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The best way to understand the energetic body is to think of it as a quantum biomechanical entity. What I mean by this is that the potential of any of its parts has a direct relation to the amount of attention that it receives. Your big toe has as much ability to create energy as does your head or heart. This attention is not located in any specific area, non local, and can be projected anywhere either inside or outside the body.

Chakra is actually a Sanskrit word that means wheel, which implies that there are certain energy vortices within the body. These energy centers are immovable and depending on their location in the body, exude a certain kind of awareness and energy. This energy can be tapped by the skilled practitioner in order to create some remarkable effects.

There is actually little similarity between the various oriental systems as to the location of these energy centers or Chakras. All these Mental Bridges (MB’s) are limiting to a greater or lesser extent in that they ask the user to accept a certain probability as fact and to refute everything that does not fit into its framework. As a result, these systems are incomplete and do not allow for the full potential of the energetic body.

Since all truth comes from sense data then one of the points of this article is; to create new sense data that is not at the whim of external circumstance but is controlled by internal intention. This allows the user to become free of the sometimes blind faith imposed by other systems of energy work or most MBs for that matter.

The concept of energy centers is quite useful though, I therefore wish to familiarize you with it if you are new to the game. I would also like to give some variance for those that are old pros.

Five is a very important number both physiologically and mentally. It represents the five limbs of the body, with five fingers in each hand and five toes in each foot. Intellectually it represents the five things that make up the universe; Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Void. Because of this, I shall designate Five energy centers in the body located vertically following the largest nerve canal which is the spinal column.

These energy centers shall be the head, throat, chest, stomach and reproductive region or feet as you prefer. If you wish to be more precise you can designate these centers as being the pineal gland(third eye), vocal cords, solar plexus, stomach[(!) see below](the individual organ) and the genitals.

I suggest that you do not give each of these centers a particular function. For example do not make the stomach the water center, blue and only responsible for good bladder control or the like. It is better that you start to see the energy that you are creating as a neutral entity that can be given function and purpose as you see fit. Think of it as a far more refined and powerful version of electricity and never forget that electricity can light your life or kill you.

As I mentioned earlier the more attention you give a certain area of your energetic body, the more potential that this area gains. Moreover this increase in ability is cumulative. By following a meditative regime where you train yourself in a given technique, you are then in essence working out. Working out a muscle that has too long been unused.

If you were to practice a certain physical movement over and over, you would not only develop a better musculature more suited for the task performed, you would also see an increase in the nerve tissue related to this task and an increase in the nerve speed. Similarly if you practice a mental task with the same intensity, you will see an increase in energetic power available as well as an increase in the nervous (nerve) energy and speed.

Therefore taking into account everything that I have outlined:

  • Begin by relaxing your body. Close your eyes and perform the Baby Breathing as outline in the How to Relax article until you have a relaxed glowing feeling throughout your entire body.
  • Imagine a warm tingling feeling in your third eye. The third eye is located between your two physical eyes, just above your brow ridge. If you were to drill a hole here, you would eventually hit your pineal gland.
  • This warm tingling feeling grows in intensity until you can barely stand the pleasure of it. At this time you begin to notice that this great feeling turns into a little vibration, a little vibration that grows in intensity until it has your entire head vibrating.
  • This vibration increases in power until it begins to produce a sound. The sound, like an electrical motor hums and grows like a great engine revving into higher and higher frequencies.
  • The noise increases until it obliterates all other sound. This vibration creates heat which can be felt exuding from your third eye. And as the noise grows ever more intense then so does the heat grow until the entire world seems to be boiling.
  • At the center of this universe, which is your third eye, there is a spark. This spark begins a fire. This fire begets a sun. And as the noise grows and the heat grows, this sun which is your third eye glows brilliantly white. a white so intense and powerful that all your thoughts are washed away and all that remains is this brilliant white sun.
  • With this sun there is joy. And as this sun burns brighter and brighter so does this joy increase. Let this sun which is your third eye burn brightly for five or ten minutes.
  • Unless you set some kind of timer and if you have done this exercise properly, I doubt that you will be able to keep time with any accuracy. Don’t worry since seconds in the intensity of this sun could seem like hours. keep going until you feel like stopping, worrying not about the time. Then when you feel like stopping, open your eyes stretch and move on to some other task.

This form of exercise may have some very intense effects upon your body. By concentrating on your pineal gland for example, you are flooding your brain with large amounts of blood. This alone can create some rather spectacular changes in your perception ranging anywhere from weird buzzing in the ears to seeing colored lights in front of your eyes and even reliving old forgotten memories. Then you add to this equation the increase in life force and the changes in your being can be earthshaking.

I mention the increase of blood in the area first because even medical science is willing to agree that this is possible and that these reactions then can be possible. But that is only the beginning of this exercise. Medical science is not yet ready to accept the existence of the ethereal energy of which I speak. Energy that has been accepted as fact by past western civilizations and modern eastern ones.

This energy goes by various names such as: prana, chi, ki, Vril, orgone, odic, mana and many others. It is basically bioenergetic; it can be produced by the body or gathered from the environment. This energy promotes health and will increase the potential of any place or thing where it resides. The more that you have the more that you can do but this energy must be channeled and balanced or else you can do damage.

Once this bioenergetic power begins to accumulate in you third eye, the effects to your being can become even more pronounced. You will begin to feel better and happier. Your mental capabilities will increase. Your memory will improve and your senses will seem more acute. Your focus will dramatically improve which is excellent since the more focus that you have, the better that you will become at the mental tasks promoted by this Site. If you develop this laser focus of which I speak and are able to concentrate on a thing to the exclusion of all other things then there is very little mentally or physically that you will not be able to do.

Imagine then as you start to perform this set of exercises on a regular basis, not only for the pineal gland but also for all of the five areas mentioned. As I have said, I do not believe in giving these energy centers any particular property but you will be generating large amounts of bioenergy in different areas of your body and as a result will be greatly stimulating the organs found in these areas. It is a wise idea to start a journal and begin a record of your feelings and experiences following the commencement of these exercises.

You can also use the Hara for the location of the stomach energy center. Take as accurate a measure of your body length as possible and divide this by half. Now measure the width of your body from shoulder to shoulder and divide that by half. X marks the spot to the location of your body’s center. This center is usually a little below the navel but there is variance depending on body structure. This is the Japanese Hara or Chinese Tan Tien and it is very important in the martial arts since it is where all movement originates.


  1. Is the third eye the same thing as the void polarity that you talk about in your books? If so, would accumulating energy there strengthen our ability to see energy directly?

    1. Good question.
      The void polarity can be said to be more than the third eye in that it also includes the crown chakra. But you are correct, if you do learn to work with energy and learn to transmit energy into that area, you will have the ability to manipulate your conscious awareness. This will allow you to sense energy better, but at its root, the void polarity, is responsible for loosening conscious awareness let us say, and in that sense will allow you to attain void, which in itself will allow you to manipulate your awareness and with enough skill move far beyond the possibilities of the conscious self alone.
      But before you begin to flood energy into that area, I would highly recommend that you first learn how to move energy around your major energy Meridian, as I described in the book, The Magnum Opus. This is advisable because you don’t want to flood that energy center without the ability to move that energy if you have any issues. You should strive to be able to move energy down and around your major energy Meridian, as described in the book mentioned, so the flow is natural and easy. Once that is possible for you, then you can think about accumulating energy in any one particular polarity.

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