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I was asked:

I have difficulty maintaining my truth, these truths are fragile, and the truth of the other enters my head and I feel blocked, I even have trouble reasoning. Is there a defense?


My response was as follows:

This is a problem that we all have, and one that not too many people contemplate. What we think of as being our mind is often the mind of the collective, the mob mind that we all share as humans on this planet, and that mind is ruled, indeed fashioned, by the Archon!


But there is the possibility of finding your own you, the individual you. This individual you IS connected to the group mind, to all the many beliefs/memes, thoughts, emotions, fads of the time and of other times. But if you can learn to identify the real you underneath all of that noise, it is actually incredible to watch and feel all of these foreign thoughts, ideas, and impulses go through you. It feels like tides breaking against you and washing past you endlessly, freeing you from the collective.


To find your individual you, you have to pay more attention to your own mind; not try desperately to turn it off, or to pay attention to the outside world and the present only instead of what is going through it. You have to pay more attention to your mind, so that you can ‘tame it’ and put it in its place. It is really hard to do this at first because our attention span is short for the most part, and we tend to get lost in our thoughts in the same way that we fall asleep in our dreams. But if you just watch all of the thoughts, emotions, ideas, memories, feelings, images, etc., that are going across your mind all the time, you can eventually begin to see that underneath all of this. You can begin to see that there is a watcher, a being that is watching all of this, even watching you trying to watch yourself.


The watcher is the real you! Well, it is the individual part of you, the part that can learn to take action and do things independently of the mob mind, the part that can look for truths and see them over and over so that it does not forget who it is, it is the part of you that is free and an individual being.


Try to pay attention to all of the thoughts and impulses that go through your mind during the course of your day. Then slowly try to pay more and more attention to the part of you that is trying to pay attention to itself; pay attention to the watcher that is watching itself… Even watching itself watch itself.


There are many mysteries here, contemplate this fully.


  1. Greetings John, I would like to have your opinion about an experience with the practices of your last book, expecially with the fifth room of the projectionist. I started to travel portal by portal as a “soul without will”, without a purpose, simply traveling through worlds and dimensions.

    It has beel an incredible experience, but it wasn’t much as expected, because I foremost went to worlds of incredible beauty, but also incredible silence…. in most of the, there was no life. There were worlds “made of silence”…. And this left me with a sense of peace, awareness but also melancholy. I was almost “sad” and amazed at the same time in front of this Infinity.

    What do you think about that? Have you got similar experiences?

    Tank you for your work and your patience. All my best.

  2. hi john,
    i have a question to pose which expands on what you’ve written previously (both in many of your comments & discussed in your books).
    i’ve had many nightly instances of ‘windows’ into the activities/lives of my other selves that are currently living out their lives (i’ve also had many ‘dreams’ being able to observe the lives of others too which further supports what you & others have mentioned about our being all connected).
    i agree with your thinking that this ‘window’ is one that operates 2-ways (with those other selves able to ‘see’ my current life playing out).
    i’ve been able previously to establish a connection with these other selves – a dialogue in which in waking life i can communicate with them all (as you’ve said, especially when they are all facets of me all playing out now – so essentially i’m ‘talking’ to the one self that’s ‘many’).
    it has been my thinking as you alluded to in your comments that when one of these selves ‘knows’ something of spiritual importance, the others do too.
    further to this, it’s been my thinking for quite some time now that it is the integration of these selves that is the key not only to accessing a greater pool of abilities & energetic strength (for lack of a better description) but it is also the means by which to escape the archon trap as the alchemists had been trying to provide the means for us to know/do.
    on this though, i have noticed more in recent months more & more that what with the artificial frequencies being put out in a sort of ‘grid’ thanks to increases in infrastructure/technologies, that it has had the effect of impairing inner focus/connection/connection to source/connection to my other selves.
    almost like interference making a phone line cut in & out – in fact, that’s exactly the way it’s been felt. the connection/s all still there, but the ‘reception’ dulled/broken (which i feel is key to the direction the archon running this realm & the people helping it would have us be – weakened, divided & vulnerable & easy ‘food’).
    based on all this, as it’s clear the ‘game’ has been upped, do you have any further advice or techniques that may help (in relation to mitigating the impaired connections)?


    1. Yes, I too have noticed this increase in a counterforce or counter wave as it were, that can make connections at times quite difficult especially if you live in a crowded urban area.
      I think that the techniques that I mentioned in the previous comment that you made apply to this as well; the ability to move from crowded areas can help, but it is also very helpful to be able to relax into the wave of this energy and to be able to absorb it when you can in order to actually help you to increase these connections. In other words, use this dark energy to help you become even more powerful. This can seem odd and perhaps even counterintuitive at first, the ability to use negative (from the point of view of a human being) energy to empower yourself, but the reality is as may already know, that energy is energy and it can be tapped in many different ways. An individual who is able to do this can then use such energy to become even more powerful instead of being controlled by it.
      You can think of it sort of like being a surfer that can use that energy as long as they learn to relax into it, into this coming wave and then create for themselves in an energetic way a kind of surfboard that they can then use to ride on top of this wave and use the power of this wave to push them further and faster.
      The ability to relax into energy, the ability to absorb energy at certain intervals in an intuitive way, just like a surfer, and then use that energy to increase the power of your projections when possible, will then allow you to move across this wave and indeed use it to increase your power and the speed of your projections. I hope you get what I mean.
      The way to beat this chaos machine is to learn to be empowered by it instead of dispersed and made zombie/catatonic like by it.

      1. thanks for the thorough reply john – it’s appreciated.
        i do feel the theory behind what you teach/suggest (absorbing rather than trying to resist/fight) is what makes your work stand out & more relevant in these times.
        thanks again – i will continue to apply this theory.


  3. Joseph Curwen

    I’ve been doing this for some weeks now and recently I’ve noticed a curious phenomenon – when I think about memories involving conversations with other people I will sometimes spontaneously see the memory from their point of view, including what I looked like from their perspective. I have found that, with a little effort, I can do this deliberately and also see the memories from a third person perspective, seeing both myself and the other people. Is there any significance to this?

    1. These things are always highly personal so I can’t say for sure, but all such ability to move beyond the bounds of the self are in essence an increasing in energy, which is then perceived as an increase in intellect or knowing. I feel that it means that you are making progress, that your energy is increasing, that you are breaking out of the shell of what you think you are to what you actually are in a more expansive and dynamic world.

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