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There seems to be a strong relation between the swirling colored images seen in deep internal exploration (in hypnagogic states, deep trances, and lucid dreams), and the atomic structures that make up the manifest.

It is the case that these patterns tend to follow a general spinning motion that reminds one of the spirals found in nature, such as shells, galaxies, swirling water, etc.

Indeed, there seems to be a direct relation between the colorful energetic movement, seen in this half-asleep threshold consciousness state, and the Fibonacci numbers, which are a sequence of integers that form a geometrically stable order, that can be found throughout the natural world.


Moreover, this type of exploration into the swirling and often times quite geometrically stable set of patterns, if done in a consistent and sober manner, will begin to provide clues into the underlying structures of the world, the mind, and the basic building blocks of not only the physical universe but of thought itself.

Whatever these colorful geometries and patterns may represent to the individual reviewer at any one time, this vivid kaleidoscope does begins to flood the mind as one travels deeper and deeper into, what I personally like to refer to as, INNER SPACE.

It is quite simply the case therefore, that to move within is the source of all true knowledge and the ‘operational method’ by which ancient civilizations and all illuminated houses and orders of the past, were able to discover amazing things that to this day are unknown by modern science.


And as you go deeper and deeper, these images, combine themselves to produce feelings and sounds of such intense richness, that it becomes hard, perhaps impossible, to describe them in any realistic way using mere words. The deeper that one goes, the more intense that these progressions of light, feeling, and sound become, until such swirling patterns take such a travelling consciousness to incredibly distant areas outside of the dimensional space that is commonly accessible to the average person. It is these movements through this intensity of perception that will and have revealed the great secrets that are contained within this world and the many others that are accessible to us human beings.

I sometimes indulge in the thought that perhaps someday modern humanity may begin to study these inner scapes, in the way that they were explored in the past, in an organized and logical fashion. I indulge in the possibility of a new science, based on old methods, a new worldwide discipline that, through the use of rigorous scientific principle, does begin to study this inner world with the same intensity that some scientists now explore outer space.


  1. When I was a child, at bed time, I used to put my eyes against the pillow and stare hard into the blackness until swirling colors appeared, and I spent hours watching them.

    I used to think this was a product of the pressure I exerted on my eyes, but I have since tried to replicate this (once I remembered I used to do it) and I can’t.

    I’m also often “blind” when I astral project or lucid dream, but not when I dream. What’s up?

    1. Thanks for sharing your story John, and it is actually with the help of that story that I can give you a most likely scenario, and that is that you are blind in your astral projections because you are most likely trying too hard to see.
      If you have read my book, The Way of the Projectionist, then I would say that your recipe or projectionist formula, requires more VOID. Essentially you need to relax and allow, using VOID principles, so that your eyes are not desperately trying to see, but naturally/spontaneously have visions revealed to them.
      Relax, and allow your astral journeys to happen first, then you may work on attaining more control over them.

      1. Makes a lot of sense, because excessive control and analysis is a constant problem in all magical endevors. Thanks.

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