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I was asked:

I have difficulty maintaining my truth, these truths are fragile, and the truth of the other enters my head and I feel blocked, I even have trouble reasoning. Is there a defense?


My response was as follows:

This is a problem that we all have, and one that not too many people contemplate. What we think of as being our mind is often the mind of the collective, the mob mind that we all share as humans on this planet, and that mind is ruled, indeed fashioned, by the Archon!


But there is the possibility of finding your own you, the individual you. This individual you IS connected to the group mind, to all the many beliefs/memes, thoughts, emotions, fads of the time and of other times. But if you can learn to identify the real you underneath all of that noise, it is actually incredible to watch and feel all of these foreign thoughts, ideas, and impulses go through you. It feels like tides breaking against you and washing past you endlessly, freeing you from the collective.


To find your individual you, you have to pay more attention to your own mind; not try desperately to turn it off, or to pay attention to the outside world and the present only instead of what is going through it. You have to pay more attention to your mind, so that you can ‘tame it’ and put it in its place. It is really hard to do this at first because our attention span is short for the most part, and we tend to get lost in our thoughts in the same way that we fall asleep in our dreams. But if you just watch all of the thoughts, emotions, ideas, memories, feelings, images, etc., that are going across your mind all the time, you can eventually begin to see that underneath all of this. You can begin to see that there is a watcher, a being that is watching all of this, even watching you trying to watch yourself.


The watcher is the real you! Well, it is the individual part of you, the part that can learn to take action and do things independently of the mob mind, the part that can look for truths and see them over and over so that it does not forget who it is, it is the part of you that is free and an individual being.


Try to pay attention to all of the thoughts and impulses that go through your mind during the course of your day. Then slowly try to pay more and more attention to the part of you that is trying to pay attention to itself; pay attention to the watcher that is watching itself… Even watching itself watch itself.


There are many mysteries here, contemplate this fully.

I was asked to try to explain my notion of ‘eternal recurrence’, which is a concept that was used frequently by the philosopher Nietzsche, and which I have used at times to try to describe the trap of existence. the life and death cycle; how eternal recurrence means that we will live this same life endlessly, for all time. Specifically, I was asked about how this concept relates to reincarnation. I was asked:    Each time that we repeat the same life, do we make different choices within that same life? Or are the changes just inner changes?… Or both?


My answer was as follows;

such answers are difficult to explain because the mind has so much trouble with infinity. Often times such answers can only be perceived directly, but explaining them with words is very hard. I will do my best as this is really a great question and I thank you for asking.


Each moment in this one life, has within it and almost infinite number of probabilities. That is, in every single moment there are a near infinite number of things that you can do, but in this timeline (which we refer to as reality, real-life) you choose one, and you call that particular choice reality.

All other choices (that is actions in accordance with a possible probability) are dreams; they are possibilities that may have happened in your dreams but that never happened to you in real life, and each one of those choices leads to different roads that give you a slightly different life, from the perspective of the individuality that you are now. All those other lives though exist now, they are NOT just dreams, they are real now at this moment and forever, but to the conscious you, they are mere dreams at best, from your perspective. To the you in those other timelines though, you are the dream and they are the reality.


But each choice, no matter how diverse such a totality of an experience can seem to be from a human perspective, is in the end Limited. It will go no further than a birth and death, and no matter how diverse it may seem to a person that may have taken a different probable road, it is nevertheless a small and caged existence when compared to all that is possible.

So yes, each choice is made now, all is now, each direction is followed, each possible aspect of you is now in existence and will continue to exist, and in certain limited ways, it will seem to evolve forever because there is no past or future, there is only an infinite now point (linear time is an illusion). You, as the person that you are now, will do all the things that you will always seemingly want to do, and since all is now, you are and will be doing all of it, forever.

But here is the hard part, none will escape the Archon, none will escape life and death, unless one of those timelines escapes the Archon… But if one escapes then they all have escaped.


But if all choices are followed then one of those possible life timelines must escape the Archon and therefore they all escape the archon at some point, right?

Wrong, that is the trap, the illusion and the danger of invisible walls; none escape that do not escape the Archon, because escape is ‘not a probability’, it is an ‘energetic intentionality’. Intentionality and probability may seem like the same thing to an average person, but they are not; one is a trap, the other is freedom.

Inner alchemists try to make this timeline, which has already happened and is always happening as I have mentioned, be the timeline where they escape Eternal Recurrence. They do this, by among other things, uniting the conscious self with all timelines, and most importantly, by developing intentionality!

Contrary to the common New Age view, the world out there is not an illusion, but the reality is that we are only able to perceive a small fraction of it.

Even our most sensitive instruments cannot begin to perceive all that is going on around us.

These instruments can even give us a highly skewed interpretation of the world around us, because we tend to create instruments to perceive what we think we should see!

Realize then that wherever you are right now, there is far more going on around you than you could possibly imagine.

While it is possible that you could have a very large imagination, that imagination is still limited by your senses, because it is nearly impossible to imagine that which we can’t even conceive perceptually.

We live in an infinite world made up of the known and the unknown.

Our mistake comes from our insistence on trying to fit the unknown into rules that we have developed through the little that is known.

Instead of looking into the unknown with a broad perspective, we tend to look into it with a narrow focus, trying to see what we expect to see because of what we already know.

But the unknown is the unknown because it exists in a realm beyond our current perceptual and intellectual capabilities.

The only way that we will be able to make any headway into the unknown is by expanding our intellect enough, so that it is able to understand that the broad range of possibilities out there can only be assessed by swiping clean our current expectations.

What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything?
To Deep Thought it is 42.
But for an Inner Alchemists its,
‘’Don’t feed the churn, just ride the wave!’’

Which can be explained as follows:
The human world, and all the creations of this humanity that we are a part of, is far more complex than most would imagine.
In the simplest of terms, we could see humanity, each individual person, as a particle floating within a fluid. We can then further imagine that each one of these particles has the random possibility of creating an external churn, a kind of external paddling effect.
Now, if we take 8 billion such particles and imagine them to be in a relatively large fluidic container, to which we further add this random ability by each individual particle to have the potential to create a random amount of a churn ( turbulence or agitation) then we can see how these particles within this fluidic medium create over time different currents and waves that seem to create over time, an almost conscious or stable current. That is, even in this chaotic environment, this highly complex system, there will be a time when a kind of order is achieved; a current.
Humanity believes that this order (this current) is reality, and for each individual particle, no matter where it is positioned within this fluidic medium, it will (if we assume that this particle has a possibility of being somewhat conscious) believe that its position within the fluidic medium is the center of the universe and that this point within the medium also represents the actuality of reality (true reality). Each particle therefore experiences its own reality but is nonetheless affected by the current created by the entire fluidic mass. There are orders that look down on this mass. The current is of no consequence. The order is illusion (it is just a random event in time created in a complex system, and this order will change, IS constantly changing). All that matters to those higher orders is the churn and the strength of that churn.
As to where the inner alchemist fits in all this, they are like little surfers particles that ride those currents instead of feeding the churn. They spend lifetimes learning to master their surfing skills so that one day they may have the chance to fly right out of that fluidic medium that now traps them.

Upon such dramatic departures some inner alchemists may (or may not) quote luminaries like Douglas Adams by exclaiming, ‘’So long, and thanks for all the fish.’’

You can do just about anything in

this world that you want, as long

as you can focus your attention

long enough on that one outcome.

The techniques that I discuss in

my books and in some of my

articles are all possible if only you

are willing to dedicate the time

and effort (by which I mean the

prolonged focus of attention on this one thing).

Yes, it is possible that for some people

these techniques will take longer

to master than others, this is a



There are also others that will

run into beliefs as they focus their

attention, such as the belief that

all these skills are outliers in the

human population, that they are

difficult, and that they are for the

few. And faced with those negative

or counter beliefs, many will

give up.


But some will continue and

Will face those beliefs, change

them, and continue with their focus

on what they want.


That is the only difference

between those that get something

done and those that are only

willing to believe what the world

at large is telling them…instead of

what they can actually do!

The unknown, the occult, hides within self-imposed barriers. These self-imposed barriers are our beliefs; beliefs that are so powerful that we sometimes call them facts.


A particular fact for example is the notion that time is a sequential affair. That is, we all take it for granted that time extends in a linear fashion, where there is a past and a future, with us standing in the middle… A middle which we call the present moment. This is a fact, we believe.


What if we were to take a radical new approach to time?

What if we were to consider time as not existing in a linear sequence but as existing all at once?

Since time for us is so directly linked to space, but if we conceptualized reality as existing all at once within one point?

For a moment, try to conceptualize the idea that all things in the present, past, and future are existing now, all at once.

Any action that you took in the past to arrive at this present moment, and any future consequence from the actions of this present moment, exist now.

As a fun exercise, try to imagine time in this fashion now. Perhaps the next time that you go for a light stroll around the park, try to spend that time believing that there is only a now moment; that all action is happening now, whether that action seemed to be something in the past, or may seem to be something that you might do in the future. Imagine that all action and all reality that ever was or ever will be is happening now.


If we are good visualizers, we can begin to see time in a totally different way. Seeing time in this fashion, it becomes a lot harder to pin ‘reality’ down in our minds, and things can get a bit chaotic.

We can no longer use a linear sequence to try and pin down the course of our actions, and it becomes much harder to separate that which is within the personal subjective experience and that which is physical action, or physically present now. Time experienced in this way becomes much more a matter of intensities and far less a matter of self-imposed belief structures.

If this exercise is carried out long enough, the differentiation between the physical and the imagined becomes far more difficult; the real and the imagined become one.

While this may be chaotic at first, it can also provide an incredibly powerful way to allow a person to begin to understand the manifestational order of all reality, and how it is that the inner creates the outer.

There seems to be a strong relation between the swirling colored images seen in deep internal exploration (in hypnagogic states, deep trances, and lucid dreams), and the atomic structures that make up the manifest.

It is the case that these patterns tend to follow a general spinning motion that reminds one of the spirals found in nature, such as shells, galaxies, swirling water, etc.

Indeed, there seems to be a direct relation between the colorful energetic movement, seen in this half-asleep threshold consciousness state, and the Fibonacci numbers, which are a sequence of integers that form a geometrically stable order, that can be found throughout the natural world.


Moreover, this type of exploration into the swirling and often times quite geometrically stable set of patterns, if done in a consistent and sober manner, will begin to provide clues into the underlying structures of the world, the mind, and the basic building blocks of not only the physical universe but of thought itself.

Whatever these colorful geometries and patterns may represent to the individual reviewer at any one time, this vivid kaleidoscope does begins to flood the mind as one travels deeper and deeper into, what I personally like to refer to as, INNER SPACE.

It is quite simply the case therefore, that to move within is the source of all true knowledge and the ‘operational method’ by which ancient civilizations and all illuminated houses and orders of the past, were able to discover amazing things that to this day are unknown by modern science.


And as you go deeper and deeper, these images, combine themselves to produce feelings and sounds of such intense richness, that it becomes hard, perhaps impossible, to describe them in any realistic way using mere words. The deeper that one goes, the more intense that these progressions of light, feeling, and sound become, until such swirling patterns take such a travelling consciousness to incredibly distant areas outside of the dimensional space that is commonly accessible to the average person. It is these movements through this intensity of perception that will and have revealed the great secrets that are contained within this world and the many others that are accessible to us human beings.

I sometimes indulge in the thought that perhaps someday modern humanity may begin to study these inner scapes, in the way that they were explored in the past, in an organized and logical fashion. I indulge in the possibility of a new science, based on old methods, a new worldwide discipline that, through the use of rigorous scientific principle, does begin to study this inner world with the same intensity that some scientists now explore outer space.

All growth is a blossoming.

In the objective world we can look and see how a seed might grow over time to become a towering tree. We can see a child grow in age, size, experience, and hopefully wisdom.


Those that believe that it is the inner dimension that creates the outer world, as I do, believe that this amazing growth and development that all beings go through, is the consequence of an internal source. That the exterior world is the result of complexity so vast and multidimensional that those inner forms that are the source of all physical existence, could never possibly be manifested completely in an external form at any one moment in time.


Even though such multidimensional complexity cannot fully manifest itself completely at any one moment in the physical form that it has become, it seeks to express itself as much as possible nonetheless. It is this constant and evolving expression of an inner essence, of the totality of itself which exists in an inner dimension of vast proportions, that can be seen physically as the aging and growth of any form that manifests itself or is manifested in the physical world.


In other words, in the physical dimension this multidimensional vastness can’t, for example, be both a child in a fully grown man. It can’t be sad and happy, weak and strong, a magician and a fool.

This inner essence overcomes the limitations of the physical dimension then by spreading the totality of itself through the medium of time. It seeks to literally push and project itself in all possible ways, in all possible realities, and it is this unfolding of inner dimension into outer physical form, that we identify as growth, change, and therefore time.

I will try to answer these questions then by starting with what a really smart guy once said, which was; ‘the only real difference between people is the size of their cages’, to which I would add, ‘and most people’s cages are very small indeed’.

Now, a cage is made up of three things: your intent(which is for most people their beliefs [and for the most part unconscious beliefs]), the intent of others (which is what others believe [for the most part unconsciously] about you and the human world), and the intent of the world at large (which in the end is immeasurable and controlled by forces beyond belief).

As an alchemist, I follow methodology that allows me to expand my cage, not shrink it, and part of that methodology involves becoming more ethereal to the real. My picture, my age, what I eat, what I personally believe and share with others, beyond my alchemical knowledge, is a limiter, a boundary that binds me to a limited version of me, either by my own intent or the intent of the people around me. As such, those questions about me personally, are in the end, inconsequential.


Now, alchemists do believe in cause and effect, since they are quite simply master logicians that do understand and manipulate within the realm of classical mechanics as well as other more dynamic (beyond three dimensions) forms of logic. For example, the term karma, as it is practiced by many people, is a type of logic switch; if you do this, that will happen, or if you think that way, this will happen, and it is of course a great cage because it acts like a limiter. Electric jolt if the mouse does this [or] a little cheese if the mouse does that.

But it is only a limiter in this way because simple switch logic is not how the world works according to alchemy; which believes that the more energy you gain, the more your intellect grows, which then changes the simple on [or] off, Black [or] white switch to a prism of infinite multiplicity, where in the end you have more and more shades of grey, and indeed a multiplicity of such an extent that it breaks the boundaries of the limited dimensional ranges available to the human species. Karma therefore is not what most believe it to be, and what I directly perceive as karma is part of that multiplicity beyond boundaries, beyond the on/off switch.


Why did the archon choose us? Well, why not?

As I mentioned in my books, we desired, and our desire was granted, and for all alchemists, or anyone practicing the techniques that I teach in my books; the great project we are in is a marvel, and adventure, a fantastic thrill ride that we can either hide from or face directly and win!

There are no blacks or whites, just points in space and time, each with their own perspective, and even these points are an illusion in the end because space and time, though not an illusion, are nevertheless relative to the intensities possible to any particular individual and aware entity, which again is relative to that entity’s energetic level.