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The Coming Technological Singularity, Part 3

In the first two videos in this series, we have discussed the coming technological singularity, and how this conversion point is like a quantum event, a point in space and time where all of this conjunction of technology allows for only one way forward, and that is the development of a radically new kind of […]

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The Coming Technological Singularity, Part 2

The convergent power of the technological Singularity can now be felt in all modern societies in this world, and its eventual culmination will be upon us faster than many of us might imagine. In the last video we discussed the rapid doubling of knowledge, as one very powerful indicator of this singularity convergence. Indeed, the […]

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The Coming Technological Singularity, A Most Important and Potentially Dangerous Thing Part 1

There is a great deal of discussion at this time about the singularity. The singularity, in a basic way is a coming together of a number of variables, and the coming together of these variables creates such an assembly of mass and structure, that a new state is achieved, a quantum jump is forced to […]

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