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Many of us already know quite clearly that this current world is a trap, at least it is for all those that are bound to the current ideas of what is and is not possible for a human being.

In the course book, The Way of the Projectionist, this three dimensional cage without walls is clearly described and you are given a methodological outline for escaping the intense gravity of this world, through the power to be gained after you wake up to the energetic fact that you are a ghost in a machine, that has the possibility of travelling across the infinite cosmos.


The way of the projectionist though is a complex science, one that takes time, dedication, and a great deal of specific knowledge. As you engage in this projectionist process yourself, you may have a number of unanswered questions, or there may be intricacies that you will need some clarification on. It is my hope that this ‘Questions and Answers’ page will be able to answer some of those questions and the scope of some of those intricacies.

Please feel free to post your questions here and I will do my best to answer these as soon as possible.

Please note that I reserve the right to not answer any questions that I feel are not pertinent or that violate common standards for a public page. Also, as this is a public page do not post any information that you do not want made public. While I do try to answer questions as quickly as I am able, other commitments can get in the way so thank you for your patience.The information contained on this Website is solely for educational and entertainment purposes on the given subjects. It should not be considered medical advice nor financial advice and should NOT be used as a substitute for medical advice or financial advice by trained professionals. The author makes no warranty or assumes any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information given. Moreover, the author accepts no responsibility for the decisions made by the reader. Before you engage in any of the practices mentioned on this site or in my books, please contact a qualified medical professional, especially if you are at risk of aneurysms, or if you have issues with your heart. Thank You.


  1. Hi John, first i want to tell you that i have almost finished reading your latest book, the way of the projectionist and it is an outstanding book, I have never found all that wisdom within one book and explained in such a clear and experiential way, it is evident that you have lived what you are speaking about and these are energetic truths, as you continue saying in the book, that everyone can experience themselves if they apply what you teach. So I wanted to thank you greatly for all the wisdom you are teaching and sharing. Moreover I wanted to ask to you when will the last book of the trilogy be available because I am very eager to have the whole picture clearly explained and laid out as only you are able to do up to date. Thanks again

    1. Thank you for your kind words Mich.
      I’m not certain when I will be able to finish the third book in this trilogy. While I do enjoy writing very much, it is very difficult for me at times, especially when I’m trying to write about things that are just so far out there and that are for that reason so difficult to find words for.
      I will do my best to try and get this information out so that everyone may benefit, but being that this second book in the trilogy took me over a year to write, it could be quite a while before I’m able to finish the third book in the trilogy, especially since this third book will deal with what will most likely be even more complex material, in that it will go into great depths in describing the after death experience, the source of all human creation, and how to truly break free from the life death cycle forever once and for all.
      I do feel though that the material that I cover in this second book in the trilogy is most important, perhaps the most important information I have ever shared, because it is those very powerful techniques that I describe within it that have allowed me to be able to see and perceive all of the things that I write about. I would urge you then to work on these techniques yourself so that you can join me in these travels and we can explore the breathtaking length and breadth of this dark sea, and discover these truths of reality together in a direct manner.
      Thanks you for getting my book and for your very kind words, and again I promise you that I will do my best to try and finish the third book in the trilogy as soon as I am able.

      1. So far I still can’t do astral projection and even the first room is too difficult. Still, please do release the next book. When I’m reading the material it feels clear to me. I just can’t do it.

        1. Hi Tom,
          I am currently working on my next book which will be the third and final book in the trilogy that I started with a magnum opus. I am solely focused on this at the moment and I am going to do my best to try and get this done before the end of October.
          I am glad that you are trying to do the techniques that I discuss. I know that they can be difficult to get the hang of at first but once you get going I think that you will make great progress quickly.
          Remember that it is all about focus but if you get too serious and try too hard, you will not allow this focus to take off naturally. The trick to all of this is to take all of these exercises as games, the kinds of games that a child might play; a game of pretend. In that way things are not so serious and you might find that you can do things in this mood that you could not do otherwise.

  2. In many of your writings you speak of the dark sea and that is brought up many times in this book. Are you able to elaborate on this as I always find it interesting but want to know what this is based on and how it looks acts and feels and what bounds it (I assume it knows no bounds).

    1. Imagine that you are a fish swimming within an ocean. Due to the fact that you are a fish, you may not even realize that your home is a dark and infinite ocean, a dark sea. Due to your general physiology, you live within a certain patch or band of the dark sea that is your home.
      If you go to high your physiology will not allow you to withstand the lighter pressure and your eyes may not be able to withstand the brighter light. Conversely, if you dive deeper than your physiology will allow, then you will not be able to breathe and you may not be able to see in those deep dark waters.

      Due to the general structure of your being, you are bound to only a certain region of a large ocean. From your point of view as a fish within this ocean, the world is only so large and as far as you can tell the only kind of life forms that exist are the ones that either exist alongside you in this particular band of the ocean, or odd life that sometimes makes its way across your tiny section of the dark sea.
      It is even the case, that your fish eyes can only see certain things, they are after all designed to only be able to exist and thrive in the most symbiotic way possible, only in that certain height within the dark sea. But the reality is that across this entire sea there is a great variety of life forms and most of these life forms, even though they exist alongside you even in your patch of this ocean, you are not able to see or sense in any way.

      Now let’s say, that you are able to learn to move beyond your little band of the ocean, that somehow you are able to learn techniques that allow you to travel far beyond your particular home within this infinity, and due to this skill you begin to travel and see the many wonders to be found within the ocean.
      Through these travels, thanks to the techniques that you have been able to develop, you begin to see that the place that is your home, is very small. That there is an infinity any which way you look, and that you can go forever in any one direction without ever discovering and end to this ocean. Indeed, unlike a regular ocean, this ocean that is your home has no bottom, the depths go on forever. And there is also no surface to this ocean, you could always go higher and higher but you will never find an end to the infinity all around you.
      The techniques that you have developed, have allowed you to see that you are indeed inside an ocean, that there is therefore a medium that you exist within, that this medium propels you, and that it gives you life; without it you would not be able to live so well and so free as a fish or as any other kind of life form for that matter.

      Thanks to your travels you also find that this ocean in which you live is actually quite dark, that is there are certain patches where light congregates, and within these patches or clusters if you like, there is a great deal of life and activity. But, of the totality that you have been able to witness thus far in your travels, most of the ocean seems to be quite dark, indeed there are certain parts within it that are so dark that they seem to be black pools of nothing.
      Having become a traveler of this mostly dark ocean, this dark sea, you are at times overwhelmed by the sheer size and the darkness that you have witnessed. The variety of life and the infinity that you feel sometimes weighs upon you, just like the pressures of an infinite ocean can weigh upon a small fish swimming within the dark pools of an infinite sea.

      This is the dark sea, the great dark sea. There is no boundary to it. It is an infinity that stretches all around us every moment of every day. We are beings, like the fish, that are designed to live within certain band of this infinity. From our point of view it seems that life and reality is only so, but for those that are able to learn ways to travel beyond the band that is their natural home, they soon discover that they indeed live in an infinite cosmos. A vastness so large and so overwhelming, so full of more things than could possibly be imagined, so dark and so fierce, so large and so full of Titanic life far beyond anything that could be imagined or measured, that in the end words fail, rationality or any type of generally used mental syntax, hits a wall that it cannot pass.

      The traveler then is faced with only one possibility in trying to describe that darkness to others of its kind, always knowing that they will fail in the end. The best that it can do is to use a metaphor and refer to the great infinity of all that is, as something akin to an incredibly dark sea.

  3. Hello once again my dear friend,

    I’ve finished chapters 1 and 7, and the entire glossary/appendix of the way of the projectionist, and wow. I’ve had the nagging sense of the ghost of the machine for a long while now but have never been able to articulate it. I was previously just referring to it as my aware intelligence, but the way you drew distinction between the conscious, unconscious, and ghost are spot on and greatly helped my understanding. I’m curious if you could expand on the unconscious a little bit for me. I’m sure you’re aware of the distinction between the conscious/objective/deductive brain and the subconscious/subjective/inductive brain. That the subconscious brain expresses in the individual the dominant impression. Furthermore, my understanding of the universe at large, is that it is a subjective mind which expresses the dominant intention impressed upon it. My first instinct when I read your writings on the unconscious, was that you were referring to the subconscious of the individual, as the subconscious mind seemingly boasts the power which you speak of us humans having before the imposition/hindrance of a conscious individuality. As without consciousness we would have none of the self imposed limitations keeping us from creating whatever we desired within the universal subjective mind, even to the point of transitioning between dimensions. But if I remember correctly, you speak of our unconscious as being projected into us at birth from the Oversoul. My memory may be deceiving me in that portion. I understand I may be jumping the gun and may need to wait for your next body of work to truly understand, if that’s the case feel free to say so. My main question is, is the unconscious you speak of synonymous with the subconscious? If not, what distinctions would you draw between these?

    Another question I was hoping to seek clarification on involves the Archon and Memetics. You may or may not be familiar with the book Reality Transurfing steps I-V. It is the most comprehensive guide to manifestation I have ever seen in book format, although the author was missing a major few key points which your work supplements impeccably. In the second chapter he begins by discussing what he refers to as Energy Pendulums. I was familiar with his work before yours and when I read Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy I was struck at the near congruence between his take on Energy Pendulums and yours on Memetics. He goes into immense detail and I’ll save you most of them but here’s a few key points from his interpretation.

    Does the Archon (and potentially other non-organic life in the vicinity) get a ‘piece of the pie’ every time we give up energy to these pendulums? In the book he went in to the many ways which these pendulums ‘pull our strings’ and get us to give them energy. Are energy pendulums the sole force through which the Archon controls humanity and carries out its intention?

    Thanks a ton John, I’m about to dive back in to the rest of that book

    1. In addition, the Vadim Zealand, the author of Reality Transurfing, says that the energy of a stilled pendulum becomes available to you. I can see this as being true as in when I disengage from a pendulum. I’m curious if the various IN polarity techniques can be used to turn the script and feed on these energy pendulums? Would you tune yourself to the frequency of a pendulum but instead of becoming emotional, just ‘consume’ energy?

      1. I think that your questions about the subconscious and conscious are very good ones but they exemplify the biggest issues that I have with language and trying to describe these inner and energetic techniques using it.
        When we say something like subconscious for example, we tend to quite naturally create an object in our minds, that is we partition off a certain internal knowing or feeling and we imbue that conglomeration of ideas not only with the characteristics that we feel or perceive, but also with the characteristics that we believe should be present. This is not all negative of course, it is quite simply the act of individuality and as you know this is most precious.
        But in this respect for example, to separate something as subconscious and something else as unconscious can have consequences that are not always positive. When I was writing the book I spent a great deal of time contemplating the terms that I would use to explain different aspects of the total self. I went with unconscious, because of its relation to what we believe to be awake and individual and what we define as asleep and not aware of the separate self that is divided from all the things around it.
        Whether you define it as, that is whether you term it, the subconscious or the unconscious, in the end it doesn’t matter so much. What really matters is that it gives you a way to find a relatively decent map that can allow you to move into yourself and see the partitions of your total self for yourself. As you will discover when you go into yourself using the techniques described in the book, the separations between the individual ghost and the unconscious (or the subconscious if you like) are not crystal clear, there is no boundary line to speak of, and for all intents and purposes one could say that there are no real separations between all aspects of the complete individuality. Now this sounds like a contradiction, and that is the way of alchemy fundamentally, and the challenge of the adept is to find a fine balance between the boundaries created by the individual, and the greater expanse that is the total self and then the complete individuality.
        Terms don’t matter in other words, they are just a map that I hope will help you in your journeys, in your projections, but ultimately you will have to discover your own boundary lines, and the boundary lines imposed upon you, the many cubes, of the world at large.

        In the past I have been made aware of the work of Vadim Zeland by another com mentor. I must say that I don’t really know very much about it, and I really do appreciate your description of it for me in your comment.
        Being that I don’t know fundamentally what he is talking about, in the sense that I use my terms and my perceptions in order to speak about what I see directly, I can’t say for sure that he is talking about the same thing in all respects.
        From my perspective only then, as I understand a little of what he is speaking about only, I can say that while the idea of pendulums seems to me to be a very good and very descriptive way of adding a kind of mechanic law to the predatory nature of reality, there are certain things that differ from my perspective and my direct perceptions.
        As such, I would not say that energy pendulums are the sole force through which the Archon controls us, in the same way that I could not say that memmetics is the sole way in which the Archon controls. Remember that in trying to describe the way of the Archon as it were, through the use of memmetics, I was trying to use rational terms to describe something that is utterly irrational in the sense that it is something that is far beyond the minuscule logic of rationality and the great limit of its accepted sensual possibilities.
        On that note then, the force that is the Archon, and it’s great power as it feeds on humanity, are essentially energetic. That means that they occupy and act through a medium of action that cannot be described using rational terms. In my opinion only then, using such simple terms as memmetics or pendulums is not ultimately enough. And it is further my belief that the only way that you will really discover how it is that the Archon influences and feeds off of humanity, is through the development of your own skills.

        These are very good questions Riley and I do hope that you enjoy the rest of the book and that it answers the questions that you were asking here in better detail.

  4. Hello John!

    I’m finding some intriguing parallels between The Magnum Opus and The Way of The Projectionist. Of course they are parallels. But I’ve thought of a particularly powerful combination and I was wondering if you may shed some insight to confirm/deny my intuitions. I’m finding the 2nd level of energetic containment (melatonin to clear thoughts) particularly useful for traversing the first room. As such I am close to the second, but I don’t want to rush it. I’m currently doing re-absorption sessions between 2-3 times a week. I’m wondering if when one becomes an adept projectionist, say, we have passed the third room but not quite entered the fourth, would it be possible to turn my re-absorption sessions into projectionist sessions? Of course any mental movement is of course a projection. So I am already projecting to re-absorb in a sense. But I find the possibility of 2 things most intriguing. Time dilation and remembering. See, my memory is not perfect (I’m not sure if anyone’s is). When I become an adept projectionist, would it be plausible / effective to project back to my moment of birth, and begin absorbing energy loss from that point, letting the memory play out, until I reached the present moment? This is where time dilation seems particularly useful. I don’t expect to get it all in one session by any means. But say I was able to do a month per projection, would that work? Seems like it would be exponentially more effective than a typical re-absorption session. Can I hear your thoughts on this? Thank you! I appreciate you!

    1. And if I’m correct, would it be necessary to take the first person perspective or could I simply observe and absorb from that perspective?

      1. I am very glad to know you are progressing quickly Robert and as you mentioned, the ability to use the VOID aspect of the formula in all levels of the projectionists journey is essential.
        I think that you have quite naturally come upon a point where the techniques discussed in the Magnum Opus coincide/unite with the Way of the Protectionist. As you note also, being that one in the end involves the other, the ability to project can greatly enhance your ability to reabsorb past energetic loss.
        But, as you do become a more adept projectionist many of the questions that you now have will be answered through your own experience.
        For example, while it is indeed possible to use your projectionist techniques to go very far back in your life, these projections will also allow you to perceive what could be referred to as alternate life events, that while non-existent in accordance to your memory of past events, nevertheless can play a significant role in your present situation. These alternate events can also lead to what could be referred to as simultaneous reincarnational events, and this is all a very complex subject that I promised to go into in more detail in the final book in this trilogy. But from the point of view of an adept, as they progress through the rooms of the projectionist and as they involve themselves in the reabsorption of the wounds in their energetic totality, these alternate realities become known to them.
        Let me give you an example, let’s say that as you use your projectionist techniques to travel back to very early time in your past, you begin to reabsorb and begin to follow the track of your life into what you refer to as the present moment. But as you do so, you discover for example that you seem to go into a dream like alternate place, because instead of becoming the person that you are now, you instead follow a track of events that lead you to experience a life or a set of events that are completely different from ‘reality’. Now, you might believe that your projections while valid in some sense, are not valid when it comes to reabsorption, because even though you were consciously transported to what could be referred to another dimensional reality, this reality has nothing to do with what you consider to be factual history and therefore any absorption that you did there, you would imagine, must not count?
        Well, the thing is that these alternate places often times do count because they do indeed represent events that do hold parts of ourselves, parts of our energy, and as such, as a projectionist grows in power they greatly expand their concepts of who they are, how big they really are on the inside. And because of this, they greatly expand as well the kinds of energy available to them, in the amount of energy they can tap into and reabsorb…which then greatly increases their power even more. Etc.
        I hope you can understand what I’m trying to tell you here, there’s great nuance but this nuance is not something that is beyond you. It just requires that you grow in your projectionist abilities, which will quite naturally expand your intellect and your ability to see beyond the borders of who you thought you had been up till now.
        Continue as you have been, you are making great progress. As to whether to change your sessions from a projectionist session to a reabsorption one, follow your natural instincts and intuitions that tell you to unite them. But do note that in order to do so you will need to increase your ability as a projectionist, which will naturally coincide with your ability to absorb and contain energy. A seeming Catch-22, I know, but the idea that anything is linear, or that the extent of your life is whatever followed some trajectory course from a beginning to an end, is the real illusion in all of life.
        Again in 1st or 3rd person, I would advise you follow your feelings. Generally 3rd person is better when something is too emotionally difficult, but 1st has the potential to allow you to feel more (all the forgotten nuances) and therefore reabsorb more.

        1. Wow, I must thank you John. That answer both satisfied my question and instilled in me an even greater desire to progress. This work truly is incredible. Truly incredible.

  5. Hi John,

    I’m really enjoying the Way of the Projectionist so far, though I’m just at the beginning of studying it. While the energetic containment and absorption/re-absorption side of things is something I’m accomplished in via previous training and a natural talent with it, in this material I find I’m struggling. For context in case it helps, my path has involved an exploration of Vinyasa Yoga, and related philosophy, Chinese Internal martial arts with Baguazhang as my main focus, and a body of teachings known as the Toltec Legacy. In case it’s relevant, my path also involved psychedelic experimentation while a teenager/young adult (over 20 years ago was the last time) and self medication with cannabis which kept me from self destruction at a young age, but I only freed myself of the resulting psychological and emotional dependency this calendar year. I’m 47 for context.

    The struggle that I have is I experience my inner world in an almost completely non-visual way while awake. Everything is very kinaesthetic for me and non-language based conceptual if that makes any sense. I can maintain a focused attention on proprioceptive awareness quite easily for long periods when doing Standing mediation work so know I have ability to focus my attention. Dreaming while asleep over the last 10 years almost never happened, but recently with the waking up of energy around the heart area I’ve been experiencing while working with the energy awareness that I shared in the Magnum Opus QA, I’ve been dreaming almost nightly, but the dreams are a mix of regular dreams that have focused story lines and images, and semi-lucid states where my waking awareness with memories intact interacts with characters in the dream and processes things about the dream. These dreams have imagery in them, but the visual impact is never vibrant or detailed, and feels like a description sometimes in non-verbal language more than actual imagery.

    I was told by a previous guide in the Toltec system i studied, which is not associated with Mexican lineages or Carlos Castenada’s material at all, that I have an underdeveloped visual imagination. This same teacher, and another who combines Toltec premises with advanced Daoist Alchemy techniques both teach fear and caution about accessing the second attention due to risks of energetic possession or having ones energy waylaid, which sounds different to me than just losing energy to a feeding inorganic predator. I believe I harbour fear from this information, and my younger sister had encounters like this due to psychedelic use and exists in a broken state that may support this idea in reality or just in my mind. I never experienced anything like that myself back in my days of experimenting. When working with your techniques so far from other books, which is all preliminary as I only found you recently, I found barriers to ideas such as defending oneself using the IN polarity because I doubt whether I would be aware enough of a harmful presence to apply the techniques.

    The main barrier I have is the inability to create visual impact with my eyes closed. A blue square has proven beyond my ability so far, even if looking at one before closing my eyes. From the Toltec Legacy material, an approach to the Second World is given, which i am describing for context, by learning to induce complete relaxation while awake by programming a sub-conscious response to the state after achieving it through physical relaxation. I have this conditioned reflex built and when attempting the exercises after invoking it, the next step is to visualize a yellow rose which is a symbol of great importance in that lineage. A following step is to then find what’s called your dreaming colour, but one should wait until the rose is formed first as this takes attention far into the Left side(2nd world) and helps generate the energy needed to succeed at finding the colour. The colour idea is similar to esoteric ideas to do with the 7 rays with a goal of knowing better what your higher self functions like based on such differences. When I attempted this recently after trouble with even a blue square, I can’t form a rose image at all, sustained relaxed effort always turns into describing it rather than seeing it, but a yellow blob would appear with the right balance of effort and relaxation, but it would then disappear and be replaced by the beginning of the colour phenomenon(just a solid colour of particular shade, no detail). For context, I can stop the internal dialogue through will alone, so don’t suffer from mental interference when trying to visualize, the effort to visualize just becomes descriptive at a certain point. This happened with Blue Square efforts as well. I’ll share one last thing about me, which is that I experience myself being able to know things I can’t possibly know, when I speak out loud in the state cause by having the Internal Dialogue turned off. I’ve spent 18 years verifying that I’m not imagining things as this has happened to some degree my whole life, and I have powerful impacts on people when doing this in as pure a state as I can imagine, which I recognize currently as being VOID state related after studying your other material. Stopping the Internal Dialogue from the way I learned it is used to avoid repeating habitual behaviours that stem from dysfunctional emotional patterns and overuse of rationalization related to re-absorption work, and not the suppression of mind in general. The relevance to my inquiry is that I’ve been lead to understand that speaking in such ways involves accessing the 2nd world in a different way so it feels relevant.

    If you can offer any guidance, I’d appreciate it.


    1. Thank you very much for sharing this detailed information Derek, I think it vividly shows the many paths available to all of us seeking enlightenment and movement beyond the cube. In my book, I have always made great effort to work with energy in as a direct manner as possible and to always provide in that sense, alternatives or perhaps it would be better to say, the fundamental principles behind a great deal of the work that is being done when it comes to internal action.

      From my perspective only then, please note that this is my opinion only and should be taken as such, I can see by your past experience why you may have done very well in the systems that you have studied, and why it might be the case that you or others might think that your visual visualization/imagination is underdeveloped. My opinion is that indeed you should try to round your abilities as much as possible if you can and if you want to. But, I think that the reliance on trying to visually work with energy is not in all circumstances a correct one. For example, when I ask you to imagine the blue square, I also mentioned that reliance on visual visualization is not necessary in accordance to the techniques I discuss unless you personally believe it to be so.
      Taking the blue square as an example, instead of trying to visualize the image of a blue square you can instead for example try to ‘feel a square’. As you move internally, there is no need to see anything if you are having trouble in this area, instead what you can do is project your attention forward and try to feel a square; imagine that you are extending a part of yourself and you are touching a sculpture that is shaped like a square. In time this will become easy for you, and I would suspect that this will be very easy for you because of the great experience that you have. You can then move on to trying to see/feel a cube. Now, when you feel that you are very good at this and you can easily feel this internal sculpture, I want you to contemplate what blue, the color, would feel like. Is it possible for the color blue to have a feeling?
      Answer that question when you can. I know my answer, I know my abilities from experience. Have you heard of synesthesia? Explore all of these ideas and most importantly explore what you feel the color blue would feel like. Once you have internalized these answers and come to a personal conclusion, try to feel blue; try to feel a blue square.
      I cannot speak about what other schools of thought might think about any one thing. As I stated over and over in my books, my personal belief is that everything in the end is dogma and the only way to find the real truth for yourself is to experience in a direct energetic manner. As such then, my personal experience has shown me that if you follow a systematic approach like the ones that I show in my latest book, the Way of the Projectionist, this orderly approach will not allow you to lose energy or to become dependent in anyway because you are slowly building the tools you need in order to manipulate internally. Any loss or waywardness becomes essentially a personal eccentricity or choice because there is no other way to proceed in accordance to how I have outlined these techniques than to take personal responsibility for all of the actions that you make in your internal work. Finally, I would say that while stopping internal dialogue is certainly a very large facet of the VOID polarity, there is actually far more to it than this and my personal opinion again, is that it is better to work with this polarity directly than to just approach it as one single technique or action.
      I hope that this helps. Remember; sight (the act of seeing or imagining that you are seeing internally) is an illusion; you cannot have eyes while you are inside. To say that you feel the square, the color blue, or a room is as valid as saying that you see one. The only limits to what you can do internally are the ones that you impose on yourself.

      1. Thank you John, this is really helpful and resonates already. I met a very powerful woman in the last couple of days who is also big on functioning beyond dogma so I’m getting this from a couple of directions. The Toltec body of knowledge I studied did at one point 17 years ago function as a lifeline to my sanity and my identity so I think I have baggage related to this to dismantle. In talking to this woman about the material I’m recognizing the author was up on a pedestal and had a place of infallibility in my mind, and I didn’t even question it when I was told that some part of me was impaired until recently. None of the genuine help I got from him is affected by this truth, though I recognize some fear of that behind all this for me. I’m really impressed with The Way of the Projectionist so far, your books for me are the best I’ve seen on the subject.

        Thanks again.


  6. Hello once again John

    I recently finished reading Castanenda’s Tales of Power. It’s the only book of his I’ve read but I must say I’ll be going back for more. I noticed that at one point Don Juan advised him that “Power Plants,” cause untold damage to the body. He also mentions the same thing about the devils weed, which I assume may be a reference to m######? Now, I must say that I’m not a frequent user of any substance, and of course I only partake in locations where they are legal. I would just love to hear your knowledge on this. Because while every month or two I might smoke a joint, and maybe 1-3 times a year I might consume some power plants (I’ve been looking forward to an Ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica barring this quarantine), I don’t want to jeopardize my ability to complete the great work by any means. These are things I enjoy and I find they bring value to my life but my priorities are first and foremost on this “work.” Thank you!

    1. My feelings on this I think are similar to what you may have read already from the book. I feel that such substances are very good for opening the barrier, that is allowing one to see beyond the walls that imprison us, but after the realization that such walls do truly exist and that indeed there is another place(s) beyond it, there is a great need to leave such things (such aids) behind because they can indeed create energetic alterations in the body that are not always beneficial.
      Once the walls become a reality, then all real work can begin in vigor but such work should be done in a substance free manner. Again, this is my opinion and I do not mean to demean anyone who has a tradition that follows a different path from mine.

  7. Dear John,

    Thank you very much for releasing the book.

    I have a few questions that have been haunting me for a really long time.

    1. What happens after we die ?
    2. How is it that some people have memories of their previous lives ? This indicates that there is a reincarnation cycle going on like you have told in your book and our main goal of the human life should be to get rid of it.
    3. Does the term ‘humanity’ refer to just one being that has been split up into billions by the archon ?
    4. Finally, where does this fallen angel stuff fit in all of this ? From my personal experience, if I ask certain spirits for help, they give me exactly what I ask them for. What is in it for them ? The books that explain about the methods to contact other spirits say that it is their duty to give us what we ask them, but I don’t quite buy it.

    I understand I asked a few questions away from the topic, and it is ok if you don’t want to answer them. But I am just curious about this stuff.

    By the way I have read the book and I am on the 7th chapter doing the first room exercise(closing the eyes and noting in the journal). It’s just awesome. 🙂

    Thank you

    1. I am happy that you were able to find this page Vignesh:)

      These are very good questions and I will let you know that I do plan to address much of this if not all of it in the last book of this trilogy. For that reason these answers may not seem completely satisfactory but please to realize that I have a good reason for this being that in order to answer them properly, I will need to write down a great deal of fundamental information that is only possible in large course book format. For now though, I will try to do my best to answer these. My only problem in answering them is that there’s so much to say on the subject, so much preliminary work and information, that I will need to keep it simple for now.

      1. The third book in the trilogy will deal with this topic in very specific and descriptive detail. For now, what I can say is that the three personalities (the conscious self, the unconscious, the ghost in the machine) go through different experiences during this after physical death time, and this is critical in understanding the complete life and death cycle and the process of immortality.

      2. As to what happens with reincarnation, well, it all has to do with how these three different selves ‘get processed’ as it were, when physical death happens. And it also involves a greater entity that I lightly touch upon in this last book in the series, which I do refer to as a greater entity or oversoul for a lack of better term at this time.
      This reincarnational process is actually such a complex topic, having to do with the idea of sequential time (which as I have mentioned on many occasions is an illusion) that it is most difficult, without a great deal of back information, to describe what this process is all about.
      Yes, reincarnation is indeed a reality, as are probable dimensions for example, but the idea of one life lived before another, that individuality is maintained in the way many people think it is, or the idea of karmic consequence, is something that is not properly understood by many, I feel, at the moment. And again, I do plan to go into this; time, individuality, and karmic understanding in far greater detail in that last book.

      3. The answer to this third question is hard to answer in a yes or no manner again because the real truth to this is in the fine detail. The answer to this could be said to be yes and no, let me try to explain: since the Archon is the one that provided us with our current idea of individuality, then who we were before the Archon came along was indeed something that did resemble more of a holistic cloud like entity as opposed to individual pieces, but the complexities of the unconscious are incredibly profound and indeed there was a kind of individuality to be found there without the Archon, it just had a complexity that was beyond modern understanding and it lacked the distinctiveness that we now consider to be so important when it comes to individuality.

      4. You are correct in saying that there’s more to this than saying that such entities have a ‘duty’ to do what people say. If, when contacting and using such power, a person is indeed in contact with separate and individual non organic beings, then they can be assured that none of these entities do things for nothing, they are all interested in energy, and human beings provide that energy for them in one way or another.
      Now, some of these entities are actually large thought forms that do require a kind of attention and adoration; this is the energy that they require. Other entities can be said to be true non organic beings, and such beings usually require some kind of expenditure of energy either in the form of sacrifice, concentration through some kind of ritual or prayer, or ecstatic adulation of one kind or another. In all cases, there is some worry because these beings are wild in a way, and can decide, indeed are usually actively seeking, better ways to satisfy their energy requirements, which can lead to some difficult situations at times.

      I hope that this helps, of great importance here is the fact that sequential time, linear time, is to a great degree an illusion and the fact that the person that most people think themselves to be is far more complex, and as such death, and what happens after it, is a far more complex process than is currently believed by some.

      1. Thank you for your answer John. It cleared a lot of my doubts. Waiting eagerly for your third book. Best wishes 🙂

  8. MadMystic48

    In your book, you mention that if someone’s projection to another dimension is deep enough, they can completely phase out of physical reality. What becomes of the physical body in this scenario? Is it destroyed? If so, would the projectionist be dead from the physical point of view? How would this affect their attempts of going beyond the Third Room and onto the Fourth and Fifth?

    1. This is a complex question and a good one that has many subtle nuances.
      I can start by saying that if a person is able to, through either ability or external influence, to go very deeply into another dimension, they will quite simply phase out of this physical world (they will seem to disappear). There are many different scenarios possible where a person could die simply, but it is also the case (most often the case I would say) that such a person would simply just phase out of this dimension physically but not die in classic terms; they would continue to exist for a varying period of time in another dimension.

      Now this is my personal opinion, my seeing, and it should be taken of such, but if you would really like to know about such mysteries, I would honestly recommend something like the work done by David Paulides and the 411 material that he’s put out. He for example, talks a great deal about disappearances that are very difficult to explain and it is my personal opinion that many of these cases that he discusses are indeed people that have phased out of this dimension. Indeed you can find a great deal of evidence to show that there are many people that seem disappear without a trace, and incredibly that there are even instances of people seemingly traveling through time in accidental fashion. Many such occurrences, in my opinion, are the result of people that have found themselves experiencing such accidental movements across dimensions.

      As to whether such a thing would affect movement across other rooms; well, if it is accidental or the cause of some kind of external influence, then such movement across dimensions is unfortunately most likely fatal in the long or short term. But if such movement is the result of skillful manipulation, then such a person, completely dependent on their energy level and skill, can still have a chance in some instances to keep developing their skill as a projectionist. Again, there are many nuances here and each can result in a different possibility.

      1. MadMystic48

        Thanks for the reply, John. I appreciate it. I will definitely look into the material of David Paulides. A follow up question for is this: if this were to happen to a skilled practitioner, would they be able to return to the physical realm? Would their physical being be the same as it was before, or would it be altered in some way due to being elsewhere? I assume (incorrectly, perhaps) that it would be very energetically draining to do so.

        1. Yes you are quite correct it would be very energetically draining and that is the biggest reason why most people just don’t come back, even when they happen to be good projectionist is that sometimes the gravity of another place just won’t let them go and they don’t have the energy to break free.
          As to how they would be changed, that really depends on where they go. There are an infinity of dimensions and each one is different and has different effects upon the traveler. From our point of view some of these other worlds move very quickly for example, while others move much slower. So one specific effect for example, can be that the traveler that disappears and then comes back to this dimension could have aged even though they have not been gone for long from our perspective, or vice versa they may seem to have not aged at all even though from our perspective they were gone for a very long time.

  9. Hello John,

    have now also translated to german for me, and read your book “The Way of the Projectionist”, and I am infinitely grateful to you for the many insights that you share with us! I now understand a lot a little better and my intuition and my meditative immersion in the whole has already given me a little bit more of “knowledge”, certainly not to the same extent as you, but I am always happy when I catch another “pearl”.

    My questions are mainly about how it is possibly best to manage to “practice” in order to achieve better progress? Can one concentrate only on this “path of projection”, or should one have first worked up to a certain chapter of the Magnum Opus and then continue with the “path of the projectionist”, or another form: to begin with both works at the same time, So “work” with both of them from the first chapter?

    I know, very strange questions, I don’t want to lose any time and, on the other hand, don’t want to overwhelm myself.

    Thank you in advance for your answer!
    Greetings from Vienna, Manny

    1. Hi Manny,
      Generally speaking, these practices can and should have an organic quality. What I mean by this is that you should alternate between different techniques in accordance with your personal intuition and not so much a regimented step by step procedural system per se.
      Both the techniques covered in the Magnum Opus and the way of the Projectionist should work together towards getting farther and farther through the rooms of the projectionist, which in turn will allow you to become more and more adept at the techniques (the absorption and containment techniques) mentioned in the magnum opus.
      You need energy to become a better projections and in turn the better that you become as a projectionist, the easier it will be to perform the energetic techniques mentioned in the magnum opus.
      My suggestion to you is to see how far you can get in the rooms, and as you hit a limit in your attention, in your ability to travel far into other dimensions and stay there for extended periods of time, you should use that as an indicator that you need to absorb and re-absorb more energy, and that you need more energetic containment in general.
      It should all become an organic process like this, where you will be able to take charge of your own destiny through the techniques that are now more and more familiar to you.

      1. Thank you very much for your answer, John, this really helps me a lot! I am already looking forward to your next book from this “trilogy” being published!

        You´r´s Manny

  10. Hello John, I hope you are doing well. This question is one for friend. A few years back he brought it to my attention that he suffers from night terrors, in particular one recurring scene. I can go into detail, but assuming that isn’t necessary, it’s sufficient to say that it causes him a great deal of anxiety and turmoil, to the point of insomnia. We hadn’t discussed this recently, and he isn’t familiar with your work (yet*, I plan on procuring him a few books)- but this morning he mentioned he was still frequently undergoing these, and I for the first time saw a potential intersection where I might be able to help based on studies and practices I have learned from your work. This friend is no stranger to the metaphysical, but I would not say he necessarily practices anything himself. While I have a basic, may I say adept understanding and proficiency with the concepts and techniques you present, I wasn’t able to intuit or perceive the underlying energetic action that’s occurring during his sleep. I’ve thought about what I can present that will ease his burden, and a couple things come to mind. The first being (re?)absorption of the whole scene. The second being transformation into a personal utopia, in a similar fashion to what one does when crossing the fifth room of the projectionist. The third being energetic containment. I don’t want to overwhelm him, but I want to give him something effective. I’m sure he has enough desire to follow through, and I will also describe effortless action to him. Do you have any idea on what is happening, and in turn what an effective course of action would be?

    1. As an aside- this is not something from our ‘reality’ that he is reliving. In other words, it’s not a memory.

      1. I am not a specialist of any kind so I can’t give any kind of advice on individual psychological issues as you know. But how I have been personally able to deal with even the most difficult night terrors, is to use absorption and I have found that this is the most powerful way to deal with such issues.
        The obvious obstacle to using this technique though is the fact that you need to be conscious in the dream condition to be able to do this. A person could, if they are not able to dream lucidly, give themselves suggestions right before bedtime that they will wake up and perform this technique. This type of thing can be most effective.
        But before you can do this, it is also a good idea to make sure that you become very good at using absorption. That way when you are able to wake up during one of these bouts of night terror, you can automatically engage this technique without much conscious forethought.
        If it is something from my past that keeps intruding into my present moment, then the best technique to use is re-absorption, as this will nullify the power of such dream-time recall. But if it is a powerful situation that has built its own inner vitality, powerful enough to invade the dream condition, then I would have to do dream absorption as I mentioned first and re-absorption; both working together.

  11. Hello John, I hope all is well with you and your travels. I would just like to offer my sincere gratitude and appreciation. You see, I have had a couple of rough years. Sounds kind of silly coming from a 20 year old, I know. But it is true. Growing up I was always different. Looking back now I can tell you that I had quite naturally practiced many of the techniques you write about in your books. Even feeding on and transmuting Archonic intent! I’m sure there are many factors which caused this, from my environment to whatever else. Yet I have a hunch that a major piece of it came down to my sincere and unwavering desire to have an open mind, and to make people feel accepted.

    Somewhere along the line, I lost that magic. I became a prisoner to “my” mind. And the absolute worst part was, I had no idea why. I couldn’t articulate what I had lost. I just knew that I was missing something. I yearned for the days where I wasn’t such a mental train wreck. For the days where I seemed to flow and integrate so naturally with my environment, where the days desires seemed to always be within arms reach. Where I wasn’t so irritable, filled with so much hate and shame. Of course life was not perfect before. Yet, just before my “fall” I had a few days of absolute, I didn’t know what. The one time I tried to describe it to a friend, was by saying that I was totally aware of all the energy within and without, and that I had total, effortless control over it.

    But then I crashed and burned, and all I wanted to do was return to that state. The last 2 years have been up and down and although I’ve had a few fleeting moments of expanded awareness, it was nothing like what I had experienced and yearned for. That was until this past week. I received a piece of advice, granted through a generic video online, but it really struck a chord in me. It was Tom Bilyeu, co founder of quest nutrition, ceo of impact theory, just an amazing fellow. He said something to the sum of- don’t do anything self deprecating. It doesn’t help you one bit. It doesn’t matter what happened or is happening, being too hard on yourself will only exacerbate the problem.

    It sounds so simple and obvious but I realized how much I had been pushing myself and how burnt out I was. How I held myself to such high standards and I would beat myself up when I would inevitably not reach them. It was cyclical and constant, every moment of every day there would be that voice in my head saying I’m not enough, I’m not working hard enough. I said I’m done. I really took what he said to heart. And it was like magic. Suddenly, I was actually taking action. I was doing all the stuff I knew I should be doing, stuff I actually wanted to do! But before I was stuck in the script of “should do” instead of following my desire.

    That evening I set an alarm and 5 hours later I was up. Energetic containment level 2. That whole day I was simply absorbing all the energy I was putting off. At the time I honestly thought that I was doing energetic containment but I now see that while in one sense it was containment, in the other it was feeding on the archon. Anytime I would lose the sensation I’d just pretend there was a cup in front of me. The next day same thing in the morning, but this time I realized what I was doing with the absorption, and I spent the day honing that even further as I went on with my normal tasks. This whole time simply doing what I desired. There were a few questions I had but I had the resolve to have fun and experiment and see what I found, and they naturally resolved themself.

    It was around the third day it hit me. I had the most stunning and amazing realization. It was actually a series of revelations. The first being the contrast between the thought of doing, and doing. I had experienced prolonged moments of pure emptiness, no thought, and I was able to execute the energetic techniques with a whole new level of proficiency. Before, I would experience an energetic flare then think “I need to absorb this.” I can hardly describe what happens now, beyond saying that when i experience a flare, i absorb without the thought of it happening. It is so much clearer. This is where it got really crazy. My memory was getting clearer and more pronounced, I was able to pull back the curtain into the time before my “fall,” and see what I mentioned earlier. I saw the fact that I had quite naturally trained myself in so much of what you teach. Inner feeling sense, desire as action, energetic absorption, transmutation, etc etc etc. And the “bow on the present” was realizing what had happened all along. I had completely distorted your teachings, your techniques. The conscious mind had grabbed ahold of them and turned them into memetic scripts. It’s almost embarrassing to say. Yet, before I was aware of them, I naturally engaged. Of course it was unconscious, and the conscious self still had much sway. It was when I began to truly drop my “should,” drop the importance, and lean into both desire as action and effortless action, that I regained that which I had been looking for all along.

    It’s absolutely beautiful. For the first time in almost 2 years I feel true peace. I see now that it was quite literally the power of attention which I had lost. My attention had been downgraded due to intense emotional events and circumstances which had me in sort of a hamster wheel. The best part- I didn’t return to that state I had lost. I far surpassed it because now I got there consciously. I have reached a new level of understanding in this art. It’s just clicking. All of it. And what I don’t currently understand I know that I will in due time.

    As you have said, it doesn’t matter whether we succeed or fail, all that matters is we try. If we don’t, there will always be a door somewhere that we know we have turned our back on. Thank you John, for showing me that door.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment Reiley. I really appreciate your honesty and I can honestly tell you that there will be many people that will benefit from what you wrote, because in your efforts, which are all our efforts as humans, you show the way to others.
      I am so glad that you are finding yourself, your true self, and it is my sincere hope that in time your attention can take you across infinity!

      1. I appreciate you sharing that sentiment John. Building on the original comment where I said “I can hardly describe what happens now,” I can now see that what is happening is a balancing act, a fluidity between the polarities. That I void any present energetic loss, and then instantly ‘remember’ or project back to the previous moment and absorb the energy there, whether it be mine or others. My question to you is, when you are in “energy absorption mode,” what is your typical course of action during the out breath? Currently, I will harness the natural movement to either pack my cauldron, or to circulate the energy throughout my body. This is of course when I am not using desire as action, when I am simply absorbing energy. Do you have any tips, is there anything more I could do with that breath cycle? To build onto that, what benefits do you perceive by circulating energy throughout the entirety of the body, in contrast to simply packing it into the cauldron? As I said, it is a balancing act. One that is becoming quite powerful and natural, where as often as I remember, as long as I’m aware of myself, I am engaged in it. How easily I used to, and still sometimes do, forget what I know! And the difference in perspective when re-reading your work is immense. It is clear to me you took the time to describe much of the nuance that one will experience while along the path, yet you did it in a way that does not turn off or overwhelm the novice. Thank you again.

        1. I would say that circulating is very important because it helps to increase the flow within your system. When and if you have large energy surges, such as the one described during kundalini experience for example, your energy flow, and the fact that you hopefully have your tongue on the roof of your mouth, will allow your system to withstand this strain and evolve from it as opposed to have typical kundalini meltdown, as is reported by some (actually many novice) practitioners.
          Thanks for your kind words Reily and it was indeed my hope to pack more information than some may suspect into my books.

  12. Hi John,
    I have started the exercises in your book again. I reached the 7th chapter before but gave up as I found it too complex. But I don’t know why, I got a deep longing within me so I started it again.

    My question was – Is there some way to utilise the time I spend before falling asleep at night? I usually take about an hour to fall asleep and feel like I could really use it to practice Projectionist techniques.

    I don’t absorb energy at that time because you have said in another book of yours that we will have difficulty sleeping if we absorbed energy at night.

    1. There many exercises that you can do, but yes most of these may make it hard for you to fall asleep as the focus required may liven your energy level.
      Perhaps the best exercise for your current practice, and one that may even be conducive to help you sleep, is to just pay attention to your thoughts; that is try to notice every single thought that you have as they naturally free-flow through your mind. Don’t push it just lightly focus on this. And once you can follow these well enough, allow that flow to move you across space and time.

  13. Hi John,
    I have been reading your books (overcoming the archon through alchemy, vampire’s way and the magnum opus).
    But have not made any progress on the course exercises yet.

    I am very concerned about what’s all going on around the world these days. With all the lockdowns, movement restrictions, forced vaccinations and the upcoming cyber attacks and power shutdowns, picture looks very dark. I feel like there is no longer any time left and its all over before the upcoming total enslavement and singularity.
    I wish I had like 5 more years.

    Can the magnum opus and the projectionist course be of any help or not? Or considering my lack of progress, is it a case of too little too late?

    I am at a total loss of direction and hope! Can you shed some light through your advancements on whether is it going to be actually that bad or not? What should I do in either case.
    Can you maybe give any year or some timeline about all of this?

    Maybe I should be more mentally strong but it all seems over especially with the huge amount of blissfully ignorant people whose lack of real picture is what has caused all of this in the first place.

    What should be the best course of action for me? Can you suggest anything that may help me or anyone else in my situation I.e. Those who are NOT blissfully ignorant but are lacking in any sense of solution or the direction that they should move in?

    My questions may sound stupid, there’s definitely a lot that I don’t know but still please try to reply as best as you can.

    Many Thanks and Regards,

    1. Your questions are not stupid at all Arjun.
      While it is the case that things do look quite bleak at the moment, I think it is always important to realize that all of human history has had its great deal of tragedy. What I’m trying to say is that our parents, grandparents, and all our forefathers and mothers, had to go through a great deal of what seemed to be an end time like reality. They have all faced suffering and obliteration in some way.
      Within, around, and separated from these difficult circumstances, there are also points and places where great joy is found. The trick is always to realize that much of this negativity is not really existent but that most of it is propaganda, that often times is meant to lead us, to commend us, in a certain direction…control.
      In order to counter this force, I would recommend that you follow the techniques in the books that you have as these two books do show you how to deal with his negativity.
      In the one book for example, Overcoming the Archon through Alchemy, I provide general methodology to deal with all this, a kind of Tai Chi like approach to dealing with the world at large.
      Quite simply you absorb this, and you project that. The idea then is to absorb all of that negativity and to then project, using that negativity that you now have absorbed as your power, all of those things that you want in the world and in your life.
      These techniques do not require that you become a master overnight, and indeed you should not worry about such things as the world is not ending, it is just always being presented that way.
      The world is continually changing, it will continue to change this is a fact of physical existence. But be confident in the fact that you will adapt and that humanity will adapt and change, just like a flower might work its way around and eventually push itself through concrete in order to thrive.
      Use those techniques that you now know of, focus your attention, your unrelenting attention, into this mode of inner action, and before you know it you will be astounded by the progress that you have made.

  14. Thanks for the quick response John!
    Also many thanks for the broader perspective in your answer about the ancestors also facing the similar seemingly end time like realities which have proven to be false superstition.
    After reading your positive but pragmatic words, I feel reassured in my resolve to cross the stage of “escaping the matrix”.
    Yes, your books only introduced me with a clear methodology of achieving the same.
    Looking forward to getting your projectionist and the third yet unnamed title of the trilogy.

    Reflecting on your response I do realize that only change is constant and inevitable and it fills me with hope as I have the methodology thorough your magnum opus and overcoming the archon books.
    (I placed my question in the projectionist q&a section as I thought that you would most likely to notice it in the section of your latest book)
    Only doubt was the time remaining before the coming singularly.

    Thanks and Regards,

  15. Hi John,
    I have been doing the first room exercise daily for 20mins without fail since the start of December. I have got to the point where I can concentrate on the blank wall for 5 mins without any problem and spend the rest of the time in the white room till my 20 mins are over.
    The problem I am facing now is that it is tough to move around in this room as there are no references 🙁 For example, I can vividly imagine moving around in a grassland, but doing the same in the white room is tricky.
    Another thing I noticed is all these weird shapes in front of my eyelids when they are closed. I try imagining being in the white room, but then there are all these wierd shapes that come before my eyes. Am I supposed to ignore them and force the white room to appear in front of me again?

    Also, am I ready to move on to the second room? Kindly guide me.

    1. Instead of seeing a white room, try to visualize a darker room, one perhaps, as I said in the book, like the one that 11 goes to in Stranger Things; this is probably one of the best examples that I can think of of this First Room. See if it becomes easier to move and to distinguish yourself from the room in that space. Any work in this regard will be helpful in the end because it will also help to solidify your double.
      The shapes that you are seeing are actually quite important, and you should not try to vanish them but just try to ignore them for now if you can. Those shapes can and will manifest themselves, solidify in your room, if you focus your attention on them and then they will turn into portals, and these portals are very important because they are what will get you from one dimensional place to another. But as I said, for now try to ignore them until you become more stable in this first room.

      1. Hi John,
        Sorry for posting in the wrong page, i.e Magnum Opus Q & A ( I was on mobile ). Okay I will try imagining black room from now. I managed to solve the reference point problem by imagining a gate or entrance to my room. It’s similar to the hyperbolic time chamber entrance shown in the anime Dragon Ball Z where Goku goes to train. So now I am able to fly and move around and I will look at the gate for reference.

        Another problem I was facing was that I got kinda bored simply standing in the room. I can see my body clearly, so I just manifested a basketball and a hoop and was playing around till my timer rang.

        I also wanted to ask when does the imagining part turn into the hyper reality feeling you talk about in your book ? It’s pretty easy for me to just close my eyes and imagine doing whatever I want vividly for more than 5-10 mins now. But I want touch and feel stuff.

        1. I am glad you are sticking to it.
          As far as the increase in realness from the things that you experience, this all has to do with intensity of focus. For example, you say that you get bored so you play basketball. When you are doing this how focused are you on this event?
          Can you really feel that ball in your hands, every bump and every groove of that ball?
          If you put that ball to your face can you smell it? Can you feel the weight of it?
          When you throw the ball, can you feel gravity pulling down on you and letting it go at just the right moment, so that you’re guaranteed to get three points?
          The intensity of the focus therefore makes such sensual perceptions possible and as this focus is prolonged, your awareness is naturally propelled more and more into these locations and begins to forget physical reality. The reality that you seek therefore is to be found in intensity, and while it might be okay to do something for five or 10 minutes in a relaxed manner, what you’re really after is greater and greater focus not just finishing a workout routine.

  16. Hello John! I simply wish to send over a personal note of gratitude. I can imagine quite clearly some of the tribulations you went through as an aspiring alchemist/projectionist. For I have been progressing. Yet, without your guidance I don’t know how far I would have came. I don’t think it would border anything close to my current aptitude. Which gives me a sense of awe when I reflect on what you may have experienced in your early days. It could not have been easy. Even when I think on how we both arrived at this knowledge through the sheer force of our desire, I do not imagine that you received as thorough an explanation as I did.

    I find it a little funny and a little miraculous that when I first started reading your catalogue (beginning with the magnum opus), I didn’t go in with the expectation of finding anything special. I scrounged around for every piece of info I could on the “supernatural,” and yours were just a drop in the bucket. When I first read about the archon, I quite honestly dismissed you as simple minded. I don’t know if you will find that humorous or disheartening, and I hope it is the former. Truly, as I dug in (slowly but surely), the veracity of what you speak on needs no third party to verify. As my memory improves, I see that you have shown me the path to fulfill not only those desires I was conscious of, but those I couldn’t articulate and those I wasn’t even aware of. You helped me take this jumbled mess of perceptions and bring to them a structure, which has helped in a way only someone like you could understand. I have been conscious? of this external influence for a decent while now. It was an intuitive understanding. One of those desires I wasn’t conscious of, let alone able to articulate, was the desire to break free of this intent. I pushed and rebelled and gave a mighty fight, a fight I didn’t even know I was engaged in. But now I have not only knowledge, I have the skills necessary to be a pretty mean fighter myself. And fight I will!

    I have been meaning to write this note for maybe a week now. I hope you will forgive my laziness! I sincerely wanted to thank you. You saw (and can see) for yourself the mess I was. I’ll not say I’m clean yet, but I’ve found my way to the washroom. Until next time friend.

    1. I REALLY appreciate your note Reiley, thank you.
      I am so glad that you are starting to see around corners, and it is my hope that you are able to take more and more of yourself into and around those odd angles in time.
      That is the wave, the wave we ride. We are together but alone, we are awake but we do so by falling into realms that for average people means sleep, we are the walking crazy, at least that is how the world will see you…and yet the truth of course is that it is the world that has gone insane, and we are just a little more sane than average.
      Thanks friend and as the Italian proverb says, ‘A sailor must have his eye trained to the rocks and sands, as well as the north star.’ safe voyages!

  17. Comment/Question from Tony:
    Greetings John, I would like to have your opinion about an experience with the practices of your last book, expecially with the fifth room of the projectionist. I started to travel portal by portal as a “soul without will”, without a purpose, simply traveling through worlds and dimensions.

    It has beel an incredible experience, but it wasn’t much as expected, because I foremost went to worlds of incredible beauty, but also incredible silence…. in most of the, there was no life. There were worlds “made of silence”…. And this left me with a sense of peace, awareness but also melancholy. I was almost “sad” and amazed at the same time in front of this Infinity.

    What do you think about that? Have you got similar experiences?

    Tank you for your work and your patience. All my best.

    1. I am very happy to know that you are beginning to participate in such advanced techniques.
      What you need to realize I think, and it is something that will come to you through your own experience over time, and I am sure you will get there if you already haven’t, is that crossing the more advanced rooms of the projectionist takes time. It is not something that can be done in months, but it is something that may take years and perhaps decades.
      There is no rush in this process because even if you do become a great master in the ability to do work with and communicate with your unconscious, there is so much to learn about the nature of your own reality, your own inner makeup, and the existence of the world that you help to create.
      For that reason, you may note that for a large segment of your life, let’s say a number of months or perhaps even years, you may experience this kind of melancholy and silence in your inner explorations of the fifth room. And these experiences in their own right, will teach you a great deal about your own personal nature as you realize, or at least begin to understand, where this silence and this melancholy come from, where they fit into the structure of your life and how it is that these feelings and adventures are really the meta-data that creates your entire world; or at the very least a part of your world.
      But in time these explorations may change, and you may find yourself experiencing darker (or lighter) aspects, or you may end up experiencing a whole other kind of wave and world event. It is very important that at this time you realize the changes within and see how they mirror the changes without, and in this way discover even more about your unconscious connections, about the essence of the reality of being and how the inner and the outer are not separate but that they have become separate due to the many walls that we have put up, have been forced to put up ourselves. It is these barriers that you must overcome to go beyond the fifth room.

  18. Hi John,
    Throughout my life I have been able to master every skill I have put my mind into, be it music, martial arts, programming etc.

    But I’m not able to even get to the second room of the Projectionist. I have been practicing since mid 2020 🙁 Am I expecting too much of myself?

    1. Only you can answer that question being that whatever you expect, you will experience. I though feel, believe, that you can go much further still.
      Mastering the second room requires energy and as such if you are having problems in this area then you need to go back and the first course book, the Magnum Opus, and master energy absorption and storage. Where are you losing energy? You know the answer to this question, so start there.
      Also learn to work with the projectionist recipe or formula. In order to pass through the second room you need to add VOID to your recipe and to control this addition of VOID so that you can control these new spontaneous locations (portals).
      Daydreams are the ghost experiencing spontaneous incursions, spontaneous inner events/thoughts/portals, so if you can daydream, you can cross the second room. Work on the above and you will get there.

  19. Thanks for your guidance John.

    Finally got to the point where I saw wavy wavy shapes before my eyes in the dark room. My head also jerked a few times like what happens when we are about to fall asleep. I followed your advise as in the book and had a head rest.

    I still couldn’t see my body in the room and my concentration was broken a few times by random thoughts. The wavy shapes kept vanishing when I tried concentrating on them.

    I hope I am on the right path.

  20. Greetings John, I’d like to know your point of view about Shapeshifting our double (into animals of mist, trees etc.). Will you talk about that on the third book? Or do you have some technique that is useful?

    I think that this practices could be useful to attack strongly our belief systems, by giving us a new perspective to see the world (seeing the world as a tree does could give us a great amount of awareness I think).

    If this won’t be a topic in your third book, can you tell me your technique to do so?

    Thanks always for your time and patience

    1. Hi Tony,
      I believe you’re quite right about this and I will try to discuss a little on these techniques, but I am not sure how much I will going to this being that this latest book will be more focused on the after death experience. I will see what I can do.

  21. Hi John,

    I just finished The Way of the Death Defier. What an amazing, beautiful, haunting, and ultimately hopeful third book to the trilogy. And helpful! I have a thousand questions and yet at the same time none at all and a feeling that the work and the words are so complete. I do not know that I would even be able to articulate a proper question given the difficulty with words and this subject. I think I will sit with this and let it permeate me a bit more and reread it quite a bit! Thank you.

    I did want to mention that the link to the Q&A at the back of the book is not working for me – I get a 404 File Not Found error. Hopefully the page didn’t disappear into the black sun. 😀

    1. Thank you very much Elena!
      I know what you are tring to say, as I still sit in awe of all of it, of the complexity and utter wonder for it. I do apprecite your words and I hope that I am ready for your question if/when you have any.
      I did just try the link and it did work for me. See if this link here helps:

      1. Thank you, John! I do have a couple of questions percolating and I will attempt to form them into something resembling a coherent query.

        I think I may have discovered the problem with the link. The one you posted in your reply to me works just fine, but the one in the back of the Kindle version of your book still does not — I notice that it’s off by one letter. It shows up as death-defiers-qa (where the word “defiers” is plural) and in this one it’s just “defier” without the “s” on the end. Maybe that’s why? In any case, I’m happy to have the right link now.

        1. Thanks Elena, I see it now. My editor and I are fixing it now, we have set up a temporary re-route and we are working with kdp to get that fixed.
          Sorry about that, and thank you(!) for letting me know, hopefully it is fixed soon.

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