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I was asked to try to explain my notion of ‘eternal recurrence’, which is a concept that was used frequently by the philosopher Nietzsche, and which I have used at times to try to describe the trap of existence. the life and death cycle; how eternal recurrence means that we will live this same life endlessly, for all time. Specifically, I was asked about how this concept relates to reincarnation. I was asked:    Each time that we repeat the same life, do we make different choices within that same life? Or are the changes just inner changes?… Or both?


My answer was as follows;

such answers are difficult to explain because the mind has so much trouble with infinity. Often times such answers can only be perceived directly, but explaining them with words is very hard. I will do my best as this is really a great question and I thank you for asking.


Each moment in this one life, has within it and almost infinite number of probabilities. That is, in every single moment there are a near infinite number of things that you can do, but in this timeline (which we refer to as reality, real-life) you choose one, and you call that particular choice reality.

All other choices (that is actions in accordance with a possible probability) are dreams; they are possibilities that may have happened in your dreams but that never happened to you in real life, and each one of those choices leads to different roads that give you a slightly different life, from the perspective of the individuality that you are now. All those other lives though exist now, they are NOT just dreams, they are real now at this moment and forever, but to the conscious you, they are mere dreams at best, from your perspective. To the you in those other timelines though, you are the dream and they are the reality.


But each choice, no matter how diverse such a totality of an experience can seem to be from a human perspective, is in the end Limited. It will go no further than a birth and death, and no matter how diverse it may seem to a person that may have taken a different probable road, it is nevertheless a small and caged existence when compared to all that is possible.

So yes, each choice is made now, all is now, each direction is followed, each possible aspect of you is now in existence and will continue to exist, and in certain limited ways, it will seem to evolve forever because there is no past or future, there is only an infinite now point (linear time is an illusion). You, as the person that you are now, will do all the things that you will always seemingly want to do, and since all is now, you are and will be doing all of it, forever.

But here is the hard part, none will escape the Archon, none will escape life and death, unless one of those timelines escapes the Archon… But if one escapes then they all have escaped.


But if all choices are followed then one of those possible life timelines must escape the Archon and therefore they all escape the archon at some point, right?

Wrong, that is the trap, the illusion and the danger of invisible walls; none escape that do not escape the Archon, because escape is ‘not a probability’, it is an ‘energetic intentionality’. Intentionality and probability may seem like the same thing to an average person, but they are not; one is a trap, the other is freedom.

Inner alchemists try to make this timeline, which has already happened and is always happening as I have mentioned, be the timeline where they escape Eternal Recurrence. They do this, by among other things, uniting the conscious self with all timelines, and most importantly, by developing intentionality!


  1. Greeting John, what I am about to discuss with you might be irrelevant to this post but it actually goes hand and hand with the eternal recurrence theme. First thing to know beforehand my intent by writing this is that I wished to be completely and faithfully established my will to be free from this limited reality. A couple days ago I happened to reattempt this free 12 d meditation from this website called energetic synthesis as I have gain more understanding about energy. Before I decided to do the meditation I had kept in mind about what you say about that creating a shield is energy draining and ineffective because it has the potential to mark you as a beacon which attract the negative beings. I still decided to do the meditation as I was naive to believe that energetic synthesis website has our highest good in mind and didn’t question if their objective was authentic and pure. It turns out I was wrong, after i done the meditation I felt strange and ungrounded so i decided to do research on them. So i found out that it was a potential cult of psychic predators. I found out that the Star of David is the marked of the beast/satanic which I used in the meditation that i focused my energy and intent toward and which is also the foundation and core of the practice to ground myself and work with it. . I cant believe I’m such a fool to unknowingly accept a foreign practice without discernment I was tricked into trusting them because of their truths they put out in the website called ascension glossary which resonated with me. How do I return my energy that is possibility siphon from the 12 d mediation? Should this be of any concern? Going back to the eternal recurrence I had deja vu of this situation and as you say feelings are visualizations which indicate that this situation is of nothing new and had already happened to me before. Why does this chain of unfortunate events has to happen and how do we learn something different if we had amnesia from our last existence. Thanks for reading and looking into this John.

    1. Yes I think I understand what you are trying to say, and it is indeed a most difficult thing to try and stop yourself from reliving over and over again things that you may consider to be a mistake.
      In order to try to overcome many of these eternally recurring mistakes, inner alchemist have developed techniques that allow them to both reabsorb energetic waste, the wastage that was experienced during the reliving of these life experiences, and at the same time a methodology to be able to learn and to bring cohesion to the mind, to the ghost, so that these eternal recurrences cease.
      The technique that I am referring to is the ability to re-absorb past energetic drainage. In the book ‘the magnum opus a step-by-step course’, I discuss how to perform this technique in chapter 6. It basically involves the ability to go back in time to that situation and to re-absorb all of the energy wasted when that particular event happened. This also involves completely reliving this past event.
      In doing so, a person is then able to not only get back the energy that they had lost during the situation, they are also able to seal wounds that are often responsible for the reliving of this recurring event. In healing these wounds, the mind begins to remember and to become more cohesive which then allows it to circumvent, to be able to see ahead and to go around, those very same eternal events that had trapped it before in a cycle of never ending loss.

  2. Hey John, I’ve got a question that has been kind of bugging me about The Archon. Why is it that we are able to escape? If I were an all-powerful being that creates a universe meant to induce suffering for my gain, why would I create an escape method for the subjects? That would just make me lose potential energy sources. I’d like to hear your explanation as to why it is that we are able to escape from an all-powerful beings trap.

    1. Sam, do you mean escape from the archon in this physical life or after physical death?
      If by escape while physically alive, then the answer is quite simply that we cannot. We may be able to survive through energetic containment and in that way gain enough power to move beyond this dimensional zone, but in so doing we cannot honestly be said to be physically alive, or in that sense physically real anymore. This is the subject of my latest book that I am currently writing.
      The answer then is quite simply that the archon does not allow us to leave at all. If we leave, we leave because we are able to escape, not because the archon has allowed us to do anything.
      When a prisoner escapes a prison, the prisoner escapes that prison because they can see a flaw that the guards had missed. Escaping the archon means that the prisoner has found a flaw and is willing to struggle relentlessly until escape is possible.
      Being that the average person, the mass of humanity, will not engage in this relentless struggle, either because they do not know of the prison (let alone a crack in this prison) or because they are not willing to put in the relentless effort required, most people are and will always be stuck here.
      The few that escape are so few, so few, that to the archon they mean nothing. If there was a mass movement then there would be conflict that the archon would create in order to quash such efforts. But for the most part, the archon does not need to worry because the amount that ever managed to escape are negligible.

  3. Sol Invictus

    Hello John and thank you for sharing your Gift, which is actually being able to articulate the language of what is called “subconscious”. It finally feels like a huge exhalation for me, as well as for many others..
    As a life-long inner alchemist myself (Pluto in the 12th House/NDE at birth) I would like, if you allow me, to share one relevant experience on the present subject of the article: I was 15 years old. I looked into the mirror and saw myself old and wrinkled, with gray hair. I immediately pulled back and started to cry my heart out..
    Years passed, and Visions of all kinds and of all epochs started flashing randomly yet consistently, even intruding into waking reality, exactly as if a sudden door would open for a flash of a second, and everything there, sounds, smells, quality of the light, atmosphere; would be clear and present. At first, they seemed completely irrelevant to the then situation. As if ‘misplaced’, somehow, (and by all rational science explained as “Madness”. But they were unstoppable and started slowly to make sense.. ‘Something’ (that I called the “Double Voice” since my early childhood because it was in my mind and I could ask it questions and it would ALWAYS give me the correct answer to anything, including older people’s secrets) was clearly showing me where to go, what to do, what to say – sometimes interrupting me in middle sentence, only to say something different, but so dumbfoundingly ingeniously brilliant, that I would allow, more and more, to be taken on by this mysteriously mysterious mystery.. Until, one day, when I became sixty, I was absent-mindedly looking in the mirror, and I saw my 15-year old self looking back.. This time around I laughed, because I understood that it was all a long trip of piecing together the data between self and self, only to burst out and forth in Solar Power, feeling I AM to the point of just dropping the flesh and blood garment, and appearing in Full Grace. Myths are different peoples’ stories, and this is mine, if you’ll accept it. Thank you again.

  4. Hi John.
    How do we safegard our energy our essence a self automated protection that stop us from falling its more like we either fall or rise above the state we were once at.
    Ive been practicing semen retention for about a year and I relapsed and i felt the energetic drainage that come with it. A shadow of my former self I felt the emptiness of releasing the force that I build up using my will. Is this the trap of the archon of being human everything that is self serving and beneficial for us will eventually be our downfall because when we climb energetically and something happen we hit rock bottom energetically. I’m tired of having to restart my journey again due to the lure of complacency that make me succumb to the fate of this physical reality again. How can i developed a pure logos that will not be succumb to the temptations of hedonistic pleasures. Its so easy to release but to hold on to our energy is difficult in modern society long term. So yeah how do we safeguard our energy and if possible store my energy somewhere that will be unaffected by a relapse.
    Thank you.

    1. I do not know any perfect human beings, we all write a fine line between consciousness, conscious control, and intentional movement. I would start by trying to not be too hard on yourself as this and of itself can be a greater loss of energy. Instead, focus on developing more conscious awareness of the moment point so that at every moment you can be awake and in that wakefulness consciously direct the focus of your attention which will keep you going in the direction that you want to go, as opposed to unconsciously acted upon impulse. You might find this article helpful.

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