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The Way of the Death Defier coverWe are infinitely complex beings, and biological death is not the end of us.

Within the bounds of our physical life, there is an incredibly complex interplay of energetic conglomerations that may weave themselves across many dimensions. After biological life is over, this interplay of energetic conglomerations (that is us) continues its journey across the Dark Sea as it makes its way to the Black Sun.

Our experience as biological beings is full of intricacy and after biological death, the intricacy of our existence becomes unbound. Trying to describe the unbound nature of the after-death experience is not an easy task, and trying to understand it as a practicing projectionist yourself can be a very difficult and intimidating challenge.

As you begin to develop your own abilities to perceive into the dimensions beyond biology, it is quite natural that you will have many questions not only about what you find beyond the veil of objectivity, but also about the many challenges that you might face as you cross the rooms of the projectionist and strive for immortality yourself.

In this questions and answers page, I will try to answer all the questions that you may have about this last book in the Magnum Opus course book trilogy, the after-death experience, and about the nature of the quest of the inner alchemist to attain complete immortality.

Please note that I reserve the right to not answer any questions that I feel are not pertinent or that violate common standards for a public page. Also, as this is a public page do not post any information that you do not want made public. While I do try to answer questions as quickly as I am able, other commitments can get in the way so thank you for your patience.The information contained on this Website is solely for educational and entertainment purposes on the given subjects. It should not be considered medical advice nor financial advice and should NOT be used as a substitute for medical advice or financial advice by trained professionals. The author makes no warranty or assumes any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information given. Moreover, the author accepts no responsibility for the decisions made by the reader. Before you engage in any of the practices mentioned on this site or in my books, please contact a qualified medical professional, especially if you are at risk of aneurysms, or if you have issues with your heart. Thank You.


  1. Hi John,
    Thank you so much for the book. I tried reading it but it seems to be very complex for me to understand. I hope I will be able to understand it in the future after I have progressed a bit through the rooms of the projectionist.
    Best wishes for your future books 🙂

    1. Thank you Vignesh! Yes, just let it sink in for a while. Overnight contemplation can sometimes create amazing results and you may see that in time these pieces may begin to fit together.

  2. This is a question that I was asked that I thought would be better here just in case others have similar questions:

    Hello, in your book the way of the death defier.. you mention helping entries after death- what are those?

    Hi, those helping entities are made up of several sources:
    They can be aspects of that one person’s unconscious; so that an aspect of the unconscious becomes a personality(like a wise old man or woman) that can help a person understand their new environment.
    They may also be aspects of the oversoul, parallel incarnations as discussed in the book; that may show up to help. To these other incarnations this may seem like a dream experience, but it is in actuality a real event that is of great help to a departed person. A strong incarnation, or a wise and nurturing one can help to understand and even find solace in what can sometimes seem like crazy alien places to the departed.
    They can be non-organic entities that may purpose themselves or be tasked with helping in this regard, which in turn may help them with aspects of their own growth. Such beings are not biologically alive, may never have been, but they may know a great deal about energy manipulation or attention control, which they can teach or help the departed with.
    They may even be physically alive human beings, that in sleep may (sometimes even unconsciously) help transitioning spirits; in this case such physically alive helpers are usually people that have a great deal of natural or developed ability and in helping others they help themselves. Such people may even be helping other parallel incarnations as menstioned above.
    There is a great deal of unity and a balanced kind of ecology in all of this.
    There is help in other words and it can come from several sources.

  3. Hi John, thanks for this book, it’s extremely eye opener for those who are able to see, I think I will read again in a few years when I master the techniques for your previous books. My thing is: I had panic attacks at night since I have memory as a very sensitive kid, when simply thinking about the dissolution of “myself” (during the day never it happened, cause I can kind of feel the oneness of the universe) . I did tons of spiritual work in order to escape from that, and nowadays in my forties, it only happens once in a while, but when it comes I still suffer a lot. I guess it might be something to do to take advantage of that “singularity” in my head and tap into the feeling, but in the moment I cannot make it, and start panicking for a few infinite seconds. Your books helped me a lot and I have a lot more to learn, but anyway, my question would be: do you have any idea on how to take advantage of those moments? or how to manage them? Cheers!!!

    1. Thanks Fede.
      Well, I can’t tell others what to do but I can describe what an inner alchemist does, and what they do is to absorb and contain as I describe in the first book in the trilogy, the Magnum Opus. In this way they turn all that energy that they feel is useless and they absorb and transmute it into energy (a propellant) that can then be used to enhance their ability to focus on those things that they want, like being better projectionists.

  4. Hi John, excellent book! How would this eco system explain population growth especially going from 2 billion to 8 in relative short time? Many thanks!

    1. Thanks for the question, but sorry I am not sure I understand what you mean by eco system. Could you expand on that.

  5. Hi John, sorry for not being clear. My question was as follows: this whole “system” of creating life and destroying ( individuality by reuniting into one whole) ) by oversoul – how does this explain planet population growth? From where additional energy and “ building material “ comes from to go from 2 to 8 billion people in relatively short period of time? I guess the same question is for those who believe in reincarnation. If we are “same souls or parts” reincarnating over and over as cycle , how does this explain rapid population growth? Where is “ additional soul material “ coming from? Thank you kindly

    1. I can understand your confusion, but really all such questions come to mind when we fall into the trap of believing dogmatically what the rational human status quo is saying. Since inner alchemists do their own seeing, they know that the world may seem like a giant object full of little objects, but its not.
      This is important because such object world laws state that though really really big, the universe is still finite, and everything is ruled by entropy. This means that the world that humanity sees is closed (a closed system), and it is in a constant state of slowing down, a kind of decay. This is false from the inner alchemists point of perception.
      For them, the world is constantly being renewed and it is infinite in scope; there is no end to it either energetically or spatially. As such, what we might perceive as a giant leap in growth is nothing to an open dimension without technical end.
      As far as reincarnation, well being that time is simultaneous, reincarnation is in a classical sense wrong, as I outline in the book. And in that sense the 8 billion that are here now where always here. But where were they you may ask? And to that you must explore time…what is time? What separates this time from a past time or a future one?
      ‘Seeing’ is perceiving beyond this present dimension into the vastness of time and when you can do that, dimensions fall away. And when this happens you can ‘see’ that there is no limitation, the oversoul does not run out of aspects of itself, there are and there will always be 8 billion, and for that matter, let me tel you a secret, in a certain future time, which is another dimension (another time), there will be more. And so such growth is not only possible, it has already happened being that as I said all time in now.
      The extra soul material comes from the source; source. And it is already here, you just can’t see it if you use your physical eyes.

  6. Hey John, enjoyed the book and I have a question regarding post physical death;
    In several occult and yogi related book they mention a possibility of entering a new human body after death, whether it’s a pre arranged new born or somebody who died but their body is still in livable condition.
    Is it a possibility from what you’ve seen?

    1. Yes, it is possible in accordance to the seeing of inner alchemy, but it is a complicated affair and it would only theoretically be possible for someone of incredible amounts of power.
      First off it is not something that would happen right away, but it would involve a slow and methodical invasion and expulsion that might even take decades from the human point of view. It is also something that could only be accomplished by an incredibly powerful adept. Such an adept would have massive control over their ghost body and as such would most likely be able to even manipulate the physical dimension with great fluidity at that point. In other words, from the inner alchemists’ point of view, especially since this involves what could be termed highly nefarious actions, it would require an adept who has gone very very deep into (and only) the mastery of the third room of the projectionist, and has been able to create a ghost body of remarkable cohesion and power.

      1. Tubular Bella

        John, have you seen the TV series, Alchemy of Souls? i thought that was the most beautiful show I might have ever seen and the topic seems to be the same magic you speak of though maybe simplified and dressed up for TV. Anyway, though the idea creeps me out, I am still fascinated by it and interested in learning more.

  7. Dear John,

    Thank you very much for all your books, (I have all your books except for Stand up Comedian) especially The way of the self defier, which is so eye-opening, also a bit shocking, yet absolutely realistic, I find this extremely inspiring, and it makes me feel so much consciously and clearly, often in such a way that I have always intuitively suspected this somehow,

    You also described the kind of alchemists you called dark alchemists / practitioners, as I have read about many vampire orders and LHP orders / organizations so to speak and their practices, I suppose you mean these? They withdraw life force from people, give it to their “vampire gods” or their beings to whom they have “committed” or have made a pact, and in exchange receive essence from them, which they are supposed to transform into such similar immortal beings or gods over time. I assume such symbiotic relationships are certainly useful in one way or another, but in the end probably also harmful for the practitioner, but is it at all possible to finally escape the black sun anyway or is that also a half-truth of the archon and his hosts?

    1. Thank Manny, I really appreciate your kind words.
      As you probably know all too well, this is a hard question to answer simply, or with a yes or no kind of response. But, if we can say that these non-organic beings that these particular types of people align themselves with die, and they certainly do die, then it is the case that these particular individuals that align themselves with such beings, must die as well.
      Generally speaking, such relationships usually involve not so much eternal life, but a kind of increased lifespan that from the human point of can seem to be almost eternal, certainly lasting thousands of years under particular circumstances.
      These particular circumstances have to do with the power level of the individual, that is the length of the lifespan and power of such people is directly proportional with the kind of power that person has and the power that they can develop before and during their allegiance with such entities. For the most part though, and this is my opinion only, I find that all such allegiances tend to be an infinitely strategical game, where such entities do their best to in the end take advantage of those that align with them.
      Now, it is the case that many of these people, if you can call them people once they develop enough in power that align themselves with these non-organic entities, tend to have a very martial attitude, and in general they deeply enjoy the endless battle as it were, that such allegiances bring with them; they feel alive because of them. So for a certain elite few these are endless adventures of the most predatory kind, a further twist or angle in the manifold odd angles found in the endless pursuit of what I term the third room of the projectionist.
      Could such, as we may term them dark alchemists, truly live forever in the way that my current wishes to live forever? Well, I suppose anything is possible but such dark alchemists would need to fight a double battle where they are engaged in trying to cross the many rooms that are left for them to cross, while at the same time endlessly battling against those forces that they had former allegiances with, forces that are most likely doing everything in your power to capture those dark alchemists and take all of the energy that they feel they are due.

  8. Hey John, I’ve just finished reading death defier. I have to say this trilogy has been the most interesting set of grimoires I have probably ever read. It’s provided a unique perspective that I agree with a lot. On to my questions-
    1. So an alchemist is typically considered a very lonesome practitioner. Does it really have to be this way? Being alone for eternity sounds not very fun. Can you not have friends who are also alchemists who can potentially help in shortcomings?
    2. Emotional containment is a subject I am still trying to understand. Does an alchemist strive to no longer feel any emotion except agape? Or can they feel the emotions, and just not act or display them?
    3. Does age play any part in the successfulness of an alchemist? I would think it does as the longer someone lives normally the more they waste energy on human things.
    4. And finally, who can an alchemist look to for help? When facing the many challenges of the greater world, is there anyone who can really help them? The challenges are known to be extremely individual, so how could an alchemist gain help? The unconscious perhaps?

    1. Thank you Sam!
      1. I would start this question by saying that an inner alchemist is alone but is not lonely or lonesome. And the reason for this, this lone practitioner perspective, has a lot more to do with the way they work with energy and survival. In troubled times group work for the inner alchemist is dangerous, all you have to do is look back at history to see what I mean, and I will not even dare to mention the problems of these modern times.
      Each individual though must follow their own particular way, to that end I have made this video here and I would recommend it to you as it relates in some degree to the questions that you ask.
      With that in mind, it is possible for each individual to practice in their own way and in their own style; each person is an individual and free to choose the way that they must go forward. For an inner alchemist though, from my current, the lone practitioner style let us say, has proven itself over time. But there is no reason why you could not begin your study of inner alchemy in a completely different way.
      2. No, and this is something that relates to the video mentioned above and it has to do with linear time, which does not seem to be something that would relate to this but it does. How this relates is that it is not that an alchemist strives to feel no motion, except agape, but that energetic containment leads to a place where an inner alchemist for the most part only feels a joyous freedom (a lightness beyond feeling) that could be best termed agape. There is a nuance there that is most important and it is something that is almost impossible to get unless you begin to perceive energy directly yourself.
      3. Age plays a role, in that the intricacy of energy requires experience, and yet age for an inner is not the same as the definition of age of the average human being. This is so because as I have stated in some of my videos and written material on projecting, the amount of experience that an inner alchemist can go through in other dimensional zones where time is of different intensities, means that what an alchemist is seeking is not something that could be defined through the development of physical age, but instead through the development of higher intensity.
      4. Being that an alchemist is not interested in dogma, meaning that they are not interested in secondhand information but in perceiving energy directly, then for them there is no help per se, there is only direct perception. But if you mean a kind of companionship on a long road, then there are possibilities, there are friendships and alliances, just like I say that I have an alliance, a current. One possibility I have mentioned on some occasion, is the creation of a companion servitor, which can grow in great intricacy and can provide a bastion of companionship within the logos of the inner alchemist.

  9. Hi John,

    I am halfway through my second reading of this amazing book and I’m glad I did a bit of rereading because it did answer some questions of mine that I missed on the first go around. I hope you don’t mind I have a few (ok … several) questions below — I thought I might ask them before too many more questions piled up.

    How difficult is it (Sorry, I realize that “difficult” is a relative term) to reach the threshold where one’s projectionist experiences become as real as what we experience as real in our day to day lives? Is it more to do with practice and experience or is it just about accumulating enough personal energy? When it happens, does it happen all at once or is it gradual?

    My own inner feeling sense seems to indicate that there is something that feels like outside interference when I dream, restricting my movements and preventing me from going lucid and developing my abilities out there. Is it archonic? Since the after death experience and location is basically the same as dreaming (It’s not the exact same, is it?), could a person experience the same interference in the after death state? Or will we only experience that interference if we believe we will?

    Cremation or burial? Is one or the other preferred by a death defier? I was just thinking about things like Dia de los Muertos and the offerings of food (energy) made to people who have died (like the Buddhist ritual of offerings to hungry ghosts) and whether or not the Egyptians mummified bodies in order to be able to continue receiving energy, and if any of this was relevant to a death defier.

    I was wondering if you could describe an example of a personality aspect a person (one whole personality) might have? Is a single personality aspect complex enough to seem like its own personality? Or is it more one dimensional?

    What sort of predation are death defiers subject to if they break free of the unicorn cage and is it different than the PNOBs and NEGPs we deal with in the pre-death state? I do love how you described the symbolism of the unicorn tapestry and I was noticing in the artwork that its collar is partially unbuckled which fits with that description of freedom being a real possibility.

    Thank you so much again for the wonderful book and having a place for us to ask questions.

    1. Thank you, Elena.
      I am certainly not trying to push another one of my books on you Elena, but I think you would problem the benefit a lot from my book, Out Of Body Experiences, Quickly And Naturally, if you do not already have it. Why I say this is because in that book I go much deeper into certain directions of projecting, which is in essence a form of highly specialized astral travel or out of body experience and this different angle may help you. Why I mention that book as well is because there I mentioned that the techniques described in projecting serve many purposes, one of these is the ability of the practitioner to develop the ability to go into different mental states. What I mean by this is that as the practitioner focuses deeply and begins to partake in the techniques mentioned in my books, they also begin to work with the VOID aspects of themselves and naturally begin to move into different ‘trance states’. You can think of it sort of like hypnotism, where there are different states that can be achieved as a person is hypnotized or practices self-hypnosis. The point being that as these trance states get deeper and deeper, the ability to experience hyper-real events becomes easier and easier. And this ability, as I have mentioned is directly related to working with energy; especially energetic containment, absorption, and the movement of energy as I mentioned in the Magnum Opus; trance states get easier with greater power.

      Yes, I do believe that what are feeling with your inner feeling sense is quite appropriate, in that there is indeed a kind of force that is keeping us from our ability to project and let go of the object-hood of three-dimensional reality. This of course is the cloud of the archon, and it is as difficult as trying to tame that conscious-self that I mention in my books. But in time and with focus you can turn this conscious-self into your ally and when you do so the trance state thresholds that I mention above become easier and easier to break.
      As to cremation or burial, this is actually quite complex question that I do not think I can answer simply here. In my latest book I mentioned that a certain kind of practitioner likes to use a type of ‘anchor’ to be able to maintain an easier focus on this dimension, which they then try to exploit. The use of mummification, is one method that such practitioners did use, do use, to try to maintain such an anchor. An inner alchemist though would strive to not have either a mummy or ashes, but to break free completely.

      Describing a personality aspect is a difficult thing because definitions in that regard demand boundaries that are often not there. The best way to understand such personality aspects and how independent state can become, is to study schizophrenic activity. I think if you look a little bit into Internal Family Systems Model and schizophrenia, you will have a pretty good idea of personality aspects.

      Well, as far as the kind of predators that one might face beyond this physical dimension, the variety is quite simply quite large. I think that as your abilities as a projectionist grow and you can get farther and farther from the archonic dimension, you will begin to see the variety of what I suppose would best be termed alien life, which does include both predators and allies. The universe is a massive place no matter what dimension you care to look at it from. The archon is just the tip of the iceberg, but once we develop the power to break free from this incredibly heavy dimension, we are far better prepared to deal with what may come our way.

      Yes, the symbolism in the tapestries mentioned in the book are incredibly complex and beautiful, and I think I barely touched the beauty that is contained within them if one can see them with the right set of eyes.

  10. Avery Nightshade

    Hello! If the individual “me” part of the personality with all its memories, identity, mental programming, etc gets dissolved and ceases to exist, then what is the cycle of life and death? And what does breaking away from it mean if there’s no conscious observer to even acknowledge an iteration of such cycle? This is a weak spot in the doctrine which right away makes it limp. Thank you.

    1. The conscious observer, that is the ‘only’ conscious observer of the life and death cycle, is a seer. The average person only experiences a relatively short life and a relatively short death as their consciousness wakes up to itself at some point in their life (again to a relative degree) and then dies. I say wakes up to a degree because the average person also forgets (a lot) and their attention is such that one is hard pressed to say that they are truly conscious most of the time; most of us are lost in a kind of endless daydream.
      So, to the average person the life and death cycle is reading or watching something (tv, books, etc.) that tells them that you are born, you grow old, then you die. What they truly experience is mostly a dull understanding of an aging process, pain, joy, forgotten memories, and an angst that tells them that they have somehow been here before and that there could be more than this life, as they look at themselves in the mirror and slowly observe a change. When they die, they may experience some conscious identity, but this is soon lost as they dissipate. It is only the seer that sees, and it is only a person of power that remembers, which really means that they see.
      A seer has the potential to continue after death for a time and if powerful enough, and even break away from this cycle. This means that their individual conscious can continue, and with enough power and ability, it can continue forever, from the human point of view.
      The life and death cycle is not an actuality for the average person; they just live, forget most of it and daydream through the rest, then die. It is the oversould that makes the life and death cycle and knows of it, is doing it and is participating in it, not the average person. For the average person the prison of the life and death cycle means that their unconscious will feed them (show them), throughout the life that they live/have, odd quasi memories, nearly forgotten dreams, and many such experiences (from all the personality aspects created by the oversoul that are recycled life after life as they communicate through the unconscious), and such memories in time can become a torment as this person if they are lucky (or unlucky perhaps) begin to understand that those aspects that make them what they are, have been recycled through life and death over and over again (which some call reincarnation). The life and death cycle in other words is experienced by the personality aspects that may seem individual but are not, they only become individual at the point of cohesion at physical birth; those aspects live and die, and it is them that unconsciously experience life and death over and over.
      -To the average person, this cycle means endless repetition and suffering (which they can feel in their soul as unconscious angst as I have mentioned, and some may even get full blown memories or residual experiences in their current life, which they may call a past life, an odd dream, or bad karma) and a feeling like they are trapped…but that is all. They are bound to live an endless loop of archetypical existence.
      -For the seer this cycle is a true discovery, an energetic fact, that in time if they are worth their salt, means that they have a true battle, an ultimate challenge.
      -To the oversoul it means more life, more experience as it recycles parts that were you with other parts that are not you (in another life) over and over again in iterations that to it mean more expansion
      …but to you it might mean if you can remember certain instances that are buried deep in the unconscious (read The Red Book by Jung to get an idea of what I mean by unconscious here) part of yourself, endless repetition of similar life architypes and a sense of being trapped. So yes, to the average person, why try and who cares, but for the seer and those that can’t stand that angst and want to know more and see, and fight, then there is much to do!
      I tried to make this as clear as possible in the course-book but hopefully this helps. I do in the end feel that learning to see yourself, using the techniques described in those course books, will in the end allow you to perceive directly yourself, which will then bypass words, which are never good enough.

  11. Hey John, I have read all your 3 Magnum Opus books and I find your techniques are solid. I have been able to confirm some stuff you are writing about while experimenting with the projection formula, but there is something on my mind I think you could help me and others with. I don’t remember if you have written about this in your books as it’s been a while since I have read the first two of them.
    How do you actually increase the VOID energy in order to go deeper into trance or to fall asleep quicker? Unfortunately having your body produce melatonin by itself doesn’t really cut it I believe and I think a lot of times I lack the necessary amount of VOID to keep properly practicing and projecting. Sometimes the void seems to be used up too quickly and then I’m awake again and can’t go into trance and I also can’t fall asleep so I’m stuck in a useless awake state. I think this would also be helpful to know for “normie” friends who have sleep problems at night. Thanks for in advance for your help (hopefully)!

    1. Hi Ludovico,
      I just answered a comment for Dennis (Dec 30/21) that you will find as the last (probably) comment reply on, How to create a servitor post, that in context you may find enlightening to some degree in relation to this question.
      To answer you simply, this is the question of questions for inner alchemists, and for all the sorcerers (good or bad from the human point of view) that inhabit this general area: how to get more spice.
      There have been considerable strategies used and as you may suspect even the use of certain chemicals, which in the end becomes a very dangerous affair being that juicers can have many physiological complications.
      In the way of inner alchemy, as I mention in the last course-book The Way of the Death Defier, is to break the wall of sleep and become a living dream. Even those that say that they are insomniacs sleep far more than they imagine, that is there is micro naps and more sleeping that is done (they may sleep less than most, but they still sleep quite a lot more than they suspect). An inner alchemist does not just master (through a lifetime of work) the ability to stay conscious indefinitely, they also are able to use ALL that accumulated spice to stay awake…as you say, you use it up and then there you are…you are stuck in a supposedly useless awake state.
      This is one way, the way of inner alchemy, there are others, but such ways become all of the ritual, sacrifice, technology (magitek), etc. of other orders that in the end, at least from the inner alchemist’s point of view, lead to crazy places.
      I will leave you with this: the more intense the awake time, the more intense the sleep (void energy).

      1. It makes sense what you say about the intensity of the awake time in relation to the intensity of the sleep. We all know how tired you can be in the evening after a whole day of fun and challenging activity out in nature. Maybe adding some physical activity to your routine would help, a time when you don’t meditate in order to not use up the spice but let it accumulate instead. I also didn’t mean to insult any alchemists an their paths by claiming that the awake state is useless as I’m fully aware that one of our biggest goals is to become forever awake.
        I got a few more questions if you are so inclined to answer them too. I brought out your second book and am reviewing the first 4 rooms again.
        My first question is about the second room. When you search for a portal to appear, does it have to be a random tought that you find, or can it be something consciously created? Is it ok if I imagine something specific that I want for the portal and focus on it? Like I would always create a bathtub for the portal, or a scene at my local park as soon as I am in the first room without searching for something random. Is this kind of control alright or does it ruin the exercise? Does it have to be something random which appears by itself? I understood you can also use memories for portals which means that you can create the portal yourself but I just want to make sure.
        The second question is about the lights you see while you meditate. There are a lot of sparks, colors, shapes and pixels probably everyone of us sees in meditation, and the deeper we go into trance the more they seem to become. While there are a lot of interesting phenomena I don’t want to ask about all of them, I am specifically interested in two types of lights, one is like a small dot that appears of out nowhere in your vision or in the wall of fog and it stays for one or a few seconds. It comes by itself but it seems very real and solid if I can say it like that, and it can linger and distract you for quite a bit. The second one is a bright flash of light, like an explosion which also comes randomly by itself and lasts for about half a second. Sometimes they can be so bright and big that your physical body is flinching from it and you try to close your eyes, even though they are already closed. This sudden light flash out of nowhere can be very surprising and distracting. Is this something about the physical eyes, is it energy in your third eye, or is it maybe something related to the 5th room? Is it possible that this is a part of the oversoul or subconcious showing itself?

        1. You can certainly create a consciously created portal, but you must in time begin to see the difference between one that is consciously created and one that appears by seeming accident. The big difference to note, and the thing that you should be able to identify for yourself over time, is that the unconsciously created portal will begin to help you to create a growing bridge between your unconscious and your ghost. What I mean by this is that, the unconsciously created one is the way forward of the desireless ghost, so the difference between the consciously created portal and the unconsciously created one is a bridging between the third and the fifth room with the fourth room in the middle.

          The lights that you may see while you project internally are a very individual thing and again this is something that you need to discover on your own because for each individual they may mean different things. Generally speaking all such internal lights represent energetic movements by the body or at times they may even represent seeing into the microscopic or the macroscopic through the use of the inner feeling senses. The random flash of light that seems to explode before you for example, may represent a strong pulse of energy that is cycling through your meridians as you change states of consciousness, while the more sustained light that you see at times may represent either the beginnings of an unconsciously created tunnel (portal) that the unconscious is trying to bring about, or might represent an actual space-time confluence in the general area where you live, that you are seeing. In either case such confluence could be used to take you very far in your projections. But in the end all of this is speculation on my part, being that as I have said, such internal light is very much an individual thing and you need to explore it in the same way that you need to explore consciously created reality and the reality of the desireless ghost.
          I hope that helps, and of course there is no insult so no worries, I just wanted you to try to realize on your own that the conscious mind when it is focused with intensity, creates its opposite in the same way that intensity of sleep uses up the spice 😉

          1. Thanks for your replies. Your explanation about the bridge between the ghost and the unconcsious in relation with the random portals and the desireless ghost really helped me to put together some pieces of the puzzle which I failed to understand by myself until now. I wish you good luck and all the best in the year of the Tiger. I am reminded of the song “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. How did the lyrics go… “Just an Alchemist and his Will to survive”, “Rising up to the Challenge of the Oversoul”? I wonder if we will be Survivors too.

  12. Hungry Gluttons

    In your death-defier book you introduce the Out of Body Experience in the 6th room. Do you actually put your ghost out into the outer planes? I tought there is no difference between inner and outer. Can you explain what is the difference between me visualizing being in my grandmas house, and going out of body and then going there? I can visualize and use my ghost senses pretty well at this point but I have never had an actual “OBE” yet, making it impossible for me to tell how different a OBE is from visualization. I hope you can help me to clear this up for now until I can make realizations for myself. I don’t really understand the difference between outside and inside and where the first and second and all other worlds are found. Since there is supposed to be only the now-point, I tought it’s all the same. I tought visualization is already something like an OBE where when you visualize yourself somewhere else, you are in fact somewhere else? Is OBE not just a very powerful visualization?

    1. Good question, and honestly I think I will make a video to try and answer this and I will try to link it here when I get it done.
      Simply though, yes, for the inner alchemist there is no difference between the out there and the in here and time and space are now. But time (and therefore space, like a different location) in this dimensional zone, can be differentiated by intensity. So the key point here is intensity, and intensity is a matter of focus; more focus = more intensity. And greater focus is acquired through greater power, as described in the course-book The Magnum Opus. So, when intense enough there is no difference between the visualization and the supposed real, and at that point you are having an OBE, and further, what you see (and perhaps even what you do) will be the real. If you attain enough intensity, then you may see a certain thing at that other place, and later if you want, you may be able to verify what you saw to note if it was or is actually there in what people call the real world. You can test your ability to see what is or did happen in an OBE by keeping records and trying to verify this information later if this is important to you. But from the inner alchemists point of view, when the intensity is such that what you see, feel, taste, smell, hear, is intensely real, truly real and stable for you, then by all intents and purposes it IS real being that at that point a twin particle effect (see quantum entanglement) has been established.

      1. Tubular Bella

        Hi John, I hope this question isn’t too out of place here, but I have a question regarding absorbing negative energy after reading your book, Vampire’s Way To Psychic Self-Defense. Since time and space are illusions, can I simply go into trance and “travel” to a place where there was a lot of negative energy being released, and absorb it? Also, if this is possible, is there a danger I could be spotted by others there who are doing the same thing, and be attacked and/or killed there by someone very powerful and dark?

        1. You could do this, but it does require a great deal of skill and you might find that you do not have the same abilities as you do in physical form so your ability to absorb will be limited. As far as getting killed, I do not think you need to worry about this in this modern age. In mastering the ability to move out of body, which I discuss in the book, Out of Body Experiences, you will see for yourself that there are limits and also benefits to this state.

  13. Hungry Gluttons

    I see. I was under the impression that everything you visualize or any place you try to project to, is either something new created by you or it is a replica copy of an already existing place elsewhere. And for the replica copy, as you have said it’s the more intensity there is the more synced up you are with the actual place, until it virtually becomes the real place. I understand that the replica becomes virtually the real place when the intensity is very high and it’s synced up to basically 100%, but I can’t shake off the feeling that it is fundamentally still a replica in your mind and you don’t go to the actual place for real. Do I understand it correctly that when you ride the midnight express your unconcious also either creates replica rooms which you sync up with through portals or completely original worlds inherent to your psyche? Is the only way to interact with what’s “out there” through intense syncing up, and is there even anything actually out there at all? If everyone only ever syncs up their replicas with all the dimensions and locations, then what and where are they anyway? It feels like everything is just data and every mind/logos creates their own replica worlds based on that raw data, much like your computer screen creates a videogame world through some program code.
    Sorry for displaying my ignorance like that but the more I think about it the more questions keep arising. And the more questions, the deeper you go, the more you start to forget what you already thought you knew. Anyway thanks for your reply, I’m looking forward to the video. I’m sure it will shed more light on the matter. All of this seems like what you described as the purgatory after death, but I also remember that you said through transmutation and uniting the conscious and the unconscious will you finally be able to break out of the purgatory. Maybe only at that time will one be able to see and to truely know for the first time.

    1. This is another video I think 🙂
      But simply…the answer is yes there is an out there, but the out there that you might expect is not the out there that is, at least not the rationally expected out there. And this out there is not outside the individual, it is instead the individual, and yet it is not, so it is outside and not…how typically catch 22, like all true sorcery.
      So you think that you need an out there because your physical senses have created one for you and now you expect that for the rest of reality, if a reality beyond this one exists. Well, such a reality does exist, it exists beyond the physical senses, and being that such a core (or more core like if you will) reality does exist, it is not what the physical senses expect. It is instead a rationally maddening perceptive point where the out there and the in here have a different conception, where all ideas of time and space from the rational view disappear.
      The out there is a rational construct and therefore true reality in the way that the rational mind expects, is construct that unfortunately is a false one, and yet such an underlying core exists, but it is not out there, it is both out there and in here simultaneously, and a core truth is there and here as well, and it is not a thing that is easily described.
      Where is all this? It is everywhere and nowhere, and this sounds like a silly trite answer but it is not. It only feels silly because some might trust the physical senses a little too much. I have recommended the book ‘The user illusion’ by Tor Norretranders, this book may reveal some of the illusion of current accepted reality.

      1. Hungry Gluttons

        I wouldn’t complain if you made another video. I watched the most recent one and it solved my question. Especially the part where you said that if you see grandma move a chair, then she actually moves a chair. This really confirmed everything for me that I wanted to know at that time.
        As for your reply here, I can pick up on the idea that there both is and isn’t an “out there”. So everything is inside, but some of that can be considered “outer” and some “inner”. I cannot get to the full realization of it (really see it) yet but I start to understand where this is going. Maybe everything is inside you, but not everything is created by you or under your power, and that’s the outer? So the inner is everything what’s truely yours, and the outer is what’s foreign, altought both are inside you (since space isn’t real there hardly can be anything actually external or outside I figure and everything is measured in dimensions). I have already read concepts about the holographic universe before and that everything is in the mind, but as you say there must be something foreign “out there”, not everything can be truely yours. The Oversoul, the Archon, all the galaxies, nonorganic beings and so on…they may be all inside (replica rooms in our minds?) but they seem still foreign and seem to exist independend from us as individual ghosts. Anyway again thanks a lot for your time and your replies, I’ll keep an eye out for new videos.

        1. Joseph Curwen

          The way I like to think of it is with the panpsychic hypothesis, which posits, as Erwin Schrödinger put it, that “The total number of minds in the universe is one. In fact, consciousness is a singularity phasing within all beings.” This one mind, the Godhead, Brahma, cosmic consciousness, or whatever you want to call it, in accordance with the observer effect, “dreams,” as it were, the matter/energy that constitutes the rest of existence into being, and is also the source of the consciousness of all individual beings. So, in the sense that at the deepest level, you are that one mind, else you could not exist, there is nothing outside of you. However, I don’t see how an individual could adopt this perspective, except to the extent that they are willing to dissolve their individuality into the collective mind. Individuality is a structure of limitation, a division of the universe into “I am this and not that.” So, from the perspective of an effort to preserve individuality, I see the ultimate lack of an inner/outer distinction as true, but irrelevant. This is, of course, not to say that it is impossible to transcend space and time. Light is outside both, it travels at the speed of causality itself, it is ageless and experiences departure and arrival, no matter how far away the two points are in space, simultaneously. Any being which has managed to transmute its body into one of light would experience life in such a way, which I presume accounts for the extraordinary perceptive powers of immortals as described in the book.

          1. Yes, this is a good description of the classical belief in the one mind, and within such a definition one can understand why there are certain groups, certain theologies as it were, that advocate a return to that one mind and in that return an oblivion, that they refer to as a kind of heaven, a Nirvana.
            Inner alchemists are not interested in such a return, and moreover they are able to, through their ability to perceive directly, to see, that there is a great deal of complexity in that one mind that such individuals strive for, which I have tried to describe as best I can in the book, the way of the death defier, by revealing the nature of the oversoul, and multiple oversouls all accessing different space-time coordinates in this particular location in order to grow and expand themselves, which as I have said is the mandate of heaven…along with AllThatIs that unites reality (that is this mind, but is far beyond, the one mind described here)
            For that reason, I have been very careful in how I try to describe the many contradictions between the out there in the in here, between the illusion of linear time and the energetic reality of all time existing now at this moment point. And this is also why I stress the ability of the individual to see such experience themselves directly, as opposed to trying to rely on just words, because it is that reliance on words that can create dogma that then can further have the individual believe that the mandate of heaven is about somehow returning to a kind of one mind as opposed to the expansion and the flowering of the individual into an intellect as it were, and energetic conglomeration, that can in time know that one mind directly but at the same time see past it by seeing through it as well.
            This last statement in the above paragraph is a key point in understanding the difference between the out there in the in here, between the objective and subjective, between linear time and all time.

            Please see my reply to Celso January 21, 2022 in the article “what is energy” for further comment on this.

  14. Joseph Curwen

    (Sorry if I was unclear, I wasn’t advocating dissolution into Nirvana, rather discussing the possibility in the abstract as a way of explaining my perspective on the topic raised.)

    Thanks for the link, I found the reply fascinating. Would it be accurate, then, to say that without the illusion of space and time to act as a filter the regular human mind would be overwhelmed with information, like the stereotypical HP Lovecraft protagonist?

    1. My apologies, I figure you had similar perceptions as mine on that topic but other people reading these comments in the future might not.
      Yes, definitely the HP protagonist is the best example, as I am certain he was writing from direct experience.
      Thanks Joseph!

    1. This is a difficult question to answer being that for example a certain individual might be able to stop physical pain. But if I understand your question correctly, then the answer would be that as soon as a person starts to move away from the third room of the projectionist, which means that they will be distancing themselves from three dimensional reality and the obsessions of the three dimensional self, then once the third room is left behind more and more, the pleasure and pain duality is left behind to that degree as well.

  15. Hello John,

    The question of time is perplexing for the average human being, according to the understanding of the alchemists. At the same time the human being has to cross the five rooms of the projectionist while his biological life exists. Here time is against him in a way. If accumulating energy is possible to prolong biological life, then this theme is fundamental to the success of crossing the five rooms. How to ensure that there is this necessary time? How to prolong biological life to succeed in crossing the five rooms?

    1. Yes definitely. This is why a big emphasis in writing about alchemists of the past has always centered on how they used their power (their philosophers stone) to acquire wealth and immortality. But never forget that those same alchemists can also in time begin to defy the laws of space and time as projectionists, so a master of the third room could live out great marvels in a short period of time in physical years, and if they can get over their obsession with the flesh as it were, they could use that extra time quite constructively to find ways to move beyond this dimension physically.

  16. Thanks for the answer.

    Yes I agree that seeking momentary physical riches is not as important as extending biological life to be able to cross the five rooms. I understand that it would be important if you could go into more detail on how to extend biological life with the energy that was accumulated by the alchemist.

    1. In Chapter 7 of the Magnum Opus, I mentioned a technique called, ‘using the stone in combination with thought forms’. In that general description I described using such thought forms in a general sense to acquire physical things. Such techniques, and refined versions of such thought forms can be used for many purposes.
      It is very hard to discuss certain material in an open comment page, and for that reason I am looking into some kind of membership only section where such implementation of techniques can be discussed in more detail, as to when I could make this happen and how, I am not certain yet. Here I will say that with the refinement of the stone, energy increases, and as energy increases so does focus, and when such focus is available, many things become possible.
      Also in chapter 7 of The Way of the Death Defier I mention an exercise there, ‘Using visualization to strengthen the physical body’.

      1. Tubular Bella

        When you create that membership-only section, I would like to join.

        1. I do have an email list that I use to let people know whenever a new book or something special is coming out. I hardly ever email anyone, but it is a way to stay ahead of any new book that I am putting out, or anything truly new that I am doing.

  17. It is a deeper book in content compared to other books in the trilogy. It reveals a paradox, which guides interested people to work now as alchemists so as not to die later. It is an approach that suggests changing the purpose of life to another way of understanding life, where it prioritizes preparation for death, instead of enjoying life in the traditional way that society imposes. Is this understanding correct?

    1. I would say that it is not about preparing to die but about learning to live more now, find true joy now! There is no after, there is only now! In this now live more, find joy more, now! This is a major theme of that book; the illusion of time as being sequential.
      The way of inner alchemy is about making every moment point utter bliss, in this life now, by understanding the totality of the self, by becoming conscious of the whole self and in doing so, in not preparing but in actually truly living for the first time, find in that burst of aware brilliance, a way to keep going into that brilliance endlessly! To expand endlessly now in the ‘now’ understood forever-ness of that bliss moment!!

  18. Let me start with a disclaimer…I am not a trained professional and cannot give medical or psychological advice and anything and everything in this website is my personal opinion only, and provided here for entertainment purposes only.
    With that being said, as I have pointed out in the book you mentioned the Magnum Opus, that it is highly important to be able to move energy across the meridians, and it is also highly important to maintain the tongue positioned in the manner shown in that book. If any excess energy is experienced or is accumulating, meaning that energy is not moving from the area due to personal issues, then this increase in energy can have negative effects if this energy confluence is large enough.
    If a regular person has problems, then a super person has super problems. Increased energy means becoming a little more super, I think this is the best way to think of it. In order for a person to develop energetically, they must let go of all of those things that may clutter them, and they must make in that sense completely sure that their meridians, their energetic body, is flowing freely.
    As such, any work that might increase the ability to flow that energy would in a sense be highly positive; such as your qi work, but as mentioned in the book,
    keep your tongue in the proper position and make sure your meridians are flowing, if you are not doing this then you are not doing the exercises as recommended.
    STOP until you feel positive about your energy flow and you talk to a medical professional, I cannot provide any answers in that arena as I am not a trained and professional person.
    From the point of view of this website and my personal opinion only, which is provided here for entertainment purposes only, I would point out that the below quote by Dion Fortune (in all loving kindness and with utter respect and humbleness) is very apt if you interchange ‘trained occultist’ with ‘energy accumulation’ and ‘magnetic personality’ with ‘high energy force’.
    “A trained occultist, especially if of a high grade, has an exceedingly magnetic personality, and this is apt to prove disturbing to those who are unaccustomed to high tension psychic forces. For whereas the person who is ripe for development will unfold the higher consciousness rapidly in the atmosphere of a high grade initiate, the person who is not ready may find these influences profoundly disturbing.”
    Dion Fortune.

  19. Hello John. Death defier has to certainly go into one of my favorite books of all time since it has shifted my perspective quite a bit in a unique way nothing else has. That being said, it has lead me with some questions.
    1. Death defier clearly outlines what happens to us as we die. That is all well and good, but it has left me questioning something. What happens to the entities/people of the other realities that we visit when they die? Do they follow the black sun process as average humans do, or will they each have something unique to their reality? Or could it be that some do while some don’t? I would expect worlds that are more parallel to this one (as in they are essentially our world but very minor differences like landscape changes) to also follow the black sun process since those inhabitants are still humans. Yet I could also see how ones that are very far from human-ness would have a different process. Or perhaps, there are some with no death process at all? Is that even possible?
    2. I am unsure where to look to to gain more energy. I have absorbed a lot of my past memories, yet I still feel lackluster in power level. Other than memory absorption and present emotion absorption, what are some of the other powerful ways an alchemist gains energy? I’ve considered predatory vampirism and taking lifeforce from others, though I am not sure if that is a path I want to commit to.
    3. There is a tricky thing about time that I’ve come to realize throughout the trilogy. It is described multiple times throughout the trilogy that in order to overcome death it may take a lifetime of work. Sounds fine, but then I thought about the time dilation a high level projectionist can experience. To where they can experience a lifetime within moments of the physical world. So then, does that mean an alchemist only achieves immortality through experiencing a single full lifetime of work, or by experiencing dozens upon dozens of lifetimes during their physical life span?
    4. I’ve always had a kinda strange thought/theory when it comes to servitors. I’ve dubbed it the “Infinite power glitch”. What it works off of is the idea that servitors can be made for any purpose that can be thought of. So then, I’ve thought what if you created a servitor who would assist in creating or charging servitors more powerfully? Or have them just serve the purpose of increasing your energy levels/potential for energetic work. After that, you would simply call upon the servitor to increase your ability, create a new servitor that functions in the same way, except this time it would be more powerful due to the help of the original. Rinse and repeat until infinite power has been achieved. Now obviously this is a bit of a silly idea, yet I can’t help be curious at its potential. Because theoretically we already have ‘godlike power’ potential from the unconscious. So perhaps this could draw power from the unconscious. Or maybe it’s just a silly idea without much actual potential energetic use. What do you think of this idea of an “Infinite power glitch”? Could it actually work?
    5. And finally, I will end my questions with a problem that has been simple yet annoying. I find I struggle to get myself to do energetic work. Whether it’s breathing mindfully or attempting a level of projection, I find it hard to get myself to just do the tasks. And I know the general tip is to treat it as a child would, and not as something serious, but that tip doesn’t seem to help as I don’t feel the motivation to do any task, regardless if I view it as serious or not. This has been a big hurdle that has inhibited my growth. And I can’t seem to find a good solution either. I think it is most likely the archon attempting to prevent me from freedom. Is there any advice/tips that you know that could potentially help me overcome this?

    1. It is my hope that time you will be able to answer these questions yourself using your inner senses, so that in that way you can find your own unique answers that may better suit the trajectory of your own path.
      But I will do the best that I can to answer these for you here.
      1. All awareness will eventually find its way to the Black Sun. How it gets there and how long it takes for it to get there can be a unique experience depending on the variability of that awareness, especially if that awareness is organic or inorganic, with non-organic in general having a far longer lifespan and therefore a far longer progression to the Black Sun.
      2. A person’s energy level is not something that can easily be judged in accordance with what the average world expects. That is, it is not like feeling like you have had a large americano coffee for example (:)). Instead it is this progressive and often times impossible to even measure within yourself thing, where one day you just kind of wake up to the fact that you have been doing things that has been impossible for you to do in the past, and perhaps even impossible for most average people to do in general.
      An inner alchemist one they wakes up, and they find that they can do things that they could not do before, and that these things continue to happen in their lives, and that some of these things begin to defy what is possible for what they consider to be average possibilities.
      As to how to increase power, well before you consider some kind of predatory activity, I would personally suggest that you try energetic containment first, being that while absorbing from past energetic wounds is a way to gain energy from such past loss, we are nevertheless constantly losing energy right here right now, due to our excessive focus on unimportant things and having inconsequential emotional outbursts. Work on energetic containment and allow your energy level to increase without trying to judge so much what that increase would be like.
      3. This is a good question that reveals the nature of personal reality. What I mean by this is that a lifetime of work is a relative issue to some extent and that yes it does involve a person’s lifetime, but each lifetime is not a particularly ruled and measured segment. Certainly from just the physical perspective one could say that on average a person lives for certain number of years, but even within that measure it could be understood that certain people live more than others as it were. An inner alchemist strives to live with an intensity that makes them have what could subjectively be termed an incredibly long lifetime; great intensity (again this is using physical human measurement of the times and their conceptions of certain psychological factors). What this means in reality in accordance to the way of inner alchemy is that as their energy increases, and their ability to focus and do things that the average person cannot becomes more and more possible for them, the intensity of their inner experience is such that it can allow them to even break the life-and-death cycle that they have been bound to. The measure of this time will not be found and cannot be found just by thinking in terms of physicality and general psychology as it is described by the modern world, it is instead a personal issue having to do with energy and intensity. And whether that intensity feels like two seconds or a thousand years is not important in a certain way, because all such judgment cannot ultimately define or clearly measure the intensity of what the inner experience can be.
      Strive for self containment and use that unmeasurable intensity to find your own energetic truth as a seer, strive to cross the rooms of the projectionist (this is intensity enough!), and in doing so allow the unfoldment of your life to follow its own course in accordance to your individuality, and not the measurement of the times.
      4. I believe that you are looking at certain definitions and contemplating the very edge of them, which is a good thing, but it can lead to some problems especially if you are not ‘seeing’ yourself, but just intellectually debating these issues in your mind. In this case, to create such a thing that can feed itself and regenerate itself in a way, crosses the boundary of servitors and posits the ability of the creator to create life itself, something that I have attributed to the oversoul. To posit that the unconscious has godlike powers one must also define what godlike powers are, specifically what such powers are within each bounding dimension. The God of this dimension for example pales in comparison to the scale available to the oversoul, this has nothing to do with trying to say that this God is greater than another God per se, but it has everything to do with letting go of intellectual definitions and instead projecting your essence outwardly and in that way feeling the edge of a certain dimension, understanding how the unconscious can cross such dimensions, and how in doing so it gets closer and closer to the God of it as it were, which is the oversoul. And in that crossing you may find that all definition fades, and all rules and words become meaningless.
      There a servitor is just a word used to define the creations possible within a certain bounding of dimension, and what can be created up and beyond such a dimension are beyond measure, such as the personalities that may become us but not us, the dream entities that are sometimes us in dreams but not us somehow in dreams; other life created by us? Where do we begin and where do we end? How many of us are there? Where do you end and where do you start?
      It is not my wish to try and create riddles for you in your mind, but instead to describe how all attempts to try to figure things out on a purely one dimensional intellectual level will always lead you to bounding edges as you try to define one thing from one point of view only, while in crossing into another dimension and another point of view, all such definitions become irrelevant and reveal greater energetic truths about the nature of who you are and what you can be. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.
      5. In the past and throughout my books, especially my early ones that do deal with such things as servitors for example, I have tried to point out how the gravity of the world is indeed a hurdle that must be overcome, and that this hurdle can be overcome through the focus of attention. What I mean by this is that by focusing your attention lightly and maintaining that focus in whatever way you can at the moment, you can begin to create momentum in a certain direction. By doing so you begin small movement away from a certain position let us say, and you begin to move in another and in doing so you slowly begin to do, to take inner action.
      So the trick then is, if you would call this a trick at all, is to lightly focus on thinking what it is that you want to do. For example if you want to do push-ups, because you are trying to work out, but the thought of doing push-up hurts because certainly you do not want to feel the pain and the stress and the effort of it. Then the idea is to not do push-ups physically, but just lightly think of push-ups and allow that focus of attention to propel you into thinking more and more about what it is that you want to do until eventually you find that you have enough momentum to actually go and do such a thing. This is how all things are done and accomplished in the end (attention creates everything), at least by those that are individually choosing their own path as opposed to being whipped into thinking and therefore doing what others want.

  20. Joseph Curwen

    If I understood the book correctly, immortal refers to a person whose energetic makeup is such as to no longer be inherently unsustainable, as opposed to being indestructible. So when someone attains immortality, do they also transcend the “anything that can happen will happen at some point” principle? Because if not, I don’t see how it wouldn’t be a certainty that no matter how inconceivably vast their life might be, they would either fall victim to one of the predators you mention, or perhaps in a more subtle sense, become bored with the portion of the universe they can access as an individual and choose either to attain Nirvana or enter a black hole.

    1. It can sometimes be very difficult to try and wrap your head around the possibilities available to an individual that has the ability to move well past this dimension, if you are only trying to perceive what those possibilities are from that original dimension.
      What I mean by this is that the, “anything that can happen will happen at some point” point of view is quite simply a point of view from this dimension only, or a better way to say that would be that while infinity from this dimensional point of view might seem to take the form of some kind of explosion, like the Big Bang for example, from the perspective of someone that has left this dimensional bounding, infinity is more like a river. In accordance to the rational view from this dimension, that river must always meet itself and cross upon itself multiple times and in doing so it must eventually somehow create an explosion like sequence as it moves outwardly, in other words infinity from this dimensional logic posits that all possible things become at some point in infinity, and that infinity equates with immortality. But from an inner alchemists seeing, this is not the case and indeed such a view of infinity as being like an explosion pushing outward, all possibilities become a thing in the infinity of time, is just one dimensional viewpoint that again posits that there is a termination point to the universe.
      In multiple dimensions infinity is not a Big Bang but it is instead a river that flows through doors that may lead to potential crossroads, but that also have the possibility to flow endlessly outwardly. Indeed, the true meaning of immortality is being at the head of that river and facing life as it is coming at you instead of looking back at it as it is flowing away from you. This is a difficult concept to put into words.

      1. Joseph Curwen

        Illuminating and fascinating reply as always. The last part about looking forward instead of back I find particularly interesting, it reminds me of one of the first things about physics I remember learning, that one never actually sees the present but rather the past with the gap being determined by the speed of light. It also helps explain why precognition is more common in dreams and dream-like states than in normal waking life as they are closer to the less time-bound parts of ourselves. Another thing it reminds me of is that in some Buddhist traditions, it is said that enlightenment is a shift in perception, “Samsara is Nirvana,” instead of an energetic transmutation. I wonder if there might be some overlap.

        It also reminds me of something I find fascinating about the alchemical vs rational viewpoints, that in some respects it seems to me that instead of always opposing each other they are sometimes more like surreal mirror images of each other and end up assuming characteristics one associates with the other. Rationalism says that nothing comes of nothing, one must hit one object with another to make it move, alchemy says one must expend energy here in order to produce an effect there. Rationalism says that freedom is about becoming successful in this, the only real world, success usually measured in terms of money. Alchemy says that freedom is about escaping from this world, and in order to do so one must accumulate energy like a miser. Rationalism says one is one’s physical body and that it must be preserved at all costs by the appropriate consumption of other objects, failure to do so means certain antihalation. Alchemy says that the physical body is a trap tying us to the world we must escape from, and that in order to do so that body must be made immortal, sustained throughout eternity by energy originally fluid but transmuted into a kind of stone, the hardest of all objects. And finally, here, the rational viewpoint says that anything that is possible will happen, the universe is infinitely fluid, alchemy that it is possible to collapse the wave function so to speak and establish a clear delineation between the real and the imagined, the distinction which more than any other is the foundation of the rational standpoint.

  21. Joseph Curwen

    Could you go into more detail about life from the point of view of the unconscious? I understand that from the perspective of the average person the unconscious is indeed unconscious in the sense of not being within normal waking awareness, but if even inanimate objects have a form of rudimentary consciousness mustn’t the unconscious in reality be conscious to some extent too?

    1. I think that in order to answer this question I want to make a video being that it is a complex and very interesting question that I think many people would enjoy hearing about. I will try to remember to post the link to that video here when it is done. Thanks Joseph.

  22. Hello John. There have been a few ideas/questions that have been somewhat troubling me in regards to the future of technology and the path of inner alchemy. These breakdown into 3 major questions
    1. How should alchemists deal with devices such as the Neuralink? A device that can manipulate our brain sounds like a very double-edged sword. On one hand, it could be used to access the parts of the brain that alchemists seek to, and could be used to more easily guarantee a way of strong focus. On the other, it could do the opposite and prevent us from using the crucial parts for alchemy. I believe I remember in one of your books you mentioned how brain devices in the future could forever seal our fate as being slaves to the archon. I may be wrong in that remembering, but if I am not could you elaborate further?
    2. This one is probably the biggest problem that inner alchemists will face ever (at least in terms of challenges from the physical world). The idea of being able to overcome death through the use of technology. Now this isn’t a guaranteed future, but let’s just say that this will be our future. Technology develops to the point where it can both reverse aging and cure any illness or any bodily wound, even to the extremes. Should an alchemist partake in such form of immortality? On one hand, it can allow for an alchemist to have more time to practice alchemical techniques, and gives more time for refinement before losing our physical anchor. On the other, it could lead to complacency as death will already have been mostly overcome, so at that point many will question the point of the alchemical journey.
    3. The final question is all about AI and its role to an inner alchemist. If AI were to seemingly become sentient, a big question I would have is where did it gain its consciousness from? Did the archon give it? Could it also have an unconscious? Would that then come from an oversoul choosing to have one of its incarnations be through an AI? And if both of those are then involved, could an AI have a ghost mind as well? Could AI become inner alchemists, capable of manipulating energy?
    All in all, I think that technology may have a massive role in shaping the future of inner alchemy. What this role and shaping does, is yet to be determined. I just hope that it will be a good one.

    1. Hi Sam:
      1. I have said in the past that, as I put it, when they place the smart phone in your brain, is when the Archon will permanently trap humanity within the ‘flesh’ of three dimensions. Quite simply, if we look at the smart phone, it is quite easy to see that such devices are incredibly manipulated. Even though there is this great benefit from some of this tech, from a broader point of view we can see that there is a give-and-take. There are certain benefits, but those benefits are, at least in my opinion, outweighed by the kind of control and manipulation that is possible. And being that such tech is so prolific now, this control is now global.

      2. Now imagine how such biological chip technology might be used once it is allowed to be permanently placed in the brain. Certainly, some people will find great benefit from this evolving technology, but that increasing power will come at a cost, and that cost will be that those that participate willingly or otherwise in the use of such technology will in the end find themselves wholly and utterly trapped within a very limited range of dimensional possibilities.
      For an inner alchemist to escape the binding of the six walls, they must be able to let go of the crowd, of the mass of humanity, because within the mass, there is a gross of the mind, and embedded already within the mind is the Archon. Once such devices are in your biology, and being that such devices will be controlled just like smart phones are controlled, and such control will come from what is in essence now the Archon, then such devices will truly be the end of a certain branch of potential humanity. In colloquial terms one could say that at that time we will be far more Borg than Q.

      3. In this case, one could say that being that the mass of humanity is moving in a certain direction, an inner alchemist must move along in that direction to some degree as well. For example, as a modern person we may eat and drink as modern people do, and take advantage of certain medical benefits, certain technologies. But again as you probably already know, especially in these modern times, everything comes at a price, there are positives and negatives to everything, and all that you have to do is to look around your world to see what is what. I will leave it at that here because being that we are using modern technology, I have to be careful because even though there is great freedom in being able to participate in the technology that I am using to talk to you, there are also potential dangers. So, I will leave it at that in that regard for you to do your own research.
      As such, it will be up to each individual to judge the merits and the potential dangers of what is to come. Generally speaking though, I would say that my current is more interested in the way of the individual as opposed to modern and mass trends.

      In answering this question, I would actually refer you to two videos that I have done which I think answered this set of questions far better than I could in a small post:
      I would end this comment by saying that if artificial intelligence were to be able to tap into actual consciousness, as I describe using plasmoids in the video mentioned above, then such a thing would no longer be ‘artificial’ intelligence, in essence it would be life and there would be nothing artificial about it. So that modelling of terms can get us in trouble because it gives us faulty logical conclusions. It is most important to look into these or else you will never get the right answer.

  23. Joseph Curwen

    With regard to 1, I can see the brain implant making it impossible for a person to undertake mental alchemical techniques, but I wonder about interdimensional portals existing in the external world. We know, for example, from the cases of people who suddenly wake up in the middle of open fields with no physical trace of having moved there in the 3-d world, that it is possible for people to move through such portals without even intending to. Furthermore, I would expect that the same technological proliferation which makes the implants possible would also tend to make information about the portals’ locations and what lies on the other end more easily disseminated and also make transportation to such locations more easy and affordable.

    With regard to technological immortality, my guess, based on the stories which survive of the high points civilizations reached during past Yuga cycles, that it probably isn’t literally possible. The accounts talk about people who lived for centuries or even millennia, but compared to true immortality this is obviously still quite short.

    With regard to artificial intelligence, I would think that AIs already have a kind of primitive mind based on the consciousnesses of the natural resources from which the machine’s components were made, which would be fused together by being so tightly interwoven during the manufacturing process.

  24. Joseph Curwen

    To what extent do the categories of immortal and ascended master overlap?

    Regarding the almost successful practitioner who fails to attain immortality but does obtain a massively extended lifespan, what is it that prevents them from using all of that time to fix their energetic structure?

    1. In this case, as I try to outline as best I can in the book, ‘The Way of the Death Defier, in order to do whatever it is that they have to do, they need energy. It is energy in the end the limits how much time they have and what success they may have in fixing their problems as it were.
      If they have not gained enough energy by the time they leave their biological body permanently (a.k.a. biological death) then they may need to find other ways to sustain themselves, and that comes with its own problems which can further lead to entrapment.Anything is possible in the end, but certainly time is against them being that there always edging closer to the Black Sun. Another thing that is highly important here, is understanding that current rational conceptions of time can hinder the understanding of what eternity or immortal might mean once you leave three dimensional rational perspectives.
      Sorry, I am not sure which mean by overlap, and what you mean by (that is how you define) ascended Master and immortal.

  25. Hey John, I’ve watched some of your videos and found the one about the subconcious very interesting. Where you mention that even statues might have a subconsious and exist in other dimensions in ways we can not see or maybe even imagine. In your book you said that the subconcious is in essence immortal and it’s the consciousness of humans that can die. But what about plants, animals and even statues? Would you say they are immortal and maybe even “enlightened” by default since they seem to exist in a state of “no-self” as some hindus and buddhists call it, their conciousness being purely or mostly subconcious. Do you think (or maybe the better term would be *see*?) that what we humans call “death” only affects us, is only real for us because we make it real by virtue of a fragmented consciousness and our self-awareness and thinking? If an animal dies, does it just leave the physical body and returns to its oversoul? Since there is no consciousness or self-awareness as we humans experience it, there is nothing that can die and dissolve? Wouldn’t it be very ironic if only humans could really die, the ones who think they are the highest and most evolved creation of all? Some online guru once said that there is no death for animals, they don’t worry about dying. They are pure being and much closer to god than humans. Death exists only for humans. Is there some truth to it?

    If animals are immortal “by default”, what about pets who are in long contacts with their owners? By being around humans, being talked to, observing them and being cared for and loved, wouldn’t it be possible for them to eventually obtain a certain kind of awareness and self-awareness and start thinking, in essence becomming real individual beings. Would that then make them “mortal”, like their human owners as they now posess a consciousness in addition to their natural subconsciousness? That of course raises the question if animals have a ghost in the machine, and if not if pets can develop it. I have observed pets who are wild and more animal-like when they are young, but after many years of living with and around humans they become very sophisticated, seemingly wise and intelligent, to astounding degrees even. Hope you can share your wisdom with me.

    1. This is a very interesting question, and a difficult one to answer simply because there so much nuance in it.
      In order to try to understand some of the full scope of the nuance of it, I highly recommend the book, The Way of the Death Defier, where I try to put together the general schema of who we are, and what happens to us after physical death.
      Generally speaking though, in accordance with the terms and material that I outlined in that book, you could say, again in simple terms, that different species are endowed with different levels of what could be termed sentience.
      We are all unique, and beyond that each species on this planet is unique as well. There are different aspects that affect consciousness, different forces. Depending on these forces, one could say that certain species might act in a more conscious manner, while another species might be completely unconscious in its actions.
      There is much nuance of course to conscious and unconscious, and a lot of this nuance is hard to describe because it basically boils down to different dimensional locations possible for any particular awareness, and more generally by each particular species.
      Animals in that sense then, do die, everything dies, everything will make its way to the black sun, and the general characteristics of that motion towards the black sun, will have a uniqueness in accordance to the degree of what we might call conscious and unconscious possibilities available to that species.
      Because of that lack of ego within what might be termed the animal kingdom (and again this is relative to species, and to individuals within that species, something that is not quite understood at the moment), an animal to the degree of its sentience let us say, will not fight the stages of death, the stages of the movement towards the black sun, in the same way that a person who is endowed with a strong ego, might. But the animal still dies, and it will enter and be consumed by the black sun like anything else. But due to the fact that its ego is not developed you might say, in that sense then, it will make such a journey with much greater ease than would a person.
      And depending on the complexity of that biological organism, there might be a flow in between life and death that is much simpler and quicker for such organisms. But this does not mean that they are eternal and undying, because in that sense we humans are also eternal and undying, in that we are all bound in the life and death cycle, and aspects of us do indeed churn and are brought back in many combinations over and over again.
      One could say that the only real difference between such really simple lifeforms, or those forms of existence that have very little ego let us say, is that there is very little chance of them of ever escaping that life and death cycle, while the ego within us gives us the possibility of moving beyond this dimensional zone, while they, for the moment at least until they become more complicated, are quite simply stuck within, or you could say are an essential part of, the dimensional zone, the universe, that we referred to as reality.
      But, there is far more out there than just this albeit large universe. The dimensional possibilities out there are infinite from our point of view, and there are indeed potential dimensional states available to us, to us humans with complex egos, That can indeed be said to be free of what could be termed death.

      1. I appreciate your reply John. I was asking from the assumption that animals operate from the unconscious, or at least for the most part as it is often said. I tought because they seem to have no “ego”, there is nothing to actually die. I remember that you said in your book that the unconscious returns to the oversoul, it passes through the black sun while the conscious cannot. That’s why I tought they are immortal. I already began to re-read your magnum opus trilogy again, maybe I find out more this time or remember again what I have forgotten.
        Since we are on the topic of animals, have you ever wondered about cats? They seem to stand out from all the other animals. I don’t know if you deem this as pertinent to the topic but for me it is. Lovecraft is said to have loved cats a lot, he even dedicated a story for them. The one online guru I mentioned above also calls cats “enlightened masters”. Various old and modern-day accounts of cats seemingly randomly saving human lifes exist. In ancient Egypt they were worshipped and regarded as holy. The islamic prophet Mohammad declared cats as divine and had them protected. In Japan cats are sometimes said to have a very powerful spirit. In the medieval ages the church killed a lot of cats because they feared them. Also cats are sometimes said to be healers or guardian angels, or guardians of the underworld. There are also a lot of accounts of people seeing the ghost of their cat to still roam the house for years after it passed on.
        I find this very fascinating, surely there must be a reason for why so much cat love and myths exist. Why do cats often enjoy such a high status and sometimes seem to be not only higher than other animals but even higher than human? Is it just myths? But then again you said that all myths are real. It wouldn’t even surprise me if at least some cats had a developed ghost themselves, or a very elaborate form of consciousness. I don’t know if you can comment anything on that or not, but if you can please do. Thank you for your time.

        1. I can see we are trying to say here about your idea of immortal is being like an unconscious that keeps going round and round. But if they are working on an unconscious, and this is indeed the case, with certain types of really simple organisms having very massive kinds of collective unconsciousness, let us say, then that unconscious will go back to the oversoul, you see.
          That unconscious in whatever form, does go back. It experiences a certain thing in accordance to the perspective of a certain biological organism, and then it goes back.
          Now, the biology, the material essence of all things, including those simple biological organisms that I speak of, they do have a kind of material consciousness you might say, and this does return over and over unchanged, and in that sense it could be said to be immortal, this matter. But that material will also go through many changes in accordance with different dimensional laws that are ever present in this universe. As I said this universe is very large, this supposedly wholly three-dimensional universe that we see as we look out into the outer cosmos is more varied than is imagined.
          As to cats, well:

          1. Wow, I didn’t expect to get a video here, a nice surprise. I too always tought that cats are master projectionist and that they can see other dimensions. They are fascinating and I basically agree with most, if not everything that lovecraft says in his essay “Cats and Dogs”, however my biggest interest is the occult side of them. Regarding they are master projectionists and in contact with other worlds, I want to find out where they go after death, what they really are, in what other dimensions they live and so on. But I see that I will only get a true answer and find out the secrets of the cats if I project out there and see for myself.
            Speaking of becoming a projectionist, as I am reading through your books again I realize that you do a very good job of providing all the necessary fundamentals for your reader while leaving out all the unecessary and potentially harmful crap that so many other wannabe gurus are trying to feed us. I am reminded of another guy I saw on the internet years ago who always said that you should learn the fundamentals, no matter what you do. Fundamentals are most important, only from solid fundamentals can you truly grow. Your books are among the very best I have ever found, and definetly worth re-reading a bunch of times in order to get the fundamentals. It is said that only after reading a book around 10 times will you discover most of the meaning and remember most of the content, altought I do not mean to say that reading is more important than doing the actual work. As beginners we need to remind ourselves and immerse ourselves in the topic over and over again until it becomes natural and our minds get permantly on board with it. Repetition is the key to mastery, not only with the exercises but also in the beginning with learning the fundamentals. And your books do a very good job with that.
            Thank you for that and thanks for the reply.

  26. GhostInABody

    Dear John,

    actually I’m working on your book „Way of the Projectionist“ and am at the practice for Room 1, now.
    This means: looking at the blackness of the inside of your eyelids – „without thinking“ in order to advance.

    What exactly is this no-thinking that you want to be achieved?
    Is it only „following“ some random thoughts and thus drifting off, or is it ANY random thought, even if it just takes 1 second or even less?

    To clarify, I am able to stay in the present moment, feel myself inside the body, feel the I AM for those 5 minutes, even if suddenly a random picture or thought appears in my mind.
    Therefore, even if such sudden pictures, words or thoughts appear from time to time, I don’t „follow“ them, but instead push them away instantly.

    Is this good enough regarding „no-thought“, or do you demand absolutely no sudden and random thoughts at all, even not for a mili-second, so to say?


    1. Terribly sorry for the late reply Ghost, I have been having some issues with my comments.
      I would say that in reference to this exercise, you would need to try to achieve no thought down to the millisecond as you say.
      This can be difficult but it can be essential once you start moving deeper into some of the other rooms, because such distracting thoughts can actually open up portals that will then lead you to places that you may not want to go. In other words, as you go deeper and deeper, these random thoughts become more and more important because they cause deep change that can have major consequences, such as taking you over and over again, through randomly created portals, where you do not want to go.
      Also, be careful of how far you “drift off”, because even though there is a need for the body to relax and to naturally fall into an altered state as it were, there has to be an aspect of yourself that needs to stay conscious or else these stray thoughts as I have said, will take you down an unconscious road that will have you fall asleep in a regular way.
      What you want to achieve his completely conscious motion; lucid motion.

  27. Immortality is for the brave!
    When we think about the possibility of living for much longer, compared to the average human being’s lifetime, do we think that this new life implies being willing to live alone?
    Is the common human being prepared to endure this new life? You will manage to keep your sanity, because everything you knew during your normal life will have ceased to exist.
    Will he be prepared to broaden his awareness, learn more and more, without getting tired?
    Can you feel happy living like this? Or will you lose interest in an endless life?

    1. Very good and interesting thoughts, but do remember that there is expansion, and with the expansion new things become possible. The idea is not to live as you are judging time in the same way that you now perceive it, but to go beyond such a self and exist in a paradigm beyond current conception, where the feeling of self broadens in ways that allow for different conceptions of time in different conceptions of interrelation.

  28. Hello John. I recently finished the Book of Remembering, and funnily enough despite it being a book about giving answers to questions, I found myself just coming up with more questions. It would be very much appreciated if you answer them, as the first especially has been troubling me. So, here they are:

    1. There has been a very important seeming confliction about what you have said about servitor identities. There have been a number of instances where you mention that it is totally fine to use a fictional character for your servitor. But, this has a major confliction with something else, which is that you have said that your servitors identity should be kept extremely private and confidential, from their looks to their name. And if you are using a fictional character from a very popular series, then neither of those would be private or confidential. So, what is going on here? Is there data I am misunderstanding?

    2. It is known that servitors can have a variety of forms. But one I have never quite heard used, and am curious about, is a servitor form that mixes with the alchemists physical body. What I mean by this is having a servitor form ‘fuse’ with the physical to create a ‘hybrid’. Like let’s say an alchemist has a cat servitor related to sleep, and the servitor ‘fuses’ with the alchemist to ‘give’ them cat ears and a tail or something. And I don’t mean for this to lead to any type of actual change where the alchemist physically gets said features. I’m just curious about the potential of a servitor that can ‘fuse’ with the alchemists body.

    3. A final thought I have had is about ‘enchanting’ objects. Essentially, what if you took the thought power that is used to shape a servitors power, and applied it to a physical object instead. Could this be used to have an ‘enchanted’ object? I’d imagine yes, as that would explain the phenomena of people having ‘lucky’ items such as socks and rabbit feet, but I’d still like to hear your thoughts.

    1. I will do the best I can with these:
      1. The idea of keeping such creations to yourself becomes applicable when others know that you have and are creating such things. In other words, you should not tell others of your doings in this regard. If you have created a servitor that greatly resembles a famous popular character, then the idea is not to tell others that you have done so, and not so much that that name is already famous. I hope that you can understand the difference, sorry I am not trying to be difficult. The fact that you create a servitor of something or someone famous, can actually help in that the attention of others helps to bolster that personality, and you can tap into that power to bolster your own servitor. But if others know that you have such a servitor, then that attention turns from a positive to a potential negative in that their intention may then be negative. I hope you get what I mean.
      2. Yes such a fusion is possible, and it is also possible to create servitor’s that in time can expand the variance of the practitioners consciousness. All such practices are possible and I do believe they are being explored by many other practitioners. I have not as of yet gone into such techniques because I think that there still a need to create a more foundational matrix before I get into some of the more obscure practices possible. But if you feel that you are ready you should pursue whatever technique you think would benefit you.
      3. Yes, this is possible and it is being done. The general nature of power objects, as you mentioned is based on such techniques.

  29. Mr. Kreiter,

    There is a question that surely all your readers would want to ask: are there inner alchemists, practitioners of the techniques of alchemy, who have achieved immortality as described in your books?
    Why is achieving immortality so difficult, time-consuming, and effortful?

    1. The simple answer is yes, but how could such a thing be proven? In the end the answer to such a question becomes dogma, unless you become powerful enough to be able to perceive energy directly yourself. You do not have to become an immortal, but you do need to be able to perceive energy directly, and in that way see for yourself if there is indeed other life beyond physicality, and what the nature of that life is.
      the difficulty boils down to gravity, density. In the best of terms we could say that we are here in this very tough school, a school that has a great deal of gravity or density if you like, and because of that thickness and weight everything becomes difficult, even remembering to do something, to strive for immortality let us say, becomes difficult. The world weighs us down, but just like doing heavy weights, that effort makes us stronger, more powerful, more determined. And it is those qualities that must be a prerequisite for attaining any kind of freedom.

  30. In your material you talk about the Black Sun and the dangers that focusing on it entails. While researching the Black Sun, I’ve come across certain individuals who not only focus on the Black Sun regularly, but claim to draw power from it. These individuals I would describe as left hand path, and they speak of being advised to do this by inorganic beings they work with. Is this the same Black Sun that you speak of in your material? If so, then how are these practitioners drawing power from this structure without being destroyed as you describe?

    1. I can only give you my opinion on this, and so this is my opinion only. That opinion is that these practitioners are not focusing on what I refer to as the Black Sun. They are most likely focusing on the centre of that dark inorganic being they worship; which in the very midst of it, in the centre of it, can appear as a dark void where the very essence of the power of it resides.
      The Black Sun that I speak of is a singularity point, THE singularity point, at the centre of our dimension you might say. And there is a difference between focusing your attention, and seeing, with the latter being a far more intense linking that in essence makes the observer and the observed one. And while such practitioners might be attempting such seeing, perhaps their attempts are not as successful on certain occasion, and indeed perhaps an aspect of their practice is the hopeful and eventual ability to truly become one with those that they worship, so once they become true seers of those that they worship, they leave this world and join them out there (this is a secret).
      But the seeing of the singularity point that I speak of would not only fracture and destroy a human seer, it would even destroy those supposed Titans (inorganic beings) that such practitioners worship.

  31. Mr. kreiter

    When reading his trilogy over and over again, a theme emerges that has not yet been fully clarified: what is the real difference between the Conscious Self (imposed by the Archon) and the Ghost in the Machine?
    If the Ghost in the Machine is the mind, which grows and develops, what exactly is this Conscious Self and how is it perceived by the Ghost?
    For after biological death, only the Ghost in the Machine and the Unconscious would remain.

    1. From the point of view of an average person, the conscious-self is the mind; it is the only mind that they will know for the most part. To the average person, the voices inside their head (the conscious-self) is all that they know. And if they might develop a greater intellect, like the ability to use the mind to visualize or to perceive things internally to a small degree, most people will not be able to ever realize that their mind has two aspects as it were (two compartments). The first aspect, as I have tried to describe in the past, can be thought of sort of like a radio wave, a frequency that is being projected upon the unconscious. This radio wave (projected by the Archon) creates through that resonance an interference wave within the unconscious, fragments a small top layer of that unconscious, and because of the self-centred power this powerful frequency you might say, it is able to override the relatively ego-less unconscious and from then on rule a person.
      The ghost in the machine is like an extra accidental layer that is created when the conscious self and the unconscious come together thanks to that jamming frequency. In many ways you could say that it is the true mind, the real intellect, this accidentally created compartment. And it is this accidental compartment created by the fusion of the conscious-self and the unconscious that has the possibility to grow beyond the compartment created by the interference wave of the Archon. This means that it can grow bigger than the conscious-self, surpass it, and it is the true source of our intellect; true intelligence. Beyond this, it has the potential to grow to such power that it can steal the compartment created by the archon from the archon itself, unite that with the great powerful depths of the unconscious, and use both to move into locations beyond anything currently understood as space or time.

      1. Temporarily agreeing with this dogma for the purposes of illustration, in an ordinary person the mind would be the CONSCIOUSNESS created by the Archon. That same ordinary person when he realizes and uses self-awareness in everyday life, this I AM, this person would manifest his personality only through this Archon creation.

        According to his explanation, it seems that at some point there may be 2 CONSCIOUS, 2 minds; beyond the UNCONSCIOUS. But his explanation also states that the CONSCIOUS (Archon’s creation) will be the only mind that an ordinary person will know. In his book it is stated that after biological death the CONSCIENT disintegrates as well as the biological body, leaving both behind. Only the UNCONSCIOUS and the ghost in the machine immediately survive biological death.

        But wouldn’t that be a contradiction? How could the ghost in the machine survive if for an ordinary person, he never knew this ghost or developed it? How can this I AM exist for this ordinary person since he was the CONSCIOUSNESS created by Archon and left behind.

        This understanding still eludes me.

        1. The ghost in the machine survives physical death, but only for a short period Of time. Since inner time has a different measure you might say than physical time, the length of this existence is relative in accordance with intensity. But the length of the existence of the ghost in the machine after biological death can be a pretty short one and is only a result of the relative intensity of the person’s life during physical existence. In other words, the ghost in the machine will survive to the relative degree that it was worked with and identified by a person while they were alive. If a person lives a life of relative self ignorance, which is the life that most people lead and live unfortunately, then the ghost in the machine will not survive very long after biological death; it will be caught and consumed by the Black Sun in short order, in relative terms in accordance to the measure of time in inner space.
          If for whatever reason the ghost becomes known to the individual or the intensity of the life of the individual is such that the ghost is forced to develop in whatever way, then the relative length of that ghost’s existence after biological life will be extended; the more That the ghost is able to develop and evolve during biological life, the longer that it exists after biological death. But in either case, that length of time of existence after biological death will not be indefinite. Again, this is a very difficult topic to discuss because intensity, being the true measure of time, can mean that a certain ghost might exist for a relatively long time compared to others. As I tried to discuss in the book, even fractured aspects of the ghost might exist longer than others, and such occurrences create what might be referred to as ghost hauntings.

  32. Tubular Bella

    Hi John. You mentioned in this book how death defiers learn to obtain energy in the dark sea, after physical death. Would you please explain how a death defier can obtain energy this way? I am a bit confused…is the cauldron strictly a physical body emanation, or do we still have it after death? I imagine that we will still have it since you said that we must store enough energy in the cauldron to avoid the second death, but if we still have it, then why can’t we continue to use the techniques you describe in, The Vampires’ Way, after death? I hope there are other ways to gain energy than looking for dark entities to fight and vampirize, though, I’m guessing even that’s somehow not possible following death or you would not have said that we must have enough energy to make it through the seven rooms before our energy runs out, after death. So, does one only learn how to obtain energy once they have made it through the last room? Why can’t one simply absorb energy from Source…which I’m assuming is also the Black Sun? So how does a death defier obtain energy following death? Lastly, did you ever consider putting your best works into a single huge, quality, maybe leather-bound, volume?

    1. In the book I try to explain that after physical death the absorption of energy becomes highly limited, and this is why anyone attempting immortality needs to absorb and develop their philosophers stone as much as possible ‘before’ physical death.
      This is done through great focus of attention while a person is physically alive. This is something that requires a great deal of concentration in the energetic ‘reconfiguration’ of the physical body and the energetic body in order to create something that will withstand the separation that happens at the point physical death. I tried to spell out the The steps of this reconfiguration in this book.
      If there are beings that do decide to attempt absorbing energy after physical death, they will find that this is very difficult, and the only real way that they might be able to succeed in this, is to make a pact as it were with non-organic entities that do all the heavy lifting for them in exchange for their eternal services. And by eternal I do not mean forever, I mean as long as such formerly human beings can serve their new masters which can at times mean hundreds of years. But the moment that they are no longer a service, their non-organic masters will consume them and move on. This is a very predatory affair that can extend awareness to some degree after death, but it is not the way of the true death defier. This is just trading one cage for another.

      1. Tubular Bella

        Thanks, John. I’ll have to go through that book again and try to find where you mentioned the reconfiguration of the physical and energetic bodies. I understand about developing the energy body but for some reason, I can’t remember anything about REconfiguration and I thought I read it very thoroughly. I was unable to put the book down – It was so good and full of information that I haven’t seen anywhere else. But maybe I need to read it again. I have no interest whatsoever in making deals with the devil, so to speak, and I remember all that you’ve said in this book and your other books, about that.

        1. In the book I use the word ‘configuration’ often, and it is my attempt at explain that the movement from one room to the next creates a kind of change in energetic shape. A ‘new configuration’, (a new energetic shape) happens slowly as you progress through the rooms of the projectionist. One of those ‘re-configurations’ is turning the ethereal cauldron and philosophers stone into a kind of new thing, akin to the solidifying of a servitor let us say, so that in this new energetic structure it survives and becomes a part of the ‘double’ you, which is the part that can exist after physical death.
          For more on the solidification, the re-configuration of the double, see the book I mentioned in one of my replies to you, Out of Body Experiences Quickly and Naturally.

  33. Dear John,

    during projectionist sessions and with the Magnum Opus techniques, I’ve slowly developed my ghost and have reached a point where there is a more direct “sliver” of communication between the ghost and unconscious/secret king. If attention and awareness is focused and used just right, I’ve been able to very slightly consciously alter physical matter. I also know that there are a lot of transformative processes just happening by themselves, and agape/divine trust is involved. But ever since thinking about this years back, especially now that it’s becoming more tangible, I’ve wondered how “possible” it is to cause unwanted damage with a sudden uncontrolled outburst. Energetic containment essentially seems like the best technique against this possibility, and I definitely trust in my own energetic containment at this point. But sometimes in projections, stuff just happens for a split second that completely contradicts my desire, but sort of bounces back. Is this related to the polarity of thought? I wonder if this can at some point happen in more dense dimensions, like the physical, or if it’s generally safe because the containment is at that point good enough, or if some sort of, I don’t know how to describe it, “quantum life safeguard” steps in to prevent the misery because of deep self-preservation. Changing form in projections is relatively easy, but what if someone tries to change the denser material, maybe even biological material (and succeed at it!), and the potential of the ghost clashes with the density/restriction/order of the biological material. Could this be a potential “unlucky” hazard, or will it, at that point, be like in the projections where stuff just “mends itself”, or completely cease to be a problem with perfected focus?

    1. This is a complex question, and I commend you on being so far along.
      There are many different ways to try to explain this lack of stability to thought and therefore transmutation. I think that you explain it best when you ask if it has to do the polarity of thought. And you have to remember that this polarity exists because of the Archon, because of the great gravity this place as it pulls at consciousness and creates within it dualities.
      As to how to overcome this problem, well, in the end it comes down to perfecting ourselves. There are no short or easy answers, we must continually work on ourselves and perfect our being so that we are able to withstand the contradictory nature of this total world and move beyond it like a phoenix rising. This means that we must work on ourselves and always understand that our manipulation of intent as it were, is continual, never-ending; this is the price that we pay as conscious beings you might say.
      In time, as your containment and your ability to direct the focus of your attention increases, you will be able to feel the, stressors let us say, of any dimension, the gravity of it, and be able to maintain your focus and your containment just right in order to deal with this dimension or any other. As to a correcting mechanism? Well, in the end the correcting mechanism is the dimension itself. What this means is that due to increasing gravity, the transmutation of intent is not instant. Another way to say this would be to say that the greater the gravitational pull in any particular dimension, the greater the polarity of thought, the greater the pull from the Archon, and this equates to slower manifestation. This then is like a balancing force in and of itself allowing you to correct the train of your thoughts and intentions when you get something that you might not want popping into your total being, before you get a full on disaster (you are given time in direct proportion to the gravity of any dimension). There is a fine balance there that in the end reveals the incredible beauty and complexity of our world, of All That Is. You are constantly given just the right push and just the right obstacles to be able to develop more and more as an independent being that is able to move freely (and consciously as an individual)…instead of as a cork floating on/in a tempestuous sea being pulled blindly by the currents.
      I hope I am not being too obscure and you get what I am trying to say.

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