Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

We certainly do seem to live in interesting times. At this time in human history we all seem to be at odds with ourselves, perhaps this is how it was always and humanity is perhaps destined to always feel fractured. This is definitely the age of the intellect where we have been able to create incredible things through technology and scientific theology. But while the intellect does seem to reign supreme, at least in the west, our emotions have suffered as a consequence. Many of us feel that the intellect is superior and the emotions are dark vestiges of our animal past. How do we overcome our dark and negative emotional self?

How do we attain genius? Aren’t we just a large brained apes lost in a sea of hormones? Is there a way that we overcome these hormones or is it that we are fighting a part of ourselves that is far more necessary than we imagine? Modern scientific theology tells us that in certain ways, our emotions are mere casualties of our evolutionary development. But is this truly the case? I think it is quite possible that we are just not using our full capabilities, and that true genius is to be found by combining the full human which is made up of the intellect, the emotions, and the feelings.

From the point of view of the rational self, our emotions seem to be an unstable mess. While our reasonable self abhors what it considers to be unimportant and detrimental parts of itself, there is a part of us that tells us that our feelings and emotions are very important. I believe that the only way for us to evolve as humans is to be able to learn to combine our intellect and our emotions. I think that if we are not able to do this we will suffer a great fall because we will either fracture ourselves into robotic and neurotic things, or we will fall back into an emotionally unstable prehistoric ape.

From our current point of view, the intellect does seem to be superior. But with the intellect alone, humanity is left with a cold and inadequate resource; we soon realize that without inspiration and intuition the intellect is not enough to be able to deal with the infinitude of the universe. The intellect alone cannot explain even the smallest of things, all it can really do is organize and clarify what has been discovered through other means. Scientific investigation is after all the intellectual study of theory and theory it seldom if ever thought up through the powers of intellect alone. Theory is usually discovered through that mysterious human quality; creativity.

I think that the only thing that we are left with is that we need to combine both the intellect and intuition. The intuition can only be accessed through feelings, spontaneous creative flashes, and impulses. This then means that our emotions and feelings are very important because without them we would not be able to access our creative genius. But this creative marvel cannot exist alone, it must be organized and given a purpose through the immense power and organizational capabilities of the intellect.

If this idea is pursued, I think that there will see a great growth in the capabilities of the human mind. I think we will also begin to correct that great problem of many ages which is the feeling that man is possessed by a self-destructive inner voice that is not interested in his well-being. I think that this inner voice will be discovered as having always been an emotional ally that has been put there, by man himself, in order to balance his amazing mental power.

In your own life you should never bury your emotions and feelings. It is imperative that we all begin to learn from these inner feelings and that we begin to try and listen to these internal voices instead of trying to suppress them. It is also very important that we all work diligently to keep developing our intellect and our logical capabilities. By combining these two great human resources I think it will be possible for us to go far beyond our current mental capabilities.






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