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Have you ever run across a visual puzzle that you could not solve? Sometimes we are doing crosswords, word jumbles, or sometimes even mathematical formulas that we just can’t seem to crack. Often we get so into it and so focused on what we can’t figure out, that we just can’t see the whole picture. By not being able to see the whole picture, we are not able to access deeper intuitions that might lead us to find a quick and easy solutions.

If you are having such problems, here’s a really interesting technique that has worked very well for me in the past. I use it to solve any kind of visual puzzle or problem that I cannot seem to find a solution for quickly. It can work with things as complex as math and chemistry equations. If you are a student or an academic, you might want to try it for some of your bigger visual problems.

It works in a similar way to the “Technique to let your creative genius come out”, in that you are momentarily trying to distract your conscious mind and in this way engaging your subconscious intuitions. In order to use this technique all you will need to do is to get yourself a book or even a very interesting photograph or picture.

What you do is that you take this picture or the book and place it next to the visual puzzle that you are trying to solve. Next, try to look at the visual puzzle through your periphery while you are paying most of your attention to the book that you are reading or to the interesting photograph that you are looking at. What you are trying to do is to give the book or the picture about 70 or 80% of your attention and the rest to the visual puzzle which you are only slightly aware of through your peripheral vision.

As you look at the photograph or read this text, it is quite possible that you will receive a certain flash of intuition that might give you an idea as to how to solve the visual puzzle that you have. When this happens attack your visual puzzle and see if your intuitive flash is workable. If not, just return to your photograph and begin to once again look at the visual puzzle from the corner if you’re eye, giving most of your attention to the text or the photograph.

It’s a good idea to play with the amount of attention that you give to your visual puzzle. Always though try to look at this visual problem that you are trying to solve, through your peripheral vision. This makes it much easier for your subconscious to focus on it without the interference from the conscious mind.

I have personally figured out some very difficult problems in this fashion. The trick is to feel out just how much attention to give to the visual puzzle. In this way you are able to judge your feelings and come up with just the right amount of attention required. In this way you just have to wait for a little while and ‘click’, you have your solution. Learn to use your subconscious mind in this way to solve your visual problems and you will be amazed at your success rate.








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