Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

There are many different ways. There are many traditions and methodologies to proceed by, to try to find the underlying truth of things, to try to find the underlying power, that is the birthright of every single one of us.

No matter what methodology you are using, as long as it feels right to you and is working for you, then use it.

You can think of these methodologies as sort of like a kind of propellant, in that they can help to get you off the ground, like a rocket needs propellant to get off the ground. Just like a rocket taking off from the earth, the amount of effort, the amount of fuel, the amount of propellant needed, is prodigious. And even finding this propellant in the first place can be very difficult, so, if you are able to find this propellant, in whatever way works best for you, then you need to use it, take advantage of it.

Some people for example, might wish to learn about and practice the Kabbalah, other people might want to learn about the tarot, about Wicca, ceremonial magic, yoga, or any of a number of other occult disciplines. That is what I mean by your initial propellant, and you should definitely use whatever works best for you, whatever speaks to you, whatever is working for you.

Inner alchemy as a further example, can in that same sense be one of these kind of propellants, and if it works for you, then it is definitely a fuel that you need to use in order to escape the binding forces, the gravity, of this wholly material existence, that imposes upon all of us, a bounded three dimensional space, a prison made up of six walls, that in the end traps us within a kind of psychological framework, and yet very solid and material framework, that makes us feel that we are far less than what we truly are, that we are small, limited, powerless to a great degree, objects.

Any good methodology, any one of the mental disciplines mentioned, can take you very far indeed, can allow you to glimpse around the edge of those walls. Such methodology can be a good takeoff point, a starting point, the ground zero for the start of a great and difficult journey. And it is at this zero point, where the greatest amount of fuel is needed, because without a prodigious amount of it, you may never leave the ground. You therefore need to follow the discipline that inspires you, empowers you, gives you wings as they say.

But it is very important, that as you begin your ascension, and you start to feel the incredible gravitational forces (the g-forces) pull you down, that right then and there you start to take notice, become aware of, and start to right there, counteract the potentially ensnaring forces of that fuel and the rocket itself.

What I mean by this, is that whatever methodology that you use, such methodology, such mental science, whether it is inner alchemy or the Kabbalah, or whatever, can through unquestioned dogma, trap you to the rocket itself. Whatever occult discipline you follow, you can think of this discipline as that rocket, not just the fuel but also the rocket that is carrying you higher and higher beyond this purely physical dimension. This rocket is for those of us that want to go beyond the three-dimensional cube, a blessing, our great escape. This rocket can help us to get higher and higher, farther and farther, from that three-dimensional trap that we know is not the end of us.

But that rocket is in and of itself, as we get farther and farther from that material world that we have wanted to leave behind for so long, as the gravitational forces ease up on us and we get farther and farther away, as we feel lighter and lighter, well, this rocket, it can if we are not careful, become our trap. That rocket that is helping us can become our trap, if we are not careful, this is a very important point that you must consider carefully.

This rocket is not a material thing per se, and yet it is in its own way just as solid and potentially heavy as the earth itself. It is made up of the underlying belief structures that have made this construction possible, that give this rocket the structural integrity needed to take us higher and higher. In order for this rocket to go so far and to fight so much gravitational resistance, it must be a very strong and sound structure. What this means is that the symbolism, the dogma, that belief system that created such a structure, must be very powerful.

As such, inner alchemists knowing that this structure, this rocket can indeed become a trap in time, strive from the very beginning to always point out that such a structure, such a rocket is in and of itself a kind of illusion. For the inner alchemist the only thing that matters is energetic truth, the truth to be found beyond the symbolism, beyond the dogma, beyond the methodologies, beyond the structured outer interpretation of an inner knowing that created the rocket in the first place. For them, the only thing that truly matters is inner knowing, direct knowing, direct energetic perception.

For that reason, I have always told all those that asked me, if following one particular occult discipline or another is good, to always follow whatever it is that works best for them, what speaks to you. If Wicca works best for you, if it appeals to something deep within you, then use that, use that as your propellant and your rocket to get off the heaviness of this material world. If the Kabbalah or the tarot work for you in whatever way to whatever degree, in opening up and expanding your power, in revealing to you those dimensions to be had around every corner, then use those and keep using them for as long as it feels right for you, as an individual.

But, in accordance with the way of my current, the way of inner alchemy as it is practiced by my house, you must always strive to go beyond the belief structures that are in place to maintain the construct, of whatever rocket you are using. To do that, my current always strives to teach all practitioners of inner alchemy to learn how to see, how to use what I have referred to as the inner feeling sense. Without the ability to do this, you will just leave one trap and enter another.

To be truly free, you must let go of that rocket once it has taken you far enough. And to do that, to free yourself from all traps, you must begin to create your own maps, your own symbols if those are needed, right from the start. At the very least, you must always strive to go beyond even the limiting power of that which got you this far, because if you do not, you will only hit another wall, and you will find yourself trapped once again. This new trap might seem bigger, it might give you greater freedom and greater possibilities, it might make you feel superior to those still trapped in the cube you left behind, but in the end, it will still be a trap.

The only way to escape this, is to learn to see, to know directly yourself, to begin to use your inner senses and go beyond any established dogma yourself.

For example, whether you are practicing the Kabbalah, chi-gung, or whatever else, in order to find an underlying balance, I recommend that you try to lightly read, if it is possible for you, the book, the magnum opus a step-by-step course. In chapter 4 of that book learn about and practice the technique of using the inner feelings sense. This technique is all important as you progress in power and practice. Such a book tries to keep symbolism down to a minimum, so whatever other occult science you are using, this book should not be too heavy dogmatically, so it should not counteract or go against the belief structures of your initial rocket.

So, whatever your initial discipline, just lightly read it, use it as a balancing force, learn the technique of using the inner feeling sense in particular, and learn to try to manipulate and work with energy directly, learn to perceive energy directly, learn to see beyond and past the symbolism that might be the structured rocket that you are using at the moment, whether such a rocket is inner alchemy itself, yoga, ritual magic, Hermetics, or whatever else.

In that way, it is my hope that you are not held back by any future trap, the trap of the rocket itself. Whatever practice you are using, use that initial methodology as wisdom, as a decent road to establish a path for yourself as an individual, as a powerful way to rally your forces and get off the heavy material earth. But as you progress up this road that you have set for yourself, at every step, balance this journey from the outset, by learning to perceive and see beyond any symbolism used, beyond any patterned belief structure used. Learn to look into that symbolism, past it, so that you can see the energetic conglomerations that make that symbolism possible, that are the underlying meaning of that symbolism. In that procedural manner, there will be nothing to stand in your way once you are high enough and confident enough to step a little bit outside of that rocket, that was so useful in getting you off and beyond this wholly material world.

In time if you wish, you could continue by reading the next two books in that trilogy, learning how to become a projectionist yourself, that is learning how to make yourself into an unstoppable rocket, and then learning about the way of the death defier, that is how to escape the cycle of life and death forever, using projectionist techniques of creating your own rocket. But, once again, remember to always use this wisdom, these techniques, the symbolism, as a guiding force to try and help you on your journey, in establishing your own individual journey, and allowing you to maintain a steady course. But whatever you do, do not get trapped within the symbolism, learn to use your inner feeling sense, learn to see, learn to perceive energy directly, and look beyond that symbolism into the energetic conglomerations that such symbolism truly represents, that such symbolism is trying to explain. Experience that vast conglomeration of energies and make your own assessment, your own maps. In time you will make your own way, and you will never be limited by constructs of external origin. And at that time, you may look back and see that it is not just the earth that you have left behind, far behind, but you have also left behind that rocket that allowed you to free yourself from that binding gravity in the first place.

That is true freedom. Only that, is true freedom.


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