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I was asked to define what I call energy, being that I often times talk about emotional energy, attention energy, and so on.

This definition applies to my work only, and it should not be applied to what other people might be writing about, with similar topics to mine, since any general statement on my part as to what they are trying very hard to express, would be an assumption, and therefore most likely be incorrect.


Further, please note that any difficulties in describing energy or anything else that I might perceive, arises out of the fact that I’m trying to use a language designed for objective reality, to try to define something that is most often far beyond three dimensional existence and classical mechanics…sort of like trying to measure a dream, a thought, or even a strong emotion.

You could try, perhaps succeed to your personal satisfaction in describing such a subjective experience, as it relates to the physically bound senses that we now operate with, but what you have really done is to bind, and therefore greatly limit, a spontaneous event, that is not bound by three dimensional space and time. Such insistence on a measured sum therefore, can become an obstacle to greater perception and ability, not an asset, unless of course you are at the moment not ready to believe in anything beyond the objective present, because by trying to bind a thing by ruling over it, by rulering it, by using rules to measure, you are simply saying that this is my world, my cube…and if your stuff can’t be ruled here then it’s not real you say, and I am not willing to look at it or think about it in any abstract way. But this is your right so no worries, we all have to decide on the content of our personal cube.


It is understandable that many of us would like cut and dried definitions, that must always involve well-defined measured demarcations, and agreed upon (that is sanctioned) by at least the ruling majority. But such demarcations, no matter how cosmopolitan, demand limitations that must be bound to either the perceptual range of the physical senses, or the measuring instruments used by the current ‘ruling’ (as in measure) class. And such instruments and perceptual demarcations are of course based on beliefs by the ruling group, that may have very insistent ideas as to what is and is not sanity and reality.


But energy for example, in accordance to some people’s beliefs (including my own), is not bound by such strict measurement or demarcations, because our physical senses and the instruments that we have developed to measure any type of energy so far, cannot measure the full range of action, since, in accordance to some people’s beliefs and my own, all energy in whatever form, is beyond three dimensional space and time.

Now, getting back to it then, I define energy (as it is used in my books, articles, and videos) as a force (a fury) that is the source of all existence. Another way to say this is to say that I define energy as action, and all action has its origin and dimensional presence, in areas that are beyond the physical plane.


Action is all, all is action, therefore energy is everything (in accordance to my work and my beliefs, that I have verified myself for myself, through my own direct perceptions).

Awareness is energy, and so the act of directing that awareness (which can be called the focus of attention) is energy as well. Moreover, cumulative action, that is action that has come together in any area, has the potential of creating gestalts that assume varied intensities and frequencies that then transform themselves into new experiences, such as emotion for example. And emotion therefore is the type of energy (that is a type of action) that has attained a certain threshold of intensity thanks to a build-up. And solid matter (from the human sensual perspective) is energy that has attained an even denser cumulative threshold than emotion. Each of these intensities, which are not good demarcation points of energy by the way, because changes in intensity and frequency can happen so fast that they defy our understanding of time, have within them a potential that can be tapped into, in order to increase perception and create structure; which again is action acting on itself, or if you prefer, energy energizing itself.

Therefore attention energy is action. Emotional energy is action, action is everything.


A field of energy then, using such terminology, is a boundary point that separates two or more simultaneously perceivable vibrational  (or intensity) energy (action) states. As such, a field is only perceptively possible when two vibrational states are simultaneously perceivable by an instrument or by whatever senses are available to the particular entity during the perceiving… Or measuring.


  1. I feel that the amount of energy we are absorbing and accumulating is altering our perception and interest in commonplace things. Is this change a consequence of energy accumulation?

    1. Yes, according to the way of inner alchemy, most certainly. Energy accumulation opens up new possibilities for us; new perceptions, new roads to travel. Then we must become very wise and sober and use those new possibilities to go even higher.

  2. Hi John, how reiki does fit into this? Can it be used to really increase your own energy? Thank you.

    1. Well, from the inner alchemists point of view it means that energy can be absorbed, contained, and later used for other ends. I am not a Reiki master in any way but I would imagine that this is what they would be doing.

  3. you say energy is key, and with more energy we will have more focus.
    but if linear time does not exist; so why does it take time to accumulate energy? Could you comment more on this topic?

    1. This is a very good question, and the answer has to do with dimensional laws, and it is honestly a very difficult question to answer from the human perspective; that is the general human understanding of space and time.
      I have tried to explain this before by saying that our future is decided for us, and yet it is not. One could say in that sense, in order to try and explain this question, that at this moment we have or have been able to acquire enough energy to become seers and alchemists, but at the same time we have not; many possibilities exist within every timeline.
      But each timeline is not set in stone in a way because the world requires spontaneity in order to grow, and this is the only law that you might find as a universal law that could be said to occupy just about every dimension, and yet being that all time is simultaneous each probable outcome is exercised and finished at the moment of its inception, and yet because of spontaneity in has the potential to branch off in any an all possible directions as well.
      So, spontaneity and growth are not a matter of linear time but are instead more akin to the spontaneous bursts that are experienced during the height of creativity, and their development within any dimension, even this dimension, means that they are instantly brought forth with an intensity that ensures their relative survival in accordance with that intensity; the intensity of any particular creative burst ensures its relative time of survival in our dimension (length of existence).
      The aspect of ourselves that we referred to as an individuality is growing, that is it is developing greater and greater intensity and this intensity we refer to as power. We grow because it is the mandate of all existence, the mandate of heaven as I have said, but our growth from our point of view is slow and methodical because of the fact that we are not developed enough to understand the true nature of space and time. Each moment for us is like a long eternity or very fleeting, this is all due to the buffer that allows our senses to perceive time in a more sequential (but relative) manner in order for us to understand the complexities of time, and evolve as we do so. But such a sequential, and to some degree the relativeness of this development, is an illusion but a required illusion that allows us to begin to understand the complexities and the power inherent within our individuality, spce-time, and creativity.
      Each moment is a complete moment that has within it all of the future and past, and yet at each one of those moments points there is spontaneity meaning that new moment points are created in a fashion that could only be referred to as organic. When we accumulate energy we are really accumulating intensity (from the human point of view) and this intensity has the possibility to go in many spontaneous directions at any moment point. This guarantees evolution and growth, and it allows for the developing individuality to learn to work with energy, which is intensity, which in this particular dimension, from the human rational point of view, develops for the most part through slow and progressive order in what we imagine to be one direction only, which is forward in time.
      Another way that this can happen, that this intensity can develop, is through the great spark of creativity and emotion, which is a type of spontaneity and creativity made flesh within this dimensional reality. So the reason for the duality, the contradiction, between having to work on developing energy, while at the same time having all the energy that we need in accordance to whatever timeline we are pursuing, has everything to do with the development of the individuality in accordance to this particular dimensional location and how this dimensional location expresses intensity (growth).
      We are here to evolve, to transmute ourselves, our individuality within the bounds of this dimension first, and as we do so in other dimensions that may have different laws, that may express intensity in different ways.
      Time and space are an illusion, an illusion of this dimension and of the furniture (you might say) that can be found within this dimension, and all of this furniture and illusion are here to help us all involved.

      1. The theme is not Cartesian. If time is not linear, if it is not sequential, could human life be understood as having sequential memories but not that the events of this life occurred sequentially?

        1. I am not sure what you mean here, but basically yes, this is what happens all the time. Existence is from a physical perspective (using the physical senses) seemingly ‘linear’, but as many studies have already pointed out, the senses are flawed in many ways in that they miss a great deal, and what they do perceive is later changed in the brain in order to make it more accessible not only to the physical brain itself, but also to the beliefs of the times as well.
          So to us, we do have sequential memories because we can’t perceive the past directly (memory is a bland very unstable thought gestalt really as any police investigator will point out) nor the future. Our past is not here, neither is our future, but we say we remember a past and infer a future and deny or allow ourselves the ability to perceive either in accordance with what we believe to be true. In a rational world the past is set, and the future is probable. But beyond the five physical senses there is more to perceive and the illusion of ‘sequentialness’ falls early on, being that the stability of those past memories and the great chaotic probability of the future takes on new nuance, as one can discover in any reliable and truly open study of precognition and trance induction.
          So the buffer of physicality allows us to have sequential memories in a universe where linear time is an illusion, or another way to say this simply is to say that linear sequence is an illusion of the human physical senses AND the belief structures of the time.
          Here might be where the Cartesian angle comes in; the mind is not separate from the body but there are gradations. The physical self exists in one dimensional location while other parts of that self that are not physical exist in others, and it is the mind that connects (can connect) all the parts. But unlike what some Cartesians might believe, the mind is not separate from the body, it is instead (at least according to inner alchemists) a link full of fine gradation that connects many dimensional locations of the whole self; it is in essence The Ghost in the Machine.

          1. Joseph Curwen

            I just finished watching your new video on this topic. Do I have it right that space-time is, then, ultimately best described as an eternally preexisting singularity of infinite possibility, but for practical purposes the best course for an individual is to act as if conventional space-time is real unless/until they are able to directly perceive and interact with higher-dimensional reality?

          2. yes, and in the back of your mind this true reality (from the inner alchemist’s perspective) should never be forgotten or else you may fall into the trap (amnesia) of 3 dimensions forever.

  4. Hi John, how in your view to understand concept of universal life force that is supposedly abundant and available for anyone? I mean what is the difference versus human energy on which archon is preying on? Would it be then easier for archon to feed on universal Energy or energy of the sun, for example?

  5. Hi Mr. Kreiter

    energy being such an important topic; you could comment:
    Is kundalini a myth or reality?
    is there energy in this manifestation?
    if it is a myth, what does this myth hide?

    1. From an inner alchemist perspective kundalini is not a myth, but the way this energetic surge/pool is symbolized and sometimes even described, is just one possible interpretation of many.
      What I mean by this is that just like anything else, there are actual practitioners, and those that dogmatically speak about this energy, only understanding all of this in relation to what they have read, as opposed to what they have done. Due to such differences, between those that actually do, and those to just write about what has been done, there can be some large misconceptions.
      Another potential problem in calling something kundalini, and then asking whether such a thing is real or not, has to do with each particular culture’s interpretation of an energetic truth. In accordance with the yogic system, this energy surge is described as kundalini and it is given certain properties, symbolism, characteristics, some of which as I have stated are legitimate in accordance with the seeing of inner alchemy, while others are not.
      Due to such cultural symbolism, which is inherent in any culture, there can be a great deal of assumption by those that just read as opposed to do. It is therefore very important that a practitioner begin their study using whatever symbolism they like best, that is most aligned with their own thoughts and feelings on any particular matter, but that they then learn to go beyond such symbolism as they are able to work with that energy directly. What I mean by this is that the ability to use such symbolism to start, the ability to be able to understand this energy that the practitioner is trying to tap into by calling it kundalini, and by practising a wonderful set of principles like yoga, is very important at the start. But as such practitioners become adepts, they need to let go of that symbolism so that they can understand that energy, not through such symbolism, but through the ability to know that energy directly for themselves, to work with that energy directly themselves.
      This is the case because such cultural symbolism (again it does not matter which culture is, whether it is yoga or inner alchemy) can cause a few potential misconceptions if the practitioner is not able to let go of it in time. And, again, these misconceptions are not to be overcome through deeper study of some book, but instead through the ability to work with such power; through the practice of yoga itself in this case. Eventually the practitioner realizes that kundalini is an illusion, it is an illusion because it is simply a word. The only thing that really matters is direct knowledge, which comes through direct energetic perception and doing, not through symbolism.
      For example, there is no energy in kundalini. Kundalini, in and of itself is not power, it is instead a name for a certain road, that leads to a place that then allows the practitioner to access a certain type of incredibly powerful energy base.
      Another way to say this would be that, from the inner alchemist point of view, kundalini represents a release of energy that is always there to some degree within everyone. But we have to be very careful in all such descriptions, because we could also say that within every cubic inch of space, there is enough energy to power the planet, and yet who could possibly access such energy, and who could withstand the power of such energy if it were released.
      So, to say that such energy is real, is true. But to say that such energy is available to everyone is not totally true. And we could call that energy within such a cubic inch whatever we like, but that does not mean that such an energy is that thing we have called it. A name is just that, a name. And a way of starting a journey is just that, I start. But to truly know for ourselves what is, and how it is for us directly, we must begin that journey ourselves, and once we are deep within it, we must let go of all symbolism so as to be able to truly begin to know a thing directly for ourselves. This is an essential point.
      In alchemy, a different form of symbolism is used, and you might say that there is in that sense, a deep relation between releasing the kundalini force in yoga, and finally being able to create and master the use of the philosopher’s stone in alchemy. There are two types of symbolism here, and each one points to the beginning of a certain road, but to find out the underlying energetic truth of what that road is and what lies at the end of it, we must start that journey for ourselves because in dogmatic symbolism we will in the end only find a kind of illusion.

  6. Sir, I really admire your works and teachings. They are most spectacular! May I ask that can there be a case in which a person ‘s cauldron is located just below the center of the chest, and well above the navel? I know you said most cauldrons are located below the navel, not far above it but as I have been trying, I feel nothing there. When ever I “cast a spell” or do some energy related actions, I feel the energy coming from and through a point little below my chest. I may be wrong though, so it would be a great joy if I can hear your wise words regarding the matter. Thank you so much Sir! I really admire you!

    1. thank you for your kind words.
      Yes, it is definitely possible that your cauldron or your centre of energy may be located where you describe. I am very happy to see that you are listening to your own body, perceiving your own reality. As I try to mention in my books, you should never rely on any dogma, even mine. Instead, you should find your own energetic truth, your own energetic reality. And it seems to me that you have done so, so keep on working in accordance to what you perceive directly. It seems to me that you are doing quite well.

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