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I would guess that we have all had times when we wish we were someone else. I certainly would like to be as debonair as James Bond for example. Unless they are already lady magnets, I am sure that most men can identify with me.

This need to want to be someone else can have both positive and negative aspects. On the negative side is the idea that you are so unhappy about yourself at this moment that you wish you could be someone else entirely. Certainly it’s not a good thing to be so pained by your personal life situation that you actually want to not be yourself. This is sort of like the ostrich that sticks its head in the sand in the hopes that it will disappear.

If your life is this difficult then you have to realize that there is no one else that is going to be able to fix it for you. You will have to step up to the plate and “man up” as they say. We can all use a bit of help from time to time and there are always friends, family, and professionals that can help you. But do remember that you will need to take responsibility for your life and your problems.

There is also a positive side to wanting to be someone else, and this might be a great help in coping and even overcoming some of your problems. Indeed it is perhaps a natural inclination in all of us to seek out those that are superstars in areas that we suck at. It’s perhaps an instinctual search for a solution to our problems; by finding those that might have the key to our recovery.

Well I am going to share with you a simple exercise that will allow you to tap into the power of these superstars so that you not only begin to emulate their success, you actually begin to take on their attributes and apply their special talent in your life. You will learn to borrow some of those great attributes that you envy, and easily begin to place them into your own personality.

Let us begin by having you come up with someone that you truly admire. Someone that is incredibly successful in some of the areas that you think you are deeply lacking. Take as long as you want and search out anyone; whether it’s someone from the historical past, the present, or even a fictional character that you greatly love and appreciate.

Now that you have identified the person that you will be borrowing from, I want you to contemplate that person performing those positive attributes that you desire. Picture that person in your mind’s eye performing those talents that you covet. Picture that person dealing directly with the problems that are facing you right now, and picture this person succeeding in every aspect.

Now I want you to pretend that have those positive attributes. Imagine that this hero that you admire is standing in front of you and that in one quick swoosh, he/she is instantly sucked into you. So where there were two now there is one and this one person is a conglomeration of the both of you. This new person has all of the attributes that you wanted.

Imagine how different things are now that you have all of those talents that you desired. See yourself performing all of those things that your hero was doing. Think about how different people’s reactions will be to you now that you have all of these new talents. It’s important that you see yourself in the here and now performing perfectly with your new acquired talents. Continue to imagine the new situations in your life and how much better things are now that you are the superstar.

Do this exercise as often as you can until you feel confident in your new abilities. Practice your new talents in your life and have faith in yourself and your new abilities. If you feel unsure about yourself or feel that you don’t quite have all of your new attributes in perfect working order, then keep practicing this exercise in your mind’s eye until you feel more certain of your abilities.

I promise you that if you give this exercise a try for a week, you will be incredibly surprised at how powerful it can be. Start practicing now and change your life forever with the power of borrowed identities.


  1. Thank you John for all your books, you are one of the most prapared that I’ve read in more than 20 years of studies.

    This article remind me the DTI or Reikov method for remove all the uncunscious blocks by acting as the model that we choose. Isn’t it?

    1. Hi Elia,
      I am not sure if I have read material by these people but yes I am sure it must be similar or the same. These techniques have been around since shamanic prehistory though in that such techniques were used in the past to borrow the wisdom and power from animals, nature, the gods, and even revered enemies.

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