to something you might see in a FLIR for example.
      Two; as you are doing the above also note that beyond the amplification of what could be termed existing or reflective light, there will come a point when you will start to see color variations. This will be difficult to perceive at first but once it happens and you know how to focus your eyes in order to see these colors better, you will note that this colored light, this color aura, acts slightly differently than the reflected light that is usually seen as a light grey. Once this color is perceivable, and you begin to understand the kind of focused that you need to have in order to perceive it, auric fields will start to open up to you. This is all a matter of practice which in essence is a matter of focus of attention and patience.

      P.S. Going forward I think that the only way to donate to keep the site going will be through getting items on Redbubble. I may expand to art as well to add variety. Thanks for asking Stefan.

      1. Thanks John for such a good explanation and feedback. Those are just the information and ideas that I was missing.
        And I will check your Redbubble definitely.

        All the best John!

  29. Hi John,

    I have been practicing the energy absorption techniques. I wanted to ask if there is any way to see Non Organic Beings ? Is it possible to bring the energy we have been storing in the couldron to our eyes to see them ?

    1. In order to see non organic life, the two techniques that are a must, are: the ability to see auras, and developing the inner feeling sense. Both of which I discussed in the book the Magnum Opus as you may know.
      You start by first seeing, that is trying to perceive, energetic displacements; which can take the form of odd energetic movements, pulsations, or even areas that seemed to lack any kind of energy at all. Once you are able to identify these energetic displacements, I suggest that you use your inner feeling sense to try and perceive, to try to see/feel into these areas, into that odd movement.
      In time, and with growing ability, you will begin to clearly see these forces, these non organic life forms. At first it will be sort of like when you are trying to master the ability to see auras, in that it is more about the ability to believe that what you are seeing is truly something real. But in time and with practice and growing skill, you will be able to see more and more of these life forms. Using the inner feeling sense you will also be able to understand intent, have a kind of general communication and discover a great deal about the life form that you are seeing. Might I add, that such inability (to see these being) can be mind altering so go slow.
      In developing these skills (auras and inner feeling sense), you will need to keep doing your energy work as is described in the Magnum Opus as well. The reasons for this is that through the ability to grow in energetic power, theses skills become far easier and more powerful. That is the more power you have, the easier it is to perform the skills mentioned, and its easier therefore to see nonorganic life. I hope this helps, because your question is a good one, I am going to try to create a video on this in the future and I will post it on Facebook, which I hope might help as well.
      But honestly all that you need can be found in the Magnum Opus.

      1. Thank you for your reply John. It was very helpful.

        Is there any way I can practice seeing auras without the help of a friend ? I keep my practices secret. The beginning practice requires that I ask someone to stand in front of me and try seeing their aura. Is there some beginning practice for a single person ?

  30. John, I managed to start seeing auras. All I did was blur my vision a bit and look at myself in the mirror. I could see a white coating around the outline of my body. I just wanted to confirm if what I am doing is right. I also tried using the same trick to look at my hands and I could see the coating 🙂 It also works when wearing glasses.

    1. I’m so glad that you got it, and yes it can be a challenge to practice by yourself, but in the end it just means you have to be little a more creative. I for example, liked to go out at night and look at passers by, without trying to stare too much of course, and usually in the half light, after some practice, I was able to clearly see the auric haze of most people. In time I got good at this, but I do believe and I think that this will help you a great deal as well: I was not able to master true auric seeing until I combined it with the inner feelings sense. So it wasn’t until I combined inner feeling sense, with auric vision that I was able to get a full sense of colors and also the ability to see auric energetic patterns around other life forms like plants, and some inanimate objects.
      What you need to do now, is continue to focus on that outer glow as this will train your eyes to be able to perceive into the expanded spectrums. Practice looking at anything and see if you can see in auric glow. You might even want to look at yourself in a mirror in low light, this can be quite freaky, that it’s a good way to practice. The thing with mirrors thoough is that it becomes a lot easier to see non organic life, and therefore do not be surprised if you see, or begin to see, odd auric patterns and shapes around you as you look into your reflection. Proceed with caution here! Remember energetic containment is most critical and the vampires self defense techniques is as well.
      Another thing you might want to try is using an Autostereogram, when you can see the hidden 3D image, you are using the same vision that can allow you to see auras.

  31. Hi John, after reading your books and replies on the Q&A, I have realised that you are playing the part of a person who is showing us the way and want us to discover on our own as to what is truly going on in this realm.

    In that sense, are there any books which describe what is really going on in this world? In movies and serials, I also see symbols repeated again and again. It drives me crazy not knowing what they mean. I try the inner feeling sense on the symbols, but I feel it will still take me some time to gather information like that. Also what’s up with this reality? I noticed that our ancestors believed the world was flat and then suddenly we were told to believe it is round. And then, there is this snake eating it’s own tail symbol that I see everywhere. I think you have spoken about this in your book.

    I request if you can’t or are not allowed to reveal stuff due to personal reasons, can you provide some reading material to learn more about this realm? I have read books by David icke, but I don’t think everything he says is the truth.

    1. I think that you have answered your own question. As you have quite eloquently written yourself, it is my desire and my challenge to help my brothers and sisters to know the way. Part of that challenge involves the ability to push, to start in motion, the process of deeper and deeper exploration.
      The only way to do that, is to appeal to that same desire that allowed people like you to find my books, but not to keep looking for more and more books. Instead, to point out to people like you, with your desires and your vision, that the answers that you seek are inside, and not in books.
      I show technique, and with that technique and unrelenting focus on your part, you can find your own answers.

  32. Hi John,
    I practice energy absorption a lot nowadays and have found that my appetite has reduced. Is energy absorption the same process as digestion of food and getting energy ?

    If so, then is it possible to completely let go of the need to eat food ? Please enlighten me.

    1. I would recommend this video to you if you have not already seen it. And I would caution you in this area because it is very easy to mistake your capabilities and possibly make yourself sick. Nutrition is very important, especially when it comes to high level mental use.
      The ability to do what some Masters are able to do can take a very long period of time and effort, and honestly I would say that it would be much better for you to dedicate this time and effort to become a better projectionist for example, unless of course you’re not able to get the sustenance that you need. Indeed, such techniques were and may be necessary at a time when enough sustenance is ‘impossible’ to get, but if this is not an issue then time and energy are better spent developing other skills that may be more useful to you in the long run.

      1. Hmm yes you are right. I’m currently concentrating on my first room Projectionist excersises. I’m on my second task 🙂 but I’m finding it hard to forget. I’ll go through the forgetting techniques once again from your book.

        Thank you for all the support. Looking forward to meeting you in the second world someday 🙂

        1. Yes it can be quite difficult to forget for all of us, but this is a good thing (there is a balance), because it is remembering that is the crux of what keeps us stable within three dimensional space. If you’re having trouble, it is good to note that just before sleep we all forget; in other words if we could not forget we cannot really fall asleep; it is therefore a natural function that we all have access to, this powerful forgetting. If you pursue this time, this falling asleep time, you may understand the power of forgetting better.
          I do indeed look forward to meeting you in that vastness as well!

  33. Hi John,
    I have been doing the first room exercise daily for 20mins without fail since the start of December. I have got to the point where I can concentrate on the blank wall for 5 mins without any problem and spend the rest of the time in the white room till my 20 mins are over.
    The problem I am facing now is that it is tough to move around in this room as there are no references 🙁 For example, I can vividly imagine moving around in a grassland, but doing the same in the white room is tricky.
    Another thing I noticed is all these weird shapes in front of my eyelids when they are closed. I try imagining being in the white room, but then there are all these wierd shapes that come before my eyes. Am I supposed to ignore them and force the white room to appear in front of me again?

    Also, am I ready to move on to the second room? Kindly guide me.

      1. Thanks for the compliments John 🙂 I am able to keep going because you and your books are awesome in providing guidance, coupled with the face that I have a quiet and boring life (working, eating, sleeping, repeat) :p

  34. Hi John
    I have bought your books: Vampire’s Way to Psychic Self-Defense, Manifest Wealth and Prosperity with Thought Forms and Servitors and Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy and they have been a magnificent journey of inner development, thank you for your contribution.

    I am currently recovering from procrastination but the process has been slow. What do you suggest? I feel an intense force that makes me be in procrastination and I want to move forward.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Giovany,
      it is most apt that you ask this question here because at the start of this course book, the magnum opus, I give my suggestions on overcoming the procrastination that a person might feel when trying to engage in some of the techniques that I described in the course-book. In the book I going to more detail, but I will give you the basics of it right here.
      This technique can work with all kinds of procrastination and indeed it does work with me very well.
      Quite simply what I suggest is that you focus your attention on what you want to do. I say that instead of trying to force yourself to do anything, that you instead just focus your attention on the thing that you want to do.
      For example, let’s say that you want to do a number of push-ups a day. Instead of trying to physically pull yourself from whatever you are doing and go against the inertia that you have created, which can be incredibly difficult, what I instead suggest is that you just focus your attention on the act of doing push-ups. What you need to do is just focus your attention on seeing yourself doing push-ups, on push-ups in general, on all things push-ups.
      The trick then is to maintain the focus of your attention in this direction with as much focus as you can over an extended period of time, until you get the results that you desire. What you will be looking for is a natural impulse, a natural desire or impetus to do this particular thing.
      This impetus will come at a seemingly random time where you will naturally be inclined to do that which you were not inclined to do before. When this natural impulse presents itself, make sure that you use the energy of it to propel you into the action that you seek.
      This is the true and only cure for what is referred to as procrastination.

  35. Hi John,

    I’m just returning to a focus on your material after another long period of cross referencing and study, and a bit of procrastination in facing the parts of my development that are most challenging.

    I have revisited the training and learning that occurred in my exploration of Daoist based Internal practices and was reminded of how all sources aligned with this perspective tend to indicate that there is a process of development in the body that needs to occur to upgrade the “energetic wiring” that involves transformation of the fascia and it’s condensed structures. This upgrade is indicated to allow the safe increase of energy in the lower cauldron, by ensuring that the wiring is of sufficient “gauge” and that a ground path is well established to ensure that an amped up energy system doesn’t create it’s own new set of problems. Or at the least, this is how I’ve interpreted my distillation of all the Daoist information that I’ve come to trust as aligned with useful perspectives. I’ve completed most are all of this work on my own without direct guidance, so I could be making assumptions about my own progress, but I’ve experienced , having a “new” body to use in my waking life that functions differently and with more strength and power than I had 30 years ago when I entered adulthood. This alone makes such work a worth endeavour in my opinion, but I’m pondering about whether it’s truly needed before the internal development and alchemical work is performed. The Daoist version of Internal Alchemy work as I’ve encountered it so far, is very complex and based on hours of seated work, which I find off putting, and I’ve wondered if the need for the upgrade to the fascia and the co-related channel system is somehow linked to this particular approach to inner energy development.

    The Magnum Opus material doesn’t point to a need to do such preliminary work, as it jumps right into the intake, build up, and storage of energy. What is your perspective on this? I was also wondering if your approach to Alchemy ever works with the other 2 Cauldrons.



    1. Great questions Derek, and I suppose I must start by pointing out something that I’m sure is obvious to you already but I suppose it is worth pointing out nonetheless, and that is that while the inner alchemy that I speak of is similar to the Taoist approach, it is not in essence Taoism.
      Perhaps one of the biggest examples of this I suppose is the introduction of the three polarities within the body of my work which, at least to my knowledge, is not to be found within the Taoist system, but then again I am not an expert in this. Indeed, I suppose I should not be surprised to discover the fact that Taoism may have spoken about the three polarities as it seems to be a quite robust system.
      Nonetheless, it isn’t Taoism and as such I have as best as I can tried to stay away from some of the dogmatic, dare I call them presuppositions, of Taoism. In my personal opinion, these presuppositions do suppose that a great deal of groundwork is needed, work that may at times be used to introduce belief structures that may not, at least from the alchemical sense, be applicable.
      In this regard for example, I do find it quite true that to increase the ‘gauge’ of the wiring is most important, that this process does need to happen for the individual to be able to process more and more energy over time. But, it is also my opinion that such increase in the gauge can happen quite naturally and that there is no fundamental harm to be had to the system (the body-being), because the system will not (unless drugs are used or great trauma happens for other unrelated reasons) introduce large amounts of energy all the sudden. The body is a smart creation, and if practice is followed in a natural and light (as in not overzealous) manner, natural growth will happen, just like working out physically will naturally increase physical strength.
      What I do advocate always, is complete relaxation of the body. I have tried to point out as often as I can that the body needs to relax, that any tension that forms within the body needs to be avoided so that work happens in a natural fashion. I do believe that what I usually say is to not stress yourself out, to work in a natural fashion. In that manner, you engage in energetic work without tension (slowly), without dogma, and over time you allow your own system to rewire itself, to increase the gauge naturally.
      As far as using other cauldrons within the system, again I try to stay away as much as possible from any kind of dogmatic points of view. I say this because it is for example quite possible to engage in such practices using techniques that might for example mirror Yoga and their system of the seven chakras. It is quite easy to get stuck in the notion that one system is right while the other is wrong, that a certain energy center must be real while the other cannot be real, and again most of these dogmatic debates are based not on actual practice or direct perception but on belief structures that a particular group or organization might have.
      The final point I suppose is that while I do provide a basic outline that does mirror Taoism to some degree, it is my hope that my readers also engage deeply in the act of trying to perceive energy directly, to work with energy directly, and in that way engage in their own form of practice in the long run (in their own individual form of practice), using whatever methodology works best for them, and in the end perhaps even creating their own internal maps and processes that allow them to go much further than these established orders, being that these internal maps are individualistic, highly personal, and therefore far more powerful.

      1. Hi John,

        I’ve been pondering your response for a few days now. Your answer seems to extend beyond the wording of my question into things very relevant to me. I definitely got obsessed over the years with which energy center model is the “right” one. My own experience with the body changes has been one where I came to experience an awakened physicality, which I perceive mainly as re-alignment and enhancement of fascia structures in the body, not after a disciplined practice sustained over extended periods of time, but as a sudden change after a major moment in my re-absorption process. I did maintain a basic physical movement practice on and off over a few years before this, but the longest period was always a few weeks at a time, and hindsight suggests to me that this lubricated the way for the actual change. In 2017 I re-absorbed the energy and circumstances of a traumatic birth circumstance while attending a public healing session with a local psychic healer. I was there on a whim due to a friend of mine, and the context of her work was outside of what I believed valid at the time(working with angels), but when the person asked for volunteers, I was moved to stand up and ask for help with this past moment, which I’d been stalking and tracing the impact of for a number of years after being pointed at it’s relevance. She did some Mumbo Jumbo incantations to ask for assistance with my desire, but I’m aware of having an unbending intent to get to the heart of the trauma I’d been tracking so long, and excess energy that resulted from making a decision a couple of weeks before to leave a high paying career due to it not being aligned with my place in the world. I ended up reliving and absorbing the energy and physical sensation of that time and understanding the impact it had on my personality and essence from the emotional baggage absorbed during the experience. The next morning, I woke up with what I can only call a new body still, as it functions directly than what I experienced prior to that. I’ve been driven to understand that physical change and share it with others, which drove my deeper dive into eastern bodywork practices.

        I’ve since that time been able to effortlessly express energy in my body similar to Chinese Internal arts, so started to practice the ones I have the most affinity with on my own without guidance from a teacher. Within a couple weeks of playing with these things daily, the lower cauldron woke up for me, and though it has gone dormant when I’ve been distracted by some of my challenges, a little focus on it brings it back, and I’ve had multiple times in the last few years where sustains the focus lead to further development and breakthroughs, but the most significant of them since 2017 occurred last year after your material put me in touch with removing the dogma from my relationship with these things. Exploring these traditional methods helped me understand, but I’ve been trying to synthesize a “just enough” approach to body and breath work that could make the job of recapitulation and not-doing easier to get some momentum with, though learning the approach of re-absorption has changed my tactics in the last 12 months since finding your material. In your books, I’ve found an extremely effective version of the “just enough” approach to breath work, and seek to combine it with similarly simplified versions of working with our physicality more directly, and the 5 physical senses. I’ve found, and been informed by a couple of other authors, that there seems to be parallels with what you might call the awareness of the sensations of the operation of our sense organs and working with polarity. The energy of the eyes in particular seems to mimic the IN/OUT polarity, it feels the same to practice the Pull technique for example as it does to allow the sensations of the eyes processing input to move internally rather than be stuck fixated yet continuously bouncing around to different external objects. Energetic/emotional containment also seems to be assisted by work with the eyes this way. The Ears in a similar fashion seem to process external sound as needed, but also the same sensations can interact with internal dialogue unless directed to a different spectrum of the internal world. Each sense seems to have a polarity of it’s own that might be defined as focused on one thing (Yang) or absorbing an entire spectrum of input simultaneously (Yin), but the attention in general seems to have a foreground/background function that can overlap or compliment each senses individual polarity expression. A connection between the eyes and the 1st world, and the ears and the second world also seems evident to me. I still can’t straighten out all these relationships in a practical way but continue to explore them. If the body is trained after the senses are focused on and/or the Push/Pull technique say are developed, then I find that the internal and external rotation of the joints in our upper and lower girdles(shoulders/arms/hands and hips/legs/feet) combines with them and the reverse breathing to provide a really potent Push or Pull when the physical actions aren’t a barrier to be included. This I discovered in sharing with others. I had the reverse breathing and joint action combination present before exploring the senses fully and your techniques, and found it made it really hard to learn to do the sense/Push-Pull on there own, as my body automatically want the physical actions present due to their correspondence. I overcame this, but it steers me towards teaching that level of body development after success in the other two areas.

        Your comments on the safe way for natural development of the bodies “wiring” resonate with me due to my own experience, I used a passive approach to recapitulation by stalking my everyday behaviour and interactions with others rather than mental discipline around processing a list, and in my case at least, this equated to being light hearted about the work, and no side effects to the ramp up in energy in my system after the breakthrough. Apparently I still struggle to trust my own experience, or use this story about it as a cop out maybe, but I appreciate that your response had helped me indirectly validate it while I continue to fight for more belief in myself, I feel shifts in that direction occurring right now.

        If you have any opinions or experiences that you think are relevant to the way I’m approaching work with the body and physical senses, I’d appreciate it.

        I’ve aspirations to share my approach in this regard since so many people these days are drawn to the body work aspect of things. In such a case, if I was publishing a book or working on a web site with more information, is it appropriate for me to reference your techniques? I have no desire to re-describe them, so I guess I’m seeking permission from you, if I can get far enough for it to matter, to reference your techniques in general in my material, with links or guidance on how to find it. The alternative from my perspective would be to allude to the existence of such complimentary material and hope that people would find your books and site. The material I’m creating is a combination of the sense “tricks”, basic body work and multiple “tricks” to induce fully body relaxation instantly when needed, and my own synthesis of how to understand and working with the mechanism and playing out of the Archonic influence inside of our mental space, that comes from other material I’ve read, including yours, and my own direct experience. The result of said synthesis is a way to have a more concrete process to work with that enhances what you can do when struggling through the stages when you aren’t able to sustain a focus of attention indefinitely, and automatic behaviour keeps consuming/leaking energy. I welcome any input you care to share. The idea of each person developing there own approach makes sense to me, but it will always be built on the things they get from others to some degree, and I think I can offer something that could stand outside of what already exists and maybe increase the chances for some to succeed at that task.



        1. A very complex and passionate comment, thank you. I thank you very much for your efforts to explain what you have been through and what you plan to do in the future.
          As far as your own aspirations to try o teach this work to others, I am very glad that you are taking this approach as I think any new material that helps others, is in the end to the betterment of the whole of our species. And as far as how you would reference my material, I would in the end appreciate it more if you did reference me directly and allowed others to see my material, or anyone else’s that you think might have been relative in helping you attain the skill level that you now have.
          I feel that in this way people are given more opportunity to develop instead of channeling them down a particular road that in the end may box them in if pursued for too long a period. I have seen this before, in the development of very exclusive societies and hermetic orders. I would not like to point to any group in particular as I am not wanting to create any angst or complications going forward, but there are certain groups that tend to channel practitioners into a certain pattern of internal action, which in time, after many practitioners have been following this methodology for quite a while, tends to imply that they are somehow the founding principles (the discoverers and the patent holders as it were) of such techniques, which is honestly their right if they wish to pursue this path, but what ends up happening is that those that do learn under them tend to believe that there is only one methodology, and not being exposed to all of the referential material that brought their teachers to the point where they are, does not give these students the same starting point and the continuing benefits that might be acquired, if they were given a more flexible and open methodological structure. I therefore feel that if you reference my material and my books directly, all the diverse perceptive points by all of the people pursuing your material (your students) will benefit in the long run, I hope you know what I mean in this regard.
          But I am glad you are pursuing this and I hope you all the best! Like stepping stones we individuals move forward creating a ladder for those that would follow…in freedom for freedom.

  36. Hi John
    Ever since I started practicing energy absorbtion seriously, I have noticed that the results I have been getting using other forms of magick have become average. I usually work with angels and demons in the Gallery of magick books.

    Any idea why this might be the case?

    1. If you were having much better results before, it could be any number of things, the biggest probably being that energy absorption tends to relax the body and soothe angst, and such rituals often require at least some pent up and frustrated energy. Belief systems may also be involved.
      The energetic component can be overcome if you learn new ways to focus your energies in a more conscious manner during these rituals. You may want to study the principals of Chaos Magick, in order to overcome these problems, or contemplate new methodologies to get what you desire such as the ones discussed here perhaps.

  37. Hey John I hope you are doing well! I really appreciate you answering my other questions I had on this forum and I had a few more questions as well if you don’t mind….

    1. Is it possible to reabsorb all of your lost sexual energy? I won’t go too into details here lol but I’ve felt that this is a very potent and valuable form of energy. In the past I was engaging in a lot of sexual activity and I felt as if I had rather excessive impulses and abnormal desires. I was using my energy very carelessly and inefficiently and I began to have many nightmares and some sleep paralysis episodes where I found many lower dimensional entities or inorganic beings trying to prod at me in my dreams and such that actually just confused me and disturbed me. It was not until I came across your book the Vampires Way to Psychic Self Defense (which was an amazing book by the way) that I began to use your techniques. And yes it worked! All of the nightmares and such have stopped and I haven’t had any strange sleep paralysis episodes. But I’ve been left with a feeling of anger and disappointment as well because I feel as if I was being manipulated by these entities to squeeze all the energy out of me and that I was robbed. I feel as if though as I have been absorbing energy that this left me feeling drained. I was wondering what are your thoughts on this?
    2. A few years ago and in my childhood I have had in the past had a few encounters with what I believe were extra terrestrials. There was one dream as to which I remember to this day when I was in elementary school where I was abducted by these grey/greenish aliens and taken up to their space ship. I have heard many things about these aliens potentially being disguised as inorganic beings. In contrast to this a few years back I was in the beginning of my spiritual “awakening” and I began to connect with infinity and the stars at a deeper level. I was reading a lot about other extraterrestrial races and felt a deep affinity for the Arcturian race. I began to feel a great connection to them day by day. One day I was meditating with crystals on my body and as I was laying there with my eyes closed and from the darkness spontaneously came an crystal clear vision beyond my own will of a blue alien being and it waved to me in a sense and I looked into it’s deep black eyes and then it disappeared. I was washed with awe yet at the same time relaxation and felt that this being was well intended and emitted much love this blue being felt like a old friend saying hi. This had me thinking about each of our own connection to different parts of the universe. Im sorry if that all sounded quite crazy and just like some weird delusional dream but I wanted to ask….. Are our souls connected to other parts of the universe before we incarnate here and do some of our souls have contracts or agreements with other inorganic beings before coming here? Is it possible and or safe and a wise decision to try and eventually contact one of these beings and others in one of my projections in the future?
    3. So I have read Carlos Castaneda’s book The Art of Dreaming before I came across your work looking for techniques and hopeful inspiration. What I learned in the book on the other hand began to make me feel paranoid and fearful of getting into the art of dreaming because of many of Carlos’s negative encounters with inorganic beings, Carlos losing himself in his dreams and the stories of some of the sorcerers and their apprentices getting lost in another dimension forever terrifies me to my core. I feel as if the book sounded almost like a warning to many readers instead of encouraging but it was a very captivating and fascinating story. I understand that many of your techniques do in fact tackle many of these issues Carlos faced and addresses them as well. I feel as if this concept I have in my head is very negatively framed, stunting my own growth and is stopping me from experiencing many beautiful and enjoyable things that I can experience while projecting. Although I am not too sure about my desire for immortality since I am quite young I want to have some amazing adventures and experiences projecting in my life at least. I want to grow as a person and gain knowledge from these journeys and expand my power. I want to use these things I learn from my projections to create beautiful things on Earth and share them with others as well. Im not expecting to be completely safe all the time traveling in my astral body but is astral projection relatively safe in general? What would you say are some good general guidelines to always follow in order to avoid many of these potentially dangerous pitfalls to make sure you always project safely and are doing things you know you can handle? Sorry if I’m sounding very doubtful here and I feel as if it’s sort of cowardly to ask this question for it is very based on fear I guess what I’m asking is how can I look at this journey being a projectionist in a more encouraging and positive light and frame of mind moving forward?

    I hope you kinda get what I mean with these questions and that they made sense to you. I feel as if I’m not putting my words together too well with these. 😅

    1. Hi Sam I will just answer these in order,
      1. It is possible and it is a very intriguing idea to try to re-absorb past sexual energy loss. My only concern with this would be in the adepts ability in this re-absorption process. What I mean by this is that there are different qualities or different vibrational levels to the kinds of energies that we work with and therefore expend. In the magnum opus book where I discuss these techniques, I am generally focusing on the more traumatic techniques which tend to expel a great deal of what could be referred to as a more gross energy. As such, this type of energy is actually a lot easier to re- absorb as opposed to something like sexual energy which actually has a much finer base as it were.
      It is the case then that I do believe that you could absorb this energy but it would require a great deal of personal ability in these techniques. I think that the only way that you are going to find out if you can or can’t really is by trying it yourself and seeing how you do. You will need to do the techniques as I described in the book mentioned above, and as you do so feel that energy entering back into your system which might take on very much the same kinds of qualities as it did going out, which might make this work quite pleasurable in some way, but here’s the rub, you need to be able to absorb this finer type of energy without releasing any more energy while you’re trying to re-absorb it. You’ll see what I mean by this when you get there, but basically speaking the reliving of these old memories could incite more output that will outweigh input. This is the basic obstacle when it comes to absorbing some of this finer energy and it does require someone who can work with these techniques at of pretty high level. But again there’s only one way to find out and that is for you to do and to become better at, so good luck in this effort.
      2. I am currently working on the third course-book in the magnum opus trilogy and I will be discussing a great deal about the after death experience there. I mention this not because I discuss your question directly in that book but because I do go over some of the underlying hierarchies that are involved in the processes that you are talking about here.
      I won’t going to detail on those things there as they are quite complicated and I would rather you just read the book as opposed to me simplifying things a little too much here. Generally speaking though, yes there are a great deal of different connections between aspects of yourself that make you who are, and different entities that might be found across dimensional fields. The thing is though that moving forward, it is always a difficult thing to try to establish or reestablish such connections because they can greatly interfere with the work that you might have to do here in this dimensional field.
      Such connections can greatly affect psychological stability and I would not recommend such connections be established unless you become quite adept at the work that I mention in my books.
      And this leads me to your third question.
      3. I am not sure if you have the second book in the magnum opus trilogy, which is the way of the projectionist? If you do then you’ll remember that in that book I specify that being that an inner alchemist does not have a teacher like Carlos Castaneda had for example, such a lone practitioner needs to take things in a step-by-step manner instead of being thrown in to the deep end of the pool. If you do have a teacher that can pull you out of the deep and then such deep dives for them is just fine, but for a person that is on their own and does not have such a teacher, then the only way possible is to do things from the beginning, securing your footing in that beginning, and then taking a next step, and continue.
      If you follow the techniques as I mentioned them in that book the way of the projectionist, you will be advancing at a rate where you will not be able to fall into the deep end of the pool without first securing your first step. This will involve all of the techniques for example that I mention as far psychic self defence which you have mentioned that you have practised with great benefit. This will also include the ability to move and manipulate that double aspect of yourself that needs to be able to be quite powerful before it can go deeper.
      Following such techniques in the outlined way, I do feel that a sober and emotionally contained practitioner will not have any issues.
      I hope this helps, and I did find that your descriptions were quite adequate so no worries.

      1. Sam Staropoli

        Thank you for clearing these up for me they helped a lot John. I can definitely see what you mean here and I think my main problem here is a lack of experience as a practitioner. I have flipped through and read different sections of your book The Way of the Projectionist but I haven’t fully engaged myself in some of the techniques because I feel as if I need to master many of the techniques presented in your book The Magnum Opus before I begin that work. Thank you once again I can’t wait for your new book to come out!

  38. Madmartigen

    Comment from Youtube –
    taking your advice John
    Going through your course work of the magnum opus material I have happened along some questions. Givin you and other inner achemist views on the nature of reality. What is the shape of this dense realm? I have had visions of an ever expansive plane in my journeys, In my humble search for one true thing. I know that suspiciously sounds like dogma forming. I feel if I could just be grounded in one true thing it would allow me to stand where I can reach knowledge that is for me. Question. How do you view our planet or realm?. Globe, flat, hollow, concave? Hollow and flat? This seems like something elementary that someone of energetic knowledge to hold. Have you seen the barrier, the firmament ? If I could visualize where I actually am in the cosmos how could it not help in my travels? The truth about who what and where we are is fundamental to me. Is the shape of this realm fundamental to you? Doesn’t the shape of this realm affect other realms? Seems to me that perspective is as important outwardly as inwardly.

    One more question, would you say all those whom don’t build their energetic bodies are walking toward oblivion ??
    Ollin Thank you for all you do.

    1. Thanks you for asking this here!
      Yes the shape of things is important to us, and this is the reason for a personal logos, it is in a sense a place and a ship of sorts that keeps us safe and gives us stability when we need it as we expand outwards, which as I constantly say is also inwards.
      As to the shape of things, this has to be a consensus for it to be established, and as you say it will be dogma if we are not careful…but that is why we must learn to ‘see’ for ourselves.
      The shape is for you to discover therefore, but I can tell you that this earth is not ‘from my seeing’ a perfect globe. The earth in accordance with that seeing is more akin to a raindrop, forever falling; it may seem like a globe perhaps from far away, but this is a gravity trick, and as you get close to the drop there is a point that is hard to define where you enter the drop and in doing so you push through a membrane that opens up a flatness, so in a sense the earth is both flat and spherical, but neither. The human conception of distance is faulty, the eyes cannot see distance very well, there are concepts that have to do with gravity that are hard to understand, and each world, each planet is a new dimension, and the gravity which is the intensity of all of that other world, warps that place and makes it seem spherical because of the ‘surface tension’ as it were as this ‘globe’ falls across the cosmos. We live in a drop of water that is not flat or a perfect sphere. We live in a relatively stable dimensional constant that gives us a perfect home to expand outwardly, and to get to another drop we must break the ‘surface tension’ of that drop and enter open space that is held together by other laws being that it is a kind of dimensional place between one drop and another.
      I would do a video on this…but I can just imagine the crazy backlash 🙂
      And all beings have a chance, but they have a better chance if they can learn to work on their energetic body.

      1. Madmartigen

        Your response was well received. Thank you for taking the time.

        A point of deep terror for me is oblivion. It’s a terror that I haven’t even dared to delve into yet. I suspected that we all have a chance. It’s terrible to know that even with all that work we or an individual may not make it. It completely slaps every savior religion across the mouth. It also makes us the writer of our destiny. Free will is available for those with iron will. It makes sense that it must be “earned” to a certain degree by the laws of the dimension we reside. I can safely say I have not developed such a will. Yet. A will of that determination seems like an impossible goal. A little bit day by day the drip of alchemy.

        Do you meet with others that are about the great work? Do you meet in your energetic form? Your own inner VR room? I have trouble finding those who even entertain most of anything beyond their bubble. Inner alchemist seem to be a solitary bunch so I guess I could fit right in. Is there a need to find others? Or do you simply find others in your DarkSea travels.? I hope I have not taken to much of your time. Just finished and energy pump session. The sensation was like an on and off switch with the breath and pull of my attention. The process was attention and feeling. It was fascinating to feel. I could at one point feel the object I was pulling with intent. This shit is real and it works.

        Be well John all is well.

        1. Yes, I suppose most are solitary, even the ones that might seem to surrounded by others. And you don’t need to find others, you may just find each other in time, most likely Out There. This is a kind of test in a way; any meeting that happens will most likely happen through the dictates of the universe and possibly in locations beyond the normal. There is an elitist trap in this that must be avoided at all cost (self-importance) but it is better to face such a potential trap than to get burnt on some pier to destroyed by some mob.
          I am glad you are progressing and are serious, but never to serious 🙂 Its not that ordinary life is a joke, its just…a crazy challenge, and like the song says:
          ‘…we’re never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy’. A lot of good advice in that song.

          ‘A man decides after seventy years
          That what he goes there for is to unlock the door
          While those around him criticize and sleep
          And through a fractal on a breaking wall
          I see you my friend, and touch your face again
          Miracles will happen as we trip’

  39. Derek Paul

    Hi John,

    After distracting myself for a couple month with study instead of practice, I’m refocusing my efforts and trying to resolve a loose end my mind won’t let go of. I have a conflict with symbols I’m trying to better understand. Most of the material I’ve come across that references Alchemy use the the Tria-Prima symbols of Salt, Mercury and Sulphur the way that you do in Inner Alchemy, but I came across one source that provided some great insights and energetic techniques to consider for developing the energy body and burning off the shadow, so seems to have an Inner focus, but seems to be aligned with a Trinity of Father, Mother, Son and thus has placed Salt(Son) as the balancing/harmonizing/source influence between the other two with Mercury and Sulphur taking on the alignment with the polar forces.

    I have done a lot of correspondence work in my time, it’s my preferred way to study, and a bit of a black hole for my time if I’m honest, so I know you can’t ever expect all ideas to be able to be lined up accurately and meaningfully between all systems, and that each system can still be powerful unto it’s own contained methods even when it can’t fit the model being used. It seems like this is an area where such discrepancies should be resolvable, or point to some mistake though. I’m good with ignoring this difference, but wonder if such a difference might shed a flawed light on the entire material, which appeals to me due to how much it includes the classical elements in it’s portrayal of the formula, and I’ve been working with correspondences of the four directions for 20 years, so was enjoying a bridge helping to integrate some of my previous understanding and approach working directly with the elements into how I approach Inner Alchemy.

    I would appreciate any opinion or insights you might have on the matter.


    1. My personal thoughts, and I do hope that you will forgive my candidness, are that while these do seem to be highly important points, being that this is in essence a formula, and from our point of view as alchemists, the most important formula if we are to truly contemplate personal transmutation and escape, the sometimes multiplicity of symbols used can lead a person astray.
      What I mean by this is that, at least from my position as an inner alchemist, meaning that I am not interested in transmuting something in a physical cauldron let us say, the symbolism, that is the symbols used to represent these polarities, while highly important, are not in the end wholly relevant to the work.
      Within the spectrum of my inner cauldron such representations of polar units, that must be intermingled in a formulaic kind of way, can be quite helpful in that they give my mind structure, but once one moves deeply within such a cauldron, which I refer to as the rooms of the projectionist, the symbolism used starts to become more and more irrelevant.
      The truly important thing as one dives deep, is not the symbolisms used even though these can be helpful in the essence of combination, it is instead the energetic conglomerations that are to be found behind such symbols let us say. In my case in writing the way of the projectionist, where I outline a general premise for such symbols and their energetic positioning, such symbols used to represent such conglomerations of energy are used and placed there thus in order to give a general perspective of how it is that such energy conglomerations truly are a formula to be combined. But it is highly important to go beyond those symbols and attain a connection as a practitioner directly to those conglomerations, to those polar points. Once this connection has been established, calling each positional point one thing or another becomes inconsequential,direct energetic perception therefore is the most important thing in accordance with my practice.
      Symbols for the inner alchemist from my current are representations for inner energetic properties, and it is those properties that are first and foremost of importance, with the symbols only being important in the beginning of the work. Sorry, I am not sure if I am helping to resolve the discrepancies that you have found. But let us just say that from the perspective that I hold within the current of my line, such symbols and models are not ultimately important in the end. What is important is the contact, the direct contact, to those properties that are represented by such symbols, at which point you can discover your own language and create your own symbols for the formula.
      I hope this helps in some way Derek.

      1. Thanks John, I did find your response helpful,

        The energetic perspectives you share resonate with me and lead me towards where I want to go, but I am still scared out of my mind to approach what I’ve already experienced again and ask the real questions I have. I’m aware that I love to get lost in symbols and correspondences, which I know have had a purpose for me as an independent practitioner, instead of doing the real work on my weak spots(things that don’t come naturally an easy) The state of the world currently is making me face pet dogmas and information I blindly accepted from another source, but remain attached to because it’s part of an essential shift away from self-destructiveness that I’ve been battling for 20 years. . After my first read of The Way of the Death Defiers, I faced things I’ve avoided looking at directly and proceeded to read about 40 books in 4 months while not working. The VOID polarity has come naturally to me my whole life, I’ve acquired skill in and practiced the IN Polarity since learning about it from your material, and the up side to all that research is It helped me want to put the focus on the OUT polarity I’ve been avoiding due to a lingering fear of failure and both knowledge and beliefs that has had me unwilling to honour the value of fiat currency. My ability to just function in the world at a practical level of being self-sufficient and secure in daily life has improved, flirting with financial disaster has been my gateway to ultimate escapism, and I’ve accepted the world as it is to some degree I think allowing me to desire success in these areas.

  40. James Marsh

    I have a two quick questiona, then a comment.
    The Void polarity is represented as coming after the inhale and before the exhale. Would there be another Void between the exhale and the inhale ? I’ve seen some pranayama exercises, for example square breathing, that place some emphasis on that phase of the breath.
    Second question – in the past I’ve done a good work in Hermetic systems, and I still tend to use that model in many ways. What is your view of the division of the quintessence, or Spirit, into the elements of fire, water, air and earth , as it relates to Inner Alchemy ? So you see any benefit or using some aspects of the four element model while working with Inner Alchemy ?
    Now my comment. This is really a great system, at least for me. I’m reading the Way of the Death Defier, very slowly as the topics are challenging for me , and I’ve read both book of the previous two books in the series.
    But, I keep finding new ways to apply the technical aspects of this book, the Magnus Opus, and I am also experiencing a lot of new energetic perceptions. These are often subtle, such as an unexpected sense of the energy of a place like a grove of trees, or more practical, like being aware of how my emotions, and sometimes those of others, correspond to perceived energy movements. And I find that I am able to be more present , more aware, and more in control of my inner world , which manifests in more efficacy of my outer world. It’s helping me become, I think, a better husband and father.
    I am far from an expert in the material presented in this book, but even at this beginning stage the practical benefits are obvious.
    Thank you for sharing this knowledge.

    1. Yes, the void exists between the breaths, between the beats, in the gaps in sound.
      Inner alchemy posits first and foremost that it is the inner that creates the outer, this means that all things come from a formless form, that then gives rise through transmutation to all of the material things. Humanity structures the formless through words, trying to delve deeply into that inner essence by mapping using words and symbols.
      If such symbols are beneficial to you, such as the division of quintessence, then use these. But if such symbols become a hindrance, then let them go because in the end they are only illusion.
      You must always strive to contact that inner source directly. Such symbols as the ones that might be created when trying to understand how the formless creates form are only helpful in the beginning. Once you are able to ‘see’ the formless, to directly perceive this indescribable energy as it flows across the cosmos, all such symbols become inconsequential.

  41. Hi John,

    Your explanations of the occult side of the universe are quite unique and have led me to new insights on the workings of my own mind. Thank you.

    I have 2 questions:

    1. Let’s say you’re experiencing a negative emotion for whatever reason while walking around. According to the concepts outlined in the Vampire’s Way & Magnum Opus, you’d then use the ‘pull’ technique to draw that wasted attention into the Inner Cauldron area of the body. But what if you’re experiencing some type of negativity while focusing on a non-physical dimension of Awareness? Do you “pull” the energy into the non-physical vessel you’re using in that other place or do you visualize the energy coming from there into the physical body? There’s a concept in computer programming around name/value pairs, where you can reference a certain object that lives in a fixed location in memory from any place in your code using any number of names you want (like a web link, basically). Based on that, I’ve been considering modeling the Inner Cauldron & Philosopher’s Stone in my mind as being ‘located’ in a unique dimension of Awareness (independent of any body), which I can link to from, for instance, the abdomen area of whatever body I conjure up in whatever dimension (physical or otherwise) I happen to be focused on. So in this case, if I experience negative energy while focusing on some non-physical realm, I could draw it into that unique dimension that holds the Cauldron/Philosopher’s Stone by using “links” or references (possibly even using a sigil or some type of symbol). For example, I could feel/visualize energy flowing into the non-physical vessel and as it moves to the abdomen of that body, I could feel it coming into the Cauldron dimension (again which is independent of any particular body) as if through a doorway or portal. Another way of saying this would be to equate the Cauldron/Stone to a bank account existing in a pocket dimension of Awareness, and each body, physical or otherwise, would then make “energy deposits” into the Cauldron dimension via the “pull” technique. So I guess my question is, how do you model the concept of the Cauldron & Philosopher’s Stone when Awareness is focused away from the physical body? Did the model I outlined above make any sense to you or do you think there’s a better way of addressing this?

    2. In the Way of the Projectionist, you talked about self-cohesion being the ability of the Ghost to remember itself, and to remember the physical body while projecting across the myriad dimensions it has access to. I was reminded of Paul Atreides from Dune being described as “the one who can be in many places at once.” Anyway, my question: What is the advantage of remembering the physical body while projecting elsewhere compared to the standard OBE where you’re lucid and experiencing some type of astral double without necessarily being simultaneously aware of the physical?


    1. I cover some of this in chapter 5 of the book, the way of the projectionist. It is really as you say, a modelling exercise, and the individual basically trying to bring an understanding as to how they will (you will) separate your physical body from that travelling ghost in the machine as I call it in the book mentioned.
      To use such modelling as the kind you mention that is used in computer programming is a legitimate one, and I would say that you should use it if it gives you positive results. In the end, and in essence, it is really about how the mind processes the concept of being both here and there simultaneously, something again which has very little to do with modelling in the end, aside from helping you bridge the gap mentally at the beginning, but everything to do with actual practice.
      So, in the end, you are in essence at that transition point between there and there, the here and there simultaneously as it were. You are in contact and are becoming one who is learning to contact the ghost in the machine. You are beginning to understand energetically the difference between the separation of space and the energetic understanding that all space is here now.
      So, after saying all that, if this modelling helps you to continue with it, but do understand that such separations are in essence an illusion.

      As I see now, your second question is completely related to the first. You are in essence answering your own question by describing your difficulties in absorbing or finding your cauldron while in your ghost form. What is the advantage to the simultaneous understanding of here and there?
      Well, it has everything to do with the ability of the energy body which includes both the physical body and the ghost in the machine (that is they are not separate units as some like to say) to work together. And such your ability to work in a simultaneous fashion with both the physical form and the ghost form has everything to do with energy, with true manipulation, which is not really possible unless such bodies are united, which they have to be because the concept of space as it is understood by modern culture, separating one thing from another, is false at a more general level from an energetic point of view.

  42. Hi John,
    Thank you for your book, it helped me cope with my insecurities.
    I have some questions regarding seeing aura:
    – It’s been 3 months and I still can’t blur images except when squinting. Do I have to squint?And is blurring images important to see aura?
    – Even without blurring images, I still try and I see a transparent cover around my phone and my arm (I practice alone). Is it the white thing everyone mentions? I don’t think there is any difference between the transparent thing of my phone and my arm. Is it normal to stuck at this stage for 2 months?

    1. Yes, that white radiance that people talk about is your ability to engage your night seeing receptor cells in your eyes. Quite simply it means that you are able to see the reflected light coming off of an object, which is only possible if you are doing the technique right; that is engaging your night-vision.
      In time, especially in those low light environments that I mention in the book, this reflection if you are able to maintain a part of your attention focused on it, will start to change in features. This means that it might start to grow, move around perhaps, and in this beginner stage most importantly, change color. Blue and red are often the first colors that you see, this means that you are either engaging ultraviolet or infrared, and this is a very good step forward. But whatever color you get, it will be very subtle at first, so you must stay vigilant on that front.
      Once you are able to see these different colors, you can start to then equate these to different types of information; red might mean anger, that kind of thing. You are definitely on the right road, and you do not need to fuzz out your eyes. The most important part is accessing those night-vision aspects of your eyes as I have described in my books. To do this think more about the focusing on the finger technique, and less on having to make yourself see something fuzzy. In time, this ability will get easier and easier, and you will not have to rely and tricks, your body will just naturally know how to engage your full vision potential.

  43. Alo John,

    Unfortunately, in your writing, you don’t give information about where you got your information / learning. That is important to me, who is in use to always know where a person came to learn about techniques. You say alchemy, but I know that this is not quite correct, because I have not seen anything about certain things you tell in your writing, while others I actually have seen, clearly. That’s what is puzzling about your writing.
    Would you be able to tell us how you learned about what you write?
    I don’t want you consider you like some weird “guru” from wherever you are. So, help me/us out.

    Thank you.


    1. Thank you I appreciate your honest question.
      I must let you know that the one key component to my material is the ability to go beyond dogma and begin to engage in energetic perception yourself directly. What this means is that I show techniques that will allow you to directly perceive energy or directly work with energy yourself as an individual. You can use those techniques, that is you can read them quickly and begin to practice them within your situation quickly, and with some concerted focus of attention, you can and you will get results. While I do mention that there is a need for me to sometimes delve into a little bit of dogma in order to present these working techniques, generally speaking I try to stay away from the idea that I need to present certain supposed facts in a hearsay kind of idea, with only some kind of certificate or reference for my second ‘guru’ status and second-hand information. I want you to experience directly, I do not want you to learn folklore, dogma, or whatever else one could call such information.
      By saying that I am this, and that I learned this from that, what I am really doing is justifying the nature of my dogma, giving it legitimacy in accordance to the rational rules, the rulership, of the very world that I am trying to escape. In essence I am providing scaffolding for your faith, and while faith might be important to some degree, it is my hope that in our progression as a species, we can begin to let go of that need to work in groups, to work in a hierarchical system where I work for a leader and you work for me, and instead begin to learn to become individuals.
      You say that in accordance to what you know of the dogma of inner alchemy, in accordance to what some supposed experts have said, you consider some of my material to be inner alchemy, while other things are not. I say to you that terms are inconsequential in the end, and what really matters is your ability to work with energy directly, to perceive energy directly. I can say that from my current, my lineage if you will, this is the fundamental and the only underlying true principle of ‘inner’ alchemy. I can understand the need to try and verify certain things so that you might feel that you are not wasting time perhaps, and this seems quite intelligent. But I feel that there is a great deal of reading out there for the sake of reading let us say, and my hope is that you are willing to just take a chance on something, perhaps something that is slightly new to, something that has not been regurgitated over and over again through the dogmatic reams of information out there, and you actually try the techniques that I present. In doing so, I hope that perhaps that you will get positive results, and in that way begin to engage your focus of attention in a more precise and sustained way, so that in time, you begin to let go of all dogma, all ruler-ship, and instead follow the path of the individual; your path. This is the path that I follow. This is the path that is of my house. We do not have credentials on ‘walls’, we do not have addresses of schools that we went to. Instead we are expected to learn a certain amount of technique, a certain amount of ability to work with energy, and in doing so we can open up doors into new locations, locations beyond the dogma and the rule of the regular world, beyond the phenomenology of the rational, and there in those odd corners, in those odd places, we come together in ways that do not feel like a class reunion, but instead feel like the co-mingling of energy in a great dark sea.
      Trust yourself, trust your individuality, trust your unrelenting focus and your own ability to know things beyond the dogma of the times, which is always a lie. Pick a certain technique, one that really appeals to you as an individual, one that gives you hope and feels like it is a path with excitement for you. No one else needs to know or judge you for this, this is all about the individual you. And in doing so, practice those techniques that I have outlined, and see for yourself, see if they work and allow you to gain some power. Change what does not work in accordance to your personal needs, augment and focus, then focus some more. In time, become your own judge of my work.
      I hope this helps. The true way of inner alchemy is not about creating more walls, but I am breaking them all down.

  44. Hello John
    it is possible to work on the Magnus Opus with the own partner and escape together from the Archon’s grip, Defeat Death and move together in the other dimensions like Free Travelers?
    It is possible to astral travel and to have out of body experience in other worlds with another living human being or is all inside our own personal mind?

    1. Yes, it is possible to do this, it is difficult, but it is possible. And one of the biggest difficulties might be the fact that your progression across the rooms of the projectionist are not the same as your partners, meaning that we all have our own road in a way and it is difficult sometimes to stay together. But this is possible.
      What I would recommend to you and your partner is to first work as individuals to develop your own astral body or in other words double. To do this I would highly recommend the book, out of body experiences quickly and naturally.
      Once you are satisfied that your double is strong and solid, set a time aside when you and your partner together will try to meet at a certain place. This place can ever be a real place or are remembered place of the imagination. Again, I would refer to this book mentioned to get ideas about where to meet and how to test to see if you both have been there together. That then becomes the final task, see if you can both be there at the same time, and you can both confirm that what one person saw and felt is the same as the other person. Once you can unite like this, once you can dream together, then anything is possible for you both.

  45. This is a question I’ve had for a while: in visualising, I find it harder to create an image right behind my eyelids, sort-of in my eyeballs. I have no real problem creating an image in my mind, and I can feel and see it in the center of my head, but when I bring my attention to my eyeballs and the blackness of my eyelids I can’t put an image there. Do people actually visualize into their eyes or do they visualize in their minds, in the same place imagination happens?

    1. I think that this is an interesting question, and I would have to say there is actually a difference between the two kinds of visualization. You might benefit from this method; when I talk about the way of the projectionist and moving across the rooms or any kind of astral projection you might say, then the focus on visualizing in the mind is fine generally, but when it comes to servitors and servitor creation, then the other kind of visualization focus comes into play.
      To that end, depending on what you are doing you can go about it this way: when you are focusing on things such as deep inner work like projecting or energy work as I have said, then you can continue as you are doing and just focus within your mind. But if you are focusing on creating servitors or working with external forces, then see if you can visualize with your eyes open. What I mean by this is do not try to visualize something in the back of your eyelids, but instead open your eyes and try to visualize something in the space before you. For example, if you are trying to visualize a blue square, then open your eyes and see if you can visualize a blue square in front of you, occupying space in front of you. If you are in a room, then try to visualize the blue square floating before you, perhaps over a table in front of a wall. I hope you get what I mean.

  46. I couldn’t find a QA page for Overcoming The Archon Through Alchemy, so I’ll drop this here, as my inquiry is very related to the transmutation of attention, which I believe is tied to the Magnum Opus.
    Page 222 (In OTATA) has been particularly enlightening for my exploration and development of the OUT polarity. Especially, really relaxing into the desire and the description “[…] in a way that makes it seem like this is what you knew would happen all along.”
    Contemplating this page, and the whole chapter, has really helped me out because I’ve hit a wall for some time now where denser things just didn’t seem to transmute all of a sudden. I had the intuition that with my little growing power, I would handicap myself with too much attention, but couldn’t really get myself to relax, which lead to a curious phenomenon. During my sort of fruitless OUT sessions, I focussed so deeply, that a weird chill, cool feeling started to form around the focus of my attention, which then spread through my body and awareness for some time afterward. I figured too much static attention would cause a stasis, therefore freeze a lot of action, causing a real gradual cooling of the focus point. This could explain the inability to cause a transmutation, in a simplistic way. But I am not entirely sure what this freezing feeling is, if it’s related to the stasis of the VOID polarity, and would greatly appreciate your personal input for further contemplation, if that is possible.
    Thank you very much.

    1. This is a hard question to answer because subjective experiences can be difficult to understand using words alone. But my thoughts are that it may be due to the VOID Polarity and your ability to let go and stop internal dialogue. You must ‘Play with the Soup’ as I mention in chapter 6 of ‘The Way of the Projections’, and allow yourself to relax and open a window for the Secret King to do its thing. If you don’t do this, you will hit a wall being that the ‘Conscious Self’ is not the power house it imagines itself to be, its the Secret King. Therefore Play with the Soup, and allow more VOID in your focus.

      1. Your inputs are always a great “wake up” trigger that clears confusion. Rereading your recommended chapter and the appendix information has realigned my focus from the conscious self to the ghost and improved my understanding of the VOID polarity. I’ve come to realize that investing too much energy into the OUT polarity for “material change” kind of shifts the general awareness towards the conscious self. Balance is key…

  47. Laureen Thorne

    Hello John,

    I have been reading your material and working a little bit on the energy absorption techniques and I also practice some taoist bodywork. When I was doing the body work yesterday I started to get a lot of heat showing up in the place you describe as the caldron, can you tell me if sensations like this are connected to the methods you teach in inner alchemy?

    Thank you!

    1. Its hard to say without too much info., but if you were doing energy absorption then it most likely is the result of those efforts. You must already have a good groundwork of working with and sensing energy, so you must have been able to pick up on your own efforts right away. Good work!
      Just make sure you do something with that energy in time; circulate it or work on the creation of your Philosopher’s Stone.

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