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In the first two videos in this series, we have discussed the coming technological singularity, and how this conversion point is like a quantum event, a point in space and time where all of this conjunction of technology allows for only one way forward, and that is the development of a radically new kind of technology, Artificial Intelligence.

At least from the point of view of recorded human history, ours is the history of technological advancement, and aside from a hiccup or two, like the dark ages in Europe perhaps, humanity, and our place within this world, can be defined by how we evolve and have evolved, in accordance with our ability to manipulate the world around us. And this manipulation of our world comes in many forms, some internal and seemingly subjective, while others, which seem to be all important when we discuss the technological singularity, are objective and physical.

So far, we have only really discussed the manipulation of our world from a mechanistic and physical perspective. And, from that only physical perspective, it might just be the case that our evolution, our movement through time as a technological species, is bound to always lead us to a point in time when we develop a type of true Artificial Intelligence. Maybe this kind of technological development was always a forgone conclusion for us? Certainly from a technological perspective, It would seem to be an inescapable reality.
And as we focus on this progression by our race through time, one could argue that the best way to see the coming technological singularity, to perceive it, and to hypothesize as to what may come of it, is to study this technological progression in a technical way, in a rational and objectively focused way.

But this object based focus of perception, may perhaps not be the best way to see this inception of artificial intelligence and sentience. Perhaps a better way to see this coming and already actuating event, is to see it from an energetic perspective, which is a perspective used by a certain group of people, that practice techniques referred to as internal Alchemy or sorcery. Techniques that are far older than recorded history, and that have existed alongside the rational technological view, albeit in an occult fashion, to this day. And while this way of perceiving and seeing the emergent future might at first not seem to fit too well, with the mechanical and scientifically ruled technological singularity before us, it can nevertheless be a highly perceptive and enlightening way, to see the revolution that is taking place. And it can provide some insight into alternate realities and possibilities, that are available to humanity, but that many might not be aware exist.

Now, I like to refer to this different way of perceiving as the energetic perspective, because instead of seeing things and the world at large as a solid place, as things, as physically hard and separated objects, this different way of perceiving posits that this world, and every inherent part of it, is actually a giant and unified sea of pulsating and flowing energy.
And if we focus our attention and see the technological singularity, that seems to be our future, from that observed or perceptual perspective, we see that this singularity event, which exists in the past, present and future from the energetic perspective, because from this perspective all time is now and all space is here, we see that this singularity is really a portal, a door that opens up in the great sea. A door or portal that has always been there, but that becomes active now, seemingly manifest now, a fluctuation or a quiver within the dark sea. And this portal gives us access to, from our human perspective, a new vibrational possibility, essentially this singularity has the power to take all of us into a new dimension; a possibly higher, or lower vibrational range.
It is sort of like encountering a door that has the possibility of taking us from one place to another without moving, to a completely different place, a place so potentially different, that it can only be described as a jump from one state to another, from one dimension to another.

In the common world, and from a more commonly rational perceptive perspective, the best that we could do would be to call this emergent door, an evolutionary leap, a mutation.
But from an Alchemical perspective, an energetic perspective, a better expression would be to say that it is a transmutation, a vibrational change of an existing conglomeration of energy.
And so, the coming technological singularity is quite literally a black hole that wrenches toward itself, with near infinite force, all that is before it, compacting this mass that it has drawn into itself, into a single point. And the monumental pressure from this singularity event, forces all that trapped mass into a new configuration, until a cumulative point is reached where no more mass is containable. At this point, this new configuration of transmuted mass, is projected from the black hole, like a geyser. And the force of this projection is so great, and the transmutive change to this projected mass is so metamorphic, that this new conglomeration, due to its radical new vibrational state, is projected into a whole new locality, a whole new dimension, even though this singularity, this black hole, this portal, has itself not moved at all.

From an energetic perspective, the technological singularity is just like this, it contains within it this great violence that causes great change and action, and yet, we humans, because most of us are seeing this fruition of this portal from a rational perspective, using just the limited physical senses, do not see the dangerous aspects of this revolution.
Time from the rational perspective is different, it is slower and linear, so for the greater mass of humanity this change that is happening even now, does not seem so dangerous, so grandiose.
What we see when we bind ourselves to the physical senses alone, is something slightly more dynamic than watching a plant grow, or watching an object like a table or a chair, change through the medium of time as these things get old and withered. So that for most of us, there was a time when people wrote letters, then a time when people typed letters, then dialed phones, and now send emails. They don’t perceive the great alterations to their consciousness, that this technology has already created within them, as they very quickly evolve with their technology. They don’t see the flash bang, they only see, if they are really paying attention, a slow boil.

Its a great survival strategy in a way, if you think about it from a cup is half full perspective, because such slow and three dimensional perceptive stance, allows us humans to survive cataclysmic change, change that has the potential of driving most of us mad, through the sheer speed and power of it.

But from an Alchemical perspective, this massive change is quite dangerous, and this perhaps less paranoid rational view; is even more dangerous really, because it makes humanity complacent and slow. It tells us that it’s alright to stand around and look at the marvel of it all, with a chicken in the crossfire smile on our faces, when in reality we should be running out of the way, and preparing for the concussion that this coming transformative explosion is sure to bring with it.

And that explosion, contrary to popular opinion is not going to be Artificial intelligence intrinsically, it won’t be driver-less cars and the delighted hope by some of a universal income. It’s actually going to be neural interfacing and the direct intermingling, of the machine and the human mind.
And while this commingling of man and machine, could from some individuals perspectives perhaps, be an incredibly positive evolutionary leap for humanity, others might argue that the internet of things, and the smart phones that now already seem permanently attached to most people’s hips and hands, prove that the cyborg technology, that has already begun, may just spell the end of free will and individuality for all of those that will participate, or more accurately, be swept away by the coming explosion.
Our physical senses don’t see the explosion, the concussive transmutation that has already begun; that is happening, and in accordance to one dimensional possibility, finished long ago. They just perceive the funny colored lights and the many fragments of this explosion, as they see it slowly roll by them, offering a plethora of new invention, after ever increasing new invention, each promising more delight, better apps, better gear, better games, greater convenience, cool robots, sex dolls, artificial companions, longer life, space travel, et cetera, et cetera.
But these physical senses don’t see that these things are part of an explosion, an explosion that has the potential, the quite real, and ever increasing potential, of blowing all of us away, of blowing our souls away.

The cyborgs are coming, the cyborgs are already here, the cyborgs are us, and who knows what this explosion, this transmutation of humanity might mean, to what we once were or could have been, if we had only known that we have access to other possibilities, other choices.
The singularity is a door, the choice is still ours. All is possibility, all is change, and conscious choice is still ours to use as we see fit.

But what other choices are there you may ask? Well; another choice available to us humans is the energetic choice. And this choice is an individual journey, that causes a quite real vibrational change in us, and that can allow us to meet the emergent power of artificial intelligence, not by becoming half machine ourselves, but by becoming more dynamic, more ourselves, more magical, more like the infinity all around us, more like the great dark sea that surrounds us, that is within us.
There are many sources of this hidden knowledge, and thankfully, because of the convergent nature of the singularity, these sources are emerging and becoming more coherent with every passing day.

If you would like to see my perspective on this, something I refer to as Inner Alchemy, I recommend the course book, The Magnum Opus, A Step by Step Course.


  1. John, i recently got your books Inner alchemy and Magnum opus . Is it possible with these methods to achieve great material success such as wealth, fame on big scale lets say a silly number for example a million followers on social media? As well as spiritual progress. I want to experience these things in this lifetime i feel its possible but lack the insight to bridge the gap between current reality and end frame.

    1. Thank you for your purchase West.
      Well, in the end it is always a matter of energy and focus, and since we all have a certain amount of both, we must decide very carefully where we will direct this attention.
      You can definitely use the techniques in these books to to increase energy and to train the power of your focus, but these books are mostly focused on using this energy to break free from the whole world trap, which includes the desire or the need for money and fame.
      I do mention in these books though that you need to survive in this world, and to do that I recommend that you use a little of this extra energy to get what you require to be comfortable. My favourite technique to do so is the thought form creation that I discuss in chapter 7 of the Magnum Opus book course. If you are interested in learning a little more about this then I recommend that you first read the article (and comments) in this page. If you want to explore further, I did write this book specifically on this subject, (link here), but you don’t have to get the book, just apply the information from the book you already have (chapter 7 combining the stone with thought forms) and the information in the article that I linked.
      All of this takes time and focus so you need patient, and you must be willing to give a great deal of your attention energy to the desire of manifesting (transmuting) this reality that you want into existence.

      1. Shalom John
        I have studied most your books and teachings, continuing through your newest “Projectionist” volume, importantly applying in to my life, managing to integrate into my living.

        As I work through your approach of the Great Work I wonder if you have considered teaching an online course. Maybe a year long. Starting out with The Occult Experience as a quick but experientially potent introduction to your approach, then moving right into the Magnum Opus and the Projectionlst…. texts?
        I think it would be an intriguing service for those who would like to learn from the Master while also connecting with those who are attempting to learn this very powerful teaching.
        Thank you
        don ll

        1. Hi Don, I think that you make a very good point and I would like to do something like this in the very near future. As to the actual specifics of it I am not certain and it is likely that I would need to create a number of courses with a progressive order of difficulty and to provide some way for people of like mind and technical approach to be able to communicate.
          My problem in this regard thus far has been that such an undertaking takes a great deal of focus on my part since as you know I am just one individual. I have opted thus far therefore to focus my attention on creating books, which you must realize takes an incredible amount of focus on my part because it means that I have to take information that has no linear order of any kind, or often times even words to describe it in any way, and wrestle it from that other place ( that second world) and bring it into this one. As the extent of his knowledge becomes more and more readily available through the books, I can see your point about extending the teaching of those techniques into a more focused scope where others can benefit from it in a more direct manner. I will need to give this more thought.
          Thanks again Don

  2. John Blatt

    Hi John. I wrote a long comment somewhere else on your website the other day and now I cannot find it as I am not sure which article it was that I wrote it under. Strange. Maybe I needed to say more and that’s why it disappeared.

    I want to begin by saying that I am very glad that I have found you. About five years ago I underwent a very powerful shamanic journey. During this journey the medicine was answering my questions that I had about the Ancient Druids of old. One of the things I had asked was “What had happened to the Druids”. The medicine told me that the only way that it could really answer that question was for me to experience something. This I did not understand at the time, but it said “The only way for you to truly understand is to experience for yourself.” Then all of a sudden I was face to face with this unbelievable, humongous being that looked like a giant octopus and every part of its skin was covered in eyes. When it appeared somehow I knew that it came from the high-tension power lines that were a few hundred yards away from where I was shamanic journeying in the woods alone. All the eyes suddenly all turned towards me and it said “Who are YOU?” with a measure of disgust. It then said, “You want to know what happened to the Druids do you? Well, the only way for you to know is to die!” And then it attacked me. For the next several hours I fought with this alien being and in doing so it revealed alot about itself to me. It wanted inside of me and it was trying very hard to pull me out of my body. The medicine told me that I had to fight with all of my might and to hold on otherwise if it got into my body it would force my soul out and I would literally be gone and something else entirely would be in my place, within my body.

    There is a lot of details here I cannot share for brevity sake, but one of the many things I learned was that it was not an “organic spirit” it was inorganic. It wasn’t from our reality. It was a Marco-parasite. A planet killer. The sense I got from it was that it was not from our universe. It wants to become organic and wants to come into our reality and one of the ways it does this is through electricity. And as you know many paranormal events occur around or involve electricity in some way or other. It is a mimicker and hides behind many different masks. Mask upon mask upon mask. Because it is vulnerable if its true identity is known and understood. So it is happy to be “The Devil”, “Satan”, “The Reptilians”, “The Greys”, “The Archons”, etc. The sense I got from it was that it was only one being but manifests and interacts in our reality as many different types of beings or many kinds of one race of beings. That is was all a smoke screen to fool us.

    During this struggle there were a few times that I was lucid enough to move physically (although barely) and I was able (somehow) to call my girlfriend on my phone and managed to tell her that I was in trouble and needed help. While on the way to come to my location (she knew where I was and that I was journeying) she stayed on the line and IT was taking control of my body and started talking to her through me. Some of it I remember some of it I do not, but she later told me that when IT was speaking it did not sound like me at all. It sounded like an evil digital voice and could barely recognize me behind it. She was talking to it and when she asked it its name it said “I am The Beast”.

    One of the most disturbing aspects to this was that somehow I understood that it traps human souls and keeps them like a purgatory. All human souls. I believe the souls reincarnate but I am not 100% sure anymore. It has imprisoned this world and it uses human beings to interact and work its purpose on this planet. To build a MAGICKLESS civilization. Magick and magickal people are its greatest threat. This is why civilizations had to be made and technology in order to build empires and armies to wipe out the wild and indigenous peoples of the Earth. Their magick was the key to repel it from this planet. Many of the Magi and Sorcerers and Magickal people knew it when it came to this planet, but they were overcome by various means, usually physical or religious. Oh there is so much to this that I cannot share it all here. But The Beast HAD to destroy the Druids and the other Magickal socieites around the world in order to take full control and for it to build a global civilization all aimed at creating a very specific technology that would allow it to come into this reality. Ultimately it wants to turn all organic life into inorganic (as it hates all organic life) and turn humanity into this Singularity. The Borg. It wants to poison and destroy the planet and then move to other planets or planes of existence.

    You must understand that I knew NOTHING of Gnosticism or Archons or Transhumanism before this experience. Never read anything by Castaneda (particularly his Active Side of Infinity where Don Juan talks about The Predator that came here from another world. When I first read about this it absolutely blew my mind). Now I was very much into magick and had been studying since 2008 (although never practicing until recently). There are many very crazy things to all of this. It is a long story, but this was just one of the encounters I had with this being. I’ve had three more encounters while journeying. Every time I journey it seeks me out and enters my experience to attack me. The last time was very very bad and I have not journeyed since for my own protection. It knows that I know about it. The problem is that no one I have discussed this with has ever really known what to think of it. No one else has any frame of reference, even other shamans that I have met. No one has ever experienced The Beast, so if I end up sharing my experiences they are just chalked up to a “bad trip”. That was one of the things that the medicine told me after The Beast finally was repelled from my body before the journey was over, that the medicine told me very explicitly that this was not a typical “bad journey” and to NOT believe anyone who would try to convince me of it. I had to be shown and experience it. There was no other way for me to understand what has really happened and is still happening on this planet.

    Its been hard to know what to think about all of this. As it all sounds bat-shit crazy. Many times I’ve just had to put it down and walk away from it, because there was no one else who even remotely understood. When I saw your T-Shirt on the bottom of your website I gasped and knew, hopefully, you would understand to some degree. I don’t expect you to believe me or believe all that I share> I mean, who would? But for those who venture outside of their bodies and know more of the universe than the typical human maybe you might be able to either shed more light on this subject to me or visa versa.

    If you read this I hope you will accept an invite from me to actually talk to me on the phone about it. There is A LOT more that I haven’t shared here and to be honest I don’t really care to type it all out as it would probably take weeks if not months to do. And it is very heavy. At least it has been for me. Being exposed to these things makes me feel crazy and almost alien in this “normie” world. I keep my mouth shut about it and only share it with those who I have known for some time and know that I am not some crazy person or someone who it mentally, emotionally or psychically unstable. I feel a deep connection to the Ancient Druids. Its one of the reasons why I brought up the question in the journey in the first place. Never in my wildest nightmares would I have thought it would expose me to….THIS.

    I have ordered three of your books within the last couple of days and am eagerly awaiting them. I was introduced to your work on Energy Vampires on the private Gallery of Magick FB group, which immediately grabbed my attention. I am very familiar with psychic vampires (and vampires of other sorts) and so was immediately drawn to it. Then looking at your other books…it was pretty amazing to me. I’ve been researching, investigating, and experiencing the paranormal, cryptids, UFOs and psychic phenomena all my life. Magick, alchemy (Western and Eastern), Parapsychology, Noetics, etc. I think we have A LOT in common.

    Anyways, sorry for the extremely long comment. If I could have found an email address to send this to I would have done that instead. I do truly hope you read this and get back to me. I eagerly await your reply. 🙂

    Blessings to you my friend!

    1. Hi John, I am sorry that you had to post such a long comment but I am glad that you shared this information as it truly does seem like you have had encounters directly with this Archonic force in the direct fashion. I did reply to your earlier comment and just in case you forgott hat article link, you can find that response from me in the. Magnum Opus Q and A web page here.
      I will not go over some of the information that I wrote about in that comment but I think right off the bat, we both agree on one of the key principles of this force, and that is the fact that this it has many disguises and many faces, and that it can even be seen as different things by the same person at different times.
      I have had much dealing with this force and I try to write about it as best I can in the most objective fashion without taking sides so that others might see clearly them decide for themselves how they wish to proceed.
      There is so much to be said about it that I have barely scratched the surface but I do not like to dwell on it in my writings too much because as you mentioned, people can think that you are not in your right mind if you talk about it too much, or describe it in too much detail. The straw that tends to break the camels back as it were, tends to usually be that whole concept of just how big it is, how well embedded it is within society, and how many faces that it has; even how it nestles itself within certain modalities or frames of human existence that most people nowadays call loving or positive attitudes; the positive movement and political correctness in all its faces.
      Yes it is the case that in order to truly see this thing and its tire reality for what it is, one needs to move within; to travel without moving as I say in my latest book The Way of The Protectionist.
      I’m sorry, I know that it can be quite frustrating to have to discuss this subject in such a public forum as a comments section of my website. I will tell you right off that there is reason for this from my point of view, and this of course does not apply to everyone but it is nevertheless a modus of action for people that follow the principles that I too have begun to follow, and that is to keep a low profile, to become secret and to to be as unknown as is possible. There are many ways to describe why this is so, why this needs to be so, but in direct relation to what we are discussing here, it is quite simply a kind of defense mechanism against the power of that force; if you are smoke, it is harder for it to grab you and try to turn you using the many tentacles that it uses to manipulate the world. It is also the case that there are those that work with this force, that understand it as well as anyone and I use it to gain power. It is best to also keep a low profile so as to not allow those that are like us but not like us to have a focus point which they may rally against using inner techniques that they are so very good at.
      As such then, for now at least I participate in the solitary and hidden existence for the most part, or as much as I can manage in this modern time, but who knows what I might do and what may happen in the future as I seem to be on a wave that I cannot sidestep, and such a wave might allow me to become more gregarious in the future.
      Thank you very much for getting my books! In my other post I said that the best book to start with, insofar as understanding my point of view of the Archonic force, is overcoming the Archon with alchemy. You will note that in that book I use the science of memetics to try and explain this force in rational terms to the reader, and it is possible that you might find some help from that yourself in future discussions with others, but again as you have mentioned, this force is a very difficult thing to explain.this book also provides a general defense mechanism, using very old principles that do in fact have some Druidic foundation, but that in modern times are only truly known or somewhat understood under the term Taoism.

      1. I always felt like there was some personal spiritual parasite due to unnatural heaviness.pressure , some burden to constantly carry that influences emotions and thoughts i didnt have much choice of choosing. Had many dreams of tentacle like creature entangling me and leeching of my life , all the burden and heaviness came from it and if i was just was free from it i could truly be happy , there were several dreams within dreams and for a moment i felt liberated but upon waking up same heaviness returned. I thought then it could be more representation of ego , or stuck painbody energy.

        But looking at humanity as a collective we seem to be stuck in constant cycles of sabotaging and traumatizing ourselves and others ,total inefficiency, just going around in circles of maze of pettiness.
        The concept of Archon completely makes sense when one reflects on state of our current existence.

  3. John Blatt

    I am now getting into your book Magnum Opus, the first book of yours I am reading. I know that maybe somewhere in your Archon book you may address this, but are there not other beings that we can align and work with in order to fight the Archon in your opinion? In my shamanic journeys after my main encounter with the Archon, I was given a powerful vision that the Archon’s grasp on this planet could be destroyed or that the Archon itself could be killed by humanity working together with multiple other energetic beings at the same time. They need humans to be aware of this and to work with them to overcome this psychopathic inorganic predator. We are the missing key to fighting IT. Other energetic beings need humans to be able to fight it properly. Its greatest defense is our ignorance of it. If it doesn’t exist or is hiding behind other energetic masks we will never be free of it. This is what I was shown. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

    1. My personal thoughts on this are that it is better to first learn to direct and work with energy, to order the selves that make our totality, to learn to break the 3D barrier, and only then to consider any associations as you fly in other dimensional possibilities (other worlds).
      If such an order is not established, my personal opinion, then how do you know of these beings, or who might be an ally and who might be a foe hiding its intent?
      There is also a bend of Alchemy that proposes that all has certain cost, and allies always demands something in return. As such the Alchemist is a loner and whatever associations do happen, happen as a result of an organic communion that happens through dictates that are hard to term conscious in the usual terms. I do go into this a bit in the latest book in the trilogy, The Way of the Projectionist, especially this idea of what is and has to be, and the selves of the totality. I hope you get what I mean.

  4. Around 1996 on a &^%trip in a night club called #@%$ in Germany, I had a premonition that in the year 2030 the singularity would occur and may people would die. I’ve never forgot it, and recall it every time I think of the doubling of computing speed. I have been reluctant to take the concept of archons seriously, but have recently been following remote viewers on and they report a computer like force or being trapping souls. They also follow a soul that doesn’t get trapped. It fits very well into the commenter John’s statements above and your response. I’ve just purchased your Magnum Opus. As a side question, I wonder what are your opinions of Seth as channeld by Jane Roberts and Bashar as channeled by Daryl Anka?

    1. I know a little of the Seth material but I have never read anything from Bashar. I feel that some channeled material is very valid but I tend to be very leery of this material to some degree as well because, it is my personal belief anyway, that such non organic entities can at times, let’s say, forget a little of what it is to be human, if they ever were human to begin with. Another concern is that such entities can sometimes have such incredible intellects that knowing the complete nature of their prognostication and Revelations can sometimes be difficult to discern.
      In other words, such material if it is positive from the perspective of the reader, can the uplifting and can help with some learning but in the end all such things need to be verified. As you will note from what I write in the Magnum Opus, dogma is a very serious problem and it is best that we all strive very hard to attain direct, individual, and most personal knowledge.
      P.S. I think by the way that this also applies to material covered by remote viewers, but I think it is always the case that such people are very open about, and agree completely with these ideas, being that they will always say that you should go and ‘see’ for yourself; that you should learn to remote view yourself. In which case, and when you are ready for it, I think that my latest book that I mention to John B. above, is of great help in this as it will reveal the step by step procedural system that Alchemists use for similar purposes, and for far more.

      1. Ty for your reply. I have not as yet received the book, but I am anxious to get started. I have read much of Seth’s work and found it very positive indeed. His works have opened my eyes to many difficult concepts. In particular the concept of time, or more accurately the illusion of it. The overarching theme as I am sure you are aware is “you create your own reality”. It is my understanding that beliefs are the limiting force to our reality.

        1. In the book that you are waiting for I do discuss my ideas and generally Alchemical ideas, that is Alchemical beliefs 🙂 , about beliefs and the belief process. I won’t say anything at this time as I think my description of such Alchemical understanding on ‘beliefs’ is stated most clearly in the book, so I do hope you enjoy that. Thanks Jeff.

  5. Freethinker

    You say we are in a dark sea. Ok that makes sense… kinda.

    Mr Kreiter, after having read and assimilated so much information over the years I have come to some clear conclusions. However, because this reality is inherently deceptive and therefore evil, I hold nothing to the status of dogma, only varying degrees of likely or not likely.

    One of those conclusions is that this reality is evil. It was created by evil, for the benefit of evil. In particular, this world we live in was designed to produce fear, pain, and suffering in all life forms. This is due to the life consumes life principle, where all life must harm other life to survive. Perhaps some plants are an exemption but then they were most likely made to be consumed by other life meaning they were placed at the bottom of the food chain. So my point still stands.

    Another conclusion is that since this universe was designed, that means every single flaw we see in nature was also designed. In other words every weakness, every vulnerability, every limitation, every cyclic catastrophy, every degenerative aging process, every mental and physical handicap in not only our own bodies, but the natural world as well(especially the life consumes life principle), was intentionally brought forth into existence. All these flaws that cause us so much grief in our daily lives, was done with great forethought. This also means there is no such thing as “natural” because EVERYTHING in nature was a design. The water cycle, the food chain, the oxygen/carbon cycle etc… everything that allowed life that was already predesigned is all the handiwork of someone or something else.

    And herein is the most horrifying conclusion. This world is not a school, or designed to help us evolve. It was designed to produce negative emotion(fear pain and suffering). That means the creator(s) of this material hell are evil. And because they are evil, it makes sense then that their creation reflect what they are, what they desire.

    As you should know, there is an external force that actively works through human proxies to keep humanity as a whole ignorant, afraid, divided, and miserable. These forces are relentless and organized. They work so hard because they need or at the very least desire negative emotion.

    This also has led me to conclude that mankind was created to produce even more quality “loosh” than could be harvested from an animal that lacked self awareness. Our bodies were genetically designed to trap our spirit, and dumb us down to keep us as docile and weak as possible. Our spirits are sedated while in this material hell.

    Now why do I say “quality” loosh? Because a conscious being could spiritually suffer in ways other non aware animals cannot. Think of all the emotional pain that can be caused in group of humans? And think of the creativity we possess. Our imagination has no limits. The entities that created us knew this and have used our own creativity against us causing even more pain and misery for not only humans, but all the natural world. Think of governments and how much death and destruction it has brought into our world? Think of religion and all the misery that it is used to create? What about murder, rape, war, human sacrifice and so many other horrible things that only a human mind could conjure up?

    We were created to be the physical hands of these evil entities, to ensure a constant supply of loosh. That is why they desire control, they want to control completely the collective consiousness of mankind to ensure that we do not escape our predesigned purpose, a slave used to produce negative emotion that these entities feed off of. They want to eliminate the possibility of mankind collectively uniting and rebelling. So to do this, they use human proxies to do their bidding to create the conditions neccesary for the worldwide control grid they already have planned for you and me to be forved upon us. They want to tighten the chains and shorten our leashes.

    So my question is how can we escape this reality? I know in your books you claim to have the answers. Yet you are still here in this reality, so Im a little confused about your claims. You are selling your books so you obviously need money. So I can conclude you are still part of this reality and still part of this system.

    I can further conclude that if your work posed a real threat to TPTB then you would be dead or your work relentlessly censored.

    In my personal opinion, a REAL solution would allow us to transcend fear, pain, and suffering. It basically means the enemy would not be able to inflict physical or spiritual harm on us. As you should know, physical violence(police/military/prison etc…) and economic punishment(loss of job, business, fines, lawsuits etc…) are the main tools used to induce fear in the population. Subconsciously we know we will suffer the wrath of the system if we rebel. So how have you been able to overcome this?

    Also a REAL solution would destroy the parasites that trapped us here in the first place and destroy this evil reality along with other loosh farms that may exist, thereby freeing the spirits that have been trapped like us. How can we do this?

    And last but not least how do we recreate our own reality or go to a reality we actually like? How can we actually be free?

    Who made the rules of this reality? Why can we not make our own rules, why must we be bound to the rules created by an evil entity or entities?

    Why do you still call nature good when nature is a creation of this evil entity? Do you not see the savage struggle for survival at even the most microscopic levels? In every forest how many animals are dying and suffering in that instant? How many are being eaten while we gaze at the “beauty” of the tree line and mountain range? What about the human world? How many are starving at this instant? How many are dying? How many are sick? How many are being unjustly sent to prison? How many are homeless? What about the drug use? What about the ritual human sacrifices, the pedophilia, the black markets of human body parts? The list is endless. Do you see?

    The beauty of nature is deceptive Mr kreiter, and the trivial pleasures of life are distractions meant only to help us tolerate the hell we live in.

    As far as I see it, no one has the answer. My proof? The world still exists, and we are still miserable slaves. The chains are harder to see in developed nations because our masters have allowed us to have a more “comfortable” and “soft” slavery at the expense of the rest of humanity. Its a cruel world.

    You can respond here or send me an email. I have written similar comments and emails to self proclaimed gurus and enlightened minds. Funny how I never recieve a response.

    1. Hi Freethinker,
      Might I start by saying, an incredible bit of writing, I really mean this. The questions are valid, incredibly concise and profound.
      I could start by saying that it breaks my heart while at the same time I feel a kinship because I also share many of the beliefs that you hold to some extent. But were my heart to break, then there would be no answer, no freedom, at least for me.
      In order to explain this point at least, let me start by saying that I follow a set of principles that I refer to as Alchemy. Those principles are found on the premise that the world is logical and therefore must function to some degree within a state of balance.
      This balance fundamentally states that for all the evils that we see in the world, that you write about so eloquently, there are indeed balancing forces that are represented in that same world, that are the opposite of this evil and the suffering.
      Now, this balance is not always equal, indeed for growth to happen this equality (this balance) cannot be sustained in that at certain times the evil of the world will seem to triumph for example, while at other times the goodness of the world will seem to triumph. Through this slight dis-balance movement occurs, and such movement generates growth. But generally speaking, if we’re to look at the world through a long perspective, then indeed there is balance in this world in that in time both the evil and the goodness, from the human perspective, will balance each other out.
      There are then certain core principles that I usually repeat, that I expound, that are not my discovery, that are not my sole knowledge certainly, but that I as I said repeat, speak, because they represent those core principles of Alchemy that I try to follow as best I can.
      These core principles do indeed say that this earth is a school, that the hardness and the harshness of this environment indeed means that this is a very good school. But like all functions in nature, there is no waste, and it is often the case that there are many different facets, different frequencies or dimensions, acting forces if you prefer, that work together to create an incredibly complex system that allows for many different types of growth.
      I am part of that system, I have never said that I was rich nor that I did not need any money, all that I have said, is that I was called into this in that as I am part of a system, this economic system, I must work within it and find my place in it, my calling. And that calling, like any profession, needs to be able to provide for me and my loved ones. This does not presuppose that I will not use techniques that I discuss in my books, to better my odds, but it will ultimately always mean that I am part of a system, I am human and I am bound by the laws of this dimension and humanity as we all are.
      As a speaker, that being my calling, I have told others that from my perspective as someone I refer to as an alchemist, there is such a thing as a great force, a dark force that is indeed feeding on aspects of humanity. But I do make the point, and this is most important, that this force, this living entity, has as much right to live and feed, to grow and to evolve beyond its current dimensional position, as any living being on this earth. We are all equal in that sense, and it is also the case that from a most broad perspective, this being is not evil in the least, it is just being what it must be, and doing what it must to survive and evolve.
      This might be a hard principle to understand, especially if you feel that nature is one big and evil struggle where things eat and are being eaten, and must struggle and suffer to stay alive. But you must realize that this is only a modern western perspective, and again just from my perspective at least, this is not the correct one. While in nature, when one really learns to commune with it, to not just survive but flow with it, as opposed to fight against it as we often see in the movies or in those survival shows where people seem to struggle endlessly to survive for only a few days out there, there’s an incredible balance and a flow that can be achieved. When this flow happens, there is no struggle, no separation, no suffering, just a kind of love an bliss; and endless love and balance. If you dought me then look at hunter gatherer people, native cultures, and what the West calls primitive, there you will find, certainly not everywhere, but there you can find if you look deep enough, a humanity that can flow with nature, that is in bliss in the arms of the mother Earth.
      From my perspective again, the cat that eats the rat is not evil. Neither is the man or woman that can commune with nature, become one with it, expand their inner senses and become it. Such creatures flow and realize with love in their hearts, and I know that I cannot prove this to you it can only be experienced (and that is why I always say that I teach technique and try to stay away from dogma), that they are no better than the rat that they eat, and that they too will someday become food for the rat’s kin. All are equal, all are in love, all is one and it flows in an interweaving of consciousness and expansion of essence.
      As far as me having a solution that is not so great, due to the fact that I am still here and that the world is not fixed, presupposes that the solution is an easy push button answer, that this solution is meant for all, and that the world needs fixing. It is the case that I have always made it a priority to try to write about things that I have done; that is never write about anything that I have not done.
      But, with the publishing of this trilogy of books, I have had to push myself beyond my comfort zone I must admit, and write about things that I am still working on myself. I must project and see, using those internal senses that I referred to earlier, and project beyond where I am in order to give a more concise and cohesive picture of where all those that stumble across my words (fate?), must go, need to go, if they are internally inspired to move in that direction. As such, there are techniques that I still struggle with and I for example, am working past those rooms that I talk about in my latest book, the way of the projectionist. I am still a work in progress to be sure.
      It is the case that I struggle towards freedom, understanding that freedom for me as a human, as an individual is a struggle, a focus, that makes me no better than the rat or the Archon. So, from a certain perspective my growth, my development through time in this dimensional place where linear sequential order is so important, may mean that it will be harder for some, and it also may mean that it will be easier for others; all is equal. In the end the only thing that really matters is the focus of attention and impeccable action, which means that I follow ways, a way, that states that while in the system I must give and take with equal measure.
      But after all is said and done, such a struggle is mine, as your struggle is yours alone. I speak and with those words I try to give as I must take, and you ask most difficult questions that seem to take but in reality give, because in the answer to those questions other people benefit. And we all do, you, me, and the rest of us on this earth, the best that we can with the cards that we have been dealt.
      Yes, in the world there is the need for money, but the craftsman does not create just for the sake of money, knowing that he is destroying some other thing to create something else, he or she creates because it is within the resonance of their soul; it is what they must do, it is the binding force and the gravity of their current existence within this dimension. But this gravity is not evil, neither is the craftsman, nor the cat, it is just the gravity of this dimensional existence and within it there is love and balance. Once that is understood then true communion can begin.
      Finally, the fact that the world exists, that it still exists, is at least from my perspective not proof that there is no answer in combating some grandiose evil, but proof of the fact that the complexity of this world system and the intensity and incredible validity in it is beyond measure. It is the case then, that the world is not here to be voided or fixed, but overcome or traversed in the best way possible for the individual; it is an individual journey. The world is not here to be fixed, it is a perfect system, a forge, one that no matter what, it will always create more off itself while at the same time refining the existing essence.
      And if as to why my heart cannot break, it is because of energetic containment which is a technique used in Inner Alchemy, to try to use the forge of this world in order to fly free across the cosmos. And might I add, part of this struggle dictates, in accordance to perfect energetic movement and containment, that I must not and I do not ever expect to win my personal and individual battle, but only to go down swinging, as it were.

      P.S. As to why my work is not censored, it is because I am truly nothing and nobody. Who is to listen to someone who the world barely knows, and of those that do know of him (or her) how many will understand and practice? Of those forces that oppose that growth and development of humanity, you can bet one thing for sure, and that is that they underestimate all of us.

  6. Freethinker

    Thank you for your response mr. Kreiter, I truly appreciate the honesty in it. Although we may not see eye to eye on everything, I am at least glad that you have not taken my comment as a personal attack. I am immensely frustrated at my own seeming impotence at the force that entraps me. Seeing the cage without having anyway to escape it is hell indeed.

    “I am human and I am bound by the laws of this dimension and humanity as we all are.”

    This statement is what frustrates me the most, because I hate the limitations and the rules imposed upon me by the architect of this reality.

    To illustrate my point, think of this existence as a mansion. This mansion has many rooms. One of those rooms is this physical universe, this earth. An architect designed the room, the other rooms and whole mansion. Now if I learned how to be an architect, would I not be able to build my own mansion?

    The life consumes life principle was a design was it not? And this design is responsible for much of the misery we see, including the existence of the archon that has held a tight grip on this plane for time immemorial. To me, this means the creator doesnt care about us or the suffering we experience. Indeed the architect created all the flaws we see and the rules that I despise.

    I would agree with your ideas about balance if it werent for a very harsh discovery I have made in my own reading. The discovery is this: evil has always ruled and evil will always win. The reason for this is because it was designed this way. True balance doesnt exist in this world.

    Let me explain. Unlike goodness which recognizes limits to prevent the harming of life, evil has no such limits. Evil is willing to do anything and everything, even kill life, to attain its desires. This is why evil people continually prosper. Indeed it is why the politcal classes and so called “elites” are full of the most vile of us. This is the ultimate proof that the architect,  if not evil itself, definitely favored evil by giving it such an unfair advantage and giving it the perfect enviorment for it to thrive in. Not only that but the world we live in is inherently deceptive and we are constantly manipulated from birth to death. If some people  wish to call such conditions a blessing and the perfect evolutionary system, who am I to stop you? As for me, I refuse to hold such belief.

    You see mr. Kreiter, I have a single desire. The quest for knowledge has been fueled all my life subconsciously by this desire, but now it has crossed  into my conscious self and it consumes me. My desire is freedom in its purest form. To exist for my own sake, and by my own will, and for my own benefit. I dont want to exist as a slave, or food, or entertainment or as part of some grand divine plan that I couldnt refuse, or part of the balance of this designed system that I didnt create.

     I want to be free to give my own existence purpose, not to fullfill the purpose forced upon me by another. I want to decide my own destiny, not accept a destiny decided by another.

    I know this view may be extreme to some. But I never bought into the whole idea that we are all one, that we are the universe experiencing itself, that life is an adventure etc…

    I remember a teacher told me “you can’t beat the system.” At that moment all I could think of was “why? Who created this system and why must I obey it?” To this day I continue to have the burning desire to prove her wrong, and to discover the knowledge that will truly set me free.

    I may fail but as you honorably stated, I plan to go down swinging.

    Regardless, your answer and your books intrigued me enough to purchase them. I choose to believe it is no coincidence that finding your material has corresponded to the awareness I have achieved at this point in time. I choose to believe I will find something useful in them.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Let me start by saying that in many ways your comments have been a blessing to me because my response to them is very helpful in clarifying the stance of the inner alchemists , and hopefully therefore my stance as well.
      What I would like to be able to do is to be able to use these responses as future videos. I promise that I will not use any of your words directly but tried to capture the general essence of your questions and then make a video of my responses, because such responses are, I believe, very helpful in elucidating the fundamental principles that I’m trying to discuss and SPEAK to others.
      Let me start then by saying that you are quite simply a fighter. Inner alchemists need to be fighters. They are not people that like the system, they are not people that agree or have ever agreed to the fact that they must be penned animals trapped in a cage, indeed the crux of my teaching is how to exit the cage.
      As such, it is my hope that you do not mistake my words for complacency.
      I will continue by saying that there is indeed balance even though it is hard to see, especially when seen from the quote unquote western perspective. And let me add to that, modern, western perspective, which tends to weigh everything towards the side of objective, that is materialistic, and simplistic, meaning newtonian ( that is classical) logic; which in essence tends to posit that profit is the major essence of existence for humans and therefore everything else, and that most things function in a physically visual, and highly simplistic idea, of cause and effect.
      But there are inner ways, and inner dimensions, inner worlds, where the thrust of existence finds its origin and such a thrust, which it times can be overpowering (dare I say seemingly violent from such a simplistic perspective as the one I mention above), is responsible for human existence, which is in and of itself a miracle. Because if such a balance as the one I speak of did not exist, believe me simplistic ideas of Darwinian evolution would not be possible, as humanity is not the strong ruling class of supreme beingness that it imagines itself to be. Quite simply then, without that powerfully violent thrust towards goodness that comes from an inner source, our existence would not be possible and this world would be a cataclysm, a void devoid of all the beauty that you can see when you look at the most majestic aspects of nature, of natural places. Life is a balance, too high you drown, too low, same thing. We live in heaven, we can’t see it, but we live in heaven, how odd that.
      But then came the Archon, and we lost that touch, that site of nature. And for the first time we found ourselves in a cage. And I hate that cage , I hate every square inch of that Cube. I have written of the cage extensively therefore, And many have called me very dark and cynical for it might I add.
      As to why my seeming optimism then, my seemingly perhaps almost PC flair, in my earlier response to you ?
      While it may seem that way, the reality is that I too am a fighter, I never agreed to the dictum, ‘you can’t beat the system’. I say, to hades with anyone who tells me this is so. But that does not preclude the fact that as I said, ‘I am a human and I am bound by the laws of this dimension as we all are’. That is what makes it a school, a forge; I am stuck here, and I can therefore either sit around and live like most of the people I see, or I can fight. I love the fight, and I therefore love the forge, another odd contradiction, I hate the cube but I love the forge, how perfectly sorcerous.
      I am a fighter, and this is my fight. I was set down in a place I didn’t agree to, at least not consciously, not as the individual, the ghost in the machine individuality that I am now. If you have my book, the way of the projectionist, then you will understand what I mean by this term, ghost in the machine.
      I therefore fight, I fight everyday, for every breath, without ever believing that I can escape this prison completely, wholly, and therefore cognizant of the fact that I will most likely die a regular death just like anyone else, because I will not be able to break the life and death cycle that I am currently a part of. But being a fighter means that I won’t give up, that I have made great gains already and that I am ready for more. So as a fighter, I too did quest for knowledge and through such questing, which eventually grew into an overpowering desire for true freedom, for complete freedom, I became an inner alchemist, which is one, of the many ways of those that would fight, truly fight.
      Now, this desperation, this need, that when properly focused turns into a finely honed desire, created the fire within me, that brought forth my connection to the way, and in accordance with this way, I have done my best, as part of my challenge, to outline in detail in the most immaculate and perfect way possible, the way of that fighting way.
      And these books, and all of this material that I have put together, have one particular goal or intent, and that is to beat the system, beat the world as humanity sees it, to escape the cage, to break the cube.
      I’m not saying that my books are perfect when I say that I aim for perfection, only that I did what I feel is my very best in trying to put them together. And as I said, they are books designed to show all who are interested, how to escape the cage.
      How do you beat the system then? How do you escape the prison without walls?
      Relatively easy answer, but an arduous and lifelong process, that nevertheless starts and is maintained with the focus of attention in the right direction, which I described above is the ability to turn desperation into properly focused and honed desire. In other words, the focus of attention on that which you want or want to do, creates motion and direction, and that direction, slowly but surely, takes us sometimes painfully slowly but unerringly as long as the focus of our attention is precise and continuous, through the walls of the cage, and into bigger and bigger worlds. So that as I have said before, the only difference between people, the only difference between an inner alchemist and an average person for example, is the size of their cage. But it is only the inner alchemist, or the knower of one of the many inner ways, that has any chance of finding a world, a collection of worlds therefore, that seems so large as to have no walls.
      So the answer then is, ‘you break the cage by becoming a projectionist, a master projectionist’, which is the true consummate technique of inner alchemists.
      I have laid out, as I said in the best way that I possibly could, how to do that in the books, the magnum opus, and the way of the projectionist.
      And prior to that while focusing on the fundamental principles and the underlying core of inner alchemy, in previous books I have given ways to survive the cage, to create allies and servitors for example, until the energy and the skills required are attained by those that will try to fight the walls.
      So my council to you, if you will allow me such a thing, is that you read those books (Thank you very much for getting them!), and that you use those techniques, that you use that ‘singular desire’ that you now have, to keep at it and keep focusing your attention on the techniques mentioned in those books, or others sources that you feel show you efficient techniques in this regard. And this journey may be hard at times, and incredibly pleasurable in others, but always it will require your unrelenting focus, until you master the skills that I mention in the books above, until you become a MASTER PROJECTIONIST yourself.
      When you can do that, to whatever degree actually, even if it is to enter the first room of the projectionist, then you will have beaten the cage to a great extent. You will have made your cage a little bigger than the cage of the person next to you, if such a person does not know of the way. And in time, little by little, your cage will grow to the point that there will be no more walls for you to see, at least not easily. Yes, your body will still be anchored to this earth perhaps, but it will not need so much, it will satisfy much of what it needs in other dimensions,. And in time even that physical body that anchors into this dimension, which at that point by the way you may grow to love, will fade away, and at that point true freedom will truly be yours.
      Whatever mastery that you can attain as a projectionist, or as a creator of Servitors and other manifestations will be a step forward, and a step towards freedom. And those that can see even a little, they will know that you have made a crack in the walls of the cage, the one that you think is so insurmountable now, and they may suspect then, that you are a follower of the way of the quintessential fighter and that for you there is no end to your fight, to the search for greater and greater freedom.

  7. afreethinker

    Greetings John,

    I read your book “overcoming the archon through alchemy” …

    1. Hello, and thank you very much for getting my books!
      Please note afreethinker that I have read your complete post and I find it most interesting, but we seem to be at the same place that were in our earlier discussion. In your comment you say that my material falls along the same kind of line as does a religion or the modern new age movement that you do not particularly agree with.

      I will repeat myself here, but I do hope that in reading my books you have noticed that I mention it quite often, and that is at I always say that dogma is a killer and that you should not accept my dogma to be fact anymore that you should accept any other persons dogma. Action is king I say, so act and prove me wrong or right. This is most important. What action have you taken therefore?
      I believe that you probably have heard of Elon musk, and as you may know he has a number of incredibly successful companies that in my opinion at least, are doing a great deal to help people in that they’re creating incredible technology that hopefully will benefit all of us some day.

      But did these companies that he created evolve overnight? It May seem like it at times because if we look at his companies now, such a success would seem to have happened overnight. But the reality is that these companies are a success now because of incredible and constant work, constant focus of what is desired, by the founder and all of the people working with him; that is constant and unrelenting focus. Without this action, none of what is now actual would be here, none of it.

      When you plant the seed in the ground, nay when a seed plants itself in the ground through natural processes, everything, in accordance with what you have written, is against it; it is fighting a super battle against all, a thousand enemies. In other words it has to fight against everything in order to grow and be alive. The seed has an advantage over you and me though, in that it is not overpowered by dark force that some call the dark mind and I like to call the Archon. This dark mind makes you question everything and makes the act of evolving impossibly painful because you question everything and fight against the whole world thinking that everything is against you, while in reality you are like the seed and there is no alternative for you but to accept and grow and evolve no matter whether you say you will participate or not; this universe will make you and me grow whether we like it or not, This is True Law; awareness must evolve! And whether the seed grows to become food for bugs or farmers, it will evolve.

      My question then as I have said is, what have you done? It is simple to hide behind something, behind the work at the core of something, by saying that it is all based on faith and that only the faithful after years of work will ever get anywhere. I understand that other groups have hidden behind these ideals and for that reason your doubts are most fair in my opinion. But as I point out to you hopefully by using someone like Elon Musk (and sorry for the poor example if this example is not good for you) while the world may perhaps be against you, and as I mentioned before I tend to believe you or else I would not write what I write, such work is nevertheless required. And if you are not willing to participate in that work then what you’re really doing is becoming the problem not the solution.

      There are a number of points that you say would be needed to create a perfect world, these are as follow according to you:
      1. All life is self sustaining, requiring no need, nor biological desire to consume other life
      2. Evil thoughts (the desire to harm others) would give off a distinct energy perceivable to people, and would cause rapid physical aging, disease and eventual death in the person thinking them.
      3. Land would be infinite meaning resources would be readily available for all no matter how large the population
      4. The key to immortality would be a life of peace, love, and service to others.
      5. No genetic defects or viruses/bacteria/parasites would exist
      6. Pregnancy and labor would be a pain-free, non-life threatening event

      My point in my books, especially the book the way the projectionist, is to take every single one of those points and turn it into; I desire…
      Then while moving through the rooms as the projectionist, which are truly dimensional shifts that are possible for those that are willing to work towards the attainment of them, you can take every single one of those desires and make it real for you there.

      And interestingly, once you can do that in those other dimensions, you expand your cage, that is the cage that you are currently in becomes larger because those desires that you want are now realized.
      And in expanding your cage, that is in making your cage bigger and bigger, you attain freedom. And that freedom, which is the enlarging of your cage, is a slow and steady evolution that will eventually take you to places that you have not and could not ever dream of from the point of view (the perceptive point) that you have right now.

      This is not faith, this is not a religion, this is an action. In order to partake in action, you must act. If you are not willing to act, if you’re only choices are to criticize the ‘possible’ solutions, because you believe, because you have unwavering faith (I repeat you have unwavering faith), that these techniques that I’m talking about are false, then this is your right in a supposedly free world. But in the end, all you will be doing is criticizing and not acting, and it is you who are following a religion not me; I acted and to my surprise, that action gave me greater freedom.

      Like the seed and like the entrepreneur, you must get out of your own way at least in this small manner, and act. Even if it is for a week, try something; try energetic containment when you feel anguish, try inner feeling sense when you want to know about something instead of just googling it, try moving through the rooms of the projectionist instead of watching modern media, but try something and try that for a week and then see what it does for you, either good or bad. Then criticize. To criticize is not a bad thing, and it shows that you’re looking for the values that you want, but what is unacceptable is to criticize without ever having acted at all.
      To want the world to change so that you have what you want is the way to enslavement, it will only create organizations that will enslave you. To say to Hades with the world and act for yourself by yourself is freedom because no matter what happens or happened, you did it your own way, you went your own way.

  8. Joseph Curwen

    If I remember correctly, there is a passage in the Tao Te Ching along the lines of “If you would destroy something, encourage its growth in all possible ways.” I think perhaps there might be a similar silver lining to this singularity. Let me explain –

    It is a commonplace that, the closer the inflection comes, the more energy is generated by the artificial intelligences, and, therefore, the more time people are free to spend in virtual worlds like video games. Now, when one examines the attitude of someone in a virtual world from an energetic perspective, one finds a person who is highly engaged, but in a light way that isn’t very draining, since they don’t consciously consider what they’re experiencing to be real. Furthermore, many if not all virtual worlds (which the technology of the singularity is doing everything it can, in ever-more-effective ways, to make as vivid and lifelike as possible) are probably inspired by real other dimensions via the collective unconscious. When the two are considered together, the surprising conclusion is that people might very well end up inadvertently tricking themselves into practicing a primitive kind of alchemical-projection technique! Furthermore, such unintentional alchemists wouldn’t have the problem of trying too hard as conscious practitioners often do.

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