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After reading my one book, Overcoming the Archon Through Alchemy, there are some readers that ask my thoughts, on what I sometimes refer to as, the Big question.

That big question is in the background of all our minds, whether we consciously realize this or not, and this question has many different facets, because like all big ideas, its complexity straddles many different perspectives, possibilities, and potential future problems.

This big question though, is only really consciously faced by a select few. These few are usually, but definitely not always, people that have the daring to ponder the big picture, and face courageously the possibilities that this big picture reveals. And this big question, as I have said, is a complex one; with many different angles.

It goes something like this:

Upon a true and deep examination of the world, that sometimes happens as a result of an accidental or worked at expansion of awareness, a person comes to realize that, there is something that is preying on us, eating us, and imprisoning us, within a cage of egoistic and self centered ignorance, all for its own benefit.

These select few begin to truly realize that there is a great dark force out there, just beyond the power of our sensual awareness, that survives by feeding on humanity, and looks down on the people of this planet, in the same way that we may sometimes look down on an insect.
And so, through these insights, the question, the big question; basically boils down to: Why?
Why are we prey for this evil thing, Why do these evil predators exist, What is the meaning of this struggle, and, what else can we do to stop it.

This is indeed a Big set of questions with many facets, and there are quick and simple truths that do clear up some possible misconceptions, but that are often times not the best policy, being that generally, as I have found it to be the case anyway, straight out and out cold fact is not always the best policy.

The reasons for this, seeming beating around the bush, when talking about the reality of life and our place in it, is not veiled evil, or a superiority complex I think, but rather a desire to not hurt those that you may care for. In the same way that you would not tell a dear brother or sister a shocking truth, but would rather give a long explanation with all the background needed, in the hopes that the final truth of it all is revealed to them slowly, without so much pain, as they ponder and discover for themselves, the sometimes seemingly cold ‘Epicness’, that faces all of us humans on this earth.
But once some of this knowledge is discovered, it is best to make a few things plain, so that these cold facts can help to bring even greater understanding and personal empowerment.

So here is a bit of cold truth, with great love and humbleness, for those that have faced the big picture and are asking the questions that such revelations may bring.

And these truths, begin like this:

We are food for other types of life, in the same way that a carrot is food for us.
A carrot feels, it has a complex relationship with the ground, the plants around it, the sun, the wind, the rain, and the whole of the earth. The carrot is a distinctive living being. It may not have an awareness like ours, in that it does not have the kind of flexibility of consciousness, nor the ability to intend as an aware self (as we can for example), but it is never the less a complex, intelligent, feeling, and highly connected entity that is in a continual state of inner growth.

The carrot also has a type of inner self, an inner being that strides many different dimensional states, and takes part in many different types of development, it has what we might term a type of soul. But this carrot is food for us and for many creatures. It is delicious and nutritious to those beings that eat them, so much so that some creatures develop different strategies, in order to have access to as many carrots as possible. Such strategies may involve the development of a good nose to find them, a good memory in order to know when and where they are most likely to grow, and even the strategy of actually planting carrots and setting up a garden, in order to have all the carrots that one could ever want.

But all is not suffering and slavery for the carrot, and even though it feels much pain at times ( and believe me it does, not in ways that we might consider sentient feeling, but in ways that sometimes even surpass our feelings of pain as human beings), this carrot grows a great deal, as it faces the many challenges it must face, through its life and death cycle.
And such a journey expands the carrot’s awareness, and gives it a chance to become more, always more.
The carrot is on a journey, we are ALL on a journey.

And so, one cannot say that rabbits and humans are evil for eating the carrot, there are no black and white answers. Certainly some humans from our point of view may seem to act in an evil way, in that they may abuse the power that they have and eat more than they need, or ruin the land trying to grow more and better carrots. But this is just a part of the complex growth cycle for humans, as they struggle against the forces that prey on them.
After all, lest we forget, we humans are very much just carrots to other types of life, and the Great Dark and infinite sea that surrounds us does not care, it is too big to care.
So we are equal really, humans, carrots, rabbits, and the Great Archon. None of us are any better than anything else.

And on a deeper level, why should such a cold reality matter.
We have been given life, and a chance to become more in whatever way we may choose. That is a blessing, and the striving towards that expansion of being is the greatest joy we will know; an endless journey to be sure.
So in the end, we should not feel bad for the carrot, it is on the greatest adventure possible!
And we should not hate the evil bunny or human, that eats that seemingly poor carrot, because they are on their own journey, and have their own pains and sometimes terrible struggles to face.

All that we can do as humans on this earth, is to accept our fate in humbleness, and see the ‘Epicness’ that we face as a great challenging adventure. A challenge worthy of the monumental beings, that we are working to become.

And when we get melancholy, and feel that we are losing this battle, we must focus on that massive expanse, that dark and infinite cosmos all around us, and let the fear of that sight embed itself into the marrow of our bones, as we imagine all the freedom and endless possibilities that will be available to us, the moment that we can defeat this old and nebulous foe!


  1. Bill MacKenzie

    Hi John – just finished reading ‘Overcoming the Archon…’ which was profoundly enjoyable and disturbing at the same time. I enjoy a good science-fiction yarn but this book of yours concerning the dark entity reads like some of the best Sci-Fi I’ve ever read 🙂 Just kidding! No seriously, I do have a question, with all the talk about Ascension going around, how would this affect people who ascend into another dimension? Would the Archon still be able to ‘feast’ on their emotional energy in this other dimension? Is there no way to avoid this predator? I’m not very versed in this type of entity. I also want to thank you for putting this info out there for all to learn and benefit from. I’m trying to digest what I’ve read so far, ‘Manifesting Wealth’ and ‘Overcoming the Archon’ before I plunge into the ‘Magnum Opus’. Cheers Bill

    1. He he, perhaps we can get Steven King to do a novel.
      Well Bill I would have to really know what those people mean by ascension. And it depends on what dimension they may go to if by ascension they might mean to move to a better dimension.
      In the book, The Magnum Opus, I do talk about what Alchemists (as I know and practice it) consider to be a type of ascension, which is an intentional movement into Inorganic existence, but this movement can only happen after the Alchemist has conquered the Archon in this life, in this dimension. And the move into inorganic existence is accompanied by another movement away from this part of the Dark Sea, and this along with gained power through this change of state, does free the Alchemist from the Archonic oppression forever to be sure.
      But this does not mean an end to individual existence, to life, and for Alchemist, life is a jungle, it is a predatory universe, cosmos; there are other predators Out There besides the Archon and some of them make the Archon look dainty. So in the end there is no escape from sentience, or individual existence, which means that for the Alchemist there is no end to being responsible for the individual self, and all the efforts that this may bring with it.

      To Overcome the Archon then is not about finding blissful heaven where all strife ends, but instead its about growing in power yourself as an individual, never forgetting that you are and shall always be, until your individuality ends anyway, a being responsible for your own fate, in a deep and dark sea.

  2. Anthony Granata

    Hi John,

    I am intrigued by your work. I’m wondering if you’ve ever experienced an “enlightenment” epiphany? This is kind of a loaded and generally misunderstood word, so let me clarify by saying an experimental sense of “Oneness” with all that is, was,or ever could be. An experience that seems infinite, Although of course this is a paradox because the infinite cannot fit in the conscious mine which is finite. The recognition of “mistaken identity” where you suddenly realize experiential my that “You” are not the “me” that you have been aware of believing you were, but that Your True identity is something much more akin to what you refer to as both the great dark sea which “contain s” everything, but also everything that seems to be contained by it?I

    I ask this because having this experience shows us the perspective of non-dualith. While we may not be consciously aware of our other aspects of consciousness (beings, events, information, etc.), These are all add much a part of what we really are as our seemingly physical organs, cells, molecules,and atomic and dynamic particles. This includes the great Archon. And every aspect of our being serves a constructive purpose, because our very nature is absolutely constructive, although we may not always consciously understand this.
    As the oneness, as all-that-is (conscious of it or not)and add the “container of all that is” which is ask energy as you discuss, we also have the ability to transmute the frequency of this energy and direct it as an act of will within ourselves (the multiverse) in direct proportion to our belief and energetic development.

    My point here is that it can be useful to NOT conceptualize the great Archon (or anything else) as an enemy,because this is essentially choosing to be in conflict with “yourself” (albeit an abject of yourself that you may not be conscious of) and thus “wasting” energy by opposing yourself. What about simply willing the redirection and remod ulation of energy without intending harm or conflict in the way that suits our intent? I actually look at it as “borrowing” energy, and since each aspect of oneness is benefiting either directly by expanding energy, or by giving energy (because from the perspective of oneness giving is receiving) or by way of reducing opposition because “friction” naturally wears out the parts that perceive themselves in conflict until eventual the illusion of conflict is seen through.

    I would really love to hear your thoughts on this.

    Thanks again for your work. 😊


  3. Anthony Granata

    Sorry, many typos in my long comment. I suck at typing on mobile devices. I hope none of my typos made my message unclear. TY

    1. Thank you for your kind words Anthony.
      I think that I understand the point that you are trying to make Anthony, and I personally believe that you are quite correct and that it is indeed a valid one.
      You will note, especially if you watch this video here if you have not, that I have often made it a point to try note that from different perspectives the Archon is not an evil entity, per se, and that indeed it is doing what it must as a living life form, just as we do what we have to.
      As my work has expanded, I have been placing greater and greater focus on more advanced techniques and perspectives. As part of these perspectives, and especially in books like ‘the way of the projectionist’, I discuss different ways to perceive, different dimensional points, different states of being-ness within the parameters that are available to us as humans, and how these differing angles to perception can allow us to perceive many different world views from many different perspectives.
      As such then, and while I have not specifically talked about it at any one point thus far specifically, I have left it up to my readers to realize that as you progress through the many rooms of the projectionist for example, you will be met with different ways to perceive the world as a whole. One of these ways (might I add, among many many ways possible) is the way to see the world from the incredibly expansive perspective that you mention. I have had the great pleasure and fortune to be able to see the world from this perspective and can attest to its power and its ability to put things within context and to calm my mind at times of difficulty.
      But my desire in discussing the techniques that I refer to as inner alchemy, is to instigate action of a both internal and externally physical nature, and such impulse towards movement in my opinion, and this is only my opinion mind you, does require the initial movement of energy within an individual system that can often only be achieved through intense revelation and the emotion that it engenders, which is then created through complete, honest, and open revelation. This honesty and openness means that I must speak from a normal human perceptive point, and state quite plainly that from that point of view we are not a peak predator that eats everything indiscriminately below it in some imagined hierarchical tree, but that we too are prey for an even bigger, more complex, and more ruthless foe.
      But again this is a matter of initial action, and upon reading my books I do discuss the techniques that are to be used in dealing with the Archon, specifically books such as ‘how to beat the Archon through alchemy’, you will find that there is balance there, real balance that is created through direct action, as opposed to just passive perception. When this true balance, through actual motion is achieved, there is no foe, and no friction, there is true communion.
      I hope you understand what I mean here, in explaining this aspect of inner alchemy, there is the need to use a more precise tone. I think that your questions are very valid and I can see your point, and it is therefore my hope that I demonstrated that I do not seek fear as some might, but that I only wish for full transparency, PLUS (and this is a most important plus) true and valuable energetic action; not just a revelation or an opinion, but a solution as well.

  4. Greetings John,

    I am still in the process of reading two of your books and I like your straightforward and understandable explanations regarding the various things that you write about. I am familiar now with your ideas regarding how “the archon” feeds on our energy, and in all honesty I have not encountered the great archon to my knowledge, at least in a direct way. But I have encountered directly at least one very notable negative entity…

    Long story short: I was deep into watching YouTube videos one night, and came across videos about people’s terrifying encounters with an often recurring dark entity, which would appear before them and at times even seem to “hold them down” while they were in sleep paralysis. Before seeing those videos, I had over the years a few similar encounters and fortunately they passed on and never kept recurring. I’ve also known others to have similar recurrent experiences. Watching those YouTube videos I believe sparked something inside me, and that very night one of those entities came to my room as I slept. It feasted on my fears while I laid there, helpless for a short time, I did my best to relax and let it go (thanks to some experience in meditation) and in a short time it disappeared. I consulted the following day with a trusted spiritual advisor of sorts, who suggested that the next time if ever I saw this entity, that I transmit love at them to get them to leave me alone. At first that’s a frightening thought in itself as I have no desire to become”friendly” with an evil spirit per se. But I took his advice because it made sense deep down (which is how much of your writing feels as well to me). That following night I suspected it would occur again, and it did, and as I laid in bed and the hairs stood up everywhere on my body and I felt that I could not move, as soon as I felt its presence before me I imagined the feeling of my mother’s unconditional love, and I blasted the strongest and purest possible feeling of love in my heart at it — it disappeared instantly and has never returned. So John, when you speak of a negative entity such as the archon which can feed off of human fears, I understand that is entirely possible, and it makes me wonder if those beings that can occur along with sleep paralysis, are some kind of extension of this great archon you speak of?

    Thank you again, and please continue to shed God’s light through your work.


    1. Hi Andrew,
      That is a very interesting experience and thank you for sharing it.
      I have had personal experience myself with such entities, and have usually heard the term Hag being used for them. Another popular term that I have heard used for these entities is succubus or incubus.
      My personal opinion is that while there can indeed be Hag like instances from aspects of that Archonic force, these Hags are most often a separate line of entities, a much smaller order of nonorganic entities that are part of this world just like the organic flora and fauna that thrive here and that we can see with physical eyes all around us.
      In other words my belief is that generally speaking the Hag is a separate entity, a nonorganic life forms, sort of like an animal that feeds on humanity (like a tick might feed on us), but that generally speaking you could say that they are a different order from the Archon.
      I am glad that you found a way to be able to deal with this nuisance.

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