Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

Most of us are very educated people. Most of us have spent many years in schools learning a good many useful things along the way. Some of us continue our studies and go to college or university. Others take public courses in order to learn more about their hobbies or about personal interests of different kinds. Jobs often provide on work education and the job itself has a way of teaching you about what you’re doing and about the world in general through experience.

You must realize though that what you have learnt or what you are learning is only useful if you are able to put this knowledge into action. Turning what you know into action is what it’s all about. Don’t waste years of your life spent in study because you are not able to put what you have learnt into any kind of good use. Personal experience is the most useful and most powerful education that you can have, but it can also be wasted if we are not able to use this knowledge in a positive way.

You can take what you’ve learned and act upon it by asking yourself; “What have I learnt that I can apply to this problem now?” Contemplating this question will allow you to look back in your life to see what experiences applied to whatever task or problem you now face. This question will also allow you to formulate ways to use that knowledge in the best way possible.

Whatever you have learnt either through scholastic education or through experience can be applied to life in one way or another. Try to consider scholastic education as personal experience as well and in this way you can pool all your knowledge into the greater experience of your life. In this way you can ask yourself; “what did I learn from my past experience that I can apply to my current life or into this particular problem now?”

All knowledge is power if it is used properly when it is needed. While some would tell you that personal experience is best, there is always a case to be made for whatever you have learned scholastically. This scholastic knowledge after all is personal experience; what you learned from attending school is just as important as what you learned from books. All this experience should be considered and contemplated so that you are able to access this huge resource of past knowledge in order to overcome difficult problems now and in the future.

When you are able to apply what you know, what you have discovered through your own personal life experience, you can get far more done. You are also able to foresee problems because it is quite possible that you have faced similar problems in the past. You are also able to do things quicker and more efficiently because this past experience creates confidence. Confidence is always an edge because it puts you in an optimistic frame of mind and it helps you to stay relaxed in difficult situations.

If you look through your life, you will discover that there is a huge amount of stuff that you have learnt. Most people have spent decades in schools, but even if you have not attended school at all, life has a way of teaching you what you need to learn through direct experience. In other words, no matter what your past situation has been, you have access to incredible amounts of information that is yours to use if only you can take this knowledge and turn it into power. You turn knowledge into power by acting on it, by using it as a catalyst to get things done.







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