Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

Always try to nurture your imagination.  Your imagination is a powerful ally that you can use in any area of your life. Albert Einstein said that “imagination is more powerful than knowledge”.  What he was letting us know is  that our logical and objective minds can never encompass the totality of ourselves and the universe.

Your imagination is like a window into an infinite world of the inner self.  This world is far, far bigger than the exterior world that we considered to be so real.  The imagination is a connecting link that allows us to make contact with far greater realizations.  It is a well known fact that the subconscious mind is far greater and far more powerful than the conscious.  The unconscious has at its disposal nearly infinite amounts of data and the ability to process this data in ways that would put a supercomputer to shame.  The imagination then is like a doorway into this grand and subjective supercomputer of the self.  It is your imagination that will give you the clues that you need to figure out things that you can never figure out solely on a conscious level.

This imagination can be hindered by others.  Children for example have incredible imaginations that can create marvels in their heads, but this imagination is soon repressed as the child grows into adulthood and is told over and over again that imagination and pretense are childish.  Your first battle in order to nurture your imagination is to stop others from taking away this powerful tool.  The best way to do this is to always try to do your own thing and to not worry so much about what others think and believe you should be doing.  Your life must be your life, and the way that you live your life must be of your own making.  The moment that you start living by the rules and beliefs of others is the moment that you will stop your great imagination and therefore hinder your ability to perceive and to act.

New thoughts and ideas are the source of all freedom.  New ideas create new possibilities and new ways to fix old problems.  Your imagination then is the source of your freedom so you must make sure that you have a strong imagination, that way you can always create new directions to freedom by finding new possibilities for yourself and your problems.  The inner self is the source of this information and it holds the answer to all the problems that you face, but you will not be able to access this information unless you keep your imagination alive and strong.

In order to nurture your imagination, learn to relax.  The ability to relax and to enjoy the moment is the greatest way to access your imagination.  Your imagination is at its brightest and best when you let go of yourself and you let yourself be in a kind of free flow.  This free flow will stop the censor of the mind and it will allow new ideas to come forth unhindered by a mind full of expectations about what is and is not possible.  Tension then is the great destroyer of the imagination because it focuses your attention on this moment and it does not allow new thoughts and new possibilities to present themselves to you.  If you can learn to just relax and to enjoy the moment, you will find the ability to let go of this tension and discover the true potential of your imagination.

Great minds have always found the answers to their questions in the most interesting ways.  But if you study their ideas and methods then you will see that all of the methods that they use to find great inspiration involve some kind of activity that allows them to relax and forget themselves.  If you wish to cultivate your imagination, I suggest then that you also find a way to relax into the moment, so that you can find your own source of inspiration and in this way solve your problems.  Nurture your imagination and find the infinite possibilities that are available to you.







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