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I posit to you that we are all energy.

I posit that we are all gradations, not an equal lot. We humans vary in brightness and power, we are like diverse fruit in a wild and treacherous jungle.

And I posit that we exist in a predatory world, a world full of beauty and balance, and yet a world full of the darkest danger.

There are shadowed and LIVING threats lurking in every pulsing pool of this darkness. Predatory life forms whose machinations and actions follow patterns and intents that are far beyond good and evil.


And we are merely pieces of glittering dust to them. We are the harvest that this darkness yearns for, in this crazy beautiful place we call planet Earth.

Surrounded by tooth and claw, war and government, we humans float on this blue gem that slowly moves across an endless Dark Sea. And as we whirl across the cosmos, oblivious to the infinity all around us, we refine ourselves. We grow in power through the many struggles and pressures, like rare and precious gems ourselves. And as we do so, we grow in power and change in form, we are not an equal lot and as such we become ever more delicious morsels for those that would feast on us…those that do already feast on us!

We humans are all trapped in a box now. We are food, we are all part of a giant soul machine, that is our lot.


But within that box other smaller boxes also exist, sometimes zipping across our skies like so many buzzing insects. They are smaller more refined engines, engines that run on a finer sources of fuel and that are able to sustain a more concentrated form of predatory life. These predators are tricksters, marauders, takers, stealers, enticers; looking for just the right fuel, just the right soul to take.

Fuel for soul machines some have become, those that stray from the safety of the herd, and those that are unfortunate enough to have found themselves at the wrong place and at the wrong time without defense.


These predatory takers, these tricksters, don’t technically come out of the boxes that fly through our skies. They use their boxes to come into this one: a box within the box. It is all inversion you see, the boxes are actually doors: they are doors from one box to another!

And they use these doors to transport us from our larger prison into smaller ones, because they want us, they want to put some of us in smaller boxes, that’s the key. Corral the delicious beasts, those specs of shining dust, make that cage smaller, leave no room for escape. But only the special ones, the ones with just the right kind of energy that they desire…that they need.


But why?

Because we can be fuel for these engines, all these buzzing boxes in our space.

And so they trick us, teach us, manage us, fill us with infinite promise and delight, in order to stabilize our energetic core, in order to entice us into the smaller boxes. Their biggest promise, and a true promise, albeit with grave consequences, is that they promise safety from the bigger box that we have just come from. They will say through different words, ‘’by going into this box, through these odd and delicious angles, you can escape the trap, the bigger box, that has trapped all humanity! You will be free of that box in our smaller cozy box.’’ They promise and they do not lie, but in that half-truth there is even greater enslavement.


Or at times they just take us, body and all, through diabolical force, when the special and unlucky find themselves alone and isolated from the human herds. And then when such unfortunate people are in those boxes, they seal the box in square the angles, so that those poor souls are forever trapped. The missing, the lost, the unreported… Those that have become fuel for soul machines.


  1. Michael Crawford

    Hey John!

    So within these smaller boxes, it’s truly impossible to then escape? That already small crack (opportunity to be free) in our current box becomes nonexistent within the smaller box?
    Those who are within such a smaller box although still physically present, have they lost their free will?
    Or is it implied in all cases being in a smaller box removes you from current physical reality?

    1. Once inside the boxes mentioned in the article above, they are gone, body and all at times, or physically dead at others, so in that sense totally gone as well.
      And escape, any possibility is possible, its just unlikely for a person that has never worked on developing that aspect of themselves that I call the ghost in the machine. For the average person, escape would be like waking up to a bad dream, then successfully becoming lucid in it and then finally discover the right keys that will open the box and hope that they have enough energy to make this key work, which is extremely unlikely being that the average person has little energy and often times finds it very hard to just remember a dream, let alone become lucid and have enough awareness to open closed transdimensional boxes…or the unexpected can happen, nothing is ever 100 percent, even after it happened.
      That is what happens to the average person, for the elite few, the ones that I say they entice, well, for them there is a kind of small war as they, once they have discovered their prison, try to fight to escape while the box itself fights to keep them and drain them, and all this happens in times and worlds that are different from this one. Sometimes these elite few escape, and may be trapped again or die before the black sun, or they may live and fight and find a way that is beyond fighting and they may become something eternal, truly eternal, and leave the boxes and the black sun forever, to face new ever more complicated worlds as new beings, far beyond the beings that could have been trapped in the boxes that they left behind.
      We all have a chance, nothing is ever final…at least not until we face the totality of the black sun.

      1. Michael Crawford

        This makes sense, thank you.
        And then by escaping the black sun such an individual becomes a new oversoul? A new dreamer to create dreams and other individualities which may themselves escape the dreamer (you) and black sun?
        Does the phrase as above so below apply to our thought forms and servitors? Since the oversoul creates us and gives us life, can our thought-creations gain true individuality as a robot or AI might in some science fiction?
        It certainly seems like servitors are like robots in the sense of being programmed and artificial.
        And while I currently doubt a physical robot could ever attain a degree of true self-awareness that living beings possess, does the same apply to servitors/thought-forms?
        The concept of “living” AI is being heavily pushed currently and that makes me very wary to accept it. I suppose this disposition of mine affects how I view servitors as well…

        1. As to what the individual becomes when it breaks the final wall of this dimensional range, that is beyond comprehension most often, but your conclusion seems most logical to me.
          Yes, we create as the oversoul creates and servitors, just like all our thoughts are our true children. And how powerful or individual they can become is really a consequence of their intensity, meaning that it is a consequence of how powerful the creator is. But in this dimension, they are constrained and will never become an individual like us, complete general intelligence AI as you often hear now a days from the mass of humanity.
          There are other dimensions though where they (servitors and thought creations) have more freedom and there they will, like true children, grow and follow their own path, independent of their creator even after they may seem to have left this dimension forever. This is the case with all thought, all dreams. But again, they are constrained in their own way as we are constrained by our dimension here, and they will also face the black sun in time.
          As to what men and AI can do, well it will in the end have to do with energy. To simulate life is not life…the difference between a bug on the ground and a mechanical drone in the air is that the lowly bug in the dirt is connected to All That Is, while the mechanical drone is not(at least not in the way that the bug is)…that is the reason for the ‘soul’ machines, they create a kind of new AI (a new connection level to All That Is) by trapping awareness. The soul machine takes awareness, traps it in a box, and uses that power (that soul power) to expand itself by manipulating that trapped awareness and in that way, it can propel itself beyond the constraints of its dimension through transmutation, which requires massive amounts of energy.
          This is the reason for the soul machines.

          1. Michael Crawford

            Thank you John that was the perfect analogy to have it click for me. I really appreciate your time and knowledge

  2. This resonates highly with my experience.
    Could you give some suggestions what to do ? Can an experienced Magician see that one is trapped in a Box ?
    And how can we escape them ?
    I’ve delved blindly in very dark territory that I can not describe here.

    1. The first thing to do is to be able to recognize that you are in a box. In that sense everyone in this physical dimension is already trapped in a very large box, the box that the Archon has created for us. But within that box, you may also be trapped within smaller boxes created by those smaller but more intense non-organic beings that I mentioned in the article.
      So the first task for all of us then is to see what boxes we are stuck in. An experienced magician, being that they will have much more power than the average person, will be enticing food for these smaller more powerful boxes. In order to escape these prisons, it is first necessary to realize that you are in one. This is a difficult thing, as an example you might see how the average human being does not realize that they are in a prison right now, and if they have any kind of inkling of it, they will just try to ignore the issue and pretend that they must be getting a little too paranoid.
      An experienced magician therefore needs to go beyond the rationality of the times and actively begin to control their reality, which I outline in the trilogy of books The Magnum Opus Trilogy.
      It then becomes a battle between a powerful magician and the box. These battles are incredibly complex and in the end are highly personal, meaning that every magician’s war is their own. Honestly, the only metaphor that I could think of is a kind of Faustian battle that may resemble the attempt to pull oneself out of hell; and hell, not being merely fire and brimstone per se, but also a myriad of things, some of which may even approximate heaven.

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