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Sometimes it is difficult to realize that we are all creative people. Labeling by others tends to make this even worse; this happens because others begin to label us telling us from an early age that we are either creative or not very creative.

It is true that some of us have a natural inclination to want to become more creative, pursuing different interests that require us to use our more creative sides. It is also the case that we change as we grow, sometimes we pursue interests that do not require great creativity while at other times in our lives we wish to open up these creative sides and expand ourselves artistically. If you are one of those people that is interested in developing their creativity then here is a simple little exercise that might allow you to get your creative juices flowing. Why this exercise works is that creativity is really the ability of letting yourself flow naturally, unhindered by a natural censor that we create which tells us that we must do this or that. The truly creative are able to remove the censor, so that the natural parts of their being can express themselves unhindered and provide new thoughts and ideas to be explored.

If you are having trouble finding your creative side, and need a little boost to get yourself going, try the following:

Read a poem out loud. You can either read a poem that you wrote, a poem that you might have found in a book that you have, or a poem that you found on the Internet. The idea is to read this poem and a loud and eloquent voice that suits the poem. Try to read a poem that is classical and perhaps has a lot of emotion, then try doing a funny rhyming poem.

Look at great art. Again try to find this art wherever you can, the Internet can actually be a great source if you have the time to look, and the inclination. Look at all sorts of different kinds of art, from classical to contemporary. Look at the art used in marketing, and also check out some of the current pop art.

Try to listen to a variation different kinds of music. You could try to listen to an opera, followed by perhaps something classical from Beethoven, and round the whole thing up with some nice powerful dance music.

Start jumping around and dancing. As you are listening to the music that I mentioned above, try to let your body move to that music. Allow yourself to become uninhibited, and let your body move naturally without your conscious control.

If you find yourself creatively stuck, or you’re trying to get yourself a little more creative than you have been in the past, this is a great way to get the juices flowing. Try to do the four techniques stated above at the same time, one after the other. In this way you naturally transcend from one to the next and your body and brain open up to a new routine that will hopefully help you inhibit that natural censor that is such a great hindrance to creativity.









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